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Kaiga Asagumo

Location: Eirei Dorms, Eirei Academy, Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture

Kaiga was currently scratching his head in his dorm professor Shimura was...nice ABSOLUTELY NOT. Kaiga liked to pride himself off the fact that he liked to try and understand people but Shimura-sensei...he hated him he knew the smart and heroic thing to do was to understand that Shimura-sensei was an asshole for a reason but he just couldn't forgive him.

Tsk, he wasn't any different from those heroes who let their emotions rule them how pathetic. Fortunately or well unfortunely as some would say he had Yusuke as his roommate, he hoped he could befriend or at least help Yusuke tame down his other um...less than loved personality quirks. He believed that Yusuke did want to help 1B but his ego got in the way.

He would talk to him later as now was time for an Endeavor stream...even though he had retired.

All Kaiga would see was videos about retirement...he knew Endeavor would retire one day he knew he knew one day Endeavor would give his agency to Zealous that Endeavor wouldn't be out and about as public much and he knew Endeavor wouldn't always be the number one hero but he wanted to cope for as long as he could ignore all the signs of retirement.

But time waits for no one, all he could do was move on. After all in hero society, people come and go heroes retire and new ones take their place a new generation rises to take the place of the old one, Heroes don't stay in hero society forever they can't after all, but seeing Endeavor leave it struck a cord with him. He was who he was because he was given his second wind by him.

He couldn't help but drown in his sorrows.
Kaiga Asagumo

Location: Nurse office, Eirei Academy, Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture

Kaiga thought of complaining but decided that wouldn't do much nurse chisaki was strict he never even let him watch his Endeavor streams here the saddest thing of all. Kaiga gave a wave and a smile to Yuzuki "You must be Yuzuki-San nice to meet you" Kaiga started walking out of the nurse's office "Well you have to take me to mention don't you Yaoyorozu-Senpai" Kaiga gave him a look pleading for him not to cause trouble.

Kaiga felt it was best to respect authority figures, Chisaki-Sensei might be gruff occasionally he needs a cure and not let him watch an endeavor stream in his office he was sure he was a nice person Endeavor wouldn't have hired him if deep inside he wasn't a good person, and plus there was really only one teacher he hated his old one in 1A.

Shimura Danzo

Well it was a good thing he would only see him in passing he couldn't believe endeavor would make someone like him a professor when he's nothing but a spoonfed racist. Kaiga would deal with detention later but would first talk to his classmates he heard Rai had been demoted down to 1B which was unfortunate but it would be nice to see her again with Shimura-senpai.

Unfortunately, the world hates him and when he got to class 1B look who he saw sitting down.

"Shimura-senpai" Kaiga said gritting his teeth and spitting out poison but managing a smile "It's nice to see you but what are you doing here" He could guess, of course, class 1B had to get the worst professor in the school he always went late to his class...by one minute at least it was the thought that counted. Whenever Shimura talked all that came out of his mouth was things about blood.

Kaiga always tried his best to get the lowest grade in his class just enough to pass but not enough to bump up the grades of 1A it's unfortunate that it looks like he'll have to do that in class 1B.

Shou Iwata

"So none of us have any that can help with lookout" Shou sighed "Tsk" Shou was racking his brain for what to do but found no answer other than "The best thing we have is going straight to fighting" Shou put his hand on his hips "But the other masters are most likely already on lookout, charging in to fight them without a plan is suicidal" he should have learnt lookout skill back in training.

"Then if our only option is to fight we should do it carefully" Shou has to save up mana so they can't just recklessly fight "The question is What plan do we make" no lookout skills maybe he has a tracking plan the holy grail war is being such a pain.
Kaiga Asagumo

Location: Nurse office, Eirei Academy, Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture

Kaiga smiled before shaking Matsuru's hand "It's fine Yaoyorozu-senpai" Kaiga understood perfectly why he had thrown the book at Yusuke "Yuhi-Senpai was being a bother" Kaiga continued on "And no one was hurt...well other than Yuhi-Senpai" Kaiga went silent for a moment before continuing on "You and Himura-Senpai know each other right seeing as your in the same year" Kaiga fiddled his fingers

"I-I don't think she's a bad person" Before Endeavor's retirement Kaiga would have just gone and said whatever he wanted willy nilly but now his confidence has taken a big hit "But that form of her's was scary, did she ever use that form before" Kaiga realized what he said and tried to wave it off "Well I'm not saying Himura-Senpai is prone to whatever that form was"

Kaiga eventually stop talking before sighing "I talk to much sometimes that was one of the reasons my ex-girlfriend broke up with me" Kaiga gave an even more deprecating sigh "Sorry if I'm acting different it's just that Endeavor's retirement hit me hard" Kaiga weakily smiled "hope I'm not being to weird."
Kaiga Asagumo

Location: Nurse office, Eirei Academy, Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture

"Thanks for the help Mathers-san" Kaiga flashed her one of his trademark smiles before picking up Yusuke and beginning to leave, he knew her from his time in 1A they didn't talk much he had a feeling she didn't like him. He waved for Yaoyoruzo to follow him as he carefully picked up Yusuke and headed to the nurse's office. He didn't want to leave Yusuke alone with alone with Yaoyoruzo.

It's not that he didn't trust Yaoyoruzo...actually he just felt it was a bad idea for the person who threatened to beat someone to a bloody pulp to take them alone to the nurse's office.

