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Shu certainly did wonder if Yumi was ever that interested in doing things with him that she wanted rather than always doing what he wanted to do. If Yumi didn’t like doing the things he liked to do, she’d never say that to him. He wasn’t intelligent enough to know what people wanted to do or figure out whether people were actually interested in that kind of stuff when they were doing them. He was only a youngster in mind when it came to the rest of his friends, he had only been out and about in the ‘real world’ for a couple of years so everything was still new to him. He was right in his element in the forests and outdoors, but the others were not. Viral could count, but he preferred to be by himself. Therapy was definitely the last thing on his mind too, he didn’t want to be thinking about all that stuff when the focus with that was always going to be control and getting over what he experienced in the laboratory. It was all a bit too miserable for him to want to be thinking about.

“Ooooh! A hike! A hike…” he spoke, sounding pretty intrigued, but not really understanding what it was. It sounded interesting if it involved exploring and finding new things, he hadn’t been on another world as extensively as this one after all. “Ooh ooh! I wanna do the hike! What this world like, I wanna know! Shu love to explore…” Thinking about it for a moment he squeaked when Yumi was putting away her container, scooting his over to her as she brought out another container. Staring at it curiously he looked up at her when she mentioned it was dessert, his face lighting up. “Ooh! Yes yes! Wanna see please! Please!” When she finally opened up the container he stared at the contents, his hand slowly reaching out for one of the kebabs. What delightful wonders were contained in the chocolate? Sniffing at the kebab curiously he soon nibbled at it, his eyes lighting up. “Ooooohhhhh, yum yum yum!” He didn’t even know that they had chocolate on this planet, but either way he was happy to eat the chocolate covered fruit until it was all gone. “Yummy! Love to eat! Maybe like hike too, no sure…no done hike before. No sure! Wanna keep going until tired! Maybe find something strong to fight. Not done fight stuff in a while, everyone scared of me being bad…”
@PascalHe does but it's ruined lol A lot of the stuff has rubbed off so he wants a new one or to get it "fixed"
Well that was oddly difficult since Cecil was essentially filler there haha
There wasn’t much left for Cecil to do here other than get a map or at least a pointer on where he should head to next before there was going to be trouble in this place too. If him going on a boat caused it to completely topple then something bad was probably going to happen in this place too if he hung around for too long. He just didn’t know in all honesty if it was just a coincidence that the boat did that while he was on it, seeing as how it was the one place he had spent a prolonged time at. It really would be nice to move on, this place seemed quite miserable anyway. Just wanting to get going, he frowned when he heard someone else speaking as if they were a part of the group. It wasn’t one of the people here already, so it was a stranger.

Frowning, he looked in the direction of the mysterious voice, not exactly familiar with them. Who was this woman? She didn’t even have a map that he needed, so he wasn’t exactly impressed with her suddenly butting in. Just why would she if she wasn’t going to help? Looking to Ethan briefly, it seemed she was familiar with him so maybe that was it. Frowning, he looked away and around, not exactly wanting to talk to her. He wasn’t trying to be rude, just he wasn’t terribly confident with strangers. They could be evil for all he knew, even if said stranger was known by someone who was with him. He didn’t even know if he could trust these people, he only did just meet Ethan by running in to him. They were all going in the same direction, so that was it really.

Groaning a little, he slumped his shoulders as it all turned in to an introduction to everyone, looking between them all as they made their introductions. It seemed a little strange to focus so much on introductions, they weren’t going to be together for long, surely? Everybody would be on their way and forget each other, so it seemed a bit pointless. Hearing the man say they weren’t willing to give them anything, he frowned with annoyance and slumped his shoulders. So he probably wasn’t going to get a map, at least not easily. Just what was the problem? What the heck were tigers? They didn’t sound so tough with such a strange name, he could probably take care of them if they were a problem. What was he supposed to do now? Go take care of them and demand a map in return? Maybe something to use to restore his own map since it was just a few things missing, but those few things missing was what was important for his travels: if the names of the safe places and dangerous ones were missing from his map, it wasn’t as if he was going to be able to avoid trouble by assuming he wasn’t going to a dangerous place.

