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Although nearly everyone’s attention was sole fixated upon the god standing over them, Sabine would find that her fearful show of reverence towards Hircine was not entirely ignored. She would feel a large hand upon her back, then Meesei beside her knelt down, but looking at her instead of Hircine. Even as a dragon-armored werewolf, she could still show a softness to her gaze. “Do not be intimidated. Their power is not dictated by how they choose to appear.” She said calmly. Indeed, it was easy to forget with such an impossibly dominating sight before them, but a Daedric Prince could appear in whatever form they chose. Hircine could just as well approach them as a frail-looking rabbit, while still holding all the same power within.

After a moment, Hircine spoke, though it did not feel like his voice was actually coming from the massive being looming over them. It seemed more like he was speaking inside each and every one of their heads, even the non-lycans. “Go, my hounds. Claim glory in my name. The Great Hunt of an era begins, and my Champion shall slay the most deadly of prey.”

His words were short, simple, and puctuated by the activation of the great gate. Finally, they had broken through into Clavicus Vile’s realm. The war had been long and hard-fought, and now began the one battle that would decide it all. Meesei stood to her feet and stepped forward, up to the portal, which cast her in a fiery orange glow. Elite contingents of both Legionnaires and Dominion soldiers would be following them through, but it was her and her pack that would lead the way. Meesei took in a breath, reached back to check that the Rueful Axe was firmly secured to her back, then stepped through the portal.

As planned, the other side of the portal rose up from the ground on a rocky plateau in the Fields of Regret. It was an elevated position, just over the valley they would need to cross to reach the source of power on their map. There was a large, steep cliff leading up the mountain just behind it that created a natural wall in that direction, so they only needed to worry about setting up defenses in the direction of the valley.

It seemed that Meesei’s expectations of Vile’s realm were not inaccurate. It was not entirely dissimilar from parts of Tamriel, or even the Hunting Grounds, as the valley before her seemed to be mostly forested countryside. There were, of course, mountains on both sides of the valley, though the left side, from her perspective, of what would become their battlefield was also bounded by a wide, slow-moving river. The trees and other plant life felt familiar, but the landscape did have features that made it seem more bizarre, such as spirals of stone archways floating up into the air, and levitating chunks of what looked like metal ore dispersed among the trees, seemingly at random.

However, it was their goal that stood out most prominently. On the far end of the valley, exactly in the place of the source of power Neesa’s machine had detected, was a massive tower reaching up nearly to the clouds. It had three pillars of brightly glowing, violet light spiraling upwards and meeting at the top. Meesei had wondered if they would need to scout ahead as they went to find Vile, but it seemed to her that their destination was fairly…obvious.
“Agreed.” Ri’vashi replied, pointing a claw to some of the marks they had made on their map denoting planned troop positions. “This one thinks she knows how we can adjust our formations to accommodate them. We will have to give them space once we are through to fan out into the surroundings, but they can give us more time to establish a foothold…”

As disruptive as the sudden arrival of an army of disorganized beasts might have been, their military leaders were up to the task of adapting. Meesei still never got to see the full extent of the spirit army with her own eyes, but all types of lycans came pouring in from the forest, and the skies above. Meesei was glad that most of their warriors had already been in formation before the spirits started arriving, else it would have been far more difficult for them to simply move into their positions.

Finally, Meesei’s pack gathered directly in front of the portal. The sigil stone was being kept a safe distance away, but the message was already being sent to activate it. It would just be a short wait now. Naturally, they were also joined by the warriors of Sabine’s fledgling pack, and though he was not a lycan, Do’rhajul’s loyal friend Yerig still stood by his side, still with his ancient sword and tattered robes.

In addition to the equipment and supplies they would normally bring with them, Meesei also entrusted a few other items to some of her packmates. Fendros had been given a Dwemer control rod that could direct the actions of any of their automatons. Although her pack would not have any of the machines with them immediately as they went through, they would be bringing nearly every automaton they had built into this battle. The control rod could not give complex instructions, but it could direct them to follow, guard a position, or attack specific targets. Sabine, meanwhile, had been entrusted with two sigil stones. One was a “gift” from Molag Bal, and one among many that Hal-Neesa had distributed to Imperial, Dominion, and lycan forces alike. When used, it would create a location where Molag Bal could call down a dark anchor and send forth Daedra from Coldharbour to assist them. Understandably, few of their commanders were particularly enthused about the idea of actually using them, but they had agreed to take them as an option “if needed.” The other sigil stone was unique, and critical to their plans. It was specially enchanted to allow Hircine himself to break through and join in battle with Clavicus Vile once they were in a position to confront the Daedric Prince.

