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This was awful, completely not to plan. Cecil didn’t mean any of it, he just wanted to defend himself but instead ended up looking like the bad guy. He never understood why people hated the fact that he was a Machina every single time, but that was how he learned to try and keep it low and not to have people knowing he was one. He was ‘unnatural’ compared to them, he wasn’t supposed to exist in their world and he understood that; however, the main issue was he wanted to be a part of their world. He didn’t want to be outcast to the realm of ‘evil’ because he was ‘unnatural’, he just wanted to understand them and to live in their world. He probably should had been more observant when he was coming out of the water, but that was pretty difficult when he couldn’t see beyond the water’s surface. For now though his goal was to get away from the beach as fast as possible, so he was going to keep on running.

He needed to get to the next settlement and according to his map it wasn’t too far away. He recognised a few of the landmarks from the map and just had to make sure he was going to get there in good time. That boat was a terrible idea, it didn’t even make it to the shore so what was the point in that? Such an inconvenient wave, that was, but it certainly wasn’t natural so there was some suspicions to it. He didn’t think someone purposely attacked it, plus how could they when you think about it. He was out in the middle of nowhere and something big smacked the ship completely off course. It was a pain, but maybe he was going to get lucky once he got to the settlement and cleaned himself up a bit. There was no way he would run in to anybody from the ship now, he was too fast for them to catch up to him.

Looking back to make sure nobody was following him, he saw no one. That was relieving, it seemed he had managed to avoid the wrath of those people. Looking back forward as he continued to run he thought he was in the clear, but sure enough there was some other obstacle in his way that he couldn’t stop for. Before he could stop his feet from moving he had crashed in to a person no less, falling on top of them as he crashed to the ground. Where did he come from? Was he really travelling that fast? Letting out a groan he rolled off him, rubbing his head slowly before very quickly standing up. “Ah! S-Sorry! I thought…nobody would be out this far…” he spoke, feeling genuinely confused as to why there was somebody out in the middle of nowhere, “I was just…going to the town…”
That was all that he was to these people, wasn’t it? Just a brute, swinging his arms with no thought or reason put behind his movements as he acted like a barbarian. It didn’t matter if she meant it with good intention to his strength, it still made him sound like a thug rather than a proud warrior. It always ticked him off, that way of thinking towards him, especially when his enemies only saw him as such. Just what was he supposed to do to not look like a brute in battle? He didn’t have any of those fancy attacks, all they saw was his big paws and immediately thought of clubs for fists. Just what would it be like for when he was supposed to train them? They would all be afraid of him, absolutely. They wouldn’t want to be hit by the brute and have their bones crushed, would they? That’s all that it meant, in the end; they were nervous around him because he was just a brute.

Looking down at his arm he gave it a rub around his shoulder, sighing under his breath before looking in Ricken’s direction. “You mean all of the recruits? Because that’s all that he’s doing: acting like a poser, like the rest of them”. People always seemed to get a big head and try to be the big man when they became something that is fighting for a cause or ‘rebelling’, they always acted big and made sure others knew they were the lesser creature. It was pathetic, none of them could act like a proud warrior, instead acting like a kid who won best in class.

Rolling his shoulders he gave them a rub, sighing through the relief before he looked to Sasha. Her trying to find encouragement through her little story certainly made him wonder: just what was she trying to say? Was he also being seen as a bully just because of what he was? He didn’t understand her reasoning behind giving this little story. It was understandable that people would see someone else as a bully for beating up others just because things were said, but he had issues with everyone looking at him and seeing him as some sort of wild animal. “Tch, of course I don’t want that. I’m not a brute or an abomination…”

Watching her head off to her brother he narrowed his gaze before moving to leave, only to be stopped by Vegeta approaching him. Glancing over to him he sighed, looking away as he rubbed his shoulder some more. “I nearly shattered her arm. I knew I could break her if I tried to train properly, so I was nothing more than a punching bag”, he spoke, not wanting to mention what she told him about Korian or what the others thought of him. He was too proud to be complaining about those things, just so long as he knew those problems existed in the first place. Keeping quiet, he stared at the rebels before looking to Vegeta as he asked a question, frowning momentarily before sighing a growl, looking back at the rebels. “I don’t know what I want anymore. They’re all afraid of me, that’s all anyone’s going to be of me”, he spoke calmly, not showing much emotion, “To train them in something they all would consider primitive, it would only reinforce their ideas of me. What do I want? I want something yet I have no clue. I don’t want to exist for nothing, with no purpose…”
Did everybody survive the website blackout?
If there was one word to describe the world Cecil was in, it would most certainly be ‘quiet’. The way he had managed to get stuck in this world had been interesting so far, but he would’ve rather he had been on the boat. The last thing he remembered was the boat had been hit by a large wave and capsized, then there was black and a sense of great weight. He couldn’t hear anything other than gargling, but he could still move once he felt contact with something soft. It was a weird experience that he didn’t quite know what to make of, but there was a drive to keep going in the only way he suspected he had to go.

