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Vael 'Virisusai

Vael followed behind Tar as best as he could, given the circumstances. He had to stay close enough to keep the glow of the spectre’s engines in view, regardless of how the winds wanted to push them. They were moving into the wind at this point, so Vael had to periodically use the vehicle’s boost to regulate his speed, which was a challenge in variable winds.

As they headed up the basin, Vael was just able to keep up long enough to come within sight of the cave entrances. Approaching the mountain did reduce the headwind, though ironically, that caused just as many problems on approach. Vael had been boosting into the wind, so as that wind weakened, his approach ended up faster than he intended. He reacted quickly, pulling back and to the side to slow his speed, though the side of his canopy still ended up scraping against the cave wall through some of the vines. His passengers might have been shaken up somewhat, but it was at least not a dangerous collision.

Vael pulled back away from the wall and brought his spectre to a stop. They were finally out of the rain, though he was not going anywhere at that very moment. ”Stay on the spectres until all of us have come to a stop.” He ordered. If any of the others came in as quickly as he had, then it would be easy for anyone standing around to be crushed.
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Vreta rubbed his hand over his temples. “Tired. And I feel like I have a headache. I’m also worried about 595 and Osman. They haven’t come out yet. I suppose Osman is probably moving to assist at the Bridge with the rest of her forces, but what about the Agent? She was with us when the Navigator contacted us, and presumably she would have been incapacitated just the same. Why hasn’t she come back like the rest of us?”

Eventually, Vreta let out a sigh. “Honestly, I don’t think there is much else we can do right now. All there is left is to wait and see if the Navigator can stabilize the Cradle. We really should get some rest so we’ll be ready when we are needed. Between Nirann, Marae, and your team, I think they can handle the passive observation.”

Rareth, meanwhile, grunted as she looked up at the screen. She was still making her calls via her implants, though it was hard to tell from the outside how she was multitasking. Certainly, the news on the screen did change some of the calls she needed to make. “Perhaps your military can keep control of these people. All of this chaos was…avoidable. So as long as your leadership honors your agreements, it does not matter to my people who we are working with.”
Kaleeth’s expression could not fully convey the sadness and dread within her, with the exception of the look in her eyes. Even with their armored beast forms, she put her arm around Janius and sought comfort in embracing him. Ahnasha and Lorag had similarly grown quiet, but resolute. It was not easy to accept what was happening, but they were already looking ahead to what was to come. Though, Lorag did finally speak a few words through bared teeth. “Make these Daedra regret standing against you…then we’ll carry that same message to Vile.”

For a brief moment, Meesei brought her hand up to Sabine’s cheek. “You are so much stronger than you know.” She said before finally taking a step back and looking upon her pack as a whole. “Goodbye.”

As Meesei turned around, the color seemed to return to the world as time resumed its normal pace. The gears started turning and the lift began to ascend. Meesei finally turned back to face the battle that was drawing in ever closer. Ri’vashi’s warriors were fighting for their lives against an enemy that gave no quarter, backed into a corner with no more option for retreat. The presence of Molag Bal’s Daedra had been disruptive to Vile’s horde and, critically, had bought the time needed to get Meesei’s pack onto the lift. However, even a Dark Anchor could not bring in Daedra fast enough to halt Vile’s forces. By this point, Daedra were swarming in on their flanks in enough numbers to make it inevitable that they would be overwhelmed. Ri’vashi’s warriors had fought harder and longer than one could ever have expected of them, but everyone had their limits.

As the lift was rising behind them, Ri’vashi herself fell back to Meesei’s position. She did not seem exhausted to the same extent as some of the others, but her armor was stained from head to toe with blood and dirt. Meesei could not tell through her armor what injuries she might have sustained, though the blood covering her katana did hint at how many she had killed.

Ri’vashi could see the lift rising above them, with Meesei staying behind. “We cannot hold back the Daedra long enough for them to reach the top. Do you have a way to stop them?”

“I do.” Meesei answered simply, though her tone did not carry the kind of hope that those words would imply. Her voice was cold, severe, and unmistakably determined.

