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Sirka turned her gaze slowly down to the Weequay, though she did not many any move to help him. She sighed, shaking her head and downing the drink that he had poured for her. She did not quite know what motivated him, but he still seemed like quite the fool to her.

Delni finally took interest in what her sister was doing when she heard the thud of the man hitting the floor. She stood up next to Sirka as the droid was approaching, looking down at him as well. “Sirka, what happened this time? Did you knock him out?”

Sirka gave Delni a look out of the corner of her eye. “No, I didn’t knock him out. He knocked himself out.”

“Really? And how’d he do that?”

Pausing briefly, Sirka looked over at the large, still mostly-full glass of alcohol on the table. She took it in her own hand and let out a huff. “Stupidity.”

Sirka slowly, lethargically spun her stool around and planted her feet on the ground, pushing herself up with the drink in hand. She saw the droid, evidently a friend of the Weequay, and shrugged. “Hard to be bothered by free drinks.” She said, grunting out a laugh. “Don’t know why I’m his type, but…whatever.”

The conversation was interrupted by a small, floating droid which flew up to Sirka, almost uncomfortably close to her face. Unlike the humanoid droid, she recognized this one as one of Koren’s, which was immediately confirmed by its message of: “Master Koren will see you now”.

“Hmph, that was quick.” Sirka muttered to herself. She had honestly expected a bit more time to relax. Regardless, she wanted to get her payment, so she was not going to be keeping Koren waiting. “I’ll be back here when I can, sis. Or back to our room, depending. Anyways, try to stay on the ship this time, yeah?”

Sirka started to step past the Trandoshan, who had quite obviously been with the droid that was now dealing with the Weequay. That, and his scent, suggested they knew each other. Sirka raised up her large glass towards the Trandoshan as she passed by him. “When he wakes up, thank him for the drink for me.” She commented as she continued on her way.

Delni, however, did not leave. She stood over the Weequay looking to make sure he was still breathing for a few moments before turning her attention to the droid. There was a certain curiosity in her eyes as she looked it over. She was not examining it as a whole, but rather its parts and mechanisms. When she stared into its optical sensors, it was more like she was trying to stare at the electronics behind the lenses. “You’re an…interesting droid, aren’t you? You’ve got this certain look about you. You’re a combat model, right?”
Meesei placed a hand on Sabine's staff, allowing her to at least feel the extent of the magicka held within. Though, even she could not discern the details of how the staff functioned just on her first impressions. "I think we should study the staff to test its limits and capabilities. I recall during the first ambush that Arinette was using the staff in a seemingly dangerous way, so it would probably be best that we try to understand it to the best of our abilities."

Meesei's eyes turned towards their two "guests", Do'rhajul in particular. She was silent, focused, and now difficult to read. "I do not trust you, Rhajul. You nearly killed me at one point in my life, and I watched you slay a respected friend of mine in Elsweyr. You have caused pain to my people that cannot be undone." She said, turning back to Sabine. "But I do trust you, Sabine. If this is what you wish, I can abide by it. We can give them quarters and put them under guard...for their own protection as much as anyone else's."

Lorag hummed, casting another suspicious eye onto his former commander. "Hmm, don't know how the people are going to take that. A lot of refugees from destroyed clans ended up here. But..." He began, placing his attention back on Sabine. " might be able to sell it to them. After what you pulled off, you're going to be a hero to these people. Defeating, capturing our enemy, then killing an actual dragon on top of it? You get to be a war hero, and the most accomplished hunter of any of the clans. If you're the one to tell the clan that Do'rhajul here swore himself to you, they just might believe it."

Lorag gave a single chuckle. "Hmph, after what you did, I doubt there's anything the clan wouldn't do for you. That's the kind of heroics that makes clan alphas. Maybe you'll even be able to calm down the Daggerfall clan's alpha. He's gonna be...angry after all this."
Even Meesei seemed to have difficulty coming to terms with the story that Sabine told about the events over the past day or two. "You...trapped an entire dragon in ice? I do not think even I could accomplish a feat like that, at least not in the middle of a fight. The sheer amount of magicka required to form stable crystals of sufficient size to stand against the strength of..." Meesei's sentence faded as her eyes went to the Staff of Magnus.

"The staff...we could only theorize on its power before. On what it could do. It is a font of magicka, is it not? I can feel it now just sitting here, brimming with power. The idea that this was in the hands of that zealot is even more frightening now than it was before." Meesei commented, now having composed herself enough that she was no longer in tears. Although, Sabine did not leave her embrace.

