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In The Cradle 12 hrs ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
The back-and-forth in the middle was pretty even at the moment. The enemy had taken out a few of Vreta’s team, but the assumption that they would be able to easily follow through and capture the position ended up costing them. Not only could Vreta still shoot accurately despite the obstructions, but sharing that intel also allowed his allies to do the same. As long as they were paying attention to their HUD, they wouldn’t get caught off-guard.

The team was still holding for now, but they had not stabilized their control of the hardpoint. Knossos had managed to take out the Agent, but he seemed to be in some trouble himself. He was the only member of the Sacred Band they had on the frontline, so he was an important person to keep alive. He could command the squads around him more effectively than Vreta could. Vreta himself did not have an angle on the source of the object that had struck Knossos, but he could still detect it. Every pulse of sound that his implant generated improved his picture of his surroundings, giving him more data to separate out static or inanimate objects from enemy combatants. He had picked out the location of Knossos’ nearest attacker, and though he could not get a shot from where he was, Athena’s weapon did not seem to have any difficulty dealing with obstructions.

“I’ve got a target for you, Athena, right here. Let’s give Knossos some help.” Vreta said as he marked the location.
In The Cradle 1 day ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Vreta, if nothing else, kept Thebes on his toes in his position behind the car. Before the wave of grenades, he did land a hit or two on his shields between the gaps, even if it wasn’t enough to send him back to spawn.

When the explosive barrage did come in, Vreta tried to encourage his team to remain aggressive, so as not to allow the enemy to dictate the pace of the battle. “They’re going to try to push off that. We can’t let them overtake the position. Get in some of your own grenades. I’ll mark targets.”

From a standing position, Vreta leaped up from the ground onto the roof of the bus, though he kept near the back in case he had to jump down into cover quickly. It was a more exposed position, but with all the dust in the air at the moment, there would be less eyes on him. Right now, they needed to be able to keep up the pressure, and the clouds of dust did not impede his awareness. With Vreta’s echolocation, he could continue to track their movements regardless of the dust. Anyone pushing would find themselves with taking accurate DMR fire. Though, likely more impactful was the fact that he had his implant broadcast markers for enemy movements to his allies. He wasn’t sure if all of the marines had augmented displays, but Athena at least would be able to benefit from them. Through it all, he still made sure not to tunnel vision entirely on the frontline. A subroutine in his implant was pretty much dedicated to scanning his peripheral vision for signs of threats. Being that he was far in the back, both of the apartment building exits on his side of the arena were in his field of view, so if Carthage won inside, he could at least make sure she did not get a surprise flank.
In The Cradle 2 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
There was an exchange of fire, some losses on both sides as the shooting continued. Vreta had not seen any respawns as a result of his grenade, but it had served to stop the vehicle in its tracks. Most importantly, it stopped it short of reaching the middle. He could see weapons fire coming from an angle underneath the vehicle though, which was clever. It gave them a limited, but powerful angle to fire from, as return fire would be difficult for most of Vreta’s allies. Even in no one moved into a position they could shoot from it, they could deny access to certain parts of the street.

As quickly as he could, Vreta repositioned. The car was currently useful to the enemy, but that sightline could work both ways if Vreta lined himself up correctly. He decided to take his own tight angle from behind a wrecked bus. He was looking through a hole in the bus’ side and the front window, but he found an angle where he could see under the car from a distance. Between his scope and his own eyes’ zoom optics, he could see who was shooting from the other side. Firing back through a narrow space from long range would be difficult, but Vreta could make the shots. He, of course, would want to get any kills he could, but what Vreta mostly hoped to accomplish was to deny his enemy uncontested access to that angle and relieve some pressure on his allies.

“We’re doing well. We stopped that car short, so we’re closer to the middle. If we can hold that hardpoint, we’ll have the edge. Just take that point and dig in. Make them push into Athena’s sightline if they want to take it.” Vreta said through their comms.
harging forward from the pass, Ri’vashi’s reinforcements split into two groups as they descended onto the battle below. Most of the lycans moved onto the left and right flanks, while the cavalry moved to make quick strikes and pick off stragglers. The attention that the Daedra had been focusing on the Champion’s pack was quickly shifted to their other flanks in response, though Ahnasha still kept her undead in between them and the enemy while they regrouped.