He really felt like the odd one out here. All these people knew each other and were able to have casual conversations, but they’d probably notice him if he slipped out and tried to get to business himself. He just wasn’t feeling very comfortable right now. Looking away as they conversed he gave the place a quick analysis. Even if they stayed here it didn’t look like they had anything interesting, just buildings and people. None of those were of interest to him, he just needed a little bit of help with his map or a new one. Looking to the others again he gasped when the other one had appeared again too, adding to the conversation too. Just how many of them were friends? All this was just confusing him, maybe that’d stop if they just got rid of the tigers and see what they were offered after that. “Why are you all still discussing this? Let’s just take care of the tigers…” he sighed, looking to the exit, “I’m sure if we go do that, they’ll go and get your people at the same time since we’ll be going after those things, surely? How hard is it to get rid of them?”
I will post very soon, just so tired and working hard to try and get money. Not earned anything in a few weeks so trying to get all the jobs done.

Also I am so tired tonight.
Shu smiled happily at Yumi, bouncing a little as he listened to what she had to say, even if he didn’t fully understand what she was wanting to do. ‘Hike’ probably wasn’t like flying, but they were going up a mountain while doing that so maybe it was similar to walking or running. That sounded quite fun, maybe a little tiring if it was constant running uphill if that’s what a hike was. Tilting his head a little he shook his head, not really wanting to think about that therapy stuff. “Ooohhh, be sneaky sneaky! No wanna go to that, anyway”, he spoke, giving a little smile, “They no do that good, like being out with Miss Yumi and brother!” It was pretty bothersome for him, the therapy stuff. He didn’t understand what he was supposed to do during it, all of it was just a big problem. They wanted a lot from him, but he didn’t know what that ‘lot’ was exactly.

Eating at the food in bits and pieces he was having a great time with the flavours, not finding them to be terrible or off-putting. He was happy enough to be eating and was definitely enjoying his food, he didn’t have much of a preference when it came to flavours. So long as it didn’t make him sick or something he was happy to eat it, picking up the habit from his years when food was difficult to find. He could pile it all in to one bunch and eat it all at once, not really caring for how it looked or tasted. Tilting his head a little when she said where the others were he scratched his cheek, trying to think on what Takeshi might do. “Oooh, hopefully not the bad things! Takeshi like to be cheeky too”, he squeaked, thinking about it for a moment before giggling when Yumi ruffled his hair, looking to her quickly. “Yeah! Play is fun! Know that they also do stuff without Shu, but not feel too bad…” he spoke, not really knowing if he felt that way or if he did miss being around certain people sometimes. “More play is fun! Maybe go…somewhere Miss Yumi will like. Shu like trees, but Miss Yumi no real in to trees, so…maybe something Miss Yumi will like…? Wanna do what Miss Yumi wanna do now!”
Shu was always happy to take a break after something was accomplished, it was often something he did in the past whenever he managed to do something that pleased him. Rewards were always nice, so he was always happy when the reward could be food. Squeaking when Yumi agreed with him he bounced a little before moving to follow her, wanting to keep close to her rather than getting ahead of himself. He knew where it was, he was good at keeping track of things in forests no matter whether he had been there or not. He couldn’t really show that off anywhere, they never needed to be in the forests nowadays anyway. Keeping close to Yumi he practically danced around her as if waiting for her to keep up at his pace while following her simultaneously.

Finally making it to the food stash he bounced around all happily, squeaking happily at the thought of food. If there was one thing he sure did enjoy it was eating and he was very hungry already. The juice didn’t really help with that hunger, it just made it a little more difficult to handle. Staring in to the cooler as she reached for the food he tilted his head upon her suggestion to do something else, giving his head a scratch as he looked away, thinking about it. “Oooohhhh…something else! Something else…?” he spoke, not really knowing what he was going to be able to think up that they could do. He knew how to forage, but it might be a little difficult in a place he wasn’t fully familiar with. He wasn’t much of a hunter, he never had been even when growing up so meat was rare.

