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Suddenly, the world went blank. Everything vanished. The sky, the ground, everything. Even though the sun wasn't in the sky, you were able to see your body. There was no ground, yet there was something under you to stand on. It could have been black granite, but there was no texture. The only other thing you could see was the shape of a man. His skin was as black as night, and was a rather tall, imposing figure. Parts of him flaked off like that of a roaring fire, but he didn't appear to be shrinking. The figure approached, and bowed. It's only then you notice his long nails,shimmering in the darkness.

After taking Talus's hand, Everyone found their word shrouded in darkness. And when that darkness faded, everyone found themselves in the new world that he spoke of.

(just the GM getting their oversized post out of the way, don't mind me)

Everyone found themselves arriving in the “new world” at the same time. But they did not all arrive in the same location.

Father Jameson Walker , Alistair Archibald, and Flame Brooks appeared on seats in an old building. It was very old, as evident by the cobwebs in the corners and dust settling on top of the tables. One could guess that this was a meeting room at one time, but little else was known. There wasn't anyone else inside, but outside they could hear quite the commotion. Someone recruiting knights, someone selling wares, yes, things were happening outside. And for some reason, Alistair was hit with some deja vu, and a chill went up his spine.

Nobuhiro Nishioka, Chieko Okawa, and Aerith Hastings appeared in the back ally of some slum in a medieval town. There were very few people walking around, with most everyone remaining indoors, looking out at them. Everything was eerily quiet, with the hustle and bustle of the other districts far away in the distance.

Aaron Yang, Hilda Gunnarsson, Yuuki Kimura, and Ashton Andrews found themselves transported to a merchants district. Their sudden appearance in the center of the road caught a lot of people off guard, and most found themselves stumbling away from the group. Merchants eyed the newly arrived with caution, clutching onto their wares. Some were closing up shop, and a few pedestrians were running away from them.

One thing was for certain. Wherever they were, it wasn't home.
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Aerith Hastings

Middle of Alley, Suttling's Basin, Priestella

In a flash, her world changed once more after taking the hand of the intimidating giant of black and dark flame before her. The street around her stank of sewage and the worst sorts of things, like a poor...medieval....community. An odd being as this Lord Talus was, as much as she didn't fully trust him, she knew one thing for certain. This all was real, and someone had some kind of love to bring her here....as well as others it seemed. Two others were on either side of her, one a tall man with musculature and the other a shorter girl who came off as what the internet would dub an "otaku" of some kind. They too did not fit in this setting, but if tropes were at least the bare minimum enough to go with to this little point...then they maybe had been spoken to by Talus as well. Or another being. Maybe. Most Likely. It was all the guess work she could go with for now.

The stares they got were nothing short of strange, though not unwarranted given their....sudden arrival. Eyes peering from houses, few walking around, and the gut feeling they needed to get out of this area they were in. Then again, that word "we" might not work in this case. Two other people, two totally different reactions than potentially her own....oh dear the ramifications of this were hitting rather hard now, weren't they? A tremor went through her body as she thought about it all. Ah, food, shelter, and what if this place had magic of some kind? Wasn't that how they got here in the first place.....Maybe?

Aerith clapped her two hands on her cheeks, waking herself back up from her minor stupor. She looked over to the taller man and the otaku-vibe-giving girl who seemed rather close to her own age.

"I suppose you two were told about love by some guy in an inky black darkness, and just appeared to here?" Aerith said to the other two, trying to speak before any other potentially....more hostile or panicked reactions. Not that she didn't have a sense of panic in her chest at all, as it still shone in her eyes a little, though attempts to focus were....keeping her head level enough for the moment she supposed, a bit of a mask for now also assisting, "Er, if so, to find out about where we just landed, we might want to get of this slum. It would make sense...unless anyone here wants to scream or shout, and draw us more attention."

It honestly sounded kinda rude, and rather blunt and eerily to the point. Those were the thoughts that came into her mind about her words....but honestly she had no idea how else to go about this. It was like those survival situations talked about on certain TV shows, where if you didn't get your head about you it could go badly. Or if it was like an anime, cause you to run into an important character. Not that all the anime rules applied here at all, as this situation was very much real it seemed. But hell she was using what she could to keep her wits for the moment being, even if it sounded stupid, this after having been thrown out of the world she had known all her life without warning like this.

Then again, Talus had mentioned love.....did someone here truly love her so much? That question just didn't seem to leave her mind, did it? But she wanted to meet this person, speak with them. Try to understand why they loved her so much for this to happen...why said person potentially loved the others here with her as well, honestly.

Er, if her guess was correct.



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Flame Brooks

When Flame Brooks found himself seperated from Ashton, his first impulse was to panic, especially in the presence of someone who was evidently a priest. Then, his next impulse was to worry about Ashton, and the impulse after that was to finally observe the surroundings.

Looking at Jameson and Alistair, as if trying to decide who to distrust less, he would approach the former and say: "Hey, I'm Flame Brooks, 16 years old, from Bangor, Maine. I got seperated from a...friend when I was sent here; said friend was with me in that inky blackness." Flame clearly assumed that the other two 'Earthers' had seen 'Lord Talus'. "What's your name, Father?"

If Ashton were here - and not panicking like I am, he'd probably join the person recruiting for Knights. Or he could be looking at what sort of wares are being sold. But I'm not Ashton; I don't trust these people and they won't listen to my advice anyway. "Anyway..." the kid nervously said, "Just to make sure, we all believe that we're in another world? That this isn't a dream, a hallucination, drugs, or virtual reality? Because as my... Friend would say, it'd be best if we're all in the same page at this time."

His expression turned into a deep frown as he pondered, We're probably not on the same page. They probably think I am crazy. But, at the same time, I can't just ditch them as I am worse off alone.

Turning to Alistair, Flame finally asked, "So, rich guy, what is your name and where do you come from, assuming we're not all from Maine?"

Ashton Andrews

They really were in another world. Demihumans, medieval architecture, unfeathered dinosaurs, and of course, a realistic reaction to the three people's sudden coming. This flew in the face of his essay about how Isekai won't work... Unless they were marked for death anyway. Well, he didn't plan to meet a nasty demise unless it was by Flame's side, and Flame wasn't at his side. Which was aggravating; he felt cheated by that 'Lord Talus' guy, even though he never trusted him anyway. Nevertheless, he knew this: He can probably calm himself and the others down enough to plot their way out of this situation.

Looking at the others; Ashton would ask as firmly as possible without raising his voice too high, "All right, which of you believes we really are in another world and this isn't a dream, hallucination, drugs, or virtual reality? For those of you that don't, my name is Ashton Andrews, 16, from Bangor, Maine. I also have a boyfriend, Flame Brooks, who was in the darkness with me until that Talus guy seperated us. Either way, I don't think we need to panic right now."

A brief pause. "What we need to do is walk slowly, forward, as though this place is familiar to us, then hope that the novelty of our apperance fades. We should also observe everything we can, including the writing."

A glance at a shop stall; the language was unfamiliar. "Not just that, but if there is law enforcement here; Constables and Miliitia or just the Watch, we should avoid them unless they seem reasonable. And as we seem to be in a Merchants' District, we should also frisk ourselves for saleable goods."

