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When you don't want to live but you don't want to die either #feelsbadbro
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Bad decisions are my forte.
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Life is a gift. The kind of gift you get from your aunt who knows nothing about what you like.
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If my son becomes a priest, do I call him father?
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[@Buddha] which is the beauty of having internet friends, because sometimes you just want to talk and not have to go out and see people's faces


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This died really fast, lol.
I think a fast-forward would be great so that we can finally move things along.

Also, will this RP have one big objective for our characters to work towards (like an end goal), or is it more focused on each of our characters just working to accomplish their own individual objectives?
@Kidd don't worry about it and please take care of yourself and rest when you can :)

Raegan Ross, 21
Calokinetic | LA, California | Seeking shelter from the rain

The winter sky embraced the last day of November. The satin blue was now a blanket of grey, only sporting a few wisps of white cloud. People quickened their pace as dark grey clouds began to gather overhead, putting the sun out of sight and casting the city into a shadowy darkness. Raegan watched as the dark clouds hung over the city like malevolent angels; it was an ominous sight to see. Without warning, the first splatter of rain fell down upon the city, soaking the water-forsaken grounds of California. People ran for cover as the clouds furiously spat out their beads of water. The rain mercilessly bore down upon the city, as if it was trying to cleanse the city of its sins.

Raegan pulled the black hoody over her saturated form and released a sigh of vexation. She truly hated the wet season. By good fortune, Los Angeles had a Mediterranean climate. It was warm all year-round, but the occasional rain never failed to dampen her mood. She decided to seek shelter at the bus stop where a woman who looked her age was looking attentively at her iPad. Upon closer inspection, she was watching the news. The woman took notice of her arrival and tilted the screen so she could share what she deemed was great news. "It's the president of New Alaska. She's introducing a device which can be used to scan people for Super blood," the woman said with excitement and a hint of relief.

There was a short pause, and the sound of rain almost seemed deafening. Raegan's amber eyes darkened with distaste. Indignation rose up her chest, but she swallowed it. The hatred that slept within her awoke, and she felt heat within her veins, just waiting to explode. "What a pleasant device," she replied through gritted teeth. Raegan's reply was empty and half-hearted, and her features seemed to be a carving of bleakness — delicate, yet lacking life. "I agree. With this device, we can finally — ow!" The woman yelped in surprise, and the gadget fell to the ground with a painful thud. The woman stared at her iPad with confusion in her eyes. "It's unbearably hot," she said, her voice breathy with surprise.

Raegan took a deep breath, allowing her anger to subside. Someday, she would make the normals pay for oppressing her kind, but not today. "Must be overheated," she replied with a lack of concern. She adjusted her hoody, hiding the red hair which was black only a few moments ago. Her damp clothes were now semi-dry, and faint traces of steam enveloped her figure as the water from her clothes converted into vapor. The woman — eyes still on her broken gadget — nodded, but didn't seem entirely convinced. At last, the rain stopped, and a momentary silence filled the air. Without a word, Raegan left and disappeared into the crowd.

Thanks! I'm too drunk toor post now, but I will tomororw!

I love that you stil bothered to check RPG after a night of drinking haha

Anyways, I'll post tonight. (it's 2PM atm) I have night classes. 4:30-9:30PM. Gotta go suffer in school first.
@Dusty If you don't mind, I have a question regarding your character's abilities.. how long do the effects of his hypnosis last?
Update: Just working on my character's history. Will PM my CS once its done. @Over Illusion
I have so much love for Okinawa Milk Tea with egg pudding.

@prussianblue Thank you. I can't wait to flesh out the character and reveal her backstory IC. =)
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