Lorag had kept his eyes firmly on Do'rhajul, and was perhaps even more suspicious of him than any of the others. But, even he could not ignore the story that Sabine told, and what it implied about her own accomplishments. He stepped forward in front of the others and looked almost as if he was amused. "'re saying that when you were captured, you still managed to finish the mission you started." He began, motioning towards Yerig. "You managed to break out of your bindings, disable and capture the majority of the enemy in the camp, convince our sworn enemy to swear his loyalty to you instead, recover two...or I guess with his shield, three legendary artifacts, then kill a dragon that we were going to use a small army to deal with. You did all that yourself, in about a day or two."

There was a silence in the room as Lorag paused and gave a look around to the others. "That's about the most damned impressive thing I've ever heard."
The fact that Sabine was speaking out in defense of Do'rhajul was surprising, to say the least, for most members of the pack. Yerig was easier to accept, but Do'rhajul had caused a great deal of suffering for them over the years. However, what Sabine had to say afterwards was even more surprising. The pack had rushed up to reunite with Sabine as soon as they had been told about her, so they had not yet been informed about the recovery of the axe.

Ahnasha looked to be startled by the news. "Wait, you...recovered the Rueful Axe?"

"And killed a Dragon?" Kaleeth added, equally surprised.

Meesei looked to be almost speechless at the news for a few seconds. She still had tears clouding her vision, which certainly did not match the strong persona that Do'rhajul might have expected from her. "Sabine, you...could have been hurt. did all of that...for him?" She said, looking back at Do'rhajul.

With most of the room's attention on Do'rhajul, he looked around in silence for several seconds. Despite Sabine's advice to stay quiet earlier in the day, he could read the situation well enough to say that it might have been time for him to speak. "After I learned the truth, I swore myself to Sabine's service. I shall accept any fate you have for me without resistance, but for as long as I am alive and able, I do not intend to give up the fight against the liar Clavicus Vile."
Meesei kept her arms tightly around Sabine. She finally noticed Do'rhajul, but she did not feel like she even the energy to get up and threaten him, as would have been her natural reaction. She just wanted to be with her daughter right then and there. She did have many questions as well, but was content to simply continue sitting beside her on the floor in front of her alchemy station, comforting her.

Do'rhajul still felt it was wise for him to stay quiet, but Yerig saw the state that Sabine was in and did want to help her get through the more painful memories. He just had to be careful not to step over any bounds that the pack might have for him. "When I brought the book to Rhajul, it was out in the open, in front of Arinette and all the others. I think it was a good enough distraction that Sabine was able to escape her binds and grab the staff. Once she had that, well, the rest of the team combined wasn't enough to stop her. Do'rhajul did try to help Sabine deal with them, but she disabled them all pretty quick, I'm told. Arinette nearly shocked me to death before Sabine escaped, but Sabine healed me after it was over. Saved my life."

Ahnasha cautiously stepped somewhat closer to Do'rhajul, still eyeing him suspiciously. Even though he was apparently unarmed, she still had her hand hovering over her dagger. "So you him now?" Ahnasha asked. "Even after everything he did?"
"No, Sabine, it is could not have done anything." Meesei replied. "Ahnasha explained everything. It was bad luck, they wandered too close. I...I should have been faster to save you. I should have sprinted ahead of the others; I could have got there sooner. I did not want to separate from the main force, but...I could have done more. I know I could have done more. It was my fault, not yours. I am sorry, Sabine. Just...please do not blame yourself." Of course, regardless of Meesei's words, it was doubtful that she, or anyone else would have been able to get to Sabine before Arinette captured her.

Meesei had hardly even noticed their former enemy General sitting in the corner of the room when she ran into the room, so of course, she did not notice Sabine's staff either until Janius called attention to it. "You have...the Staff of Magnus?" Meesei questioned, seemingly bewildered. Although, after some thought, it would of course make sense that Sabine would have claimed their more valuable items after capturing most of Arinette's team.

The others stepped into the room more calmly, one after another. Although, there was not a single member of the pack who was not at least suspicious of Do'rhajul, and to a lesser extent, Yerig. Kaleeth stood in the doorway, looking warily at Yerig. On the one hand, he had been the one to attack Janius, but he had also been responsible for saving her own life. She lifted up the faceplate of her own helmet and gave a worried look to Janius just in front of her.

Sirka had returned her attention to her own drink quickly, and was somewhat surprised that the Weequay was so...outgoing. Sirka had certainly not meant to engage him in some long, drawn-out conversation, and had not expected someone in a place like this to be so eager to do the same. She supposed he might have been a bit out of place, or something like that.