A breath. "But, the prime priority would be to get to a safe place, a safe place where we can get our bearings."
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~Chieko Okawa~

Middle of Alley, Suttling's Basin, Priestella

@Crusader Lord@Ryofu

The next instant, the darkness was gone just as quickly as it had enveloped her. Lord Talus was gone, not having answered her question it seemed. She supposed that was to be expected, but she just got lost in the moment. The first thing she noticed, was the smell of sewage that had assaulted her nose, causing Chieko to grimace lightly as she turned on the spot, slowly taking in the area she had found herself in. It looked like a medieval town, albeit the slums. In fact, it almost looked like it was out of one of the anime's she watched all the time. She was vaguely aware of the two others that were there with her, but paid them no immediate mind. Her breath quickened as she took a few quick steps away from the others, quickly looking around the slums, not minding at all getting her shoes dirty in the muck or the stares she was getting from what she assumed were the locals.

This...this was real?! Could it be!? She hadn't expected anything at all from this encounter. She had thought it was just a weird dream or something! But no, this was definitely real! Wasn't it? Chieko slapped the sides of her face, shaking her head as though trying to wake herself up. Nothing happened. A grin crept across her face as the reality of the situation sank in more and more. Not a dream. This was entirely real, wasn't it? Chieko placed a hand on her forehead, and laughed.

"Heh...hahahaha!" She grinned, twirling and facing the others, not having entirely heard the other girl speak. "Sweet vindication! Delightful satisfaction!" Oh, this felt so wonderful! Her past self felt entirely vindicated and justified now! "Hahah, of course! All I had to do was be patient!" She made a motion with her hand, shaking her head as if coming to an understanding of something that should have been obvious. "Obviously the heroine such as myself would only get pulled into the role when she least expects it, haha! Take that you naysayers and fools who laughed!" She laughed again.

She apparently didn't get the 'don't draw attention' memo Aerith had just given her.

"Ah-" Seeming to finally realize that she should probably say something to the others, Chieko turned her attention to them, grinning brightly. "Pervy old man who calls little girls cute, you mean? Yes indeed, I was bought here by him. As rude as he was, I think I can overlook it since he took me away from that boring world. Now we should probably get out of this slum, yes? Staying here is probably going to raise some bad flags for us. Slums are always bad."

She didn't seemed to have heard most of what Aerith said in her excitement. A small part of her realized she was being utterly ridiculous, but it was drowned out by excitement. She'll probably die of embarrassment as soon as someone points it out. In fact she was quickly realizing that and a small bit of color started filling her cheeks, but she said nothing else as she waited for their reply.

If worst comes to worse, she could just be quiet as she usually was...wasn't anything she wasn't used too, after all.

Mie Yukima

The Cham Square, Priestella

The Cham as usual was full of its normal hustle and bustle. Street performers moving about, commoners laughing, gawking, and street merchants peddling their wares. Kids were running about, guards were keeping an eye on things occasionally and a few drunkards were getting tossed out of taverns as well. A normal, average and mildly amusing day. Mie leaned back in her chair, yawning boredly as a few people stopped to observe her wares.

The wagon was parked just off the side of the street, taking up a good chunk of the side of the road, but she didn't care. It wasn't blocking anything and she had her permits and everything was perfectly legal. Yep. A small assortment of goods had been arranged by on the ground surrounding the wagon, ranging from exotic pottery, weapons, upholstery, to smaller pieces like jewelry and miscellaneous odds and ends picked up on her journey.

The owner of the wagon in question? A fox Demi-human that seemed to be napping on the job. She was leaning lightly over on a desk, ear twitching lightly as a bird landed on a crate of supplies next to the small desk, curiously gazing at the fox.

"Hrn-" She grumbled in her sleep, ear twitching again. "Just...a little more...to the left..."

The bird in question tilted its head at her before looking at a small mug filled with liquid that was sitting there. Curious about it, the bird gave it a quick peck -


Mie woke, shouting lightly as the alcohol filled mug fell on her head, causing it to fall backwards and send her and it to the ground.

"Gah...urgh..." Mie sat up, rubbing the side of her head tiredly and shaking her head a lightly. "last time I stay up all night drinking...ugh..." Today had been an incredibly slow day. Not that she could really blame anyone. With the bandits about and general atmosphere of Priestella recently, things just hadn't seemed to really be going right. She stood up, fixing the chair up straight and grabbing a small towel to dry her hair with. Might as well close up shop for today then, see if she could find something to alleviate her boredom before she had that meeting to attend too...
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The Golden Quarter

He blinked, and there he was, blue eyes squinting against the morning sun, a blue sky stretching overhead as he took in the world around him. So taking that ‘Lord Talus’s’ hand wasn’t actually necessary, huh?

A warm world. A loud world. A fresh world. He breathed, felt the snowmelt trickle down his face, and instantly slipped off his backpack. Removing his coat, Yuuki fanned it out a few times, sweat already beading down his back, before he shifted to peeling off his woolen sweater as well, tossing them both in the outer pouches of the pack. Way too hot still. His pants were actually stifling, slow-roasting his legs in the sunlight, while his scarf may as well be a noose, choking all the water out of him. Nasty. Brutal. Dressing for winter when it was…not-winter was a terrible idea, doubly so when almost all the people around him were looking at him as if he had an extra head.

A horse neighed behind him, its rider veering around Yuuki with an expression that mixed curiosity and annoyance.

Ah, they were dropped in the middle of the road. The small youth smiled apologetically at all those around him, before shimmying off to the side, getting out of traffic. Didn’t seem like that made others stop looking at him funny though. After all, there were still people looking at them oddly, closing up shop despite how early in the day it was, or just plain running away.

Great. Awesome. Nice start.

Yuuki wiped the sweat off his forehead with a sigh, fanning his face while he looked around. It looked like one of the other boys, a babyfaced brunette, seemed to be taking charge, which was good. His eyes were bright enough. He looked to be pretty reasonable and smart, with a level head. Meant that Yuuki could stand to be unreasonable himself. Awesome.

He pressed a hand against his face. Leaned against a wall. Narrowed his eyes. Furrowed his brow. Took deep breaths. A medieval world. A fantasy world. Giant lizards, animal-faced humans, and men casually bearing swords. Rustic, antiquated wares and words he could not read, even if he could understand the language perfectly. It was a mess. A hell of a mess. A mess he didn’t ask for, a mess he didn’t want, a mess he didn’t have time to deal with right now.


How did it flow from one world to another? Was it equal? Was Earth-time stopped? Faster? Slower? The ticket in his pocket crumpled, and he removed his mittens as well, shoving them in his bag.

He hated this.

Another breath.

He removed his hand.

Hitched up his heavy backpack, laden now with clothes that were unnecessary in this bright, blue world.

And, without a pause in his step, walked up to the first person that fit the description of ‘guard’ that one would find in any reasonably normal fantasy normal. “Hi there, sir,” Yuuki said with a wave and a smile, “I sorta just popped here and I have no idea how I got here and I also have no idea what this place is. Spirited away, maybe? No idea, really. So could you help me out? Like, what is this place? As you can tell, I'm a little bit out of my element here.”

