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That afternoon...

In the middle of a warm afternoon the city was abuzz with activity. Parents and their children hurried along the many walkways to and from meetings and construction on many new buildings and paths filled the air with the drone of hammers and other tools at work. Compared to the bustling outside world, within Nema's palace was almost dead silent. Occasionally people would pass by the throne room and the indistinct sound of their conversation would fill the room only to fade seconds later, leaving those in the room with nothing but their own voices to fill the silence. A table had been set up for the group and it sat nestled between two large pillars supporting the arched ceiling, rays of sunlight flooding down through stained glass above and coating the room's walls in a dazzling rainbow. Most of the room in fact was stained glass save for the support pillars and the ceiling itself, and the rounded off, open cap above them made the already spacious area seem even larger than it already was.

"I hope you've enjoyed you stay here so far. I'm terribly sorry there's so much work going on, we're trying to update parts of the city. After seeing yours I was inspired to try and fashion ours in the same way." Nema smiled as he accepted a tall glass of honeyed juice from one of his servants, lifting it in cheers to the others before drinking a healthy amount. "Its not an easy feat though, let me tell you! You live on the ground and we in the trees, many of your buildings would never be able to sit this high up! But my workers are some of the best and they're finding ways, I do hope you'll come to see it once its done."

"But of course, King Nema. We would be honored to come back and see your city again," Yusef replied politely, smiling as he took a drink from his glass, "Ah... But if I could be a little forward... Can we discuss why we're here? Namely my son..."

"Ah yes, yes! Forgive me, I've been so excited about all of this I forget myself sometimes. T'charrl, we have been very busy since we last spoke, pouring through old books, speaking with the elders of the city, searching ancient sites for clues. I am very happy to say that we have found an answer to your problem." Reaching under his chair Nema struggled as he produced a rather sizable book, dropping it on the table with a resounding thud that shook everything on it. Smiling amused at Haku and Yusef's stunned expressions he waved a hand dismissively before tapping the cover with his claw. "This is just one of the many books we read through to find an answer, I'm not giving it to you to read yourself!" he laughed, "No, and you'll be rather pleased to find that the answer to your problem is quite simple, my young T'charrl."

"What you need is balance, balance of the body and the soul. Its what our ancestors did when they housed spirits like yourself, and what I did years and years ago." In theory it sounded simple enough yes? Just balance the mind and the body and you could house the spirit successfully. "It takes some training though and that's the part we wanted to discuss with you today. We have decided that your father would be best suited to train your body and I and my people will help train your mind through meditation. It will take time, this isn't an immediate solution-"

"But it's the best chance we have of helping you," Yusef concluded with a smile, "So we may stay here a bit longer if you don't have any complaints, its easier than you traveling between the cities. If we're optimistic... This could be accomplished in perhaps two... Maybe three weeks time. Of course that depends on where you are now and how much progress we have to make."


If they were back on Earth surely whatever board oversaw therapy would have a fit with Aito's practice. Was it bad he couldn't remember who led that kind of thing anymore? In his defense it had been going on two decades now so it wasn't wholly his fault he'd forgotten, though he remembered enough to know this was not an ideal setup. Instead of the comfortable rooms that therapy was generally practiced in they had to settle for one of the rooms on the rebel base, hardly fit for the kind of practice he was carrying out. After much complaining he had managed to afford them some comfortable furniture to sit on and, for the duration of the therapy, they would keep things relatively quiet nearby. That said the room was hardly all that warm, clearly it was meant as some kind of meeting room and not one to practice therapy in. The lone saving grace perhaps was the single window in the back of the room that they left open, letting in some much needed sunlight and fresh air into the stuffy space.

"I'm very glad that you're here today Viral and that you're giving this a chance. I know you had plenty of reason not to come today, so it's great that you did." Just him and Viral alone in this room together, was it just Aito or was there a bit of tension? Considering his blunder he supposed it was only natural. "As I said before there's a handful of therapies we can try to work with but I think we'll begin with CPT. Its 'Cognitive Processing Therapy', if you're wondering, and in short we will be looking at the PTSD, the events around it and how we can manage them. I've plenty of time for this so don't feel rushed to make progress, we'll move as quickly or as slowly as is comfortable for you. I'll answer any and all questions you have about the treatment as we go, so feel free to ask anything that comes to mind. Now then..." Aito smiled and eased himself back into his seat, his smile twitching slightly as his rear and back uncomfortably pressed against the hard furniture. With luck Viral's seat was more ideal than his own. "Do you know what PTSD is? Can you describe it to me?"
Ethan didn't like the idea of Amuné having to go off and train on her own any more than Amuné herself did. Gage hardly seemed like the nicest guy in the world and it was hard to say if Amuné even should be training at all. For all his optimism he had a tough time seeing much good coming of forcing Amuné to stay with Gage, but that was what Taliya had in mind right? Putting an arm around the girl as she wept at his side Ethan smiled sadly, looking to Gage imploringly as he rubbed the Ydran's back. "Could you be a little nicer? She's not an adult, you know? And... Don't push her too bad, okay? And let her take Wyth with her if you're going, it's the least we can do." It must be an awful lot of allowances to make if Gage's furious expression was any indication. Either that or he was just annoyed to be having someone from the outside giving him orders. They were more requests though weren't they? The guy could certainly say no and judging by the protruding vein in his neck he was probably about to. So when Gage stiffly agreed to the requests Ethan was taken aback a little, no more enthusiastic about Amuné going off on her own but at least having a peace of mind Wyth would be present.