Sirka could not help but to give the Weequay, Zirex, a suspicious eye when he offered her a drink. Normally, it was Delni that was being offered the free drinks in bars from strangers. In fact, the role reversal was enough to prompt a chuckle from her. Sirka briefly turned her head over towards her sister beside her. "This what it's usually like for you, sis?"

"Huh?" Delni replied. She had been caught up in her own thoughts and had not been paying attention to either Sirka or the Weequay, so she did not know what Sirka was actually talking about.

"Ah, nothing." Sirka said with a shrug, deciding that it would be too much effort to explain to Delni. Sirka turned her head back towards the Weequay, then down to her own, half-full drink. After just a moment of thought, she craned back her head and downed the rest of her own drink in a single go. She put down her glass in front of the Weequay and gave him a nod. "Sure, fill it up."
Thusfar, Sabine had not told Do'rhajul or Yerig to begin speaking to anyone else, but given the state that Sabine currently seemed to be in, it was doubtful that she was going to be giving Fendros any kind of response as soon as either of them would like. The two of them exchanged glances across the room, and Yerig stood up from where he was sitting. Between the two of them, Yerig was the much better choice to speak to anyone in the clan.

"You convinced us." Yerig replied. Since Sabine had told him that her pack's original mission had been to convince him, and anyone else in their team, to turn on Vile, Yerig figured that it would be a good place to start to calm him down. "I read almost all of that book you gave me. Showed it to Rhajul, and he recognized the handwriting. I'd like to be able to say that we rescued Sabine, but she freed herself, and we decided to help."

Meesei, meanwhile, was no more composed than Sabine. All of her worry and fear that had been building up within her since Sabine's capture was now suddenly erased. Meesei certainly had plenty of questions to ask, but none of them were on her mind for as long as she held onto Sabine. "I've never worried, Sabine. I have hardly even been able to think, or sleep. We searched everywhere we could, then I heard you returned and...left again. I was so confused, are here now. I am so sorry, Sabine. I should have protected you."
The wait through the afternoon seemed even longer than it was for Do'rhajul and Yerig. There was little with which they could occupy themselves. The Thu'um not withstanding, neither were magically or alchemically inclined, and doing anything at all among the rest of the clan was simply out of the question for the moment. The pair spent much of their time simply talking to one another. At first, it was about their impressions of the clan, but their conversations soon moved to reminiscing on their past. They referenced events that would make no sense to Sabine without knowledge of their history, but it was clear that they had once been very close friends. Yerig had helped Do'rhajul recover and gain back some confidence after being inflicted with lycanthropy but they lost contact with one another after Do'rhajul joined with Vile. It was only recently that Do'rhajul sought Yerig out for his help.

Eventually, Yerig ended up meditating in his corner of the room, and Do'rhajul similarly ended up, at minimum, thinking quietly to himself. They could hear footsteps approaching from down the hall, but as it was getting late, others who also lived in the hall had been going to their rooms occasionally for the last hour or so. However, this time, the steps started to draw closer to their room quite quickly.

Suddenly, the door opened without so much as a knock or a word from the person opening it. It was Meesei. For a brief moment, she ended up standing in the doorway, staring at Sabine almost in shock. She was short of breath after having sprinted up the stairs towards their chambers, but that did not stop her from running across the room to embrace Sabine. She may not have even noticed Do'rhajul and Yerig, and if she had, she clearly did not care about them more than she did finally reuniting with Sabine.

Meesei practically fell onto Sabine with her hug, squeezing her more tightly than she perhaps ever had before. "Sabine..." Meesei began, but any attempt at words was already too choked-up from Meesei's sobbing to be intelligible. At least for a while, until she managed to speak a few more short words. "You're okay. Y-you're...okay." Meesei's hands were shaking, and her hearth pounding. She could hardly even remember to breathe. Despite all of the horrors that had been playing out in her mind since Sabine's capture, she could now feel the immense relief of being able to hold her daughter in her arms.

The others in the pack were just behind Meesei, but she had been the quickest to sprint up to her room after they had learned she had returned.
Meesei, at the current point, is relentless at trying to find Sabine, and now confused at the fact that she arrived in the Daggerfall clan and left just as quickly. She could go to the Daggerfall clan, it would lead to Ri'vashi being very angry if she brings Do'rhajul. The pack is not in the Daggerfall clan itself at the moment.
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