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Viral couldn’t help but feel that they didn’t come on their own free will, he just needed to find proof that this was the case. It was always the same: he was always being monitored, even when he was by himself someone always needed to be watching him whether it was through spying or some other method. Quite frankly it made him rather angry at both the spy and who sent them to watch over him, the spy certainly being sent unwanted hate their way but it was their fault for agreeing to it. He just had to figure out what was going on here and hopefully ease his mind no matter how much of a mess it was in right now. Ricken was certainly showing signs that this wasn’t all mutual, he looked like he didn’t want to be here at all meaning something was definitely suspicious.

“I am absolutely certain. I don’t see what I would gain if I fought back”. Other than Korian getting on his back for ‘injuring one of his best rebels’, of course. “You seem more capable at dodging than attacking someone like me”. Was she trying to get him to attack her? That didn’t seem like something she’d do, unless she was actually quite sneaky and knew how to hide her true motives from her enemies. He was just confusing himself with all of this, otherwise, and probably making things worse for himself. It was hard to see past all that, he just couldn’t do it no matter how much he tried. With Sasha giving him her reassurances he still didn’t feel certain, it was easy to be thrown off by that and be back where he was before.

This was just bad, but maybe he would be able to get something out of her that would give him some answers. Looking at Ricken there was no way he would had wanted to come here knowing Leto was going to be leading the class too. The way he was acting out and making a mockery of Leto was just screaming out how little he wanted to be here doing this all, meaning there had to be ulterior motives behind it. Growling lowly at his insubordination and disregard, Viral turned his attention back to Sasha. It was certainly hard to read her, but he wasn’t going to stop in his little quest to figure out what was going on and whether he really was being monitored by these two. Shifting his foot when Sasha decided now was the time to get moving with this fighting he quickly got into it as fast as she did, catching her punches fairly easily. Staring at her he soon grunted as he was forced to block a kick with his arm, his eyes watching her body as she quickly made an attempt to trip him up. It was a lot easier dodging and blocking than concentrating on fighting, but he wondered how long it would take before she too saw this as an easy venture and grew frustrated at the lack of challenge. Luckily, Sasha seemed to be in to the whole adventure as she was soon flipping all over the place trying to strike him while he remained focused on everything else, staring at her as she continued to pressure him in to making a mistake. She was right, it was kind of boring, especially when there was no sense of danger in any of it. Looking to her as she spoke to him he simply grunted, backing off as she was getting closer to hitting his face. “I’m sure you’re quite happy to be getting a workout here…” he spoke calmly, not showing signs of faltering or getting tired. “I am curious though: why are you here training with me? Wouldn’t you had been better off training with your brother…? I was made for fighting, of course I’m going to be naturally good at it…”
Viral wasn’t in the joking mood, especially with a quip like that. How would he like it? Just because he can fly and just throw himself right back out of the valley with little effort. Everything had him on edge today already, whether it was because of Vegeta or Leto he wasn’t sure, but he knew he didn’t want to be near either. He still hadn’t forgiven Vegeta for what he said, it was hard to when it had been so many years. It was a bit of a sad thought that the only time he got to see more of the world than what was on the television was because he had been forced to find all the Dragon Balls for them all, those were supposed to be for him too. He never did get his wish, but then again it was probably pointless now. There was always going to be a need for the Dragon Balls, he was never going to be able to think of a new wish, anyway.

Glaring at Vegeta when he decided to touch him he moved a few steps away, feeling like it was all somewhat pointless. Korian wasn’t going to give him a chance, this was just to get him to shut up and then once that’s all done he was going to get tossed out and told he was not fit for training with these people. Looking around at the other soldiers he huffed, seeing a fair number of them already familiar with each other already. It was probably a lot easier on them with each of them being very cooperative with each other all the way. He was a stranger too all of them and was probably not completely welcome after everything he had done. How was he supposed to fit in with these people?

Growling lowly he looked around, gazing at the many trainees and seeing Vegeta find someone. All he could think about was the negative outcomes that he would experience doing this, much to his delight. It was something nobody really wanted to solve and something he often tried to solve himself, but nothing ever worked. Everything in his head was just negative and constantly told him he was crazy for thinking anything good would come from thinking up solutions. He hadn’t had a pleasant thought in a long time, but nobody really cared about that in the end and just acted like it was all normal. He couldn’t pretend everything was fine, not like they all wanted him to pretend to be, at least.

