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can i drop a cs sooner or later?

Depends on if you have anything ready. We are also just going to keep the thread open for the foreseeable future so there is no rush to get a character application out now if you don't have time.

We are certainly accepting them now if you have things ready to post.
Hey! Very interested in this! I'll start working on an app either today or tomorrow, but could I ask what the age ranges are for freshman, sophmore, etc? I'm from Scotland so I'm not sure if your universities are the same ages! Also could I ask in the application it says if you are using a picture it should be something that looks 17th century? Is this set in modern times or in the 17th century?


This is very much not 17th Century and is set in present time. DB probably just failed to snip something out from his last application template.

As for age brackets, college freshmen are going to be typically right out of high school and are going to generally be between 18-20 depending on their birthday and whether or not they took a gap year out of High School.

If you have any other questions, please just ask!
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