"I know you don't want to go Amuné, but it couldn't hurt to learn! And maybe we can help you practice later too," Ethan said as he tried to encourage the girl. Getting down on one knee he smiled and placed a hand on her head, hoping she'd agree to the idea if he made a promise. The reality, much as they might dislike it, was they all needed some training. It was painfully evident when fighting the Varuna, if that could be called fighting, that they were all sorely lacking. "Plus uh... When you get back I wanted to talk to you, okay? About that thing before with the Vazra." So much had happened as of late that there hadn't been much chance to speak at all concerning the vision he'd had. That was a vision he had right? It wasn't exactly something Ethan got on a regular basis so it was hard to say but it sure seemed like one. Amuné had to have had a part in that somehow, she was the only one who had visions in their group. "So... Do your best and show Gage what a good learner you are okay? I know you can do it!"

Nymira would never get used to the sickening displays that Ethan gave Amuné. Not that Dimurans never showed affection or care but it was like he wouldn't let the girl stand on her own two feet. If you coddled children they were soft and weak, they had to endure to grow stronger. She'd learned full well by now how out of touch her people's views were with the kingdom's though and wasn't going to waste her breath trying to change the way they acted. "Yes I'm sure she'll do fine, now then could we have a moment? There are some things we should discuss before we train." Then, to Cecil, she added, "Please remain here too, this includes you as well. It won't be long and you can go right to Norman after if you wish." Why she was even having a discussion with a machine was beyond her but everyone else treated him like a person, she might as well too.

Adrian had returned just as the group was on their way off and Ethan passed along Taliya's desire to speak to her. Gage and Kensen graciously let them be and the group found some semblance of privacy in an empty room nearby. Setting himself up on an empty crate Ethan leaned forward, hands on the edge as he glanced between those he'd been traveling with. "So... We should probably figure out what we're doing huh? I'm guessing we're still doing our own thing, but..." That was with him as an exception since they had learned the news of Cedric's death. Still unsure of how to feel about that he'd need time to mull it over for sure, and he hoped to do so in the company of these people. Maybe they were traveling together purely for convenience but despite all the trouble they'd had he'd come to like these people. "So what's everyone planning? Everyone's still got a reason to travel, right?"

"My goal remains unchanged, I am here to gather support for my father's ideas," Nymira reaffirmed with a nod, "It's been harder than I'd imagined though, with all the nonsense that has happened. At least in my home you could walk place to place without being attacked... Mostly." There were plenty of people who resented the Rumia clan and their rule, though they would resent anyone who ruled over them so she hardly took exception to it. As much as there was a need for there to be a ruling clan there was also the infallible Dimuran pride, one which made people resent not being their own leaders. It was such a deep rooted sense that Nymira still fought to understand how it was Kensen was so detached from it all. Even if he hated the Rumia clan he still had his own to return to.


All of these damned visitors were driving her insane. All Taliya wanted to do was throw back a bottle of whiskey and go take care of some work, instead she was spending her morning entertaining some brats. And now she was having to tie up both Kensen and Gage in training them too, there went two of her better men as well. Groaning she rubbed at her forehead before yanking the cork from her canteen and chasing down the last of her liquor, sighing when it ran out and trying to shake any last remaining, stubborn drops from its dark reaches. She'd have to go try and find more then in town once she had the time, though Kensen would probably get on her case about drinking too heavily again. Did Dimurans not drink? Or was it another weird thing of their culture?

"Yeah, come in!" Ah, and there was Adrianna just as she'd ask. "Or is it Adrian now?" Taliya teased aloud, grinning as she motioned for the door to be closed. At least some people here had a sense of urgency and showed up when you damn asked for them. "I shoulda asked you to pick up some fucking mead or something on your way in, now I'm going to have to go out and get it. Anyways thanks for showing up man, I've got some good news for you." Reaching into her boot she pulled a bound scroll and threw it across the room to Adrianna, smiling as she waited for her to open it. "That person you were asking after? Pretty sure we've found them, though you ain't gonna like where they are." It had taken a hell of a lot of time and effort tracking this bastard down but they'd managed, and Adrianna owed them big for it. It was one thing to find somebody out here in the backwater parts of the kingdom but a whole different matter tracking down someone in the inner cities.

"Your little friend couldn't have picked a more complicated place to settle in, you know that? Midkemia... Not exactly the prettiest of fucking places. Runs rampant with a cult of Zorander, bunch of thieves and murderers, and its one of the places the Church is clamping down the most because of it. If you don't run into trouble with the rats running around then one of the Church's dogs are bound to get you. If you really want to go through with this then go ahead, enjoy your suicide mission. Don't expect me to send any men with you though, that place is way too fucking messy to get involved with yet." They would need a lot more manpower to really take it to any of the larger places in the kingdom, and much as Taliya would love to deal a decisive blow to them it was unrealistic right now.

"I guess we can give you what information we do have on the place though, the people you can talk to and where to find them. Going in blind you're definitely going to end up dead," Taliya continued, pausing as she glanced back at the window behind her. Rolling her eyes she smiled at Adrianna and slammed her foot on the floor, the sound of earth splitting coming from outside and a muffled yelp of surprise. "I know you're out there, if you're going to eavesdrop at least come in here you little punk!" The window was opened a moment later and a dirtied Lionel climbed on through, smiling innocently as Taliya berated him with a silent glare. She'd asked him to be here but she had assumed he'd be a normal person and actually be in the room, not sitting outside of it listening in. "Lionel's the one that got you the information by the way, so thank him, not me. Though I don't imagine you'll be thanking anyone with where you're going."