Being nearly ready to call it quits on this whole and follow his own path he growled lowly when Leto decided it was best that they’d have their own partners, his mild disbelief being on the fact that he was supposed to spar with someone while watching everyone else. That was a real load of crap, he really didn’t feel like going through with this. It wasn’t so much that he didn’t want to train, but more the fact that he knew he would get scrutinised to hell if he so much as kicked the crap out of someone ‘too hard’ in a training session, labelled as violent and out of control. He knew that was going to be it, he knew there was a way Korian was going to try and screw this up for him.

Staring at Leto as his anger only grew he turned to the door when those two rebels from before entered, feeling quite doubtful that they were going to be able to keep up with him. Maybe it would’ve been different if it was a more animal-like rebel that was taking him on, but instead it had to be one of these stiffs. Folding his arms in contemplation he let out a short sigh, looking away briefly as Leto continued to prattle on about something annoying. Which one was it going to be? Well turned out it was going to be Sasha for some reason, not that he wanted to be near Ricken either. Turning to Sasha slowly he stared at her, watching her bow as she gave her reason. He wasn’t going to fall for it, he was going to outsmart Korian and his little plans to sabotage his reputation. “I’m not concerned about whether it’s boring for me or not. I have other concerns plaguing me right now”, he grunted, unfolding his arms and rolling his shoulder. “Let me put it this way: you’re going to be the one attacking me and I’ll be defending. It’s not that I see you as unable to take my attacks, I just need to be cautious for now…got it?”
Kensen didn’t have time for all of this. Gage was annoying enough without having his work shoved on him and only creating more tension between them, the man barely had any sense of responsibility. Amuné was being pretty selfish too, expecting others to carry her through everywhere where at her age she should surely be trying to find some sense of independence away from being a baby. This world wasn’t suited for all this coddling, people had to get tough or die even when a small child. When Amuné ran off elsewhere, Kensen let out a relieving sigh since that meant he didn’t have to also watch a kid while doing his job. It was hardly fair to dump everyone on him just because he appeared to be the most readily available. He’ll have to mention this to Taliya later, if only to have Gage get all mad and flustered over being tattled on.

“She’ll have to learn to stop clinging onto others and flailing around when it is a matter of protecting yourself from the face of death itself! She has an animal that follows her around and thinks she can rely on the fleshbag for protection. What even is the point on having a companion if you can’t protect them in return? Animal’s more of a slave in that regard”. It was probably pretty obvious that he didn’t have much care or relationships like that, the animal acting like a guard dog with no reward. “Shame your Machina getting all busted up like that didn’t spark any sort of desire to learn how to protect herself, even if it’s from someone like Gage”. Right now, however, they needed to get back to training if that was all over for now. There was nothing else to do other than the training, so best that happened instead of them all standing around like idiots. “Can you two get back to it? The more you do it, the easier it becomes”.


Cecil stared at Norman’s explanation of a cannonball before he lowered his head, contemplating it even further. There was a lot of simple things he still didn’t know about and he did want to find out about everything he wasn’t completely familiar about but seemed to be common knowledge for people, much of which was used in examples like that. A castle sounded interesting, but maybe he might know what one was if he ever came across something with big thick walls. “Oh, I see…I-I guess that’s pretty good then, yeah?” Norman was certainly excited about it so it must’ve been a good thing. If he could use this shield well enough then he would be able to fight in battles a lot easier once again. He was able to attack well enough, but his defences hadn’t really been thought about when he was made, it seemed.

Frowning when he was denied a magi test he sighed, shaking his head. He didn’t want to go out and bother someone, especially a stranger. “No…I don’t want to bother the others! They have all their own stuff to do, plus I’m fine for now after all that…” He didn’t even know what they thought of him anymore, seeing that they were stuck here because of him. They probably didn’t like it here and wanted to go already, but weren’t allowed to because he had been expensive to repair. None of them would probably want to test his shield anyway, given that he cost so much to repair and if either of them screwed up he’d be back to getting repairs once more.

