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Current what if i die and people just think i'm offline
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My sweetest boy crossed the rainbow bridge tonight 🐈🌈 Run free, my love. I'll miss your snuggles, my absolute precious furball.
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Might slip into something more comfortable... like the void :') x
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If my son becomes a priest, do I call him father?


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Location: The Magic Palace | Interactions: Amontillado @WolfredWolf

The palace was beautiful — to say the least. She didn’t think such perfectly paved roads could exist, nor large buildings devoid of corrosion and dust. When the female orc stepped forward and allowed her bare feet to touch the smooth pavement, it sparked Lillith’s curiosity, and she almost felt compelled to do the same. However, she could only stand still with her mouth agape, her head spinning like clockwork as it sought to unravel the mysteries behind what she was seeing. Wide roads, impressive architectural structures, and the mysterious edifice at the center of it all.

By the looks of it, they wouldn’t be able to inspect every nook and cranny of the palace within today. Splitting up into groups to cover more ground seemed sensible, or at the very least, that’s what Lillith had intended to do. In the event that she faced danger, she would send a signal to warn the others so they could escape.

Mercury, Amontillado’s bird, flew past the gate and began circling the air above. It seemed drawn to the magic brimming within that mysterious tower far south, but it also was reluctant to fly too far away from its master. Lillith eased a step further along the path, stopping just a little past the ex-mortician. Then, without saying a word, she bit down on her right thumb, her face contorting just a little. As blood trickled from her wound, she drew a line of blood across her left palm and held out her hand. "𝙰𝚉𝚄𝚁𝙰,I ƧЦMMӨП ƬΉΣΣ..." She chanted under her breath.

A blinding light emanated form her palm, coiling and flickering as it opened up a portal in which a beautiful, large bird appeared from. When the light disappeared, so did the wound from her flesh. The blue bird squawked before soaring up high above to join Amontillado’s little bird. Azura, her familiar, had beautiful feathers and large wings. The bird looked like a hybrid cross between an eagle and a peacock.

“A-Azura..will..l-look…a-after..M-Mercury..” She turned to Amontillado, her face turning a shade of red as she attempted to speak as clearly as she could. Lillith wanted to let him know that she would head straight for the tower along with their winged companions, but she felt embarrassed that she couldn’t get all of her thoughts out at once. Too flustered to open her mouth again, she simply pointed at the octagonal building and nodded — in hopes that he would understand what she was trying to get across.

Without waiting for his response, she began to move with Obsidian in tow.

Location: The Magic Palace

The past month had been more eventful than the years she'd spent back home. It was only by chance that she'd met Cyrprian as he passed her hometown during his long journey; he had been gathering more adventurers to aid him in finding the palace of the great sorcerer. She hadn't the slightest interest at first, but the promise of a new home and a new beginning called to her, and she eventually caved in. Her father had been happy to let her go, it was good riddance to the child who had always been the source of his shame.

Now, at long last, they were at their destination. Cold sweat dripped down from her temple as they approached the northern gate, her eyes widening at the structure that had presented itself before her. In all her years, never had she seen something so vast and magnificent, and to think this was only the exterior... How spectacular was the palace from within these walls?

'This was worth the arduos journey, wouldn't you say?' She communicated telepathically to Obsidian, a beautiful shadow leopard whom she'd formed a contract with since he was a mere cub. Obsidian grunted, unimpressed by the man-made structure. He still preferred the lush, green trees of the forest and the rivers that ran through it. Lillith shrugged her shoulders before nodding in agreement. Indeed, nature was best.

She gandered upon the faces of the adventurers, each of them tired but in awe of the impressive golden gate that stood before them. There were hidden mysteries amidst the palace, many secrets awaiting to be brought into the limelight, and she saw the glint of excitement in some of their eyes. A few of them were simply nervous.

As they discussed how to proceed onwards, she only listened with her arms crossed. Although they had been traveling together for quite some time now, she hadn't spoken to them, albeit a few nods here and there. Thankfully, none of them had been overly eager to strike up a conversation, and most of them minded their own business.

'What do think we'll find in there?' She turned to Obsidian and stroked his chin. The shadow leopard eagerly licked his lips in response, which solicited a laugh from her. 'I don't think you will find fresh meat in a centuries-old palace, but wouldn't that be nice?'
Throwing my hat in.
@Steel Legion Join us on discord:

It's where we discuss RP stuff, and we've posted our characters there as well.

Edit: One of the approved characters also has power over the weather, storm magic to be exact, so it might be similar to your idea.
I'm interested.
Tentative interest.
In Avalia 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Forest outside Roshmi | Time: Afternoon | Interactions: Bowyn@Helo, Clara@Princess, Kenia@Tae

The grim scenes unfold before her like the harsh winter winds back home — swift and bitter. Zephyrin's eyes were wide open in disbelief, her mouth left ajar as color drained from her already pale face. Boreas' selfless act of courage had left her aghast, and she stood there motionless with a horrified look on her face. The stench of blood, the wyvern's anguished cries, Bowyn's despair — it all made her stomach churn.