"It's not that bad, you just need to avoid the bad parts of Midkemia... Which is most of it," Lionel chuckled at his own admission, "And don't worry about paying me back either, I had the time so I decided to take up the job. If you want to thank me though then find that friend of yours." Could Adrianna manage though? On her own he sincerely doubted it, the only reason he'd gotten anywhere was he knew the right people and had access to plenty of shortcuts through the city that others did not. If she was going to go into Midkemia and get out with her friend she'd have to find someone to take her, or better yet find someone to get her friend out. "So when are you going? I mean you've been waiting for this for a while right? Taliya mentioned its been a long time," Lionel went on, smiling despite Taliya's glare as he approached Adrianna, hands folded at his back as he swung a foot back and forth, "I'd come and help but I'm real busy with other stuff, but I'm sure you'll manage!"
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That's right, Goku was probably the strongest Saiyan wasn't he? Of course being dead now that went to somebody else, probably Yamate of all people, but the strongest had been pure-bred. That wasn't to say though there wasn't some validity to crossbreeding and trying to bring more genes into the mix. There had to be something behind it if the King was so obsessive about it right? Or maybe the man really was just insane. "Are you saying that Saiyans aren't made to fight too? Hellooooo, that's what our entire people are all about," Kabocha retorted as he rolled his eyes. Biting into his meal again he forced the rest of it in his mouth, wiping his chin free of sauce as he did so. Okay so the food had been much better than he'd imagined but it was far heavier than he was used to, too much would probably make him sick. "I'd rather fight Takeshi than Shu, at least Takeshi isn't going to transform on me," Kabocha laughed as he turned and chucked his dish into a garbage bin, "What about you guys though? Brothers versus brothers, you and Kai against Takeshi and Shu. Think you two could take them?" The twins definitely had much better synergy when they fought together, with the Princes it looked more like they tried staying out of each other's way. "I bet you could take them easy, and if you beat them I'm sure Yumi would reconsider going out with you," he added with a playful jab to Choi's side.


"It was wrong of me to put things off knowing the condition you're in, I'm sorry for that. I'd like you to give me the chance to make it right though, let me work with you and you can overcome these hurdles. As I said you've dealt with it for long enough, it's about time you beat this problem." No apologies were going to undo what he'd done and Aito knew as much, and surely Viral would never accept anything as such. Their only option was to move forward and begin treatment in earnest in hopes one of the therapies might stick and his mentality improve. It was the least that could be done after he'd insultingly dismissed the urgency of Viral's treatment.

Viral revealing himself made Aito grimace reflexively and he could only imagine the injuries that the Beastman must have. The good news was that they were successful in repelling whatever Elites had been present, unfortunately it had come at great cost. It was evident Yumi had suffered some head injury and Viral's near-mummified state told him all he needed to know. "We could utilize one of the healing tanks to hasten the physical recovery if you'd like, or we could use some of the gel solution to help. But you would be amazed what a good state of mind can do for one physically, you'll recover faster," Aito explained as he moved a bit closer to examine the bandages, "Please Viral, I'm asking you both as a doctor and as your creator, let me correct my mistakes and help you like I should. My negligence has been inexcusable and I will openly admit that, but we shouldn't refuse treatment when there's progress to be made. Allow me to help you and I swear to you I'll see it through." Come hell or high water he would see that Viral was helped in the way he deserved. Shu would not take up the entire day or even the entire morning, any other obligations could wait, Viral came first. Yumi appeared to want to say something to the matter but Aito held a hand up to halt her, smiling slightly as he looked at the Beastman. "This is your decision and yours alone, but know I have enough in line and ready to help you. You only need to accept it."


"Your mother has painted as long as I've known her, I think it was her mother that pushed it on her. She just ended up too busy to really do it once she took the throne, your birth didn't change that at all," Yusef said thoughtfully as he stroked one of his antennae. Clicking his claws together he smiled at T'charrl and pointed behind him to a painting of a landscape upon a nearby wall. "She would create pieces like that, though maybe not so... Elegant. Not that she was bad but her work wouldn't end up in a place like this." Chuckling meekly Yusef placed his hands together and partly bowed to T'charrl, lowering his head as he gave his son a pleading look. "Please don't repeat that to your mother. She doesn't take critique of her paintings well, the last time I said anything I was locked out of the palace for a week!" And it had been a very innocuous, innocent suggestion too: use less vibrant colors. An artist he was not but even the general knew using too many bright colors made the image overwhelming. Bless his wife but goodness she was a frightful woman when she wanted to be. "Excellent, let's get some food in us, hm? Maybe that will calm our nerves a little," Yusef laughed, ushering the two boys ahead of himself. Thanking the staff for their time and the museum itself they stepped back out into the bright city, having to move aside as a group of younglings and an adult hurried inside after them. "What are we in the mood for? I bet they have a bit of everything here."
Last night had been utterly humiliating for Katsu and his gang. Not only had he failed in fetching the dao like he was supposed to but he'd been denied his "trophy" as well. The gentleman that had hired them would never work with them again, that much he'd expected, and his own crew was giving him a hard time for botching a job. He never failed a job and by all rights this one should have been simple and gone off without a hitch. It may well have too if he hadn't gotten overzealous and tried to snatch a pair of Siku's undergarments for himself. What was she so angry about anyway? She should be flattered any guy was that into her! He'd go back at another time and try again for it was no longer just work but a matter of pride. Plus he'd love to see the look on Siku's face when he brandished a pair of her underwear brazenly later.

