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13 days ago
Current Writing's not good enough for the advanced-level threads and the games die a little too often and too quick in casual. Wheres's the in between??
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3 mos ago
Sort of in that "let's go out and paint the town red" type of mood.
3 mos ago
"It took the birth of sin to snake-rattle the mind // Before a blow to the head by the gavel of time // To wake up" - A7X


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I performed Helena at a karaoke bar, it was pretty fun.

Okay, bye.

Hell to the yes! Count me in
I tend to become fixated on something ridiculous and obsess over it. I applied to a job in NYC which eventually I had to turn down because I didn't have the money to move there just yet. Before that point, I had made it my mission to get up there, whatever the cost. I lost sleep over it and looked at places to live at day and night. Eventually, I had to get over it.

The reason for my obsession? My ex is from that area and although he doesn't live up there, I thought it'd help me cope better, as stupid as it sounds. I would still like to move up there, but I've been working a government job for some time and I'm thinking about retirement in under 30 years so might as well stay.
I'm anemic and get cold rather easily. Where I work, three of us have a personal heater and another girl has a snuggie. Apparently, all the computers and processors need to be kept at a certain temperature. I don't deal with the actual equipment, just the software.
@Gunther From one anonymous internet soul to another, I truly hope the contents of your plate get smaller sooner rather than later. I myself have been there before, so I know what it's like.

On an unrelated note, I bought a pull-up bar this weekend and now I can do 1.5 pull ups with palms facing in.

I started on a CS yesterday but then the weekend happened. Will definitely have it in today if not tomorrow the latest.
Occasionally, I try to imitate Shakira's belly dancing moves in front of the mirror... Let's just say that's not a natural skill of mine.

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