Gasping when one of the engineers returned he looked over at him curiously, staring at what had been handed to Norman. It was that stuff that was inside him already, but he didn’t know what was the point on giving it to him. Holding out his gauntlet he stared curiously, frowning slightly as he explained what he was supposed to do with it. That all sounded like a lot despite it being such a simple process, mostly because he didn’t know where he was supposed to store it in the meantime. “Replace the crystal…and find more? I’ve never seen it before”. That was another thing he would have to be looking around for, but hopefully that was just going to be some small bother with him not actually needing to use his shield too much. He wasn’t going to be gung-ho with it, at least. Nodding when Norman announced an end to their day he looked to the door, frowning before he shook his head. “They’re going to be busy! Plus that can always wait. It’s not that important compared to what they’re doing. I’ll just, uhhh, power down for today. Maybe I’ll ask them later, but not just now…they’re so busy and don’t need someone like me bothering them”.
Viral wasn’t really thinking straight when he was offered to train up the rebels, his difficult arising from his inability to think into the future and more settling for what he was capable of in the now. He just really wanted to fight something back then, he wanted to fight and find his purpose then be done with it; however, by the time he was able to break out of his little moment he began to realise his mistake. Korian was never going to let him have any sort of control, not in a million years, so of course he was being put through a trial run instead where he was simply playing the participant rather than leading the way. It was funny how Korian was ready and willing to accept the apologies of any other soldier that came from the Saiyan empire, but he couldn’t see any possibility that Viral might be capable of doing something right. Maybe in the past he had killed a lot of rebels, maybe Korian was still really sore after being unable to kill him before; either way, he was under deep surveillance right now and had to show off how capable he was at keeping it together.

Of all the people who had to be all in charge of this whole thing, it had to be Leto. Viral never did like the man, he confused him greatly and made him feel incredibly awkward and strangely nervous. He wasn’t allowed to bring serious harm to anyone who got near him, so trying to handle situations like that had him running on default flight as opposed to flight and leaving him flustered. He was already feeling incredibly uncomfortable with this, being surrounded by so many strangers who were all probably willing to give it their all with this exercise. He didn’t understand, he couldn’t understand, these were people who were familiar with each other through certain ways whether it was because they all worked together or because they shared the same ideals. He didn’t share their ideals nor did he work with any of them, he didn’t even know what it was like to have some sort of comradery with another person that was healthy in any sense. Leto irritated him, but not because of his rather excitable nature, but rather because he got on so well with others from his perspective and could find some sort of happiness in that.

There was no way any of these people were going to want to be taught by him, not by a long shot. This was all stupid and pathetic, nobody was going to ever want anything to do with him. The longer he listened to them all talk and question their roles he more he got annoyed at them and himself. They were all convinced that they were doing the right thing in some way and got defensive if they were seen as a group who demanded authority. He wondered how many of them were going to question his stance and why Korian hated him so much, why they should follow his word and learn his cruder tactics. He really did wonder, how many did follow Korian’s word and hate him as well. If they were all so obedient towards Korian, he was sure they thought the same way he did.

Getting a little lost in his own negative thoughts once again he barely realised Vegeta had actually spoken until a moment later, his eyes drifting to him momentarily. What was he complaining about now? He did an awful lot of that, complaining about others trying to be proud themselves. He was one to talk, he probably loved the sound of his own voice more than Leto did and was just ashamed to admit it. It would make sense, him probably getting all jealous over Leto getting a time to shine. The moment Vegeta mentioned using Leto’s inability to fly to punish him, however, Viral’s emotions went from dismissive to angry quite fast, glaring at Vegeta for a moment. “You truly are a Saiyan…” he muttered, looking away. It didn’t matter how annoying Leto was, but thoughts like that from others who looked upon him plagued him too often to ignore when he was witnessing it first-hand. “Death must be funny to joke about when it’s towards people you don’t like or find mildly annoying…and yet he could be more capable than you are in battle against those monsters for all you know. Is that even enough for you, though…to imagine his death and have a laugh about it…” Grunting, he folded his arms, staring at the other soldiers who all had a different means of expressing themselves at that moment. “Then again, just how many of them think the same way you do…”
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Kensen didn’t really know what to make of this group now that he thought about it, seeing as how one of them had proceeded to touch him and eventually had him going into a bit more depth regarding fire abilities. He didn’t really want them to be treating him like either a strange being or an all knowing master when he either didn’t like being touched by essentially strangers or find himself stumbling on an answer he didn’t know if it was right or not. Luckily Amuné wasn’t being too grabby with his wings and merely checking them out briefly, same went for Nymira’s questions not being too far out of his reach. For a group who were essentially clueless about the ways of magic and general etiquette they were certainly willing to learn.