Do’rhajul returned to Sabine’s side, shield raised to protect her. Yerig followed suit, showing a few cuts and a tattered robe, but otherwise unharmed. On her other side, Kaleeth stepped up alongside Janius to the front of their formation, ready to be their spearhead once more. Ahnasha finally caught her breath enough to get back to her feet, and was at least able to conjure a bound bow for herself. Still, she stayed close to Fendros to let him be her protector. As much as she might have wanted to do more, she did not feel that she had any more miracles left in her for this fight. For now, she could be content just stepping back and taking a few shots with her bow. Half of the undead she had resurrected had fallen by this point, but it hardly mattered at this point. They had bought them the time they needed. Lorag was at the end of the line, on the other side of Janius, hanging back slightly to pounce on any opportunities the pair of them opened up for him.

Behind them, the drumming hoofbeats of the cavalry, with Ri’vashi at their lead, charged past. They moved quickly and constantly, attacking with lances and spells on any opening they could find. From their elevated positions on horseback, the Dominion mages could launch fireballs and lightning strikes into the center of the Daedra’s formation. The fact that they could change position so quickly meant it was difficult for any defending mages to ward against every attack.

Meesei joined her pack at the center, just behind Kaleeth. Their allies were already closing in on the Daedra on three fronts, and her pack would make for the fourth. She gave one more look to her left and right, to the frontline that her pack formed together. They had fought long, and could not have fought harder. In this battle, and in all before. Every battle they had fought, this entire war that had been forced upon them, had been to push towards this final resolution at the top of this hill. Vile was before them, and if this force of Daedra was the last obstacle keeping them from him, then they would just have to remove them.

Power coursed through Meesei’s body and lightning arced between her claws. Standing up straight and raising her head to the sky, she let out a vicious howl to overtake all others and signal their charge.
In The Cradle 4 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Vreta hummed to himself as he watched the enemy approach. He did have to keep close to cover for the stray shots generally flying in his direction, but there was still not too much direct focus on him. He was far in the back, and the enemy did not seem to see him as a primary threat. He supposed he was a bureaucrat to them, after all, but he guessed that would change soon enough. Aside from his rifle, his equipment for this sim included a lethal anti-personnel grenade and a “scrambler” smoke grenade. He felt one of those could be useful here.

Vreta had a plan in mind to halt their advance. His neural implant ran all the calculations, and could help him execute. Really, it was just physics; calculating arcs, timing, wind, travel speeds. Though, without the implants, he probably would not have had the dexterity to carry it out. He quickly double-checked that his implants were synced properly with his weapon sights, then took his lethal grenade in his off-hand. Once the flier was close enough, he threw the grenade along the projected arc on his HUD and quickly got both hands on his rifle. Just as the grenade was passing over the heads of the soldiers behind the car, Vreta fired a shot that struck his own grenade mid-air to detonate it early and airburst it right over them.
In The Cradle 4 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Right from the start, it was apparent that the enemy was planning around the dangers of long sightlines. They kept low and moved between cover as much as possible. Vreta had a feeling that it was not himself that they were worried about, though even with their precautions, Athena did show why they gave such respect to her. With just a slight opening, she managed to take out two of the soldiers supporting Carthage. Vreta too was tracking Carthage, and as she was rushing into the apartments, he did manage to tag her shields with a shot from his rifle. Unfortunately, his weapon did not have the same power of Athena’s, so one shot wasn’t enough to breach the shield.

Careful movement was not the only way that their opponents were planning to deal with the sniper. Before Vreta had even taken his position, they had tossed a grenade over. Though, the explosive was closer to Athena than himself. It kicked up dust and struck Vreta’s shield with some distant shrapnel, but not enough to force him to reposition right away. The dust did obscure his vision, though in all honesty, that was more to his advantage at the moment, as it also obscured him from the enemy. The arena was not too large, and especially with the ”buildings” on either side of the street to reflect sound waves, his echolocating ability could see where his eyes could not. Even through the dust, his implant could overlay terrain an enemy positions onto his HUD. Thanks to the acoustic effects of the buildings, he could even see around many obstacles in the street.