Leading up to this day, Meesei imagined what she might say to their collected armies, if she could. Although, it did not seem like there was going to be much of an opportunity for speeches. The vast majority of their forces would not even be able to hear her voice if she tried, but she did not feel too worried. Indeed, now that they were standing before the portal, moments from activation, the atmosphere just felt…strangely calm. For all of the tension and worry that had led up to this day, Meesei was focused, and she felt the same from many of the faces she looked upon around her. They had prepared all they could, down to every last detail they could think of. Now was the time to act; to do what her pack had become such experts at over the course of the past decade of warfare.

Even still, Meesei had some words of encouragement that, if no one else, her own pack could hear. “The Daedra do not fear death, and they think it is their strength. They will fight ferociously, without thought nor care to what damage or pain it might cause them, since they know they cannot truly be destroyed. But their careless aggression will no be enough for them. They are not fighting for the same stakes we are. They are not fighting for anything other than their own glory, or the words of a contract with Vile. They may not know death…” She began, a notable grin forming in her expression. “…but I think we will show them exactly how ferociously we can fight, how indomitable we can be, when we have something to live for.”

Meesei could feel the power begin to swell up in the portal before them. The message must have reached the caretakers of the sigil stone, and the activation was beginning. However, the process was quickly overshadowed by another, immensely powerful presence. The torrent of power around them completely flooded Meesei’s senses in a way that made the greatest displays of magical power she had witnessed in the past feel like a light drizzle in comparison. Above the horizon, Hircine appeared. Towering above even the mountains, his mere presence commanded nearly every lycan to fall to their knees.
Falul ' Taham - Aboard the Tantive IV

Falul nodded towards Erthos. “Then I suggest you gather any specific information you might have on this potential weapon. We can discuss it in detail the next time we meet together to form our war plans. If it is a near enough threat, we may need to seek it out and destroy it.”

Across the far reaches of the newly-created Empire, and even some places beyond, the attitudes of the people had been dominated by tension and uncertainty. Regardless of whatever feelings they may or may not have had towards Alderaan or its people, Anubis’ show of power was the topic on the tips of everyone’s tongues, or analogous appendage. Palpatine, their former Chancellor turned Emperor by popular support, had been slain and replaced by a usurper claiming to be a god. It was a claim that would perhaps normally be ridiculous, only, as the days went on, it seemed more and more like he was proving it. Just as Anubis had said, Alderaan became an unlivable wasteland before the eyes of the galaxy. Some took it as evidence enough to accept Anubis’ claim to godhood, though many across the Empire were not religious to start with and would not be so quickly swayed to faith. Still, even if it did not immediately convert them all, it was a very real display of power that could potentially paralyze any resistance before it had a chance to begin.

Accompanying the fear came disorder as well. Anubis had proved himself both murderous and vengeful, so there were few figures of authority willing to openly denounce his actions, at least so soon after the event. With silence from their leaders, the majority of the galaxy’s people were left to make their own judgments with only the information they had before them. With the only remaining symbol of authority being Anubis himself.

This was until the live feed broadcasting Alderaan’s slow destruction was suddenly interrupted. The feed cut to black for a few seconds, then was replaced by what was, for many, a familiar face. Thanks to Palpatine’s machinations, the reputation of the Jedi had been severely tarnished, with Anakin Skywalker as the exception. For citizens of the Republic, he had been a popular figure, a war hero, and a “good” Jedi. Bail had assisted him in preparing his speech, though for the sake of his people, he did not yet appear directly on the broadcast. They needed time to recover before risking Anubis’ ire being directed specifically towards them again.

“People of the Galaxy, both members of the Republic and those of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Today we watched a crown jewel of our galaxy be turned into a lifeless husk. And by who other than a being claiming to be a god and demanding that we bend the knee to him? Sheev Palpatine sought to manipulate us all into fighting a bloody war that would leave both sides weakened and susceptible to total take over by his Empire while he swept the remnants of Seperatist and Republic aside with ease. The Jedi discovered this and tried to arrest him, but were already too late to do so, and so our Order was decimated.

