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3 mos ago
It is with my fondest resolution to have an impact on as many lives as possible in mind that I say "BREATHE MANUALLY NOW!" Okay thanks. Now back to writing things only I can enjoy.
4 mos ago
I get the impression that it's best to put as much info into the interest check as possible, just so players know what they're getting themselves into as soon as possible.
5 mos ago
Woouldn't you know that work picks up just when things are getting good. But I'm nothing if not stubborn when it comes to my crazy ideas.
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7 mos ago
Yes but that which doesn't drown you can make for an unforgettable Summer (or Autumn, whatever).
7 mos ago
Even the shallow end of the pool can look like the deep end if you're small enough.




Greetings visitor! I hope you're having a good day! Whether you've seen me around the guild or not, I should admit that it's only been within year-6 of my time on this site that I've bothered to start work on this here "bio". I feel like I should apologize for not making it a higher priority much sooner, but lately I've adopted that "better late than never" mindset when it comes to introductions, and besides, I doubt there was much to tell in my early years anyway. I'm pretty much an amateur writer who got my start as a minor tag-along player in a fandom AU campaign ran by a small, close-nit remnant of a community formerly in association with a notable strategy-gaming youtuber. I'm being vague for brevity's sake. In the end, I value my first exposure to roleplaying as a personal learning experience more than anything, as I'm definitely the kind of person that sequesters themselves in any given community they find themselves in and RPG is certainly no exception.

That pretty much explains what I've been up to for the last several or so years, with only occasional public posts from me, as private 1x1 roleplays are easily where the lion's share of my attention goes to. Details regarding my particular interests and even approach as a prospective partner can be found in the interest check I update very rarely, but if you'd like to have a link to it or want to work with me in a similar capacity, then PMs are the best way to reach me. As for what you can expect in very broad terms, I'll say that I'm a 90s kid who'd grown up on Nintendo and Cartoon Network where, thanks to Toonami, I've developed an appreciation for the Japanese style of animation, a style that commonly influences my own creative endeavors to this day. That is in no way to say that I'm an avid watcher of anime and the like (I have my tastes and while that does sometimes coincide with what's current, it usually doesn't), just that I gravitate toward the ludicrous, extraordinary concepts and settings they commonly facilitate. That style aligns with what excites me creatively. That's the long and short of it. Exceptions do exist of course.

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Hello again. Sorry about the delay. With this I should be ready to continue further into the mountains for the next one. It is likely to belong to the alliance and whatnot, but I'm debating whether it should feature an adventurer's guild or not. One should exist in the mountains sure, but as for exactly where it should be, I don't quite know yet.

It's become apparent that, if the factions are to come to the fore, even as far as possible backgrounds for PCs, then I really should go back and elaborate on them some more, their structure and operation for a start. The friendlier guys should go first, as players might want to look to them first if anything to tie into their backstories. The Burrowers, Hollowers and Crossbones might have to wait until further into the story as more is learned about them. I'll make a personal outline for them for sure, but I likely won't write it all down like the others until later on. But for now, it's on to the next set of locations. See you then.
Alrighty! Took longer than I wanted it to but I pride myself in delivering eventually above all else. Here is the second POI in the gulf. Some rewrites have occurred, and keep in mind that some edits and even new featured locations can be added over time. The idea with this one is that getting a port up and running, although ultimately rather successful, wasn't altogether straighforward. Also, there's very much that idea that, the closer to the wilds a place is, the more strange things can occur.

I may be moving on to the mountain range after this, likely Fort Harmony and what you can find in there. As you can imagine, the most notable and well known places are likely to come first, leaving a good deal of other places to be revealed over time. I'm also looking into the 'mons you're apt to find in each spot (like the lighthouse keeper for example). At this stage, it's hard to determine how much of a presence they'll have in the RP, but at the very least I can see a descent share of jobs/quests coming from them. I'll get back to you all when I can. Take care.
Hey guys! I wanted to complete the whole set of them, so that's why this didn't come sooner. Just to clarify, Tidal Town isn't where the RP starts (as far as the main story is concerned anyway). I'm doing the arduous (to wait for) task of piecing together parts of the other regions before the final stretch. It's groundwork for what's to come. Anyway, have a look if you want.

To reiterate, versions of this kind of thing will appear in the RP, but with additional and possibly different text each time for a whole host of situations, some for just flavor and others for interactions of more substance. Did that make sense? I'm sure I'm not the first to try something like this on the site, and I can almost assure you that I won't be able to execute it as well as I want, but I wouldn't suggest a workload like this if I didn't think the very notion to be really awesome. Anyway, another location set is probably in the cards next time. See ya'll then.
Hey guys. It's been a bit on my end, mostly due to some setbacks here and there. What time I've had has partially been put towards considering how the world will be presented by the time the RP starts. It makes sense for some points of interest to already exist of course, but like I said, there will be plenty to discover over the course of the story. As of now, the plan is to further divide each of the current three regions of Aurora into interconnected divisions, then down to their points of interest. And finally, depending on the point of interest, further consideration can be put into the services and whatnot that are supported there.