Amuné was still proving to be pretty annoying to him, however, as she was proceeding to use the chance she had to touch him to talk to him as well. He was busy and she wasn’t part of his teaching, so her talking to him was just wasting his time just that little bit more. Groaning lightly when Gage was mentioned he looked away briefly, not particularly wanting to talk about him. Gage was a complicated man but knew what he was talking about with it being easy to push his buttons without actually setting him off. Sure, he wasn’t great with kids, but he was an expert in his field.

Briefly looking back at Amuné when she retreated behind him he growled a sigh, spinning around. “Can you leave me out of your little quarrel with Gage? I don’t need this nor do I have the time…” Why was he being seen as this neutral force, anyway? Maybe it was because half his expression was hidden due to his goggles, but he wasn’t going to take them off around these people. He had his reasons for using his goggles, but he wasn’t going to let them know why that much was certain. But enough of Amuné, he had his own duty to fulfil that didn’t involve looking after kids.

Making his turn back to Nymira he was a little more annoyed than he had been before, certainly. Wanting to get back into talking about something he actually cared about they were quickly graced with Gage’s presence once more, groaning in annoyance once more. Why did he get stuck in the middle of everything? It was so horribly common for him that he even had people doing it when they were still strangers to him. The faster he was able to train these two the better when it meant he’d have his freedom back to do whatever he wanted with his free time again, even if it was usually the same routine. Looking to Nymira when she insisted on insulting Gage he couldn’t help but believe he was simply going to be the one who was going to take all this bad energy and have it converted into a very unfortunate situation for himself. All that annoyed him quite a lot, especially when he was the youngest out of the top three and usually had all the blame placed of him.

This was just beyond childish. He didn’t have time for this. Glaring at Nymira from behind his goggles he grunted when Gage decided to assault Ethan briefly, staring at the pair as Gage decided to back off, leaving him with Amuné. “What? She is not my problem, you lazy ass!” To hell was he going to babysit some kid just because Gage was as bad as a bad-tempered toothless mutt when it came to behaviour. Why did he have to get stuck in the middle of all this crap? Looking to Ethan as he made some suggestions he grunted a sigh, backing off from the lot of them. “I don’t care what you do. She’s not part of this whole training regime you’re supposed to be under so if you want to slack off with her and make work harder for me and you later then you do that. It’s either that or she doesn’t get in the way of any of this and leave us to it like she was supposed to”.


Cecil would be happy if he could have this tested as quickly as possible to relieve stress on himself, it was all a bit too much to be shot at and hope that it was going to work or face minor destruction upon his body. Sure it was important to test these things out, but all this time in between was just making him worry even more to the point of breaking. Joking around could be done after he had been fired at and survived without a mark. He didn’t understand how it was a good time for joking. Hoping nothing bad was going to happen this time he closed his eyes briefly as Norman fired another shot, his arm experiencing minor shock but nothing that would cause harm. Frowning, he stared at his arm momentarily before looking to Norman again, sighing lightly. “I guess so. I’m just not used to it, I guess…” Feeling a little less than confident he held his shield up again, preparing himself as Norman made the countdown. Norman was pretty confident usually, but if he was warning him so much to brace himself then he better hang tight. Closing his eyes, he held his ground, his feet well glued to the floor. Not looking forward to this he let out a gasp when it suddenly hit, feeling it throughout his body as he slowly opened his eyes again, staring at nothing at first before slowly looking to Norman.

