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@JonxlatheLion Was the one interested in getting the Discord up, I've never done one before so I'll let him helm that or work on it together? My return will be soon, but the next few weeks may be hazy while I pack things, do lots of paperwork's, and sit through 100 PowerPoints lol.
I'm fine with whatever, honestly! I don't use Facebook though and I'm afk most of the time on Discord, but Discord is probably the place I'll catch messages too when comparing lol

Germany sounds good though! Less stress for sure.

My position will be way different than a line unit. So I will have lots of time off and plenty of adventures to do!
Another excuse time lol, honestly just been busy with other things in life as per usual. Summer time is busy on post, since the kids are out of school and causing more mayhem, as well as the fact that soldiers like to do more drugs during the summer for some reason. I'll be going to investigator school for the Army from August to October and then I travel to Kaiserslautern, Germany for two years as my next duty station.

I'm very distracted so I had one person suggest a discord group, but I'd be willing to do Facebook chat as well for the more bold people haha. I do a chat group for another RP with some old friends and its pretty good at reminding me to post.
Well me being sick turned into me being really more sick... ended up getting some viral stomach infection this week. Lots of vomit and other crappy symptoms. Hopefully some time in the next few days, just been trying to learn to eat solids again.
Will get a post up soon, just was unlucky enough to get sick... Figured I was in the clear since winter was gone, but I celebrated to early...
Demoko turned to see Sophos and Gaios, he put the spell book he had in his hand down as he greeted them both. "I would say I am happy to see that you both made alive, but you know I am quite incapable of producing positive emotions. Though in terms of just vocabulary, yes I am happy you both made it." He then proceeded to pick up his spell book once more. There temporary headquarters was built in the ancient ruins beneath Castle Town and had a concealment spell that prevented them from being detected. "Link, Regol, and Caelan went to collect supplies from someone loyal to our cause, but they have not return oddly. I risk not pursuing until I know with certainty something has happened to them."


Regol believed they could pull it off. Fiona very seldom walked about the castle just for the hell of it. She would no doubt be in the grand throne room awaiting Father Thallus' return. This plan would work, it had to work, and a determined attitude was half the battle right? The map disappeared and Regol took the lead, ushering for Link and Caelan to follow behind him like an escort of sort. Once they were in formation he walked quickly down the hallway. The interior of the castle was quite large, the hallways with large chandeliers, armored statues, mosaic windows, and long eloquent red carpets were quite impressive for those unaccustomed to the royal lifestyle. The hallway they were in alone could fit 5 horses side by side.

As the group hurried to their destination at what seemed like an eternity of fast walking down a few random hallways, they finally made it to the central staircase. Four Templar Castle Knights stood guard, but didn't both to look at Regol, or Link and Caelan who were in their Templar disguises. As they approached two staffs locked and prevented them from entering. "State your business... Oh my...? Brother Regol??? We had been informed you died in great battle against the heathen pirates! How... Wha... How come your return was not announced..." One of the Templars asked, now becoming more suspicious, Regol raised his hand nonchalantly at Caelan as to usher him to speak on his behalf. Caelan seemed to be the wittier on the spot thinker here compared to Link, at no offense to him of course.
@Vena Sera Haha, perhaps not perfection, but pretty darn close :p
I'll get another post up today guys
@Mogtaki Never been a truler statement lol
Internet went down, so was unable to post a couple days ago, but got one up now.
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