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Krom tutted, wagging his finger. “Don’t you know anything? If you want to adjust your sleep cycle you sleep when you don’t want to be up! Do you want him sleeping while you’re wide awake? I don’t think so!” Takeshi really didn’t know how to look after a younger sibling, or anyone who was dependant on another for that matter. The guy was so terribly naïve and seemed to think that everything just happened and that he should just let them happen, something that would probably kill Shu if the others weren’t around too. He was not a terribly smart boy, that was for sure. He should probably not be showing any actual care on the subject matter considering they are Yamate’s kids, but they were still Saiyans and Yamate’s victims. Yamate knew he had grown tired of his actions and attitude, but he also knew he wouldn’t betray him when the lives of many Saiyans was also at stake. Staring at Takeshi as he made up excuses for not caring about how Shu looked he narrowed his eyes, looking to Shu for a moment as he noticed the kid staring. “Hmm. Both Viral and Shu were put under the genetics program to try and advance their genes and create super solders in a sense. Viral seemed to respond well, he started to show off new abilities so he was tossed into the field early. Shu didn’t, but they could be controlled to activate temporarily with that collar. Seems only right that he’d get a little hairier after that…hmph, weren’t your team lucky none of them showed exceeding physical prowess, otherwise they probably would’ve been tested on too. Funny how much your father used to care about his own people before those beasts showed up…”


“You never use your Ki to realise just how good you have it!” All Vegeta did was sit around and wait for everyone else to fight battles that could end up killing them then ignoring the fact that they had returned, not caring about the struggle they endured. Viral was angry that Vegeta constantly put himself down and played the victim when he was fully capable of everything that he could do and more. Nothing was stopping him from developing a weapon that could harness solar energy, that’s all they needed. Feeling rather defeated he just wanted to leave, knowing he could do just that if he wanted to even if Aito didn’t want him leaving. It just felt pointless to stay, he wasn’t going to get many answers out of the pair of them anyway. “So your automatic reaction is to pin the blame on me?? How kind of you to spare anyone else your blame…”

He didn’t know what he was supposed to do about the guilt that came with killing June and Aito, but he had been told time and again that it wasn’t his fault. He didn’t know if that was just a cover to make him feel better or actually the truth, he would never know when his memory had been screwed up so badly and was fragmented. He still wasn’t receiving answers about whether his memory could be recovered, even after all this time. Maybe he would feel better if his memories didn’t only consist of slowly being forgotten, being told he wasn’t allowed to leave his quarters for days on end by scientists because Vegeta was working and being tortured by the Saiyans. He didn’t really have many good memories to go on which made him bitter and angry. They were probably never going to find a solution to that, they would rather just move on and get things fixed and then be done with him again, he just knew it.

Turning to Aito when he spoke up he narrowed his gaze, not looking incredibly impressed. If Aito was trying to flatter him that wasn’t going to work. The only reason he was considered ‘better’ was because he was made to be a weapon. “Only because I keep getting sent out to kill them…” Maybe Vegeta would have more experience if he actually went out with them. Growling lowly when Vegeta spoke up again he turned slowly towards him, staring at him with a fair degree of discontent. Vegeta wasn’t going to quit with this insistence that he’d be trained, even going as far as to try and give him an answer to his purpose. He was the one who wanted someone he could train with, not train others. The only benefit he could find from this was he would have someone he could train, but then again beating up Vegeta with a purpose did sound like quite the draw too. Glaring at him he remained silent for a moment, looking even less impressed than when Vegeta pinned blame on him. “You want to be involved all of a sudden just to make me happy? Tch, I don’t see why training you will bring me any sort of pleasure…” Everybody was just going to get stronger than him, being Saiyans and all that; the most he’d get out of it would be he would try and get stronger and figure out how he did grow in strength. “…Fine. If only because I’ll get to kick your ass for all that you did at the same time…”
@shylarahI mean, he probably will so long as she doesn't get all personal about looking o:
Cecil frowned in a pretty disapproving manner, really not feeling too sure about how calling Norman something respectful when he was helping him so much. He would had thought someone would like to be treated with respect like that, but whatever he could still call him Norman without too much of an issue. It was probably for the best anyway, especially considering Norman was supposed to be treating him like an experiment and if your experiment was calling you respectful things you’d be less inclined to try and harm them like with the shield. Cecil was pretty prepared for testing the shield, he would be able to tell if there was some loose connection before throwing it online and would be able to tell Norman that it was indeed not working. It would be pretty difficult when it was built to be similar to him moving his arm in response time. He was a little worried about future testing though, he knew that Norman would start out light but eventually would want to convert to much heavier weapons to test the power of the shield on. It was probably something an engineer would do anyway even if it might cause him distress, seeing as how any stress could be simply repaired.