He was rather scared after that, but he didn’t want to admit it and just stared quite blankly before slowly looking to his shield, giving his arm a rub. “Oh…I did? A cannonball?” Whatever that was it must’ve been impressive, but it was hard to feel impressed at it when he didn’t really know what a cannonball was. Norman certainly seemed excited, then again it was his own invention and he had been treating it like a toy so far until he was told off. Giving the shield a brief shake he put it away, gasping when Norman slapped him on the back. Frowning, Cecil moved away from Norman, rubbing his back as if thinking he had slapped something on him. “I-I guess so, I mean it was you who made it so I don’t know what I did well”, he spoke, shaking his head, “I just stood there while keeping it up. I didn’t do much else. But I guess it works against physical stuff…but what about magical? Is that the same thing? Will it be able to hold? Do you have magic to test it?”
Viral growled lowly, giving Aito a fair glare. “Don’t you talk to me about my mind…”Aito had done enough damage already and trusting him further with making him feel better was now right out the window with him. He didn’t need them to feel any better, it was nothing he couldn’t continue handling by himself. If they had been anything it had been annoying and destructive when neither of them had any clue to how to get these visions out of his head. Neither of them had even tried to help him with that, they were all concerned with their relationship with him. Like all of that mattered, it never mattered until they started to feel guilty over neglecting him and treating him like nothing. He was just wanting to get this over with, he hated dealing with people, anyway. They would know that he hated dealing with people if they knew him, but that didn’t matter. All he cared about was doing this task and completing it so he could be on his way and get battling once more.

“I don’t care what you do. You won’t help me train so why don’t you just join in with the rest of them…” If Vegeta wanted to train with the other soldiers then that was his decision, not something he could design for him. It wasn’t as if he was going to force those soldiers to train with him either and if they didn’t want to risk being associated with him or being unable to handle him then that was their problem, he would just continue going on with his life like nothing happened. He doubted this base had anything close to real weaponry, probably all fancying their guns and using Ki over an actual blade. They were certainly seen as an artefact in most technologically advanced worlds, all without a purpose other than telling stories in a museum or someone’s private collection. It was either blades or they developed some sort of technology that could harness the sun in a way only he could, even then the Saiyans couldn’t get that out of him.

“I don’t care what you do…or what he does! If he doesn’t want me training those soldiers then I’ll just continue fighting by myself! I don’t need his approval for anything!” He could fight off an army of those things by himself if he really tried, he could even take a ship himself if he had to. He may have a bad streak when it comes to winning his battles with a fair match, but if he did end up dying then that was going to be on him. Looking to Aito when he decided to go right back to asking whether he’d like to continue sparring. Narrowing his eyes he growled lowly, giving him a rather harsh glare. “Vegeta already made it clear he doesn’t want such thing. Are you the one asking for a sparring match instead? Because I’ll kick your ass for ever suggesting that any of this was a good idea! You barely even try…”


Shu just felt confused. He wasn’t getting the conversation at all and was just wondering why him being kind of hairy was so important to think about at a time like this. Sure, he felt kind of itchier and needed to be bathed more than he liked but he never really thought about it being a topic for discussion. Groaning under his breath a little he slowly turned in his spot, squeaking when Takeshi called out to him. “I will! No bother me!” He was still mad at Takeshi for what he did so that hadn’t changed, but maybe this meditation stuff will help him calm down. He knew he had to keep calm and keep his eyes closed, but that was hard when he had a habit of dozing off. He didn’t mean to, he just never got enough sleep at night and got tired very easily during the day.

Krom watched Takeshi stop his training and make a brief walk over in their direction, folding his arms as he instead gave Shu a quick word which would sound like a telling off to someone who relied on vocal queues and body language, it was no wonder Shu snapped right back. He wondered if Takeshi was even able to understand that he was making Shu feel cornered whenever he stomped towards the kid, but then again he probably didn’t get many social queues himself what with how incredibly anti-social he was. It was kind of amusing how incredibly different they were compared to each other, yet they were with each other most of the time. “Heheh! You weren’t supposed to stop your task, remember? You were supposed to be working on controlling your emotions too! Remember…? Or did you somehow manage to forget?” he spoke slowly, letting out a slow sigh and shaking his head. “Now you’ll have to do extra until I tell you to stop! You see how getting all hot and bothered will get you into trouble? Don’t you want to beat your father? Then learn better control! That’s why you lost last time!”
Cecil was always going to be concerned with hurting others because of something he couldn’t control, it wouldn’t had been very good of him to give away his machina identity either if something hit him and he didn’t even flinch but whatever hit him was broken on the ground. He was very aware of everything that could give him away down to people accidentally bumping him and feeling nothing but metal under his clothing and his body being cold to the touch. He had been actively avoiding contact with others for the months he’d been active for and wasn’t going to cut it out and calm down just because he was getting comfortable in his setting. He remembered when he was asked how he lost his legs one time, but that was the extent that it went to as everything else about him just made him out to look like a traveller who had geared himself up for fighting off thieves and what not.