There were more important ways to spend his afternoon today however; Siku's match was today and he had every intention to go and visit it. Pro-Bending embodied almost everything he hated about Republic City and yet he enjoyed the spectacle of it all the same. It was entertaining too watching people bash each other about all for the sake of some silly sport. Some fat bloke up in the stands probably owned each team and they sat their on their fat asses, eating their food and drinking liquor while the competitors sat down below and fought it out. Atypical of the city if you asked him, but he could appreciate the bending enough to look past that. It wasn't like he was in much a position to be complaining or bringing it up with anyone anyways. Most people with any power would know him as a thief and he'd be in a cell before he could blink so it was pointless to try talking about it. He didn't get why teams couldn't just own themselves and someone else had to pay for them. Oh right, there was no money if someone else couldn't own them!

Cynicism aside Katsu was excited for the match and knew the stakes of it as he entered the arena. Siku's team, whatever it was called, had to win this one. From what he remembered they weren't exactly awful but they were far from the best and winning meant getting more sponsors, better gear and maybe more matches. And more chances for the pigs upstairs to push whatever it was they were pushing. Jerks.

Katsu stopped partway through the maintenance tunnel and pressed against the wall, going silent as he listened to a pair of security guards walk by. Going in the front door was never really an option which left sneaking in the only way to watch the event. Plus this way he wasn't buying a ticket either or spending ridiculous amounts of money on simple snacks. Smiling as he continued along the way Katsu arched an eyebrow seeing an access panel resealed from before, probably replaced after he ripped it off last time. You'd think if someone had broken in they would have better security around here. Rolling his eyes he reached out with one finger and fueled flame at the tip, cutting the sheet of metal before easing it out of place and setting it aside. Clambering up the ladder he pushed open the door at the top and climbed up onto the rafters high above the arena. Best seats in the house and they were absolutely free!

"Now we sit back and wait for the show!" Grinning as he sat down on the edge of the beam he reached into his coat and pulled out a bag of chips, nursing at it as he watched the workers below finish setting up the arena itself. He could do it so much quicker than them with a little Earth bending but he sincerely doubted anyone was going to let him. Besides it was more fun to sit up here and play around with it during matches, see people trip over rivets and bumps he created. Maybe he'd influenced a game or two in his time but who cared, it was nothing more than a game! "Maybe I should trip up Siku for ruining my job last night," Katsu chuckled as he swung his legs back and forth, scanning the crowd below for familiar faces. Definitely a lot of security present which was a little odd, was there some important person here today? He'd have to be mindful of what exactly he did while here.
Kael couldn't answer Lydia's question nor did he feel he needed to. It was as Josephine said, he was responsible for their Master's death. His hubris and eagerness to prove himself had cost them dearly and now he was going to have to live with the consequences. Wasn't it simply fitting that the man was somehow Josephine's father? That declaration hadn't been lost on him and though he had trouble believing it he supposed it wasn't the most outlandish idea. Nodding numbly Kael lifted himself off of the floor and fell in line behind Lydia, his bow dragging in his grasp, shoulders sagged and eyes downcast. Whether or not he remained an apprentice as a Hunter was yet to be seen though he was confident this would result in his expulsion at best, execution at worst. If it were just another student he'd killed then perhaps the consequences wouldn't be so drastic but this had been their master, everyone's master, the man who by many's own views was nigh invincible. Being responsible for the death of a man like that was horrible.

There was no putting off their return and Kael wasn't going to try and run away either. He knew what he had done and if they were going to kill him for it then fine, he'd accept his punishment. Lifting his head he looked at Josephine somberly, opening his mouth before closing it and casting his gaze down again. Apologies would do nothing no matter how sincere, no words were going to bring their master back and nothing he could do would likely ever earn Josephine's forgiveness. They were supposed to be comrades and yet he was certain she regarded him now even lower than the beasts which they fought.

Everyone froze when Lydia did and chills ran up Kael's spine when he realized why. These beasts had been attracted by the battle with the Abhorrent, hadn't they? It was his fault Edmund was gone and now they were going to be set upon by who knows what again because of his carelessness. With no fight in him he looked around at the red, piercing eyes penetrating the fog and simply sighed, hoping his death would be quick at the very least. Or perhaps he could stay and fight while they escaped, it would be some kind of redemption for his misdeeds. As if trying to deny him such a thing Lydia brandished her weapon and demanded the two of them flee and leave the battle to her. That brought him back to his senses and he gave the older Hunter an incredulous look, thinking she was absurd to try and take these on alone. Edmund could have managed but then he was perhaps the best there was, who did this woman think she was attempting such a thing?

They had to leave, if Lydia could take them on her own then they had to put their trust in her ability. They had a destination and a woman to meet and perhaps she would have the answers that Josephine wanted. Kael had nothing to his name besides those within the shop and if he was to remain here it was only natural he stay with Josephine. He didn't need to be told to stay by her side and he would gladly travel with her and keep her safe, he owed her at least that much. Nodding firmly he turned and prepared to run off, getting only a few steps before realizing Josephine wasn't moving. Gritting his teeth he reached back and took her by the arm, pulling her along as they raced back down the streets. Behind them the sounds of battle raged on and everything he knew demanded he go back to help but it sounded like Lydia was more than capable on her own. They had their job and she hers.