She was so surprised she could do nothing.

The warmth in the atmosphere seemed to fade as Bowyn manipulated the moisture in the air, turning it into jagged pieces of hard ice. She felt that familiar flow of magic in the air, it was much stronger than her own, and his control was so precise it sent tingles to her skin. Her fingers twitched at the familiar cool sensation, her magic reacting to his own.

Bowyn's blue eyes were a pool of pain and anger as he hurled the ice towards the wyvern, deeply injuring its wing, and sending it plummeting to the ground with a loud crash. A shrilling roar of agony followed. She bit her lip, sadness clouding her features as she took in the the sight of the mighty creature, reduced to such a sorry state. There was a sudden pang in her chest. It ached for the wyvern and the merlin, for neither deserved to experience the throes of death.

Zephyrin's hesitations did not last a moment longer though, as she wasn't going to stand and watch the wyvern get ever closer to the group with each vicious snap of its jaws. Arwen, with her ability to command the earth, had already done an impressive amount of damage to the wyvern's tail. Due to the injuries it had incurred thus far, its movements were slow and easy to predict; Zephyrin kept her eyes peeled. She had no time to dwell on the fact that Arwen was human, because the wyvern was already angling itself to deliver a powerful blow with its tail.

Questions would have to come later. And she had plenty.

Zephyrin straightened herself. A ragged breath escaped her lips as she willed her body to relax. She began to channel her magic into the tips of her fingers, channeling it to an extremity as she felt the mana in the atmosphere offer up resistance. Zephyrin began to draw in moisture from the air, a wave of mana flowing into the shore of her consciousness. She let it flow back out, conjuring an ice shield to block the incoming tail, condensing it so it doesn't break upon impact.

Where in Avalia she found that kind of control and endurance, Zephyrin did not have the slightest idea, but within moments it became painfully clear that was close to reaching her limit. A wave of energy seemed to escape her body, the ice barrier crumbled after serving its purpose, and beads of sweat formed at her temples as she forced herself to stay upright. The wyvern roared once more, not deterred by its injuries in the slightest. It wanted revenge. With some visible effort, it slowly advanced towards the group, a loud thud with each footstep. It kept a keen eye out for Arwen.
In Avalia 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Forest outside Roshmi | Time: Afternoon | Interactions: Bowyn @Helo, Clara @Princess, Kenia @Tae

A loud and menacing roar reverberated in the air, sending shivers down her spine. If that didn't daunt her enough, the appearance of the dragon certainly did. Tough scales, deadly fangs, and sharply curved talons. Zephyrine was so stricken that she hadn't even noticed Arwen getting tossed carelessly to the ground. Everything seemed to fade into the background as her eyes focused on one thing. The beast. As she watched the wyvern soar up to the sky, she felt a sudden fear - it blew through her body like a gust of wind.

Zephyrine was not prepared for the sudden move of the creature, swooping downwards with the intention to kill. She stumbled backwards, her mind being ravaged by pure panic. As the dragon rapidly closed the distance between them, Zephyrine's fight-or-flight instinct reared up, her scarlet wings fluttering with speed. She soared swiftly backwards, missing the wyvern's attack by just a hair's breadth, it's claw managing to tear away the lowest fabric of her dress. At the thought of what could've happened if she had been a second too late, every muscle in her body tensed.

"T-That was close!" Zephyrine shrieked, but she wasn't sure her voice actually made a sound. The small voice in her conscience was telling her to run - abandon the others and save herself - but she reasoned with it. What would she do afterwards? She might find herself in an even more unfavorable situation in the future, and when that happens, she would be all alone. She bit her lip and agonizingly came to a decision. The survival of the others would be much more beneficial to her in the long run. 'Yes.. That is the only reason why I am choosing to stay.'

Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through her leg and caused her to wince. Zephyrine looked down, only to realize there was a gash on her inner thigh, just right above her knee. Her awareness of the wound made it hurt even more, and she hissed. Fortunately, only the tip of the wyvern's claw had managed to graze her. Otherwise, the scene before her would be much more grim.

Zephyrine's face darkened as blood trickled down to her ankle, her fear long forgotten. Currently, she was too vexed by the possible scar this wound could leave on her unblemished skin. She realized her emotions were slightly out of place, but she couldn't help it. No person or beast had ever managed to tarnish her complexion before. Her fear was dulled, replaced by pure disdain. Only as the wyvern released a mencacing growl did the fear return slightly in the background of her mind.

Before Zephyrine could open her mouth to vocalize her grievances, emotions of grief and rage ripped through her consciousness - but it wasn't coming from her. It was coming from the wyvern. Just what had caused it to be in so much anguish? Zephyrine intended to communicate with the wyvern, but before she could make an attempt, it got ready to pounce. It descended quickly and headed towards them, it's talons ready to strike.

"Kenia, watch out!"
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