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Dab on the 'Taters
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I know I shouldn't have but, Forza Horizon 4 has been pre-ordered
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Well my first ever time watching E3 was fun. So hyped for FH4
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My brief dog walk just turned into what can only be described as a tropical storm. I am now drinking hot chocolate in my onesie.


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@MrDidact I would like a link. How much are we relying on Discord? I tend not to keep it online.
I assure you I'm still working on the Gentleman Ghost.

No homo
I was just joking around but I appreciate the comments.
@MrDidact I can assume Egg-Fu isn't a plausible character?
The Swamp Thing

[ ◈ ] N A M E
Alec Holland

[ ◈ ] A L I A S E S
Swamp Thing
The Louisiana Swamp Monster

[ ◈ ] A G E
73 - The Swamp Thing's body ages at a much slower rate

[ ◈ ] B I R T H P L A C E
Louisiana, USA / The Green

[ ◈ ] A L L E G I A N C E
The Parliament of Trees
Also, the Justice League to an extent

[ ◈ ] P O S I T I O N
The Parliament: Servant and protector
The JLU: Part-time Leaguer

[ ◈ ] A P P E A R A N C E
The Swamp Thing is an anthropomorphic lump of vegetation. It's body, whilst humanoid, is covered in algae, moss and other plant life.
With glowing red eyes and a green, skull-like face, it is easy to see why many regard the Swamp Thing as a tale to be told by the old swamp dweller drunk at a bar.

[ ◈ ] A B I L I T I E S // S K I L L S // E Q U I P M E N T
Superhuman strength and Durability

The ability to Inhabit and control plant life including it's growth. This ability is strong enough that, when connected with the ground, he can communicate with any living vegetation on the planet.

Construct creation. The swamp thing creates clones of itself from vegetable matter. These animated constructs are significantly weaker and have no thoughts of their own.

Swamp Thing's essence can abandon his body, travelling through The Green, and grow a new body in other region. This new body will be made up of plants common to the area. ie; Cactus in a desert.

[ ◈ ] L I M I T A T I O N S // W E A K N E S S E S
His strength is directly dependant of the Health of the Green. Because of the disturbance caused by the War between the humans, Swamp Thing cannot reach his upper limits. He can still lift multiple times his body weight.

Heavy Pollution causes the Swamp Thing's strength and endurance to wither.

The body of the creature is highly flammable and, whilst a new body can be grown, this will incapacitate him.

[ ◈ ] B I O G R A P H Y
The Green is the elemental force that connects all forms of plant life on earth and potentially the universe. Plant elementals such as Swamp Thing, Poison Ivy, and Solomon Grundy are able to experience The Green as a separate realm ruled by the Parliament of Trees. The Parliament is made up of previous elementals who have served to protect The Green.

In a secret lab hidden in the Louisiana Swamps, Bio-Chemist Alec Holland discovered a formula that would cause bio-matter to regrow. He believed that this would help solve world hunger and cure famine from areas of poverty.
Before he could completely produce his solution, a rival corporation caught wind of his breakthrough and sent thugs to destroy his work. Knocking him out and detonating the lab with Holland inside, the world believed the renowned scientist to be dead. Instead, he was chosen by the Parliament of Trees to become Earth's new protector of The Green.
For Thirty years The Swamp Thing was regarded a myth, akin to Bigfoot or the Yeti, but the war that is brewing between the Justice League and the Legion of Doom has caused unforeseen tremors within The Green unlike anything seen before.

[ ◈ ] N O T E S
Years of being the solitary protector of Plant life on Earth has left the mind of Alec Holland somewhat fractured. The Swamp Thing no longer holds much value in human life seeing most of it as a danger to The Green. For now he is on the side of "good." But what in human nature can be defined as "good", really?

The Swamp Thing has a daughter with similar powers, but he has not seen her in years so she is most likely grown up.

[ ◈ ] S O U R C E
Not too long ago I read my first Swamp Thing story, The Root of all Evil. I really loved that book and the character of the Swamp Thing. I intend to read Saga of the Swamp Thing when I can.
In my character I am channelling a bit of Dr Manhattan from the Watchmen series, in particular, the second half where he no longer cares for Earth and it's people.
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