We cannot let this stand, just as the Confederacy fought for their beliefs the Republic was corrupt and we of the Republic fought to protect a union of systems that, while it had its issues, was a united front against tyranny and oppression from all sources. And we should now all turn to face this Anubis and show him that he cannot simply walk in and claim dominion over any being! Set aside your grievances and fight to protect our freedoms as a one Galaxy! Not as a Republic or a Confederacy, but as one united peoples to defend what is ours! Stand with me, stand with Master Yoda and help us send this tyrant to join the Force!”

Anakin stepped to the side enough to show to the galaxy the view from the bridge of the stolen Assimilator-class Star Destroyer from which he was broadcasting. "His Empire isn't as unbeatable as he wants you to think."

Falul 'Taham - The Immaculate Aegis

For the fleet, the ships they had brought to Alderaan did not immediately return to their hidden shipyard, but instead joined their new allies over Mantor VII. They had not yet come to a consensus on whether they should reveal the location of their base of operations to any of their allies, and if so, who they should trust. Of course, they still had access to near-instant superluminal communication to their base, so they could still communicate with their shipyard.

It had been only a day since the destruction of Alderaan came to completion, so its impact on the galaxy as a whole was still uncertain. Still, the fleet could not just wait and see what was going to happen. They were at a pivotal moment, where an effective resistance could either be forged, or crushed, so they needed to act quickly and decisively.

While the majority of their ships’ crew members would have some time to catch their breath, their leadership was under more pressure than they had ever been. They could not delay any longer; they needed to make decisions about the structure and direction of their fleet and its goals that could shape their approach to the war. The Aegis would be hosting their meeting to make use of a secure slipspace communications node, so they could still communicate back to the shipyard.

On Falul’s part, he had spent every waking hour since they left Alderaan preparing himself as best as he could. For the situation they were in, he recognized his own shortcomings in personal experience, but he took the time to seek the counsel of trusted members of his crew, as well as to review historical data from the Human-Covenant war. In many ways, the challenges that Humanity faced against the Covenant during the war would be similar to what their fleet would bear similarities to what they would have to face against the Empire, at least in a broad sense. If he could learn from his former enemy, then he might be better prepared for such a different sort of war.

The room they would be using was fairly isolated deep within the Aegis so they would not be disturbed during their deliberations. It was a simple, mostly featureless chamber, apart from a holographic display table at the center of the room. For this meeting, the leaders of their ships could, of course, include anyone else they deemed necessary from their respective crews. Falul himself had not come alone, as he was accompanied by, curiously enough, a Kig-Yar. A T’vaoan, specifically. She was not dressed in armor, like almost everyone else on the Aegis but instead wore a garment consisting of separate pieces of fine, colorful, silk-like cloth, in stark contrast to the solid black feathers on her head and forearms. She also wore a fairly excessive amount of jewelry: rings, bracelets, necklaces, and even a few jewels embroidered into her clothes. There was no unifying “style” among her jewelry, suggesting it all might have been collected from many cultures. Not all of the metals were even particularly valuable; the only thing they all seemed to have in common were that they were shiny.
Vykosa snapped her gaze onto Teroiah. “Hircine is not changing your precious plans. He will be saving his strength for the final battle with Vile himself. It is our role to crush his minions within our claws.”

Shortly afterwards, there was movement in the sky that drew eyes upwards. Werevultures and werebats, just a few at first, but their numbers were steadily growing. Some of the smaller and lighter ones landed in trees, while others moved to any open space on the ground they could find. The lycan spirits were quickly filling up any space they happened to be able to find in view of the portal, landing in between formations, perhaps uncomfortably close to the Legionnaires and Dominion soldiers. And this was just the flying werecreatures. “Every lycan that has ever lived and died” was not a precise number, but already, its scale was coming into view. They were in a largely forested area, beyond their clearing, so they could not see off to the horizon. How many lycan spirits were converging onto their portal?

“It seems our hunters are nearly here. You may choose when we advance through your portal, but do not keep these lycans waiting too long. They thirst for blood, and may not appreciate having to be idle for too long.” Vykosa remarked.

Ri’vashi saw their new arrivals, but she kept her eyes on the map between her and the other commanders. This was a surprise, a last-minute disruption to their plans, but at least it was a good surprise. “There are places we can use this.” Ri’vashi began, glancing up to Teroiah and gro-Tagnud. “Between the first and second waves, after we clear the area around the portal, but before we start constructing our fortifications, we can send in a wave of lycan spirits. They will spread out, engage the enemy, disrupt them from forming ranks, and slow down their response. They do not need to have organization or training to accomplish that much. We can treat them as skirmishers.”
Vykosa scoffed at Fendros. “Do you always bend so easily in the face of resistance? It is good that it is not you this one seeks.”