Ri’vashi did not require explanation. Regardless of the details, she knew what fate was at hand for both Meesei and their enemies, but her end was still hers to choose. She closed her eyes for a moment, tightened both hands around the hilt of her blade, and let out a long breath. “It has been an honor, Champion.” She brought her blade up into a high guard, pointing its tip directly forward. “Forward!” She shouted to what remained of her warriors. Without a hint of fear, she rushed straight forward down the very center of the Daedric lines. She avoided almost without effort the spears of the pair of Skaafin who tried to meet her, while one deft motion of her blade found the neck of the first, and pierced its tip through the heart of the second. Still, she did not stop, and did not hesitate to continue to cut forward deep into the Daedra’s lines as they enveloped her on all sides.

Meesei glanced up at the lift making its way up the side of the tower. “Just a little longer…” She muttered to herself. The others just needed to be a little higher before it would be safe. Ri’vashi’s final shout had the last remnant of her forces fighting to their very last breaths with every bit of strength that remained in their bodies. From the start of the battle to its end, Ri’vashi and her warriors had fought hard enough that the Daedra had to climb over a field of their own fallen just to reach them, but their advance was inevitable. Like Ri’vashi before them, the brave souls that remained fought, struggled, and were enveloped by the horde.

The Daedra first started to come in on the flanks. Smaller, fast-moving creatures like clannfear started to make it close to her first. She pushed one hand out towards them, and with it, a blast of telekintetic force that sent them flying back over the heads of the Daedra behind them. On her other side, she let loose a barrage of magical lightning that stuck to the ground as if it were flame. She spread it out in an arc all around her, charging the ground with lightning to slow or halt any Daedra who dared approach her. Then, came the spellfire. With her allies defeated, any mage in sight could focus on her. Skaafin, xivilai, dremora concentrated destruction spells onto her from any angle they could find.

With another brief glance up to the lift, Meesei jabbed the end of the Staff of Magnus into the dirt to free up her other hand to defend herself. It was not quite time to tap into the Staff’s power. Her ward was a powerful bulwark against any individual spell that came her way, but one after another was wearing it down. Behind the lights of the spells lashing against her ward, however, was the glow of lightning charged through her other hand. Most Daedra had some form of weakness against shock, and such spells were a certain specialty for Meesei.

In this situation, chain lightning could tear its way through multiple ranks of Daedra. Each bolt of lightning cracked and echoed through the valley, and struck with an intensity that few creatures could withstand. Rarely did it take more than one bolt to drop the mages they struck, though just killing mages would not be enough for long. Her wall of lightning had stalled them for a moment, but soon enough, the Daedric frontline started to push through regardless. Lightning struck from the ground up, burning flesh and killing some of the weaker ones, but the rest could push through the pain.

Taking in a deep breath, Meesei knew it was time for one, final effort. All of her focus, every bit of strength and magicka she had left in her body was concentrated in between her hands. Her mind synchronized with the chaos of the destructive force she sought to command: the element of lightning. She gave no further regard to endurance or technique, only to pure, raw power, enhanced by Sabine’s potions, and by sheer force of will. When the closest of the Daedra were but mere steps away, she finally unleashed a storm of lightning to rival the fury of nature itself. Nothing close to her stood even the slightest chance as they were practically vaporized, and it only continued to chain from Daedra to Daedra behind them. Everything from lowly scamps to mighty harvesters fell to the power that pierced through their bodies. Whether their hearts stopped or they simply burned to death from the heat, all that was left over half a dozen ranks deep into the horde were bodies, and injuries spread even beyond that.

Immediately as the storm ended, Meesei collapsed onto her hands and knees. She felt like nearly every shred of strength had been drained from her body. Every last ounce of power she had was put into her spell, and what she had gained in exchange were…seconds. For every Daedra she had destroyed, there were a hundred more in the horde behind them to take their place. Already, Daedra beyond the range of her spell were climbing over the smoking bodies of the fallen to reach her. All of her effort had pushed them back by just a few seconds, but with a glance up at the rising lift far above her, Meesei could not help but to smile. Seconds were all that she had needed.