Likely not the best way to explain it, but next week I'd like to take that meaningful stab at an example: That of Tidal Town. It will be located within a prominent division of the Crescent Coastlands called Glistening Gulf (as of this post). Doing things this way already ensures a notable undertaking for me, so to spare myself in the short term I believe I'll forgo writing any sort of descriptions for divisions like this gulf. That said, the plan is to take a little inspiration from text-based RPGs and set a reusable format for POIs like Tidal Town for when players enter them in the IC. Might sound strange but even if any participating player can read everything there is to read in places like towns, their characters can only know and do so much given their circumstances. How much a character can reasonably do in a day is something that future me will have to decide on at some point.

Now as far as what Tidal should have on offer at the outset, right now I'm thinking that an open market, a guild hall and a post office would make for a good start. I'll get started on that when I get the chance and give an update next week when I feel like I've made enough progress. Wish I had something to show now, but I wanted some kind of update to keep myself from fixating on the lack of one, if nothing else. Anyway, yes I'm still alive and should still be next week. The first step is always the hardest and this project is the first of its kind for me so it's almost nothing but first steps. Like always, thanks to anyone waiting patiently for this, even if it's out of curiosity, and take care.
Hello there. Here's the orbs I have listed out so far, with straightforward descriptions for each. Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to give this the full ttrpg treatment of grid-based dungeons and whatnot, so while the effects of many orbs will translate well enough, reworks will have to happen as this part of the game comes into focus (especially in terms of potency, which is kept at a minimum for now). Letting orbs work in the "overworld" sounds like a can of worms, but perhaps those that reasonably could can do so to a limited extent if nothing else.

By the end of this list, I'd decided to leave the next round of drudgery that is "status conditions" for a future turn. I'd like to shake off the mind-numbing with something new for a change, likely after I make an addition to the CSs as I have them now. The next stage of locations (POIs and such) may be next up, but we'll see. Little time this week, but I should be able to get started soon. Until next time.
Back quickly this time mostly because I managed to get into a good rhythm. There's so many more orbs than seeds, so expect a somewhat longer wait next time. Some minor reworks had to happen, primarily because I leaning towards not having a lot of stats and such be "numbered", you know?

Yep, these are all the ones you need to know about, yessir. I've found that they can also pass as food much like a normal apple, but aside from the plain seeds, you probably wouldn't want to. Obviously, I'll need to make a detour to list out special statuses, but that'll be sometime after orbs if not next. Other items will have to be addressed later, maybe recorded as they come up in the RP. Gummies specifically might not have a place in this RP format, but I may need to hear a second opinion on that. Anyway, see you soon.
I wanted to get that quick update on the items, in this case the basic food items, before moving onto the seeds and then orbs (of which I may have to review to determine which ones can translate well into an RP environment). On the food, it all does suggest at least an addressing of hunger within dungeons, but I would prefer to carry over the mechanic over into the everyday to the best of my ability. I'm sorta dipping my toes into some management mechanics, and food stocks could be just one of the signs of the settlement's health.

Item descriptions are likely to be shorter because, aside from the bits in the beginning where I couldn't help myself, I do want to get to the point for anyone looking these up as a quick reference. While setting this up, I gave thought to the possibility of cooked meals with both recipes and added benefits as well as more base foods, and I'm willing to take a stab at implementing such things when more of the base game is finished. Anyway, I'll be back with the seeds portion soonish. Take care until then!
Hey guys. Wanted to finally get this next update out sooner rather than later because it's all about the handful of Coalescite types that are available in the world at the start. I'm sorry if the table and abbreviation coding (scroll over for additional text) make for an awkward experience. It seemed like a simple enough thing for me, but that might just be me.

Lately I've been pondering over the the greater implementation of items in the RP, and this setup does give me some ideas for taking stock of items in shops and the like. Course, if I want it to be possible for players to set up businesses of their own, then I's wager it best to get many item descriptions out of the way first so no one feels pressured to write them out all the time or something. That might be next up.
Anyway, I'll get that going when I get the chance. Catch you all soon.
Hello again. Since this is all new to me. I wanted to take a break from talking about the good guys and the less than good guys to get into something I thought would be important to make clear. It touches deep into the heart of how this RP would be run, so it's pretty important to read. As always, let me know if there's something I forgot to consider.

I hope that explains it all pretty well. The further I go into this project, the more I realize that there are more and more things that need addressing for prospective players to make that informed decision, hence why I've publicly shied away from putting my foot down on a release date. Anyway, I hope everyone's years have been going well so far and I'll be back after a bit with another update.
And now here's the other three factions at last. A bit of a rewrite was in order, but I feel the changes give me, at least, a good deal more to work with. Anyway, with this I feel like the home stretch is in sight.

I was often second guessing how dark and morbid some of these guys sounded. At the same time a good writer can balance contrasts in mood and so forth, so there's never been a better time to try. I recognize that these "testimonials"(?) are more of a vibe gauge than something of definite substance. If you feel like I should lay down concrete details, then go ahead and tell me. Otherwise, I'm fine to move on from here.
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