Yuuki gestured to his winter clothing, the snow that still clung onto his boots, before chuckling at that.

He felt like puking his dinner up and punching a stranger in the gut.

But that'd have to wait.
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Middle of Alley, Suttling's Basin, Priestella

@Rune_Alchemist@Crusader Lord

Shit. Shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit. This whole situation was fucked. As he suddenly found himself in this "fantasy" world, Hiro was struck with the sudden realization that he was likely not under the effects of any manner of hallucinogen. That meant that he had previously been standing up to some real kind of shadow monster man. His heart started to palpitate. Oh no. What if that monster held some sort of grudge? That would be the worst possible outcome. What if he decided to pay Nobuhiro back for being disrespectful. Wait.


Did that mean that he had really been summoned here on the whims of some random woman he had never met. God. Damn. It.

His panic started to subside, and flashed into a white hot rage. His entire life. He had been working his entire life to make it to where he had been before he was kidnapped. And now what? It was all ruined. Gone. He would likely never get to go home, and everything that he had built his life toward was a moot point now. What point did he even have to live?

It was at this point however, that Hiro noticed that he was not alone in his transmigration. There were two women. Both were just a little shorter than him. One was probably Japanese in the other world like he was, and the other was from somewhere else. They both seemed to be trying to assert themselves in a position of authority. To be honest, Hiro didn't really feel like fighting them until he heard the words the Japanese girl speak. Oh. Oh no.

It all started to come flooding back. His dark years. Nobuhiro was hit with flashbacks of his first few years training to box. Calling out his special moves in the ring, and acting like he was some shounen hero facing off against villains. This was bad. She was still young. There was still a chance to save her from herself. Words wouldn't do any good.

Instead, Nobuhiro swatted the otaku girl on the back of the head, cutting her words off.

"Alright, let's not get carried away here. Stay grounded in reality. . . Well. . . as real as we can believe this situation to be. I agree with both of you, we need to find somewhere to go, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's get somewhere that is. . . more safe than we are now and then assess the situation. Agreed?"

He honestly just assumed that they would agree and follow after, so Nobuhiro took off in what he thought to be the safest looking direction. He stepped out onto a main road and made his way north, toward what appeared to be away from the city walls, and toward the center. Where there were more people, he was less likely to be randomly attacked. Still, he kept a sharp eye out for any movement. His excellent visual acuity catching any sign of life within his field of sight. A few steps out, he glanced back at the two girls to see if they were following, but kept walking even if they weren't.
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Aerith Hastings

Chasing After A Japanese Man With A Chunni In Tow, Suttling's Basin, Priestella


'....Oh my word i got brought here with a chunni,' Aerith thought to herself as she listened to the otaku-looking Japanese girl go on a minor, attention-drawing rant briefly. Internally, she wanted to sigh, loud and long, and try to let out the frustration she felt at that action. Though in reality, she merely gave a deadpan look at the other girl as she finally came around to a sensical statement.

She was about to say something in agreement to that statement as she tried to put on a casual mask for the occasion, but before that the Japanese man, who seemed to have some musculature from brief observation, smacked the other girl on the back of the head to cut her off. Oh dear. It seemed like the man had virtually seen a ghost with the look in his eyes as he had performed the action. At least, that was how it had looked to her, whether she was right or wrong about it. But the other girl's blush was enough to Aerith to show she had calmed down a...little at least. Looked kinda cute, actually.

Though beyond this, the man seemed to take off in a direction after agreeing with them on getting out of the slums and to a safer location. Whatever they could define as "safe location" at this point in an at least medieval and potentially/likely magical city. In this moment she could not help but roll her eyes lightly. Yet deciding to take initiative Aerith took a breath, grabbed the otaku-chunni girl's hand, and gave a playful grin to Chieko as she tried to drag her along quickly to chase after their fellow traveler. After all, they did not want to fall behind, and they wanted to get through this alive anywho.

"Hey, we gotta catch up! Unfamiliar place and all!" she said to the Japanese girl as she pulled her along.
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As far as waking up in unfamiliar places had gone, this was perhaps one of the more 'unique' results. A byproduct of the destructive lifestyle that Archibald was living recently was that he occasionally found himself in unfamiliar locations, usually with a nasty hangover. Most would say that such things were unbecoming of a man with such a proud, undisclosed wealthy descent. But most people were not him, and so he did not very much care for how they thought he should act. Living life as a sheltered, but curious boy for all of his childhood had been torture. So he grew up determined to do things he wanted to do, not what he'd been told to do. That kind of life was for other, less-willful people. And perhaps some of this was just to spite his parents, who had treated him more akin to an object than their child.

But I----

...What? Why does this feel so familiar? It's almost as if I'd been in this place before...

This place was odd. It was foreign. It was strange. It was unfamiliar. It was... also familiar.

A contradiction, and one that Alistair was aware of. Yet, despite being safely able to claim he'd never set foot in this particular place before, he was nagged at by a sense of deja vu, of a sort of familiarity to the place. And before he even gave an entire sweep of the room, he could predict where certian things were going to be in it. If he wasn't so confident he'd never seen the place before, he would have to wonder if he'd been brought here at some point in his life.

But perhaps worrying about this sensation wasn't to his benefit. There were other matters to attend to. Two, in fact. Strange, should there not be more? Alistair wasn't sure why he thought that, though. "You talk too much." he commented to the young man who had introduced himself as 'Flame', his tone indicating his growing ire. Alistair began to push himself up from the chair when he noticed that, quite like the rest of the room, the chair he'd found himself on was also dusty. This now meant that his clothes which had come into contact with said chair were also dirtied. One could almost see the veins in his forehead as he bolted up from the chair and gave it a strong kick, sending it flying into the wall behind it. Instead of an angry outburst, however, he did his best to remain calm as he wiped the spots that had been dirtied down, hoping to remove as much dust as possible. He then addressed the young man's question as if nothing had happened.

"As fun as having a chat with some kid sounds, I think I'd much rather prefer finding out where or when we are." he bluntly stated, heading towards the nearest door. "You two," he glanced at the priest, or at least a guy wearing the getup of one, and continued, "Alistair Archibald is the name. That's all I feel like telling you, even if we all seem to be on the same boat." he did not wait for their answers, but he did hestitate for the slightest moment at the door. With a strong push, he opened the door that would lead to the outside world. They could follow if they so chose, but it mattered very little to him. He was certainly in no mood to play friends.

The only harem I will be a part of is my own. This 'Talus' be damned!
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Just like any other day the pink haired girl could be found strolling down the market street at the exact same haplily humming to a song that had been stuck in her head for weeks now. Brightly she beamed a smile to every single shop owner that she found alongsides the street. Most of the market people knew her name already from having spoken or seen her before. She was one to pass often by their stores and look at their wares despites having no money. Aki would occasionally make some small talk with them and in best cases hand her some free leftovers. They enjoyed her performances and her bright spirit that she always did for no asked money, so they were happy to hand her a present from time to time. She was a hard worker and did her best after all!