Anything being thrown in Cecil’s direction would be stressful, whether it be something soft and harmless or tough and harmful like a stone. Even with Norman’s reassurances he was going to be nervous. Staring at Norman as he spoke he waited for him to start firing, not actually understanding that he made a brief little joke at the same time: he was a Machina, not a man nor was he designed to look like a man but a little kid. That was really confusing, maybe he was making fun of him or something for being unable to be one. Seeing him getting ready to shoot he instinctively put up a defensive stance as if expecting it to hurt a lot, instead he barely felt it if at all as it bounced away. Feeling a little confused he looked around for it before to Norman, staring at him for a moment before gasping. “Will the bird be okay?? I don’t want to hurt it!”

Cecil’s main concerns came from being able to harm others with the shield rather than protect them and if it had any recoil, meaning that ball that the child should lose could spring back at twice the power it hit him with. He didn’t know how much of a shield it was when compared to a weapon, seeing as how it was composed of energy. Gasping when Norman fired another ball at him he stared at him in annoyance, not liking how there was no warning to that one. “Can you tell me when you’re going to fire stuff at me? What if I took down my shield just then…” It was awfully distracting to have random stuff thrown at him, especially if it could harm him. He figured he would move onto stronger stuff to throw at him, but so long as he told him so that he might brace himself. In truth he didn’t really care about little bullets or whatever those things were, he was more concerned with magical attacks and whether he would be able to defend those; however, Norman wasn’t a Magi for all he knew, so that might be a little tough to test. “What are you going to toss at me now? Rocks? Metal? If my shield goes down without you saying you’re going to fire something at me don’t blame me. I don’t know how long I can keep it up, I’ll still tell if it’s going to go down though”.
Shu was a little startled at first but he was feeling rather groggy too, trying to focus as he rubbed his eyes before squeaking again as he looked up at Krom. Shu didn’t really know where he was at first until it all came together in his head and to come to the realisation that he wasn’t in any danger after all. He had fallen asleep sitting up, but he didn’t mean to. He wasn’t sure what he was trying to do and was trying to remember as he rubbed his eyes. He could remember having to do something about meditation, but that was it. Groaning a little, he soon slowly shook his head as he tried to pull himself together again. “…Noooo, no fall asleep! Was just…really trying…” he groaned, eventually reaching up to his head and letting out a sigh, “Just tired and-…and no sleep much and trying but try to stay up! Please no tell Mister Aito!”

Krom stared down at Shu before he grunted, shaking his head. “I don’t care about how much trouble you’ll be in, anyway! You’re supposed to be trying to focus your mind, not taking a nap!” he told him off before sighing, looking to Takeshi. “And you’re not helping the matter! You know how literal he takes everything!” No wonder Shu was a paranoid wreck most of the time, having Takeshi telling him things like that. It was rather ironic though, it wasn’t as if Takeshi knew Shu as well as he thought, anyway. “To meditate you have to clear your mind and focus your Ki! Just calm down and don’t do anything rash…” Takeshi was easy to work with because he did have social skills and wasn’t so easily startled, meanwhile Shu had a very fragile mind and didn’t have the ability to be rational or think through his words particularly well, didn’t help either that he had been broken fairly well by Yamate’s scientists. “Tch, have none of you actually undo any of Yamate’s idiocy yet on the kid? He’s still really hairy. Your lot seemed to had fixed the Commander already, just weird you’d leave your brother until last”.


