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Current Try Not to Be Pretentious Challenge (IMPOSSIBLE EDITION)
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Fuck I wish I could draw
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Silent Hill f's trailer has been living rent-free in my brain since Wednesday. I have no clue how to feel about that.
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Hi there. I'm Cat, 22, and I've spent 6 whole years of my life roleplaying all kinds of genres, fandoms, etc, so writing is definitely a huge part of my life. I play different types of characters, been part of several long-term roleplays and write multiple paragraphs per reply.

Interested in roleplaying with me? Check out my interest check and send me a message. We'll see where it goes from there. Looking forward to writing with you~ ☆

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Closed, for now. Thanks for everybody who reached out!
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I see any mention of vampires, I immediately interact. Welcome!

Feline Overlord's 1x1 Interest Check

Welcome to my interest check! Please don't be discouraged by the amateurish look of the BBCode formatting in this page. I'm still learning, so please be patient with me.

About Me:

  • I'm S, but I usually go by Cat online. 22, fresh out of college and currently employed so replies can sometimes take a while. However, I usually try to respond at least once per day, if not more. If I have to go on hiatus for a while, you will surely be the first to know.

  • English may not be my first language, but I'm proud to say that I can write extensive, in-depth paragraphs (multi-paragraph) and novellas. I never write one-liners or short replies, and I expect the same from my roleplay partner.

  • I roleplay exclusively through PMs and strictly on this website only. No Discord, Email, or other stuff. It's also easier to keep track of roleplays when they're in my PMs than when they're on public forum posts. (I'm also less likely to get publicly judged for my less-than-adequate BBCode skills)

  • I write MxF, FxF, and MxM. All romances I write are strictly slowburn and take a long while to develop, so no "love at first sight" and all that jazz. I also only do BRIEF character sheets. I like to learn about your character through the RP, so I don't like to know everything up front. I also like seeing a picture of our characters as a quick little reference.

Looking For:

  • I'm looking to find LONG-TERM roleplay partners that are willing and able to write 18+ stories that might eventually get dark and disturbing, and be open to try out different situations and cultures, historical stories, etcetera. Things can and most likely WILL get bloody, so hopefully you're not against gore and other heavy stuff. I would also greatly enjoy a partner who enjoys writing romance -- smut included -- and genres like SciFi, Slice of Life, Fantasy, and Horror.

  • It goes without saying, but once again PLEASE BE 18+, active, and willing to write long, detailed replies. I am very enthusiastic and passionate about roleplaying, so I would greatly appreciate the same energy in return. Which brings me to my next, most important point..

  • I tend to hyperfixate on a story we're writing if it's super good, so expect to get some headcanons, theories, songs, videos that remind me of our story, etc, sent to you pretty regularly. That's just how I roll.

Pairing List:

Just a quick note: It is not a necessity to include romance in every roleplay. Therefore, feel free to ignore this list if we agree on a strictly platonic/abusive/enemies roleplay without a drop of love in there.

With that out of the way, long list incoming...

    1. Detective x Criminal
    2. Hitman x Detective
    3. Hitman x Victim
    4. Hitman x Hitman
    5. Gang Member x Police Officer
    6. Killer x Victim (can be romance or not)
    7. Arranged Marriage
    8. Aftermath/New Worlds (Post-Apocalyptic)
    9. Vampire x Human
    10. Angel x Demon
    11. Fallen Angel x Demon
    12. Reincarnation (two people meeting each other once more after being in love in a past life)
    13. The Obligatory Childhood Friends Pairing
    14. Prince/Princess x Prince/Princess
    15. Celebrity x Bodyguard
    16. Witch/Wizard x Wizard/Witch
    17. Witch/Wizard x Normal Human (lacks any powers, magic, etc)
    18. Ancient Egyptian MxM, FxF, FxM. Can be royalty or just commoners.
    19. Enemies to Lovers (can be applied to any of the pairings)
    20. University Students
    EDIT: 21. Androids/Robots (loosely inspired by NieR Automata)
    EDIT: 22. Martial Artist x Sensei

I'm willing to play any character, and mix our ideas together if you have any plot ideas in mind. However, I'd rather pass on the 'dominant' roles as they're my weakest point.

Aaaand that is just about it. Thank you so much for reading this far. I have no plot ideas ready at the moment, just the pairings I would like to include in the roleplay, therefore I'm open to anyone wanting to plot a cool story idea with me. Feel free to reach out anytime. Looking forward to writing with you all!
@Feline Overlord if you don't mind me asking, under what name did you go by back when you were here? Welcome back btw, just curious. I changed my name a year or so ago. I used to be Blackmist16.

I'm so sorry for the late reply, past few days were hectic but I'm in a more stable place now hopefully. I used to be Gatto iirc, but unfortunately I never interacted with a Blackmist16. Nice to meet you, Dark Cloud!
Hello~ You can call me Cat. I have been on this website ages ago under a different name, but had to take a long break due to unforeseen circumstances. It's good to be back and writing again. I have 6 years of RP experience under my belt and can write multiple paragraphs/novellas. Soon, I will relearn BBCode and create an interest check. Feel free to say hi sometime!
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