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If there's one thing I'll miss after a nuclear apocalypse, it's bubblegum.


catchamber (noun): Peculiar cybernetic sapient primate from a hypersonic lavaball.

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Legalize weed. Ban campaign contributions. Buy gold now.

Here's a wikipedia article I googled.…

Issues with decentralized, antiestablishment systems are: maintenance of harmonious protocols, designing infrastructure that can sustain operation without the need for officary oversight, and effectively dismantling states without causing harm. Beyond adhocracies, cliques, and some religious groups, each of which can experience conflict due to misunderstandings alone, I don't know of many functional real world examples of massive libertarian socialist groups, and even they are likely to perpetuate authoritarianism by following certain social rules (i.e. using the currency of tyrannical states). I'm also not much of a fan of antiestablishmentism, as prohibiting states as a cultural concept would violate the right to voluntary association.
Hilda Gunnarsson - Sheet

Time: Morning
Place: Golden Quarter, Priestella

@BrokenPromise@ERode@Guy0fV4lor@Letter Bee@Seirei No Hai@Tenma Tendo

The seemingly eldest teenager spoke with a terrified and trembling tone, "Uh- I'm s-sorry if our sudden appearance was disruptive sir. W-w-we didn't get sent here of our own accord. I, was actually in the m-middle of a suicide attempt, before suddenly appearing in the middle of this street..."

What the hell? Hilda slightly turned her head to catch Aaron in her peripherals, her surprise apparent in her faint squint. She could see him tipping his head back to reveal a line around his neck. Fuck, Talus is evil.

"I know y-you probably don't care what we say, but please, all I ask is that you give us a chance to prove our innocence... I swear, to all the gods of this world, that we are not cultists... J-just please, give us a chance." He said with a frightened voice, and Hilda felt a wave of empathetic pity.

”Really now? You would let these cultists run free? You would risk letting them kill innocents by the thousands just to avoid an unsightly execution?” Oh no. The masked man stepped to the city guard, his menacing demeanor contrasted against the latter's lesser stature. ”If you only knew what was required to stand in my position. Low brow rabble such as yourself can keep praying at the temples and hope for a good outcome. As for myself...” Hilda gasped as Mono swiftly grabbed Elque's neck, pulled her onto a knee, then threw her onto the ground before him while staring down at her. ”I am a fucking sin eater! And I will gladly stand beside all the cultists I've slain when their time of judgment comes. Because there isn't a fucking thing that will make me compromise the safety of this great nation.” He looked at his comrade. ”Run them through!”

"Wait wait wait wai-" Was all Hilda could muster, before she was surrounded by 5 guards that quickly sent their swords into her torso. The earthling felt an intense burst of adrenaline while she painfully gasped, followed by blackness.

Accompanied by a tearing sound and flash of light, the sensations of weightlessness and rushing wind swiftly transitioned into a disorienting uprightness and calm breeze. Hilda's eyes remained frozen in shock as she looked dead ahead. All she could perceive in her sudden stupor was the sight and sound of a crowd of oddly dressed humanoids haggling over a large wolf with tiger striped fur.

Ashton's voice broke her stupor, "Do not run. If we run, we'll be pursued by the authorities with all they have. We walk, try and lose ourselves among the crowds, and find a safe place. We also find new clothes. Above all, do not panic; panic will get us killed faster."

Hilda jumped when she felt a hand grab her wrists, and heard Ashton calmly say, "I know my facial expressions; Flame taught me a bit. Let's walk to the back of the road, giving no signal that we wish to frighten or excite these good people, and only run when we are directly threatened. Take deep breaths if you have to. We'll all get out of this together; as the Demi-Humans from last time proved, we have allies..."

Hilda took in a rapid and deep breath, then jerked towards and then away from Ashton. She ran while her entire body felt like it was being electrified by mind shattering horror. NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! The woman cared little for which direction she ran into, so long as it was a mildly open space through which she could disappear into a crowd, her shoulderbag swaying wildly with each kick off the cobblestone. She knew she would make a scene no matter what she did, so Hilda kept her lips pressed together to remain silent while running.

Nevertheless, her mind did scream, while her head pounded like a hammer against a wall, and her limbs shook as they were kept tense. Hilda's nostrils felt like they were on fire, as she weaved between spooked window shoppers and casual pedestrians. Many ahead of her turned to observe the commotion as it neared them, causing the young woman to instinctively glance between the various stands and establishments for an alley of some kind. She painfully skidded to stop, nearly bumping into a small party of humans aimlessly standing about and chatting.

