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On the hunt for a RP in the wild. Gotta sneak up on her all quiet like. Like a sneaky snake
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@atroposer I plan to keep Poseidon's anger issues for sure haha. However, was curious if it wouldn't be too far off the mark if I made him a bit more lax when dealing with those that summon him off the bat? That will change drastically though if he hears something that insults him.
@Atroposer Will hopefully have the CS to you within the next few days.
I was actually curious about that. A form I was picturing for Poseidon in this day and age was something close to this.

Didn't know if this was too far off from what you had in mind or not? Thought it would give off a more approachable vibe to whomever summoned him.

@Atroposer Much appreciated
@Atroposer Then I like it even more! I would like to ask if I can create a character sheet for Poseidon if possible? If there are too many people staking claims on deities though, I have no problem making a witch CS. Just for keeping it even.
I would like to throw my interest in if you don't mine. Pardon me if I misread, so are the greek gods mentioned now more human in nature when you say they involve themselves in mortal lives? Ie, with lack of faith in them anymore they walk amongst us all? Pardon me if I misread, just curious
God damnit, woman. thinking to himself as he slid across the hood to the passenger seat. Eyes were stuck on the cashier inside. As fate would have it, so were his. Stuck in a battle for what seemed like hours between the two all he could think about was, There has to be more like us going through time. I just don't understand what the fascination with Beth is? Why would they go all this way to try and stop us from our goals? We need to figure out what her past linked too.

Snapped back to reality, oops there goes gravity...wait...there fucking goes gravity?!?! Without missing a beat he began to float from the car. Hand latched onto the door handle he shouted to Beth, "I am either, literally, head over heels for you or," the door began to swing out for him to climb in, "One of those wiley coyote looking bastards in there knows a thing or two about physics. To the point they can mess with this shit."

Scanning up and down on the dashboard he desperately needed to find it. "Where is it, where is it, where the fuck is it." This may just be a prop to those not on this journey, but for them, it was a true blue time machine. Just like the movies there was a, "Flight switch!" Hitting the switch, the car began to float up higher with the wheels turning into the hoover modules from the movies.

"Beth, step on it, some crazy shit is about to happen and I don't have enough toilet paper to deal with this whole mess!" Every step they took, every breath they let slip from them, was another stride down the rabbit hole that was this mystery. We need to dive deeper, we need to attack from, "The inside! Beth, we need to find a way to get to Inception! We need to figure out from within what the hell these weirdo's want!"
Is it a cop? I didn't see any cops on the street? A squad car in the distance maybe, but no cops on foot his body slowly straightened out from his hunched fit of exhaustion. I need to make a break for it but the walls of the buildings paired together with only the fire escapes to drip down little pieces of hope upon his very troubled head.

Blood splattered, gloveless, hands raised toward the sky to show...wait...gloveless?! Eyes whipped down to his belt to realize that his knife still rested in the thigh of the deceased Doctor. "Fuck it all" announcing in an disappointed tone. With an, assumed to be, impatient cop behind me, knife in a dead guy that is covered in finger prints, Chance felt far from kosher at this moment. To throw his brain into overdrive, all he needed to do was take a quick glance at the enigma that stood behind him.

Chance's head shot forward with another, "Fuck it all!" emphasizing each word. It was one of the Bat clan. Of all the potential do rights in this city he had to be cornered by one of the Bat's. With a knife littered with his fingerprints in a dead guy, covered in blood, down an alley with no exit, and a true blue vigilante at his rear...Chance felt a few degrees more than fucked. So he did the only thing plausible at this point in time.

A long sigh began only to be cut off with a gruff response, "I'm a rat in a corner here. A bloody rat at that. It is obvious that something about me is amiss. Hell, a little more than amiss." Slowly, Chance turned to face Batgirl, hands still lazily kept above shoulder level. "As of right now you see a guy covered in blood, darting from an apartment that had quite a fall out from anyone with ears. I was brash, my brain was torn asunder with emotion, however" he couldn't keep a spare tear from rolling down his face, "The bastard deserved every shot you heard!"

