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The adult in me says sleep, the kid in me wants to play NieR. The kid's winning D:
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If you've not had a chance to watch "Your Name" yet, highly recommend!
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1) Town has a name, just hadn't been spoken.
2) Rain will be coming, yes.
3) It's a lumber mill. The town is largely comprised of hunters and people who work the mill. And the only travelers the town generally gets are merchants. So their group is definitely irregular.
"Hey... It's only the right thing to do! Don't even mention it." As if anyone in good conscience could ignore a child on the side of a road. She did have her moorcat with her - Wyth was his name - but Ethan didn't feel comfortable leaving her be. Moving out, he fell in line alongside Amuné and Wyth. He seriously doubted anyone, or anything, would try to cause them harm with a group this size, but precautions never hurt. Silence felt awkward and Ethan was compelled to speak with the child. When he looked down and caught her fending back tears he turned away, rubbing uncomfortably at his neck. "Um... Once we get to town, maybe you can get some clothes...?" Was he addressing the problem? No. Heck, aside from what he could see he hadn't a clue what might be bothering the child. "Oh! I might still have gold on me, we can get you some more food too, if you'd like! For you and for Wyth!"

The sky had turned a gentle shade of red when the group arrived at the town's gates. Large doors blocked their entry, and two men stood on either side, pikes in hand. It struck Ethan as odd that the small town was sealed up tight. They were stopped shy of the gates and one of the guards met them in the road. Unlike those in the city who wore polished armor and sported fine weaponry, these men clearly had settled for what they could get. Simple quilted vests, heavy leather gauntlets, padded trousers and boots made up their "uniform"; their weapons looked to be fashioned from farming tools.

It wasn't a wealthy town then. Strange considering Ethan was certain he saw a mill on their way up the road.

"Halt. State your purpose, travelers."

He would like to think that their purpose was fairly clear. A few sailors, a child, filthy and unkempt, a ragtag group if there ever was one. "We're here to get help. A ship capsized in the sea, and there are survivors back towards the shore." The guard looked at Ethan, appraising him. None of them were exactly much to look at, either too young to be of any significance, or too nondescript. Which was precisely why the guard was being wary.

"A ship? The coast is miles from here, boy. You mean to tell me you all walked here?" It was a bit difficult to believe admittedly. They had just survived a shipwreck only to walk for half a day to find aid. Ethan nodded and the guard glanced back at his partner. "How many survivors?"

Ethan cursed mentally, not having had the wherewithal to take count. "Not many... A dozen, maybe two?" The estimate was high for sure and served to color the guard's face in doubt. Ethan stepped forward and smiled uncertainly. "Maybe more like... A dozen and a half. Look, the point is we need supplies. Some of them are okay, but others probably won't last long. Anything you can spare would be a huge help."

The guards shared words in private before one called for the gates to open. Rather than let everyone inside however, one of them disappeared into the walls, and the other joined him. "We're going to speak with the foreman. Wait here." Foreman? Did they mean the one in charge of the mill? That made sense; the town was too small to have a mayor, which likely meant whoever headed the town's main source of income would be in charge.

Ethan watched as the doors sealed shut before them, sighing. "Well... They didn't say no!" He laughed, and he was the only one to do so. Awkwardly settling down, he looked back at the gates, wondering if he should have shown his insignia. These people couldn't possibly turn them down if they knew he was with the Church. He adjusted his cloak, still damp and stiff from being soaked, peering at the faded patch. Maybe he could use it as a negotiating tool later if he needed to.

A few short minutes later the doors were opened, this time granting them access inside. "Foreman's busy at the mill, but he's agreed to hear you out. Come on in." The town itself was small, with little more than a dozen buildings inside the walls. A small group of children stopped in the middle of town when they entered. Ethan smiled and waved to them politely only to watch as they bolted off in between two homes. Why did children hate him?

"Inn's over there if you're wanting a drink. We don't have much left, but we'd appreciate the business." One of the guards motioned towards a two story building. It hardly looked welcoming, with peeling paint, dirty windows and vines growing up the walls. The guards left them be and the doors were sealed once more, leaving the group standing at the entrance by themselves.

