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The wyvern quickly stormed the place, striking at any wraiths it could see as the beast was ruthless about its strikes from talon, clubbed tail, spines and even its razor-sharp wings. It's rampage only truly ending once the wraiths disappeared, its head turning this way and that, scanning the tavern for anymore of the ethereal beings before letting out one last bellow that turned into scrapping metal. With that bellow the black cloud formed around the beast, the sound of bones snapping could only be heard from it as Vendril slowly steps out.

The man dusting off his outfit, grumbling to himself about this and that about ethereals before quickly moving to grab his hat. Slipping it on and looking around, seeming confused as he grabs his cane next. Where did his bag go? His eyes flickering here and there, silent to avoid attention for the time being before noticing the burned pack along with his things. He stood there looking over the remains, then reaching towards the ash and seeing if anything survived before pulling out a pad looking device as he sighs in relief. "And here I thought I was gonna have to skin someone for destroying this at least. Sad to see all the rest of my things aren't so lucky.." He'd utter to himself before rolling his eyes and moving to sit at a nearby table, fingers against his forehead as he tries to relax.
@Dark Light

Fair enough, I was ok with it I just wanted to know how he lost it is all. I'll get a post up soonish
Ok I'm very sorry but I'm lost on what is happening, thought the wyvern was sitting ontop of the bag/dagger? So would that mean someone tore it out from under him? Burn the bag underneath his claws? If you want I'll change my post but I'm trying to figure out a post now.
@Dark Light@aia2022
He wasn't quite paying attention to what was going around him, it was a chaotic mess anyway. Though he could only be surprised as he felt the pack on his side pulled at as he perks up and quickly looks to see what was going on. A wolf knocked to the side it appeared, a lady watching and seeming to be lost on what to do and the wraith that took the dagger. Well he honestly expected worse so only really groaned at the situation as he raised his pistol and unloads nearly the whole magazine into the wraith.

"You all are just annoying at this point in time! Dealt with far worse back in the second war..." He'd utter rather harshly, looking around at the chaos as he seems to struggle further and further. His free hand gripping tightly as if he was in pain before slowly letting it go as he sighs softly. His eyes showing relief as he shouts. "You know what? Fine! Alright! That's it!"

Grasping his hat as he throws it away as a black cloud consumes him out of nowhere, it flowing around the area where the individual was and grew in size further and further. Until out of the cloud a taloned arm reached out and grasped a side of the tavern, another breaking out and smashing into the location of where the wraith was previous to secure the blade in question. The wings unfolding slightly along said arms until they close again. A bellow radiating out which quickly changed to a horrific scratching and scraping of what sounded like metal. Soon the head and its long neck came forth from the cloud, the cloud itself dissipating to show the full body of the wyvern-dragon as along its back unfolded a wall of sharp spines. Bellowing again as his clubbed tail swings and embeds another wraith against the wall.

Gonna apologize here for not responding or being around, family member was in a motorcycle accident. Cracked open skull and internal brain bleeding, he's fine but gonna have mental problems.

@Dark LightHope I can still respond or did too much time pass for me to be able to do so?
@Dark Light

With the man settled he'd forgo them anymore attention as things happened behind him, turning to face the woman thrashing about as he groans and rushes for her. Though with her wild thrashing she'd take a good cut into his chest before he could grasp her hand and force the dagger out of it. As the magical vapor hisses out of his wound with purple slowly staining his front, he'd quickly stuff the dagger away in his pack without much care. With that out of the way he'd look to his own wound, this lady may be unable to be saved with how deep her injury went. He was lost on what to do, his eyes flickering to the men she struck out against, they still had time but she didn't.

"Oh damn it all.." He'd utter under his breath as he wipes the purple blood under his shirt, making sure it was good enough before smearing it across her own wound. His gun at the ready as he forces her on the ground, ready to put a bullet in her if it doesn't work. No one should go out like this. But regardless of what happens he'd deal with her however needed before moving to help those she struck out against. He wouldn't care if he would be seen as cold-blooded or not, he's seen and been through enough to not care how others think of his actions. But now here he was tending to patrons, purple having soaked the front of the shirt to his dismay and this dagger which he didn't need to just feel was magical and dangerous.
@Dark Light

It was chaos to say the least, Vendril's eyes flickering from here to there as everything happened. Though it was the loud crash that caught his attention, head turning on a swivel to see Clay and the broken table. His words coming forth right before the pair of bullets that peppered the wraith, if it wasn't enough another pair would find their way against the spectral being as Vendril rushed forwarded. Picking the man up with ease and setting him down.