The Khajiit stepped up closer to Meesei, though she did not make any moves that would necessarily be considered “aggressive”. To any onlookers, Meesei, in her werewolf form clad in dragon armor, was the more imposing figure between the two, though Vykosa, of course, did not show any signs of being intimidated. “Vykosa has no interest in being ‘led’ by you, lizard. You have your warriors dressing up in armor and playing soldier like these weak mortals.” She growled, gesturing a hand towards Teroiah and gro-Tagnud. “…but we will not interfere with you. If you want to line up in formations and pretend to be soldiers, you may, but we will storm Vile’s realm and lay waste to any resistance he dares to throw at us.”

“On one condition.” A voice sounded out nearby, though it was not Meesei. Ri’vashi turned away from the map and set her stern gaze upon Vykosa. She wore newly-forged and enchanted ebony armor, with an ebony sword on her hip in the same Akaviri style as her father’s blade. “You and your warriors can do whatever you want once you are through the portal, but our plans require timing, and only so many can pass through the portal at once. We will decide when you go through.”

Fortunately, Vykosa did not seem to take offense at the demand. “Very well. You have created this portal, so Vykosa will grant you that much.”

Ri’vashi returned her attention to the map. “How many lycans will we be sending through?”

“All of them.” Vykosa replied.

Ri’vashi grunted in annoyance. “I mean, what is the size of your pack?”

“I mean all lycans.” Vykosa answered again. “The Moon Hunter pack is the strongest, but every lycanthrope that has ever lived and died will be joining Hircine on this hunt.”
Falul 'Taham - Aboard the Tantive IV

While many of those present, especially the Alderaanians on the ship, were still focused on the devastation of the planet, Falul’s thoughts pushed forward to the war ahead of them. In the immediate future, the message that Anakin was soon to deliver to the galaxy could have an impact on how much resistance they could inspire against the Empire, but there would still be a war to fight beyond the inspirational words. However, Falul could not help but to feel out of his element. Without question, he could lead in battle and was confident in doing so. He knew how to arrange and deploy fleets, devise strategies in ship-to-ship combat, and exploit the mistakes of his enemies, but the grand strategy of this sort of war was different from anything he had done before. During the Human-Covenant war, he had been in a position more comparable to the Imperials. The Covenant was the dominant, near-unstoppable force in the galaxy. Even since the end of the war, Jul ‘Mdama’s Covenant has not been stronger than the Swords of Sanghelios. In this war, though, they would have to face an opponent with a far larger military force, and far greater manufacturing capabilities. Still…Falul was not without resources. There were those in his crew with potentially more relevant experience, and with whom he could take counsel. He also had access to extensive historical records from the Human-Covenant war, which he could study to his hearts’ content.

Of course, his own preparations would have to come later. For now, Falul focused his attention on Jason. “I can think of many more than one. Once we are back to our fleet, we will need to gather everything we know about our capabilities, and those of our allies, and everything we know about our enemy. Then we will need to decide, conclusively, what strategy we indent to take in this war. Now what are the concerns that you have?”
As much time as they had to prepare for it, the moment ended up being a painful one for many in the pack. They had the time to show their children all the affection they wanted, but ultimately, they still had to get to the portal and get into position to start the final battle of the war. Despite her confident attitude, Ahnasha hugged Rhazii for about a minute longer than it took to become awkward, and Kaleeth almost forgot her own strength when embracing Julan. Lorag, while he did not show any physical affection, did actually give Narsi a look that betrayed his pride in her before they all finally had to leave.

Once they did finally part ways, there was no one who immediately demanded that they head back to Tamriel, but they were all certainly aware that they would be shepherded back if they did not do so on their own soon enough. Still, for Julan, it was a hard step to take. Heading back through the portal made their departure seem all the, and in his current form, emotion held a much stronger weight within his mind. At the very least, it was not anger and rage being pushed to the forefront of his mind, which would have agitated his beast in a way he might not have been able to control. As it stood, it was just his tears that he could not control.

Julan stepped up between Rhazii and Narsi. He could not think of what he could or should say, and even if he had, he was not sure he would be able to articulate it. Finally, he decided to reach his arms out around them and pull both of them in close. In his current form, neither of them were particularly able to resist.