Keeping his right hand above his head as his left hand grabbed the strap from his satchel. With great care he lowered the bag to the ground and continued on. "That fucker killed kids! Well, more than that he..." it was hard to keep his train of thought on track at this moment. Taking a breath as he got back to standing tall, "Look, the person upstairs was a man living a false life that he didn't deserve. If a court called for evidence of that fact then I would be exhibit mother fucking A."

A trash can would rattle as a stray cat leaped from it and blasted past him. Chance's eyes whipped to the ground to watch this interference scamper away. You need to calm down, all you can do bud is explain yourself and then hope for...well I don't know...anything. "The story is long, and it would probably seem like I am just trying to distract you. I hear about you Bat folks all the time on the streets. Yous guys are some smart folk. However, every ounce of me is telling you the truth." His right hand pointed up toward the direction of the apartment. "That thing deserved to die. All I wanted was retribution for all of the kids that weren't lucky like me to walk away from that facility."

Like she would know about the facility. Dead kids huh? Great! You are practically the king of broken story telling now. Beating himself up internally Chance's eyes burned into her cowl. Twitching back and forth from eye to the other, unable to focus on one iris he stated, "If you give me the time, I will explain every ounce of my reasoning along with actual proof of that monster's travesty."
Bastards Dex would think to himself as the rain pelted the ground. The sound of the rain emulated his heart beat as his mind spread open like a book thrown asunder.

All of them are decent shots but we need to confuse the enemy. Thanks to these hills... his mind trailed off as his eyes scanned. Hill to trough repeated until Dex saw one opening near by.

"Iz keep at it, I will go around the left," shouting as he got to his knees. Raising his wand above his head and encircling his being he began to chant Disillusio. The tip of the wand acted as the handle of a streamer, wrapping his body in a mirroed cloth that made his essence into whatever was around him. From there he took off. Head was hung low just to be sure a camoed outline breaching the ridge didn't alarm any eyes on the other side.

These damn heathens don't deserve a court case here. What would a peaceful arrest gain us?! Just another couple of loonies locked up. Just biding there time before coming back out and doing whatever outlandish thing they want again. Whatever. At least we can have an excuse to put the poor bastards out of their misery, or rather, our misery.

As the thought left his brain Dex reached the side of the hill. Ideally on a proper flank from these nut jobs he smacked his body to the side of the hill and peered his head around it.

Who is going to get it first, who first, who first...That one a wizard, to the looks of him from the cloak he wore was about 3 meters from him. Just to make Iz happy, I will try and show a little tact while taking them down.

Dex let his right knee hit the ground, swung his left leg to the front, planted it with wand in toe and shouted, "Expelliarmus." As though a roped had been tied to the assailants wand it flew forward from him a few paces. The person's body went rigid as their head whipped back and forth to see where the sound came from.

"Night, night you monster," their eyes would briefly meet as Dex announced, "Stupefy!" Just like a sack of potatoes you try to help your mom with but she just barely misses your hand's, he dropped. An old quote from his father back in his younger years whizzed into his brain fast as could be ," Just because those around you seem to be evil, or have bad intentions does not mean they were always bad people. Some times, our past makes us into..." blah blah blah, lecture me some other time.

Even for Dex, these missions were a test on his brain. Sure, we all had dealings with intense situations growing together from our primary schooling to Auror training. However, the test of a being is how they handle themselves against the chaos factor. The chaos factor, in this instance, is a bunch of out of their mind wack jobs that none of us could, morally, control. There for, Dex's mind was being trained little by little to deal in situations that were out of his control. All he could do was move as a team, communicate as a team, and make damn sure that Iz knew Dex's dominance amongst us. I mean, amongst these situations. It would be selfish for him to just want to beat out a friend with...ah screw the maturity of it all. Dex wanted to dominate as best as possible without endangering others.

He may have a heart to win, but damnit he couldn't live with himself if others fell over something routine as a crazy cult. Blinders on, breathing deep, now it is on to the next one.
You ever watch the static on a TV screen that almost has the correct signal? Fizzing pictures in and out trying to give the viewer the best it can while staying on the chosen station. Klineman's mind emulated that. Sounds of tape being stretched out and torn from it's original roll. Accompanied with his own hectic breathing to give his mind almost too much to process in his current state. His eyelids began to rise and fall as his body began to reset his system of sorts.