“Maybeeeeeee…Miss Yumi has something she want to do…?” he asked her, wondering if there was something that maybe she would like to do, like whatever someone like her would want to do. He didn’t mind going to the city if she wanted to, he hadn’t had enough experience in that place so it would be something for her to do, plus he didn’t think she would want to use her hands all that much anymore. He wasn’t very good at flying, so maybe that was something they could do. Bouncing on his toes as Yumi opened up his food for him he took it from her hastily, sitting right beside her. “Thank yoooouuuuu…!” Giving it a sniff he figured the food was edible, at least, so that was good. “Ooooohhhhh, Miss June! Food is good! Why you make weird noises, though?” Giving the pasta a try he squeaked, wiggling a little. “Yummy! Miss June make good food! Mister Vegeta luckyyy…” He quite liked the food, even if it was mostly savoury. His favourite may had been sweet but so long as it didn’t make him sick he didn’t mind it, finding the variety of flavours to be most interesting to him. “No sure about Mister Viral, though. No see him much. Maybe he with Takeshi? No sure where Takeshi is, though! Nobody wanna be with Shu today…nobody but Miss Yumi! Ooh!”
@shylarahHonestly I'm just going by what others type in their posts until they talk to him lol

And yes really he's a robot. If you're worried about him outing your character, no he's not going to because why would he even know?
@PascalIt's been a while.

As for Cecil's case, he's not entirely aware of the full difference between males and females considering you know he doesn't even know that things exist in people's pants and men also sometimes have breasts.
Just what was he thinking when agreeing to going with this guy? Cecil didn’t like how the rest of his team consisted of animals and quite tough looking adults, the odd one out being a youngster like him. Maybe it would had been safer to go by himself, he wouldn’t be able to relax around these animals. What if they could sniff him out? Just what was he going to do if they got curious with him? He was certainly worried, but so long as he kept to himself and quiet he should be able to travel without no problem. He didn’t know what he would do if he got discovered. Would he have to destroy them? He couldn’t destroy the people on the beach, he knew that would make it look way too suspicious if there was a bunch of people that had been destroyed lying around looking all broken. He had been right to be more hesitant when doing that, considering these people are heading off to get help for those people. It would had been awkward if they went back and everyone had been destroyed while he was the last person they saw that came from the beach.

Luckily for him, he didn’t need to travel too long while feeling he was under the watchful eye of these people. He already got gazed upon a lot for the way he looked, he didn’t need someone staring him down continuously as they slowly figured out something was strange about him. Instead of eyes on him, they could look at the town and be all interested in that instead. The town didn’t look too interesting to him, he didn’t really feel the need to stay here long at least. He could see if he could find some oil and maybe a new map, but that was it he’d be on his way again. The map he had wasn’t too hard to get, he just had to ask someone one time and they gave him one; however, looking around this place at a first glance once those doors opened, he didn’t think they would be handing out maps so freely. He would have to find somewhere where he could take one then be on his way.

Just what was this place, anyway? He hadn’t seen these kinds of buildings yet, probably something you’d find in a smaller settlement for whatever purpose. It didn’t quite seem like a town to him and was probably a place he should just pass through quickly. He would need to hang around for a little while longer until he figured out what his next moves were supposed to be regarding this place, whether he would be able to find a suitable road to follow towards the cities. He didn’t really know why he was having to go to the cities, he just knew he had to go along in the direction of them to get where he felt he needed to go.

Looking to the others when they declared they were going to get a drink he very quickly looked away again, not wanting to be going along with that group. One of the men from the boat followed, probably someone who was just as willing to ditch the group and go about his own ways now that the news had been reported about the shipwreck. It was fair enough, he didn’t see much of a reason to stick around either. Looking to the others who were left he slowly took a few steps back, making a quick glance to see if there was anywhere of interest to him in this place. “Well…I guess we can split up again, huh? I need to get a map and get going…”
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