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I have midterm exams atm so I wont be able post until Saturday
@Arthanus Thank you!
I'm sorry it took me so long to post, College is eating up most of my time, and I always go home tired. I don't think i'll be able to keep up with the RP's weekly pace, but i'll try to as best as I can.

My post is also rushed and sloppy, I'm really low on inspiration and creativity atm. I also don't have a laptop yet, so i'm doing everything by phone. Apologies for that.

The night before | Interactions: Haf @Sync | Current Location: Tavern

There was venom in the giant's voice as he spoke of the Serim Knight. Octavia only kept her silence as she pondered the reason behind his ill feelings towards Garrett. Despite what the knight might have done to earn his disapproval, the giant didn't go out of his way to destroy his reputation, and it spoke volumes about his character.

There was a short silence before he rose from his seat and sat across her, his heavy footfalls masked by the carpeted floor. Even as they sat, his giant figure towered over hers, and Octavia had to look upwards to meet his gaze. She unconsciously stiffened as she studied his features. He was massive and well-built. From this distance, Hafrbjǫrn looked even more intimidating. The scars and callouses on his skin were telltale signs of his rough lifestyle.

"You said this was you first journey," His voice boomed, breaking the silence between them. His deep and thunderous voice was a stark contrast to Octavia's soft and gentle tone. The two must have looked like an odd pair; they had nothing in common with each other. Haf boasted a strong and impressive physique, whilst Octavia looked small and delicate - maybe even fragile. He possessed tremendous strength which Octavia lacked, and that is why it came as a surprise to her when the giant gave her praise. However, she couldn't bring herself to agree with his kind words.

Octavia grew sullen upon the realization that she may not have been suited for the battlefield. She was never built to become a warrior who fights with swords and fists. Octavia was born to become a mage, just like the generations that came before her. Magic was Octavia's calling, and her curiosity and desire to learn only grew day by day.

Her father had already warned her of the consequences of using magic. Due to the Crestkeep's curse, the use of magic would significantly shorten Octavia's lifespan. According to common conjectures, the curse worked to keep the vast amounts of power (that they've harvested from human souls stones) in check. Using their powers came with a price: their life. After all, breaking magical taboos always came with a price.

Octavia's heart sank at the thought of her breaking the promise she had made to her father. The life of a Crestkeep mage was already quite short, even without using their magic. Her father would be disappointed if he found out she was getting involved in the magical arts. Still, using a magical bow shouldn't hurt - or so she convinced herself. At least she wasn't trying to shoot fireballs out of her hands.

Octavia fell quiet in her seat, the corners of her mouth twisting into a small frown. She rested her cheek on the palm of her hand and took another sip from her wine. Everything her father knew about the curse were mere speculations of men, and Octavia still had hope that the actual truth could be different. She believed there was more to learn about the curse, and she was on this journey to find it. Unfortunately, she was yet to find a single clue.

With a small sigh, Octavia finally managed to push her thoughts aside, bringing her attention back to the giant's words. He seemed to be curious about the inner workings of the guild, and Octavia could see his hesitations about joining.

"Jing is an honorable man, as far as I can tell. He cares for the safety and well-being of his comrades," Octavia replied. Jing was a good father to Nanami, and Octavia couldn't imagine him doing something that would make Nanami lose her respect for him. He has also been generous enough to provide them with meals and give them shelter at his estate.

When asked if she enjoyed her time with the Irregulars, it took Octavia a moment to answer him. She couldn't recall the last time she had enjoyed something without worries plaguing the back of her mind. Whilst she was still capable of enjoying things, a dark cloud has always been hanging over her head.

"Hmm..," Octavia began, squinting her eyes as she searched her memories for answers. "Joy is a big word," she finally answered with a small laugh. Octavia wasn't sure how to put her feelings into words, because she didn't quite understand how she felt. She did enjoy their company, but a huge part of her still felt empty - and it wasn't their fault.

"They genuinely care about each other," she told him with a distant look in her eyes as she recalled past events. "The guild is like a second family. Everyone's got eachother's backs," Octavia declared.

"Though I'm pretty new myself, and I haven't grabbed the chance to talk to any of them on a personal level, much less form close relationships with them," Octavia added, slumping her shoulders forward and lowering her gaze. "It's difficult for me to converse with others who are around my age. I think I'm better at socializing with older men, since I grew up with my father and his faithful comrades."

Octavia was embarrassed to admit it, but she was actually quite shy around younger adults. She worried too much about saying the right things. Thinking back, Octavia never really had any friends. Forming close bonds would be difficult; she had too many secrets.

Octavia tried not to let her drunken state of mind stray too far from the topic at hand. She inhaled sharply and straightened her back, . "But if you'd really like to learn more about the guild, I think the best way would be to experience it for yourself," Octavia concluded.

