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17 May 2017 0:33
If that didn't work I was going to give you my watch, since you already own all my time ;)
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17 May 2017 0:21
I have [@ClocktowerEchos], will they suffice?
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6 May 2017 1:23
Y'all gon' make me lose my mind. Up in here, up in here
24 Apr 2017 1:42
On a scale of 1- 10 you are a nine. The GCS discord is the 1 for you <3
19 Apr 2017 20:33
Did you just assume I was sweet? Wow. I am so offended I might cry and post passive aggressively


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Known to the majority jk no one knows me as Beth, I am a 21 year old Nursing student, full of punny dad jokes, who avoids her life responsibilities on either the GCS Discord or the equivalent Nordic cancerous server belonging to the mighty Óðinn. I started rping on a site known as maxdanwiz which has long been dismantled by the masses, and through various wandering over the years, I found myself here. I'm down with nearly any rp topic though my writing styles range from casual to advanced depending on my levels of procrastination and the excessive levels of collabs. If anyone ever needs anything or wants to talk you can find me in any of my pms. Always down to help my famalamas any way possible :). There'd be no way to tag all the cool cats I've met here.

Useless facts about me: though originally American, I have travelled to four European countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and little Liechtenstein). May 24th I will be getting the opportunity to travel to Kenya (Kigulu and Kisumu) for two weeks on a healthcare mission teaching first aid care to the villages there and helping to treat as many of the locals as possible. I'm thankful for where God has taken me and all the adventures that are yet to come.

||~the Moon heals the soul||

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rip them replying first
So help me Susan, I told you I didn't want to do an anime karaoke night! I have to find a way to get Senpai to call me by my first name
@Doug Okay but no matter how many times you show me interpretive dancing I still don't think Jazz hands will solve my gender crisis.
Through the corner of her eye, Beth watched as Meri mumbled to himself pumping the gas, unable to stop herself from smiling. Picking up an extra bag of trail mix she carefully made her way to the register in a poorly executed balancing act, arms loaded with goodies. She barely made it to the counter before the mass tumbled in disarray, hands instantly attempting to straighten them all out by food types before offering an apology. Grace wasn't her forte. "You needn't worry about that miss," the warm voice caused her head to snap straight, finally taking a moment to consider the man in front of her, "a pretty thing like yourself. I can let it slide."

The soft sound of items beeping in filled the void as the young girl did her assessment. Tall and lanky, the figure appeared to be in his late 20s. Dark hair, slightly unkempt, drifted over pale blue eyes. Plastered on his face was a simple smile, the kind that didn't tell the whole story like the prelude of a novel. Overall, she decided he seemed harmless. Unfortunately, she couldn't deny the slight twinge in her stomach.

He seems familiar.

Shaking her head, a small laugh escaped her lips at the thought. Gah idiot, you are back in 1980; you haven't even been born yet! Such a dummy dum dum. "Still a scatterbrain," the voice drew her back in with odd words. Still? "Or rather, I mean you look like the kind of girl who can get lost in her thoughts. Sorry if I'm being presumptuous. The man's smile perked a little at one end, as if smirking to some inside joke. Bluegreen eyes wandered down to a nametag, Hello, my name is Matthew. The next few minutes were spent with small talk as the last of the drinks were scanned and bagged.

"We need to get to the choppa." Turning back to her old friend her head cocked to one side. That was their code for crap hitting the fan. Leaning back to peak outside she scanned for cops, atomic bombs, or alien invasions. Left with confusion her eyes turned back to the man behind the counter handing him the cash. In taking it she watched as Matthew's facade faded for a split second to that of disdain, an icy glare to the maneagle. As quick as it came it left, making Beth question if she really saw anything at all. Peeking back at Meri, she doubted he noticed a thing. Pale blue eyes redirected themselves at her with a hidden humor behind them, that fake smile perfectly in place, pale hand holding her change. "I hope you find what you're looking for. Be seeing you again soon."

Heart skipping a beat she grabbed the coins from the outreached hand slipping the plastic bags over her arms. "Th..thank you." Grabbing Meri's arm she pulled him out the door, bell rining in their wake. Once safely in the parking lot, she playfully nudged him, running to the car and swinging open the passenger door. "Nose goes on driving!" Stop being paranoid you ninny!

Sliding into the seat she set the bags on the floor, looking at the change in her hand. Touching the bronze coin with an hourglass on either, she rubbed her thumb across the surface before shoving it deep into her pocket.

Seeing you soon.

She definitely wouldn't be telling Merbear about this.