Grabbing a hold of the Staff of Magnus once more, Meesei pulled herself up to her feet. There was hardly any strength left in her body, but her own strength was no longer needed. The stolen power in the Staff was all she needed now. Even at her best, Meesei could not hope to control such immense power. All she could manage would be to release it, and to tune it to a particular target. From all sides, the Daedra closed in, roaring their battlecries, but Meesei simply closed her eyes and ignored the noise. Taking in one more, deep breath, she raised up the Staff once more, focused her mind, then jabbed it back into the ground.

From above, what one would see below was a white light brighter than the sun itself, followed by an indescribably intense wave of power with a deep red hue. It was almost raw magicka, just barely given the most rudimentary form into the destructive property of damage. Despite its strength, the energy could pass through most objects without so much as interacting with it, except for the one thing Meesei had managed to tune it to touch: life. The wave of energy spread over the Daedric horde like a flood, reaching nearly to the rear of their ranks. As well, it spread up into the air, enveloping the winged twilights that had started to swarm above until it fizzled out just barely short of the pack’s lift. Every being it touched, Daedra or mortal, became but ash in the wind.
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“So you avoid my question, then? I think that is as clear of an answer as any.” Rareth remarked. It was clear that she would not be getting anywhere by speaking to the Facilitator, though that did not mean she was done. It merely meant that she would have to direct her efforts elsewhere.

This time, after the Facilitator stepped away, Rareth did not seem to have a problem wearing some of her frustration openly. She stepped up and took a moment to speak to Vreta and Freyr. “Why does it seem like I care more about Human lives than most of the Humans here?” She commented with a low growl. “We are going to need your reports on what happened in the Cradle. I have your recording, Vreta, but I think we will need your assessments all the same. Still, just don’t push yourselves too much and try to focus on recovering. I am going to see about getting both of you proper medical attention. We really do not know what might have happened to you in there. Now, I have some calls of my own to make.”

Vreta could certainly sympathize with the desire to get to work right away, but he had to admit that he felt mentally exhausted, with his body not being far behind. Everything he went through in the Cradle took quite a toll. “How are you holding up?” Vreta asked quietly to Freyr.
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“Void Company will leave the Cradle as soon as the civilian evacuation is complete, no sooner, and no later.” Rareth stated firmly. “I cannot force you to evacuate your forces, but you have been warned of the danger. I’ve only just started going over the recordings Vreta made, but what I’ve seen so far is nothing short of alarming. These observations of yours are not worth their lives.”

Rareth took just a moment to select a relevant point in the recording. Vreta’s implants had not captured anything that happened after Vreta passed out in the Cradle, but they did have the events leading up to that point, including watching the staff in the headquarters seemingly trapped in their own memories. With a hologram projected from her suit, Rareth showed Vreta’s perspective of them walking among the entranced Humans. “I may not know entirely what is happening here, but this is clearly not a danger that can be fought with guns and tanks. In no way can you guarantee their safety, so keeping them in there is a gamble with their lives as your chips. You say they know the dangers…so you are telling me that if you were to show them this, then give them the option to leave, none of them would take it?”
Vael ‘Virisusai

For Vael, he knew when to take charge himself, and when to defer to the expertise of others. In this case, he knew they could not continue making progress in this storm, and Tar was the one with the local knowledge to help them navigate to safety. Even when speaking through the team’s communications channel, it was somewhat difficult to hear over the roar of the storm just outside their helmets. ”We cannot stay in this storm; we will wait it out in the caves.” He ordered.

Even at low speeds, it was still a challenge just to drive. At one point, a powerful gust of wind pushed against Vael’s spectre from the side and forced the side of his canopy into a tree. Fortunately, at such low speeds, it did not cause real damage, but it did illustrate the danger the storm presented. Had he hit somewhat farther back, his passenger’s leg could have been crushed. ”Tar, guide us into the caves! We need to shelter our vehicles as best as we can as well. We will need all of them to make it to our destination.”
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Vreta was not accustomed to being in the public eye, at least not since he had been the chief executive of a major tech company a few centuries ago. That had involved a fair number of public appearances, though that was quite a different sort of situation than the one he found himself in now. Regardless, a news article would not change his purpose here.