"Stay close!" He'd utter loudly before moving for the woman in question, taking aim and firing the last bullets he had loaded into the wraith. Ejecting the used ordinance onto the floor and quickly reloading, by the time the wraith may turn around he'd once again have his pistol up and at the ready before firing into the spectre again. Once it was beaten or had fled he'd rush over to the pair and quickly see what was going on. But if he knew any better the man was turning into one of those things.

In response he'd pull the woman away, if Clay listened himself as well, to a safer distance before quickly going through his bag trying to find something that he could use. He knew his own blood would work to counteract any poison, disease or even magic but Vendril couldn't be certain the man would survive the transition himself. But without any other method at his disposal, Vendril groaned as he took out a knife and cut his finger enough to bleed before rubbing the injury with his purple blood. Better to at least try then just to allow it to happen. For Vendril the wound just starts sizzling and whatever intruding substance would fizzle and turn to smoke, be it as simple as rubbing alcohol to magical substances.
@Marmalised Junk
"The pleasure is all mine, just happy to help." Smiling a bit as the wraiths invaded the inn, the girl's sudden flight forced him to grasp his hat to avoid it flying away.

Blinking a tad afterwards as he takes out his pistol and watches the spectral beings, seeming cautious about them. They weren't something he hasn't dealt with before, many encounters with magical creatures has burned into his mind to always keep a supply of silver bullets. Though he didn't want to revert to his different form if possible, though if these beings started attacking anyone who doesn't strike first he'd leave it alone. But the first moment they showed hostility he'd start firing, even the sound of the hammer being drawn back showed he was ready.

Standing up as he looks over the beings, they resembled Shades in so many ways yet there were clear differences, so thankfully they didn't push him to be on edge. Instead he'd look to all the other patrons and beings in the place, he'd notice the griffin like being having already engaged themselves in combat with the wraiths. Reminded him somewhat of the Hurum, a chuckle breaking from him as he remembers their lot. How they always dove headfirst into a fight, he also would never forget getting hit by one while he was in his draconic form... felt like getting hit by a truck. But for now he was focused more on protecting anyone who was attacked by these things.
@Marmalised Junk

Noticing the glance at the pastries as she spoke, but he wouldn't say anything to instead respond to her words. "Fair enough. A performer? Well that's a nice to live, able to travel and see things. I couldn't perform myself but I've always enjoyed such practices."

Chuckling as he notices her going for the pasties, which he actually pushed closer to her so she knows he left them out so she can have some. But in the process he'd snag another himself to nip at as they spoke. "Go ahead, I have a pouch full of them. But after that I'll either have to see if this fine establishment can make them or I'll have to wait until I go back to where I came from to get more."

His words coming forth before her own, though her final words on the matter would have him leaning forward as he looks away. Hard to know what to say in a situation like this but he'd try regardless. "Well I bet you'll see them again, talk to them and all. But then again they are probably still where you came from, so all you have to do is find your way back. If you do belong to the Faeworld, then I could try to contact that fae raised lad and see if he could help you reach it? After all it is a whole different place entirely." Looking to her with those words with a soft and considerate smile.
@Marmalised Junk

Letting the girl speak as he gets comfortable and pulls out some of the pasties he was nibbling on before, placing them on the counter and letting her have a few if she wants as he responds. "Well people will be people, you don't have to worry about that with me. In fact I've met a few fairies while on my trip to the Faeworld, they stood on the palm of my hand as we spoke. Miss one of them, Selene, she was polite and courteous."

Thinking on those past memories for a moment before chuckling and focusing back on the girl before him, curious if she may end up being someone he enjoys the company of. So far she was being very polite which already put her in a better light then many others he's been around. A slight grin appearing over his smile before it would fade as he notes her reaction to him being what he is. Maybe later on if she comes to be someone he trusts he'll show her what he is, for now that will be enough.

"Ahh I see, the Faeworld I know is a whole different dimension entirely. It's the keep their home safe and pure. But yes the one I know was Fae-raised, he was very friendly to the Fae and he protects many Fae forests. I think you'd like him though he isn't Fae himself."

After his response to the Fae forest and realm parts he'd take one of the pastries himself, taking a small bite to enjoy the taste as he raises an eyebrow at her next question. That's a question he didn't think to be asked but it was also to be expected, finishing his bite as he smiles. Oh how old am I? Well to be fair I forgot myself my exact age. But I know I was part of a certain hallowed war... that would place me at around three thousand already by the end of that second war, I forget when I became part of it..." Thinking on it for a short bit before shaking his head and sighing as he looks at her with a saddened smile.

"A-Anyway I don't wanna be rude and ask a girl her age, so how about you tell me a bit about yourself?"
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