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I'm just posting here because I can't stand a dead RP being ordered above the only one I'm actively participating in lol

Ryuujin Katsuro & Himura Haruki

Collab with @Bluetommy

Katsuro looked up from his phone with contempt from his bed as he heard a pair of voices right outside his door. He propped himself up on the wall and watched the doorway. His roommate, he thought, could have been anyone. But that voice... Himura. Rotten luck to be paired with the boy that couldn't even get through the gate without falling on his ass, what kind of growth could he expect to be gained from hanging around that loser all the time? He wasn't any kind of competition to someone like himself. That kid would be like a leech off of his own acheivements. Katsuro's look of contempt didn't vanish as the door swung open and the worst case scenario became true, but he greeted the kid anyway.

"Hey."Katsuro gave him a small nod of acknowledgement and leaned back against the wall, seemingly returning all of his attention to whatever he was doing on his phone. However he was actually watching Haruki through his peripherals to see what he was doing with his half of the room. A bunch of amatuer paintings that looked like they were done by a five year old in a horror movie. What an eyesore. However, Katsuro was somewhat pleasantly surprised that he had brought training equipment into the room. Maybe he was a loser now, but at least he had the right idea. Katsuro smirked and huffed out a silent nasal laughter.

"What's with the paintings?" Katsuro asked, well, demanded in his moody tone. Still not fully looking away from his phone. "Little sibling back home or something?"

Haruki looked over at Katsuro with a tilted head. Little sibling? Haruki had no... oh, Katsuro was insulting his art. That wasn't hard to figure out. He looked at the nearest panting. Maybe he was a bad judge, but he thought it looked pretty darn good. Maybe a little screwed up, but that was what made them fun to make. Maybe he was just jealous because he lacked the ability to make something like that. Hmm, Haruki would have to help him out, but for now he had to answer the question.

"No, I made them!" he said proudly. "They're pretty good right?" He gave Katsuro the benefit of the doubt that he was asking sincerely, even though he didn't believe that to be the case.

"That's not the one I'm looking at. That one looks like the artist wasn't a double hand amputee. It's fine, might even sell for a lot if you list it as a 'cursed painting' on iBuy. I was asking about that one." Katsuro clarified, setting his phone on his legs and pointing to another one on the wall.

Haruki looked over to the painting Katsuro was indicating. Oh, that one, yeah, he could see where Katsuro was coming from. That was one of the very oldest, he was still proud of it and all, but he knew it wasn't very good.

"Oh that one, I made it too, when I was five or six I think... I'm still proud of it though! Do you paint?" Haruki didn't paint very much himself anymore, now that he was focused on training his body.

So they were all his work. Katsuro wasn’t quite unsettled by the imagery, but this kid probably had issues if he was painting something like that from an early age. Great, his roommate was crazy.
“No. I don’t have time for something like that.” Katsuro replied, looking down at his phone once again briefly before changing his mind and gazing back up at Haruki. “Listen, I shouldn’t have to tell you this if you paid attention at the Quirk demo, but I have a feeling you’re going to need a clearer explanation. My Quirk is always active. That means that if I’m in this room with you in all likelihood a single spark or a heat source that reaches my flashpoint could ignite the gas. Do you understand? If you are not careful there will be nothing left of you to regret your mistake. Cut the power to the outlet before you plug or unplug anything to it. Discharge static electricity on the doorknob before you enter, and for fucks sake do not ever touch my lighters.”

Katsuro speech sounded harsh, and perhaps a bit unnecessary, but at least he cared enough to make it. If his roommate was as clueless as he let on he had to be sure he wouldn’t level half of the building in the middle of the night by mistake.

Haruki nodded silently. Oh boy, this guy wasn't going to be easy to befriend, he seemed to be a miserable type of guy, and Haruki didn't want to deal with that. So he'd have to transform Katsuro from a miserable jerk into a happy friend! It would sure be tough, and Haruki would need to try his hardest, but he would do it anyways. He clenched his fist as his resolve strengthened, and his eyes twinkled.

Wait, what was Katsuro talking about again? Oh right, his quirk, always on, any spark could blow up the building. Jeez, that must be a difficult quirk. Oh well, Haruki would do as he was asked.

"Okay, got it! No worries Katsuro-kun!"

Katsuro wasn't sure that he got it. Throughout that whole warning he looked as if he were thinking about something else. He might have gotten angry about it but Haruki told him he understood. That was enough to clear his conscious if this kid accidentally vaporized himself.