"S-" Hilda nearly apologized, then held her tongue before sprinting off into an alley full of various crates. The acrid smell of rotting fruits and vegetables assaulted her senses, and she gagged while raising an arm to her face while charging. The alley was not very wide, given the assortment of variably sized boxes, but the earthling doggedly pressed on, moving sideways to maintain her momentum while fitting through thin gaps. Hilda no longer felt visible to anyone as she turned a corner, halted, and spun around. Ahead of her were more stacked boxes. Dead end.

She took in quick, deep breaths to catch her wind, her mind desperate to recall every single potential insight that could be gleaned from her pool of pop cultural knowledge. Okay, okay, uh, so we've got a monarchy, Hilda tried to calm herself into slower, smooth breaths while she began to walk in a circle. Cultists, She resisted vomiting and shut her mouth while opening her bag, digging in to feel the small bottle of hand sanitizer. The foul odor wafted into her lungs and disrupted her train of thought, but Hilda squeezed out some gel and rubbed it between her hands, before she smeared a bit of the gel onto her nose and closed lips.

The woman inhaled through her nose, and briefly closed her eyes in euphoria as she took in the unusually pleasant experience. And no human rights, or uh, people's rights I guess? She gave a bewildered expression while attempting to fathom the origin of the humanoids with other animal's traits. Does evolution even work here? Hilda rubbed her eyes in confusion, her headache still present but receding. Ah, fuck my life. She turned towards the wall of boxes that blocked her path ahead, grimacing at its height and lack of handholds, then put the hand sanitizer back into her purse while slowly moving towards the corner to peek out at the street.

I don't know what the heck this is, Hilda sighed and saw that the crowd she had nearly collided into was looking into the alley and gesturing, and panic rose within her as she moved out of sight again. Could be food poisoning, She looked about to assort the various boxes by size. Could be hell, The woman walked up to an unburdened wooden crate about half tall as her, and pressed against it to estimate its weight. She gathered it could be pushed with a serious effort, stepping forward with both hands and bracing herself, as she began to slowly move it against the wall, causing scraping noises with each burst of force and overcome friction with the ground. But I'm not going to die again!

The box creaked when it pressed against the wall of crates, and Hilda bowed and rested her head against the box. Her muscles felt weaker, but catching her breath soothed that pain. She shut her eyes as she calmed herself, then stepped back to analyze the situation. Without warning, fatigue sapped at her will, and she caught herself as she fell to her knees.

I don't want to die again. She restrained herself as tears rolled down her cheeks, with one drop striking the ground. Her limbs shook, but she internally held fast against the fear. A deep gasp followed, then a slow exhalation, and these were succeeded by steadier breaths.

So fuck you for making this happen. Hilda thought of Talus and his alleged superior, while pressing against the ground with her hands to climb onto her feet. The woman scanned her surroundings for a smaller box to stack onto the prior one, and walked over to strain herself to no avail. "Damnit." She muttered as she punched the crate with her left hand. Her bare knuckles and wrist suddenly went numb, then the stinging pain only irritated her further.

Hilda walked to the prior crate and began climbing onto it, her left hand proving less than useful in the endeavor. She sweeped her tears away with her right thumb, and sized up the integrity of the higher crates. Doubt grew in her mind as she pondered how much force would be needed to simply make a handhold, knowing she had no tools and only so many hands. So she turned to sit back against the wall, studying the alley as a whole.
A question for all who frequent this thread, as I'm curious to see varied PoV on this topic:

What are your perspectives on 'libertarian-socialism'?

Can you define it?
No, you don't seem to get it. You're addressing my point about the article being a failure to prove instants where a place is better by being outdated, but that was all you had when I asked my original question. You haven't provided any other examples, so it no longer applies...if there is a different aspects that proves otherwise, it has yet to be provided. I also don't agree that freedom even has to equate to 'has the best everything', so this entire line of argument won't likely go anywhere.

You've selectively focused on aspects of the articles that suit your point, and incorrectly claimed that I think "freedom = best of everything". Of course this discussion isn't going anywhere, especially if you think that the US recently lowering certain tax rates suddenly makes all those articles outdated.

