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@TJByrum Holy heck a I interested
Is there still room to join? I think their are primarch spots, but the RP says its full, so I am a little confused
Gerwazy was pacing in his bedroom. A huge weight was possibly about to be put on his shoulders. He was constantly staring at his mirror, just contemplating what will happen. You see, his older sister, Aurora Phaleon, was about to be crowned Lady Empress of La Confederacion Angelica. Being the thirdborn of his family, he never had to worry about the burden of ruling a nation. And he was fine with that, he never saw himself as the ruling type. What was stressing him how his brother would react if he was not chosen as Grand General.

The Grand General was the leader of all the armies and the top of the command. If it came to orders from the Lord or Lady Empress or the Grand General, the generals would go for the ladder. He wasn’t stressed if he was going to be chosen or not, it was most likely going to be him (He had the most battle experience out of his two other siblings). He was stressed about his brother. Casimir, the second born of the family, was not really suited for the job. He is *ahem* more of a silver-tongued diplomat than a master stratagen or general.

Casimir wanted the title very badly, being the egotist he is. Gerwazy knows that he won’t take the news well. “Well, this is where the fun begins.” The prince says to himself. A knock and a voice can be heard from the other side of his door. “Prince Gerwazy, the coronation is about to start.” The voice says. “Understood, I will be out momentarily.” The prince says. He takes one final look at his mirror before exiting his room.

The Main dining hall of the castle is large. About a hundred yards in length, it can hold plenty of people. This was the place chosen to hold the coronation ceremony. Once Gerwazy entered, all the beings in the room stood up and bowed. I bowed back, and the room went back to its lively state. A few scattered greetings met Gerwazy before he could get to the head of the hall, where his sister was sitting. Casimir was already sitting on her left, in what seemed to be a military uniform. “A little presumptuous, eh Casimir?” Gerwazy muttered to himself. He took his seat to the right and waited for the festival to begin.

Once everyone entered the dining hall, A soldier rang a gong, signaling the start of the Coronation Process. Gerwazy’s neon blue eyes jutted to the carpet in between the two long tables. The doors opened, displaying Lucian the XVI, the leader of the Order of Light (The Order of Light being the major religious order in the Confederation. A guttural, Gregorian-like chant was being sung by two masked monks behind Lucian. As of tradition, The leader of the Order and the Emperor would get on even ground before being crowned, signaling that the Order and the Dynasty have equal yet different powers.

The coronation ceremony came and went like the wind. Now the partying can begin! The festivities dragged long into the night, and I could tell my brother was starting to become antsy. He wanted to know if he was chosen or not. An hour or two after midnight, the gong ringed again. My sister, now with her ivory crown, stood up and began speaking.

“My friends, family, and allies. May your drinks be bottomless, and your hearts filled with merriness.” The entire room cheers. “Now, It is my duty as the new Lady Empress to announce the new Grand General. As per usual, it has been rough choosing between my two younger brothers. I love them both equally. But Gerwazy is the right and proper fit for the title.” She turns to me, not seeing the furious face on my brother. “Gerwazy Phaleon, my first act as Lady Empress is to Anoint you as Grand General. Salud to your health and prosperity!” The room stood up and cheered my name. Gerwazy looked to his brother, but he was gone. He decided to enjoy the party and worry about Casimir later.

Or, at least, he would have. The door busted open and five men armed with revolvers came into the room. The sounds of gunshots and screaming were rumored to reach all parts of the castle. Before the attackers could be subdued, twenty high ranking generals, nobles, and guests lay dead on the floor. Their vermillion blood staining the indigo carpets.

Twenty people, including Aurora

The next day, an investigation on “The Red Massacre” took place. It was quick to uncover that Casimir was the one plotting the assassination of his sister and massacre of the guests that night. He was caught trying to escape the county, and was tried for High Treason, Murder, and Familicide. Usually, a member of the nobles would be exiled to a distant island if found guilty. This was not the case for Casimir. Once the trial concluded, he was sentenced to the firing squad.

Now being the sole surviving member of the High Family, Gerwazy coronated Lord Emperor in seclusion. Away from any unwanted attention. He had a scared nation to look after, a possible world war about to happen, and people looking to finish what Casimir started. He needed allies, and fast.

William was tinkering in the engineering room, trying to build some modifications for his GREMLIN. Said GREMLIN, Gizmo, was currently prowling around, hovering and scanning to its own leisure. A jolt of electricity could be heard from the room, followed by a "Son of a..." William, post getting zapped by a faulty wire, was jumping across the room in pain. His hand was a little burnt, but nothing too serious.

Gizmo was busy staring at the when a notification popped up inside of it. It was from high command, apparently there was something going down, and they needed all active members of team RAINBOW to respond. Gizmo flew over to William, trying to get his attention. "Not now, Gizmo." William said. The medic was busy patching up his finger. No matter how many boops and beeps Gizmo made, William would shrug him off. Finally, Gizmo had enough. It hovered a few paces back and somewhat forcefully slammed into William's shoulder.

"What do you want Gizmo!?" The SEAL yelled, finally getting to the end of his patience. "What could be so important that you are interrupting my tinkering!?" Gizmo flew to the tv, signaling to William that he was needed at HQ. His eyes widened, as he put down whatever was in his hands and slowly gravitated over to the tv. "Damn, Gizmo. Why didnt you say anything? Come on! Thatcher is an impatient man!" He grabbed Gizmo, not even letting him fly, as they ran to the briefing room
“Stay still, Gizmo will get you patched up.”

Navy Special Operations, Seal Team Seven (The fighting Seventh)

Callsign: Bard
Name: William Tucker
Age: 28
Gender: Male

“Stay still, Gizmo will get you patched up.”

Navy Special Operations, Seal Team Seven (The fighting Seventh)

Callsign: Bard
Name: William Tucker
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Hopefully this is good
Sweet! Glad to have your guys interest! I'm hoping for a total of five players. So we're almost there.
Was there anything in particular either of you two were hoping to see here?
Preferences between sandbox or plot driven?
Do you guys prefer all communication to be done through here or via discord, or?...

I would prefer communications through discord. As for plot or sandbox, I have no preference.
This sounds like a really cool idea, any room for one more?
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