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Alright, I have some things going on today but if there's a spot still available towards the end of it I'll make certain to submit a character.
I've been keeping an eye on this for a while now, if there is still room I would like to join? Would be nice to get back into bigger roleplays again and I've already been thinking of what kind of character/s I could use.
I'm interested in this as well, I saw however some of what you posted and didn't know if you wanted a limited number of people or not? If not I'll gladly get a character made up.

I was mostly just waiting and hoping the RP didn't die so quickly, was curious what others would do before bringing the group back up to the light of the surface.
Vendro of the Unguard

Outside of the hustle and bustle of the city would be a different world entirely, part of that world would be a camp of littered dead bodies of what could be considered outlaws maybe. Their bodies cut and skewered by blade and bolt, few even having been able to pull their blades out of the sheaths. The ones behind this massacre of a camp would be a group of at least six of the Unguard species. Each of them search the bodies and tents, gathering up some of the more precious materials and metals in a makeshift pack in the middle of the camp. Most of what they found were trinkets made of metal, some gems here and there, nicer clothing that could be good for trade and what it seems to be considered the current currency. None of them hoarding the gains of this ambush for themselves, making sure to place everything they found together. For the Unguard, this is the way they evenly split the rewards of a good fight between each of them. Of course after some time, one would sound eager and excited. Coming out of a tent with a wrapped up object in their hands. The others quickly making their way over, they didn't need to see what was inside to know what it is. One of them taking the wrapped up, rounder looking object in his hands as he spoke up.

"Alright, seems we found what we were looking for this whole time. Now we can return knowing we succeeded in our task..." He would grin under his helmet as the others applauded themselves. But there was little time for celebration, they are still above ground and vulnerable to others that may be nearby. But they also had one last thing they needed to deal with before returning to the underground, motioning to the others to continue their search of the camp with new vigor. Once they were occupied he would sneak a peak under the covers and nods, this was definitely what they were looking for. What the Seers were looking for anyway, it wasn't of their concern to figure out exactly what it is or what it is for. But if they need it, it will be returned. Stashing it away in his own personal pack as the group of them gather around their stash, huffing as he speaks once more. "On second thought, let's do this in the underground where it's safe. Besides we may need it later, Mirak! Stash it in your pack for the time being." The Unguard nodding as he quickly moves forward, quickly filling his pack with the valuables. "Once he is done, we move once more." Looking back at the Unguard as he finishes. With a nod of his head they quickly pull away from the camp and dive under the ground, the dirt filling in the spots once they were deep enough to cover their tracks. Their next mission would be unknown as they make their way to the city, moving unnoticed beneath the surface.

I would have posted yesterday, but given the circumstance I found myself in I couldn't but I have the weekend after work is done today, and after dealing with a few important matters, to do whatever. So I can post a starting point for my end later today and really get going.


I got the last one. There, they are both done and I can work on stuff now. It's about time I say.

I will do so when I get home. Hard to copy stuff and paste on this phone, that and gotta rush lunch. Sitting in the Police Car and scoffing down lunch before getting back to work.

Go ahead, I'll try and be as active as possible. Over the weekend I can keep up big time and better, but currently till the end of the month Tuesday till Thursdays will be a bit tougher for me due to work.
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