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Pretty much all of the playable species native to Kanth-Aremek are ready and have been added to the OP, for anyone who wants to take a look at them. They also give some background on the world's history.
Catharyn did describe quite a period of unrest on Earth, so I imagine there are wars your character could have fought in.
Ok, since our ship is less like the pilgrims and more like that of Columbus or even the vikings that came before Columbus i suspect my character to have a contract to prospect for mineral wealth while others are concerned with map making.

I plan on him having poor eyesight due to having been wounded in a war. Instead he has a cheap cybernetic third eye implanted in the middle of his forehead. It has relatively advanced features like a smartphone from that time. He is a young man, only about 26 and is intent on fulfilling the terms of his contract. Equipped with a basic tent and some outback equipment he intends to set forth and find his fortune under the new sun!

I like the writing of the bird-people. I would like him to meet them first. Probably being discovered by their tribe. And once he's made a study of their culture to move on to civilization. Though i dont want him to be cut off from the rest of the party so they can phone him at any time on his third eye.

If anyone wants to join his group in this expedition beginning you could. Otherwise, i think that turning up to a castle as space-aliens might be provocative without contacting some guides first.

From what I know, cybernetics are certainly a thing, so that should be perfectly fine. I like the idea, personally. A third eye in the forehead is a creepy image, but...I like creepy. I did create four-eyed demon-birds, after all...

One point of clarification about the Tekeri. They did used to be tribal, but since the reign of the Archmagister began, they have expanded significantly. They have built large cities of their own, funded by their mineral wealth, so there is plenty of civilization to find among them, as well.
I have finished a few more of Kanth-Aremek's species. Once Catharyn is back online later, she can finalize and add them to the OP. I'll go ahead and put them here now though, so people can see them.


The S’tor are a bipedal, reptilian species. To a Human, they would appear to have a rather dragon-like appearance, though without the capability of flight. They have tough, thick scales which serve as a kind of natural armor, and that can have a large variety of colors and patterns. They tend to be large, with an average height well over six feet. As well, they are physically the second most powerful of the continent’s species, behind the Lorok.

Given their natural physical prowess, the S’tor have produced some of the most war-like cultures in the continent’s history. Granted, for most of their history, their warlords have been just as likely to fight one another as anyone else. However, the success of one particular warlord changed that dynamic. Cedec Kolodon, the conqueror, brought all of the S’tor under his banner, and of course, proceeded to set his sights outside their borders. The S’tor’s campaign of conquest started with smaller, neighboring states, but quickly picked up steam as they gained more land, resources, and recruits. Through decades of war, they spread farther and farther south across the continent. Larger nations usually fought or allied together to resist, while some smaller nations simply capitulated. Although they were slowed at times, especially when they reached the lands of the Glen and Iriad, there was ultimately no one who could stop them from conquering the continent.

The Kolodon Empire, as it was known, ushered in an era of strict, orderly rule across the continent. The S’tor under the Kolodon had been a highly organized, stratified society. The role of every citizen was both well-defined, and non-negotiable. Especially among cultures that loathe such restrictions, unrest and sedition was frequent, and harshly dealt with. For as much as it is remembered as being hated, however, Imperial rule was not strictly detrimental to their subjects. Indeed, under the Kolodon clan’s watchful eye, the continent experienced widespread growth and economic expansion. The Empire invested in massive building projects, such as roads connecting every major city, and dedicated military support to patrolling them to keep them safe for trade and travel. They established a unified code of laws and mandated that it be available for all citizens to be able to study and understand. In places where law had once been informal, unevenly, or even capriciously enforced, it made life more predictable and secure for the average citizen. The Empire mandated their language as the official tongue for trade and matters of state, and required it to be taught in all corners of the empire. Even today, S’toric is the most commonly known language across the continent, and is generally considered the lingua franca for dealings across cultures.