Viral saw no reason to hang around in this room anymore with those two, he was feeling anything but ‘better’. He thought he was supposed to feel better about himself once he got something positive out of these two, but instead he got told he an issue and told he was better off being a weapon. Just what was he supposed to say or do, exactly? It hurt him greatly, even though it probably shouldn’t in the end. He had been telling himself those conclusions for a long time, but that was all in hope that he could overcome that low and find out that he was worth more than that. Just maybe he would find something more than that and not automatically end on that conclusion, but it seemed that was never going to be the case. Stopping when Aito made an attempt to keep him in the room he gave him a rather strong glare, clenching his fist.

Just who did he think he was? Was he just supposed to take more of this if that was the best answer Vegeta could come up with? Even Aito struggled to make him feel better by thinking he would be happy fighting some beasts instead. It shouldn’t matter anymore, he didn’t need their help in trying to feel better about himself and his existence when they could only give him answers to make it worse. He wasn’t going to get mournful over it, instead anger took hold as he only found himself blaming those who created him in the first place to do their bidding. Humans were the cause of his problems, the reason why he had nothing. Aito was only treating him to clear his conscience of an unfinished job that he said he’d complete, meanwhile Vegeta saw him as a problem and had wanted him out of his life through any means possible. Neither of them wanted him around, it was just Aito’s bad luck when his personality conflicted so much with the thought of leaving a promise undone.

“…Make amends, then job’s done. Is that it…” That was always it with him. Aito would never let him go until he could go back to June and say ‘I did it’ before going back to whatever he was doing before. He could see it all now: Aito celebrates a job well done before pussyfooting around to make sure he avoided him in the future so he didn’t have to see him again. Maybe that would be for the best anyway, especially considering he killed him before and destroyed everything he worked his whole life to achieve. He must’ve seen him as an unfinished failure, so no wonder. He wasn’t sure if this was the paranoia kicking in or if he was right, he had been struggling with his mind and what was reality for a very long time, causing him to become angered at everyone unless he was fighting. He really was the problem, yet they weren’t letting him leave for whatever reason. Why was Vegeta even agreeing to this again? He had already called him the problem so why did he want that problem to continue hanging around? “You? Make things right?” he spoke, turning to look at Vegeta. He just wanted rid of his guilt for saying all that, that’s exactly what it was.

