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“I think he just got inspired from the stories but forget the most powerful Saiyan that existed was a pure Saiyan”, Choi smirked, finding some level of amusement from it. He probably denied the fact that the greatest legend in Saiyan history was a pretty good guy who didn’t like guys like him or aggressive Saiyans in general, almost like he hated him. It was rather amusing in a way, he was just ignoring the past legends and trying to create his own while not tainting the Saiyan race just enough for them to survive with forced breeding included. Overall he was a little amused by the little strange superiority complex, it certainly made the King look even crazier in the eyes of the lesser class. Just about finished with his meal he let out a long sigh, feeling pretty satisfied. Giving a quick look to his brother he soon glanced to Kabocha, smirking a little. “Oh yeah? Then you do that and maybe challenge him then? I’d love to see how ‘naturally stronger’ you are compared to a guy who was engineered to fight. Can you even beat one of the Princes? Or maybe just Takeshi, I mean…Shu will probably trigger Takeshi so hard he’d blast you away!”


Viral didn’t think he could be around Aito anymore, he sacrificed a lot to bring him back and yet once his life wasn’t in any danger Aito promptly forgot about him. It was just like what everyone else eventually did, it seemed to be contagious. Once he was out of sight it was as if people’s memories of him were shoved into a little box and put away carelessly, as if he was just a fleeting memory. Nobody should be forced to do things for him just because he wasn’t having a great time, he shouldn’t be relying on everyone remembering him so much anyway. Moving to head out he was stopped by Aito’s words, his gaze only briefly going to him before he slowly folded his arms and closed his eyes. His first thought was to whether Aito would even be able to remember the next day that thought of his, all he had to do was leave for a bit and then he was suddenly gone from everyone’s minds. Maybe that’s why Yumi kept following him around, probably to remind people his name. It certainly made him wonder whether it was because he was easily forgotten or if it was some sort of Human thing where Humans only recognise and remember their own species, whether they’re halfbreeds or not.

Slowly looking over his shoulder he stared at him with a sharp gaze, not showing any trust for his words. He was still not trusting the man, who knew when he would end up forgetting once again after all. Letting out a sigh as he decided to list off some possible treatments he kept fairly quiet after that even after Aito stopped talking. Barely giving any other reaction he soon growled under his breath, eventually unfolding his arms as he slowly turned around, giving him a sharp staring at before speaking. “It’s funny how you have it all planned out in your head as if you knew what to do, but simply didn’t care enough to execute it. It’s certainly funny how easily forgotten something is when it’s not you who is considered ‘volatile…” he spoke lowly, looking down at himself for a moment before lifting up his shirt. His body was still majorly bandaged up, his showing it was a lot thinner than usual too without the looseness of his clothing to hide it. It didn’t look like he had any open wounds underneath the bandages, yet he was still well wrapped in them. “I faced two Elites days ago, almost had my body destroyed and I still haven’t healed completely. My organs were almost completely destroyed and you think exposing me to events like this and more would grant me any relief? Such a thought somehow amuses me…”


T’charrl certainly loved his mother very much, but he didn’t know what path he was supposed to take to become the Prince she wanted him to be. He did try to study how she worked and how his father worked, but they were fair opposites which left him not knowing what path to take. He admired his mother very much and did want to have the level of respect she had, but his father was his role model and everything he did he wanted to aspire to do as well. He knew where he was supposed to go in life, but getting there was proving to be a little more difficult than he thought. He didn’t know what was going to change in the future either, his family had been at war for as long as he could remember and their hierarchy system never changed. Ultimately, T’charrl was afraid he was going to be left out in the cold unable to find any work and being a bloodsucker for the rest of his life because of rules regarding the royal family changing. “…Oh, mother likes to paint…? I didn’t have any influence in her not wanting to do poetry, right? I mean with you two wanting a kid…” he spoke, not knowing his mother to like that kind of thing.