Several blocks later and the pair finally stopped running to catch their breath. The echoes of the battle were lost in the maze of buildings but Kael was optimistic that Lydia was managing. If she knew Master Edmund then she was likely a veteran hunter herself and had been in similar situations before, they had to have faith she could win the fight. Panting breathlessly Kael leaned against the banister of a stairwell and slouched down, draping his weapon over his knees as he laid his head back. He'd run out of energy much earlier and the adrenaline was beginning to wane leaving him utterly exhausted, and yet they had so much more to do. Neither of them knew where this Clocktower was but they had to find it and find whoever this Lady Maria might be. An old associate of their master's? If so then it would make sense to seek someone like her out.

"Look... Hate me all you want, I don't care anymore. I really don't care if I die trying to get you to this place either," Kael muttered as he wiped his face of blood and sweat, shaking his gloved hand to try and clean it, "But we're going there. Whatever reason that woman had for us to go there must be a good one, maybe you can figure out if... Edmund really was your father..." He had just killed this girls father hadn't he? If she felt anything like he had towards beasts for the death of his family he wouldn't be surprised if she turned her weapon on him now. Smiling bitterly he glanced down at the blade in his hands and shook his head, placing it at his feet and leaning back again. "Or if you want to kill me, kill me now. I'd rather you do it now than wait until we get there."
Name: Katsu Takumi

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Nationality/Birthplace: Fire Nation, Khimori Village

Current Residence: Republic City, Panther Lily Residential District


Occupation: Thief, Avatar

Elemental Affinity: Fire

Theme: Thief - Imagine Dragons

Katsu’s birth presented a bit of a conundrum for the Order of the White Lotus; an Avatar born in an era of peace wasn’t needed quite as much as before. What should they do then? Take him from his home? Or leave him be and let him grow up in a normal life. It was a hard decision, but a choice needed to be made and ultimately a compromise was reached. Katsu would indeed be trained, but in the comfort of his own home village rather than being whisked away. His parents liked the idea, and initially Katsu had no problems with the arrangement. As he got older however he began to have quite a different opinion on the matter.

How was he supposed to keep his identity as the Avatar a secret when these strange men followed him everywhere? His family wasn’t well off and yet he had escorts, was waited on like nobility and provided for whatever he needed. Any other child may have been enamored with the treatment and yet Katsu came to resent it immensely. He had no autonomy like this, and it was near impossible to get away to have some time on his own. Pretty quickly being in the comfort of his own village meant little, it was every bit a prison as moving away would have been. The only solution in his mind then was to leave, abandon the Lotus’ training and his parents in favor of a freer lifestyle, a lifestyle he would find in Republic City.

It was an ideal plan on paper, but upon arriving in Republic City it became quickly apparent he hadn’t thought things through entirely. Here he was, hundreds of miles from home, with hardly a coin to his name and nowhere to stay. What little money he’d saved up over the years had near all been spent on the boat ticket, so now Katsu found himself in a dilemma. He unsuccessfully tried getting jobs here and there but was turned down constantly, and returning home was not an option. At the age of 13 he settled on doing the only thing he could in order to survive: theft. Republic City certainly had its fair share of criminals, so he would only be one amongst the crowd. Or he might have been if he didn’t have something of a superiority complex. He was going to be a thief, but he wanted to be the thief. He would join whatever group he could find and work his way up, and from there he’d be somebody. He’d live life how he wanted, do what he wanted, and get what he wanted without the meddling of the Order of the White Lotus.

Much as he might have resented the White Lotus he had to be grateful for all the training they had given him. With both bending and martial training of the highest caliber he was an exceptional fighter, a fact that helped him climb the ranks of the gang he eventually joined. Nimble, strong and a capable bender he ascended to the second hand of the gang within two years, and not long thereafter he succeeded the previous leader. Granted… The gang had all of twenty members, many around his own age, but he still managed to succeed them all. Renaming the gang the Khimori Bandits after his hometown, Katsu began a life of “luxury”. The Khimori Bandits amassed a fair fortune in a matter of a year, and yet Katsu kept very little of the coin for himself. It was never the money he was after, he'd argue, but the thrill and delight that came along with the act of theft. Even now he remains one of the poorer members of his gang in spite of being the leader, and he tends to carry out as many jobs as his best associates.
"No kidding? Then what's the idiot going and pushing hybrids for? If pure blooded Saiyans like us are stronger then isn't he just shooting himself in the foot doing this crap?" Okay now he was really confused if that was true, so what gives? Did Yamate just really not want to give any of his own, pure-blooded kin any real power? "Man this crap doesn't make sense does it? It's like the King is trying to screw his own people over which makes absolutely ZERO sense!" All the more reason to wait until that nuisance was out of power so that someone with a bit more brains could take over. Or even more reason to go somewhere other than Kortal, it'd be amazing to have power back home but then there wasn't much he wanted on Kortal either. Maybe this was all a bit too much to be thinking of right now anyways, they had a hot plate of tasty food demanding their attention. Taking a mouthful of his meal Kabocha nearly dropped it as he stuffed his mouth far too full, covering it with his hand as he chomped away to make his bite fit. "Mmphh... Whatever, I don't need cash anyways! I'd be a hero!" he muttered before grinning at the twins' surprise of his claim. "Yeah, what about it? He doesn't have Ki, that's already a huge disadvantage. If I train a bit more I could beat him handily, and so could you guys. Saiyans are just naturally stronger like that."