Capitalism doesn't do this. Also, 'believers' of capitalism are anyone who has ever been in a supermarket. I swear this line reads like something you could actually say about socialism or its counterparts and it would prove far more accurate...

Miss me with that horseshit.

Without actually clarifying, I honestly question if even you knew exactly what all that word salad was supposed to be saying...

I know what it means. It's not my fault you don't.

I've asked (several times now) for a real-world (or at this point, any) example of what you're talking about. Which I've yet to receive, and I don't take "lul, giving a shit" as an example of this ideal in practice.

Well, if "giving a shit" isn't an adequate example of ensuring others can improve their productivity without harming anyone else's productivity in your view, perhaps you should look up "Pareto efficiency".

Disregarding that there is two options presented, and the idea of their being more options is redundant. Because the two options are broad. So, are speaking about isolationism and globalism being 'useful in conditions and context'? Because that seems to be what is being answered, though specifically some of it had to do with free trading. If so, it's absurd to say "Sometimes, having no/next to no free trade will prove great for a nation's economy." It's a middle ground you're presenting that shouldn't even exist...

I imagine you're asking for my view on if the US should be economically isolationist or engage in free trade. I think neither option alone is optimal, and both should be pursued to maximize the economic security of the US and its trading partners.

I refuse to take anything said seriously, because of arguments like this. (I also kind-of refuse to believe you're actually that misinformed on such a thoroughly dismantled talking point...)…

"The probability of collateral damage, i.e. infringing the rights of others, is too high. This is how we define “arms.”"

This also applies to guns in cities, because stray bullets will come down unless your gun happens to fire rounds at escape velocities.

"Thus, “arms” refers to those a militiaman might be expected to use with proficiency."

I can proficiently use nuclear weapons.

"So, we can reasonably infer that the purpose of the Second Amendment was to ensure that private citizens could, if they chose, possess the “arms” that a footsoldier would."

I guess anyone that privately owns an M2 Browning better give theirs to the state.
I mean it doesn't apply. If something is more free because it has less tax that means it isn't more free if there was more tax. That was the base of the article.

Are you saying that national debt can be a major contribute to things like the creation of terrorism? I suppose I just don't see the connection between having debt and not having a free people as a nation. I'm sure there are people with less national debt than the United States but they are nowhere near as free as we are. That's not getting into wealth either, but a wealthy man in Canada has less freedom than a poor man in America because of poor man in America cannot get jailed for speech.

I don't know how much those numbers will particularly help with the foregone conclusion. At least as far as I'm concerned.

It still applies, because not all aspects of the economy are as free as their international counterparts.

I'm saying national debt can be an excuse for nations to foolishly abandon the well being of their people.

You can see relative amounts of exploitation by corrupt officials by measuring the economic losses they generate.

I don't think capitalism particularly relates to any of those three things you mentioned. Nor do I think those equate or even that similar.

Advocating a philosophy that advocates for exploiting people will likely cause exploitation, making the idea as dangerous as its believers.

"The situation's mimetic and neurochemical effects" I'm just going to assume that this is relating to people kick-starting potato salad, because that was a bit of a word salad...

Such is interdisciplinary debate.

Elaborate on the sentence in question. I don't think that has much with care or lack thereof.

"The aim should be to ensure all have the opportunity to succeed at optimizing their trades without reducing productivity across the board."

Which part of this doesn't make sense?

So - A or B is better than A or B...(I can only assume that was meant both is better than one?) Which one of those things would that be? Isolation or Free Trade?

[A and/or B] is better than [A], [B], [A and B], or [A or B], because you have more options. Which choice is useful in which condition depends on the context. In terms of economics, I think societies should be integrated but independent of each other. It's safer that way for individual societies and the ensemble.

Short answer: Irrelevant Long answer: Read The Federalist Papers.

Analysis: Cop out.

Rebuttal: Can you quote the relevant section to prove your point?

I do not believe that word is an accurate representation of why it is a failure. My comments were regarded to how the healthcare system is not a free-market system. And how it is a horrible hybrid of systems, Obamacare being my example. You said there are many things that could improve. Do you have any particular examples of this? Mixed market systems that are not capitalist systems that just happened to have some social elements. An actual mixed political economy?

