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Location: Forest outside Roshmi | Time: Afternoon | Interactions: Bowyn@Helo, Clara@Princess, Kenia@Tae

The grim scenes unfold before her like the harsh winter winds back home — swift and bitter. Zephyrin's eyes were wide open in disbelief, her mouth left ajar as color drained from her already pale face. Boreas' selfless act of courage had left her aghast, and she stood there motionless with a horrified look on her face. The stench of blood, the wyvern's anguished cries, Bowyn's despair — it all made her stomach churn.

She was so surprised she could do nothing.

The warmth in the atmosphere seemed to fade as Bowyn manipulated the moisture in the air, turning it into jagged pieces of hard ice. She felt that familiar flow of magic in the air, it was much stronger than her own, and his control was so precise it sent tingles to her skin. Her fingers twitched at the familiar cool sensation, her magic reacting to his own.

Bowyn's blue eyes were a pool of pain and anger as he hurled the ice towards the wyvern, deeply injuring its wing, and sending it plummeting to the ground with a loud crash. A shrilling roar of agony followed. She bit her lip, sadness clouding her features as she took in the the sight of the mighty creature, reduced to such a sorry state. There was a sudden pang in her chest. It ached for the wyvern and the merlin, for neither deserved to experience the throes of death.

Zephyrin's hesitations did not last a moment longer though, as she wasn't going to stand and watch the wyvern get ever closer to the group with each vicious snap of its jaws. Arwen, with her ability to command the earth, had already done an impressive amount of damage to the wyvern's tail. Due to the injuries it had incurred thus far, its movements were slow and easy to predict; Zephyrin kept her eyes peeled. She had no time to dwell on the fact that Arwen was human, because the wyvern was already angling itself to deliver a powerful blow with its tail.

Questions would have to come later. And she had plenty.

Zephyrin straightened herself. A ragged breath escaped her lips as she willed her body to relax. She began to channel her magic into the tips of her fingers, channeling it to an extremity as she felt the mana in the atmosphere offer up resistance. Zephyrin began to draw in moisture from the air, a wave of mana flowing into the shore of her consciousness. She let it flow back out, conjuring an ice shield to block the incoming tail, condensing it so it doesn't break upon impact.

Where in Avalia she found that kind of control and endurance, Zephyrin did not have the slightest idea, but within moments it became painfully clear that was close to reaching her limit. A wave of energy seemed to escape her body, the ice barrier crumbled after serving its purpose, and beads of sweat formed at her temples as she forced herself to stay upright. The wyvern roared once more, not deterred by its injuries in the slightest. It wanted revenge. With some visible effort, it slowly advanced towards the group, a loud thud with each footstep. It kept a keen eye out for Arwen.
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Location: Forest outside Roshmi | Time: Afternoon | Interactions: Bowyn @Helo, Clara @Princess, Kenia @Tae

A loud and menacing roar reverberated in the air, sending shivers down her spine. If that didn't daunt her enough, the appearance of the dragon certainly did. Tough scales, deadly fangs, and sharply curved talons. Zephyrine was so stricken that she hadn't even noticed Arwen getting tossed carelessly to the ground. Everything seemed to fade into the background as her eyes focused on one thing. The beast. As she watched the wyvern soar up to the sky, she felt a sudden fear - it blew through her body like a gust of wind.

Zephyrine was not prepared for the sudden move of the creature, swooping downwards with the intention to kill. She stumbled backwards, her mind being ravaged by pure panic. As the dragon rapidly closed the distance between them, Zephyrine's fight-or-flight instinct reared up, her scarlet wings fluttering with speed. She soared swiftly backwards, missing the wyvern's attack by just a hair's breadth, it's claw managing to tear away the lowest fabric of her dress. At the thought of what could've happened if she had been a second too late, every muscle in her body tensed.