"Good." Katsuro huffed. With any luck he could make it through the year without his Quirk causing another catastrophe. He returned to his phone and started scrolling through a social feed, intent on not talking any further.

Haruki sat on his bed and swung his feet. He had to say something, this would just be awkward if he didn't. Haruki cleared his throat and walked over to Katsuro's side of the dorm, leering over him as he looked at his phone.

"What are you reading?"

Katsuro’s eyes glanced upwards and followed Haruki as he approached his side of the dorm and attempted to look at his phone. As he got close enough to see the screen, Katsuro pulled the phone to his chest and furrowed his brow.

“Didn’t anyone teach you not to stick your nose in someone else’s business?” Katsuro grumbled, but it seemed it wasn’t private enough to hide from him anyway as he lowered the screen to be visible to them both soon after. On the phone was a recent picture of him and a few other boys his own age posing together, all in soccer uniforms. It was a post on a social media site called ‘Twatter’.

“It’s just old news. Nothing interesting.” Katsuro stated.

Haruki backed away with his hands up, he didn't mean to intrude upon Katsuro's privacy, but he didn't seem too angry about it,a good start at the very least. He walked over to Katsuro's side of the room and looked at the trophies on his wall. Those and the picture, this guy was a real jock wasn't he? Haruki liked sports, maybe they had that in common?

"You used to play soccer?" he asked with a soft facial expression.

"Soccer. Baseball. Volleyball. You get the idea. I play a lot of sports. I gave it up so I could come here and embrace my Quirk." Katsuro explained airily. There was a hint of a sour tone in his voice as he continued. "They don't allow Quirkies to compete."

"Aw, that's crappy," Haruki responded, putting two fingers on his chin and nodding, "I like sports, but I was never really good at any of them. I do karate though! And Wing Chun too!" Haruki announced, rolling his hands over each-other and dropping into a Wing Chun stance, hands up ready to block or trap, and feet secure on the ground. "It does wonders for your coordination!"

Katsuro at first didn’t believe Haruki, how could he? This was the same kid that fell on his face just trying to get through the campus gates. But his form looked legit enough. Katsuro had no clue about any of that. He was fit, and knew how to fight, but not with martial arts. It would almost be threatening to know his roommate knew martial arts if Katsuro wasn’t so sure it wouldn’t work against him.

“So you know a few fancy moves huh? Good for you. You’ll need them.”

Haruki smiled widely, and returned to his normal stance. "I know! Heroes need to be ready to fight, even if they don't want to. You probably don't need to use martial arts with your quirk, right?" Haruki asked, jumping back onto his bed and making some beat-boxing noises. Katsuro's quirk was super strong, Haruki's was so much weaker than his. He needed to punch things, and Katsuro didn't.

He kinda envied Katsuro for that. Even with how violent Katsuro's quirk was, Haruki still would love to have it so that he didn't need to punch people. He didn't like hurting people of course, but if he was going to do it, he'd rather not hurt his own hands at the same time. Oh well, nothing could be done about that, he'd need to think about ways to help Katsuro out instead, hmm, that would be interesting to think about.

“Yeah. I’d like to see anyone try to lay a hand on me. I’m untouchable. That’s why I’ll be the best of the best.” Katsuro boasted, a smirk growing across his face as he finally locked his phone and set it beside him. Finally opening up to conversation. It seemed like praise was the key. “Kicking ass is just a natural career choice for someone on my level.”

Haruki nodded quickly. Best of the best huh? Haruki was excited to see him at work then! "Yeah! Bad guys beware!" Haruki yelled out, hopping up from his bed and delivering a roundhouse kick to the air.

"With the best of the best like you, and someone who never gives up like me, there's nothing in the world that could stop us!"Haruki cried out. "Which means that with no bad guys to stand up to us, it'll be easy to save as many people as possible!"Saving people was really Haruki's goal, and he assumed that Katsuro felt the same. That was what heroes did after all.

Katsuro tsked. Already his roommate was excited at the prospect of leeching off of his greatness. He was grinning, but not for the reason Haruki might have thought. Katsuro was debating with himself if Haruki even had what it took to follow behind him. He let out a small chuckle.

“When we’re Heroes, I’ll leave some of the weaker chumps for you.” Katsuro stated in his usual cocky tone. “Make sure you keep up with me in the meantime.”

Haruki laughed at what he assumed was a joke.

