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11 days ago
I think Darkborn would do well with a third-person perspective as well as a few other design sensibilities from the Batman Arkham series.
15 days ago
"Humans want to save things that they love," spoke the true conservationist. Where does that leave us now, when too many "environmentalists" love nothing more than the power they can take from others?
25 days ago
Greenhorns proclaiming their interest in very old and very dead ICs has to be among the most deprarious things I've ever seen on this site.
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1 mo ago
There is likely a distinction for some, between the experiences they wish to share and those they want to stand on their own terms, uncompromised. Oh, bother.
2 mos ago
Haven't bothered playing Durango WL, so just recently heard it got canned. Shame to see such a great idea come to an end. Hence it's my top pick for last notable death of 2019.


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I'll bump this once more before I leave it for a time, returning in perhaps less than two years but we'll see.

Now I have to admit something about my third entry up there: I was at my wits' end trying to come up with a proper name for her for the longest time, such that I was only too relieved when I just sort of settled on her current one. And then shortly after I remembered that the robotic centauress in Overwatch has the same name save for two letters being switched. Now I'm just too tired to care, but I might want to have another crack at a proper name if no one wants to beat me to it first.

I had given thought to adding more selections up there, but the ideas I have for some of the characters I'm most interested in go a bit further than just their general character traits. For instance, I have this one story in mind in which it's essentially like the old show "Impastor", but I'm the small time outlaw hiding out and masquerading as a quaint fantasy town's priest and you play... just about whatever you want really, it's up for discussion. The whole thing is really niche, so you could probably guess why I'm not sure I should bother even mentioning it beyond this.

I'm still up for those fandoms I mentioned in the post above, so like always feel free to ask about them. For the time being however, just in case anyone vaguely familiar with Starbound needs that little extra to go on, then I'll pull back the curtain on the character idea I had in mind, as underdeveloped as it is.

And that's more or less it. I guess if you have any ideas of your own, then there is that chance that I might take you up on it, who knows? Anyways I'd like to submit my entry for most long-winded bump, and have a nice day.
Alright so I've decided to take this IC in a different direction, something experimental. Take a look at my character selection why don't ya? Might update in the future.

Also, it might interest some to know that while not mentioned in the main post, I sorta have some interest in a few fandom RPs, perhaps some DBZ/S, MHA, or even Starbound (mostly OC stuff, though I do actually have some ideas beyond just characters). Message me if interested.
Greetings and thank you for stopping by.

This is essentially a wanted ad associated with some slightly more ambitious interests of mine.

Please PM me if interested

While the number of projects on this IC will likely be meager at the start, I will likely add more projects as time progresses. These ventures, as few in number as they may end up being, are ones that I'd like to gradually focus my energy toward. What's more, under each project there will be a varying set of goals I intend to work towards. Some for instance may stay as 1x1 oriented affairs while others may potentially start off with a view towards the scope of group RP. Some details concerning workload and ideas can be negotiated in private. Regardless, please consider whether or not you are comfortable meeting my intentions for a project before contacting me.
║Prerequisites and Expectations║
(Most Applicable in 1x1 Roleplaying)

  • Age Restriction
    I'm asking that you be 18 years or older. I generally keep things fairly mild, but not being restricted in what we can write is always a preference. Also it's hard to expect follow through from children in general.
  • Pairing and Romance
    My preference is MxF, but I'm capable of playing either role. Additionally, while I'm not opposed to romance coming into play in RPs where courtship isn't necessarily the focus, it should be implemented naturally into the story.
  • Maturity and Subject Matter
    Violence, language and mild suggestive themes are among what's permissible for the most part on a basic level, and can vary depending on setting and plot. But I personally won't push for overtly erotic material. "Fading to black" is default for now.
  • Average Response Rate
    I'm capable of writing at least around 2-3 paragraphs every week (Approx. 1K - 2K chars per post). Output may vary at times, but that's the benchmark you should feel comfortable falling back on.
  • Stance on Ghosting
    Admitting disinterest or loss of circumstance to continue can be difficult at times, so I'm attempting a new practice wherein essentially after 28 days without a response from you, the RP will close indefinitely. A heads up well beforehand will be appreciated of course.

Thank you for coming this far.

