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3 yrs ago
Undertow only makes me think of Tool. Good album though.
3 yrs ago
Incest in 1x1 interest check. Opinion invalidated.
3 yrs ago
Yeah don’t ever recall BLM charging the US Capitol building, scaling the walls, attacking Capitol police and breaking windows to enter.
3 yrs ago
RIP America 1776 - 2021. We had a good run.
3 yrs ago
If I am made mod I will do what everyone truly desires and delete the status bar.


  • Male.
  • Twenty six years old.
  • I live in Connecticut. EST USA timezone.
  • Been RPing since 2011.
  • Mainly into sci-fi RPs.
  • GM'd and been a player in too many roleplays to list.
  • My girlfriend occupies my weekend time, so don't expect many replies then.
  • I'm most often online later at night, usually 11 pm - 3 am. But I often check the site on my phone throughout the day.
  • Easiest way to contact me is through Discord, Heater#4805
  • My Steam profile. Feel free to add me.
  • You can also add me on PSN. Tell me who you are, my username on that is FrenziedAce.



Feel free to hit me up if you wanna RP with me or have a RP idea you think I might be into.

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Zmija Sebastian 3 yrs ago
Your avatar is kylo ren? He's a loser cmonnn.
AlteredTundra 4 yrs ago
Miraboreasu 5 yrs ago
In response to your status:

Midnight Howl 7 yrs ago
I see you creepin
Venus 7 yrs ago
wolf paws 7 yrs ago
yes hello sir I can see you stalking my profile what do you want from me I don't have any money
Sep 7 yrs ago

Link to your CS for when you move it over.
Dervish 8 yrs ago
Just letting you know I haven't completely disappeared or lost interest in your Star Wars RP, just letting things settle in what I have going so far. But I've been ballparking character ideas around, so if the game regains speed and things work out, I'll be sure to revisit!
Fallenreaper 8 yrs ago
You're up in the gdoc btw. I forgot to mention that this morning. XD
Fallenreaper 8 yrs ago
*sprinkles some funny image*

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