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I really wish I could disable the inception date of any PM posts I want (for my personal notes). I'm starting to feel old here.
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Battery problem is pretty much sorted. Back to being the RP equivalent of some schmuck starting a rock band.
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Well, I'd say I've put it off long enough. I'm just gonna bugger off and get that new CPU battery already. Worst case: I'm gone for longer than anticipated. Peace out y'all.
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Thank you for stopping by for some reason.
I could never agree on how to use this space over the past year, so I decided that for now I'll post my ongoing attempt at concepts for an RP I hope to get up at some point and see where things go from there.
This is a heavy work in progress.

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Why not do both, and have him be a BLCK operative working on secondment with the EDF? He could be a 'civilian' liaison from the EPA working with the military to help joint operations between the police's elite Unit BLCK and the EDF, with the ability to advise the EDF when to deploy their forces in areas where the EPA traditional hold juridiction.

Or the reverse, with him representing the EDF within Unit BLCK? Perhaps as a military training officer there to help prepare the elite unit for heavy actions? Or just the flipside of my previous suggestion, the military liaison co-ordinating joint operations in EPA territory?

Another possibility would be that he was Military Police/Internal Affairs (which could have been conceded to the EPA and Unit BLCK due to corporate restructuring), with the authority to press charges against any EDF personnel who he felt was acting against the best interested of EuroCorp Europa.

Wow, those are some very intriguing options. I'll definitely consider these suggestions when I give get down to writing his backstory later on. Our character's exact position within these factions are pretty much up to us, something I wouldn't have given much thought to otherwise. Thanks.
The guild's problems have got me tearing my hair out over here. I would have liked to show off what I've done under phase 1 of my CS earlier. Next I have to consider the bio, which will be done around next week. I reckon I'll need all the time I can get.

I was considering freelance or security. But with a particular augmentation I have in mind for the future, I'm currently leaning towards either handling EuroCorp's dirty work, working for the EDF, or for BLCK.
I am fairly interested. I haven't actually used a service like discord myself, but I am willing to learn if it's necessary. Also I've only been in one RP I'd consider advanced and a large group (several people who made more than a dozen characters altogether). However, I can't say I enjoyed it, since I only "mained" a single character that turned out to be a tag-along while the real story progression revolved around the people belonging to the GM and their close friends. Even in a large RP without a strict story progression, I wonder if I should expect a different experience than writing by myself just to maintain some semblance of relevancy amid a book's worth of content.

That said, I have been interested in playing an android, if that will work out.
I'm wondering whether to make my post more open ended or not. It may help things along in the long run. I'll think about it.
Reve felt reinvigorated that morning, spurred on by the possibility of a new prospect. This was a far cry from a week ago, a rather uneventful string leaving him with little more than the gear he left with. Yet an inspiration to change his approach came with the latest issue of the "New Age Explorer's Weekly", featuring the third part of an ongoing series for the up and coming trailblazer. There were a lot of valid points in the article, this one in particular detailing the benefits of operating as part of a team. But what Reve was most interested in was the point about working with fellow explorers to seek out promising leads.

This piece of advise was what largely led to him earnestly spectating some arm wrestling matches, all the while holding his breakfast up as he stood. As it happened, Reve had come in contact with an explorer by the name of Charles, the young man apparently having in his possession a contract to what is possibly the last known location of an explorer who had garnered some renown within the past year. This particular guild affiliate was especially known for his good luck, as evident in a streak of lucrative finds shortly before the assignment that likely got him killed. Still, his loss could be anyone's gain, or at least anyone who dared take an assignment with such a daunting difficulty level. But as Reve would find, Charles was unwilling to let the contract go so easily, favoring instead to take on the quest with his own rather muscly partner under the belief that they were best able to meet the challenge.

Yet Reve refused to back down, outright demanding a wager wherein if his partner bested Charles' in a feat of strength, then Charles would relinquish the quest to him. So desperate was the young explorer to get his hands on the contract, that he neglected to mention the simple fact that he had no such partner. So as the sun rose and everyone came to the second floor to eat, Reve convinced some strong-looking nobodies to pose as his teammates and arm wrestle Charles' partner Randal. Unfortunately, two had already gone up against him, with no success.

Reve's eyes squinted sharply at Charles, who was likewise scarfing down his breakfast and standing next to the edge of a long table that looked to be able to accommodate a good twelve people with its equally long benches on either side. He was beside his champion, in the middle of toying with Reve's second pick. In some ways, onlookers to the event may have rightfully discerned that while the arm wrestling seemed friendly enough, it was starkly contrasted by the two lads with stakes in its outcome, even their furious eating coming off as a matter of serious competition.