Just as a heads up for people who have yet to post: I'll be posting tomorrow, just to get things moving along again. So if you owe a post and want to get one in, there ya go, deadline's set!
Hurt was an understatement. Was it possible to break your butt? Yumi pulled herself onto the branch and crouched rather than sat, tentative of her aching backside. "I'll keep that in mind, thanks Shu!" Less stony? Less power? So was she being too rigid? That was fair, she was unsure of herself and probably tensed up while swinging about. Shu tended to grab with whatever limb was nearest to the branch; Yumi knew she didn't have that luxury but she could still try.

"I get it! I think... Be more loose, stop trying to force it, right?" She couldn't help but laugh at Shu's question. Her palms ached sure - her backside definitely was sore - but she could keep going. "I'll have some blisters when we're done but that's no big deal. Let's keep going!" Whether she was getting it down perfect or not didn't matter. She was having fun, Shu was having fun, and that was the whole point of the day really. If she managed a new skill then that was just icing on the cake.

Yumi got back onto her feet and tested her balance. Still good. She looked for the nearest branch to swing and lowered herself back into a squat, inhaling and focusing her eyes solely on the branch. With one big leap she jumped the gap, reaching out and grabbing the branch, holding on and swinging back and forth, building momentum. When she let go she made it to the next branch with ease, and after kicking her legs a few times, the next as well. She managed to make it through three trees before her fingers slipped around a branch and she fell. Barely catching herself on a lower branch she hung there for a moment, giggling and pulling herself up onto it. "See? I've only almost died twice!" She joked, sitting down and waving up to Shu. "I think I'm getting the hang of it! Get it? Because we're... Swinging..."
That being said, if people feel stuck where we're at, let me know and I can move things along.
"How else would you explain it? It's the only thing I can think of." Flight had a weightlessness to it that Yumi could only compare to floating down a river. If it wasn't for having to mind your speed and elevation she could easily lose herself in it. Just like she could lose herself in swinging, if she managed to get it down. Having gone into the day expecting to master the art in mere minutes she was humbled, and embarrassed, to be struggling two hours later. It was nothing like gymnastics - which she had only a year's experience of, and for all her strength she didn't have the flexibility to do what Shu did.

But that could change. "So... It's like kicking on a swing?" Her question was rhetorical: Shu wouldn't have any idea what she was talking about. Yumi smiled and nodded her head. And grabbing with your legs? That made sense too. Instead of contorting yourself to make sure your hands got the branch, use what else you had. "That's a good idea! Doesn't sound easy." She mused, pulling herself back up to sit. "But then nothing worthwhile is, right? And I don't plan on stopping until I get this!"

And she was going to get this. Shu was having a blast and he needed someone to play with. Takeshi didn't want to learn, Vegeta didn't have time to learn - not that she expected him to even if he did, and Viral... Was Viral. She doubted any of the others would want to play, so she hadn't considered them much. "You better watch out, before long I'm going to be swinging circles around you!" Yumi teased, winking at Shu. She carefully stood up on their branch and tested it, eyeing the nearest one. Crouching low, she sprung off the branch and grabbed onto the next, swinging back before kicking her legs, hard, and propelling herself forward.

Catch with your legs. Yumi let herself flip around and glanced backwards, seeing the branch fast approaching. She stretched out her legs and prepared to clamp down on the limb. She could do this! When her tailbone struck the branch and a pain raced down her back she yelped, flopping and catching herself on the way down, grabbing onto another branch. Hanging from one hand she nursed at her backside, blinking back tears. "I don't suppose you have any more tips?" She called up to Shu, smiling while pulling herself back up. She wasn't going to be sitting down for the rest of the day now.
He's missing THAT equipment?

I don't know if that's a blessing or a curse.
She had done a lot of difficult things in life. Learn a dozen and a half martial arts styles, help defend Earth from Saiyans, travel the galaxy and fight. Yumi was no stranger to struggling and rising above the occasion. It seemed like, however, she had finally met her match: trees. Rose she did, swinging from branch to branch, only to plummet and nearly hit the ground each time. Swinging yourself was the easy part - it was no different than bars at a gym. No, the hard part was swinging from branch to branch and managing not to propel yourself into a tree. Shu made it easy and had the benefit of the tail to help him.