The internet?
Hilda Gunnarsson - Sheet

Time: Morning
Place: Golden Quarter, Priestella

@BrokenPromise@ERode@Guy0fV4lor@Letter Bee@Seirei No Hai@Tenma Tendo

The black haired teen began to whisper, and Hilda slightly opened her eyes and lowered her brows in suspicion, unable to see his tearing up. Great, I'm not the only one losing it. Hilda thought to herself while glancing back at Yuuki, who had apparently disturbed the guard enough to make them grip onto their weapon.

”Y-you're in Priestella, t-the golden quarter specifically.” He began to back away. ”A-am I going to see my family again?” Hilda's panic gripped at her diaphragm, inducing a wave of nausea. Her confused terror shifted into shock when she observed over a dozen soldiers surrounding her location and dispersing the locals, before a soldier wearing a respirator stepped in to assess the situation.

”Mono!” The cowardly soldier gasped and stood up. ”These are the cultists! They just appeared out of nowhere,”

Yeah, you're really showing me a lot of love right now! The earthling internally fumed at the alleged entity that sent Talus to reveal her affection. Or maybe Talus is evil...oh shit.

The gas masked soldier snapped their fingers and spoke with a distorted voice, ”Al Huma.”

Yuuki's body suddenly crystallized, and took on dark blue hues. Hilda's throat tightened while she stared at the horrifying event, then held her breath and slowly inhaled. Holy fuck.

The figure then turned towards Hilda, ”I don't think it's unfair to assume that you know you're in deep shit right now, is it?” It seems fair to me! He slowly stepped around her and her unwitting companions, and she kept her eyes fixed on Yuuki's corpse while her heart pounded. ”We're going to skip the part where I casually explain to the lot of you that you're enemies of the state. The king does not appreciate cultists, less so if they insist on disturbing the peace.” It's really a ye olde fantasy land...goddamnit. He pointed at her party. ”You fucking cultists are going to tell me what the fuck is going on before I fucking end you right-fucking-now!” AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Clapping began from afar, and was followed by a loud female voice dripping with contempt, "Humans killing humans... nice to see that your people still quarrel among yourselves...You call yourselves defenders of the city? Killing unarmed people in public? This Witch Cult paranoia has gotten out of hand. You've basically committed murder." Some kind of resistance? Maybe.

Another female voice rang out, "She's right! You guys are taking this way too far! This all could have been settled without the need for violence." Nice to know there are some standards here. Hilda kept her eyes on the slowly melting Yuuki, a pool of water forming at the base of his reflective form.

Ashton began to explain with a confident tone, "What's going on, sir, is that we have been transported to this place, from our homes, by -" He quickly paused, then resumed, "By magic. Magic that I assume doesn't fit the normal rules, considering that we're a mystery to you. But sir, what I'm saying is the truth; what reason would we have to lie if we're facing sudden death?" Hilda could see him raising his arms from the corner of her eyes, "We're just as ignorant as the rest of you as to how we suddenly appeared in the middle of a bustling city. Trust us, if we were cultists trying to subvert the state, we'd be running by now. As it is, I am surrendering, as a show of good faith." She saw Ashton begin to kneel with his arms up, and heard his shoes scuffle against the cobblestone, "Do with me as you will; just treat my... Companions better."

Not sure they're the merciful type. Hilda's forehead sweat while she calmly forced herself to breathe casually, and slowly turned to look at the surrounding scene. Groups of bystanders watched the ensemble, two of which were close enough for her to assume as being the locals that chimed in earlier. One was a black haired kemonomimi with seemingly purple irises, and the other a short brunette female with white wings folded onto her back.

...what kind of video game bullshit... Hilda's eyes twitched. Magic, knights, nonhumans... She clenched her jaw and right fist. Her upper lip twitched, then the young woman relaxed and took in a deep breath. Screw it.

Hilda stopped and looked at the masked man, "I don't know you, the name of the king you serve," She turned to Yuuki and gestured with a calm expression, "Him," Then to Ashton and the other teenager, "Them," She then held out an upright palm as she slowly waved at everyone around her, "Or any of you."

The earthling briefly scowled, her lips pressed together, "What I do know is that you best choose your next act wisely, mortal." She relaxed her shoulders and face, glanced at the masked man's weapon, then smiled as she tilted her head and looked at his face, "For the gods are watching, and what they do to you if you disrespect their servants will be far worse than anything you can do."