Aki tugged along quite a package behind her. She had put all her performance needs in the knapsack on her back. She was holding the straps tightly with both hands as it moved from left to right with every pace she took. All this stuff was needed for todays performance. Her performances were diverse so everyone could enjoy one or two of her shows! This one needed a lot of practice from beforehand so she was pretty nervous.

Today Aki wore something not too heavy. She wore a boyish farmer type tunic with simple brown trousers and hefty looking leather boots. The boots were from her mother so they were still one too many sizes to big for her to walk normally in. Her hair was nicely tied in a high ponytail behind her back so it wouldn't get into her eyes while doing her tricks. She needed a lot of concentration.

Aki slowly paced softer and came to a halt. Aki easily put her knapsack about and began undoing it before putting all items on the ground close by. Some people walking by look at her quite strangely and others would suddenly stop knowing what was going to happen. She had gotten to talk with a few of her usual quests before she was going to do her show and finally set up. Ready to start. Aki put down a small wooden bowl with a sign that said 'Please support Aki the great performer!' with a small drawing of what was suppose to be her own face brightly smiling and waited for everyone to put their attention to her.

"Hello! Good afternoon! Today, Aki the great will be doing juggling and balancing tricks that are not to be done at home! You can hurt yourself if you try them, I have atleast, Teehehe..."

She awkwardly brushed the back of her head a little after her introduction had been finished. There was some comic relief mixed into her show mostly about her own clumsiness.

"Please watch carefully as I begin with three balls!"

Aki casually pulled up three balls from the ground and gave a deep breath before she started. She threw one up and simply started juggling. It was a little wanky at first but gradually seemed to improve the longer she did. More people came to watch although there were only about a handfull right now. Aki walked around a little and began doing a few tricks with the balls like throwing them differently or behind her back. She catched all three of them and awkwardly laughed a little as she recieved an applause.

"Hehehe.. Thank you, thank you. You're all too kind."

Her next moves went out to just about the same thing but with more balls and more tricks. Eventually she had ended with her 5 ball tricks and stepped it up a notch. She wiped the sweat of her forehead and took a circular piece of wood and a plank. She sat the plank onto the circular wood and stood with one foot on the plank before slowly setting the other food on the other end as well. She put her balance just right to balance the plank on the circular piece of wood and spoke to the people a bit more.

"A-as for my next trick, I'll balance while juggling and using magic!"

Aki softly chuckled as she had a hard enough time balancing. She softly threw up one ball and began doing her thing. It took a little while to get comfortable with juggling and balancing at the same time but she managed.


Two color stroke of color paper begane spinning next to her in tornado like fashion as Aki furrowed her brows. This was hard... She concernedly chuckled during her act and smiled awkwardly.


Aki was begining to get more slacking with her juggling before finally she lost balance and fell sideways.


She quickly called out before hitting the pavement. A gust of air lifted her body up momentarily above the ground before she tud dowm onto the ground.

"Ittai!... T-ta da..."

She yelped but turned her face back the audience and softly smiled while raising a thumbs up. The 5 balls that were still in the air rained down on the top of her head all hurting one by one as she yelped with each individual hit.

"Thawnk wou fo watwing mee!"

People slowly left as Aki regained her body from the ground feeling somewhat dizzy from all that. She spoke to some of her people that thanked her for the performance and finally was left alone once more. She slowly started to scrape together her act and put it all inside the knapsack once more. The bowl of coins was still behind her while she was still cleaning and unknowingly to her for anyone to grab at the moment. She softly hummed on as she cleaned the stage.
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location: Vertti Household
tag(s): none
mention(s): Aer @BrokenPromise

"Saia, your ears are going lopsided again." The water spirit chided as she twisted her waist away from her comfortable seated position on Mistress Vertti's desk and gently pushed the bunny boy's right ear back up to its pristine glory. If said spirit didn't know any better then she would have thought Grisaia was ignoring her, his expression still and unwavering, but with the circumstances going on around the house, she really couldn't blame him for a delayed or lack of response.

Mistress Vertti has gone missing...again. The first time something like this happened, Grisaia almost got sent to the hospital due to cardiac arrest; thank the gods Adhara was there. She left without a word and didn't return until three days later, claiming she was out with a friend. Okay, sure, fine. Grisaia would let a simple excuse like that pass. But then it kept happening again and again, with each excuse becoming drastically more absurd than the next. Although it was becoming more and more like the norm, everyone still held a faint sense of worry and concern, which led to Grisaia asking for the aid of the Adventurer's guild for constant help as finding one woman in such a big place was impossible, even for him. The blonde took it upon himself to up the security around the Mistress and even monitor her physical and mental state in case something was actually wrong. And while he did notice a few concerning things, he didn't feel the need to call upon a specialist. But now, it feels like that would have been the best for his and everyone else's sanity...

"...Thanks." He mumbled, giving the other a faint smile before leaning back on his chair. He briefly glanced at the twinkling crystal chandelier hovering just above the maple colored coffee table that bisected the space between the two darker colored sofas. Despite the Mistress' eccentric nature, how she managed to keep that from spilling into her work space that was so calm and inviting was beyond him. Not to mention how great the place was for if he wanted to escape and have a quiet place for himself, away from the other servants and guards. "How long has it been since the Mistress went missing?" He then questioned.

Adhara scratched the back of her head as her legs swung to and fro, the question forcing her to think back a bit.
"It's been over a week, so definitely a new record for her." She responded, only to frown when she saw Grisaia's stone face crack with a noticeable frown. "W-Well, if you had only listened to Anubis' idea to have one of us keep an eye on her, we wouldn't have this problem. Right Nubis?" She continued in hopes of maintaining her ground, receiving an affirmative grunt through Anubis' muzzle-like mouth.

"I don't like keeping you guys out for such a long time...and the Mistress doesn't really like you guys all that much." He almost whined before standing up from his chair and walking over to the large window placed directly behind it. After a short scan over the passersby and townsfolk, Grisaia turned back to his two spirits. "Regardless, I've already filed a request with the Adventurer's Guild. With the payment I gave, we should be hearing from someone capable very soon."
"Or we could get some newbie who wants to make a quick buck, but doesn't know what they're in for. Oh, and how can someone not like us?! I mean, sure we can be a little weird, but look at this face! I'm too pretty to dislike..." She pouted as she began to hover in the air, arms folded in disdain. Grisaia, however, ignored this and instead focused on what she said prior, his expression still.
"I doubt it. I have been...prone on sending requests to the guild, but they know full well that if they sent some, uh, 'newbie' to take care of this...well I'd rather not say what I'd do. I have faith in them." The bunny boy hummed before giving his contracted spirit a slight shrug.