Either way, he was just about to leave seeing how he never agreed to stay despite Aito’s orders, but Vegeta calling out his name had him turning around again. What did he want now? Probably scared of failing, as usual. He hated coming out the loser, that was his main problem. It took a moment, but eventually Vegeta was trying to make an attempt to reconcile and finally offer him the training he had been seeking in the first place all while making it sound as if he had to convince him himself that he was going to be good to train with. “Me train you? Just what do you think is going to be the benefit of that, exactly? You have Ki and I don’t. Is that your idea of making me feel useful to you…? You shouldn’t feel honoured or see me as a mentor!” Vegeta better stop trying to flatter him before he punched him in that gash he had on his face, he was just not in the mood. Growling lowly he made an approach, glaring at Vegeta as he approached, clenching his fist. “You have greater power than I’ll ever have and all you do is sit around doing whatever else other than actual battling! I’ve not seen you actively try to fight these beasts off, what made you suddenly decide to fight them now? Because you pity me? Is that it? Funny how you change your mind after calling me a problem...and then laughing in my face!”
“Heh! Not up to you? He’s your prisoner, you’re the ones who brought him to the Rebels. You think they wanted him here? They don’t exactly treat prisoners well, especially such dangerous criminals…” Krom sighed, scratching the back of his neck. He wasn’t treated particularly well and was under high security all of the time, even now he was being watched pretty closely incase he tried anything otherwise he was kept in a single small room with limited facilities and hardly any light. It was nice to get out and about every so often, but that was all the relief on his sanity he was allowed. The Rebels never made a proper prison because they didn’t prioritise taking prisoners of war without trying to reform them. It was the same on all sides, even the Galactic Police treated their prisoners with absolute control over their physical and mental state before deciding on their sentence. Whatever though, this was all about seeing whether Takeshi could keep his temper under control and turn it into power, but that didn’t seem to be happening as he continued to get all cheeky and back talking. “Heh, old man? I’m only ten years older than you. ‘Old man’ is my father!” he sighed, rolling his shoulders, “And I already told you: I’m doing the talking while you do the training! You’re supposed to be able to focus while I am! And speaking of…” Walking to where he was right beside Shu he tapped his foot out in front of him before tapping Shu’s own foot, causing Shu to open his eyes and let out a squeak. “Don’t you think meditation is an excuse to sleep! I can tell the difference…”


All Viral had ever wanted was answers, but every single one of them had come to a dead end. He wasn’t like any of them, he wasn’t like anyone he had ever met before the creation of the other Beastmen and had been actively seeking out answers before knowing of their existence. They were all confident in their existence, they knew why they were around and were quite proud of it. They were made fully knowing of their existence to fight, but he had been told an array of things he was supposed to do that never had a clear answer. His damaged genetics had been fixed, he wasn’t supposed to be a threat anymore and yet there he was being treated as such. Just what was he supposed to be? Why was he kept around like some test subject? And they wondered why he had never seen them as a family, it’s not like he could ever remember any of them treating him anything like he knew to be what family is.

Hearing Vegeta finally speak he thought he was going to get an answer, instead he had been left stunned by it. For his own good? Everything he had gone through, all the constant monitoring and restraint, that had all been for his own good? Staring at Vegeta in confusion he narrowed his gaze, trying to figure out what he was trying to say before feeling taken aback by the look Vegeta had decided to give him, taking a slight step back when Vegeta started to laugh before coming to a halt at his conclusion.

Vegeta’s conclusion stung pretty hard. Even though he had become used to thinking of himself as a problem to anyone near him to have someone tell him that just drilled the thought many times worse into his head. He was seeing all the instances he had been an issue, whether it was causing trouble for the company or something drastic like sending them all into space. ‘It’s you’ was Vegeta’s strongest and most sincere-sounding conclusion, that he had been the main source of the problem. Something was wrong with him, everything had been wrong with him and with everything tried on him to correct the problem it was never going to be corrected because he was the issue. He wanted to bark right back at Vegeta and tell him he was wrong for saying that and was just making excuses, but he couldn’t. It was all his own fault, nobody was ever going to be able to fix it for him: he was far beyond help. Staring at Vegeta as he laughed once more he clenched his teeth, staring at him as he admitted defeat.

Flinching slightly when Aito broke the tension with quite a loud single clap he looked to him with the same expression he had given Vegeta, his stance hardly changing. Just what could he possibly add to all of this? Did that mean this little session was over if he was already trying to bring him to his own conclusion? That didn’t help, telling him that he was doing an awful job protecting the Earth by being away from it too. All of this was a failure, he had failed and turned into a problem. Opening his mouth as if to speak his eyes didn’t look at anywhere in particular as Aito mentioned the beasts randomly. Only his solar energy? Of course that was an exaggeration, they could kill them just fine without him. Letting out a slight groan he reached his paw up to his head, rubbing it slowly.

