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Current You guys know I don't ask for help that often, but if anyone has ideas about implementing a magic/psionic system in a space opera I'm working on, I'd appreciate a PM. Thanks in advance.
3 mos ago
Not finished with my conceptual IC yet. Check out the update here:… (Might wind up with essentially an isekai with dinosaurs. You decide!)
3 mos ago
Reggie Fils-Aimé, you son of a b***h! You did it again!
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I used to look forward to Little Devil Inside, and then I took a look at its old Kickstarter...
4 mos ago
Time to do something new and crazy. Stop by and let me know if interested.…


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@seanmcchapman Fair enough. I probably will end up linking it when the time comes. Have a good one. :)

@CalicoNextDoorWell first of all, thanks for the commenting.

Now then, if there's anything specific you'd like me to elaborate on, go ahead and tell me. For now though, I'll see about summing up the main idea behind the setting as best I could.

I wanted the setting itself, in its broadest sense, to allow for a good variety of storylines, not just the one that I might have settled on in the event of a group RP. There are civilizations (homogeneous or otherwise) of all kinds, dispersed throughout the cosmos, and under normal circumstances many of them would never come in contact with each other. Instead however, some species, like humanity would happen upon strange wormholes in their attempts to explore across the stars. These spacial phenomena form a network that spans across the universe, and as you would expect, conflicts arise as worlds collide.

Now can you expect major groups in a storyline, whatever it ends up being, to be determined typically by species, (i.e. Group Representing All Humanity, Group Representing All of Alien Civ A, etc.)? Not necessarily. Sure there could be dominant authorities, but there could also be dissenting parties, criminal elements, resisting colonies, two-faced corporations, secret agendas, and plenty other things that make a setting richer than you would have otherwise thought at first glance.

One of the plotlines for the Astral Nexus group RP, the one I was leaning towards most heavily in the first post up there, would have involved a secretive mission wherein the group would have been compelled by in-story necessity to use this vessel, designed to accommodate modular compartments, anything from crew quarters to fabrication centers, making for player choices to open opportunities throughout the story. Suppose I was rather inspired by games like XCOM when I thought of the idea.

Like I said, let me know if you have anything specific to ask about the idea overall. Major details would come with a full-on interest check, probably of the 1x1 variety by the looks of it. Again, thanks for stopping by.
Hey guys! It wouldn't sit well with me if I let this thread just stay unused, so I thought I'd update anyone interested on where my thoughts are after about a month of mulling over my options.

As I said in the post above, both Projects A & C could possibly be adapted for 1x1's in the future. But as for something Durango related, I've since sought out a free-to-use map maker to get a sense of generally what it'll take for something as grandiose as my original, mechanics-driven RPG idea, and my findings pretty much come down to: quite doable, but not something I'd be willing to put myself through and sink time into for just a handful of players.

Now something altogether tighter and shorter within Durango's setting, that I can absolutely manage. Expect a more focused experience surrounding a band of characters from different backgrounds (from new arrivals experiencing the world for the first time to more seasoned survivors already making a living within the primal frontier.) What it lacks in an open sandbox, I hope to make up for with a more concise story, perhaps even taking into account the choices in background for your characters.

As an added perk, instead of starting out with no dinos and having to tame them in-game via a random encounter table as per the original idea, we can just discuss beforehand what creatures any of you would like to have tamed already, under certain restrictions of course. There will of course be more opportunities to fit in some taming into the story, especially when it comes to the "higher tier" creatures.

I am curious to know if this new approach appeals to you guys, especially the three of you, @RedXIII, @Dark Cloud, and @seanmcchapman. Let me know if you're still interested in being a part of something like this.

On the other hand, if anyone else would like more information on Assault Ogre or Astral Nexus, then I'll accommodate as best I can.
Hello there. I hope you've been enjoying your time at the Guild so far.

If I may make a suggestion that may help you along. The "1x1 Roleplay" section is more a space for roleplays already in progress. What you have here is essentially a "1x1 Interest Check", the page for such posts can be located here. I hope that makes sense.

Sorry if you would have rather I PM'd you instead. I thought it'd help just in case others wanted to say more or less the same thing. Have a good one.
Ha ha, very funny. XP

Even if this proto-IC doesn't get much traction, I could see myself working on these ideas now and again. Projects A & C might start out as 1x1s, but for Durango I might dabble with making a functioning game map first of all (something I've never done before but it could make for some nice experience).
Thanks for the comments guys. I honestly wasn't expecting Durango to receive so much support right out of the gate, being from a really niche mobile game and all. On the other hand, mech-based RPs do come around pretty often, and I suppose there is plenty more uncertainty involved with a space opera. Really I'd be pretty glad to happen by an RP with dinosaurs that wasn't JP/JW related too.

Hello anyone who happens to catch this early stage IC of mine.

I've been on this site for a decent amount of time now, but while I've attempted joining the occasional group RP, I could never really last for very long, whether I ultimately become unable to keep up with it or otherwise find that I couldn't see myself being a part of the campaign in the long term. In the end, I may yet only be able to follow through with RPs that I lead myself. That's definitely something I'd like to find out in the not too distant future.

Of course, I hope it's understandable enough that before I proceed with the work needed to make that happen, I would first want to know which of my concepts and idea, if any, will have enough interest behind it to make it worth the effort. Below are three projects that I feel comfortable enough to bring to everyone's attention, those that I could possibly see being expanded to the scope of a group RP, though of course only one can be worked on at a time.

And so, I'd appreciate it if you guys could let me know what you would like me to develop into a full RP over the course of the new year. As the chosen project develops further, I'll probably have a better idea of how many players I could accept, but for now it might be safe to expect openings of about 5 - 10 for each (though it is entirely possible that I end up taking proactive measures to avoid becoming overwhelmed as I have been in the past).

With that in mind, I expect the interest from those of you kind enough to engage with this thread to drop off by at least half by the time the chosen RP is ready. So if nothing else, I'd like to gauge the level of interest these concepts will get on a random day. And if this IC fails to get the sort of attention I feel is necessary, then I'll know that these ideas of mine probably aren't meant for group RPs. Kind of a shame, but the important thing is that I know now rather than later.

Project Selection

I hope that even what little information I was able to muster for each project was enough for you guys to at least approach a decision, but I'll try and entertain questions as best I can, even if/when a project is chosen. Thanks for reading this far, guys. Feel free to let me know what you think and have a nice day. Oh right, also Happy New Year.
I might as well update this thing. It's probably a bad idea, but it's hardly the worst one out there given current events. Also, the above "bumps" are still largely relevant, so consider those if nothing else.

I'll get to any offers that come my way sometime tomorrow. Later guys.
@IceHeart I'm set in my decision. Take care.
@AmpharosBoy Thanks but I don't think that'll be necessary. I can already tell that I'm not gonna be in any position to keep up with this. When two days is all it takes for me to be left in the dust then all I can see myself doing for the majority of this is playing catchup, and that's no fun for anyone involved. In the end, I'd rather quit than have everyone slow down. Eh, what can I say, I'm a really terrible fit for group RPs it seems.

@IceHeart I think it's best that I be leaving. I was planning to do so after the mission was done anyway, which I'm convinced would have happened within the next few days. Gastrod didn't factor in any meaningful way regardless, so I believe fazing him out should work nicely for this. I'm sincerely grateful for the incentive for my writing up Gaston. I wish you luck with this RP.

Goodbye everyone.
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