"T-That was close!" Zephyrine shrieked, but she wasn't sure her voice actually made a sound. The small voice in her conscience was telling her to run - abandon the others and save herself - but she reasoned with it. What would she do afterwards? She might find herself in an even more unfavorable situation in the future, and when that happens, she would be all alone. She bit her lip and agonizingly came to a decision. The survival of the others would be much more beneficial to her in the long run. 'Yes.. That is the only reason why I am choosing to stay.'

Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through her leg and caused her to wince. Zephyrine looked down, only to realize there was a gash on her inner thigh, just right above her knee. Her awareness of the wound made it hurt even more, and she hissed. Fortunately, only the tip of the wyvern's claw had managed to graze her. Otherwise, the scene before her would be much more grim.

Zephyrine's face darkened as blood trickled down to her ankle, her fear long forgotten. Currently, she was too vexed by the possible scar this wound could leave on her unblemished skin. She realized her emotions were slightly out of place, but she couldn't help it. No person or beast had ever managed to tarnish her complexion before. Her fear was dulled, replaced by pure disdain. Only as the wyvern released a mencacing growl did the fear return slightly in the background of her mind.

Before Zephyrine could open her mouth to vocalize her grievances, emotions of grief and rage ripped through her consciousness - but it wasn't coming from her. It was coming from the wyvern. Just what had caused it to be in so much anguish? Zephyrine intended to communicate with the wyvern, but before she could make an attempt, it got ready to pounce. It descended quickly and headed towards them, it's talons ready to strike.

"Kenia, watch out!"
Veronika Cleveland & Alexander Drake

Location: l'amour est dans l'air | Time: Evening, before the time skip. | collab @FunnyGuy

"How could I refuse an invitation from such an influential man?" responded Veronika, drawing her chin up. She smiled but did not seem to flatter. Alexander Drake's invitation had piqued her curiosity. Her aim was to dig up information akin to the stories she had heard. A hunt for a particular witch; one that had eluded his grasp.

A waiter dressed in neatly-pressed uniform and highly polished shoes approached their table with a menu in one hand, but Veronika made no attempts to look at it. "A bottle of 2006 Dom Pérignon Brut Rosé Champagne," she told the waiter simply, maintaining eye-contact with Alexander as she carefully examined his face. "Bold, powerful, and elegant taste. It will suit your palate." Veronika gave him a look that could have been interpreted as amusement, but her face was a picture of calm. It was hard to read.

"Excellent choice. What about some pan-seared filet mignon to pair?" The waiter smiled. He spoke in a calm and refined manner, setting the right ambiance for the meal to come. He'd been well trained - as expected of a five-star restaurant. Steak was best-paired with champagne.

"I will leave the gentleman to decide."

Alexander liked this woman for sure. Why did she have to be one of the bitten?

"Thanks, dear." His eyes kept on hers. "We will definitely take your suggestion. Filet mignon it is... Rare, please. That is all." Alexander ordered coldly.

"Dom Pérignon Brut Rosé Champagne, and pan-seared filet mignon." The waiter repeated as Alexander slightly turned to give him a smile in agreement. When his eyes met Veronika's again and once the waiter had walked off, Alexander spoke.

"Gentleman? Is that truly what you think of me or are you just being pleasant? Your servant's sneer gave me the impression that I may not be well-liked among your clan. It would not surprise me if that were the case. The measures I take differ vastly from yours. Yet we seek the same thing."

"Perhaps. And as for what I truly think of you, it does not matter in the grand scheme of things," came Veronika's vague response. She clearly had felt no need to satiate the man's curiosity, nor did she feel the need to humor him by answering such questions that bore no relevance on the matter at hand.

There was a short pause as the waiter came back with the bottle of champagne, popping it open and filling their glasses. He set the bottle down on the table and left quietly, sensing their need for privacy.

"So enlighten me, Alexander. What do you seek?" Veronika mused, inclining her head slightly.

"I seek independence from... them. You and I both know what happens if things continue as they are. We lose. Whether or not our kind seeks to lord over or simply live amongst them as equals, we need to create a way for our people to live without the need for the crimson nectar flowing through their veins... My clan is close to developing something to curb the need for it. We just need more time and resources, and unfortunately, that requires my clan to conduct their operations... without interference. And possibly even with your support. All we need is blood." Alexander grabbed his glass, not toasting just yet. He wanted her answer.

