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Current Well, the first day back to school could've been worse I guess. Just 2 months until the October holidays.
1 day ago
Exactly 12 hours before the new school year starts. Fuck me....
14 days ago
Looking for members for a Superhero Team RP. Take a look at my profile if you're interested.


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Could I go Metroplex?
I'll try to post daily but school starts back up for me in less than a week so I'm going to have to be less active in the night hours (now pretty much). I'm assuming from the activity of these posts that most others are from different time zones.
How frequent are we posting in character? Also, is there a particular turn order?
Thanks, didn't see that.
It's pretty hard to keep up with everything being posted in this page.
I'm totally down for being part of this arc.
There's a roaming Haunted House road shows coming to Coney Island. In the middle of January, don't you think that's a little odd? No not really. They come from Europe. Look at the fliers. They hail from Luxembourg. Are you even saying that right? Whatever let's go, they just got to America. They are touring all of the country and we need to catch this opportunity.

I totally get it if it's to be revealed later but what's our motivation to go explore this haunted house?

The changes you made look good. Thanks for making them.


Happy to have you on board. Post a character sheet whenever.

I know of one other person who's working on a character so I don't think I'll be accepting anyone else after them. I'm inexperienced so don't want the thing to become a clusterfuck.
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