Looking to Haku when he inquired about the instrument some more he looked back to his father expecting an answer. Smiling a little when he mentioned knowing some people he sighed lightly, feeling a little less anxious knowing he didn’t have to go to a shop or something to find one. He had a lot of anxiety when it came to doing normal things because he wasn’t used to them, meaning he was definitely glad that he didn’t have to do any of that. Nodding quickly in response he thought about what kind he might want before the thought of food came up, his eyes quickly going to his father. “Okay! I’ve seen enough for now! I would really like some food now, thank you…”
“Uhh, I don’t think hybrids beat pures, I mean…if you felt more emotion maybe you should be pretty powerful too”, Choi shrugged, smirking at Kabocha briefly, “Yamate just has the idea that hybrids are better, I guess! Seeing how he made two kids and took Viral all while he dumps Saiyans like me and my brother into slave work because hey, we’re just some pure bred Saiyans who cares, right?” He wasn’t sour over his start in life, even though Kai was a bit. He just didn’t see why Yamate was fine with making his own race into slaves and letting hybrids take over the hierarchy as if they were automatically better. He felt plenty of emotion, probably more than some of those hybrids so he didn’t see why he didn’t have the same potential. He and his brother were fairly unique so surely that was interesting to Yamate, not only as soldiers they were recruited into. “I dunno how many times Earth’s been attacked, but if you say so! Although, you know I heard money isn’t really something they give to heroes…more like uhh…parties and stuff. Maybe you can become a celebrity or something”, he spoke before he laughed a little, “And you? Beat Viral? Heh! I’d like to see you try! That’d be fun to watch”.


Viral growled lowly as Aito gave very little care as he was very casual about his words, just caring that they were still around. It was probably simply a case of convenience with him, he didn’t have to revive them or anything if they died. Not wanting to give him an answer he was instead spoken for by June who was quick to give a response as if proud to tell him everything he didn’t want to tell Aito. He shouldn’t need to know that he was still in pain or wanting food, it was none of his business. Giving June an angry glare before looking back to Aito he felt completely trapped, like he was being forced to their wills through forced check-ups. He didn’t know whether to feel insulted or neutral about it when it was supposed to be relieving for him but it was also removing a lot of trust he had. He really didn’t care about his pain, eating was also too much mental torture for him that Aito never really showed much concern for. He was always too busy doing something else, even though he probably had a lot of free time when not one person could eat away someone’s entire day.

Aito expressing how they should’ve taken responsibility and gone to him first to be healed was certainly one reason to be mad, but the fact that Aito had completely forgotten that he had trouble with food just tore into him. The fact he struggled to do something that was required for living made it even more insulting when his life was mostly injections and struggled sleep, the sun’s energy only sustaining about a quarter of his full potential. He had so many problems he thought would get sorted by bringing June and Aito back to life, but so far only his genetic instability had received any attention as if it existing was more of an insult to Aito’s portfolio of work. Nothing else had been fixed, mostly because it was all underlining issues that couldn’t be seen.

Dropping his expression slightly he ignored Aito’s offer, instead looking to Yumi who offered to help him. She couldn’t help, she already had all sorts of problems herself that needed fixing before his could even be a concern. Watching as Yumi decided to fight his battle for him he was beginning to regret saying anything, seeing how he was probably just upsetting Yumi and June while Aito probably thought it was a funny and silly moment of forgetfulness. Frowning briefly he looked down at the table before up to Yumi and Aito, eventually sighing before turning to the doorway of the kitchen. “It’s fine. I don’t need help. If it’s not a concern to a doctor then it shouldn’t be a concern to you either”, he spoke before he moved to the door, only glancing at Aito briefly, “I’ll go get your son so you can have a family dinner together…”