With a fairly audible thud, the back of the second "teammate's" hand met the table, a moment distasteful enough to Reve to almost catch that last bit of scrambled egg in his throat. "Haha, best two out of three, eh!? But hey, we don't want anyone taking on a quest they can't handle, right?" Charles taunted, knowing he had his challenger backed into a corner. He already knew that Reve didn't have any actual teammates and was basically grabbing anyone he could find, but he was far too amused to care.

Reve wasn't one to let some teasing get to him, but was still not thrilled with the possibility of having to let an opportunity like this slip through his fingers. But that was something he was all but ready to do, when suddenly he heard Yuko's loud invitation from a good distance away, intriguing but the timing couldn't be worse for him. But then he looked to see a giant of a girl, who seemed intent to take Yuko up on her offer. It looked like quite a long shot surely, but one that he saw no harm in taking.

Walking up cordially to the towering explorer, Reve spoke up directly to Dhalma once there was a perceived opportunity to. "Excuse me miss... Um, down here. Hello. I was wondering if I could ask a favor of you," he'd start, finding up close that she was easily two feet taller than him. "You have every right to say no, but I could really use someone like you for a friendly competition of strength, something really quick and you'll be rid of me before you know it. How about it?" the bespectacled explorer pitched eagerly at her.
Name: Reve

Age: 19

Appearance: [Image] Reve wears light yet durable clothes that he can move around easily in. He adorns the arms of his jacket with a flexible variety of armor, suitable for defense from blunt or sharp objects. His rectangular rimmed glasses are for his nearsightedness, and are therefore worn whenever possible.

Personality: There is a calculated wrath to Reve’s moves in combat, yet you can count on him to carry out a fight much like he does most things, with a smug wisenheimer attitude. Indeed, the more he makes fun of, talks down to, and generally toys with his foe, the less you can bet he’s taking the fight seriously. However, whether on the clock or not, Reve always observes a situation before acting.

Typically, Reve is a very easygoing person, and his antics or jokes will have little to no animus behind them; he also isn’t in the habit of elaborate pranking (“too much work”). When bored (which is common), he sometimes gets very verbose and talkative as a means to pass the time. Course, this is done when he’s all but out of options, as he has a taste for informative reading material and honing his skills.

He takes quite a lot of pride in his capabilities and he has no qualms about bragging about them, among other things. Yet Reve is far from a narcissist, and always endeavors to give credit where it’s due, repaying most debts he feels he owes. A smart call and sound judgement are key ways of earning his respect.

Equipment: Aside from the usual supplies consisting of such things like a first aid kit, a multitool, a grappling hook with rope, some makeshift flashbangs and food rations, Reve is armed with a short sword, as well as a revolver and a weapon that can serve as either a combat knife or another revolver. Also of note is his shoes, chosen to give him plenty of grip while also masking the sound of his footfalls as much as possible.

Abilities: Reve possesses a superhuman sense of spatial awareness and greatly enhanced reflexes. What’s more, the muscle-fiber density in his legs confers above all else the capacity for much higher and farther jumps. Additionally, when he concentrates, he is able to alter the surface of his fingers into something similar to that of a gecko’s foot, very useful for climbing.

Skills: Reve likely wouldn’t handle light firearms and close range weaponry if he wasn’t highly proficient, and indeed close quarters combat can be considered as nearly second nature to him. Plus the addition of his enhancements only makes him a greater threat up close. He has underwent training in the ways of stealth, able to keep quiet (when he wants to be) in order to either take advantage of a situation or avoid one.

History: Friends since childhood, Reve and Kai would always compete with each other in just about everything, even when they were little. They didn’t have much growing up, but the two of them dreamed of making it big in the world, of having the power and all the respect that comes with it. To Reve, that meant honing his abilities and using them as a means of earning himself all the money he could ever want. His family was in favor of this as well, but to the boy’s dismay, he found that they sought that goal through less than legal means. Instead of objecting immediately, Reve went through with the intensive training for years before his eventual desertion. There was a way to get what he wanted without becoming a criminal, and all it will take is the find of a lifetime. He could hardly wait to see the look on Kai’s face.

Other: Blank for now
He is pretty much a childhood friend. As of now, I'm undecided on whether or not to have him work for the Guild too. Maybe.

The change has been made.
I'm back with another CS. Yes, I know what I've done. Perhaps this one will work out better.
That's fine. I'll come back with something else later. It seems I still have time.
Reworking. I'll get another out when I can.
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