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6 days ago
Current I checked on my dad's ashes today, he's turned into a brick.
12 mos ago
If you're still alive, you're not struggling with depression. Depression is struggling with you.
12 mos ago
Don't be ashamed of who you are! That's your parents job <3
2 yrs ago
Anyone spare some serotonin?
4 yrs ago
the last time i got drunk i played overwatch and started crying because i couldn't aim


If you read this you are one nosy mf <3
BTW, why are you here? wanna send me a dm? talk?
Anyway, what can I say about myself? I like long walks on the beach, but don't like the beach much. I love spicy food even though I can't handle my spice. Oh! I tried juicy pork dumpling and holy shit my taste buds were having an orgasm.

U N P O Q U I T O D E T E ?
My favorite tea is chamomile tea. Why is the English word for it so weird? Ugh, the English language is weird. Like why the silent 'T' in listen? Why not just lissen? Idk.

I got three cats. Two, Haku and Mizu, live with me and Pochita lives at my store. Pochita is the keeper of the store and it's protector. The other two are spoiled brats.
She/They . 28 . Scorpio . PTS . Lesbian
Discord: pyxislated

Call me Manzanilla or Fer, whichever is fine! I recently became the owner of a
photography studio in LA, so my days have been full of work. And the free time
I have, I use it to get high out of my mind.

Currently taking it easy.



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Alright, I'm done!

@Sapphic Pigeon 💚💚💚
Finished Mr.Queen yesterday. It was a fun watch!
Will be watching Under the Queen's Umbrella next.
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