Kaiga and Yaoyoruzo (if he followed) would arrive at the hospital and place Yusuke down on a nurse's bed before turning to Yaoyoruzo he didn't want to get into what he said right away but also didn't want to shun him by ignoring him so he came up with the perfect plan small talk "Um nice weather we're having right" he hated the moment those words came out of his mouth they were the lamest things to use to start small chat.

but they couldn't be taken back.
Kaiga Asagumo

Location: 1B Homeroom, Eirei Academy, Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture

Kaiga jumped back at Yusuke's transformation shocked mostly at Yusuke using his flames Kaiga reached his desk prepared to try and calm down Yusuke before he noticed his hawk pad beeping. The moment Yusuke was shot with bullets Kaiga screamed...not because of Yusuke but because of what he saw on his hawk pad "ENDEAVOR RETIRED" Kaiga's scream filled the classroom before he turned around to see Yusuke shot.

"He's still breathing," Kaiga said "but he managed to copy not only my quirk but Hebi's and others to" Kaiga keeps thinking about Yusuke's quirk before he felt a chill run down his spine and turns toward dark Rin. "Y-yes mam" scary Kaiga thought "I volunteer to help take yusuke with Yaoyoruzu-san." He was sure Yusuke would be a handful and didn't want to leave that to a single classmate.
Kaiga Asagumo

Location: 1B Homeroom, Eirei Academy, Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture

"My...apologies," Kaiga said to Hebi her eyes freaked him out, hopefully, that should have been the end of things a simple apology but then the weird loner in the back of the room started spewing out insults. He complimented and also insulted him and called everyone extras? "Thanks for the compliment." Kaiga gritted his teeth as he muttered out "But I don't think insulting your classmates will help save class 1B"

"You shouldn't antagonize Jun she won the sports festival thanks to her own merit" Kaiga was going to try and calm the situation down he didn't want Himura-Senpai to have a tough first day "Yusuke right" He got that from Hebi "How about instead of belittling our classmates we work together to help get class 1B up to class 1A's level" He was hoping that he could get through to him he didn't want any trouble between class 1B's classmate.

to him being a hero wasn't only about fighting and beating up villains but also about reaching out and helping those who've lost their ways everyone has a reason they do things and he was sure Yasuke was a nice person deep down.

Everything was going well enough until Matsuru threw his book at Yusuke which Kaiga went out of his way to catch. "Hey" Kaiga stared at him not glare but a soft gaze "I understand Yusuke pissed you off but throwing the book at a fellow classmate is against the rules and it would look bad on Himura-senpai's first day if we all got into a fight already" Kaiga walked over to Matsuru and put his book down "So let's not argue, okay" he gave Matsuru a smile before walking back to his desk class 1B was a handful.
Kaiga Asagumo

Location: 1B Homeroom, Eirei Academy, Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture

Kaiga was sad and sore he had just been transferred from 1A to 1B leaving behind multiple friends and thirty minutes ago was the sports festival. So he laid his head on his desk wallowing in his own sadness waiting for the professor to appear. The room cooled down as the professor approached an ice quirk user. Then the professor walked in. They weren't a professor but another student. She was pretty but he was surprised another student was teaching them.

Her name was Himura Rin she was temporarily replacing their professor, she seemed nice but not nice enough to get rid of his sadness well that was until she passed out the internship file and Kaiga's eyes lit up. They were invited by THE Zealous Endeavor's eldest son. It was a dream come true. He was Endeavor's (Self-proclaimed) number-one fan.

Talking and training with Zelous can lead him to Endeavor. Kaiga pumped up his fist before he noticed Hebi's rude message "If Homura-sama wasn't qualified she wouldn't have been picked to teach us" Kaiga didn't like bullies especially those in the hero corps. How could they save others if they couldn't be respectful "We shouldn't try and insinuate she isn't worthy to teach." He couldn't believe that person was there class rep he missed 1a already.
Koichi Hirose

Berto, of course, had no clue who these men were-- but it only took one glance at his young comrades for him to understand the nature of the situation."Cristina, is it? The Chinese sent that man here for one reason. Well, two reasons; one, to rattle our people at the negotiating table, and two, to provoke us into firing the first shot. Our primary objective hasn't changed. We still have to make sure nobody fires the first shot."

He tried to catch Cristina, Callie, and Koichi's attention."But now we've got a secondary objective. We've gotta find something soft on their side, as close to this 'Avatar' is possible, and we've gotta stick something in it and break it off. The bean counters and the pretty little liars are gonna thank us for it, because if the Chinese are slapping us in the face out here-- fishing for an incident-- then you can bet they're trying to screw us a lot worse in there."

"I'm new so don't expect to know anything or help" Koichi said letting go of Cristina's handing preparing to walk away but then he members that smug bastard "buttt I guess I could help out, beating up an arrogant asshole is one of my favorite past times." Ironic considering he was an arrogant asshole. "Perhaps we could try to drive a wedge between them though I doubt that will work."

"He was brought over here for cultural differences right" Koichi put his hand on his chin "But considering what I've been told about Huo Ren he probably agrees with him." Koichi sighs "I've got nothing since I don't know them that well." Koichi was prepared to walk away before he said one more thing "Or you can just get someone to watch them" it wasn't going to be him. He hated arrogant bastards (that weren't himself) but he didn't hate China or Yulian enough to stalk him.

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