'Oh?' Veronika slightly raised her brow to signal interest.

Alexander's words had confirmed her suspicions. The differences in their views were far too great; an alliance was out of the question. This man had a plan, and it was not one she could simply ignore. If the time comes that vampires would no longer have a need for human blood, who's to say that Alexander - and others like him - would not seek to exterminate humans altogether? Nature had a way of keeping things balanced, and this independence he had spoken of would only only tip the scales and allow him to have even more power. Once Alexander's plan is realized, there would be no stopping him.

Veronika needed to know more, particularly about what was going on behind the scenes. Perhaps she'd be able to learn more from that witch he so desperately wanted to find. Shay Knight, was it? She would find her before Alexander did.

For now, giving him the answer he wanted to hear would allow her to keep a closer eye on him. Veronika reached for her own glass and smiled, reaching a conclusion. The corner of her mouth curled up in a smirk, showing a sharp fang. "Should you require my assistance, Alexander, you know where to find me." She raised her glass for a toast.
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The Night Before

The night had fallen upon them quietly. After eating the delicious supper Kenia had prepared for them, Zephyrin had snuck off to bathe in a stream not too far away from where they had set up camp. She had cautiously scanned her surroundings to ensure there were no prying eyes - the moth fairy's, specifically - before stripping herself bare until she was essentially one with nature. As she dipped herself into the placid water, the coolness of it felt refreshing against her bare skin, a mellow harmony amidst the fragrant flowers.

Zephyrin looked up at the moon and sighed. Such sighs were more frequent lately as she found herself thinking more about the future. Her mind wandered, and Bowyn's questions suddenly rang in her head.

“You don’t care about the rebellion? What about the winter fae stolen and sold into slavery in the black market? The Dark Elves and their reign of torment and slaughter? The destruction of forests, the rising tides of poverty and suffering? How does all that sit with you, Zephyrin? All of it caused by the lich, fueled by him."

Frankly, she didn't care at all. So then, what was this upsetting feeling tugging at her heartstrings?

Zephyrin splashed water onto her face, breaking herself away from those unwelcome thoughts. She began to wash herself, starting with her hair, untangling it gently with her delicate fingertips. She thoroughly washed away all the grime that concealed her luster, taking her precious time as she hummed a tune and watched in light amusement as the pixies came out to play.

As soon as she was done, she felt better and much more like herself. Her silver hair, illuminated by the moonlight, looked as soft as silk and fell over her shoulders like the finest cloak. The strands fell down her neck to her collarbones, her supple skin so fair it seemed carved from ice. When she caught a glimpse of herself in the water's surface, Zephyrin raised her chin smugly and smiled to herself. 'Twas a shame there was not a single mirror around for her to admire herself in. The hazy reflection did not do her beauty any justice.

Realizing that it was almost her turn for watch-duty, Zephyrin quickly got out of the water. In that instant, a layer of ice began to wrap itself around her dainty body, covering her female bits like a makeshift undergarment made out of frost. It was quite a sight. She had simply refused to put on her soiled clothes right after such a therapeutic bath. She'd at least wait until she was fully dry.

When Zephyrin made it back to camp, Bowyn was sleeping so soundly it seemed a shame to wake him. "Hey, wake up and take my shift. A defenseless lady shouldn't be on watch duty!" said Zephyrin nonetheless, nudging Bowyn's cheek with her damp toes. The male fairy did not awaken. Fed up with him sleeping so obstinately, Zephyrin was about to raise her voice again, but then she stopped. Suddenly, she crouched down and examined his features scrupulously, stroking her chin as she studied every inch of his face. He had smooth and fair skin, nice eyelashes and a beautiful pair of dark blue horns. 'Hah.. He's quite endearing when he's not being a grumpy old man.' Zephyrin mused.

"Fine, I will let you sleep." She whispered, then stood up and tiptoed away.