T’charrl didn’t know how far that idea would go, especially when there was so much to do in so little time. He would need to return to his friends eventually to help them out and show that he had indeed managed to accomplish what he set out to do and he did have enough time to go back again once there was another calm. “Ohh umm, but things weren’t boring anyway…” he muttered, feeling a little embarrassed that he even wanted to have a hobby like making music. He felt he was just putting pressure on the others to make him happy. Looking to his father when he made the suggestion that he might learn too he couldn’t help but go to thinking about his mother too. She would probably grow annoyed that he was a bad influence on his father once he left and his father was still playing music. He would never hear the end of it from her when he returned again. “She would want me to be a prince first over a musician, I think. I don’t know how happy she would be if I took up such a loud hobby instead…”

Well Haku definitely found their situation funny, but who knows what he would think of it if he ever ended up in his mother’s way. She was a scary lady, that was for sure. He would really like to have a hobby like music though, maybe he would even get more friends that way too which would be lovely. While he was happy with his friends like Haku and the others, he still would like some Kaesstrian friends. Smiling a little at the thought of it he gasped when Haku decided to touch the display even after being told not to previously, giving him a brief annoyed look before looking to the instrument in question. “You think so? Maybe…I-I mean! Umm! I would like to try to! I think I’m pretty good at using my fingers…” he spoke, giving his claws a quick flexing, “I could play it away from mother outside…and she’ll be happy that I’m not inside. Maybe I could take it on the ship too! Maybe it will help calm down things too…that would be nice…ah! I would have a hobby then! Where do I get one? Where do normal people get their things…?”
Once everyone was rounded up again and the Machina taken back with them it was all a good time now to start talking about the future, namely concerning the new bunch. Kensen didn’t much care for this whole little meeting, he had already said what he needed to and was more or less there for observation. He was feeling pretty confident that they were going to accept what they had to do after that fight, there was no way Nymira would let herself be bested by a creature that was apparently a pretty easy kill once magic was easily wielded, then there was Ethan and his constant obsession with Cedric. It was certainly a little amusing, he hadn’t seen someone so shook up over the death of someone they barely knew anything about but maybe it could be motivation for training too. He was hardly happy with this though, he didn’t really want to have to train some kids but there was nobody else who could do so quite like him. He was just there to watch for now, his attention not on anybody as he kept to himself.

Cecil, on the other hand, was stressing out to the point of not moving or showing emotion just incase someone caught him out. He didn’t know any of these people other than his friends, he couldn’t act naturally around all these strangers and just had to go ahead and act like a true Machina. He still had that stuck in his head though, the fact that he was a little strange even to Norman. He was scared now, he shouldn’t be something that was strange to a specialist who fixed Machina all the time. It just made him feel terrible that he was even around others who didn’t know better. He surely wasn’t safe to be around if he was an unknown, especially not people who got quite close to him. All these people around him too. He shouldn’t be here with them, he should be outside at least and away from all these people.

The woman approaching him on the matter of his combat skills had him feeling worried and confused, thinking he was safe from being talked to. He didn’t understand why she was telling him this, he had fought fine up until that moment from before. “…I’m sorry for being inadequate as a protector and combat Machina, ma’am”, he spoke in a rather monotone way, bowing slightly. He was definitely not used to this but he didn’t want to be seen as anything more than a Machina. It certainly made him a little depressed, he was even wondering why he was a part of this group. They had some new friends now and while he wasn’t jealous, he just saw himself as obsolete to them and probably too dangerous to be around everyone. He needed to go find Norman, at least to show he was capable of taking orders like a Machina would.

Kensen was pretty bored of the rundown to say the least and was busy picking at his claw-like nails. It wasn’t that he wasn’t interested, he was just aware of the plans and knew how to go about them so he didn’t need to listen and just had to wait. He did wonder how they were going to take training with him, seeing how Nymira really didn’t like him for not wanting to go back to her clan. Why would he want to go back anyway? He would just be treated worse than he was here by a mile so that was hardly going to be an option for him. It was almost as if she wanted him to be a lowly slave again. His clan wasn’t exactly treated well within hers and if he returned after being banished he was going to be treated like a common criminal. Her arrogance was going to be his suffering if he decided to go back and he wasn’t going to allow that.

