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18 Apr 2017 1:20
Current It's no longer Easter, so I shall put up a placeholder status until I think of a better, nonholiday related one.
16 Apr 2017 22:11
Many years ago today, a man arose from the dead and roamed the land, opening the minds of countless bigots. Happy Zombie Rights Day, everyone! ^_^
9 Apr 2017 3:05
Hmmmm...I've had this profile pic since I first joined....should I change it? Comment in my visitor message area with your opinion! ^_^
4 Apr 2016 23:39
Heeeeeeeeeeres Moosey!
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28 Mar 2016 6:51
I'm not gonna be on at all this coming week
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Innocent until proven guilty :D

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@Pseudo Stygian
Hey, the OOC intro post said I had to talk to you if I wanted to make a character who's part of the staff, so this is me doing just that! ^_^
In The Gifted World 22 May 2017 4:45 Forum: Free Roleplay
Whelp, I'm currently waiting for Vit, and then I'll post.
Hey, maybe you should temporarily add that we need one more player to the title. It might attract some people. ^_^
Oh, no, not especially. Thanks for the offer, but I'm rubbish when it comes to playing multiple characters! ^_^'
Alright, now we're just waiting for our elementalist, being played by @Blackmist16, correct?
@Infamous Empath
What does it mean by CB Handle?

Awesome! ^_^
@Infamous Empath
Hmmmm....would it be possible for me to play a detective from the IDPD (Interdimensional Police Department) who's been told to go hunt down the evil Warlord on accounts of the forceful incursion of multiple dimensions, mass murder, and interdimensional travel without a permit?


Alright, here she is so far! ^_^
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