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Current "Goodness is not goodness that seeks advantage. Good is good in the final hour, in the deepest pit, without hope, without witness, without reward. Virtue is only virtue in extremis." -River Song
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Do y'all think the Bookhouse Boys would accept a female member?
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It's no longer Easter, so I shall put up a placeholder status until I think of a better, nonholiday related one.
6 mos ago
Many years ago today, a man arose from the dead and roamed the land, opening the minds of countless bigots. Happy Zombie Rights Day, everyone! ^_^
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Hmmmm...I've had this profile pic since I first joined....should I change it? Comment in my visitor message area with your opinion! ^_^


Innocent until proven guilty :D

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Hey, would you mind if I added moderate training in Zui Quan to Alyssa's character sheet, and then moved her over to the CS area?
Ah, I see. Well, in that case, I could totally see Kash offering Neko a job at Kash Cars Ink. She probably wouldn't be able to pay much, but she could totally let Neko stay with her in the second floor apartment, free of charge, as well as pay for her groceries. The only question is how do we get to the point where Kash offers her a job. If Kash ran into her as the Bluejay, she might be wary of revealing her true identity to offer her a job. But it wouldn't quite make sense for her to run into Neko as Kash King either. What do you think?
Oh, yeah, I understand. I wasn't suggesting that she didn't need it just that their reasons for stealing were different. Anyway, any ideas as to how we can have them form a friendship?
I'm really interested to see something develop between Neko and Kash, mainly because they're such polar opposites. Kash is relatively smart, however she's much more emotional and passionate than cold and calculating. And it's likely that the police see Kash as more of a criminal than a hero, since she doesn't just steal from gangs and drug dealers, but from big corporations as well. However, her reason for stealing is heroic, as every penny of it goes to the struggling families of Metropolis's slums. She's what one would call chaotic good.

The only problem is that, in their first encounter, Kash would only be interested in getting the cash that Neko stole. I suppose she could try to talk her fellow thief, Robin Hood-esque person into splitting the sums, but I'm not sure how that'd play out. Do you have any ideas?
I figure the team or one of the heroes might find her and help her to the point where she doesn't feel like an abused animal who doesn't belong among people

I have a possible idea on how Neko and Kash might meet. See, Kash is also a thief, as it says in her bio. She steals from people who have money to spare, and returns all of it to the people of the Suicide Slum, the ghetto of Metropolis, a place that's been designated as permanently broken, without hope of repair. I was thinking that maybe Kash and Neko were going after the same stack of money. What do you think? We could have some sort of interesting conflict with there that, somehow (we'd have to figure out how) leads to some sort of friendship.

Hey, quick question: since Neko is committing all these heists and stuff, does she have a street name or something? What do people call her when they're referring to her heists?
@Azure Sea
So what's the plan as far as relationships with all the characters?
Well, she's not just there to be a medium. I mean, are, at first that's what would've drawn their attention, but since she's been there for a few years, however long that is, they'd have figured out that she's a really good detective, despite her drinking habits. Anyway, it seems we've got everything smoothed out, so, sometime soon, I'll start writing up an intro. Oh, just to set it in stone, how many years has the BoSA been around?
If the MiB created the BoSA as soon as they uncovered the supernatural world, then its not like they had a whole lot of candidates. I mean, you can't just walk into the corner store and by a medium for a buck ninety-nine. They probably saw her and decided that her skills were more valuable than her flaws were damaging. She may be a little unhinged, but she's a great detective who sees dead people. The BoSA aren't going to skip out on that. Besides, it's really more of a character thing. She's the type of girl who just doesn't give a shit, and I want to show that.

You're the GM. You control the world, you control the NPCs, and you make sure none of the characters go off the rail, but the players get to decide what they do with there characters. It's not going to hurt anyone, no one's going to be pissed, so I don't see the problem.
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