When they were settled with what they were going to do he stood up a little straighter and waved his hands lightly to shake them off. Looking to Gage briefly he folded his arms, sighing a little. He hoped Gage wasn’t going to be too hard on these two, he knew he could be tough with people even giving up altogether with him. Moving on out of the room he didn’t really give a look to the others until he was confronted by Ethan, staring at him for a moment. He didn’t really know how to react to that kind of friendliness and just remained pretty still for the most part, at least until Gage flew the kid’s compliments off. Sighing a little he shrugged, shaking his head. “When are you ever sweet, anyway? You really need to filter some of that salt out of your system…”

He had a fair idea on what he was going to do with them, hopefully they wouldn’t end up giving in too. It was always a waste whenever a Magi just gave up on improving their magic when there was so many who couldn’t even use any. Probably why Gage was always so sour, maybe he too wanted to be able to use it too; then again, Gage did like his big guns. When Nymira decided to act a bit more professionally than desperately wanting to drag him back with her. “…Sure. Have a talk if you want, so long as you don’t wait until the dead of night, I guess…”
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Choi shrugged, not really all that knowledgeable on the subject since he just made the food. “Maybe they were hybrid Saiyans. Pure blooded Saiyans certainly did get treated a little differently, like…well, most of us were slaves. I guess if you weren’t a born Elite with a high power reading they just didn’t care where they put you”, he spoke as he slowly scratched the side of his face with a napkin, trying to think on how many they used to serve in the past. It was a fair great deal that was for sure, but mostly because they ate a lot. “I wonder if a lot of them weren’t Saiyans, but ambassadors we were serving. The King certainly did have a fair great deal of friends around so I guess maybe that was the case? Pff! In the kitchen the most we got was soups and stews from leftovers and old meat…was still pretty good though, I mean, we tried to make it good at least”. He certainly didn’t miss it, probably why even places like this was so appealing to him and his brother. It was great here, the meat was just perfect and Kai had a real taste for a lot of sauce. “I don’t know what kind of conflicts they have on Earth since they don’t even go into Space…I mean, you sure you even want to work in the government? Sounds kinda boring to me! What would you even do in an army? Just conquer a country? Viral would probably kill you for causing trouble on his turf, you know”.


Viral didn’t know what else he was supposed to say that wouldn’t just upset her, something he was pretty good at doing. Even when he tried to express all that bothered him he was terrible at doing so properly, it went against his own nature to weaken himself on purpose by expressing everything that bothered him. It was just too difficult to do, even to people he knew wouldn’t use it against him. He had spent too long keeping everything to himself, they just wouldn’t understand. There wasn’t much he could say anyway, even if he said some of the stuff that was bothering him he was just going to make someone upset and then there would be no conclusion. He was supposed to be strong, but his ability to cause problems for the people he knew had him feeling weak burdening; besides, it was his suffering, it didn’t need to be theirs too.

Knowing Yumi was wanting to stick around he was going to stick around too, but hearing the door had him wishing he was somewhere else already. Even though he wanted to confront Aito on some issues he didn’t think in the kitchen was quite the place for it. He really wanted to punch him, but then June would probably get frightened and Aito would stop him anyway. He was suddenly feeling a little intimidated to act, even though he wanted to for the longest time. Clenching his fists pretty tight he listened to what was being said in the other room, hearing it fine despite being in the other room. It simply sounded like Aito was helping Shu because he had nothing else to do and was bored which was just typical. Watching as he just went straight into the kitchen without even so much of a glance at either of them he soon glared, feeling somewhat insulted that Aito was just too lazy to make a short glance to his side only to stare at them like he forgot their names. He barely seemed to give a care, not even a proper welcome or any concern that they might had not come back alive. Growling lowly he pushed his chair out and stood up pretty quickly, his fist still on the table. “The mission was completed. It was just a couple of Elites! Elites you would had easily killed…but instead you were here. I’m sure all those that died would’ve been happy to know that…” he spoke rather coldly, yet still willing to give an actual answer, “Yumi received a head injury, but she says she is getting better…so isn’t that just great?”