Before Adhara could give any kind of response in return, a faint knock could be heard coming from the ornate door on the other side of the wall.
"Come in." He called, the door opening not a second earlier and revealing a girl in similar attire as himself. The only real difference was probably the styling, her physical appearance, and the cat ears. "Did you need something Claire?"
"Yep! Um, some of the maids are trying to wash the clothing and other sheets, but, like, it's a lot more than we expected it would be, nya--" The girl coughed to keep herself from letting out the stereotypical noise that came from her kind. "We could use a few extra hands! Oh, and by extra hands, I mean Adhara." She continued, earning a scoff from the water Spirit. Her informal and 'bubbly' attitude made Grisaia want to scream, but instead he simply nodded before walking towards her.
"Sure. As for you two, Adhara will come with me and Anubis will be listening out in case anyone stops by about the request." Grisaia ordered awkwardly - his contract didn't give him much of a choice - before following the shorter girl out of the Mistress' office and leaving Anubis to his...to whatever Anubis' do when left alone.

location: Gods → The Golden Quarter
tag(s): none/open
mention(s): (all very vaguely) Hilda, Aaron, Yuuki, and Ashton

A heavy, but relaxed sigh left the brunette's lips as she clasped her hands together and closed her eyes. She thought of nothing, let her mind be controlled by the ebb and flow from up above. She wasn't quite sure how long she kneeling where she was, but by the time she was done, her knees were definitely sore and the sun was a lot higher in the sky...serves her right for wearing something particularly hard to worship in. But it wasn't as if she had a choice. She wasn't even planning on stopping by the churches and temples that day as it was her off day anyways, but someone just HAD to notice her and ask her to come in for a quick service or two...or five.

Eiko receive various forms of thanks and appreciation for leading the services she could and was even given a bit of money to compensate. The dove Demi-Human of course took the few coins she received before eventually taking her leave and enjoying the rest of the walk she had planned for herself. It felt particularly nice today, the sun shining brightly while the wind was blowing ever so slightly and tipping her hat to the side just a little. Both hands were clasped over her iconic pink staff as walked merrily down the street and towards the Golden Quarter, already planning to spend the money she received. Normally the military styled girl would have went straight home and given the money to her mother, but seeing as she got the money for 'volunteering', it belonged to her, right?

Yeah, that made enough sense.

Pressing her wings to her back in order to give herself more of a Human look, Eiko strolled into the very popular shopping area, her mind already racing with several things she could buy. Food would be nice...maybe her own little picnic? Or she could buy some more needles and thread to practice her sewing! Pre-made fabrics? A present for her mom? Colored feathers she could put on her wings? The possibilities were currently endless to the girl, but eventually she had to make a choice.

When? No one was quite sure of that, but it would happen.

She was so excited, she took little notice to the few people running away from a particular scene up ahead. Maybe someone's magic got out of hand? Tilting her head curiously at the thought, the young Demi-Human slowly pocketed her money and tightened her grip on her staff, ready to face what she was possibly in for.

She had recently prayed, so she knew for fact that the gods would be on her side, after all, so no need to be too worried, right?
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Location: Quiet Slums, Suttlings Basin, Priestella

??? @Crusader Lord
??? @Rune_Alchemist
??? @Ryofu
Vasilis Achillos (collab with @BrokenPromise)

The encompassing gloom pervaded the slums of the Suttlings Basin, despite the morning hour. Barely anyone was outdoors, characters taking foothold in the shady alleyways. The crude dwellings of the residents lacked any form of exposure, windows boarded up and barricaded for good measure. The atmosphere was a mixture of silence and trepidation. This stood in stark contrast to the majority of the areas in Priestella, extroverted with booming trades and roads bustling with activity.

"This is upsetting..." The young lady uttered, followed by an insipid exhale. Her feeble tone expressed her worries and sympathies toward the people of this neglected town. Shielded from the distant sun's rays with her parasol, Irene, accompanied by her knight-in-not-so-shining-armour, stood out as they strolled in the middle of an open road. The general consensus was they were either stupid, clueless or brave enough to be able to do so.

The town had long lost its luster due to the societal structure of Priestella. Isolated from the rest of the city, it became home to many lower-class families, eventually being branded as a shantytown. Due to the lack of security in the area, the Suttlings Basin's crime rate went up exponentially, bandits infesting the area and setting up various camps along the vicinity. This made it even more isolated and marked as a place to be avoided.

Requests have been made from the kingdom's armed forces to drive out these malefactors, but due to the rising tensions in other sectors of the city keeping them occupied, they have not been answered as of yet. It was then that the pleas extended to the Adventurer's guild, which the duumvirate had accepted.

"I know you're itching for a fight, but please do take caution. We are dealing with shrewd characters, after all." Irene gestured at the taller knight, their footsteps unrelenting.

"Me? Itching?" Vasilis smirked. He was holding the handle of his axe across his shoulders. "I only raise this axe to protect the innocent, and you." He started to run his hand through his hair, but then stopped and looked back at Irene. "Not that I'm implying that you aren't innocent. If anything, I need to make doubly sure no harm comes to you." He trailed off into mock laughter. "B-but anyway, The reason why I might be giving off the vibe of someone who is itching for a fight is because those are the types of people bandits stay away from." He nodded to himself. "If I looked all cautious and stuff, they'd think I was weak. This way they know I'm not afraid to fight." He lowered his voice. "Even if this place actually gives me the creeps." He cleared his throat before regaining his composure. "But a knight's gotta protect the weak. I-I mean the innocent! Yup! That's pretty much what I live for."

A sly smirk that served to hide the laughter she contained. ”Sure… Let’s go with that.” The royal knight’s competence was only matched by his juvenile goofiness; an attribute she had gotten used to and surely welcome considering the dreary ambience they entered upon. They’ve dealt with bandits on their previous ventures, only coming out victorious due to her quick and careful judgment and his reflexive responses; the slightest mistake spells death and they were no exemption.

They continued southward along the slums, their cautious gazes meeting less and less people passing by here and there, skittering about to avoid conflict; the dread on their eyes eminent. ”This is a grand undertaking for us. Their happiness are connected with mine. Their sorrows are connected with mine. If the kingdom’s forces won’t take action, we will.”

It wasn’t any longer until they happened upon a young man with two younger women in tow, and by glance their unconventional attire garnered attention. The two parties passed each other, heading opposite directions.

”...!” It struck her all of a sudden, and for reasons she weren’t completely sure of, apart from one. Irene sensed an aberrant malignance, originating from none other than the passersby. She took a quick and silent glance at her partner, her ruby orbs portraying imminent fear and unease.

Vasilis knew full well what Irene was trying to say with her eyes. The corners of his lips curled into a broad smile as he gave the young girl a single nod. Then he turned around around, allowing his axe to swing off of his shoulders. Then he ran after the group. If they weren't alerted to the sound of a man with iron clad legs running after them, then they most certainly heard him jump over them. What made the jump especially loud was that it was assisted with fire magic. A cluster of well timed explosions propelled Vasilis over everyone's heads, where he landed in front of the boxer. The knight was already facing them, with his axe held out in front of him. It was probably the largest wood chopping apparatus the three strangers had ever seen.

"Whoa! What's the rush? If you're heading out to a party, I hope you’d be willing to invite me too." The knight blew flames out of his nose with a snort.

Irene was nothing short of flabbergasted by her knight’s next course of action. Her fear had temporarily subsided thanks to his over-the-top antics, but her vigilance remained. Taking pursuit, she had eventually reached them practically forced into a halt by Vasilis.