Even for Meesei, being gathered by the portal was getting her heart beating just a bit faster. All of the armies had their troops gathered and arranged into the formations they would take through the portal. Even with such a large gate, it would take time to move their armies through, so they would have to send in troops to clear the area around the destination portal, then send supplies to build fortifications for a defensive perimeter while they moved in the bulk of their armies. It was the stage of their invasion where they would probably be the most vulnerable, but thanks to Hal-Neesa's work on the Dwemer device, they were not going in blind. They would have the element of surprise, so there likely would not be much resistance around the portal, and they had been able to select a defensible position as their destination for their great gate. Meesei's pack would be the first ones through the portal, but they would not be alone, and it would not be the most difficult task ahead of them.

While the portal was having varla stones, and other sources of magical energy, arranged around it to power its activation, Meesei's pack was gathered with the rest of their leadership around their best map of Vile's realm to go over their plans one last time. Legate General gro-Tagnud and Teroiah were, of course, present, as well as Hal-Neesa and Ri'vashi. Once they had their foothold, the majority of their forces would take a direct path towards the source of power their map had revealed, including Hal-Neesa. Meesei's pack, meanwhile, would move with a smaller force through a mountain pass along the northern side of the battlefield, with the support of some of their more elite warriors. Not only were there watchtowers in the mountains that would be beneficial to capture, or at least deny to Vile's forces, but the vampire lord insisted that her power would overshadow the real threat of the empowered Rueful Axe, and Vile would not sense it until it was too late. If all went to plan, the majority of Vile's forces would be distracted fighting the main bulk of their combined army, leaving less resistance for Meesei's force. Even if Hal-Neesa and the others were held up in the center, the mountain pass would bring Meesei's pack into striking distance of the source of power, and hopefully Vile himself. They would also be deploying part of their forces along the southern edge of the battlefield, though their purpose would mostly just be to prevent flanking attempts to the center. Of course, they all had to be ready to improvise if events did not quite proceed according to plan.

The final meeting of their leadership was interrupted by a brief commotion nearby, followed by a tall, black-furred Khajiit shoving past two Aldmeri soldiers. It was the lycan who had confronted them upon their first arrival, Vykosa "the Ascendant". She slammed her staff down against the ground, keeping her eyes firmly on Meesei, though seemingly speaking to them all. "So you seek to make your plans without Vykosa. Do you intend to force them upon the Moon Hunter Pack as well?"

Ahnasha tried to hide her tears as best as she could, again putting her focus on staying positive and keeping their parting words lighthearted. “Yes…the hunt of an era, isn’t it? And while we are hunting with Hircine himself, I think I will task you, son, with finding a good spot on the wall to mount the head of a god.”

For Julan, he felt almost desperate to avoid separating from his parents. He was old enough to understand the kind of danger they would be in, but not quite old enough to be completely rational about why he could not join them. He just wanted to be able to know what was happening with them, so he would not be spending the entire time during the battle worrying about them. In his werecrocodile form, he felt powerful, almost invincible. He was already as big as a werewolf, though Kaleeth’s approach did give perspective on how much more growing he had left to do. Especially in this armor, she was imposing enough to make him feel small.

For a brief moment, Julan instinctively recoiled at Janius’ touch, but he quickly wrestled back control of his mind. Kaleeth, meanwhile, moved up alongside Janius and put her arm around his back, pulling him in close to her. Her words came much more clearly than Julan’s, and she seemed even more comfortable speaking in this form than usual. “Your day will come eventually, Julan, but right now, you have to keep yourself safe. The war against Vile is the battle we’ve been fighting, and the one we are supposed to finish. Your challenges are still ahead of you.”

Julan was silent and contemplative before Narsi’s display quickly grabbed everyone’s attention. Like her, Lorag paid little attention to the others. There was something to be proud of in her spirit, he supposed. Relative to his total strength, it hardly took any effort for him to interrupt her striking by simply reaching a hand out and pushing her, knocking her onto her rear. “Bold words. I expect you to live up to them.” He replied, though soon enough, he ended up kneeling down in front of her and letting out a sigh. “There’s a lot of ways things could have been different in your life. Different for you, different for me…but the past doesn’t change. No point in dreaming that it will. The future can change, though, and right now, you have a chance to do something with yours. To be better, and stronger, than most Orcs could ever hope to be. Even if I failed to be a father, I at least want to give you that chance. If I die, then that’s what I’ll be leaving you with, so don’t waste it.”
Ahnasha enthusiastically joined in the embrace with Fendros and Rhazii, and since she wore an open helm, she could still stand up on her toes and kiss Rhazii’s cheek. It would have been easy for her to just stay in a loving embrace with her family until they were dragged away to the battle, but she was not going to leave him without a few words of her own. She had actually spent hours thinking of what she wanted to say to Rhazii before they left, but all of that planning quickly gave way to just saying what came to her mind.

