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Meesei could not help but to smile, if subtly. She took her tea cup in her hand and blew over its surface before answering. "To be honest, I am not completely certain myself. Time has been quite...fickle for me, especially as of late." It was true that she did not remember the exact amount of time it had been since her last visit, though she was also not quite certain that she even remembered what city they were in. In both visits, she had arrived through a portal in which someone else had given her the destination.

Given how Lunise had described her father, Meesei could see how Pircalmo hid the vast majority of his emotion. She had to admit that he was quite masterful in putting on a facade. Were it not for Lunise, Meesei had to admit that she likely would have been fooled by his act, and she could see where Lunise had developed that particular skill. Before they had began their relationship, and even for a short while in the beginning, Meesei had tended to be left guessing on Lunise's true thoughts on any matter, important or no.

Meesei did not want to come across as accusing Pircalmo of hiding anything, but she did want to at least present the fact that she did not blame him for the emotions he may have been hiding. "Do not worry. I know of the nature of Nytala's relationship to you, not to mention the fact that she is a Psijic mage, and I do not blame you for taking the time to appropriately address whatever it is that letter may have contained. I can only guess that it was important. I can say that I did enjoy the garden; I am someone who does appreciate natural beauty."
Meesei began to smile, glancing off towards a cluster of flowers frozen in the midst of a gust of wind. "Yes, I think we have cheated time enough these past few days. Or hours, depending on your perspective. If you do change your mind, though, I will be there for you. I am better at finding time than most." She laughed lightly before stepping back into place and releasing the spell, bringing them back into the regular flow of time.

As the world around them started to move once more, Meesei gave a slow nod to Lunise, who, from an outside perspective, had only just approached. "I take it he is ready, then? I will be right behind you." She remarked. Just as Lunise had suggested, Meesei would wait outside Pircalmo's office for Lunise to give the word to enter.
"Hmm, maybe he already suspected she was not coming back? But even if he did, having that fact confirmed would still hit me just as hard, were I in his position." Meesei remarked. "Do you think he needs more time? While I would like to speak to him, I do not want to disturb him if you think it would be better that he be left alone."

Meesei took hold of Lunise's hands, looking her firmly in the eyes. "And for that matter, do you need any more time? I doubt either of us can get away from our responsibilities later today, but I would use up a whole crate of welkynd stones to keep this spell going if you needed it."
Meesei silently and attentively listened through the whole of Lunise's explanation. She nodded to Lunise, her own expression mirroring her sadness. "I see. That possibility did cross my mind while I was waiting. From our time with your mother, I did not get the impression that she was leaving. Out of any of the bad news she could have given him...that did seem the most likely."

There was some hesitation from Meesei, but she did feel that she may have some helpful advice. Though, it was something that may well also have occurred to Lunise already. "Did you mention anything to him about our visit to her in Artaeum? If not...perhaps he does deserve to know? Speaking with Nytala, I never got the sense that she was anything less than genuine when she said that she loved you, and him. I do believe that, if it were her choice, she would want to return to you. I believe that she does want to return to you, even still. But, she mentioned several times that she has seen into many possible futures, and as frustratingly vague as the Psijic Order demands that she be, she did hint that she has some sort of purpose there. Some purpose that will directly influence you. For her to give up being with you and your father...whatever she has seen must be immensely important. Perhaps it would help your father to know that?"
Meesei stood up from the stone bench on which she was relaxing when she saw Lunise approach. She had to admit that she had not anticipated such a long conversation between Lunise and her father, but she did hope that was a good sign. If it helped her, then an hour of light boredom was a worthwhile sacrifice.

There were students in the garden, some passing through, others taking a break themselves. They could have moved somewhere else, or waited for them to move along, but Meesei elected to freeze the both of them in time. Or take them out of it, more accurately. Even if there were easier options, Meesei did feel there was a certain sort of romance to halting time, just to afford her the opportunity to lean in and give Lunise a kiss. More seriously, based on Lunise's demeanor, Meesei felt that she might benefit from a more personal sort of comfort than she was free to give in the open. "How did it go? Was there anything of concern in the letter?"
“I, unfortunately, do not think I can tell you one way or another what would be the best choice.” Meesei remarked. “As I said, I do not know him as you do. But, maybe I can help you ask yourself the right questions. Do you think he does not ask for that kind of support because he does not want it, or because he is afraid to ask? I know that the…expectations of Altmer society are much different from what I am accustomed to. I know that if you seek him out and open up to him, it may change his perception of you as a proud, strong Justiciar, but…perhaps that would be something you would want at this point? That is your decision.”