The Next Day

Zephyrin felt spritely this morning. The thought of reaching the port filled her with so much excitement that she even woke herself up early in order to avoid getting left behind. If they continued to travel at this pace, then perhaps it would only take them another day.

The journey had been a lot more lively now that Arwen was around. Zephyrin was glad that she was no longer alone with two brooding rebels. She even proudly wore the floral crown Arwen had given her, placing it on top of the jewels that already decorated her head.

Zephyrin stifled a laugh as she watched Bowyn wear a floral crown of his own. It was quite a contrast to his serious demeanor, but he at least looked to be in a better mood today. He even seemed more eager to wear the crown than Boreas, who was not so amused by it.

To her delight, Kenia had decided to provide them with lunch. Arwen had even offered some lalaberries, or lalas, as she had referred to them. Perhaps elves liked to call them that. However, Zephyrin couldn't help but notice that something about Arwen was.. different.

"Thank you, Kenia! Oh, I'll take some of those lalaberries, too!" She chimed.

Zephyrin began to munch on her food, tuning out the others as they talked among themselves. After all, eating was much more important than talking. Who knows when they might decide to abandon her, just as they have done with the moth fairy? When that happens, she would have to go back to foraging her own food.

Now that she was used to company, Zephyrin frowned at the thought of being left behind to fend for herself. She shrugged, brushing those thoughts aside as she popped the last lalaberry into her mouth.
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Location: Forest outside Roshmi | Time: Afternoon | Interactions: Bowyn, Clara, Kenia, Elthrael

It was very well past noon. A tinge of annoyance bubbled in her chest as Bowyn showed no signs of stopping for lunch. He should have started fishing by now! The brooding winter fairy had clearly noticed her staring at him, but he had completely ignored her and instead turned his attention towards the merlin perched on his shoulder, speaking to it in a hushed voice.

Zephyrin stomped her foot with every step, visibly annoyed about his lack of concern for her empty stomach. How could this man be more compassionate towards a bird rather than one of his own kin? Especially one as beautiful as she. Although her beautiful white hair flowed down her hips in a tangled mess, she looked beautiful all the same. With a proper bath, polished jewelries and a new dress, she would look even more perfect. If he had met her in better conditions, he wouldn't be subjecting her to such poor treatment.

As Zephyrin was about to speak up and protest, a male voice cut through her misgivings, one that could only belong to the moth fairy. Zephyrin looked up to find him standing on a tree branch, and her face lit up as her thoughts drifted from fried fishes to fresh apples. Elthrael arrived at just the perfect moment. But before she could ask him to work his magic and provide her with food, the arrival of an unfamiliar young woman had captured everyone's attention.

Zephyrin's eyes widened in surprise at Kenia's response towards this newcomer. She had expected a much colder response from Kenia, but she easily seemed willing to invite this stranger into the group. Upon closer inspection, this young woman also had elven ears. Perhaps Kenia was simply being biased towards her own. Now, if only a certain someone could show her the same generosity. Earlier this morning, he had the nerve to threaten her after feeding her! Zephyrin's eyes drifted towards Bowyn, and with an irritated groan, she crossed her arms.

After allowing herself a few more moments to sulk, Zephyrin fixed her expression and gave the newcomer a bright smile.

"Hi! My name is Zephyrin. What's your name?"

Location: l'amour est dans l'air | Interactions: Alexander Drake @FunnyGuy

The afternoon had been quite eventful. Ember Grove had far exceeded Veronika's expectations. Who would have thought she'd encounter three vampires from the Sinclaire Foundation out in broad daylight, just minutes after her arrival?

'Indeed, times have changed.'

The car pulled up in front of l'amour est dans l'air, a luxurious restaurant. Frankly, it looked dull in comparison to her estate's dining hall, but it stood out from the rest of the restaurants nearby. They also specialized in European cuisine - Veronika's personal favorite.

Although she had been a vampire for many years, her palate still had an appreciation for fine cuisine. However, only the finest food prepared by the finest chef could satiate her tastes. Hopefully, the food here wouldn't disappoint.