Yumi was absolutely right and he knew it. Aito hadn't entirely abandoned Viral or ignored his plight and had been working on a solution yet perhaps a little communication could have gone a long way. He'd gotten so preoccupied with everything else going on that'd he'd in large ignored the major reason he and June had even been brought back to life. If Viral was cross with him then it was deservedly so and he'd take whatever harsh comments or lashing out that the Beastman had to give. It would have been easier to deal with being screamed at or swung at than it was to hear the comments Viral had to make. There was a pain he certainly didn't miss in the slightest.

"Viral, don't go anywhere. I've neglected you for long enough," Aito said firmly though his voice held nowhere near the command he'd hoped. Looking at the Beastman's he smiled sadly before letting out a somber sigh and running his hand through his hair. "I owe you an apology, but more than that I owe you the help you so rightfully deserve. I don't expect you to forgive me for my negligence, but give me a chance to help. I do have a way we can make everything right." The PTSD, the difficulty with eating, the genetic instability which had been tempered but still remained, there was so much that Viral needed. Aito couldn't even argue he'd been spending time researching methods because he'd had the solution staring him in the face all the while and had failed to recognize it sooner. "Once you're cured if you want nothing to do with me that is fine, but at least allow me to do my job and help you. You've suffered with these issues long enough." It was a lot to ask for to be forgiven after so blatantly lapsing on what he should be doing. But he had solutions now, he had a means of curing Viral and his troubling thoughts and restoring him to some semblance of normalcy.

"We have three options, the way I see it, and for the most part they would be non-invasive. Foremost perhaps is group therapy, discussing your trials with others who share similar experiences. It does wonders for putting matters into perspective and helping to minimize the anxiety and distress that comes with traumatic memories. An alternative could be exposure therapy, which as the name suggests we would simply discuss the topic repeatedly, exposing you to it, and over time you would become less disturbed by the events... Ideally. We could also try cognitive behavioral therapy if neither of those appeal to you. I can explain each more in detail in private, I just want you to know there are plenty of options for you."


T'charrl wasn't wrong, Eslaria likely wanted him to be a Prince first above all else. Of course that was before they began to completely change how their cities were run. Royal families had always overseen the cities before but after seeing what Garesh would do, a single person with power, it had been decided power would be shared. So there would still be royalty but they would not hold all of the power any longer, just as the general would only command the military. It made far more sense to have a group of people running the city than a single person, experts would make far more informed decisions than any single person ever could. "It's good to look forward to taking your post some day but remember that isn't all you'll ever be. Even your mother has hobbies you know," Yusef pointed out with an amused smile, "She loves painting, not that she'll ever admit it. And she had a soft spot for poetry a while back. I can't be sure if she still does, tough last time I tried to have her recite some..." The general trailed off and rubbed his head reminiscently which probably said enough. "Being royalty isn't only just being royalty, remember that. Even Kings and Queens are more than just their title."

Haku apologized profusely to the cross museum worker, his face flushed red in embarrassment. He'd just been curious to check it and hadn't thought touching it would be so bad! "Having music on the sh-ship would make our trips a l-lot less boring! And I could l-learn with you too, it would be really f-fun!" Most of his days consisted of lounging around in the sparse library or speaking to whoever in the crew would talk to him. T'charrl was still really the only person in the group who he'd consider a friend and he was a bit too intimidated to even try befriending the Princes. "Uh... I d-don't know where you'd get an i-instrument from... Do you sir?"

"We could buy one in town when we get home, there's a few people I know of that make instruments. Or we could even buy one here before we go home," Yusef said thoughtfully while tapping his chin with a claw, "Or I suppose we could commission one for you if you'd like! Though instruments seem like weapons, if you don't know how to use one then having one made might be a waste. We'll look into it my son." Admittedly he knew nothing of instruments and could only hope at least one soul in the palace had some semblance of an idea. "What do you say to getting some food? The museum will be here tomorrow and we can certainly come back before we leave. Nema wanted to see us as soon as possible and it would be rude to make him wait too long. Have you seen your fill boys?" Haku seemed contented though the Saiyan continued to wander over to other cases and inspect their contents. What of the young Prince?
"Right, we're not as good as hybrids or whatever. I never got that, how the heck do hybrids beat pures, huh? Some stupid stuff about emotion or whatever I think, doesn't make any sense." Come to think of it there were some hybrids who got better treatment than even he did, and he was nobility! Yamate had some messed up ideas if he was pushing the Saiyan race but treated mixed blood Saiyans better than his own people. Sure they had the potential to be stronger but that didn't mean much, you didn't just wake up and be powerful, it took training and hard work. Tch, whatever, they weren't on Kortal anymore and wherever they did end up Kabocha was going to be sure to land himself a decent place. "The way I see it Earth's been attacked loads before yeah? So I'll get in that way, be a soldier or a commander for their armies. With how weak most humans are it should be easy rising up in the ranks, and after that I can relax and have the easy life!" That was the whole point of getting up there in rank, so he wouldn't be made to do this kind of nonsense again. Sure maybe the military wasn't the best way to avoid fighting, in fact it was probably the worst, but he'd be fighting humans, that was easy. "Why? It's not like I'm going to be burning down cities or anything, I'll be helping people. Unless he gets mad I'm taking work from him then he can just sulk, I really don't care," Kabocha admitted with a shrug, grinning as he bit into his meal, "Besides I could totally kick his butt..."


