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@ShwiggityShwah I don't mind. Feel free to interact with my character anytime. Octavia doesn't have much to do.


I wasn't really sure what to have her do in this post, but at least I finally finished it. My brain is fried.

I was going to have Octavia approach Half, but he's too intimidating.

Current Location: Tavern

It was a crisp cool evening, the light of day draining away. The city buzzed with locals and tourists, every corner filled with music and wild merriment. The streets were littered with wooden stalls, brick houses, lights and ornamental plants — there was life wherever you looked. The atmosphere was a stark contrast to the desert; it almost felt surreal to be back in civilization.

Upon their arrival, Octavia and the group headed straight for one of the city's taverns. It was evidently less crowded than the other housing and drinking establishments, most likely because it was a tad more pricey. The tavern was well-lit, the floors were carpeted, and there was even a small fireplace at the corner of the room. The ambiance was great, and the Irregulars' rooms were all conveniently located on the second floor. The only thing the establishment lacked was an open bath house, but Octavia fortunately spotted one a few blocks down the road.

After setting up her things in her room, Octavia's gaze landed on the bow she had received from their last raid. Octavia was learning quick with the help of Gwen and Shion as her mentors, but she left out the part where the use of magic had been affecting her body in strange ways. She didn't want to worry Gwen. Most of all, she didn't want Gwen to stop teaching her. She still had much she wanted to learn from the mage.

As if on cue, blood trickled down her nose, and she hopped off the chair to grab a washcloth from her bag.

Ever since Octavia delved into the arts of magic, she has been getting frequent nosebleeds, headaches, bouts of lethargy and queasiness. Octavia wasn't entirely sure if it was related to the use of magic (or if she was sick) but she could only take a wild guess. Despite that, she has been doing a great job at hiding it from the others.

Octavia sighed and decided to head for the baths, grabbing a fresh set of clothes. She had a red robe in hand, some fresh bandages to wrap around her torso, a new eye patch and black trousers. It wasn't the best outfit to put together, but she was frankly running out of new clothes. Octavia couldn't afford to spend her money leisurely, as most of it would go towards buying better equipment — not that she even had enough money to begin with. High-quality equipment were expensive, especially the ones powered up with enchantments.

- - -

The walk to the bath house was quick, though it would have been quicker if it weren't for the drunk boors on the street who tried to coax her over to join them.

After paying at the front desk and entering the hot spring, the women who were there were already getting dressed and heading out, so Octavia waited.

She let out a sigh of relief once they were gone, pleased to have been given the opportunity to enjoy a bath without her eye patch. It felt great to look at the world with both eyes, as opposed to just one. She always told people that she lost her eye after an accident, and whilst she didn't feel good about lying, she didn't have much of a choice.

Octavia undid her braids and stripped until she was essentially one with nature. Once she was fully submerged in the water, she felt the heat soothe her tired muscles, making them relax. It was tempting to stay there for long, but she couldn't risk having someone barge in and see her glowing red eye. It would be enough to spook anyone and have her burnt at a stake.

She quickly but thoroughly washed herself from head to toe, before getting out of the water, drying herself off, and changing into fresh clothes. Octavia was pleasantly surprised that she managed to do it all in a flash.

"I haven't felt better in weeks," she murmured to herself as she rubbed her hair with a towel. She felt squeaky clean, and her limbs felt lighter. There was nothing like a hot bath in a natural spring.

After her hair was semi-dry, Octavia headed back to the tavern.

She decided to have a drink after dropping off her things in her room, taking the seat behind Hafrbjǫrn. Octavia was reluctant to approach him; she'd be lying if she said his size and demeanor didn't intimidate her in some ways. Octavia knew there was more to him than meets the eye, but perhaps she'd approach him once he was in a better mood. She couldn't help but notice how his conversation with Garret had left him quite sour.

Her eyes scanned the room in search of Yui and Nanami, but they weren't there to be found at the moment. Guess she'd have to drink alone. Octavia wasn't much of a drinker, but she'd make an exception for tonight. She could really use a break from everything that's been going on.

The waitress served a wooden goblet filled with wine, and Octavia took a swig. She couldn't help but think that today went pretty well, aside from experiencing the occasional nosebleed and nausea. It was quite concerning, but she'd worry about that later. Octavia had enough on her plate, and she just wanted to end the day on a positive note.

"Today was definitely a much-needed day off."
Same with ShiggityShwah.

Haven't been able to finish the post that I started writing last week, but I'll get something up before I sleep tonight.
@Lyla@Athol Alm X Nanami x Yui
@Lyla i should start shipping alm x nanami
@ShwiggityShwah We can actually work on it in our future posts (present-time) since I plan to skip writing about the two weeks in the dessert and just focus on the present. Might include a bit of flashbacks here and there, but that's it.
Wow, you guys are fast
Imma give the others a chance to post first, then I'll get something up.
Sorry for the sloppy post. Writer's block issa dick.

Location: Carriage | Heading to Gardenia Outskirts | Mood: Cranky

The first rays of morning light came seeping down the mountainsides, quietly sneaking through the woman's curtains whilst she slept in the comforts of her bed. The room lit aglow with warm light, painting a picturesque scene that almost seemed ethereal. It was a perfect sunrise. The sleeping beauty remained in deep slumber, her peaceful face hinting of a happy dream.

Unfortunately, the morning's tranquility wouldn't last for very long.

The sunlight slowly crept to her bed and filtered through her thin eyelids, jolting the woman awake. But it wasn't the light that awoke her — it was the weird sensation that engulfed her entire body. The hairs on her body stood on end, sending a light shiver down her spine.


A blinding ball of light engulfed her for a brief moment, and she fell off the bed with a painful thud.


Every trace of the woman had vanished into thin air. In her place, a naked child lay on the floor, rubbing her head as she released a sigh of vexation. She blinked several times, in an attempt to help her eyes adjust to the sunlight that was directed right at her defenseless figure. She furrowed her brows as she stared at the window with heavy eyes, seemingly angry at the sun. She has regarded it with distaste ever since she fell victim to a wretched hex.

The transformation always made her body feel all weird and prickly. It never failed to wake her up every single morning, much to her bitter annoyance. The girl allowed herself a few moments to sulk, before pulling herself up to get ready for the day. She was only beginning to remember the job she has been assigned to, and it caused her to groan internally. Was there no way for her to refuse a princess' request? It had been a long while since was last hired — thanks to a certain witch — and she has grown accustomed to her dull, stagnant life. It conveniently fit her laid-back nature. Children didn't have to work!

To make matters more complicated, she was entirely sure that the sheltered princess was unaware of her current.. predicament.

After a few groans and incoherent mutters, the young girl forced herself to bathe and get dressed. The importance she placed on her appearance was evident no matter what form she took. As per usual, she was dressed in fine silks, embroidered with floral patterns and dragons. Her golden skirt complemented the warm undertones of her fair skin, and she wore her hair up in small buns. Once she was satisfied with the way she looked, she puffed up her chest and smiled proudly at her reflection in the mirror.

Before prancing out the door, she grabbed a vase that looked to be ordinary furniture with low value. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The vase was actually a summoning relic, which she used for all of her summoning rituals.

With a lack of eagerness, the girl hopped into the carriage and headed for the outskirts of Gardenia, where she would meet the others and introduce herself as Alicia Clemens; the summoner.
It's not much, but I finally got a post up. Sorry for the delay. Replies may come slow cause classes start next week.
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