Loukas assisted Veronika as she existed the vehicle. He walked her to the entrance, and as soon as he spotted Alexander Drake seated at one of the tables, he turned to Veronika with a sour look.

"So this is why you came to Ember Grove? To meet with Alexander Drake?" Loukas narrowed his eyes, and there was venom in his voice as he mentioned Alexander's name. When Veronika didn't saying anything in response, he sighed in defeat and held the door open for her.

"Thank you."

Veronika stepped inside the restaurant and upon closer look, the interior was quite beautiful, and the ambiance was perfect. Loukas escorted her to the table where Alexander sat, and Veronika gave a polite curtsy before taking a seat.

"I'll be waiting in the car." Loukas whispered. Veronika nodded, and he gave Alexander a disapproving look before leaving. As soon as they were alone, Veronika smiled and broke the silence.

"Alexander Drake. You don't look very pleased, being surrounded by all these humans."

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Location: Forest outside Roshmi | Time: Morning --> Afternoon | Interactions: Bowyn | Mentioned: Kenia, Darius, Vaeril, Elthreal, Alkenroth

Zephyrin raised her eyebrows at Bowyn's questions. How would he react if she told him that the lives already lost meant less to her than her own? Perhaps he would find her so cruel and abandon her here in the forest.

'Does it matter?' She answered his question in her mind but refrained from saying it out loud.

There was nothing Zephyrin could do for the dead; they were gone. But she was still here — living and breathing. There was a plethora of things she could do for herself! Others might find her sentiments self-serving, but Zephyrin only had desires to live for herself, not others nor Avalia. If being selfish kept her alive, how could it be wrong?

Zephyrin tilted her head to the side as she fiddled with a lock of her hair. She did it out of habit whenever too many thoughts whirled around her mind. Zephyrin carefully selected her next words, leaving out the bits that might incur the wrath of her male counterpart.

"Everyone is driven by different desires and motives. At the end of the day, aren't we all just seeking to fulfill our own selfish desires? Whether we desire a life of peace, revenge or pleasure. Who's to say what is right and what is wrong?"

Bowyn and Elthreal were good examples. Although they shared the common goal of overthrowing the lich king, they were driven by their own personal reasons. Should one reason be more justified than the other?

Zephyrin fell quiet as she pondered what it meant to be right. Everyone's reality was shaped by their own beliefs and experiences. Therefore, reality was subjective. In that sense, neither Bowyn nor Elthreal were right or wrong. They were just different. But if that were truly the case, could the same be said about Alkenroth? Zephyrin frowned — confused. The concept of right and wrong were too vague for her to understand.

Bowyn had referred to Alkenroth as evil. But would the death of the lich king rid Avalia of evil? It would only be a matter time before a new kind of evil would arise and replace him. Just like night and day, good and evil would always exist — whatever those words personally meant to each person. The universe was governed by this duality, and these forces were interconnected and interrelated in the natural world. There was no use fighting it.

Winter fairies had only managed to survive by hiding and avoiding danger — not confronting it. Perhaps Bowyn was different from them, but for someone who had lived in the settlement her whole life, it was all Zephyrin had ever known. Hide when you can, flee when you must.

"..Nevertheless, I won't get in your way!" Zephyrin added quickly before Bowyn could further attempt to shoo her away. She nimbly moved to position herself closely behind him, as if to silently protest that she wasn't going anywhere else!

Staying behind with Darius and Vaeril was not an option for Zephyrin. Traveling with a human companion would only attract all sorts of trouble. In addition, there was no guarantee that they wouldn't sell her off to the black market if they got the chance! At the very least, she wouldn't have to worry about that with Boywn and Kenia.

Following Elthrael, as Bowyn had suggested, also didn't seem like a wise choice. There were too many uncertainties surrounding the moth fairy. Saying goodbye to those tasty apples would be a real shame, though. On the bright side, Bowyn was skilled at catching fish! Indeed, Bowyn and Kenia were her best options. Bowyn was a good cook, and Kenia seemed like a capable fighter. She wouldn't allow them to shake her off so easily!