Project Selection

Project Stratus 1x1 CompatibleGroup RP Directed

Projected Group RP TagsCasualLarge GroupFantasyMedievalSlice of LifeAnime/Manga

Update 5 - Project Stratus (Part 1) [November / 2019]
It's a Fantasy Life Simulator in the Sky and Whatnot

Projected Project Tags
CasualLarge GroupFantasyMedievalSlice of LifeAnime/Manga

Okay so it's entirely possible that the tags Steampunk and Post-Apocalyptic may also be applicable in the future, but for now I'll wait until I have a better grasp on the lore involved. For now though, I can say that this comparatively casual venture takes a great deal of influence from things like Rune Factory and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, a premise centered around a (hopeful) balance between adventure and the days in between. And since that isn't quite enough for me, the bulk of events will be set within a vast ocean of clouds, in a vein not too dissimilar to Skies of Arcadia.

And actually... that's pretty much where this project stands as of now. You see, what the RP will for the most part be centered around, in true life simulator fashion, is the settlement where everyone lives. And that's part of what I really wanted to get feedback on, particularly from anyone whom a group RP like this might appeal to. Really it's conceivable for all players to take up residence on something similar to that flying city pictured above, perhaps as the center of a journey that runs the course of the entire RP. A mildly unique concept in theory, but if that's the case, then I feel that there should be a concerted effort to map out as much of the ship while at the same time offset how potentially limiting the immediate backdrop might be.

Or it could happen that despite how viable a scenario like that is, what most potential players would prefer is a town or village situated on a floating island of some kind. I'm open to suggestions one way or another, very much because I currently can't decide either way. I would also like to mention that picking one choice doesn't necessarily prevent the other from occurring in some manner during the RP itself. And so, since this is what the rest of what's to come of this project hinges on, I decided to open the floor if anyone felt strongly in either direction. I suppose this isn't the only avenue through which I'll ask for anyone's imput on this idea, but it's the first if nothing else. Thank you to anyone curious enough to read this as always.
[Editing Area]

Project Gemini

Working Title: Code Aether

Aether Online

Developer - Frozenith Interactive Publisher - Parallax Systems
Release Date - xxxx

This is a WIP testing thread. Private use only.

This is for the side of project development I don't mind being open.

There isn't really a whole lot to say about this thread. Attempts will be made to introduce, update and organize as many viable projects as I can, probably as far as the varying levels of preliminary information involved with each. With that in mind, while I'm not at all opposed to anyone wishing to speak with me over something within this thread, I would ask that they do so through PMs or even my discussion thread as they're probably the best ways of reaching me. Good day.
Update 4 - Project Gemini (Part 1) [October / 2019]
Of the Virtual Frontier in a Futuristic Reality

Projected Project Tags
AdvancedLarge GroupFantasyAnime/MangaSci-FiFuture

If I were to try and explain the premise as briefly as possible in this first sentence (to either turn off or grab the attention of readers as quickly as possible), then I'd say that this project can be likened to properties like .Hack, SAO and RP1, a not so distant or far flung future featuring a great deal of virtual reality, but this time with an emphasis on events occurring both within the virtual world(s) and the real one. Another way to look at it is that this is a glorified SAO AU, blown to rather ridiculous proportions. In saying this, I'm of course partly referring to the infamous "death game" trope that commonly underscores most works attempting to capture that same tense atmosphere.

But part of the reason I mentioned RP1 up there is that while the "death game" does occur as lore within the story, this project isn't a true isekai storyline as the players' characters themselves aren't necessarily trapped within the virtual world. Actually, the absurd and dire event stands as a historical catalyst that alters the course of history and society at large, the world left reeling from the stark tragedy, especially years later when I intend the events of the RP to pick up at.

As I'd like to make clear by now, this RP will ideally have multiple backdrops, all existing concurrently and all accessible to the players at or near the start of the game. The real world, as I'll be referring to it, consists of the technologically advanced metropolis that the players reside within; everyone may very well have to be resigned to play students should I decide that everyone being equal footing in for the best. True to the fantasy tag I listed, the primary virtual realm will follow in the classic stead of a fantasy-oriented MMORPG. Should I be successful in implementing the more gamey mechanics into this RP, then they will likely facilitate interactions in at least this aspect of the campaign. Aside from these, a lesser but still notable third of the game will involve an in-universe version of a socially driven virtual application. Think VR-Chat but futuristic and a widespread forum for public dialogue.