"Why not help out, if we work together we can beat them twice as quickly! Then we'll have twice the time to rescue people!" Haruki continued assuming that Katsuro cared about rescuing people as much as he did. He was a hero, so Haruki thought it was a safe assumption.

“Rescue people? People can rescue themselves.”Katsuro snorted, the idea of himself wasting time worrying about helping the rabble get away was laughable. “There are people like us out there making us look bad to the rest of the world and I’m going to roast them.”

"...Huh?" Haruki stared blankly at Katsuro a second. Did... Did he really just say that? Haruki hoped it was a joke but no laugh came, no satisfied smirk, nothing. Katsuro was serious.

"B-but youre a hero, rescuing people is what heroes do, Right?" Haruki asked in a pleading tone. He couldn't accept that, a hero was a savior, that was the long and short of it!

"That's just a fairy tale, Himura." Katsuro deadpanned. "Leave the 'rescue' to the paramedics, the firefighters, the police." Katsuro's tone soured on the word 'police'. "The way I see it, the world needs Heroes to stop the Villains, and that's just what I'm going to do. Show those pricks at the front gates that we aren't all monsters, by turning those that misuse their Quirks into ash!"

Katsuro suddenly had a wicked smile on his face, he got really worked up with the thought.

Haruki began to sweat profusely, this guy really was just about fighting villains!

"But there's some rescues the paramedics can't do! Sometimes heroes have to step in and help out! We can't just beat up bad guys all the time! That's only part of our job! Don't say it's just a fairy tale when you're the only one who can make it a reality!"

"What part of my Quirk screams 'rescue' to you, Himura?" Katsuro frowned at him, leaning forwards on the edge of his bed as if preparing to stand. "Do you think people are keen to be pulled to safety by a burning man? If you want to waste time following that ideal I wont stop you, but the best of us will be on the front lines kicking the threat where the sun doesn't shine. That's why they made this program anyway, emergency services aren't equipped to deal with Quirkies. I am."

"So you just... give up? Let other people do it for you? My quirk isn't even that good in a fight, nevermind rescuing people! That doesn't mean I can't try! Look at me! You think people want to be rescued by a guy who looks like a vampire? If we want to make people accept us, see us as people just like them, we can't do it by going around and being violent!"

Katsuro pushed himself into a standing position aggressively. "Give up?! You've got some nerve kid. It's not about looking threatening, I don't care if people are afraid of me. In fact, they should be! My gas burns at 1600°c, that's eyeball melting, skin roasting, human jerkey temperatures. If I'm going to be any better than a normal emergency service worker, that Quirk is active and ignited. I'm not here to convince people I'm just like them, I'm here to TELL them that I'm better than them! So I'm going to wipe out every last one of those Yakuza toughs, and they'll have no choice but to recognize the good we're capable of!"

Haruki was half tempted to strike Katsuro as he stood up out of reflexive fear, but he managed to contain himself and simply fall back into his bed. "People don't want you to tell them you're better than then, that'll scare them! When people are scared they get violent, and that only makes things worse! You don't need to save them by grabbing onto them and pulling them out of danger, you can leave that to other people if you really need to, but you can still support them and take the danger away! Wiping out the Yakuza only makes you look worse, Katsuro!"

"Taking the danger away is exactly what I'd be doing by taking those people down!" Katsuro argued loudly, still just as stubborn on his stance before. "You want to team up with me? Then you worry about the worthless damsels while I do the work I was born for."

Haruki sighed, shaking slightly due to nerves.

Katsuro stared at Haruki with a silent scowl for a few moments, but finding that he had nothing else to say he was satisfied that he had 'won' the argument. He backed down, sitting back on the edge of his bed.

"Listen. I don't want to fight with you. You and I are going to share this room for the next year so let's try to pretend we like each other at least. Let's change the subject." Katsuro thought on it for a bit, fidgeting with his phone in the meanwhile but not actually doing anything with it. Ah! A subject most boys could find common ground in. The failsafe. Girls. "Speaking of worthless damsels," Katsuro joked, chuckling before he continued. "there were a lot more women in the class than I imagined there would be. Real cute ones too." Katsuro smirked at his reflection in his locked phone. "Anyone catch your eye?"

Haruki looked over suspiciously as Katsuro recommended a change in topic. After basically screaming at him, Katsuro's sudden change in tone was a bit suspicious. Then when Katsuro introduced his topic, Haruki went red. "W-what?! No! Of course..." Haruki couldn't even finish the sentance before he turned redder than red and covered his face in his hands, shaking his head.