" many years...Freak!" words would echo over miles to reach the good Doctor's ears. He caught snippets of the scene his life currently played out in this horrific moment. The rising and falling of his head let him see some behind the scene footage of what was occurring. Somehow he had moved from his recliner to one of his desk chairs. Wait not somehow, this man was doing this!

"If you want money," struggling to catch his breath as the bonds that held his arms to the chair and stomach to the back seat gave him little room to breath, "Their is a safe in the..." One last piece of tape spread over his mouth silencing him for the moment.

Chance had stayed bent over in front of him, blood red eyes locked with the doctor's through his mask, hands practically grafted to the forearm's of Klineman. "I will never want, beg, nor need your blood money you psychopath!"

That was rich coming from the stranger that bound me to this spot. Tears began to well up behind the mask and stream down Chance's face. "Dr. Klineman saves another child from death's grasp! Dr. Klineman aids in the successful rehabilitation of a child! Dr. Klineman and a kid this! Dr. Klinman and a kid that!" Chance reached into his pocket, spun out a butterfly knife and plunged it deep into the Doctor's leg. "In this life we have so many 'Chances' to fix things. Everyone should have the ability to reconcile for their actions! Not you Klineman you sick fuck! Not you."

An orchestra of muffled screams attempted to drown Chance's words out as Klineman writhed in pain. The masked demon would stand upon his soap box again, "It all makes so much more sense now! The city couldn't be covered in people like me? Not everyone gets to be so lucky like me do they? To survive your 'Miracle' drug!"

This was the answer to the plot twist. The man standing before Dr. Klineman was that Lucas kid. Their only success. Thoughts were beginning to get harder to string together. He had never been stabbed before so the sensation was not only alarming to his being but caused a rush of adrenaline that terrified him. With a swift tear, the tape was removed from the Doctor's mouth. "How many died?! Tens, hundreds?! How fucking many sins do you have to repent for?!"

Klineman would join this lunatic in shedding tears. "I don't remember man! I don't fucking remember! It was so long ago and Ahhhhhhh!" A scream was let out again as Chance removed the knife and plunged it into the other leg.

"Liar! I bet you remember ever last one of them! Why would you choose to be so generous now huh?! Why would you choose to try and show such a good face to society from a past that reeks of deceit and torture?! Because of you," ripping the knife out of his leg as an exclamation point, "I had no family anymore! Adjusting to a life of not knowing up from down! I was 15 you bastard! Praying on the downtrodden and poor because they have no where else to turn...I swear to god you will know ever ounce of..."

Knock, Knock, Knock "Hun, why is the door jammed? Can you let me in please? Hunny, are you watching one of your cop dramas again?! You better not be watching the new episode without me!"

Time was up, the wife was home. Shit, she can't come now? Why now?! Chance would think as he slapped another strip of clean tape onto the Doctor's mouth. "We can't all get what we want can we? I can't get my answers, however," the gun met with the center of the wretched Demon's cold heart, "I can find some solace in this." Not one, not two, but fifteen thunderous rounds from his 5-7 would ring out in the apartment. Every one of the shots came with a stronger trigger squeeze to follow.

Glass could be heard crashing the hallways as Klineman's wife dropped a floral arrangement onto the ground. "Oh my god! Baby! What is going on?! Baby answer me?!" she began to bang on her neighbor's doors screaming for help from anyone willing to give it.

Chance had to go.

Shoving the rolling desk chair to the side he launched out the fire escape and made his way to the street below. Tripping every few steps while his body continued to push blood through at the speed of light. Every passing person's eyes were on him as he dropped to the alley way. Or so Chance's mind would have him believe.

How could someone live with that bastard? He must have lied. He must have never shared his work history with her. Oh this feels good, no, this feels fucking great! I need to go though, I need to go now!

Making his way to the sidewalk he tried his best to integrate with the crowd passing by. Ripping the mask off his face and shoving it into his dark grey satchel. Hope no one saw that, I need to get somewhere to collect myself and fast.
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