Meesei paused and took a look around the hall multiple times before, briefly, smiling and putting a hand on her shoulder. “I think I will go and sit outside in the garden for a while. You can come with me if you like, but if you want to go back and talk with him in private, you do not need to worry about me. You can take as much time as you like as well; I know how to act like I belong.”
Meesei nodded, stopping in place and looking back down the hall. They were alone at present, though she now had to keep in mind the fact that they were in a public place, in Tamriel. She would not have thought that she would have become so accustomed to the freedom they enjoyed in Artaeum over only a few days, yet it had seemed so natural.

Regardless, Meesei's focus remained fixed on the situation at hand. "Perhaps so. I have to imagine that any correspondence after two hundred years of silence would be overwhelming. Still, if I noticed it, then I am certain you did as well. I could see him smiling at times, probably from some nostalgic memories. I think it was probably something good overall for him, but...there might have been something more, just by the way he was acting. I am not really sure. I know he suggested we take a walk around the campus, but...are you sure you do not want to speak with him? I can wait out here, if you think it would be best for the two of you to be alone for a while. I do not presume to understand your father better than you, but perhaps he might benefit from having you there to support him if he is overwhelmed? I can speak from experience when I say that you are a wonderful person to have around in difficult times." Meesei suggested, speaking somewhat softly.
Meesei could not read Pircalmo perfectly by any means, but it seemed to her that the letter's tidings were mixed. After close to two hundred years apart, Meesei supposed it would have been too optimistic to think that Pircalmo would have put the letter down smiling. With all the emotion it must have brought back for him, Meesei supposed she understood why he would want a few minutes to himself, and did not argue when Lunise guided her out of the room.

"What do you think the letter contained?" Meesei asked once she and Lunise were out of the room. She did not entirely remember the layout of the campus from their last visit, but it was easy enough for her to follow Lunise's lead. "She wrote quite a bit more than I had expected, but I suppose there was quite a lot of time for them to catch up on. I do not think Nytala would have included anything she did not think he needed to hear." She commented.
Having not held the letter herself, Meesei was briefly surprised at how substantial it was. There were multiple pages folded into the envelope, written front and back, and not in large print. As Pircalmo started to read, Meesei wondered if she should find a seat.

If there had been any doubt to Lunise's story, it would not have lasted long for her father. Even early in the letter, there were details that only Nytala could have known. The content of the letter was, of course, deeply personal between Nytala and Pircalmo, as one would expect of a married couple that had not spoken in centuries. Nytala spoke of regrets both old and new, commented on developments in Pircalmo's life that occurred well-after she left, and gave encouraging words for his future. He might have noticed some hints of how she had changed through the centuries in the way she spoke and the attitude she took, but he would still be able to see the personality of the woman he once knew. However, as much as she obviously wanted her correspondence to be a pleasant surprise for him, there was a bittersweet message behind it. She did not come right out and say it, but a great deal of the motivation behind her words was to let Pircalmo know that it was okay to move on. Given the circumstances of her departure, there had likely always been some doubt on whether or not she would return, but her letter put that doubt to rest. She was a part of the Psijic Order, believing in its goals and the role she expected she would play as a part of it. She did admit that she wished she could return, but had every reason to believe she would not. While it was possible that the Order may decide to return Artaeum to Tamriel, she would always be a part of the Order; possibly to the end of time itself, were she fortunate enough to live that long.

While most of the letter was personal to Nytala and Pircalmo, there was a section close to the end that pertained more closely to the current situation: There is still a part of me that wants to believe it was foolish for me to have even left Tamriel to begin with, if only for what it might have meant for our daughter. I can only be thankful for you, and for the role you have had in shaping her. It is ironic that, despite my absence, I have had more of an opportunity to watch how she has shaped her life as an adult. I will respect her privacy, and her right to decide for herself what details of her life she is comfortable sharing, but I can say that she has become a woman to be proud of. I know we both worry for the danger in which our daughter's lifestyle places her, but she is brave, principled, and possesses wisdom far beyond her peers. Some of her choices may be hard to understand, but if you still trust me, then believe me when I say that you should trust her as well. In some ways, I now believe her judgment is better than my own.
Despite entering the portal first, Meesei took a step back once she had arrived to allow Lunise to be in the forefront of Pircalmo's attention. While their last meeting had been quite cordial, his daughter was the most likely sight to calm any surprise. Meesei waited patiently for Lunise to greet him before speaking up herself.

"It is good to see you again, Pircalmo. I too apologize for any undue surprise; we did do our best to step through as quickly as we could once the portal was opened. I...would just like to start by saying that there have been no emergencies, no one has been harmed, and no one is in any immediate grave danger. There are some matters to discuss, but for the most part, this is a social visit, despite our unusual arrival. the very least, the message Lunise brings is not a bad one." Meesei explained. She supposed it was true that she did not know what Nytala's letter contained, but she doubted its contents would be something Pircalmo would not want to read.
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