Zephyrin followed closely behind the two, picking up one of the bottles Bowyn had decided to leave behind. It was some kind of liquor she had never seen in the village before. She popped the bottle open and took a small sip.

'That tastes.. gross!' Zephyrin grimaced as she forced herself to swallow the pungent liquid.


They continued to traverse through the forest, putting a safe distance between them and the smoke they had spotted earlier. Before she knew it, it was already past noon, and she realized this after her stomach grumbled in protest. It was time for lunch! Zephyrin stared at Bowyn expectantly.
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Location: Forest outside Roshmi | Interactions: Bowyn | Darius | Elthrael | Kenia | Vaeril

So they were planning a rebellion against Alkenroth.

Based on the information Zephyrin had gathered from the start, they must have had something to do with Roshmi City being placed under lockdown. The rebellion would also explain the presence of a human in Avalia. Did they summon him here for that purpose? It was certainly possible. Zephyrin had only heard stories about a device that could warp humans into this dimension, but it would seem that those bedtime stories about human heroes had some truth to them after all.

The young fairies of the winter settlement - especially females - were usually kept in the dark about important matters concerning the world outside. Despite being told that it was dangerous for winter fairies to venture outside - for the reason that they may be captured by dark elves and sold to the black market - they didn't know much of anything else. They were more-so kept away from matters involving politics.

Zephyrin's father, despite being one of the elected leaders, chose to keep her ignorant about outside matters. She had always been a curious one, and he knew that her curiosity would lead her to leave the settlement one day. He was right.

Zephyrin had been living her life in peace inside the settlement, oblivious to the dangers outside of it. She had always believed that the elders exaggerated those stories of the lich to keep the youngsters from venturing out. It wasn't until the recent attack that Zephyrin had her first taste of real danger. However, this didn't quell Zephyrin's plans to leave the village and go on a journey. If anything, it only made her curiosity grow. She had to see the world for herself and judge it with her own eyes.

As Bowyn and Elthrael's conversation struck her with realization, a question came to mind.

'How can they hope to succeed if they can't even get along with each other?' She crossed her arms and frowned.

Well, not that it mattered. Zephyrin was only here for one reason; Bowyn had offered her adventure and she had accepted it. In exchange for food and protection, Zephyrin would mind her own business and look the other way. She had no interests in their little rebellion, and if things got too dangerous, she would flee.

The only thing Zephyrin had to worry about was being used as a decoy or ending up as collateral damage. Surely they wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice her for their goal. For that reason, she couldn't trust them. They didn't even trust each other, did they? Zephyrin suppressed an amused grin.

"Rebellion or not, it doesn't matter to me. If I separate myself from the group now, a dark elf will find me first and kill me! I'm lucky that hasn't happened yet." Zephyrin replied to Bowyn and shook her head. Staying with a group of rebels was dangerous, but Zephyrin also wouldn't last long traveling alone. She wouldn't even know where to go. The map she had with her had already been drenched in the rain. It was as good as garbage now.

Leaving or staying with the group both posed some risks, but staying with them for the time being would at least prolong her survival. As long as she showed them that she wasn't a threat to them and their rebellion, they would allow her to keep tagging along. More importantly, there was no way Zephyrin would go back to that boring old village!

Zephyrin returned Bowyn's watchful gaze, as if to show him that she wasn't afraid or perturbed even after learning about their rebellion. He had been trying to assess her for awhile now, and although it didn't particularly bother her, it did annoy her to some extent. How could he suspect an elegant lady such as herself? Not to mention they were kindreds.

"I have no interest in joining your rebellion, but you promised me an adventure and I am taking it." Zephyrin added with resolve. As the words left her mouth, Zephyrin noticed something from the corner of her eye. She looked up to sky and saw a faint trace of smoke from a distance.

"More importantly, it seems we're not alone." Zephyrin pointed up to the sky.

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Time: Morning | Location: Forest outside Roshmi | Interactions: Bowyn | Darius | Elthreal | Kenia | Vaeril

'Ah.. is that hairstyle popular in the human world?'