Rareth let out a brief huff. “Your people should keep better control over your news media. Misinformation does not serve your people’s interests.” She remarked, though her focus did not stray long from the matter at hand. “Once the civilian evacuation is complete, I would recommend removing all personnel from the Cradle. Our objective was to allow this entity, this ‘Navigator’, to stabilize the Cradle, which appears to be working. We should observe only from a distance and continue to attempt communication. We do not know what measures the Navigator will take to repair the Cradle; it may even reset the simulation entirely, for all we know.”

Shifting her attention for a moment, Rareth briefly regarded Freyr and Vreta. “We should also move the Cradle’s away team, and any other critical personnel not needed on-site, to safety. They need a complete medical examination after what they have been through, and not to mention the ability to make their reports in peace. The Rothian cruiser in orbit can provide a safe space for them to work, not to mention the best medical treatment available. Given the recent security incidents, we simply cannot guarantee their safety here on Outremer.”
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Vreta could not help but to be irritated by the state of the evacuation. Given how long the Cradle had been declining, nonessential civilians should have already been evacuated a week or more ago. The fact that there was still any meaningful number of people left to evacuate represented a failure on the part of Outremer’s government, in his mind. Soldiers were now forced to risk their lives unnecessarily.

Regardless, Rareth’Jharn was focused on dealing with the problems in front of her. “Void Company will continue to hold the Bridge until the evacuation is complete.” She remarked, watching the screen over the others’ heads from the back. “It may be necessary to send in more resources to the Bridge, but I do agree that we should be seeking to evacuate the Cradle overall. What is the current obstacle to clear communications? We need to direct any available forces within the Cradle to converge on the Bridge. Can we transit supplies or reinforcements directly to the Bridge to assist the defense?”
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Although he was still generally disoriented, Vreta could still feel happy to hear that Freyr now had genuine hope for her family, as his smile would tell her. It seemed to rely on trusting the Navigator to help, granted, but if it was both willing and able to follow through on its promise, then that would at least be a good sign.

Vreta lacked the context to truly understand Freyr’s reaction after the Facilitator lead them to view the Cradle. This was his first time seeing the physical form of the Cradle itself, so aside from the presence of the Navigator, he was not sure if there had been any change to the Cradle to inspire her response. Regardless, he could finally see the object of so many people’s obsession for himself. It was simple, perhaps even beautiful to look at from the outside, despite the horrors that existed within. To Vreta’s knowledge, the Rothians had supercomputers of similar or greater physical size, though he had a feeling he had still not seen the true extent of the Cradle’s computing power to be able to meaningfully compare them. The size of a computer was only meaningful for similar levels of technology. He knew it could create a simulated world, of course, but even after all they had seen, its limits were still a mystery. For the sake of the people trapped in the Cradle, and those in the city above them, he hoped what the Facilitator said was true. If the Cradle did not continue to calm down, he did not want to guess what kind of harm it could cause.

To Vreta, his memories of what happened, especially in the final moments, were still fuzzy. Rhia was trying to clean up what she could, but even her normally crystal clear records seemed to have some kind of interference. It felt like a dream, but he knew better than to just discount what he had experienced. In the Cradle, even the strangest of experiences could still be meaningful.

“I think we need to focus on getting all of our people out of the Cradle. If the Navigator is truly calming it, then we do not want to interfere with our presence.” Vreta reasoned.
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Vreta took a deep breath, growling slightly out of general discomfort. He was eager to take water as soon as it was offered, so it took him a few moments to actually get around to responding to Freyr. “I could ask the same of you. Everyone was going unconscious around me, then I…spoke to the Navigator.”

Vreta grimaced as some of the memories slowly came back to him. It was not entirely clear, at least not nearly as much as the events which had led up to it. “It spoke…more about the Hegemon. I remember it showed me some of what it could do. It believes we are going to need to work together against it, supposedly. I…it’s vague, but I think I know where we might find evidence of this Hegemon. It mentioned…you know it as Andromeda. The neighboring galaxy. The memory we saw back on Rothia happened in one of its satellite galaxies.”
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