If handled correctly, the idea is for these divisions of the RP to almost be as worlds in their own right, the role they play in the story being vital of course, but I want the content within them (especially the first two I mentioned) to be such that not only is there enough material to allow players to occasionally step off the main path of the story, but also to present the proper amount of narrative and material incentive for them to do so. At the same time, over the course of the main story, I want there to be choices made by the players that lead to consequences across the other realities, if possible culminating in an appropriate conclusion reaped by those still around to see it.
In-Game Time Progression
You may already have an idea of what this will entail, possibly having even experienced a similar mechanic in the past. Basically how it'll work is that, with exception to longer, drawn out occasions like dungeon running and certain events, days in-game may correspond to a week for us in real time. The intention is to help ensure a steady rate of progression while also allowing for periods of downtime for players to explore the world and roleplay their characters on their own.

RPG Mechanics
What I want is for the "Character Information" sheet that I presented months previously to be refined and adapted to an acceptable format wherein all relevant player information for interacting with the RPG side of things (at the very least) to be recorded. Classes, skills, abilities and equipment are among the items I wish to cover, this all as likely to be attributed to the virtual world, though I am open to the possibility of stats applying to IRL characters as well.

Turn-Based Battles
Honestly, the way I see this is more of a very hopeful pipe dream, yes maybe even more so than everything else I've mentioned already. Once I had found that Discord can facilitate virtual dice rolling, my mind immediately jumped to what was likely one the intentions behind it: turn-based battles involving the entire party as one cohesive team (preferably). It might be asking too much for every single mob encounter to be done in this style, but the dream is to do these impactful strategic encounters fairly frequently and smoothly.


There is of course plenty more to be said and elaborated upon, but so long as I'm not a total flake and just very very slow, then everything that needs to be considered absolutely will in due time. That said, if anyone wants to bring up something, like any pertinent questions perhaps, then that's only something I can encourage at this point. Anyway, I better leave it as that for now. Big thanks to anyone who read all the way to the end here. Will post again eventually, or maybe sooner if anyone cares. Have a nice day.
Update 3 - GM Wanted (1st Edition)
The Plan-B For Certain Ideas I Can't Follow Through On

This is something that I'll probably only bring up once in a while, as the focus of this whole thread really should be on my main bloated vanity projects (as awful as that sounds), the kind that I'll spearhead myself and not what I'd just as soon pass off on others. Well, I say "pass off", but really it's not like I'll continue to draw attention to each edition if no one is ultimately interested in taking what I present and running with it.

For every project that I'm invested toward building from start to finish, there are a some that, despite all being possibly worthy of someone's attention (one imagines), just don't rank too highly on my to do list. After a bit of thought on the matter, I've decided to at least make the basic premises available for anyone to see, the idea being for those of like-interest coming forth to either express their availability for the position of GM or even just their interest in the project being made.

In looking over this particular passing fancy of mine, keep in mind that this is little more than a basic idea, leaving a great deal of room for whoever's taking the lead to develop the story and plot however they want. Included in my description are certain details and even pics to better get the idea across, but anyone willing to put the work in needn't feel forced to strictly operate under them.



Thanks to anyone who read through the details up there (such as they are) for hearing me out. Future editions may well be more complex than this one, but they can wait for now. My next update will return to talking about my own personal ventures, so please look forward to finally finding out what this space is really meant for.
Update 2 - Advanced Game Mechanics (Part 2)
Prototype Character Sheet Template

What follows are at least some key sections of a possible player character sheet, namely the Profile, Statistics and Inventory of a typical PC. I pretty much just jotted down whatever came to mind as a starting off point, all the while attempting to make things as clear and easy to read as possible, but of course some possible clarifications do come to mind going into this.

Random selection of info that would generally apply to a fair amount of RPs and a few that I passivley thought might come into play depending on the setting and features at play. It's all interchangeable and depending on how I'm feeling, things like personality and biography (so long as the players themselves know what they're going for) might not even need to be plainly written down.

First of all, things in small parentheses are just there to explain the values directly to their left. All stats are laid out in a hopefully intuitive manner. I though about using the table bbcode to make things look more appealing, but simpler is best I imagine. I haven't tried as many RPGs as I probably should, so I just thought of the basics. They will of course change depending on what the game calls for.

This section will probably undergo the biggest change, primarily in regards the admittedly needless "mass" system. It will probably be removed completely in favor of a better way of keeping track of items. I was brainstorming different ideas for future projects at the time and it just sort of stuck around. Better solutions aren't that hard to come up with I figure, and future versions will definitely address them.


Here is the template as it is now. Let me know what you guys think.


Other sections for things like Passive Skills and Active Abilities are due to be worked on, but I just wanted to get the template out as it is now before moving ahead with a potentially deeply flawed format. I mean, it looks okay to me, but it pays to have more experienced sets of eyes on things like this. Let me know any of your relevant thoughts on this and I'll get to addressing them when I can.
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