”T-that’s enough, Vasilis!” She approached the triad, who were clearly more shocked and confused than she herself was. With a slight cough and regaining her composure, the young woman had addressed the strangers. ”My sincerest apologies for my companion’s unnecessarily loud intrusion. I know you’re all confused, but I would appreciate it if you put yourselves at ease. To put it bluntly, I’m detecting an intense aura of malevolence from the three of you, and my sole intention is to ascertain your identities… and your motives.”
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Aaron Yang

The Golden Quarter

@catchamber@ERode@Letter Bee

Worthy of love huh?

Talus' last words echoed in Aaron's head as he suddenly found himself in the middle of a busy street. What the fuck? Was this some weird ass dream? Pressing his hand lightly against his throat, there he felt the indent of what had been a rope, pressed tightly into his delicate flesh. This was no dream. This was real. Gritting his teeth in a combination of disbelief and shock, the teenager began to survey his surroundings, hoping to acquaint himself with this 'new world'.

Around him stood three others that seemed to be like him; two boys and a girl to be precise, none of them were familiar faces... Beyond them were... beastfolk? People with various animalistic features roamed the busy street, some running away from the suddenly appearing group of strangers. 

Signs written in a strange, unknown language littered the area, the surrounding buildings hosting what appeared to be storefronts. Perhaps this was a commercial area? With all that had happened, Aaron could only be sure of one thing; this wasn't the world he knew.

Again Aaron found himself pondering Talus' words, ”May we find ourselves worthy of love in the new world.” In the last world, his parents had given him their love and support unconditionally, and he had thrown it all away in a moment of selfishness... Though Aaron  had lost his faith in higher power long ago, was  this God's way of offering redemption?

Within a sea of darkness, a small light of hope ignited for the first time in years. This was his chance; a new beginning, he could finally repay what he owed, and make something of himself. "Whoever brought brought me here, if you can hear me... Thank you. I know you love me, and giving me such a chance, I will return that love... But first, I have to repay the love of my family." Aaron whispered in a quiet prayer as his eyes teared up once again, not in sadness, but gratitude.

Looking to the sky above him, a smile formed on Aaron's face as he became oblivious to those around him.  The warm light of the sun gently caressed the teenager's face as his tears began to stop.

Today, he would start anew.

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'Father Whiskey'

'Starting Location', Priestella

@Letter Bee@FamishedPants

Jameson was sure as soon as he took that weird kid's hand, it'd be all over. While he isn't a fan of being under the influence of things like pot, he was sure that God would guide him to the right direction in the end, even when on a bender. He was sure he'd have a night he'd either forget to remember, or remember to forget. Jameson was prepared to go with the flow for the night just so it could be over and he could get back to his quiet life. The quiet, boring life he had submitted himself to...

... Except, it happened way too fast for his liking.

As Jameson woke up in the room he was in, he looked around, scratching his head at the strange sights and sounds that filled the new room he was in along with two of its other occupants, looking both confused and a bit concerned. The first thing the priest did when he finally got his bearing was take an opened box of cigarettes out of his shirt pocket. He picked through each individual cigarette, giving each a sniff. When he got to the last, however, he started calming down, taking a moment to self-reflect. Doesn't smell like pot... and no pounding headache, either. God damn it, what happened last night?

As he slid the box back into his pocket, leaving a cigarette in his mouth, the younger looking boy began to approach him. Before he made it obvious that he was just as lost as them, however, he adjusted himself in order to appear more level-headed. Flame, from Maine. That's who he said he was. And when he mentioned seeing an 'inky blackness,' Jameson couldn't help but chuckle a bit. "Father? Heh, you can just call me..." Jameson started to debate with himself in his head whether his first or last name sounded cooler. The kid's obviously never met him, before, so he had to make a good impression. As both his names began to repeat in his head, it was then and there that the realization hit him.

"How about you just call me... Whiskey. The 'Father' is optional."

Grabbing the Zippo lighter from his pocket, he started to light his cigarette, listening as this Flame kid began to explain his thoughts on where they are. Taking a long draw of smoke, Jameson held back from chuckling as Flame started to rationalize an alternate reality. Heh, these kids are smarter than I realized... first they talk about love, and then they're starting to justify that we're in another world. Lord knows what would happen if I had an imagination so vivid.

Exhaling a puff of smoke away from the others, Jameson turned to the 'rich guy', a man who looked old enough to be fresh out of college. He seemed to be in a bad mood as he kicked his chair away, not that Jameson really mind, so long as that violence isn't directed toward any particular person. Like Flame, however, he wished to find out just where the group is. As the man named Alistair opened the door, Jameson shielded his eyes as the light began to flood the room.

Huh, so it's daytime, already.

"You two go on ahead," the priest began, as he leaned back on his chair, resting his feet on the table while throwing his shades on, "this old man'll probably relax for a bit before he starts heading out. Make sure to close the door on your way out, and God bless you both." With another puff from his cigarette, Jameson sighed as he began to get into a more relaxed state. Whether the kids are playing a game on him, he's high off his balls, or they actually are in another world is unknown to the man known as Jameson Walker. Either way, he felt it was more important that he got his bearing before his head started spinning...
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Fredehildr “Frede” Merogasque

Abandoned Room, Preistella

Same vs. Same

Same vs. Same

Rock vs. Scissors

“My turn then."

Just as Alistair attempted to leave the room, he soon collided with what would first have felt like a wall, but what was, upon inspection, a person wearing the armor of a knight blocked the exit that once seemed so easily in the grasp of Alistair.

One might have initially assumed that in the event someone such as Alistair had collided with the person who stood before him normally, even with the armor, the knight would have found themselves on the floor. Behind them stood another knight of around equal stature to the first one. But they seemed content to allow the knight that had stood in the way of Alistair to handle the situation as is.


The voice seemed to say this as if it were the most natural thing, similar to how someone might address a friend they had known for ages. As she said this, she had taken her head to her hands and removed the helmet upon her head, revealing her face to the three.

“I hate these things. Can hardly breathe in ‘em. Call me Frede. Ya’ got a name?”

However, despite this rather casual disposition, the murderous intent behind her words shone through past even this.

A smile formed on the young knight’s face, and the wind carried a bestial scent. Despite her imposing self, she looked at Alistair as if she was staring at a close friend, even in this situation, her eyes seemed to gaze cooly, piercing through the group as if two jade ornaments, elegant and beautiful in their construction. Her face, while tomboyish, their skin was almost like that of a soft, porcelain doll. Her finely textured blonde hair seemed to sparkle as one might expect golden dust, tied rather messily in a ponytail.

The air seemed to freeze, stagnating completely. It was not a matter of fitness, nor the quality of the air, nor the boy’s lungs. Perhaps on a primal level, the body understands when to run. After all, self-preservation was the only purpose of the body, wasn’t it? Anyone with any sort of sense of preservation should have had a nagging sensation in the back of their mind telling them this girl was nothing but trouble.


Aside from another person dawned in armor behind her, the three men both outnumbered the two knights, were larger in stature and were men. There would be no reason to suspect they would not be able to simply overpower the two, regardless of their weapons or armor. After all, there was no way they could enforce these demands on the three strangers.

