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6 days ago
Current I just need to make a bunch of 1x1s, and incorporate the plots from abandoned roleplays into a giant metaverse. Sounds a lot easier to manage.
19 days ago
Why not now?
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28 days ago
Would you like to show us how it's done?
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2 mos ago
Discord seems to be having technical issues. I guess Spam might serve a purpose now.
3 mos ago
Want to know who your true friends are? Tell them you're broke, and watch the freeloaders fuck right off.


catchamber (noun): Peculiar cybernetic sapient primate from a hypersonic lavaball.

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Welcome to my thread, and enjoy your stay.

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Makes sense.

>America is so large that you can go quite some time without seeing someone from a diverse group that makes up 1/7 of the population, even though 80% of their population is urbanized

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I'm afraid I no longer have the time to maintain this, and felt it appropriate to let you all know.
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@Sanctus Spooki It's cool, don't worry about it. Life's life, roleplaying's roleplaying.

I left it variable because I figured you'd decide what the true form's size is. There are some inconsistencies in Gaul's effects, but pretty much everything else in the sheet is fine. Once you resolve those, and specify the size of a Pallumbrae's default form, Gaul will be accepted.

@deadpixel101 I'll give your sheet another look over next. I apologize if my pace is too slow.
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