“I know! I’m not stupid!” Cecil spoke quickly, almost angry by Norman’s doubt over his intelligence. He was highly aware of what an enemy would do, but this was a test and not an actual situation where he would automatically be ready, especially after testing the shield to know that it definitely works. He felt like he was being talked down to just because he looked like a child. Making sure his shield was back up and going to be able to run properly he readied himself again, groaning lightly. He was certain his shield was going to be able to hold up against tougher and heavier attacks from Norman, but he had to make sure and hope that he wasn’t going to end up breaking the shield and having to get a new one made up for him. He was worried he was going to cause it to break by asking for tougher attacks, but after the last battle he wanted to make sure just how tough the attacks could be and what he could hold his own against. Keeping his position with the shield up he waited for Norman to start firing stuff at him, gasping when something hit the barrier causing it to make a reaction. It was startling, but it didn’t bring the shield down at least. “I…guess it was okay…I-I’m ready for tougher things! And don’t be mean to me this time! I’m smarter than I look with these things! I was made for combat…”


Kensen was particularly bored with the usual song and dance in this training regime stuff, even if it was quite important that they received good training. He had gone through it all before back when he first arrived and was mostly reflecting on what he learned during that time and applying it to both Nymira and Ethan. It wasn’t that he was bored of teaching them, he had just done it all before and doing the same thing over and over again just made him feel weary. It was probably going to get better the further along in their training they were, but they weren’t showing any particular signs of high improvement. They still had a long way to go and if he was to keep interest in this he would need to switch up the training a little bit. Ethan was just being lazy and not bothering to do much, probably thinking that wind was pretty useless to know. That was quite stupid if he did think that, wind could cause someone to lose absolute control over their actions and even throw attacks back at another, nevermind allowing speed and high jumps and all that. Ethan was just being lazy at this point.

Getting a little annoyed at how Nymira was treating her practice targets he let out an annoyed sigh before he took notice of Amuné, looking down at her when she gave his clothing a tug. What did she want? She hadn’t exactly spoken to him other than rage at him for her telling her off for being prejudice. Narrowing his gaze at her he adjusted his goggles, waiting for her to ask her question. If she wasn’t going to ask something he was just going to ignore her, but eventually she did ask her question which just brought back memories of the children of Mutebo trying to pull his wings. At least this was with permission first, so getting mad over that wasn’t going to happen. “…Alright. Just don’t tug, injuries take a while to heal”. He recalled the last time his wings were torn to shreds, a memory that wasn’t entirely too pleasant for him.

Folding his arms he let out a sigh as she began to touch them, finding it not all too pleasant to say the least. It was like someone gently touching your arm, to say the least. Looking to her when she cut it out finally he frowned, listening to her blab on about kites and magic. “Hmm, you can make a kite for gliding and use it without magic, you just need to be high up enough…” he spoke, looking away again. “Flying can be exhausting, though. I mostly just use wind magic to keep myself afloat for long distances. It’s like running without feeling anything below your feet but the weight is in your back”. He didn’t really know a life without being able to fly, even the youngest of his clan could learn how to use their wings once they knew they had them. It was just one of those things, just like how she was aware of her ability to walk when she was younger.

Hearing Ethan starting his yelping he sighed and looked off towards the commotion, seeing everything already out of control just from him looking away for a few moments. These two were supposed to be near the same age as him and yet they were acting like idiots. Either way, that dummy was going to need to be replaced and those things were a pain to make. Rubbing his neck, he looked to Nymira who decided to approach him, not without throwing a casual insult. She really did lack social skills, it was a wonder that she would even be considered a diplomat for her people. Staring at her as he expected something about him going back to her clan or whatever he instead stared at her blade, feeling a little curious as to why she was being so casual about a problem. She was trying to hide her pride for sure, but it wasn’t a big deal to him as much as it probably was to her.