The winter fairy was in her own head, coming up with a list of questions to ask Darius about the human world. Were all humans as tall as him? And is it true that their sun was made out of gold?

As thoughts and questions swirled around in her head, she no longer paid attention to the other individuals as they bickered. She only continued to openly stare at the human from his head to toe.

'Then, what about-'

The winter fairy's train of thought was interrupted by the words Bowyn had directed towards her, his almost-icy tone and change in demeanor having caught her attention. Zephyrin's scarlet eyes darted towards the male winter fairy, scrutinizing him. She gazed at his face, from his conflicted eyes and down to his brittle smile. That, coupled with the solemn expression he wore on his face sent warning signals to Zephyrin.

Eye behavior can be very telling, and Bowyn's eyes showed telltale signs of an internal conflict. He seemed to be arguing with himself over what was right and wrong, or rather, it looked like he was convincing himself that he was doing the right thing. Either way, he was definitely hiding something. Whatever it was, Zephyrin would soon find out.

As Zephyrin studied Bowyn's face, she wore a mask of confusion and innocence. It didn't look like she was trying to analyze him, she just looked confused and almost hurt by the comment he had made.

Feigning a lack of understanding over what he had meant by his words, Zephyrin merely replied in a naive and carefree manner, as if to imply that her being interested in Darius was normal and not at all questionable.

"Of course I'm interested in Darius! I've only heard about humans through tales of adventure. Meeting one is like meeting a real-life hero from my favorite book!" Zephyrin chuckled in a hearty manner, then looked down at her hands shyly.

"Oh, but I'm interested in Elthreal, too! I've never met a forest fairy before, let alone one who can make an apple tree grow in mere seconds! It was the best apple I've ever tasted. I feel very lucky." Zephyrin added, her smile growing wider. Nothing seemed amiss, nor was there a trace of lie in her words. But of course, this was because she had only spoken the truth.

When manipulating the way that people viewed her, Zephyrin realized she did not have to be a good liar. She only had to present the truth in a manner that best fit her narrative. And by using the word "interested" in a different context, Zephyrin was able to show that her interests came from an innocent place. Like a child simply amused by the wonders that surrounded her.

After Zephyrin made her last statement, she looked towards Elthreal, whose eyes were roaming around the place and assessing everyone keenly. She noticed the way his penetrating gaze scoped his surroundings, making sure that no one was behaving suspiciously.

Zephyrin did not overlook the way his eyes particularly lingered on the male elf for a moment longer that it did with anyone else. This caused Zephyrin to look towards the male elf who had been quiet up until now. Zephyrin shot him a friendly smile after he introduced himself.

"Good morning, Vaeril." She replied.

To Zephyrin, Vaeril just looked like a normal elf who had gone through a rough night. However, if a man like Elthreal had a reason to be wary of him, then he must be someone worth keeping an eye on.

Elthreal was not a simple man. He liked to speak in riddles, and it was obvious to Zephyrin that he was more perceptive than the others. It was evident in his scrutinizing gaze. He may have welcomed Zephyrin, but he did not trust her. By keeping his suspicions to himself instead of vocalizing it and warning her like the others had done, he had put himself in a favorable position. Zephyrin would be more lax around him, and thus be more prone to slip. It was a good thing she'd caught that detail.

When dealing with a suspicious person, it was a far more effective technique than threats. By giving her a stern warning, Kenia and Bowyn had only managed to drive Zephyrin further into her shell. Now Zephyrin would be more cautious at maintaining her facade around them.

It was in this way that Elthreal differed from them, and that made him more dangerous. Despite being able to see through his actions, Zephyrin couldn't read his intentions. She would have to be even more careful around him.

That aside, Zephyrin didn't know what was was keeping the group on edge, but it must have been something big if they were this suspicious of each other. It was clear to her now that this group did not travel together because of camaraderie; they traveled together because they had the same goal. However, they seemed to driven by different motives.