1. Both systems are inefficient due to professional and resource scarcity. They're also restricted by regulations that depend on, and reinforce the use of, outdated methods. But this is far from limited to medical industries. One can argue the extents of present economic freedom depend on relative and sometimes irrational values, but objective and quantifiable values like fiscal debt and energy output are harder to dismiss.

2. You mean to say it applies less, assuming the TC&JA even produces a real GDP growth rate increase. However, GDP/capita and deficits/capita must be compared to assess the bigger picture, alongside other values like assets/capita. Deficits are real things that influence economic behavior, as people believe in their power. Like terrorism, they're used as excuses to strip one's rights. As far as I know, all 3 countries are experiencing deficit/capita growth and rights restrictions, for various reasons in various places at various times.

I could source all of my numbers, but you could also go through the trouble of calculating them like I did, as all the data is public.

I'd love an further explanation on that, specifically saying that it can actually be the free-market that makes a bushiness fail 'under the right conditions/it depends on the situation' when I think that couldn't be any further from the truth. Under the free-market, the stupidest ideas of the individual can actually be produce results and have people invest their money. Just think of the most ridiculous examples...people kickstarted a guy who was making potato salad...

Was the productivity gained from the situation's memetic and neurochemical effects greater than the real value of the input? If so, maybe its effects last a long time (i.e. being widely known), but that can lead to less efficient mimicry. If not, then irrational agents acted inefficiently, and wealth disparity forms or wealth is lost. Now compound the disparities and losses from all similar activities, and consider that different, paradoxical, or contradicting views on what capitalism is can inflate such viral economic problems.

A broken window can create jobs but hurt total prosperity, just like taking all the money in the world and lighting it on fire.

Are you really going to blame capitalism for an individual/groups failure when stuff like that can prove lucrative?

Can I really blame autocracy/extremism/propaganda for an individual/group failure, when stuff like that can prove lucrative given the appropriate mindset? Yes, yes I can.

Understanding others views as in your typical consumer? We already do that, their focus groups and I certainly wouldn't make a case that those have lead to great things, if anything the stifle the niche product.

Understanding others' views, as in everyone, not just consumers.

I think most business failures aren't because not enough people said "Yes" but because no one was around to say, "No, don't do that." Conflict and compromise is absolutely required in life and it's not at all always a negative result.

I won't speculate on primary business failure causes, because causes depend on environments that can change.

I'm also not quite sure what the last sentence leads to, or means in the broad context of what we we're discussing...can you provide an example of what you may be discussing, or what you're looking for?

It's called giving a shit.

I'm not quite sure what this statement is leading to or implying. The first part is stating globalization in America is causing our problems, which seems to have an Isolationist bent. But the second seems to be implying, people getting to choose products from all over the world would proof to be beneficial...which doesn't seem supportive of the former statement.

A and/or B is better than A or B.

While I can agree in one case that people should be able to choose where they go for care. Getting experimental drugs not in your country, that aren't by all definitions legal there. It's -your- life. But I feel the idea the government "grants" that, is a backwards thought that can get you into a mess.

"It's my life, so I want to inject myself with experimental products that can damage my brain or reproductive cells, even though that could lead to social harm or suffering for my descendents."

Not saying you shouldn't say, "Okay, go for it". I'm saying you should be able to go, "Okay, we're ready for the side effects".

The government shouldn't be the one granting you rights. The Constitution wasn't the government granting us the ability to speak our minds, with the knowledge they can strip it away if they so decide. It was a 'god given' right, that they understood the government shouldn't meddle with. That applies to many things, and frankly is the strongest argument against most socially conservative types that want to use government law to restrict freedoms. Give the government the ability to choose what drugs you can or cannot have, it doesn't matter you correct you are, you just rolled the dice and your fate is no longer in the individuals hand. If weed could magically cure cancer, (it can't), but if it did. Too bad, Bob Thorpinstein says you can't have it.

God given right, you say? Can I have nuclear arms, because 2nd amendment? Or will you argue that societies have the right to defend themselves by denying rights, which can be deemed "collectivism > individualism"?

But my libertarian digression aside, I don't really understand the idea globalization being too blame for shitty things like Obamacare. I can think of many more examples of why that failed that don't involve anything outside of the United States...

