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Current Do y'all think the Bookhouse Boys would accept a female member?
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It's no longer Easter, so I shall put up a placeholder status until I think of a better, nonholiday related one.
2 mos ago
Many years ago today, a man arose from the dead and roamed the land, opening the minds of countless bigots. Happy Zombie Rights Day, everyone! ^_^
3 mos ago
Hmmmm...I've had this profile pic since I first joined....should I change it? Comment in my visitor message area with your opinion! ^_^
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Heeeeeeeeeeres Moosey!
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Innocent until proven guilty :D

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And the duck. Whatever that duck is...

Ahem. Howard the Duck is a vaguely humanoid duck-like creature who was pulled from his home against his will, and was eventually shoved onto Earth 616. While he has no supernatural abilities apart from minor spells he picked up in his journies, but he is well trained in Quak Fu, a deadly type of martial arts that Howard uses to survive against much stronger enemies. In addition to this, Howard is perhaps Marvel's greatest detective mind, and has his own detective agency. And he's still better than Squirrel Girl.

Also, one last note on the issue: She-Hulk is also quite the fourth wall breaker. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Hey, I was wondering if, if Katie gets accepted, you two might want to have Carly and Jerome know about her. Katie's definitely going to know about them, what with her investigations and all, but they'd probably know her as well, since she's been offing a good amount of criminals working for or with the Joker.

Or should I ask again when tensions are a tad lower? I'm not too good at reading these kind of social signs.
@Caits@Archmage MC
Hey, sorry if I'm butting in, but I just thought I'd throw in my two cents again. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that what Arch is saying is that Light will only observe the fourth when Deadpool breaks it, in a matter of speaking. For example, say Deadpool's kid breaks the fourth wall. Rather than having the normal reaction of confusion, I could see Light observing Deadpool's fourth wall break, saying something that hints at her having that kind of knowledge as well, and, at most, the two might have a short, humorous conversation that other people would just see as two mental patients babbling. The fourth wall is breaking no more than it would if it were just Deadpool.
I'm actually going to have to agree with @Archmage MC on this one. As long as it doesn't get too publically addressed, and doesn't mess with the other characters, I don't see a problem. In fact, I think it would take away from Light if she wasn't able break the fourth wall. One could argue that Light's superpower is her metaness. After all, most of her special abilities stem from not altering her self, but altering the laws of the universe, which are strictly defined. But if someone walked in and was more meta than her, well, it'd kind of suck for the character. Like if the fastest man alive, discovered that there was an even faster man alive, and this man also had an assortment of other powers, like flying, laser eyes, and icebreath. For example. Strictly hypothetical, of course. So I'm going to vote that if anyone in the RP can break the fourth wall, Light can. Y'know, for whatever my vote is worth.
@Simple Unicycle
Shit, your right. Whoops! I'll edit that when I can! Thank you!

Alrighty, here she is! Also, I hope it's fine, but I added some stuff in her backstory that go beyond just her.

Now, I hate to be that peson, but could someone give me a TL;DR summery of the RP so far? I skimmed through them up to a point, but when I refreshed the page, the ammount had doubled! Anyway, I'd appreciate it! ^_^
Alright, I just need to finish the biography and the powers, and then I'll be done with Katie Kovacs.
Alright, cool, I think that's all I need for now. Thank you!
Alrighty! And how long after the war was the school created?
Also, another quick question: How long did the Super War last? Like, from what year to what year?

@Simple Unicycle
Oh, most definitely. Quotable lines, more often then not, in my mind, can make the movie. And I think that goes for other forms of media as well, whether it be TV shows, books, video games, really anything. I mean, when was the last time you had a conversation about Poltergeist that didn't stem from someone randomly saying "they're here".
@Simple Unicycle
Ah, sweet! Y'know, despite his...plentiful personality flaws, I always thought Rorschach was a very interesting character. His noir theme alongside his devastatingly strong, black and white moral compass sort of makes him one of a kind, especially in the superhero genre. In fact, I think his flaws actually add depth to him, and make him a lot more interesting.

As for the black, I know that on the computer it's pretty easy to see, but if anybody is on mobile, then it gets difficult. Of course, everything's hard to read on Mobile, but still.
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