T’charrl very quickly felt embarrassed, scratching at his sides as he looked away from his father. Maybe his father didn’t need to know that, he was soon feeling a little alienated now that there was back to having nothing in common with what his father liked. “I-I-umm…it’s just the whole training to fight…it’s more important…” he mumbled before he sighed, giving his chest a quick rub, “I wouldn’t try to play the old ones here…I’m not that silly…” Following along after his father he rubbed his claws together, looking around elsewhere to see what else there was around in the museum. It was pretty interesting stuff that was in the museum for sure, he didn’t expect to see so many strange things around him. He didn’t know what a lot of these instruments were, they had all evolved into new things and these old designs had long gone extinct. He wondered what he would like if he was to take up one, his father being pretty correct in his words. Sighing a little, he looked to Haku when he made some suggestions on what he might be able to do to solve his little problem of having no actual hobby. “Uhh, Uuonoe? Everyone there has so many fingers…” he spoke, looking to his claws briefly. There was a lot he couldn’t do that they all could because of his anatomy not being the same, even if he tried using all his claws at the same time. He was particularly clumsy, even trying to hold several things in several arms had him stumbling around with great difficulty. “Making things? I might injure myself if I tried. That probably wouldn’t be too good. I can’t even work with others because they don’t like touching me and I moult all over the place…”
“Hah! Not even our cooking could save those things!” Choi snorted, quite amused by their experience. He didn’t know how the other creatures on that planet ate those things so much, maybe they didn’t have any taste buds or something. Speaking of food, he did wonder what there would be in other places on this planet that wasn’t this city. He would think that the natives were a bit more traditional since there was no space ports nearby, like traditional little towns and villages that welcomed visitors as tourists rather than residents or maybe even shunned them. It was certainly an interest to him, probably not to Kai who was more interested in eating his food. “I heard a lot of their traditional food is fish-based too. All the fish on Kortal was reserved for the higher ups so we never got any fish in our meals”. While he wasn’t completely settled on where the pair of them were going to go to have their dream home the thought that Kabocha was starting to get on board with the idea somewhat amused him. “Heh! Really? You’d be quite happy to settle on Earth? I heard they had giant lizards, man. Is that not the coolest thing? Earth sounds like a crazy place with loads of variety, it’s cool”.


Viral glanced to June, staring at her with a narrowed gaze as she started to turn the conversation on him instead. She was the one who asked, there definitely wasn’t anything she could do to help ease his pain even if she wanted to. He didn’t know why she was turning it on him, he didn’t get why both Yumi and June did that all the time. Just what was she supposed to do to help? There was nothing and that was how it was going to be. He put himself in this state by being careless, it was his burden to bear. Staring down at the water before looking to June, feeling the pressure really being laid on him. Just what was she expecting him to say? It was really starting to frustrate him, he didn’t even know how she was supposed to react to what he had to say other than vocalising how she didn’t know what to do. Growling lowly as he was only starting to get mad he soon closed his eyes, sighing in annoyance as he pushed the glass away from him. “I say there’s nothing you can do because there is really nothing. Of course I’m sore after battle! Unless I’m not supposed to be, but of course I would have flaws in my design! I’m an imperfect lifeform, after all. It’s just a little pain, but that’s okay; it’s not like I have my digestive track splayed out in front of me wondering how it is even possible to live through this! It doesn’t matter, it’s nothing. I’ll live and keep on functioning so it doesn’t matter if I’m feeling a little bit of pain…”