This was kind of peaceful, although it was also rather dark and quite strange to walk in. He hadn’t felt this heavy and yet so light at the same time, his footsteps weighing down heavily but his legs strong enough to propel him forward. Just what was going on? He was still functioning, but something was somewhat wrong about this. The only explanation he could think of was this was what it was like in the water, but his eyes weren’t really giving him clear visuals. His vision didn’t work the same way an organic’s might, it had shut down unexpectedly as he received head trauma so he was walking blind.

Perhaps this wasn’t too bad after all, even if he was walking blind and stumbling over various strange things on the seafloor. He would just need to keep on moving until he found the water was becoming much less heavier and hope that his eyes came back online again. He was capable of self-repair to a minor extent so fixing his eyes shouldn’t take too long, although the pressure from the water was definitely making the process much slower. Once he was capable of seeing where he was going he’d be able to rush up in the right direction and get going on to the shore instead of falling over rocks and floating just a little bit before regaining his footing.

About twenty minutes had passed and sure enough his sight came back online, immediately giving him a bit of a startle. He had been walking through a large field of plants that floated upwards yet were well rooted in to the sand. There was some creatures in amongst the plants all floating about minding their own business or trying to avoid his approach. Looking down at himself he could now see that his body had been dragging the plants out from where they once were and had wrapped themselves around his body. He’d have to get those off when he got back to the surface before his joints locked up due to this funny water. He could see the light above, the shore wasn’t too far now.

Walking onwards through the water he was finding it to be a bit of a struggle, the plants dragging along while he couldn’t quite move well enough to get his hands on it. His gauntlets were pretty heavy in the water, his joints were going to be needing a little bit of self-service later on at least. This was just an overall bad time, despite how pretty it was under the water. It was taking a long time to get closer to the surface, but as he clambered over rocks and stomped through the heavy sand he soon managed to push through the weight of the water and emerge from the sea. Pulling the seaweed off his body he continued to stomp forward, only to be startled by the sound of someone yelling.

“W-What??” Cecil gasped, startled by the sudden sound. He didn’t hear what had been said, he wasn’t expecting someone to be nearby; however, as he turned in the direction of the yell he gasped, being met by many eyes looking in his direction with one rather ragged woman pointing right at him.

“That boy walked out of the water! Like some sort of creature!” the woman screeched, as if she had just seen the dead rise up before her.

“Look at him…he’s covered in seaweed!”

“Think he’s one of those magic people…?”

Cecil couldn’t tell who was talking anymore as there was a sudden air of confusion brought on around the scene, startling both the small gathering and him in to a state of worry. These people, they must had been on the boat with him and survived. Did that mean organics floated too like the boat did? While both a scary and relieving thought he didn’t know what to say to defend himself, especially when he did indeed walk out of the water. Looking down at himself he quickly began to pull off the seaweed so that he might be able to leave quickly, but as he looked up a rather large dirtied man was approaching him rather quickly.

“You were on the boat…I wouldn’t forget a boy as strange lookin’ as you…” the man spoke, pulling at Cecil’s clothing to stop him from trying to leave, “You weren’t among the living or the dead…I would’a remembered that! Are you makin’ magic and did that to the ship? Been sneakin’ all underwater after tryin’ to commit murder??”

This was ridiculous, he hadn’t done anything other than survive. Grabbing hold of the man’s arms he started to panic, not being used to such close contact before from another being. “Let go…! Let go!” The man wasn’t letting go and instead insisted on pursuing this attack on him, going back in to the verbal abuse and accusing. He didn’t do anything wrong, all he did was survive. Panicking, he continued to try and pull away as a few other surviving crewmembers moved in, his eyes quickly looking around before something snapped.