"Ah... So there were Elites there... That's troublesome." Back to sipping at his glass Aito listened closely to what Viral had to say as his eyes shifted to Yumi. So a concussion then? What of the others? And what of Viral? Refilling his glass again the doctor smiled slightly and leaned against the counter, taking a silent moment to appraise Viral and Yumi both. "Both of you are alive and well enough, I'm glad to see that. I don't imagine it was smooth sailing with Elites running about though. Is there anything you'd like me to take a look at?" Not that he was doubting the doctors on whatever world they went to... Okay, he might be doubting them a little. But no one else really understood Viral's anatomy, and now that she had been altered Yumi's was different as well.

"Viral's in pain but he hasn't told me where no matter how many times I asked." It was June offering up a response in their stead, worry etched on her face as she looked at their son, "And he's still refusing to eat, I was hoping the food would make him hungry." It was a big betrayal of trust regardless of how little Viral had said but Aito needed to know. He'd been right in that she couldn't help, but he certainly could. Though why hadn't he already?

"If you two were injured you should come see me, I can at least make sure everything is healing right," Aito offered with a sigh, smiling exasperatedly, "As for the eating I suppose we never did completely look into that, did we Viral? Though I suppose that's a lapse on my part, apologies..." Chuckling under his breath Aito rubbed at his neck awkwardly, taking a moment to sip from his water and try and figure out where to go from there. He had completely forgotten about Viral's issue in the midst of everything else going on, perhaps a wee bit too much stimulation after being dead for so long. "If you'd like to talk about any of that I believe I'm through with Shu and Takeshi for the morning. I may actually have something in mind that can help you, if you'd like to give it a try." Of course that was little more than an idea he'd had before that hadn't reoccurred to him until now, he probably should have developed it a bit more. If nothing else it was a start.

Viral did have one or two things that could be worked out, most everyone knew this by now, but was that how he wanted to spend his day? Yumi wanted him to feel better but not if it meant he was being forced around and told what to do all day. But then that was how things always were with him, wasn't it? "If you'd like me to I can help too Viral. I'm not sure how but I'm sure there's something I can do," Yumi offered before cutting across the kitchen, "And as for you," she resumed as she prodded Aito in the chest, "How could you forget? Are you just going to forget with Shu too? What kind of doctor doesn't remember something so important, huh?" He tried to defend it but she cut him off abruptly as she refused to hear any excuses. She liked Aito but he really was messing up a lot with this one. "Whether Viral wants your help or not isn't important, you have to actually go through with it if he does ask, even more if you offer."


T'charrl had a point about the instruments on Uuonoe, there really weren't any suited for people like him were there? Not that Haku could know for certain but he didn't know any other people who had four arms like Kaesstrians did, so could he only play Kaesstrian instruments? "W-Well then you just have to learn here! And like your d-dad said, there's probably p-p-plenty of people who could teach you! Maybe you can even learn wh-while we're here, getting you help. It would make things l-less boring, right?"

"If nothing else it will help the time pass faster while we're here," Yusef offered as well with a hopeful smile, "Perhaps we could both learn? I've never tried either but it could be fun. Of course your mother would probably kill us for practicing in the palace..." Bless her heart but Eslaria could be a proper frightening woman when she wanted to be. And like anything new they would be terrible at best when they began which meant subjecting his wife to some awful music. "Maybe we should practice elsewhere... I mean your mother wouldn't want the surprise spoiled, would she?" the general added with a nervous chuckle, "Yes... Maybe we'll wait to show her until we're actually talented..."

Haku laughed at that because he knew exactly how scary T'charrl's mother could be. She was a nice enough lady but she definitely could get mad and put you in your place, not unlike many Saiyan mothers or nurses. That would be neat though to learn an instrument and it'd be interesting to see father and son play together. Or, try to, seeing as neither knew how. "M-Maybe I will try to learn after all! Th-though I don't think I can p-play these instruments..." he muttered, trailing off as he reached into a display and plucked a string only to promptly jump as one of the museum attendants yelled at him. Hastily apologizing he gave T'charrl an excited smile and pointed to the instrument, "You could play th-that one! I bet you'd be good at it!"
Taliya was forcing training upon these kids for their own good. As they were they'd be snatched up or killed by even the most half-decent Magi the Church had, never mind if one of their more lethal hunters showed up. If they were aiming to hurt the Church in any way possible then it was in her best interest to make sure they could stay safe, the less power those bastards had the better. And, if the kids were ever to join her at least she'd know they were somewhat competent when they came in. With more than enough reason to receive training she was surprised that Amuné was so against the notion of learning how to fight. Her excuses and alternatives would almost have made Taliya laugh if she wasn't giving the Ydran such an incredulous, disbelieving look already. Did she sincerely think any of that would be enough? As a snide smile crossed her lips the Muran folded her arms and scoffed, arching an eyebrow at the little girl before her.

"And what's going to happen if you get attacked? Are you going to bake them cookies and hope they stop? Or will you offer to wash their underpants, maybe they're just mean because there's a shit streak running down the middle? Wake up kid and face the world you're in, you have to fight. And that cute little sling of yours isn't going to do much either, not against anyone who's a decent fighter. If you give two shits about your friends you'll learn to actually use a real weapon. And don't you think it's unfair, putting it on your pet kitty there to fight for you? What if he gets hurt then huh? What do you do?" The fact these kids had been attacked several times now and Amuné still thought something so small would be enough was outrageous really. Taliya shook her head and walked across the room to a wide cabinet along the wall, prying open the doors and retrieving a crossbow from within. "Something like this is easy to use, even for a kid like you. Gage can teach you to use this thing in his sleep and your ass doesn't have to be anywhere near the enemy to fight with it. It's like your pissy little slingshot, only it might ACTUALLY do some damage."

