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2 mos ago
Current Group RP Idea: A troubled (maybe even ill-fated) blockbuster movie shoot of "The Island of Dr. Moreau"-esque proportions.
3 mos ago
Life is like a box of chocolates, except we're the chocolates and someone left the box out in the Sun.
3 mos ago
Sometimes you see a story that inspires you to write one of your own, and that's the closest thing to a compliment you can say about it.
5 mos ago
Just a reminder to take care when using brand new knives after being so used to old and dull knives. So THIS is why I've always had paper plates growing up!
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6 mos ago
Recently I've been fantasizing about making a Jurassic Park RP so awesome that Universal itself tries to shut it down.




Greetings visitor! I hope you're having a good day! Whether you've seen me around the guild or not, I should admit that it's only been within year-6 of my time on this site that I've bothered to start work on this here "bio". I feel like I should apologize for not making it a higher priority much sooner, but lately I've adopted that "better late than never" mindset when it comes to introductions, and besides, I doubt there was much to tell in my early years anyway. I'm pretty much an amateur writer who got my start as a minor tag-along player in a fandom AU campaign ran by a small, close-nit remnant of a community formerly in association with a notable strategy-gaming youtuber. I'm being vague for brevity's sake. In the end, I value my first exposure to roleplaying as a personal learning experience more than anything, as I'm definitely the kind of person that sequesters themselves in any given community they find themselves in and RPG is certainly no exception.

That pretty much explains what I've been up to for the last several or so years, with only occasional public posts from me, as private 1x1 roleplays are easily where the lion's share of my attention goes to. Details regarding my particular interests and even approach as a prospective partner can be found in the interest check I update very rarely, but if you'd like to have a link to it or want to work with me in a similar capacity, then PMs are the best way to reach me. As for what you can expect in very broad terms, I'll say that I'm a 90s kid who'd grown up on Nintendo and Cartoon Network where, thanks to Toonami, I've developed an appreciation for the Japanese style of animation, a style that commonly influences my own creative endeavors to this day. That is in no way to say that I'm an avid watcher of anime and the like (I have my tastes and while that does sometimes coincide with what's current, it usually doesn't), just that I gravitate toward the ludicrous, extraordinary concepts and settings they commonly facilitate. That style aligns with what excites me creatively. That's the long and short of it. Exceptions do exist of course.

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I'm not gonna lie, I'm having a powerful urge to finally GM an RP just to get the feel for it finally, and the Free section seems like the best entry point for anyone unsure of their abilities, so it feels like as good a place as any to start. If interest and inspiration align, then maybe it can be upgraded to casual, but we'll have to see.

As for what to make the RP about, I feel like that PMD idea I had a while ago would do nicely, though of course I can't guarantee I'll have what it takes to see it play out to its fullest potential. And because I can't leave well enough alone, I'm fixin' to make fused pokémon feature heavily into the setting - that's right, like this guy:

Why yes, I do have a crippling addiction to the Infinite Fusion discord. General rules over fusion mechanics may apply, but I'm not about to make things much more complicated than that. I'll get the IC up before too long.
Blue Moon, a time to be out of character.
Not to mention
What started as a bid to reconnect with some of the old shows from my childhood and branched into me watching every Zoids series one after the other has left me wondering what a competently written fantasy adventure with mechs could look like. What it lacks in futuristic, militarized conflicts and even space travel, it hopefully makes up for with a thoroughly interesting world explored by an endearing party of adventurers/pilots. Couldn't say how many Zoids fans are around here though, so maybe something original might do just as well.

Sidenote: I still think New Century Zero is the best, and Chaotic Century > Genesis.
I'm still more or less available.
"♪ A girl who's honest to a fault, who'll never tell a lie! ♪"

"♪ A girl so feminine it hurts, and won't dress like a guy! ♪"

Mulan: >.<u
Effort and obsession
Here's a good point to stop on for now cuz anymore will take me another day or so. Could scrounge up more in terms of equipment and abilities, but I'm sorta thinking that anything else he has can be obtained on Tryliin or just supported from his bio. Plus I should really see if even this much is acceptable.

I've just about got history and goal down and so just have equipment and abilities left. Should have that up by Friday at the latest.
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