“I SAID LET GO!” Yanking the man’s grip off by force he kept a tight grip on the man’s arms who very quickly started showing confusion and regret as Cecil tightened his grip on the man. With little effort the man was thrown off in to the air at least ten feet off from his original position in to the water, landing with a loud splash. Turning to the crewmembers who had attempted to help their fellow man Cecil’s eyes appeared to be glowing slightly as he stared at their confused and angered expressions, the men not looking like they knew what to do. Raising his gauntlets they buzzed momentarily with electricity as he looked prepared to attack, only for his head to twitch and spark, the glow in his eyes flickering before disappearing completely as he wobbled a bit, holding his head.

“…He-h-…i-it’s a Machina??” one of the men spoke as he backed off, pulling at the other man to back off too. The small group of people were immediately rendered afraid and confused, panic immediately arising in both them and in Cecil.

He didn’t mean to act out, but what happened for them to know he was a Machina? Taking a few steps back he looked around in panic, raising his gauntlets up before immediately taking off inland. He was off like a flash, wanting to get as far as possible from these people. Not looking back he simply continued his way forward, hoping he could find a place to go so that maybe he could check his map to find his location all while hoping just maybe it was still intact after all that happened.
@RaylahThe issue was there was an attempt made, but it seems the website ate up the PM
@shylarahAll that was requested was to remove the bit about the camping cause they going straight to the town at the rate they're going at like calm down lol

Let Vena decide when he wants a time skip to happen.
@shylarahWe just weren't counting on having such a major time skip in a post not done by either of us, is all. It'd be a bit strange to set up camp when there's so many people in need too when you think about it. The ship was crossing from port to port, so if they landed on a different part of the shore the place shouldn't be too far when you think about it.
As said in a previous post I was going to enter through once said plans went through, but the post kind of kicks that out of the park so Cecil has no plausible way to enter at the moment.
Just going to go ahead and say the hold up at the moment is...well, I don't know what @Raylah is doing in the latest post and wouldn't mind getting this resolved. There's no current plan to camp, there appears to had been a much larger time skip going on in your post? Vena said he PM'd about it.

If you're wanting to know, the plan is to just get everyone away from the beach. It being over half a day passing in time is a little too much time to pass with maybe a 15 minute walk being probably better.
Despite how Viral was treating this, he didn’t really like training like this. It offered no improvement to his own abilities or gave him the opportunity to practice, instead it was just him seeing what his opponent could do and just kind of playing the combat dummy. He didn’t know what he was supposed to do about that, he was too physically strong for most of these people with how Sasha acted after he hit her proving his point. He was kind of bored with how things were going, but he had to put up with it. Trying to show Sasha how he’d handle her moveset for actual opponents was the most he could do for now, but he didn’t exactly see her as the type who would want to pick up on it. People only wanted to practice and not learn anything they didn’t want to learn or be told they were wrong in what they were doing, which Sasha was. She was treating him like it was just training so she could show off if she wanted to and not have to cause harm, but he would rather she tried to cause harm to him instead of treating him as someone who just wanted to see what she could do.

Despite her efforts to not insult him by effectively calling him a brute, he glared at her in response to the assumption on his fighting style. He didn’t rely on blunt force at all, that was like saying all he did was swing his strength around and hope that something might hit. He was not that type, is that all everyone saw him as? They just saw him as a savage wildly swinging around hoping something would land. What was the point in trying? Growling lowly, he just decided to keep following up and let her have her fun even if he wasn’t having any. Making a quick block at his neck he figured it would turn in to a grab, but she had decided to toss him around this time. Being flipped on to the ground he landed with a grunt, feeling already like he wanted to give up on this by the time she decided to push her fingers in to his arm several times. Not making much of an effort to try to move he let out a grunting sigh as she brought a foot down near his head, looking to her when she stopped.

This was all well and good for her, she was getting practice out of using him to show off; however, he wasn’t exactly having the best of times and now his arm hurt. “…Right. You figure if I use my arms the most, you should disable them”, he spoke, twisting his body slightly before sitting up without using his arms, “Tch, you think I rely on blunt force? You don’t know me well enough to start judging my method of fighting! I just want to get the fight over with as soon as possible without my opponent showing off how much bravado they have…” Getting to his feet fairly easily without much effort he turned to look at Sasha, giving her a rather sharp look. “Now, are you about done with showing me your throwing skills and assuming I’m a top-heavy brute? You don’t know half the stuff I’m capable of and I don’t need my arms to pull them off. How would you deal with knowing that I can blow you out of existence without the use of my arms? Tch, it probably doesn’t matter for this, anyway. If that’s how you all see me when I fight then there’s no reason for me to destroy that illusion if Korian decides it’s worth having me dead if I get too aggressive with people. Just fix my arm before I have to myself…”
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