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Current There's never drama when you just reply with lyrics to Allstar
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If I could stop having terrible luck and flat tires that would be great....
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Ken bby call me a cornfield cause I'm always stalking you
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I saw you creeping earlier Celaria
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[@Altered Tundra] In that case is it even hitting Texas at all or are we the runner up :thinkingface:
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||the Sun heals the body~||
Known to the majority jk no one knows me as Beth, I am a 21 year old Nursing student, full of punny dad jokes, who avoids her life responsibilities on either the Guild Discord or the equivalent Nordic cancerous server belonging to the mighty Óðinn. I started rping on a site known as maxdanwiz which has long been dismantled by the masses, and through various wandering over the years, I found myself here. I'm down with nearly any rp topic though my writing styles range from casual to advanced depending on my levels of procrastination and the excessive levels of collabs. If anyone ever needs anything or wants to talk you can find me in any of my pms. Always down to help my famalamas any way possible :). There'd be no way to tag all the cool cats I've met here.

Useless facts about me: though originally American, I have travelled to four European countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and little Liechtenstein). May 24th I will be getting the opportunity to travel to Kenya (Kigulu and Kisumu) for two weeks on a healthcare mission teaching first aid care to the villages there and helping to treat as many of the locals as possible. I'm thankful for where God has taken me and all the adventures that are yet to come.

||~the Moon heals the soul||

||Stare into that starless void~||

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Section tags are just what people use to feel good about themselves to fight the crippling depression keeping them up at night. There's no high advanced. There's only "I'm the best writer you uncultered swine!" but the rp dies out from people getting lazy about replying back anyways.

But I'm a crack baby so what do I know.
If you are all just going to sit in this conversation and take jabs at each other than what is the point of even talking about it. I have seen this conversation pop up multiple times but in the end it always derails to people spewing petty comments at one another out of despite or presumptuous accusations.

The only way this issue is ever going to people properly discussed is if everyone puts aside their pride, what they think they know about it, and past vendettas (be whatever they may). As long as people are coming in here with build up emotions and attacking one another nothing will be gained. If you feel yourself getting worked up about a comment that some random person (who doesn't even truly know you I might add) then step away from the screen and come back when you are collected. Everytime...ever single time this conversation is prefaced with "Don't be hostile, don't be whiny, don't attack each other" but here we are. Personally, I'm past it and if you don't care about my opinion that is fine. I am one person on a site with thousands of people. At the very least learn to treat each other like civil beings or all of this is pointless either way.

I'm past the point of annoyed with people putting each other down (from both sides...why tf are there even sides anymore). Be considerate for Christ's sake and start acting like the adults you are.

And when I say everyone I literally mean everyone...myself included. I've been stupid in this as well, getting caught up in many things that were beside the point. I'm sorry to anyone I hurt during that time or for the person I was, because it wasn't who I really am or want to be. All the same can we lay this all aside and look at Dion's points objectively, listen to responses attentively, and reply respectively. To the mods. To the community.

Rant over. I am sorry and you may sass me for it, that's fine
Blame 11 year old me and 10 year old Beth's friend's judgement when first creating this rp lol
@BeautyoftheDark I'm sleep deprived. Don't trust my judgement atm XD
@BeautyoftheDark literally 9 ft tall gummy bears
They are edible. I assume if you bite them they will run
Now to decide what to do with Dee since the Hare is cleaning the room she is on the floor in XD @Hawlin
Honestly, @BeautyoftheDark @hagroden because @AngelofOctober is tied up atm with Chess and both of you are in the woods you could probably run into each other depending on if you want to keep waiting or not. It'd be equally interesting if you were chased by giant gummy bears into his home.

@CollectorOfMyst Until we otherwise get a red King I will likely be modding him and allow all to mod the character with a certain amount of vagueness. For now write your history as you see fit
Marcus D. Hatter

Perhaps it was the sudden shade despite there being a clear sunny day, or maybe it was being pushed to the ground with excessive force but intuition told the Hatter something was amiss. This most scrutinized hypothesis was proven true when the item/object/divine being or otherwise sudden increased surge of gravity did not remove itself immediately. Using one hand for balance and an elbow for extra leverage, Marcus managed to shift himself over causing whatever was on his back to now be relatively shifted awkwardly to his lap. Straightening himself the man’s head tilted slightly to the scene. “You clearly aren’t a scout and I’m fairly certain I’m not on that mad King’s hitlist as of late. When I was thinking of a lady dropping by this is not entirely what I envisioned. Oh! But where are my manners!

Still sitting, Marcus lifted the felt hat from his head simultaneously removing a cup of tea from underneath. Placing in in the girl’s hand he offered a greeting, “The name is Marcus D. Hatter, though you may refer to me as Mad Hatter, or Hatter so long as you aren’t mad.” Tilting his hat the man finally made the move to stand, grabbing the girl by the hand and aiding her up on the way. An Alice? How long has it been?? The King…. Leaving the tea in her left hand he slid his arm through her right. ”Now we must be acquainted for it is quite quaint to do so but time is faint and to dally is to taint my schedule. To the twin’s we go but Oh, don’t worry so. They will give you quite the show I know.” Without allowing the young girl a word in edgewise he began leading the way in a perfectly gentleman manner.

In all of his oddities the Hatter always had a way of making people feel comfortable around him. Though curious, he never gave off a ”stranger danger” vibe. In short, his theatrics are so bizarre one cannot help but wonder where the adventure leads. All the same he led the girl straightly to the bistro while pointing out various buildings along the way, giving random historical information as if he was a tour guide who’d been expecting her.

Whimsy Moth Eatery. Whether or not such a creature existed mattered little to the Hatter. Over the years, he’d had several complaints on the decorum of the establishment but something about the upside-down bistro felt like home. Nonetheless, he couldn’t deny the disarray of colored papers along the outside of the business gave his office a run for its money, let alone when he let the twins help decorate for events.

Giving the young lady at his a warm smirk he reassured, ”Looks are often deceiving, even when one follows their heart. The stomach is far better to listen to.” Gliding up the stairs the man cocked his head at the bold CLOSED sign, removing the keys from his side he opened it. Tunes that could be questionably defined as music poured onto the street. ”Wakey Wakey you two! We are having an unbirthday party with a most interesting guest!” Bowing at the door he released the girls arm and gestured inside, ”After you m’lady.”

@SouffleGirl123 @EchoicChamber
@Akayaofthemoon girl you were saying you were old earlier XD you are a baby like me
@Akayaofthemoon in truth I am like a 80 year old man wearing the skin of a 21 year old nursing student girl but that isn't how I generally introduce myself
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