“Ahhh~ I messed up. Shouldn't have introduced myself, but I guess I just wanted to know if dead meat had a name or not. I should have just subdued you while you weren’t paying attention. “They” always say not to toy with your prey, but I can’t help it I guess.”

Upon her person was a blade of great mass and weight that she had rested upon the ground. Something that seemed almost comical to imagine the young lady knight would be able to wield efficiently to any regard. A greatsword wielded by a great knight. The one that was the “wall” blocking the only exit available to the three men, the natural light of the outside pervading around her, but they stood in the way of this freedom.

Something that inhibited progress.

Something that refused entry.

Something that would not falter.

“No matter. I don’t know what you are doing here, but your journey is over, boys. Seems like you pissed off the wrong guy. Don’t know what ya’ did, but that ain’t my concern. I’ll see to that.I’ve been told to take anyone I find here for … shall we call it “advanced questioning”? I’d say I’m sorry for ya’ but that’d be a lie, ya’ know? Your rights are forfeit, bastards.”

@Cu Chulainn@FamishedPants@Letter Bee@Red Alice
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Though he took note of the man's name, Father "Whiskey" was of no real interest to the young man attempting to leave the room. Right now, Alistair's sole goal was to discover just where they were and, if applicable, when. Like any reasonable man, he had his doubts that this could be some new fantasy land. Such an idea would normally be preposterous, after all. But the appearance of that "Talus" individual, as well as their entire situation, felt rather unique... and real. The easiest way to reach the truth was to investigate their surroundings. There were people outside, so it was natural that asking them should yield some information.

Yet, there was a wall impeding their progress. His progress. And Alistair had unfortunately bumped into said wall.


Almost in disgust, Alistair grunted, taking a step back after colliding with this "wall". He took a moment to inspect it, raising his eyebrow to the being's appearance. At least as far as he was concerned, people did not typically wear any form of metallic armor. Maybe if this person was some sort of cosplayer, but he severely doubted this being the case. The armor looked and felt much too real for it to be purely a cosmetic item. And if it was indeed actual armor... then the weapon this woman was showing off had to also be real.

A chill was sent down the arrogant man's spine, but his features did not display any signs of fear. He wasn't "scared", he was just "cautious". His instincts were yelling at him to do whatever he could to avoid further interaction with the knight before him, but his pride was on the line here. And that was, as far as he was concerned, the more important voice to listen to. Especially because the feminine one coming from the knight was... rather insulting.

"Bastard? Me?" he repeated, his ire unhidden. "I don't care what sort of asshole you're working for, if he's so angry at me, then he shouldn't send some armored bitch in his place!"

Angrily, he swung his fist at the woman's face, cleanly connecting the punch with more than enough force to knock someone of her size on her ass and probably out of the fight.

Well, had she been just another human being. But she... was apparently more. Instead, the young man felt a shock run through his body, starting from his hand, as soon as said punch landed. He knew immediately that it had broke, and with an audible grunt, he fell to his knee and grabbed the wrist of his broken hand. It wasn't the worst pain he'd ever been in, but still... I've heard of a strong chin, but that's not normal at all...!

"The fuck is wrong with you?!" he spat out, glaring defiantly at the woman.
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Flame Brooks

Typical; rich kid just had to prove that he's a jerk just like the rest of humanity that wasn't Ashton and his family. Clenching his fists and frowning in frustration, Flame looked at the priest as the latter actually proved to be a chill guy. Now he faced a dillemma; follow the jerkass rich kid, or stay with the currently nice priest. As he sniffed the tobacco, instictively repulsed, Flame decided to follow Alistair; this was not because his attitude towards 'Father Whiskey' had soured already but because he hated secondhand smoke. Running off towards the rich kid, Flame followed sullenly, hoping that he didn't get mistaken for a potential 'servant'.

Then the two of them were stopped by three Knights, with the rich kid bumping into an armored lady's breastplate. Normally, Flame would have found this karmic, if not for the fact that the three radiated an aura of menace that was only increased by their sharp weapons.

“No matter. I don’t know what you are doing here, but your journey is over, boys. Seems like you pissed off the wrong guy. Don’t know what ya’ did, but that ain’t my concern. I’ll see to that.I’ve been told to take anyone I find here for … shall we call it “advanced questioning”? I’d say I’m sorry for ya’ but that’d be a lie, ya’ know? Your rights are forfeit, bastards.”

Flame's hate and fear flared up at those words, and he said sharply, "So in short, we're supposed to go with you to be tortured. If not, you'll beat us up or kill us. Typical thug tactics."

He glared at the Knight. "You're just like an actual noble, taking whatever you want and making trumped-up reasons as to why it's 'just' that you should have it. Then again, seeing as we are in another world, you probably are some jumped-up bitch who got everything she wanted from day one just because she was born to people whose great-great grandparents did something heroic a long time ago."

Then, a thought came to him: Ashton. Where is he? Don't tell me the same thing is happening to him...

That idea was more than he could bear. "But all right, I surrender. Go beat me up or something if you're angry or just kill me like a dog. That's what you nobles do, isn't it?"

I need to fish information from them. I need to know if they're going after Ashton.
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Starting location, Priestella

Od Laguna does not interfere with this location.

Center Ally , Suttling's Basin, Priestella

While the group of three seems to be cornered between Irene and a very large axe, a little boy looked out the window at them. After observing the scene for a few seconds, an older lady in rags (presumably the mother) pulled him a way from the window and closed the shutters.

Center road, The Golden Quarter, Priestella

The group of otherworldly travelers meandered about in the merchant district, Ashton made a suggestion, but he was ignored by his bewildered companions. There was just too much to take in, and everyone was trying to get their wits about them.

As friendly as Yuuki tried to appear, the guard was on edge. He shook in place and gripped his halberd tightly. ”Y-you're in Priestella, t-the golden quarter specifically.” The man was a full fut taller that Yuuki, and had arms wider than some tree trunks, but still he was on edge, backing away. ”A-am I going to see my family again?”

It was at that time that a tall, imposing figure followed by at least twelve soldiers made an appearance. Their leader wore a black garb, as well as a mask that looked like a modern day respirator. All of their steps were perfectly matched in rhythm, until they neared the non-natives. Then the soldiers quickly shot into action, and dashed around the small group. The leader walked inside the circle and observed everyone. His breathing was audible, as was to be expected with such a strange mask covering his face. He looked at everyone in order until his eyes fell on Yuuki and the guard.

The guard continued to shake in place, looking at the captain with pleading eyes. ”Mono!” He gasped and stood up. ”These are the cultists! They just appeared out of nowhere,”

Yuuki caught Mono's attention, and he looked at him for a moment longer than anyone else present. Mono tilted his head even further up, as if he had just caught the whiff of something rancid.

