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I once drank a whole gallon of milk in a whole day and I could feel my bones expand. At first I thought I was just full from the milk, but my skin started to form stretch marks and I was visibly wider. I didn't know what was happening but I had an uncontrollable urge to drink more milk. I drove into the nearest gas station and literally ripped the door off the rifrigerated section containing the milk.
I started chugging gallon after gallon of milk standing right there in the store, my skin ripping at the seams. The cashier ran over to stop me but I swatted him aside and in one clean blow he landed across the room, shattering every bone in his pathetic meat suit. There was nothing left of him but a wet bloody puddle deprived of structure. I never thought I had it in me to kill but by now I had ascended beyond petty morality.
As I finished my eighth gallon it felt as though my stomach would rupture. My ribs broke out of my chest like a baby xxenomorph. My finger bones had grown through my hands a white nub could be seen protruding from my nose. My face was so stretched over my now massive skull I looked like Jenny McCarthy. My biceps and muscles were hard and calcified. My boner now had a bone.
I finished my twelfth gallon and began screaming and flexing, my skin tearing around my robust skeletal frame. With one final push I shed my meat chrysalis. I was free.
I didn't even use the door I simply walked out the wall of the gas station. Mortar and stone yielded to my mighty calcium. The cops were already there. In terror they began firing at me but even lead is no match for calcium. I walked straight toward one, reached down his throat and pulled his skeleton from his flesh sheath. With his bone I assembled a mighty claymore sword. With a single swing I cleaved the Earth in twain and descended into the inky black. Here I wait until the time I'm called into service for the great skellington war.

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I'm just here for the show, man.

As far as Katsuro was concerned, the demonstration was an absolute disaster. So many of his classmates had already displayed far greater mastery of themselves than he had. In particular, Mitsuo and Mizura had him sweating as a spectator. Mitsuo, with an explosive Quirk that he could not only ignite on his own but control it with such accuracy from an impressive range. Mizura, who was not only skilled but confident enough to use her Quirk for a fucking dance routine. She could smother him, drown him, make him useless, all from a distance he couldn't reach. Besides that, mutant and transformation class Quirks were all so awe-inspiring. Such raw physical power, if they had the strength of spirit to they could put him out like a candle wick. Lacara was an exception, her Quirk was amazing just like his but she seemed to have even less control over how it worked. In that sense, he thought they could get along.

He had never imagined he would have to play catch-up with his classmates on day 1. Katsuro had a lot of work to do if he was to earn that number one spot. If only he hadn't hidden his Quirk for so long, he would already have that degree of control, he would already be ahead of the pack. It was already over now, he had all year to worry about that. As the demonstrations were wrapped up, a man Katsuro recognized took the stage to address them, announcing himself as their principal. He couldn't quite place him until his Quirk was activated.

"No fucking way... that's Heat Flash! He's our principal?!" Katsuro questioned with both shock and excitement. While some might have found it odd that he knew about Heat Flash, but none of the other Vigilantes, Katsuro had kept a close eye on news following him specifically because his Quirk was so similar to his own. If there was an example for Katsuro to strive for, Todoroki-sensei was it.

Quirky and proud. This guy knew what he was talking about.

More eager than ever before to start his life at UA, Katsuro was first to push his way to Spacenaut-sensei to receive his dorm key. Dorm room number 1. Katsuro smirked at his placement, even if it was just a room number, it was his number. The number he wore on his jerseys in middle school, the number on his student ID, now the number of his dorm room. Becoming number one was his destiny.
But, as more people came to claim their keys, Katsuro spotted that some people had been given keys to the same room. Instantly his grin twisted upside down when he came to realize that he would have to share his space with another student, but who was it?

Before Katsuro could get the chance to scope out who got which room number, they were all being instructed on campus rules safety. It was a speech he largely tuned out until he heard this teacher bringing up sex in the dorms. Hah! This guy had a wild sense of humor. As if any of these losers would get laid. It was unprofessional, he supposed, but Katsuro appreciated that in an authority figure. There was need to be so stiff, and a school like UA would be progressive enough to include the offer of birth control, uncomfortable as the mention was. It was immature of him, even Katsuro would agree with that, but he couldn't help but laugh.

Todoroki-sensei reclaimed their attention, dispelling any awkward vibes that may have come up during that little fiasco. Finally, their living quarters. Katsuro was eager to see them after that less-than-cozy night at the cheap motel he stayed at, and all of his stuff was waiting there for him. Unpacking and decorating a new room wasn't something he got to do very often, and he would have to meet whoever he had the misfortune of rooming with eventually. As soon as Todoroki-sensei said all he wanted to say, Katsuro walked off to find door number 1 and test his key in the lock.

As the door swung open, he found a surprisingly spacious room with two beds with nothing but white sheets and pillow cases, two desk/dresser combos, a single but large window looking out to the courtyard with white curtains. There was another door leading to a small bathroom. The walls were plain and painted a beige color. Boring. Katsuro got to work. His things were left beside one of the beds for him, a large suitcase packed to the brim with his belongings.

