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Current A great trick if you get the sinus bugs easy is a netty pot. They feel uncomfortable the first time you use them but they flush out all the gunk and will make your sinus infection go away sooner!
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Being an adult means that yes I can buy a beanbag big enough to fit 3 adults on it with no regrets
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I don't know the cheat code for happiness but I know how to get you a jetpack in GTA SA
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Inb4 I spent a good several hours of my shift finishing my ooc trying to type codes into my tiny phone box πŸ˜…
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My patient gave me a handmade scrub top ornament with lights and told me I was her favorite nurse </3


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Known to the majority jk no one knows me as Beth, I am a mid twenties nurse, full of punny dad jokes, who avoids her life responsibilities at all cost. I started rping on a site known as maxdanwiz which has long been dismantled by the masses, and through various wandering over the years, I found myself here. I'm down with nearly any rp topic though my writing styles range from casual to advanced depending on my levels of procrastination and the excessive levels of collabs. If anyone ever needs anything or wants to talk you can find me in any of my pms. Always down to help my famalamas any way possible :). There'd be no way to tag all the cool cats I've met here.

I have three kitties, all adopted. One gremlin, one princess, and one sadge goil. I will likely talk about them a lot because their daily adventures feed my soul. I love fall, winter, and really anything that gives me an excuse to wear a sweater and cozy up. I am essentially Bee from Bee and Puppycat.

Useless facts about me: though originally American, I have travelled to four European countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and little Liechtenstein). I have had the opportunity to travel to Kenya (Kigulu and Kisumu) for a two week healthcare mission trip where we were teaching first aid care to the villages there and helping to treat as many of the locals as possible. I'm thankful for where God has taken me and all the adventures that are yet to come.

||~the Moon heals the soul||

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@Th3King0fChaos dont look at my mistakes and me fat fingering this unfinished post lmao

Mentions: Jack @Jumbus, Aiden @PrankFox, and Tarak@Th3King0fChaos

Dee watched from the counter as Crow cornered the lone Wolf into dealing with the fresh meat. Such was the way of Aiden; the kid had a knack for divine luck and for slithering his way out of responsibility. Too bad he didn't account for accidentally using a Rouge name in public. That was surely going to bite him in the ass if Tarak came to notice Tarak always notices. Deeandra was brought back to her immediate surroundings at the sound of Jack's voice, β€œAnd yes, I can take one with bloodstains and head-shaped dents on it.” The quirky kid has a sense of humor. "Well if it isn't your lucky day. I'll make you deal of a lifetime. I'll get you a car radio, possibly of questionable quality if you'll tell me what we need to fixed the Jukebox. It's so quiet I can hear myself think. And God forbid if these idiots be left alone with their thoughts. That's what screwed us in the first place."

Reaching into her pocket Dee pulled out a small size flip book and ripped out a page. Pulling a dull pencil out of the spiral she placed both on the bartop and slid them over his way. She would need a detailed list. If Dee was anything, it was efficient. They didn't need to be aimlessly collecting random scrap in hopes of getting the right equipment. The raid was already determined; this would just be a pit stop along the way. The plan was taking a four day journey southeast where there is a military base. The Rogues had raided that area before, confiscating illegal equipment for the Council or the militia. The jobs always paid well. This time was different though. The last haul had some military documents, have tattered and covered in dirt.

That was months ago. Now out of nowhere the Council is wanting them to go back, paying double. Deeandra was at the meeting with the boss and honestly, the Council sounded like a scifi fanatic from one of the library books. They were claiming the intel included information about an underground base and they wanted us to look for more documents, anything that seemed interesting, to bring it all. This sounded rather fishy to Dee herself, but she wasn't one to turn down money. The stern look on the bosses' face put a rock in her stomach, nonetheless. Apparently, areas like this weren't a pinnacle for safety and he had lost a comrade doing a similar raid in his early days as a Rogue. To Dee he just sounded soft.

Turning her back to the bar and looking back into the center of the room she rested back and leaned her forearm against the polished wood top. "Don't take all day, Tarak. We do have actual work to get to. Or do we need to pull your Daddy out of school to give you a peptalk?"

@LostDestiny @Akayaofthemoon you can go ahead and move your characters over.

@sassy1085 Two quick things. I want you to expand on your personality of the character a bit more. I don't mind a little mystery but flesh them out some more for me. Secondly, if they are in the U.S in the 1940s be aware more of the concern was the tail end of WWII than the red scare. Red scare was more after WWI kinda in that 1920s period. I'm all for the mad with knowledge but again its a bit vague. If Dex was invited to the party they would have been a human sacrifice, not something that would have occurred with an ill human. You can still have them turned but it would be prior and then brought to the estate to work out the kinks of a newborn vampire. Fix these two things and tag me when you are ready for me to re-review your character. Other than that I do like the image and the outfit.
We just need peeps to post their characters so I can review them. But I know thanksgiving do be tomorrow
Also just waiting for Jumbus and Ill reply
I like the immediate cascade of passing on the responsibilities. Bless. Also here's the Discord Link. Sorry I didn't post yesterday. Had a really shitty patient load which killed by back lol
Looks like this will be pretty Rogue heavy as opposed to Reapers. I would convert Jack but distrusting the government is one of his primary personality traits. So I might make a Reaper character

until the government starts killing us all off.
I mean wut.... jkjk I'm fine with that. I plan on screwing over one of my characters possibly later, and who knows who else may join down the line.
@Th3King0fChaos lol I figured, I just had to tease you ;)
@dragonpiece if it was that far ago then yeah that's fine. And you're good haha my brain is just dead from working all day and I couldnt figure it out. You can move it over bbq
Alright now I have to sleep because I have another 12hours shift tomorrow lol. I be back at 0900 pm cst ish
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