Groaning lightly he reached back, pulling out one of his kunai. “If your blade isn’t able to take the heat then there’s not much you can do about it other than get a stronger metal. Normal blades won’t be able to handle heat for very long unless you plan on carrying around a bunch of temporary weapons. Maybe you should spend the time you have here to make stronger weapons”, he spoke, spinning it on his finger before holding it tight, his magic causing it to set aflame momentarily before it died down into a steady heat. “You’ve got to learn how to control the temperature through emotion during battle. Feeling too high strung and angry at your opponent will just cause your flame to be unstable, so instead try and remain focus! Fire magic isn’t only about fire and throwing it around, you should be able to control the temperature of your body and something you hold. I could make my own nails hot and burn my opponent if I wanted with the level of control I have. You’ve just got to focus on not causing something to combust.”
Viral didn’t know what he was supposed to do when it came to training other than forcing them to train with weaponry. Weapons, specifically blades, were probably their best bet to killing those creatures properly, but he doubted there would be many of those kinds of weapons around the base. Needless to say he wasn’t entirely on board with the idea, but he couldn’t turn it down either. He needed something in his life, even if it was a terrible situation for him. He wasn’t in a good state of mind for this, he knew he wasn’t, but that was all he had. It was just some training regimes: that was everything he needed to do. Sighing in annoyance he looked away, trying to think around what he was doing before he grunted at Korian’s name.

That man was still a problem to him, nor was he going to be happy with the fact that he resorted to killing again. Korian saw him as nothing more than a lab experiment that couldn’t behave itself, he was a delinquent who had no self-control and shouldn’t exist. He was probably looking for just one tiny reason to lock him up again or eliminate him completely and say it was an accident. He could almost see it, just wait until he was sleeping and slip him something to make it look like he died in his sleep. Maybe he would send him on a suicide mission instead, have him killed off and make it look like an accident. He was going to be as good as dead in no time, Korian knew he wasn’t going to get away with putting him in prison, it would be death that would be the best course of action. He wasn’t being paranoid, this was all true just waiting to happen and he knew it; it was going to come eventually, especially with this one slip up when killing those Elites.

Everything that Vegeta and Aito had been saying was all fading into the forgotten realm as Viral hadn’t been listening at all, instead lost in his own world of incredibly active imagination of how he was going to die. He could remember how he had been treated in confinement before, how Korian had tried to kill him and his insistence that it was for the best. It would be worse next time, it was going to be right out of sight and made sure that he was definitely not going to notice when the time approached. The smart Saiyans were the ones you had to watch out for, they were definitely the most cunning and dangerous. Catching Aito’s eye by chance he gasped lightly and moved back a step, giving him an angry glare. He didn’t really know what was being said and had only caught the end, his mind attempting a catch up to understand what he had missed. “What...what?? Korian?? If he tries to take me down I’ll kill him before he has a chance! If he dare thinks he can challenge me I’ll destroy him! His troops better learn to respect me…they’ll see Korian as crazy for wanting me dead!”


“Teh! He used to! Who knows though, maybe having an opposing pocket dimension of monsters in the way of his vision has sent him into madness! He doesn’t like it when there’s an opponent he can’t beat into the ground with brute force…” Krom spoke, letting out a chuckle, “Sounds kind of like you in a way…” It wasn’t like Takeshi was going to pick up on any of that, he was just going to carry on thinking he was making stuff up just for the sake of annoying him. It didn’t matter anyway, what happened on Kortal was something none of them nor the rebels wanted to hear about even if it was still having problems with its social structure with Saiyans fearing failure being met with being experimented on. The ones that were aware that Beastmen had been made were probably terrified that they would be made into Beastmen too in an attempt to combat their unknown enemy that they were told very little about. Once he was done here he would go back and get an update on what’s been happening back on Kortal from the other Elites, it certainly made him concerned but he would still do his job here to gain that trip back. “Changed back? Do you even listen to anything or does it go in one ear and out the other with you?” he sighed, shrugging, “Like I said: Shu never developed genetically like the Commander did, your father just tried to because the Beastman could, but it didn’t work with Shu. The hair is just a side effect from the tests not working…”

Shu let out a groan, sinking his head down. “Please no doing the talk about my hair…it just itchy sometimes…” He didn’t really like it when people talked about him when he was right there, it felt like he was just a little observer to discussions he wasn’t supposed to be hearing about. It was embarrassing when he was referred in such ways, especially when he tried to forget all that happened to him but people insisted on bringing it up time and time again. It was hard to forget, especially when his mind drifted off elsewhere, but he didn’t want to recall it either because someone else mentioned it.
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