“…Enough of this. I understand it all well enough”. If Aito was trying to change the topic it wasn’t going to work. If he thought the mention of battle was going to immediately dismiss the topic at hand then he really thought of him as a simple creature with a short attention span. Growling lowly he moved to walk past Vegeta, not even giving him a glance of acknowledgement. If he was the problem then he saw no reason to stick around and if Aito felt the need to suggest it was his skills that were needed against those beasts then he could go ahead and fight them himself. They didn’t truly need him; besides, Aito was practically giving him the call of dismissal with that final line of his. “I don’t need anymore sessions! You can go back to being a happy family while I take care of the beasts…”
S'all good! No problem!
Despite his standing with the Princes and anyone in general in this place Krom was still going to try and teach, he wasn’t going to slack off and just let things happen; besides, he would probably just get the blame for Takeshi’s bad back. With Takeshi adjusting himself and making excuses as to why he hadn’t been seeing his other friend, or whatever he was, in a while he couldn’t help but smirk. “Too busy? Doing what? Training? Going off to fight things? Everything that’s in a Frost Demon’s instinct to do? Hmmm that’s too bad…for him, at least. Unless you’re afraid that he’ll fly away…” It was a little weird that they weren’t using Kiton for anything, at least to him. It had always been the case that the talented and strong were used in battle as much as possible, but the Rebels didn’t appear to be doing such a thing. They seemed more set on keeping the strongest only on certain rotation, like they were satisfied just sending a few people out on missions at a time. It seemed pretty wasteful, like they didn’t want to put all their effort into a mission. It certainly said a lot about the rebels, unless it was just this bunch who barely wanted to do anything in regards to the monsters and the King’s own army. Seeing Takeshi’s nerve being struck there he smirked, folding his arms. “You know, if you’re going to get mad you should focus it into lifting those weights! You’d get stronger and more focused if you at least tried to stop yourself from focusing all your emotions into what you say! Put your feelings into action!”


Vegeta was just spouting the worst things to say right now, making him sound as if his endurance was something to clap at. Just who did Vegeta think he was? Or better yet what did he think he was? Surely his existence was worth more than a simple applause? Lashing out at Vegeta wasn’t going to be good enough for him, but something inside was slowly killing his ability to fight clearly and with one last quick punch it had instead turned into almost gouging Vegeta’s face. Growling lowly he stared at his claws for a moment before looking back at Vegeta, standing his ground. Just what was freedom if he wasn’t trusted to go where he pleased? What of all the regulations he was put under? Even the trial and how he was treated then. He knew Korian still despised him for all that he had done with seemingly no remorse. Just how many more around him hated the fact he existed? It had been different when he was with the Saiyans, he was aware of every moment despite being placed under control. He wasn’t happier with the Saiyans by far, but they made him feel useful and gave him a purpose which was more than what he had been given here.

“They knew me. Remembered me! They respected me as a warrior! And what have I been here? Constantly forgotten and discarded!” Backing off a few steps as Vegeta approached he let out a growling sigh, looking to his claws instead of Vegeta. He was trying hard to apologise to him, but that was pretty difficult. It had been most of his life already and to shake that off was going to take a lot longer than that. “Hmph, friends…? If your father didn’t call you over here you would never think about coming to see the likes of me? If I sought you out would you be willing to talk or leave your room with me or will you simply say ‘I’m too busy’? Ever since your father came back you’ve stopped doing everything with me or even acknowledged my existence because you no longer have to deal with me…” It was a lot more than simply having a lack of purpose, it was being seen as a subject and someone so unstable they needed someone to watch over all the time. “Being with the Saiyans may had been painful, I may had experienced horrors beyond your understanding…but I was never forgotten about! All it feels now is I’m being constantly watched by everyone here to make sure I’m going to behave myself! That’s all it has been so far…just more monitoring with the only difference being I’m allowed to go outside now under supervision…”
Cecil was not too into the whole augmentation process that he had to undergo to get his barrier all installed, he really had to admit that he wasn’t a big fan of anything regarding his body. The last time something installed itself into his body he went on a rampage and nearly lost everything and even though Norman was the one working on him he couldn’t help but not feel safe. This whole shield thing he was supposed to be getting, was he going to be absolutely safe using it? It wasn’t one of those things that popped up and anything that was in its path would get clipped and cut off, surely? It may had gone through the trial period and he had seen it work alright for him whenever he activated it for testing, but how it worked was still beyond him. He would truly have to trust in himself to be able to activate this barrier at the right moment as to not put his friends in danger, if they still thought of him as a friend.