Whatever was keeping them on their toes, Zephyrin was not particularly interested about it. All that mattered was that she no longer had to travel alone in such an unfamiliar place. As long as they were useful to her, she would continue traveling with them.

"Ah, alright!" Zephyrin eagerly responded to Kenia and Elthreal as they got ready to leave. She dusted her red dress and started walking.

Alas, her bath would have to be postponed.

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Interactions: Bowyn @Helo| Darius @FunnyGuy| Ethereal @Dezuel | Kenia @Tae

Ethereal was quite the charmer. If he had been speaking to a soft and naive woman, his flirtatious antics may have worked. However, Zephyrin was not one who would swoon over a man's flowery words and gestures. It was hard to tell whether the forest fairy was putting up an act of some sort, but the part where he was fond of women was definitely not a lie.

The forest fairy had a smooth way with words, and it was a manner of speaking that she was all too familiar with. He talked in the same ingratiating manner as Zephyrin. Unbeknownst to him, he was not the only one who was skillful at flattery and had great control of his facial expressions.

Zephyrin excitedly jumped to her feet in feigned delight. Her eyes lit up in child-like wonder as she clasped her hands together. "Oh, wow! I have never seen something so marvelous!" She beamed. While Zephyrin did take her reaction up a notch, it truly had been her first time seeing a forest fairy use Chlorokinesis. It had been a spectacular display of his power, and Zephyrin had to give credit where it was due. If only he hadn't done it with other intentions in mind.

"Thank you for the lovely fruit." Zephyrin took the fruit from his hand and took a bite, it's sweet flavor washing over her tongue. It was the best apple Zephyrin has ever had. Was it because it was grown by a forest fairy? Probably. And it was something she could get used to.

"Well, aren't you poetic? Or perhaps it's just your natural charm. You do have more than your fair share." Zephyrin held his gaze and smiled, returning his flattery.

On the other hand, Bowyn was clearly not amused by the forest fairy's flirtatious display. Zephyrin had to suppress an amused grin. The flash of doubt in his eyes, however, did not go unnoticed. He seemed to be ruminating over something in his mind. Zephyrin studied his face for a moment, hoping to catch a glimpse of what it might be.

When Bowyn brought up Roshmi City, Zephyrin decided to answer him honestly. It would only give rise to more suspicion if she hid the fact that she had just come from that direction. Besides, she had no reason to lie about it.

"Ah! Beautiful Roshmi.." Zephyrin frowned, recalling the moment she'd arrived at the city gates only to be barred from entry. From where she had stood then, she couldn't really tell what was going on. So when Bowyn mentioned the dark elves, she was truly surprised. There seemed to be more to the story, but she refrained from asking. She was still a stranger to them, and if she pushed them for information this early on, they would only become more reluctant to tell her anything.

"Actually, I just came from there! I travelled this far just to see the city, but it was already closed when I got there. I've been wandering the forest since then, unsure of where to go from here." She furrowed her brows at the thought of dark elves. Things would have gone really bad if she had been unfortunate enough to come across one. But her worries quickly vanished and was replaced with excitement when she realized that Bowyn had mentioned joining them for an adventure. Of course, she would't refuse it.

While everyone had been friendly towards Zephyrin so far, the elf who introduced herself as Kenia was not so welcoming. Although she said her words weren't meant as a threat, it did sound like one. Unmoved by her threatening tone, Zephyrin returned her grin with one of her own. She was used to being treated with contempt, but the elf just seemed genuinely concerned for the group's safety.

"Thank you for allowing me to travel with you. I feel much safer now that I am in the company of a group. You all seem very dependable." Zephyrin's eyes scanned the elf from head to toe, studying her physique. She seemed like she was capable of fighting. Although she was a little rough around the edges, the poor elf looked like she had been through enough. Her eyes looked cold and steely.

Zephyrin looked at the group, her eyes stopping short at Darius' direction. She couldn't hide the curiosity and excitement that shone through her eyes. Zephyrin had so many questions she wanted to ask him, but she would wait for the right time to bombard him with all her questions. After all, he initially did seem wary of her.
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