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Hello all!! I am JrVader and I am looking for an RP parter to roleplay Fire Emblem: Three Houses with. You can either Roleplay an actual character or an OC.

F preferred-I will accept Males, but I usually only play males, and I am looking for a pairing for my OC
Mature RP-Will be dealing with dark subjects.
No Script-I don't write the longest, but it is one of my pet peeves to only get script responses.

If you have any suggestions or questions, PM me!!
Anyone planning on continuing? I hope this gets revived
O shit
I am heccin interested in all of them
Nalastain Lucious Tucker

Nalastain kept his mouth shut. No matter how much he wanted to yell back at the man and explain how he got his egg, he could not. If he did... well, that is for you to figure out...

He looked at Warifana, his one and only family that has kept him alive throughout the years. What if the pool was to show him standing on the ground? What would she think of him than? Would he be labeled as a thief? Many questions clouded his mind, but he was in front of the queen, he must keep his nerves steeled.

He walked slowly to the pool of tears, a perfect reflection of Nalastain could be seen in the reflection. He knelt down, and placed his hand inside the waters. They felt cold, like a spring. He moved them around and saw...

Nothing, only his own reflection. He stared in disbelief. His hopes and dreams, worse, his promise, blasted away in a matter of seconds. He stood up, still looking at the waters with wide eyes. He took one glance at Wrafiana, who stared back at him. "Middovah, it-" She tried to say, but it was cut short as he ran. "Middovah!" The white dragon yelled, she spread her wings to fly, gushing waves of air to anyone surrounding her. Once she took to the sky, it was too late, she could not see Nalastain.

Nalastian ran, for that was the only sensible thing to him. He did not want to face more ridicule than he already has done. He wanted to hide from Wrafiana, the beautiful, innocent dragon that he has nurtured since she was young. He could not dare to look at her face and say "I'm sorry, I failed you." He heard Wrafiana yelling his nickname in the air, but he hid from her...

Today was a dark day, in Nalastain's mind. he would not become a winged defender
Hello everyone! JrVader reporting in, I am here to see if there is any interest in an RP about Rakudai Kishi, or Chivalry of a Failed Knight. Our RP will be separate from the main story line, seeing as our story will be taking place in the United States, but feel free to incorporate Hagun Academy or the Vermillion Empire into your backstory!

Our world, Ad Dominium 20XX, a world where magic is a sign of a great fate laid ahead of you. You are a Blazer, or a child imbued with magic. You are quite literally one in one thousand, and you are destined to attend Gust Battle Academy.

You will be attending as either a first or second year, depending on your combat, academic, and magic proficiency. But those don’t matter in the eyes of the rank system. The rank system is much like a standardized grading system, A being the best, F being the worst. Though it is hard, it is possible to rank up through rigorous “Labors”. These labors can be anything from a gauntlet match to fighting the best fighter from your school.

Your magic is unique to yourself, so is your device. Magic can range from elemental control to heightened senses to blood manipulation. All magic requires energy to do, and repeated use of your magical ability in a short period will tire you, and in extreme cases, kill you.

Devices are the manifestation of your magic. They can be anything that can help you in combat, from a sword, to a ring, to a gun, to a book. You summon them by saying an incantation. Just like magic, each device is unique to the blazer.

So, Who is ready to test their metal in the premier combat school in the new world?
Lucian showed some signs of calming down, but you could tell he was still on edge. "My sister... She's here." he muttered. He looked to Gardevoir and Umbreon, scared to what she will do to them if he gets caught. "We need to get to my house, and fast."

Gardevoir nods, telling Gabe and his Pokemon "Alexandra is th embodiment of jealousy and cruelty. How her Pokemon stay with her is beyond me"

Lucian picks up Umbreon, ready to leave. "Ready to go?" He asks Gabe
@my Lalia
I am quite curious on what the queen is going to do with me
Nalastain Lucious Tucker

The walk to the pool was silent, Nalastain was trying to form words. What was he to say? "Hey, your voice is pretty nice?" He thought, but quickly dismissed, thinking it was too casual. He did not even know why he ran to instinctively to her voice. It sounded as clear as a pool, but as strong as a typhoon. He was so lost in though that he did not even notice that he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Middovah, what plagues you?" Said Wrafiana, now standing right in front of Nalastain. He tries to form words, but is silenced once his white dragon bops him in the head with her snout, linking their minds for a minute. Once the link is terminated, Wrafiana gets to Nalastain's level, to look him directly in the eye.

"Ris hond hin faas, Middovah." (Place away you fear) she says to him, speaking in the same ancient tounge. "Nust los nusaan..." (they are gone).

He looks to his winged friend, and puts his forehead on hers. "I found you, all those years ago. I nurtured you to health and raised you. On my life I swear, I will protect you with all my strength." He says. Wrafiana closes her eyes, living in the moment. after a minute or two, Nalastain hops on Wrafiana's back to ride to the Pool of Tears. He arrives just in time to hear his name called out.

He dismounts Wrafiana and bows to the queen, Wrafiana doing the same. They both await what the queen has to say


Lucian thinks for a minute, than answers "I am fine, My pokemon and I just got something to eat. But you get what you want!" He feels a buzz from his pokedex, once he looks into it, his face pales. "Oh no, oh no, oh no." He starts freaking out.

Umbreon instantly runs to his side, trying to comfort him. She nuzzles his side and tries to get into his lap. Gardevoir knew immediately what was happening. "His sister is here" She said in a harsh tone
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