He hadn’t seen the others much if at all over the past few days, they were all busy doing their own things and when they weren’t doing those they were off with food or sleeping. He didn’t know what to say to them anyway, they were all busy with their own things and had their own worries. It wasn’t that he had much to say to them anyway, maybe tell them about his shield and other things he’s been working on with Norman. He wanted to tell them about how his day had been and what he had been up to, but he felt like he couldn’t too. To do such things made him wonder if it was too ‘human’ of him, to find excitement in getting new things and wanting to show them off. He didn’t actually know if people got a little creeped out whenever he did things that seemed like something a human would do, he remembered Amuné did when she first met him.

He probably shouldn’t be thinking about such things, he was supposed to be doing tests with Norman on his shield. He couldn’t help but feel a little secluded from the rest of them, but then again he had been feeling like that for some time now. All he needed to do was help Norman test his barrier, then he could go back to thinking about other things. It would be bad to get distracted at this time, especially when Norman was talking about projectiles.

“Uhh! O-Okay…I mean yes sir…” he spoke as he made a very quick and brief run to the other side of the room, feeling rather unprepared but willing to try, at least. This was important for everyone, he just hoped he’d be able to pull it off alright without malfunctioning and going haywire in the workshop. Rubbing at his gauntlets momentarily he looked up at Norman as he explained himself, just to make sure he wasn’t going to be setting him off probably. He was certain it would be okay, he just had to believe he was capable of telling the difference between friend or foe. They weren’t going to cause him harm if they hit him, he had to understand that even with the demonstration given to him. Giving his gauntlet a shake he held it up in front of him before gasping as his shield activated, the energy it gave off catching him off-guard as if he never expected it to actually work. “I’m ready, I think! Please be gentle…I mean, throwing something is different than firing it…”
T’charrl was pretty numb feeling, wondering if he was supposed to be feeling this particular way after being blasted by wind. It was supposed to be just wind, nothing else. It wasn’t punches or Ki blasts he was having to fend off, just an element that his people tried to avoid. It didn’t help that he lived underground most of his life, the winds down there was mostly due to storms elsewhere that ventilated from other areas. It was a force he wasn’t used to trying to deal with, but hopefully it was going to be able to help him in the end. Feeling pretty exhausted already he looked to his father as he took this brief moment to discuss what they were planning on doing next, feeling a little relieved the plan was to go only one last time at least. It was probably all he could take for his legs and the feeling in his chest. It may not had felt like too much to Haku and his father, but they were heavier than him and being so light made it difficult to withstand and push back from blustering wind. “…Okay, okay we’ll do that. I wouldn’t want that either…”

It would feel probably pretty good to get to meditation practice, better than being blasted in the face by sharp winds. It was all for his own good of course, he understood that quite clearly. Looking back at Haku he frowned a little at his insistence that he was going to be fine, not knowing if he should be believing the results quite yet. “Anything is possible…? I guess so: I went to space…” he muttered, thinking it through in his head before gasping when Haku decided to pull him forward. When he went back he had no idea how they’ll even react if at all, especially when he was not taken heed of all that much with the likes of Takeshi refusing to touch him anyway. Takeshi would never want to train with him because of his fur and odd moulting. That wasn’t his driving force though, he just wanted to feel better. “I won’t give up! I-I’ll still go one more time though…then I need to find balance so that my legs and chest don’t hurt so much…” So long as his head didn’t start hurting he was probably going to be fine, he’d never be able to meditate if he had a headache. Making clicking noises for a second he soon moved back into position, ready to go again. “I can take it! Then…where ever King Nema is. If he’s back at the palace then I don’t know how good I’ll be at flying after this…”