T’charrl did wonder who would come to visit the collection, whether other clans wanting to see what theirs had to offer, maybe even royals from afar that were interested in sparking a relationship with his family, or maybe he’ll even find friends who were the same species as him. Or maybe not, he doubted he’d get any honest friendships from other Kaesstrians at his age. He grew up a nobody and the only way people would want to be his friend was if they wanted something in return, so he figured. “Oh, umm, maybe…or maybe have it being made even if there’s conflict! I mean, my people have endured so much so it would be nice if they could see interesting things like I have”, he spoke, smiling as he thought of their reactions. Maybe they would love it all, maybe they wouldn’t, but either way he was going to be pleased with his work. Blinking at the thought of people from other planets coming he looked to his father, frowning a little. It was probably a little too hazardous to have people from other planets around, seeing how delicate his planet was. Thinking about the idea briefly his father was quick to change the subject, his thoughts going towards some other ancient displays that they had in the place. “Instruments? I always wanted to learn how to play something…I-I mean, umm, as a way to fix my clumsiness”, he spoke, slowly raising his shoulders, “I would probably be bad, but it’s something that could be seen as a hobby, I guess…”
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Choi was pretty excited for his food, he was fair hungry with the food they had to be careful about how much they ate when away. This food was cheap but it was good and he certainly liked it a whole lot, something to be inspired by. Maybe one of these days they could cook up a barbeque and have everyone over, cooking good food and having a generally good time together. His little dreams and fantasies was probably seen as childish and pathetic for Saiyan standards, but that was hardly his fault when he grew up with a sense of comradery with the other cooks and kept in slave-like conditions for most of his life. While fighting was still in his blood and all that he still liked to have fun and have friends. The whole freedom aspect is what got to him and at least his brother supported the idea too, even though Kai was a bit more reserved. Sitting here with his brother and Kabocha was pretty close to enjoying himself with friends, even though they had been together for over a year with very little moments like this. It was waiting to see if Kabocha was at least liking his food and not going to hate it that Choi was waiting for, holding a drumstick as he watched him pick at his food. It was almost in anticipation that he was waiting to see if he’d eat it and sure enough he eventually tried some, Choi smiling a little when the results were positive. “Oh great! You see? I said you wouldn’t be repulsed by it!” he laughed, eating his food finally, “This planet’s great for food…”


Viral moved to rest his head on his paw, looking away from June. “I’m not hungry. Just concentrate on feeding Yumi and the rest of them…” he muttered, staring out the window. He didn’t much care to explain the reason why he wasn’t hungry, but he hadn’t been eating right for a while now anyway. Groaning when his suspicions were confirmed he slowly sat up. “As usual, I suppose. No point in assuming otherwise…” He hadn’t seen Aito for a while now, at least not for fair lengths of time like everybody else seemed to be receiving from him. He was starting to believe he was beginning to be forgotten about again, now that his own genetic breakdown had been solved. Like father, like son with Vegeta and Aito with probably the rest of Aito’s time being with his prodigy of a son and helping him with all his work. Continuing his staring out the window he was caught off-guard by June sitting right near him, staring at her cautiously as she took hold of his paw. Just as he thought, she was trying to nosey in on his condition that she had picked apart from his body language. Feeling pretty annoyed already he narrowed his gaze, groaning when she told him off before he could even talk. He couldn’t lie, but he also didn’t want her to try anything when there was obviously nothing she could do. “There’s nothing you can do meaning it doesn’t matter. I’d rather not talk to you about where it’s hurting either”, he spoke, knowing it was futile to even tell her about it, “I’m probably going to be fine tomorrow, so who cares”.