He stepped towards the two, raised his right arm, and pointed his index finger at yuuki. Without hesitation, two words escaped his mouth and his index finger snapped across his thumb. ”Al Huma”

It was one of Mono’s more specialized spells, but it was also among the most powerful. Mono did not have much talent when it came to magic, so this spell was an incredibly efficient usage of his magic. It took years of practice to even contemplate using this skill, but the results were obvious from the individual in front of him.

yuuki would feel a sharp pain, but slowly, he would black out. To the outside world, he would start to turn black and blue, as if he was bruising all over the body. It was too late to save Yuuki, as this spell was made to instantly kill an opponent. On Mono’s end, all it required was for him to freeze a little liquid. Approximately 4.7 to 5.5 liters, to be precise.


Mono turned to the three remaining “visitors” before speaking.

”I don't think it's unfair to assume that you know you're in deep shit right now, is it?” Mono started to pace around them, like a wolf circling it's prey. ”We're going to skip the part where I casually explain to the lot of you that you're enemies of the state. The king does not appreciate cultists, less so if they insist on disturbing the peace.” He stopped and pointed into the group. ”You fucking cultists are going to tell me what the fuck is going on before I fucking end you right-fucking-now!”
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Elque Ayt Forye

Golden Quarter, Center Road

The Wolf-Cat Demi had just made herself a few hefty coins selling some bandit gear in the Golden Quarter. Having to bid her Owner that she was walking ahead home, taking the clearly wide route to a scene unfolding before her. A human, a ridiculous one at that, wearing a mask and freezing another human... unarmed and all because of a guardsman's cowardice...

...disgusting... she thought... utterly disgusting, just like the smell coming off the people that were surrounded. It was clear that paranoia had made Men rather impulsive. Then again she had never seen these people's attires before so there might be some sort of magic at work here. Not like she cared about any fleshlings. Although it would be a waste not to intervene after all most of these "foreigners" don't look like the fighting type and they didn't look to be carrying any arms or equipment either. From what had transpired, Yuuki just wanted to talk to this soldier. Sighing, she stepped up behind the circle of soldiers, clapping sarcastically at the event before her, should any unwanted attention follow her. She could always depend on the katana sheath just leaning behind her waistbelt enough for her tail to reach.

"Humans killing humans... nice to see that your people still quarrel among yourselves..." The clapping stops, her arms folding. "You call yourselves defenders of the city? Killing unarmed people in public? This Witch Cult paranoia has gotten out of hand. You've basically committed murder." Her voice was audible enough for the populace walking about to hear her, some human, some demihuman, There were whispers sure, a mix of agreement and disagreement between the gossiping crowds. Is this a form of peer pressure? Perhaps. Maybe she showed some pity to unarmed teenagers.

[@BrokenPromises] @Guy0fV4lor @catchamber @Letter Bee @ERode

Gris Ayt Forye

Golden Quarter, Grocery Side

Speaking of Elque's Owner...

"Let's see... we have a few vegetables here, some spices there... oh! Of course some peppers!" Gris said excitedly, accompanied by two hulking Demis carrying a majority of the ingredients with ease as well as one rabbit hybrid, with a list of sorts that detailed the items they were purchasing today. Beside the Kararagi Oni was the little Chiyo.

With every stall, he made a purchase, with every Demi as the stall owner, he gave a bonus. Yes he does know how hardly discriminated the hybrids are here, Priestella is a human settlement and they didn't look like they have a problem with a horned samurai protecting this place from bandits, thieves and other anti-Kingdom factions attempting a coup (well maybe not the last one) and despite his ill reputation among most of his Noble peers, he wouldn't dare leave a single helpless person behind and so far most of them have been Demihumans.

"I guess that's everything on the list. Thank you Bani." He pets the bunny hybrid, who blushes from the praise. "And you as well. Orog and Sesh." He turned to Chiyo, kneeling on one knee and pointed at all the other stalls that she might like. "I have spare gems and coins for something else you'd like. What do you want, Chiyo?"

Ah, how happy he is. Unaware that Chiyo is something more than she really is.

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~Chieko Okawa~

Middle of Alley, Suttling's Basin, Priestella

@Crusader Lord@Ryofu@Althiel@BrokenPromise

"Urf-" The mans hand hit the back of Chieko's head with a dull thud, causing Chieko to let out a quiet noise eerily similar to a 'squee' noise as she was cut off before she could so anything. "Y-you dare?!" She shouted in a surprised tone. Despite her surprise and attempt to appear mildly assertive, she was clearly failing to do so. Oh dear...she had gone and done it again, and she had annoyed everyone again, hand't she? grabbing the edge of the scarf she was wearing and pulling it tightly up over her face as the man started speaking. Bah, fools. Fine. Whose to say she couldn't do everything she wanted in this new world, huh? Why not?! Her pout turned into a frown as the man turned to leave.

...should she go after him? Before she could make up her mind herself, it seemed the other girl made up her mind for her. Aerith grabbed her hand, pulling her along quickly and pulling her from her internal stewing.

"E-eh?" She looked at the other girl who was giving her a playful grin as her scarf fell around her neck. She was a foreigner, wasn't she? Curious, she couldn't speak a lick of English so how could she understand her. A thought for later. "R-right. Uhm-" Introducing herself would make this seem better or easier right? "Chieko - erm, that's my name."

Before she could say anything else, however, something odd happened. There was the sound of clanking metal running along behind them, swiftly closing the distance. She craned her head behind them, just in time to see a knight dressed in full armor leap over them. A series of well time explosions vaulted him over their heads and land on the ground in front of them. Fire billowed from his nose. Was he being aggressive? Chieko didn't care.

"....so cool!" She muttered under her breath. It'd likely become immediately apparent to the other two her Otaku was about to come out, judging from the sparkles seemingly coming from her eyes. Hah! That was obviously magic, wasn't it? Ah, she was getting more and more excited at the prospect of being thrust into this world. That meant she could probably learn magic too, right!? Obviously she could, she was a heroine after all, haha! These fools obviously were just jealous of her heroineness, yes! She had to ask this guy how he did that stuff!

"So cool!" Chieko excitedly walked up to the man, clasping her hands in front of her as she grinned excitedly at him. "Was that magic? That was magic, wasn't it?" She was completely ignoring Irene. "Hey hey, how'd you do that? You can teach me, right?"

situational awareness: Zero

Mie Yukima

The Cham Square, -> Vertti household
@Tenma Tendo

Casually strolling along, Mie meandered through the streets of Priestella. Boring, for the most part. Nothing interesting at all happening. As she passed through the Gold Quarter though - something did catch her attention. Someone was being quite rude with their shouting, it was hard to miss it. She took only a tentative interest in it. Something about cultists and killing. She might have been interested in getting involved in some other time of the day when she was less...likely to be caught, but right now? She just ignored it, strolling right on by. She had decided she wanted to go check up on a friend of hers anyways.

Walking swiftly through the Gold Quarter, Mie eventually made her way to a large household that was clearly of Nobility. The Vertti household. A long time patron of hers, one might say. She often found specialty items for them in her travels ranging from rugs, vases, carpeting, and other things. Walking up to the house she knocked on the front door loudly. Fufu, perhaps she'd get to make a profit off of this eccentric again. Grisaia was...a nice kid, too. A little naive...and a little too nice, in her opinion, but then that's why she liked him.

She wondered what it'd take to change that niceness of his into something else?

Maybe if he was around she could mess with him a little.
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