The rule of the Kolodon Empire lasted centuries and served to strengthen connections between cultures that had previously never interacted. However, despite the increases in wealth, fractures still began to form over time. The cultures they had conquered had not been destroyed, and there were some who still longed for the freedom and self-determination they had once enjoyed. Resistance, rebellions, and small uprisings popped up periodically. Even when they were put down, they still steadily eroded the Empire’s hold over its territory. Coupled with a string of ineffective Emperors, corruption in their government, and the growing influence of some regional rulers, the famed order of the Empire became much less firm. Eventually, large provinces became bold enough to split into open rebellion, right around the time that magic was discovered by the people of Kanth-Aremek. There are many who think of magic as what broke apart the Kolodon Empire, but most historians agree that it had been falling apart for many years leading up to it. The chaos wrought by magic merely hastened its fall.

The modern S’tor have returned to being split among a collection of nations in the northern half of the continent, struggling with one another just as much as any outsiders. The Kolodon “Empire” still exists in their original homeland as just one of those nations, while other clans fight for dominance to prove themselves as the ones who will restore the S’tor to their former glory. Although, just as the S’tor spread their culture across the land, so too did other cultures leave their mark upon them. Not all of the new S’tor kingdoms have maintained the former tenets of Imperial law. Some have loosened their restrictions, and while they still defend themselves, no longer seek to project their military might outwards. Rather, they seek to adapt to this new world as it evolves.


Originally the “glenfolk”, named for the lush natural valleys and forests of their homeland, they have since come to dominate many of the vast plains across the continent. They are a quadrupedal species, centaur-like, with an upper body resembling an elk (inspired by this sculpture).

For much of their early history, the Glen were nomads, though they did not remain resistant to settling down for long as other nations began to emerge. As with many other species on the continent, their history is a long series of small nations rising and falling as if with the tides, slowly shaping cities and building their culture. When the S’tor united and the Kolodon Empire formed, their city-states, like many others, banded together to resist. The S’tor’s war with the Glen lasted longer than most, but like all others, they fell to the singular rule of the Empire.

Though remembered as a dark period in their history for the strict and sometimes tyrannical leadership of their overlords, the Glen did benefit to an extent from their time as Imperial subjects. The organization and requirements of the hierarchy had ended up expanding their cities and strengthening their connections to other subject nations. When the Empire finally fractured, the land traditionally held by the Glen was split into two nations, Acanata and Mythadia, still primarily ruled by Glen, though now with significant populations of other species.

In modern times, Acanata and Mythadia are allied nations, and both together form the strongest alliance on the continent. Influenced by their central position in the continent, they had become trading hubs in the Empire, which has continued to this day. Acanata covers the area of the Glen’s original homeland and is ruled by a monarchy, while Mythadia is ruled by a council of noble families, including both Glen and other species. The roads that cross the plains are well-patrolled, and are among the shrinking few that are still considered to be mostly “safe” as the world grows more chaotic and dangerous. As other nations are rising to power and influence in the wake of magic’s discovery, their alliance is still holding strong to keep them as Kanth-Aremek’s leading power, for now.

The culture of the modern Glen is not particularly rigid, considering the multicultural influence upon Acanata and Mythadia during the time of the Empire. They are organized and civilized, but do not have strict social hierarchies. Glen tend to be particularly agitated by restrictions, and their love of freedom and adventure tends to push them to want to travel and explore.
Also Elves. Considering my character concept at the moment is an elf, that one is a little more critical lmao.

From what we are intending currently, something like an Elf would not be present in Kanth-Aremek. The kind of experience we are going for is for this Human crew to be strangers in a strange land. Kind of like Morrowind, if you’re familiar with that game, though leaning even more heavily into it. Likewise, we want the locals of the world to feel like these outsiders are truly strange and alien visitors, unlike anything they have met before. I think it will make the story more unique, and at least I’m hoping people will like it. Do you think there is anything else you might want to play? I’ll do what I can to accommodate, if I can make it fit in the world. I do appreciate suggestions for races that might appeal to people other than myself.