It was strange, but the giant's presence somehow reminded her of her father. He was nowhere as big as Hafrborn, but they both wore calmness and strength like an armor. Her father may have been a person of few words, but he was always the smartest man in the room.

The night continued on with good food and good conversations until the Irregulars finally retreated back into their rooms. It had been a long time since Octavia got to lay on a bed, and she fell asleep moments after her back hit the mattress. For the first time in so long, it was a peaceful and dreamless sleep.

Present | Interactions: Isabel and Selovia | Current location: East Market District

The moon rose, and the streets were once again filled with music and light. Octavia awoke from her heavy slumber, her eyes fluttering open. She first noticed the coolness of the air, and her gaze shifted to the open window by her bedside. She continued to lay on her bed, allowing the cool breeze to fan her face.

There was a lonely feeling of detachment that filled her, along with an empty void of emotions. She felt detached from herself - and from reality - and she had to wonder if she was still dreaming.

A small sigh escaped her lips.

Slowly and reluctantly, Octavia pushed herself out of bed, letting her feet hit the wooden floor. She walked towards the window and closed it shut, the absence of the wind accentuating the silence of her room.

Octavia then proceeded to the washbasin, splashing cool water against her face in an attempt to rid herself of lethargy. She wasn't physically tired per se, but her mind felt heavy. All she wanted to do was sleep.

Octavia grabbed a brush from her bedside,  brushing her raven hair and tying it into the usual braid. She gave herself a quick look-over in the mirror before heading out of the door to meet the others downstairs, but judging by how late it was, they were probably off to bed.

The smell of cooked food greeted her olfactory senses, and her stomach grumbled in protest. Octavia realized she hadn't had a single meal today, as she made a beeline for her room as soon as Shion dismissed her from morning practice.  She then slumped against her mattress and ended up sleeping the day away.

As she took a seat in one of the nearby tables, the waitress approached Octavia with a smile - and some complementary bread, much to her delight. The bread was still warm, and she didn't wait another second to grab one and take a bite. "What would you like to order,?" The lady asked her with a courteous smile.

Octavia swallowed the bread in her mouth before replying, "Umm, meat would be nice. Perhaps you can choose which meal would be best." She took another bite from her bread as she simultaneously grabbed another one from the basket.

"Lamb would be our specialty for today. Please wait a bit while we cook your meal," the server replied with a small bow and left. She returned later with a glass of water, and Octavia muttered a small thank you.

Octavia's eyes scanned the room. The atmosphere was just as lively as yesterday, a bit less without the presence of the Irregulars. Her eyes searched for familiar faces, but the others weren't around to be found, so she continued munching on her bread quietly.

Before Octavia could enjoy her meal, the tolling of bells could be heard across the city, signaling an attack. Even without any piece of information, Octavia immediately grabbed the sword resting on her hip. She quickly realized she had the opportunity to test out her new weapon, so she ran upstairs and grabbed the bow from her room.

As Octavia made her way downstairs, so did the other Irregulars. They gathered just in time for Alm to return with news of the attack. "Orcs," he announced. People inside the tavern were already evacuating, and a few other adventurers like themselves gathered. There was panic in the faces of normal civilians as they quickly locked themselves in their houses.

As soon as Jing finished barking out his orders, Octavia immediately headed for the Eastern Market District along with her group. She was assigned with two new recruits and Pox, who was nowhere to be seen. Now that she thought about it, she hadn't seen him since they arrived at the city. He seemed to be busy with apothecary-related stuff. Octavia couldn't really ever tell what he was up to. The man had many secrets.

The Eastern Market District was quiet. There were only a few people left; the ones who refused to leave their shops without packing their valuables first. There were no signs of Orcs, but Octavia stayed alert of her surroundings.

"I'm Octavia," she broke the silence and formally introduced herself to the new members. It was a good idea to build some trust, since they were bound to fight together. "Octavia Starforge." She reached her hand out for them to shake.
Really sorry, I've been sick the past few days and I've also been hitting a blank lately. I'll be sure to finish my post, and I'll have it up within the next 24h. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, sorry to hear that! @ShwiggityShwah Hope everything goes well on your end. Best of luck to you and your family. Life can be a btch.
@Lyla Belated happy birthday!

I've been finding time to write everyday, but I haven't finished it yet. I'll be able to finish my post after my classes today.
Sorry, I've been super busy with school. Still got four exams left on Monday but I think I'll be able to post this weekend.
Sorry for the wait, exams are coming up so I'm very busy. I can post by the end of this wee, but feel free to move on ahead. @Sync
@Sync Don't know when i'll be able to post yet, but Ill try to find time this week. Got a lot of tests and assignments atm.
Just an update: I will make my CS as soon as I have time. Still got school going on.
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