Krom didn’t really care about Takeshi’s words, he had seen much worse go on and Takeshi would probably just ignore the fact any of it happened. He didn’t care much about other people, that much was evident. The fact that there was people in worse situations that Takeshi ignored was already placing him in the ‘couldn’t care less about his words’ pile. It was interesting though, how much he was angry at him for all that had happened to Shu and Viral. Maybe he could use that to get him motivated, but he would have to be telling him more about what happened behind the scenes. Shu would be fine with him talking about it, the kid was already aware of everything that happened nor did talking about it actually spring up any emotions in him. It was important that he didn’t try and get him to change to try and help him control it today, with his head injury that much stress could end up popping something if he wasn’t careful. Takeshi, however, had nothing wrong with him so he could take it. Looking at him he let out a sigh, seeing him looking like he was just making it harder for himself with that posture. “You know, if you want to break your back then sure! Keep going at it like that! You’ll bend over like an overburdened twig!” he called out to him, heavily sighing, “Maybe once Shu is better we’ll give you that Frost Demon to fight against, see if you’ve actually grown in strength while I test out your brother! I’m sure you’ll do fiiiine fighting one of those creatures…besides, you’ve been ignoring his existence while he’s been sitting in a single room all by himself. He’ll be happy to get out and stretch his legs, I’m sure! Can’t let him end up being forgotten like you forgot about the Commander, huh?”


What Vegeta had done was just unforgiveable in Viral’s eyes at this moment, whether that would change in the future was something that couldn’t be predicted. It had been years of the same issues and even with them off Earth he was barely treating him with any respect. He was just another subject to him who had received the ‘care and attention’ he felt he deserved to receive before being dumped on the next person otherwise known as Aito. While this was supposed to be somewhat like training he was barely doing any of that and instead simply throwing out his frustrations, a small portion of it at least. He was on top of Vegeta at every corner while hardly giving him an opening, only having Vegeta charge at him once he was far away enough to given a chance to breathe. Growling, he pulled to the side to dodge the slow punch Vegeta tried to deliver before throwing a counter attack right back. With the intention of attacking once more he moved in, but Vegeta had managed to break through and score a hit to his head.

Staggering momentarily he soon caught himself, his claws up near his face momentarily as he glanced over when Vegeta finally decided to speak. ‘Still here’? Is that all he had for him? That he was still around after all the torture he endured? “…Is that all you can say? ‘Despite everything’? You think this is just all coincidence that I’m still around? Is that it? You’re surprised I’ve managed to survive this long?” he spoke, sounding almost baffled, “I survived because nothing will kill me! Not even a damn Saiyan blowing up in my face! You know how hard it is to die when nothing kills you??” Going in again he started throwing punches again, becoming a little more random with his attacks and his fists loosening a little. “I’m still here because of that sliver of hope that I might find a meaning to my existence! A reason why I’m still here! And do you know all I got? The fact that I’m just a damn babysitter for someone who never wanted me around! Maybe I should had stayed with the Saiyans…they at least gave me more ‘despite everything’!”