Vreta had not been able to take out Carthage, but eliminating her support in the first engagement was the next best thing. Kjartan had a whole team with him, so even Carthage would not likely be able to deal with him without sufficient support herself. Athena had already taken out two, and Vreta could keep his position long enough to challenge those trying to make it into the building behind her. Vreta tracked one about to make his move and marked him on his HUD. Even with only small openings to take a shot, the fact that Vreta could track positions through obstacles meant that he could time his shots just right to hit between even small gaps. The first hit did not slow the soldier down, as it easily could have been a stray. The second hit came as he was making the run for the door, and by that point, it was too late to turn back. Vreta hit his third shot just as the Human was a few steps from the door to send him back to his spawn.
In The Cradle 5 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
It seemed like there was little that Vreta, or anyone, could do to control Kjartan. In truth, he was starting to understand why the Sacred Band was less-than-enthused to have him assigned to them, but these were the tools he had been given. He could still try to come out of the scenario with a victory.

Vreta still intended to play to his own strengths. He was not a soldier, and certainly no Datius, but he still had his advantages. While Athena set up in her position, Vreta moved up along the corner of the building off to his right. The simulation had formed wrecked vehicles, rubble, and other obstructions to serve as cover in the streets. Vreta climbed up on one of these obstacles just high enough to get sights on anyone who poked their head up above cover down the street. He could fall back down into cover quickly if his shields started taking hits, but he was confident in his ability to take such duels at range.

At first, Vreta would naturally be aiming down the street along with Athena. In particular, he wanted to see if he could pick off Carthage before she could cross into the apartments. That, more than anything, would give Kjartan a decisive edge inside the building. But, he also tasked his neural implant with keeping up awareness beyond his own point of focus. Vreta’s natural mind could only truly focus on what was in the center of his vision, but his implant could scan his peripheral vision in much greater detail. It could identify Carthage quickly, as well as pointing out anyone aiming at him from the street, or the windows once the enemy reached the apartments.
In The Cradle 6 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Though Vreta did have military training, his expertise did diverge from the kind of fighting that soldiers were responsible for. Espionage required planning, but of a different sort. Still, the concepts of how to read a battlefield and judge the strengths and weaknesses of his own team were not unknown to him. More than anything, if there was one skill his experience had prepared him with, it was to think and act quickly.

“I know how skilled Carthage is reputed to be, and I cannot know if we would be able to overcome her without an overallocation of resources. I do not think it would be wise to make a plan that depends upon holding the apartments. Controlling the apartments does provide access to the windows and a flanking route, but it does not give direct access to our flag. They still have to cross open ground for that. Let us still push mostly for controlling the streets. As long as we can prevent them from getting too much value from the windows, we can diminish the value that the building gives them. Kjartan, if you feel like you may get overwhelmed inside, try to retreat back and draw them out into the open. As soon as Carthage leaves that building, she loses her advantage.”
In The Cradle 7 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
At the very least, Vreta had tried to contribute to the battle plan. Still, it was not as if they were doomed. If Kjartan could at least keep Carthage sufficiently occupied in the apartments, then the rest of them could gain an advantage out in the street. Vreta’s best position would still be the one with the best ranged sightlines.

The countdown was nearing its end, so with a sigh, Vreta drew his marksman rifle and got ready to move. “Well, any squad who isn’t going with Kjartan, push to hold the center position. Athena, let’s set up overlapping fields of fire down the street. I see a few spots we can climb onto to get some elevation. Let’s make it suicide for them to poke their heads out. I’ll keep an eye on the windows, you focus your scope down the street.”

“Knossos.” Vreta continued. “I suppose you’ll be the one leading the squad taking point in the street. I think I can trust your instincts. Thebes decided to make me a team leader, for some reason, but I know better than to try and micromanage you. I’ll just say that, If you end up getting pressured too much, try to take cover that would force them into our sightlines if they wanted to push you.”
In The Cradle 8 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Vreta crossed his arm and looked at the map. The simulation area was building around them, so it would not be long before they would start. Kjartan had taken his suggestion…as expected, based on Vreta’s impression on him. But, he still wanted to try to contribute his tactical wisdom to the team. “The apartments are a complication, but I do have an idea to deal with them.”

On the map, Vreta zoomed in onto the three usable floors of the apartment building. “The windows do give strong sightlines onto the street, and while that would certainly be an advantage for snipers, we cannot guarantee that we can keep them out of the building. It would be safer for us to position back down the street where they can’t reach us, but we can still reach out and touch them. Do we have any explosives? If so, I say you take them into the apartments and just collapse its hallways on top of one another. Just remove the apartments as a viable path. Both teams have close-quarters specialists, but I am confident that we have a firm advantage at range. If we can just remove the apartments from the equation, then our team will win a straight up fight.”
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