"I don't... I don't..." he repeated. "I don't think about that! I just... I don't think about it! Trust me! That's not the kinda person I am!" Haruki lied, wanting this conversation to not be the one he was having.

Katsuro burst into raucous laughter watching Haruki become that flustered from even the mere mention of it. He nested his forehead into the crook of his arm as if he couldn’t bear to watch. “Ah ha! Oh man. If that wasn’t the biggest lie I’ve ever been told, I don’t know what is.” He slapped his hands back onto his knees. “Everybody thinks about it. Come on, I’m not going to tell anybody. Who is it?”

Haruki leaned forwards, elbows on knees and hands on face as he shook his head. "Nonononono..." he mumbled to himself as Katsuro talked.

"I can't..." he continued to say, freaking out. Finally he calmed and stopped hyperventilating. He swallowed, still beet red, then looked up at Katsuro with a puffed out chest, trying to look confident. "I... I think...I think Emiko's cool."

When Haruki had said he hadn't thought about it he was partially telling the truth, but when he saw the quirk demonstrations he had taken special note of a few of them, and Emiko's quirk was so cool he couldn't help but feel jealous, and his mind had lingered on her a bit, yeah. She wasn't the only one, but Katsuro didn't need to know that.

Katsuro had a wide grin aimed at Haruki when he finally spoke a name, almost a prideful one, but perhaps a bit of schadenfreude in it as well. "Emiko, huh? Let me think... oh! Zhao. The Chinese girl. Yeah, she's pretty cute. But her demonstration was kind of a turn off."

Haruki stared at his feet and scratched at his arm sheepishly. "I thought it was pretty cool. Her quirk is so good, I'm jealous..."Haruki sighed, covering his face with his hands. "It's not like... I'm going to try anything, I just thought her quirk was cool and she was kinda pretty, i'm still a hero above all else."

"What's being a hero without earning a little love from your adoring fans?" Katsuro asked rhetorically while he preened himself in a dramatic fashion. "Seriously though, you can't just be a hero, and I can't just be number one. We should all be allowed a little fun."

"Wh-what do you mean?" Haruki asked nervously. "Are-are you suggesting that I ask..." Haruki stopped before he could finish, but the luminescent blush that covered his face made it easy to identify what he was about to say.

Katsuro found it hard to contain himself, snickering behind his fist brought to his lips. He returned his hands to rest on his knees before responding in a frank manner. “Duh. Do it before someone else does. Not to say that there’s any small pickings of girls in this class. We’re outnumbered in 1-A.” Katsuro pondered for a moment. “All the dudes of our generation must be wimps.”

Haruki covered his face once more, his head going between his knees in embarrassment. He was really confused as to whether he should giggle nervously or keep freaking out, so he did both. "You're a real jerk!" he yelled out half-heartedly. "You... you're... you're right, though... How am I gonna do that?"

Katsuro had a smug grin on his face, even while he was being called a jerk. It was such a meaningless insult, and not one that he would even disagree with 100% of the time. Katsuro wasn’t really the type of guy to give good dating advice out to people, especially to someone too shy to even talk on the subject. It came naturally to him, so he thought, but Himura was proving himself the opposite. He’d just give him the basics.

“Just do it. Don’t think about how. Summon whatever small bit of confidence you have in yourself, man up, look her in the eye, and talk to her. Try not to act like… whatever you’re doing right now. Are you gonna blush and hide away from criminals? No. Do that and you’re dead.”

"I've been training my whole life to deal with villains," Haruki replied dismissively. "I've never even talked to girls..."

Haruki could understand the irony in being more afraid of girls, the worst they could do being refusing him, and not being scared of villains, who were willing and able to kill him if he screwed up.

"I guess... I can talk to people just fine, but when it comes to being... romantic... I don't even know where to start."

“Then do what you do best and run face first without knowing where you’re going.” Katsuro mocked airily. “At least then you can say that you’ve tried and didn’t sit around doing nothing like some loser.”

Haruki stared back a moment, lost in thought. He was right, Haruki would never know if there was any chance unless he tried. And goddamnit Haruki was no loser!

"Yeah! You're right! First thing after school tomorrow I'm going to shave then go ask her! Thanks so much Katsuro! You're a good friend!"

Katsuro stared back blankly at Haruki. He had honestly never expected him to take that advice, and he especially didn't expect to be called a friend for it so soon after being told he was a jerk. He had no idea what kind of fate he had damned Emiko to by encouraging him, but he was morbidly curious to find out.

