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Current She was looking kind of dumb, with her finger and her thumb, in the shape of a meme. On her Forehead.
12 hrs ago
Just had my first snowball fight in 5 years!
1 day ago
What's this? What's this? There's white stuff on the ground!
20 days ago
As a non-American, watching everyone celebrate thanksgiving is really surreal.
24 days ago
A rejected one


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Is there a way to set it so I get an email whenever someone pm's me?

If so, how do I access it?
@BreedingShrooms If you scroll down below the reply box you will find a toggleable formatting sheet. I still use it often.
5. Heightened Strength: Classic Super-strength. The level depends on the character concept, more along the lines of classic Marvel rather than DC.
6. Reduced Strength: This is pretty reduced, but not crippling so. You can function just fine, but that 13-year-old is probably going to beat you in arm-wrestling...

So would these two cancel eachother out to give me normal human strength?

I have some good ideas but I want to be sure of how my weaknesses/powers work.
1) Powers - 92
2) Powers - 60
3) Stats - 79
4) Stats - 69......nice
5) Stats - 55
6) Weaknesses - 43

All done. What have I got, Doc?
@Clever Hans

...I do not know what a dice campaign is or how to use it.
I'm thinking
1) Powers
2) Powers
3) Stats
4) Stats
5) Stats
6) Weaknesses
I'm thinking
1) Powers
2) Stats
3) Stats
4) Devices
5) Powers......again
6) Weaknesses
@Traps Sorry but I have to step out.

I just have too much work on my plate.
Good luck!
"It's morning here" Said at 11pm. Sounds just like my life really.
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