Pinwheeling her arms and reaching for a branch, Yumi yelped. Her fingertips scraped against the branch and she fell towards the ground only to stop herself with her Ki. A sigh escaped her lips and she looked up at Shu, smiling as she floated up to meet him.

"You make this look so easy! I mean it makes sense - you do this all the time, but wow." Yumi laughed, settling down on the branch beside Shu and exhaling. She looked down at the gloves on her hands and clapped them twice, wiping away wood chips and bits of moss and dirt. Perhaps she'd been too optimistic when she'd told Shu she would be swinging through the forest with him today. An hour later and the most Yumi had managed were three branches in a row, and that had been at the start of the afternoon.

"It's fun though! I can't wait until I can do what you do." From her bag she took out two containers of juice, handing one to Shu before breaking open her own. "Flying is fun, but it's mindless. You just go, it's almost like floating down a lazy river. Swinging though..." Yumi took a long drink and sighed, smiling at Shu. "Thanks for letting me come with you. This has been really great." Tucking away her drink she hooked her legs about the branch, smiling and falling back, swinging and hanging upside-down. "So any tips, special instructor Shu? Anything you think I could try better?"
Next post for me is going to have us skipping to town. Planning on being there for a few rounds anyways while they sort out things, so just be ready for a few hour timeskip guys!
"Oh, Ethan! Ethan Campbell. Nice to meet you, Cecil!" Under better pretenses, he wished, but at least they had run into nice people; bandits could just as well have found them. Bandits... Another reason for them to keep moving. There was so much risk for those back on the beach and here they were, stood around and chatting casually. Ethan looked around at their group, with two more - three if you counted the moorcat. It was far from a small rescue party now and with how many people they had it made settling down for camp even less practical.

Which made him roll his eyes when Yarri suggested they keep moving. You were the one who suggested stopping in the first place. Ethan let that thought remain as just that: a thought. It wouldn't do any good to start arguing among themselves. "Yeah, we should get moving. And we can help carry the kids if you're so worried they'll 'slow us down'." He suggested, frowning as he glanced sideways towards Yarri. "Or we can take our time. Who knows, we might end up finding more people!" He was kidding but now Ethan worried he'd just jinxed them; no town was going to accept twenty or thirty people out of nowhere; if that were the case then they should have just brought everyone from the ship with them.

"We should keep the kids in the middle of the group. That way they're safe if we get anymore... Uh... Surprises." Somewhere in his oft-hapless mind was the training he'd received from the Church, training which he was now clambering to retrieve. There were protocols for everything and this was no different - at least he didn't think it was. Ethan smiled at Amuné, then Cecil, and clapped his hands together. "Why don't you and... Adrian?" He asked, glancing at their resident healer for confirmation. "Why don't you two walk together? Cecil, you can... Uh... Well walk in the middle of the group! And Yarri, maybe you can take the rear? You and your... Cat, can help make sure nothing's following us!"

One of the privy sailors spoke up about the proposal. "And what will you be doing exactly?"

"Leading, of course! Someone has to!" Ethan's confidence and smile waned under the doubtful look of the sailors. He had asked which direction to travel in right out of the gates, naturally people were going to doubt his navigation skills. And they were right to. With a reserved sigh, he shrugged his shoulders and looked back at Adrian. "How about you lead, then? I can uh... Watch Amuné?" Maybe he was trying to put things in their place that didn't need to be. But any successful escort mission - and that was what this had become, thanks to these two kids, involved forming a perimeter and keeping people safe. A little tricky to do given their group, but this should solve that issue.

Another sailor let out a groan and rubbed at his face. "I should have stayed back at the beach..." Another seconded his complaint, leaving Ethan standing at the front of the group with an awkward smile. Thank goodness for his training, otherwise he'd seem like a total idiot... Instead of just a partial idiot. Maybe he should have stayed at the beach too.
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