I am still working on some of the species, but a few of them tie together in their histories, so I need to finish them all before they can be posted. One of them is plant-based, which I think is neat.

I've got a tentative interest and a concept in play of sorts, though am wondering personally on the flexibility of the magic as described, if there's room for really expanding how each of these "domains" is used and such, as well as the possibility of other domains.

As for the magic domains, my approach to them is to pick one thing that the domain can manipulate, then try to imagine everything that might be done with it. For example with heat, the thing that it is manipulating is thermal energy. You can increase heat to generate fire, but, you can also remove heat to use the cold to your advantage. Force is pretty versatile, because it can do anything you might imagine being able to do with telekinesis. There might be other types of magic that could get their own domain that I may not have thought of yet. What sorts of magic were you thinking of?

I am currently working on some of the playable races, and I made one based on the prompt you gave. It felt like something that would be fitting for simple, peaceful giants. I haven't decided on the exact final size or appearance yet, but I wanted to know if you are satisfied with how I have portrayed them so far, or if there is anything you would do differently.

Here it is:

Lorok - The Lorok are mammals covered in thick fur, head to toe, and are by far the largest and most physically powerful of the intelligent species on Kanth-Aremek. Though, their intelligence is not known to be particularly exceptional. Both historically and in modern times, the Lorok often live simple lives as hunter-gatherers among their tribes in the wilds scattered across the continent. Unlike some other species, they never formed nations, and their tribal groups rarely exceed fifty or so individuals. At the same time, despite their imposing physical power, they have a reputation for being peaceful giants. As with any species, individuals may stray from the norm, but their tribes tend to be friendly neighbors to any who are accepting of their presence. They will absolutely defend themselves if needed, but they do not tend to seek conflict, and they are mostly content to keep to themselves. As a people, they have not shaped the geopolitics of Kanth-Aremek, though there are a few fables and fairy tales that include kind Lorok hermits giving relief to weary travelers.

While not terribly common, some Lorok have moved beyond their tribes and live in the cities and cultures of other species. An odd quirk of the Lorok is that they are builders by nature, and their villages are often rather impressively constructed by the standards of a tribal culture. While their intelligence may be lacking in many respects, it is as if they have an instinctual understanding of the physics required for certain types of engineering. With education, some Lorok living outside their tribes have become almost bizarrely skilled architects. Most notably, the master architect behind the construction of the Ascendency’s capital was a Lorok hand-picked by Archmagister Vyana herself.
@Steel LegionAre you intending for a character whose job was to find and mark valuable resources? I think that would make sense as a registered passenger, if they are working for them formally.

Yes i want to play someone from earth. Im thinking of a prospector a bit like people from the American colonization period, but with a modern twist.

I would expect that would make sense for an exploration vessel. Catharyn is more the one making decisions regarding the crew, though.
Something like the wookies; small, furry, and murderous as hell.

Second suggestion: something big, strong and massively stupid. Maybe really, really slow too, so they're not even competent fighters, but they are competent shield bearers or workhorses or maybe they are really really dumb, but they understand physical sciences like nobody else and can tell you exactly how you can effortlessly lift something 20x the weight of the person carrying it using a special technique or (whatever science mumbojumbo you can come up with to sort of justify that), or they understand mechanical engineering really, really well (which is surprising cause they're dumb).

But mostly I still just want alternative wookies.

We can create one of those, certainly.

Also, just to clarify, anyone can also be a part of the Jotunheim crew from Earth. In fact, we would quite like to have a good number of those crew members in the story. I am just making the playable species for those who want something different.
We are currently working on defining some of the playable species. As Catharyn mentioned we are open to suggestions before it starts properly, if anyone has any ideas of their own. Just bear in mind that, to Kanth-Aremek, Humans are a new and alien species. The crew of the Jotunheim will very much be strangers in a strange land. To preserve that feeling, there is not anything too Human-like that is native to that world.
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