T’charrl gave a little nod, sighing slightly. “It has been a long time in history…I mean, not many know about it so I guess I am kind of very scary just now”. He didn’t know how long it was going to take for people to get used to him either, especially when he was just on the scene as somebody who actually existed. Even his own people probably forgot they had a Prince, but that was his own fault for being such an outcast when he was young. Smiling when his father seemed pleased with the idea he gave a quick nod, knowing not to give away too many of his things. “Yes! I mean, umm, I would need somewhere to keep my stuff and maybe that would be a good place”, he nodded, feeling confident he was going to be able to find enough for the possibility of a museum. Rubbing his claws together in half anxiety and excitement he looked to Haku when he spoke up, nodding quickly. “Yeah! That would be good! Ohhh, it would also be good to get stuff from other planets and not just there…maybe we’ll all be able to go exploring and fighting and umm…well, maybe not fighting, but maybe also fighting if they need fights fought for them…oh, I hope I’m good at fighting by then…I mean, I know I shouldn’t be thinking about that stuff, but there’s a lot of conflict still out in the universe…”
It was rather funny having Kabocha freak out all over the place about nobility and what Saiyans were apparently supposed to do in his eyes, it was rather archaic to say the least. All his thoughts and assumptions over what nobles did was probably built up from his parents and made a lot grander than he thought. “Why would we ever want to be responsible for a planet or whatever? Isn’t that a bit too much like a conquerer?” Kai commented over his shoulder at Kabocha, growing a little bored of him trying to convince the pair of them that being a dictator was a good thing, “Besides, we’d own something…you know, the restaurant”. It wasn’t their fault that the idea Saiyan lifestyle wasn’t for them, especially when they had been raised as servants. The thought of freedom and doing something for others without being forced to was particularly enticing, none of this constantly showing off and trying to conquer everything for sure.

Once all the food was ordered up and received Choi was very quick to grab what looked to be assorted ribs-like structures of meat of various colours and some grilled legs from some kind of small animal, Kai the same. As Kai made the payment Choi turned quickly to Kabocha, having a bit of a laugh when he was somewhat spooked by his food arriving. It was rather funny, seeing how freaked out he was over a little bit of homely food. This guy certainly had it too good with his snobby attitude, but maybe the flavours will change his mind quite quickly. “Hey c’mon now! The only one at fault would be you for having a sensitive stomach”, he chuckled, shrugging slightly, “I doubt this’ll set you off, I mean…you’re a Saiyan! Maybe just try to not act like ordered food is your one weakness?”


Viral was not as happy as Yumi was to be heading to see June, not by a long shot. He knew how significant she was to his creation and that he did indeed have some sort of bond before the incident, but he just didn’t feel he could connect to her for several reasons. Aito was the same, but he had more reasons behind his feelings for the man that he did want to express. That whole fight and everything leading up to it had left him with more questions than answers and it frustrated him, especially how Aito was all happily going about doing other things. He hadn’t seen much of Vegeta either, everybody was just here or there minding their own business after that one minor problem of his had been fixed. He was rather frustrated, but not quite to the point of wanting to rage at June for being on the side of all this.

Upon arriving at the house the smell of food just made him regret coming along, even if Yumi would definitely be wanting food right now. He felt like he couldn’t stomach it, especially after his organs were nearly all but destroyed. He hadn’t felt any sort of hunger since the battle, the food at the hospital only making him feel rather sick especially when it was near forced on him to make sure he was recovering. Walking up the steps after Yumi he kept his eyes to the ground, feeling almost embarrassed to come here. June was probably going to be her usual excitable self from what he had seen of her, but it still felt strange to him for various reasons. Upon seeing her everything definitely got even stranger to him as Yumi was suddenly embraced by June like they had a long relationship with each other like she was immediate family, the moment they shared making him feel incredibly alienated and awkward watching. Turning briefly as if to walk away he gasped when June hugged him briefly, his eyes turning to her before she felt it necessary to rub saliva on his face via her thumb. Growling briefly he waved her off, wiping his cheek as if she smeared mud all over him. “I’d rather not have food or a drink…” he spoke, slowly making his way to the table and sitting down slowly, masking his pain by taking his time, “Where’s Aito? Is he ever in one place…”


