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12 days ago
Current The British call it a bouncy castle
28 days ago
The moment when you realise that the only board you manage to consistently post on is The Alphabet Game
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1 mo ago
I once stole a T-shirt. Some asshole dressed like a cop came up to me and started quizzing me on where I got it. I hate judgmental pricks.
2 mos ago
Well, the first day back to school could've been worse I guess. Just 2 months until the October holidays.
2 mos ago
Exactly 12 hours before the new school year starts. Fuck me....


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It's alright. Even if the only thread I'm consistently posting is now is the Alphabet game, lol.
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Xavier (Professor)
Do whatever you need to do.
Well in the game you have the loot box system that gives you skins (alternate outfits) for your character. Are these things lore friendly in your opinion?
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