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Current Some days, even the devil sits back and admires my work.
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Sort of in that "let's go out and paint the town red" type of mood.
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"It took the birth of sin to snake-rattle the mind // Before a blow to the head by the gavel of time // To wake up" - A7X


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Lucia Koundouros

"I...might be sick."

Lucia rubbed the back of her neck as she started pacing back and forth. She dawned on the fact that she'd given in to temptation rather easily, and the thought alone was infuriating her to the point of self-hatred. Kuso wasn't innocent, but she was the one who took the bite.

The woman then took a few deep breaths to calm herself down, watching as Cespuglio addressed them before he took his leave. Then the accusations started flying around. Three other members had spoken up, and Lucia felt the need to go off what Leo had previously mentioned, if at the least to keep the flashbacks out of her head.

"Hold on, let's go back to Jane for a moment. What would she have on any one of us? We should start with that and work our way from there. Let's be in agreement with each other, yeah?"
Jumping on the Alice train.
Lucia Koundouros

The curly-haired woman, having not said much as she'd had her mouth full of meat for most of the exchange, took a sip of water before putting in her two cents, her gaze falling upon the accused. "I'm not saying you're to blame with any level of certainty, but Alice, I'm not a fan of your level of involvement with social media. Reika is right in that aspect, so call me old-fashioned but a lot of the time, you don't only attract positive attention online." She shrugged her shoulders, gathering some salad with her fork. "Unfortunately, finding the traitor may prove itself to be rather difficult."
Lucia Koundouros

Lucia played with the salad momentarily. She was hungry, but she'd also given up meat recently, nearly a week ago. She had an internal debate whether to make an exception this time. Reaching for the pita bread and taking a bite, it didn't take long for her to realize that what she'd be eating wouldn't be very filling. She gave in to her temptations with a sigh, losing the rather short battle to herself.

"Well, there is a bit of truth to your statement," she finally spoke up after a few bites, motioning towards Jane. "I mean, we need to go about this in an organized fashion. If we slip up, we don't necessarily get a slap on the wrist, you know? Let's be smart about this."

She took another bite of the kebab, losing herself away from the conversation for a second. She was foolish if she thought she could kid herself. She loved meat, and she wouldn't have it any other way. "Instead of arguing, let's come up with a plan. Time's ticking away."
That gender ratio though...
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