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@Crab BaneAlright, that sounds good.
Say, @Crab Bane, since we have a scene with just the Major and Rex talking, do you want to collab the rest of it? Once we finish that, I think it will be time to get the mission started.
Major Robinson

”I have not seen it myself, no. Go ahead and get it ready to show me in a moment, Suiko.” Major Robinson answered, nodding to the AI’s avatar before returning her attention to Rex. ”I did not expect you to come here to make friends, Spartan. And if you were ever attacked by them, if we were betrayed by them, then I would expect you to defend yourself. But, I need to be confident that your own biases will not bring you to make that judgment in error. Make no mistake, my purpose here, and in my whole career, is, has been, and will always be to serve the benefit of Humanity. And it happens, right now, that this alliance is in the best interest of Humanity. That is not my opinion, that is the opinion of the Office of Naval Intelligence. If it was not, they would not have agreed to joint ventures like this, or Sarcophagus. Maintaining that alliance is part of my orders, and therefore, your orders. Have whatever personal opinions you want, but your professional judgment must be uninfluenced by them. There are some more specific questions I have for you, but first, let me see this recording.”

Finally, the Major gestured to Suiko to proceed and turned her attention to the holographic display.
Less cannibalism, more like someone eating a monkey. An alien monkey.
Major Robinson

”At ease, Spartan.” The Major said as she looked down to refer to Rex’s file. His response to her was just about what she expected, and Suiko’s presence was mentioned in his file as well, so she did not show any surprise.

The Major answered Suiko quickly. “I have been fully briefed on every mission-relevant detail of Spartan-III Gamma Company. I know of the circumstances for which you were chosen to be a Spartan, and I know of the illegal mutagen you were given during your augmentations, Spartan. Given the circumstances of this mission, I have made sure this ship will stock double the usual supply of the drugs you require. It is not the potential for psychosis that I am worried about.”

Pausing for a moment, the Major brought up the files for each of Aegis Team’s non-Human members on the holographic display between them. “Right now, your mission requires you to work cooperatively with each of these people. I want to know that your judgment in regards to dealing with them will be in the best interest of Humanity. You may speak freely.”
@Crab BaneI was just wanting to ask, the second character you intend to bring in, would you rather bring it in now, or sometime later? I feel I can justify having one last-minute addition to the team before they leave Earth. If you want to do it later, though, that's also perfectly fine.
Vael ‘Virisusai

Vael glanced down at the table, his mandibles flaring out slightly as he let out a brief grunt. ”Your chairs are too small.” He answered, simply and quickly. ”And we have no need to discuss the details of our specific mission, only how we intend to lead this team. I am not completely familiar with the rules and traditions you Humans have in your military, but I do have more than enough experience to know they are different from Sangheili command. You are the Fireteam Leader of this mission, and the orders you give may not be the ones my people expect. My people may take initiative, may take action in ways that you would expect your people to only do under orders. Likewise, my people may also await orders for actions you expect them to do on their own. The reason we were originally intended to go through extensive training before our first mission was so our team as a whole could learn how they were expected to act under each other’s command. Quite simply, we do not have the time to solve that problem before our missions, so the two of us need to anticipate these problems and be ready to adapt.”

Major Robinson

It had not been long after their arrival on the UNSC Chorus of Thunder that Spartan Rex’s presence had been requested by Major Robinson. She requested him to join her in a small briefing room somewhat near to the officers’ quarters. When he arrived, he would find her alone, standing at an inactive holographic display table at the center of the room, looking through files on her datapad.

The Major spoke the moment the door closed shut behind Rex. “Spartan Rex-G124.” She said, as if repeating it directly from the file in front of her. “I have read your file, Spartan, including the parts withheld from the rest of your team. I will admit, I argued against your selection for this team, but my superiors felt differently. They felt your skills and ability to act both in a team, and autonomously should the situation demand it, will be important to ensuring your mission objectives are completed. I agreed with them on your skills, but I also read what happened with those pirates, and I did not dismiss those concerns so quickly. So, I want to hear your own assessment on yourself, Spartan. Are my superiors right, or are my concerns justified?”
Once Fendros had sent their message, their forces quickly got moving up the pass again, while leaving behind a few scouts to occupy the tower. The mirrors were indeed able to be used as expected, and in combination with the tower, they were exceptional assets in coordinating their forces. Once they were able to move and assemble siege weapons through the portal, they could target the weapons with exceptional accuracy while avoiding friendly fire on the main battlefield in the valley. Of course, that advantage only applied with the support of the tower, and the enchanted orb at the top only had a limited field of view. Once the armies below moved out of the view of their tower and into the view of the next, it would be the enemy which had that advantage. The Daedra did have their own siege weapons as well, so it was an advantage they could not afford to give to their enemy.

Fortunately for their allies below, even the Daedra could not simply summon up another army on a whim to stop their force in the mountain pass. The next two towers were only able to put up a token resistance, which was easily put down. With each tower that was captured, not only were their armies in the valley below cleared to move forward, but they would be moving with the advantages each tower could provide. They did not find a spare set of enchanted mirrors on the second tower, so they moved the scouts from the previous tower up instead. On the third tower, they did find another set of mirrors, but rather than stationing another set of scouts in the tower, and leaving the second tower to do essentially nothing, they decided instead to move up the scouts from the previous tower again while leaving one of the new mirrors in their hands. The other mirror Meesei trusted to Fendros, as it would allow them to quickly communicate back to the third tower, and therefore, back to the commanders at the portal as well.

Naturally, the Daedra did not simply abandon the pass, and while the allied force was able to take two watchtowers quickly, the werevulture scouts they had sent ahead of them were now coming back to report a sizable Daedric force amassing to guard the pass ahead of the fourth tower. Meesei and her pack, along with Hjergir, Rossarm, Ri’kalesh, and the Dominion commander, were all gathered at the front with one of the werevultures.

“The path splits into three ahead.” The werevulture explained. “The middle path is pretty narrow all throughout, though the left and right sides get a lot wider in places. The three paths are separated by areas of sharp, steep, jagged rocks, with only narrow passages in between. Small groups might be able to get through from one path to the next, but a large force would quickly get bogged down if they tried it. The Daedra have defenses set up along all three paths, but all three paths do converge into one at the end, and that’s where we think most of their forces are still waiting. The twilights forced us back before we could get too good of a look, but their numbers don’t look quite as high as the force they sent after us at the first tower. Still, they’re the ones defending this time, and they’re entrenched.”
@Crab BaneI can include it in my next one. Would you mind me having Rex come to her when she requests his presence?
Say, @Crab Bane, the Major would want to have a few words with Rex before they deploy on the mission, in case you don't have anything else in mind for him to do.
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