Let's reread our exchange:
You: "If you acknowledge the latter, what problem do you think a 'mixed-bag system' solution would be useful for?"
Me: "Many problems, because a full toolbelt is better than just a hammer."
You: "I guess I just kind of wish America would do the opposite. Because we're currently pushing to be like everyone else, when everyone else is pushing to be like us. Canada is getting more privatized healthcare. More countries are switching to market/capitalistic economies. I'd rather not have another Obamacare boondoogle."
Me: "This hybridizing is a consequence of globalization, which has proved dangerous in the past if: economies and states are too interdependent, or the applied policies are theoretically practical but not suited to the situation. By granting citizens the authority to choose transactions as they see fit, be they provided by market or state, the whole gets to pick from the best of every world."
You: "But my libertarian digression aside, I don't really understand the idea globalization being too blame for shitty things like Obamacare. I can think of many more examples of why that failed that don't involve anything outside of the United States..."

Are you saying Obamacare is a consequence of globalization or not? Getting mixed signals over here.
Hilda Gunnarsson - Sheet

Time: Morning
Place: Golden Quarter, Priestella

@ERode@Guy0fV4lor@Letter Bee

Accompanied by a tearing sound and flash of light, the sensations of weightlessness and rushing wind swiftly transitioned into a disorienting uprightness and calm breeze. Hilda's eyes remained frozen in shock as she looked dead ahead. All she could perceive in her sudden stupor was the sight and sound of a crowd of oddly dressed humanoids haggling over a large wolf with tiger striped fur.

Wow. That was all she thought with a faint smile, internally chuckling as her sanity melted away. Her eyes moved to the left, and she beheld a shop with a green wool awning supported by pine beams, replete with boxes full of colorful fruits and vegetables.

The sound of neighing and startled voices broke Hilda out of her trance, and she audibly inhaled while turning to see multiple people around her had stumbled onto the ground. The earthling held in a lungful of air while rotating further, her limbs tense as she saw a startled horse with a rider that gave her a funny look. Hilda even noted that she was beside 3 young males that seemed as out of place as her, and that all 4 of them were in the middle of a busy road.

What. Her expression became muted, and she blinked repeatedly while quietly exhaling and watching a handful of folks run away in terror. Hilda instinctively stepped towards the nearest wall and out of the road, coincidentally in the same direction as the blue-eyed brunette with the backpack.

The brown haired male with green eyes resolutely spoke with a calm tone, "All right, which of you believes we really are in another world and this isn't a dream, hallucination, drugs, or virtual reality? For those of you that don't, my name is Ashton Andrews, 16, from Bangor, Maine. I also have a boyfriend, Flame Brooks, who was in the darkness with me until that Talus guy seperated us. Either way, I don't think we need to panic right now."

WHAT. Hilda's right eye twitched as she felt overwhelmed by all these revelations, and glanced between wary shopkeepers while leaning back against the wooden wall of a 2 story building.

"What we need to do is walk slowly, forward, as though this place is familiar to us, then hope that the novelty of our appearance fades. We should also observe everything we can, including the writing."

Why the... She slowly tilted and turned her head while looking at a random shop sign, squinting as she failed to comprehend its symbols.

"Not just that, but if there is law enforcement here; Constables and Miliitia or just the Watch, we should avoid them unless they seem reasonable. And as we seem to be in a Merchants' District, we should also frisk ourselves for saleable goods."

I can't even... The female earthling stared down at the cobblestone, marveling at the unusual but highly detailed erosion of the road. Her memories of briefly living on a farm flashed when she inhaled the scent of manure, then she shook her head in an attempt to get a grip on herself.

"But, the prime priority would be to get to a safe place, a safe place where we can get our bearings."

Ahaha...hahahaha... Miss Gunnarsson placidly but internally giggled at the absurdity of her situation.

The blue-eyed brunette caught Hilda's attention when he donned a now-fuller backpack while sporting less outwear, and he walked towards an armed and armored stranger before speaking, “Hi there, sir,” He smiled and waved, “I sorta just popped here and I have no idea how I got here and I also have no idea what this place is. Spirited away, maybe? No idea, really. So could you help me out? Like, what is this place? As you can tell, I'm a little bit out of my element here.” He gestured to himself, then his boots, and chuckled.

I am so dead. Hilda tried to swallow her fear, and looked at the black-haired male wearing a black button-up over a white t-shirt.
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