It was at this point where he didn’t even know if he was still mad at Vegeta or maybe himself. He had never been able to speak of these issues and what was he expecting, exactly? He had stopped trying to dodge or block Vegeta as he lost focus. He had so many years to try and figure it out himself, yet he had failed even that. He was a failure to himself. Vegeta was right: despite everything, all their efforts, he was still here, another roadblock in the way. Without him, Vegeta would have a normal family and everyone would be back on Earth.
T’charrl was practically shaking in anticipation, his excitement carrying on into his fear as he tried to be positive about this and himself. If he could figure out the best way to combat the extreme winds and remain forever stabilised against them he would be stronger in no time, hopefully. He did wonder what they would move onto next once he was able to withstand the winds, probably flying against it but then what if he surpassed that? He hoped he would get that far, he had to if he was to make his father proud. “I-I’m not worrying that much! I just don’t like the thought of bleeding all over the place because I messed up…” he sighed, shaking his head. It was just his preference: he wasn’t too into the whole ‘getting hurt to get stronger’ thing a lot of people seemed to go for. He always thought those kinds of people were a bit crazy, but whatever lifted them high. He wasn’t going to question it further, he needed to get this training really fast. I’ll try not to! I’ll also try not to faint…” he spoke, looking back to the chasm before heading towards it himself.

Haku was quick to get back in so that helped his confidence at least. Deciding to take a deep breath before he headed in, T’charrl readied himself and immediately got his feet into position before the wind started to blast him. It was just as startling as it was before, his body feeling like it was being squashed against the wind and his own determination to stay upright. How he was supposed to withstand this while flying he had no idea, his wings would just end up being ripped to shreds then that would be several days wasted. When the wind died down again he stumbled forward slightly, having to catch himself from falling completely on his face. He had only done this a few times and he was already feeling tired, it didn’t help that he was very light compared to Haku and his father. “…And this is the easy part, right…? I can’t help but feel like I should be better at this and not feeling so…tired already…”


“’Your guys’ fault’? Viral? Saying ‘your guys’ is like calling me a scientist. Do I look like a scientist to you? I had nothing to do with the Commander, even he knows that”, Krom shrugged, hardly giving it much of a second thought. Takeshi certainly enjoyed putting blame on others, he didn’t seem to be able to handle the blame, he was always quite happy to put it on someone else if he had to. No matter, it wasn’t anything he had to worry about, he was only the one in charge of getting the two Princes up to scratch in their fighting skills. He had no idea what to do with Shu was the only thing. The kid had a training day’s break because he was told he had to give the boy a break, but that wasn’t enough to give him any idea on what he should do. Sighing lightly he looked back over to Takeshi who was continuing with his dribble. “Do you even listen to yourself? Maybe you should learn how to talk some sense”, he spoke calmly, rolling his shoulders, “I don’t care about ordering people around, and how responsible of you…you and your childish dreams. Funny how you call Korian a jerk, though! Who knows if this room has voice in it!” He had a fair number of different dreams going on in his head, ones that all had ‘happily ever after’ feels to them and none that actually came with a plan. “I already said what you’re doing! You’re not doing anything fun if your brother can’t do anything! You should think about getting to running instead! And you’re not going to blow your top either while you’re doing it. I know you have a habit of doing that…”


Vegeta should know what he was talking about, he was around for all of it and it had been his plans. Viral had just had enough of this and was fair alright with going straight in again with these facts driving him. He had always been treated as something owned by the company and something Vegeta had accidentally revived when he wasn’t supposed to be revived. Vegeta may not remember the complete details from when he was awoken, but he remembered when Vegeta grew distant before deciding it was best to sell him off. Throwing his attacks in hastily he was almost successful in conquering Vegeta, but Vegeta was quick to get back up and drove his foot into his ribs, sending him tumbling away. When he managed to catch himself from rolling more he growled lowly, holding his ribs as he pushed his chest off the floor. “Help me?? Was it so hard to ask me what I wanted? You had to dictate me to the very end??” he shouted back, slowly getting back to his feet, “You knew what I was capable of! You didn’t think that just maybe those people would just pull me apart and use my genes however they pleased??” Quickly dashing back at Vegeta he threw his fists directly at Vegeta, trying to end with a kick right back. “The Saiyans did just that and if a bunch of monkeys could work out how to do that, you don’t think a bunch of naked apes would do the same?? You willingly risked my life because you grew bored of me!”
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