"Sure. Don't mention it." he replied in a still harsh tone, picking up his phone to go back to what he was doing. "Ever."
I'm just here for the show, man.

As far as Katsuro was concerned, the demonstration was an absolute disaster. So many of his classmates had already displayed far greater mastery of themselves than he had. In particular, Mitsuo and Mizura had him sweating as a spectator. Mitsuo, with an explosive Quirk that he could not only ignite on his own but control it with such accuracy from an impressive range. Mizura, who was not only skilled but confident enough to use her Quirk for a fucking dance routine. She could smother him, drown him, make him useless, all from a distance he couldn't reach. Besides that, mutant and transformation class Quirks were all so awe-inspiring. Such raw physical power, if they had the strength of spirit to they could put him out like a candle wick. Lacara was an exception, her Quirk was amazing just like his but she seemed to have even less control over how it worked. In that sense, he thought they could get along.

He had never imagined he would have to play catch-up with his classmates on day 1. Katsuro had a lot of work to do if he was to earn that number one spot. If only he hadn't hidden his Quirk for so long, he would already have that degree of control, he would already be ahead of the pack. It was already over now, he had all year to worry about that. As the demonstrations were wrapped up, a man Katsuro recognized took the stage to address them, announcing himself as their principal. He couldn't quite place him until his Quirk was activated.

"No fucking way... that's Heat Flash! He's our principal?!" Katsuro questioned with both shock and excitement. While some might have found it odd that he knew about Heat Flash, but none of the other Vigilantes, Katsuro had kept a close eye on news following him specifically because his Quirk was so similar to his own. If there was an example for Katsuro to strive for, Todoroki-sensei was it.

Quirky and proud. This guy knew what he was talking about.

More eager than ever before to start his life at UA, Katsuro was first to push his way to Spacenaut-sensei to receive his dorm key. Dorm room number 1. Katsuro smirked at his placement, even if it was just a room number, it was his number. The number he wore on his jerseys in middle school, the number on his student ID, now the number of his dorm room. Becoming number one was his destiny.
But, as more people came to claim their keys, Katsuro spotted that some people had been given keys to the same room. Instantly his grin twisted upside down when he came to realize that he would have to share his space with another student, but who was it?

Before Katsuro could get the chance to scope out who got which room number, they were all being instructed on campus rules safety. It was a speech he largely tuned out until he heard this teacher bringing up sex in the dorms. Hah! This guy had a wild sense of humor. As if any of these losers would get laid. It was unprofessional, he supposed, but Katsuro appreciated that in an authority figure. There was need to be so stiff, and a school like UA would be progressive enough to include the offer of birth control, uncomfortable as the mention was. It was immature of him, even Katsuro would agree with that, but he couldn't help but laugh.

Todoroki-sensei reclaimed their attention, dispelling any awkward vibes that may have come up during that little fiasco. Finally, their living quarters. Katsuro was eager to see them after that less-than-cozy night at the cheap motel he stayed at, and all of his stuff was waiting there for him. Unpacking and decorating a new room wasn't something he got to do very often, and he would have to meet whoever he had the misfortune of rooming with eventually. As soon as Todoroki-sensei said all he wanted to say, Katsuro walked off to find door number 1 and test his key in the lock.

As the door swung open, he found a surprisingly spacious room with two beds with nothing but white sheets and pillow cases, two desk/dresser combos, a single but large window looking out to the courtyard with white curtains. There was another door leading to a small bathroom. The walls were plain and painted a beige color. Boring. Katsuro got to work. His things were left beside one of the beds for him, a large suitcase packed to the brim with his belongings.

His side of the room was quickly decorated with band posters, a black comforter laid across his otherwise neatly made bed haphazardly. His desk became stacked with lighters. Dozens of lighters and matches kept in ziploc bags laid across in a chaotic manner. A stack of notebooks and stationary was placed in the center. Katsuro's next step was to pry open the window and let the cool spring air in, and his explosive gasses out. Framed documents of his achievements from academics to sports were also placed along the walls, pictures of him and his old teams, him holding trophies. Katsuro really was full of himself. There were a few photo frames that he had packed but decided against hanging on the wall, instead he tossed them into his top drawer before loading clothes on top.

It still didn't seem enough like home. He'd have to ask for more things to be posted to him later on. But for now, all he had to do today was wait and see which of those boys he would be forced to room with for the next year.

Due to losing several members since closing, we've decided to re-open for applications. We'll probably only take a hand full more.
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