“I love you, son. You’ve already made the both of us proud, and I’m sure that’s not going to stop anytime soon. Now, I know that nothing I could possibly say is going to stop you from worrying today, but I feel like I would be disappointing you if I didn’t at least try to tell you that you don’t need to. Sure, we’re going to be invading Oblivion itself, but I can command Daedra to my will. By the time we’re done, I’ll have Vile’s armies bowing down to me.” Ahnasha grinned. It might have been an obvious exaggeration of her abilities, but she did not want everything in their last talk before the battle to be serious and foreboding.

Julan ran his hands down across the dragonbone plates. In truth, they did not feel too different to the touch than most other bones, but the difference would be made clear once something tried to actually break through it. In many ways, the fact that his parents were even wearing the armor at all in their current forms was impressive. Even if they could be calm enough to allow themselves to be equipped with armor, most lycans would not be able to use it effectively. The animal instincts of their beast spirits would make them agitated to be so encumbered and end up detracting from their focus, or even make them lose control. It took experienced, well-trained lycans to be able to do what his parents were doing. Kaleeth in particular had not even been sure she would be able to wear the full set, but at the moment, she was demonstrating a remarkable amount of control, as if her mind was not clouded in the slightest.

After a few moments of looking anxiously at the armor, Julan finally replied. “I…wish we didn’t have to split up.”

Quickly, Julan decided to throw off what he was wearing and make his own transformation into his werecrocodile form. At his age, he was still not at full size, which was easy to see when comparing him to his mother. Though, as a crocodile, he still stood as tall as his father in werewolf form, and looked to be about as physically strong. His fear and anxiety was more difficult to read in the expression of his beast form, but they had no reason to believe it had diminished. His words came more slowly and intentionally through his crocodilian snout, since he had to put a more deliberate effort into speaking, but he was still clearly speaking with his own mind. “I’ve been…practicing a lot in this form. Control, I…control it a lot better now, see? Are you sure I can’t help you?”

Lorag’s stance mirrored Narsi’s, and it was not until she spoke up that he turned his head to look at her. “Hey, you better not come up with any excuses to give up. If I die out there, I expect you to keep trainin’ here, got it? I’ve given you all you need. I trained half the warriors in this clan, so if my teaching is worth a damn, then they can train you too. If the Daedra kill me and you end up gettin’ lazy, I swear my ghost will haunt you.”
Falul 'Taham - Aboard the Tantive IV

Falul considered Yiithrin’s suggestion. He was not as opposed to the idea as some of the others present, but they did make arguments against the deception that Falul could not dispute. In truth, this felt more like politics to him than warfare, and that was not where his strengths could be found. He had approached the idea of giving a message to the galaxy from the perspective of a commander inspiring the morale of his troops, but he was not sure of how to convince this galaxy to resist Anubis to begin with.

Nevertheless, Falul could still follow the points the others were making, and ultimately, he agreed that a lie was too risky at this point. “Such deception could be useful to us in the future, but only when our enemy does not have the means to disprove our lie. If the galaxy fails to believe his first attempt, Anubis may simply destroy another planet.”

Falul cast his gaze towards Anakin. He was not sure what most of the locals present knew about the Sangheili, or the rest of the fleet. Coordinating the evacuation had been such a constant effort that they had not yet had the change to brief everyone present on the full situation. “I do not know what you have learned about my people, and our fleet, but just as Anubis has crossed the boundaries of universes to conquer your galaxy, we have been brought here by one of his enemies to help destroy him. He has not, and could not have planned for us, and though we do not have the numbers to defeat his Empire openly, we have other advantages we can press. Our fleet is more than a match for his strongest ships, and we have already claimed victories in open combat. We can win battles, achieve important objectives. We should not underestimate the overwhelming force of our enemy, but if we need to convince your galaxy to fight back, we can do so with actions as well as words. If we are to give a message to inspire resistance among your people, then we should be confident in that fact. Now, who shall deliver it? I have no talent for politics, but I do know that a strong leader can be a more powerful weapon than the greatest warship. The face they see trying to rally them should be one they are familiar with, and one they believe is strong enough to succeed.”
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