Ethan bit his lip as Taliya went about shooting down Amuné's suggestions and further pushed for her to learn to fight. Whether the woman was right or not wasn't really the point, the fact was Amuné most likely wouldn't be fighting at all. If she was far enough to use a bow then she was far enough not to even be in the fight in the first place, right? Maybe there was something to making Wyth fight for her even if Ethan knew the moorcat did so willingly but even then that was a guilt trip at best. "She's been safe so far with us, why would she have to fight now?" he asked as he smiled uncertainly. Taliya gave him a perturbed glance and he backed down slightly, swallowing before continuing. "I mean... If we all get trained then we'll be able to keep her safe no problem right?"

"And when you're not there who's going to help, huh? Just going to leave it up to the cat to do all the fighting again?" Taliya asked with a sneer, "Or are mommy and daddy going to fight? Until the Church is dealt with those fuckers aren't going to let any Magi rest easy, not unless they're one of their dogs. And they know she's traveling with other Magi by now thanks to you lot, she needs to know how to fight. And she's going to learn, it's not like I'm sending her out to fight, she'll shoot at some fucking targets or something, that's all. What's the problem with that?"

There was none, and while Nymira could sympathize somewhat with Ethan's point Taliya also wasn't wrong either. "We can't always be there to keep her safe, knowing how to fight may well mean the difference between life and death some day," the Dimuran agreed with a nod, "And it cannot hurt to learn how to fight. If nothing else it means she could hunt on her own and protect herself if we ever get separated again. I say you should do it, Amuné." Really children in her clan and others knew how to fight even younger than Amuné so knowing the Ydran was all but defenseless save a sling, a child's toy in essence, was surprising.

"Good, then it's settled. Gage you'll handle weapons training for the runt, Kensen you handle the training for these two. I'll let you guys decide on how to train them, if you need anything let me know. I think that's it... Get them out of here will you? I've got other stuff to do today besides chewing out you brats." There was always so much damn work to do since she took over this place. Taliya was getting used to it but being cooped up in a building and organizing shit all day was really not her idea of a fun time, she needed to find a replacement. Or someone she could dump the work on so she could go out and actually fight, do some field work instead of playing manager to what was mostly a group of misfits. "Oh and send Adrian in on your way out, he and I need to talk. And get Lionel's ass in here too if you see him, I need to smack that bastard for running off yesterday," Taliya grumbled as she sank down into her seat and groaned, folding one leg over the other and reclining, "Moron's always running off..."

Ethan didn't need to be told twice to go, dealing with Taliya was never exactly a fun experience. Smiling awkwardly as she told them to effectively sod off he waved before promptly turning towards the door and ushering Amuné along ahead of him, relieved to be through with their meeting with the boss lady. Passing through the door Ethan exhaled in relief once they were out and stood against the wall, leaning back against it and smiling wearily. "So uh... That's that then, huh? Looks like we're going to be training together." Though he wasn't entirely sure what for if none of them were going to be joining this group. If they continued traveling then maybe there was some use there, but what else? Was he even still going to keep traveling after learning about Cedric?

"I guess it'll be fun though! I can't wait to see what you've got to show us," Ethan continued to Kensen. With a friendly smile he extended a hand towards the Dimuran and ignored Nymira's groan at his display, figuring he might as well try and make friends with the man who would be instructing him. "I'm looking forward to it! You were really impressive against the Vazra, you must know an awful lot!"

"Shit kid, work the balls while you're at it," Gage grumbled as he rolled his eyes, smirking at Ethan's shocked expression. "Quit buttering the guy up its embarrassing. We aren't doing this because we like you or want to be your friends, we're doing it because Taliya told us to. Don't think we're going to be sitting at a tavern throwing back ale together, it's a job, that's it." Honestly teaching a bunch of snot nosed little kids how to fight was about the last thing Gage ever imagined himself doing. He'd instructed people coming into their group when they had still been bandits sure but that was a completely different beast. "Get that girlie? Don't expect me to be all sweet to you while we train, you'll do what I say, when I say it," he continued as he smiled down at Amuné, "But no pressure, it's only life and death if you mess up right?"

"Hey come on now, you could be a bit nicer than that don't you think? She's never really fought before so all of this is new to her." Gage was even worse than Taliya right now and Ethan was beginning to not exactly love the guy for it. More than a head taller than him it was a bit intimidating when the former bandit stood before him though he tried to keep his ground, tensing up as he lifted his chin to look at the face of the man. "Besides... Uh... If she doesn't want to train then Taliya will get mad, right? So uh... You should be nicer, otherwise you might not be able to do your job." Two could play at that game and use leverage. Though immediately after Ethan had spoken he regretted it when Gage's face went dark and his jaw visibly taut, a vein protruding from his thick neck. The fact they were just outside Taliya's room was probably the only thing saving him from getting pummeled right now and he realized that, taking a half step back from the man.

"Let's just focus on our training, I'm sure Taliya will keep her men in line," Nymira spoke up. "When will we begin, Kensen? Do we have some time to rest before then? I think we need a moment to speak among ourselves, if you'll allow it." Having to defer to him, an outsider and a defector was a little humiliating. People like Kensen were generally treated as criminals and those without honor, made into slaves or servants for abandoning the clan. Yet here he was clearly the one with power and she had none, that much she'd recognized.
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