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1 mo ago
Current Just a reminder to take care when using brand new knives after being so used to old and dull knives. So THIS is why I've always had paper plates growing up!
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2 mos ago
Recently I've been fantasizing about making a Jurassic Park RP so awesome that Universal itself tries to shut it down.
3 mos ago
Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day... but you give him ONE freakin' goat...!
4 mos ago
I just saw the cutest video of a bunny rabbit from like a decade ago. Nothing can possibly sour this day for me now! Nothing!
4 mos ago
Now that I'm thinking about it, I've never bothered with a real bio. I mean, I'm only ever as relevant as my last post anyway. Gotta think it over.




Greetings visitor! I hope you're having a good day! Whether you've seen me around the guild or not, I should admit that it's only been within year-6 of my time on this site that I've bothered to start work on this here "bio". I feel like I should apologize for not making it a higher priority much sooner, but lately I've adopted that "better late than never" mindset when it comes to introductions, and besides, I doubt there was much to tell in my early years anyway. I'm pretty much an amateur writer who got my start as a minor tag-along player in a fandom AU campaign ran by a small, close-nit remnant of a community formerly in association with a notable strategy-gaming youtuber. I'm being vague for brevity's sake. In the end, I value my first exposure to roleplaying as a personal learning experience more than anything, as I'm definitely the kind of person that sequesters themselves in any given community they find themselves in and RPG is certainly no exception.

That pretty much explains what I've been up to for the last several or so years, with only occasional public posts from me, as private 1x1 roleplays are easily where the lion's share of my attention goes to. Details regarding my particular interests and even approach as a prospective partner can be found in the interest check I update very rarely, but if you'd like to have a link to it or want to work with me in a similar capacity, then PMs are the best way to reach me. As for what you can expect in very broad terms, I'll say that I'm a 90s kid who'd grown up on Nintendo and Cartoon Network where, thanks to Toonami, has instilled in me a fondness for the Japanese style of animation, a style that commonly influences my own creative endeavors to this day. That is in no way to say that I'm an avid watcher of anime and the like (I have my tastes and while that does sometimes coincide with what's current, it usually doesn't), just that I gravitate toward the ludicrous, extraordinary concepts and settings they commonly facilitate. That style aligns with what excites me creatively. That's the long and short of it. Exceptions do exist of course.

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@Arthanus Yeah I'll continue work on the rest of the sheet when I next get the chance. As for the translator, given that I'm kinda writing into that corner where there's only a handful of Fisher's species out there like he is, it would also be prudent for Fisher to be equipped with a translator of his own. That'll likely be a part of his equipment I think.
@Arthanus Ah I see. Sorry about that. It's quite possibly something that might not be compatible with a lot of phones out there. I may need to make disclaimers to that effect because I've started to use abbreviations so much.
Here's the WIP that I promised, experimenting with abbreviations that you scroll over for more information. Basically he's an altered predator species that has been "free" for a good while and has come to the planet to seek out something thought lost (open to coordinate with others but can handle it myself if it comes down to it). I'll continue work if everything looks good so far. For now though I'd like to ask how "translator" technology works in this setting. Not sure if that has been touched on yet.

I think I have a fair idea of what my character will be and should have something of a decent WIP after the weekend.
It takes time
I'll keep an eye on this, and my final decision on whether or not I join will likely come when I see the CS.
To make miracles
Looking for excuses
@Mangrade @Gisk Hm, well with respect to the threads original poster I'd let her/him get in their to cents before continuing that train of thought. Don't want to hijack this thing with my pipe-dreams again...
I reckon that's fair enough. Whether you've made an interest check or discussion thread that you'd like to show to me, then go right ahead and do so. I'm willing to hear ya out.

I just wanna put out there that I'm also into a mecha RP.
Glad to hear it. I have some concepts floating around in my head, but who knows? Maybe Lovely Bones has something more developed and right up your alley.
@Kaga Classs
Honestly, I have quite a number of ideas now that I'm thinking about it, though it might take me a while to list them all. If you're open to the idea, I'd prefer to tell you the details over PMs (what this site calls convos). Feel free to beat me to the punch if you feel like it, but I just wanted to know if you were open to the idea. What do you say?
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