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Current There's never drama when you just reply with lyrics to Allstar
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If I could stop having terrible luck and flat tires that would be great....
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Ken bby call me a cornfield cause I'm always stalking you
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I saw you creeping earlier Celaria
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[@Altered Tundra] In that case is it even hitting Texas at all or are we the runner up :thinkingface:
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||the Sun heals the body~||
Known to the majority jk no one knows me as Beth, I am a 21 year old Nursing student, full of punny dad jokes, who avoids her life responsibilities on either the Guild Discord or the equivalent Nordic cancerous server belonging to the mighty Óðinn. I started rping on a site known as maxdanwiz which has long been dismantled by the masses, and through various wandering over the years, I found myself here. I'm down with nearly any rp topic though my writing styles range from casual to advanced depending on my levels of procrastination and the excessive levels of collabs. If anyone ever needs anything or wants to talk you can find me in any of my pms. Always down to help my famalamas any way possible :). There'd be no way to tag all the cool cats I've met here.

Useless facts about me: though originally American, I have travelled to four European countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and little Liechtenstein). May 24th I will be getting the opportunity to travel to Kenya (Kigulu and Kisumu) for two weeks on a healthcare mission teaching first aid care to the villages there and helping to treat as many of the locals as possible. I'm thankful for where God has taken me and all the adventures that are yet to come.

||~the Moon heals the soul||

||Stare into that starless void~||

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You dumb
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Love you darling! May this friendship last a lifetime. <3

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