T’charrl frowned, not really knowing the answer. He hadn’t lived long enough to know fully what life without war was like, he always knew war and grew up learning how to fight in it. “Umm…is it…no…?” He did wonder what he was going to do now that the war was over and when he’ll finally be able to control the power within him, even his mother and father had hobbies. He definitely felt a little alone again, he had nothing else other than fighting and war in him. “I uhh…I guess so, even if people are scared of me…” He didn’t know if having a power that was considered evil by a lot of people meant he was also dark, but his father reassured him it wasn’t so maybe it really was just his imagination playing up. He couldn’t help but feel paranoid, he had spent his entire life feeling that way though. Looking at a few other displays he looked to his father and tilted his head a little, his antennae twitching a little before he smiled. “That would be nice! I have a bunch of things in my room from when I was in Space! Maybe people will like to see them too”, he spoke, looking away briefly as he thought about it, “I-I could…I could grow some plants from seeds too…”
Kai simply gave Kabocha a long neutral staring at, not really having a comment on the matter. There was nothing wrong with wanting a simple life, but that didn’t appear to be what Kabocha wanted. It was none of his business, he was welcome to visit if he wanted to but of course he was too full of pride to see anything other than a Saiyan life. It was rather silly, especially to get so invested in what kind of life they wanted to live. Letting out a sigh when he seemed to get off their back about their dream he shrugged slightly, looking away. “You know, it might be a little hard for you to understand, but once you’re free to make whatever you want then what you do becomes fun and pleasant. After being told all the time what you had to make or get punished for mistakes, it’s nice to be able to make nice things and make people happy. I’m not even sure what you’re so offended over. What do you want us to do?”

“Yeah it feels like you’re kind of taking this a bit personally”, Choi laughed a little, sighing, “Your dream is a little strange to us too, you know. I mean, what do nobles do? Sit around all day? What’s your schedule? Wake up, get food served to you, sit around, more food…then sleep? Sounds kind of boring to me”. Just what was the appeal in sitting around with some random title, anyway? It didn’t really seem logical to him. Somebody like Kabocha simply wanting a title seemed a little silly but whatever, he wanted his food. “Oh yeah? You seem a little uncomfortable in this place for some reason”. Smiling at him he turned to the counter he looked up at the menu, giving it a quick look over as Kabocha made his order only to demand impatiently for them to make theirs. “Oh I’m sorry, your majesty”, Choi smirked before pointing briefly at the menu, “Can we get two of today’s specials? Thanks!”


Viral frowned slightly, closing his eyes for a moment. It was always embarrassing to be reminded of such a lifestyle, his whole past being filled with memories of always being watched and restricted. He didn’t have a great life even if it was for his own good, he was pretty dangerous when left to his own devices and had to be kept away from the RRA. Vegeta nearly selling him off to them when he properly took over the business still hurt him, but he could see why they were so desperate to buy him off the company and why Vegeta was prepared to send him off to the army. Having a genetic experiment who was fully capable of combat and considered too dangerous to be trusted around Humans was probably a lot of stress for Vegeta to take care of, especially as his own interest in him wavered pretty rapidly. It was pretty pathetic, nothing could change his past though. “Okay fine. I doubt she’ll appreciate any of it”. Moving after her he kept his gaze away from her, his mind not in a particularly good place. “It’s hard to tell what that woman is ever thinking…”


T’charrl looked to his father quickly before back to the weapons, not really knowing what to think of calling it ‘dark’. He didn’t know if he would call it dark when he was still a part of it. “But…I still need to learn how to use these kinds of weapons too…” he frowned, “That’s like calling what I do and my past ‘dark’…” It certainly seemed like this nation had long gotten over their need for fighting and was now quite happy to have what would now be considered ‘relics’ on display, only those with authority being given such weapons that were definitely not as primitive as these ones. Nearly everyone in the underground had a weapon of some sort to defend themselves with and their whole army was trained in it, they were even seen pretty often around the place all ready to defend the city from attackers. He hadn’t seen one soldier since arriving in this place, just a few people carrying bats at most and they were more like security personnel. Sighing, he scratched at his chest as he thought about it, his eyes soon turning to his father when he placed his claws on his shoulders in an attempt to change subject. “Oh, artefacts and…stuff from other planets…? I-I mean, that sounds like an idea! I mean, I have a lot of stuff and maybe…maybe some off-world plants too? There was a lot of tasty food on other planets! Not as good as some of the fruit here, but still really very good! Some of them were so strange in shape…but very tasty…”
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