"Hurry up you slowpoke! The future waits for no man, only women! Plus I'll eat your trail mix without you"
I'm game
A dramatic sigh escaped pursed lips as hands flew into the air, the car taking a hard left through a wormhole only to come back on the road they were originally travelling mere moments later. No doubt he would comment on it; he'd always been such a baby. "Don't blame me if we run out of gas! If we'd only landed on a Fast and Furious set we'd have had all the fuel we'd ever need...Van Diesel himself! But nooooooo," placing a knee firmly against the wheel for steering purposes pale hands moved to the air making exaggerated quotation signs, "'Back to the Future in the Past, Beth! The Past!'". In truth, she didn't mind so long as she got to use the hoverboard to blast over the Nazi Regime.

Sliding one hand back to the wheel, the other caressed the dials on the radio searching for a familiar jam and thank God not the edible kind. She'd been there and done that Alas what this shindig needed was some Bon Jovi living a little on a prayer, and they were a year too early. Why they came this far back she truly didn't have a clue. How is coming here going to solve not remembering? What if this is all a game to him and he doesn't care at all? Trying to ignore the voices in brain she should get that checked out she shook her head as if to dismiss them entirely. Hearing the sweet tunes of Wham! insecurities were suddenly replaced with a sound somewhere between singing and shouting.


Dust flew behind the futuristic car, almost as if scurrying away from the questionable driving. Realistically, it was more like the smoldering cloudy essence of pollution, thickening as it embraced the fresh air...choking all life. Either way, very scenic; as one could imagine.

In about fifteen minutes the car found itself pulling into a questionable gas station. Leaving Meri to pump, Lady Beth bounced down the concrete, flinging the glass door of the store open before heading straight for the snack aisles. If they wanted to survive this life altering, character developing, future cryfest they would need sustenance. This obviously came in the form of beef jerky, chex mix, arizona tea, and candy. So enveloped in the vittles, Bethlehem did not notice the cashier watching her Every. Single. Move.
>hates doctors
>is an MD. LMNOP with a Phd
the plot thickens
did not happen
~Lady LibBethty of the Murican Isles~


For some reason, she'd never known of a time that it cut to the bone like in this moment. Long brown hair, once neatly curled, now found itself plastered to the edges of her cheeks, as loose tendrils danced wildly in the wind. Her thoughts became lost in flashes of the past, like childhood photos in a disarrayed mass on the bedroom floor of her mind. The figure before her shifted slightly; she knew everything about that him, even the details about his narwhal martini glass tattoo. Or rather, that was then. The person it front of her now? Of that she couldn’t be sure.

Fist clenched in tight balls on either side of her frame, knuckles white from the pressure. “I told myself I wouldn’t be angry the first time I saw you. That I’d simply ask how you were doing and be on my way…but I can’t! Not after what you did…what you said….” . Face drenched in the storm, there was no way of telling if tears found an escape to the surface.

"Cut, Cut, CUT! First of all, but this is the filming of Back to the Future. Not some telenovela! Secondly, just who are you and how did you even get on my stage?!” The director threw his script dramatically into the air while gesturing for security.

Eyes flipped between the shadow and the impeding guards, the water now shut off from the taps above. Awe, hell. Grabbing his arm, she made a dash for the future car, tossing him in the passenger seat before climbing in on the other side. Throwing the keys in the ignition she began ranting, “This is all your fault you know. You couldn’t be found at a park or McDonald’s like a normal person. Noooooo, had to be on a movie set.” Reversing she whipped the vehicle around landing mere inches from the director’s chair. Rolling down the window, she threw a cup of water in his face. “We were having a moment, thank you very much!”

Stick in drive and foot heavily on the gas, wheels screeched reluctantly against the concrete floor. Busting through the garage opening, the pair disappeared into a cloud of dust.
Lady LibBethty of the Murican Isles:

Any Variation of Her Name with a Pun is Acceptable

21 years young:


Generally she uses her eyes for this, but as she wears glasses the reliability here can waver a bit. They are blue, green, grey depending on her mood (as she is a woman and overly emotional this changes frequently). She has long brown, its majesty reaching its prime when the wind is blowing it into her face like a fabulous twister of death, asphyxiating its victims. She smiles way too often.


A literal embodiment of puns, sass, and innuendos. Having watched too many animes, not only is she a weeb, but also fluent in Japanese. And by fluent I mean she had a dream in Japanese once (or at least that is what it seemed like) which is basically the same. A MD, Phd with her LMNOP, Bethty White is on her way to save lives. Proof of her good caretaking abilities is the living children in her basement. you can find her on craigslist as a nanny. Pls Hire After the eagle crushed her heart she spent 7 years of her life training in the mountains and is no doubt the best thumb-wrestler in the tristate area. Very corny but amaize-ing. Trained in the way of the ninja #BelieveIt She wants everyone to be genuinely happy.


Friends for as long as Audry Bethburn can remember, she never imagined what life would have in store. Now on a journey to fight for her past, she is desperately trying to understand the series of events that lead to that solemn night. At the end of the line there is no telling if what she will find is closure or the final blow to the memories she once held so dear.


Meri is a dumb dumb L 7 weenie. Both of them can apparently time travel and are full of hidden talents.

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