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catchamber (noun): Peculiar cybernetic sapient primate from a hypersonic lavaball.

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@Willy Vereb I'm a bit too fried to run the exact numbers right now, but it seems like uncontained black holes smaller than a zeptometer decay too quickly and energetically to grow. To be fair, a zeptometer-wide black hole has a mass of 336 metric tons, so portable singularities won't eat planets or stabilize within their cores. However, short lived black holes emit their masses as gamma ray bursts, making them incredibly lethal power sources and weapons. It's like antimatter, but much, much worse.

Anybody that can contain them, specifically by manipulating gravity to redshift radiation into reflectable frequencies, can also contain antimatter or just warp space to focus solar energy. Of course, they can also rapidly shift to and from relativistic speeds, alter the frequencies of incoming or outgoing lasers, and launch or deflect projectiles. Rather than worrying about planets getting eaten by black holes, you should worry about getting annihilated by warp ships that are virtually indestructible.
>Stable microscopic black holes

@Dynamo Frokane I don't have a problem with you posting mine.
@Dynamo Frokane Oh, my bad. In that case, I'd like to see your entire collection.
@Dynamo Frokane I'm not against the idea of universal single-payer health care. I'm just vehemently opposed to stupid clauses that present the risk of lawsuits against California, people that don't legally live there getting benefits, and the Healthy California Board being sneaky fucks.

Also, most of that meme doesn't even apply to me. The only accurate part is Megaphone Man.
Meanwhile, California is cooking up a universal single-payer health care bill, which has a few interesting snippets:

This bill basically fucks itself when it's telling public employees not to disclose the presence of illegal immigrants, because the California Labor Code explicitly prohibits that sort of thing.

Everything else in the hider seems shady as hell, ripe for abuse, or both.
Moderately so yes.

That explains your apparent indifference, then. I hope you have a job that's difficult to automate, along with the necessary skills to avoid getting replaced by a robot if you happen to lose that job.
Yeah... I'm willing to take my chances.

Are you filthy rich or something?
Like I said I believe that the concern has merit, just the timeframe and the alarm is a bit overhyped.

And I meant the original video you posted. The guy who is in it posts many videos that rely on shock value.

Fair enough.

Someone needs to be buying though, else the robots have no jobs to take. You either have to find markets or admit that capitalism dosen't work at the extremes of the spectrum.

If prices continue to climb despite increased efficiency, millionaires and billionaires would keep buying things, unless they make themselves practically independent from the rest of the economy. Those that still work or get monetary welfare benefits would also keep buying things, unless they can't meet the ever increasing prices of inelastic goods, or the latter of the two lose their benefits.

In either case, companies could still cause massive chaos by destroying local markets, and those with sufficient resources and market shares could shrug off public relations disasters. While it's logical to think competitors would race towards the equilibrium point by lowering their prices, consider the power of circumventing competition through acquisitions, and second order effects like industry-wide downsizing, mergers, and further acquisitions. Companies with vast influence would have few genuine incentives to keep their prices low, or retain their human workers, but a steadfast desire to keep maximizing profits at all costs.

Why would they care if you starve to death, so long as they continue to rake in money? You're expendable to them.
@Penny It's all fun and games, until the most likely robot apocalypse is the one where you starve to death because robots took jobs away at exponentially growing rates.
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