His side of the room was quickly decorated with band posters, a black comforter laid across his otherwise neatly made bed haphazardly. His desk became stacked with lighters. Dozens of lighters and matches kept in ziploc bags laid across in a chaotic manner. A stack of notebooks and stationary was placed in the center. Katsuro's next step was to pry open the window and let the cool spring air in, and his explosive gasses out. Framed documents of his achievements from academics to sports were also placed along the walls, pictures of him and his old teams, him holding trophies. Katsuro really was full of himself. There were a few photo frames that he had packed but decided against hanging on the wall, instead he tossed them into his top drawer before loading clothes on top.

It still didn't seem enough like home. He'd have to ask for more things to be posted to him later on. But for now, all he had to do today was wait and see which of those boys he would be forced to room with for the next year.

Due to losing several members since closing, we've decided to re-open for applications. We'll probably only take a hand full more.
good, good. get on discord lol
Kenji Ito

Quirk: Beetle!

Kenji's antennae shot up like he was just struck by lightning as an intense look came over his face. The smallish girl he saw in the quirk demonstrations already started running towards the fire and had called his name specifically to help. Kenji couldn't ignore that, but he also couldn't ignore his teammates, and there was already a path they had to take. But, with a huge fire like that, shouldn't they try to contain it? Or maybe that was a test too? And the roaring...

In his entrance exam, he had ignored hostages and even the classmates he had with him to go face his Uncle Croc. In his head he had rationalized it as a way to allow others to rescue hostages uninterrupted, but what would have saved more dummies in the end? He shook his head and cleared that thought for his mind. His classmates were running towards that big fire and Kenji needed to make sure they would be okay.

"Kaito-kun, Suzzzzaku-kun, I'm going! Zzzorry! I have to help!" he said to the two boys he had paired up with as he scrambled to his feet. "Come with me! We can go back for the dummies when the fire izzz contained!"

He didn't know what he was doing, but it felt right to him. That was his gut feeling. Answer when he was called, and help where he was needed the most. So the bulky student ran as fast as his body could take him after Koumori. Which... wasn't fast at all.

Upon arrival, Katsuro had put earbuds in and started playing music on his phone. Not interested in any socialization with people arriving later than he did, he had simply taken to silently scoping out his competition. And for the most part, he was… unimpressed.
One student fell on his ass just trying to get into the gates. Immediately he was passed off as a non-threat.
The shrimp girl struck poses, at least she was enthusiastic. It was good that Katsuro couldn’t hear anything they were saying because being called Quirkless and the implication of being protected by some shrimpy little girl would have pissed him off.
Some students immediately got all touchy-feely with one another, he was just glad that he wasn’t included in it. That would have gone badly for all parties.
When one dark-skinned girl arrived on the scene sporting burned up clothes and a fiery attitude, he almost felt an instant comradery with them. Especially seeing as it seemed the girl was marching straight for the front gate looking ready for a fight. He liked that, and he almost would have joined along if she wasn’t stopped by a teacher.
He recognized one of them, it was hard to miss a sentient mass of gelatinous pink goop. They went to middle school together, or maybe he had just visited her school for a game at some point. He gave Nadeshiko a longer look over for this reason as if trying to place exactly where he knew her from.
The rest of the students seemed relatively normal, just entering the gates and minding their own business just the same as he did. In a way, he could respect that, but it didn’t give him very much to work off of. He liked to figure people out before he had to deal with them directly.

Spacenaut’s booming amplified voice alerted him over his music, signaling him to stop his music take his earbuds out to listen to what the teachers had to say. A rock-steady flat poker face was maintained throughout, but his eyes glinted with excitement upon hearing that he would get the opportunity to show off his quirk straight away. In fact after hearing that the rest of the teachers’ speeches may as well have gone unheard. He was growing impatient and wanted to get the show on the road already. He tapped his foot throughout Zhao-sensei’s little introduction.

“Finally,” he muttered when Spacenaut started leading them to the exalted Quirk use area. He kept pace with Spacenaut, all but overtaking him on the way there. He would have gone ahead if he knew where he was going. Then, they reached the quirk demo area. A square concrete platform. Simple, but perfect for him. Katsuro was about to step up to go first before Mori-sensei showed up.
“This woman is our Quirk Development specialist? She looks…” Katsuro mumbled, never finishing his sentence before she gave the go-ahead to start on the demonstrations.
“Alright, it’s about time! I’m going first!” Katsuro said loudly in a matter-of-fact tone, taking off his backpack and setting it to his side before going to stand in the center of the concrete platform. His phone was set to play music over a wireless speaker from the bag.

“My name is Ryuujin Katsuro,” he began in a proud tone, even going as far as to refer to himself with an ‘ore-sama’ personal pronoun. “My quirk is called ‘Fire Hazard’,” he seemed to growl his Quirk name and grow visibly angry. “I constantly emit a flammable, explosive gas from my skin which is metabolized from water, and I’m immune to high temperatures! All I need is a spark!”
He stuck out his tongue and touched his finger to it, at first glance it may have looked like he was calling himself hot with that gesture but he was really about to check the wind. It was blowing ever so slightly away from the formed crowd of his classmates. Perfect.
“Now stand back and watch the fireworks!"

Katsuro reached into his pocket and produced a zippo lighter, when he did so those standing close enough could hear the rattle of even more lighters stuffed in there. He flicked his wrist to expose the striking mechanism and placed his thumb on it.


The spark from the lighter was the catalyst for the resulting explosion. A 20ft tall inferno that dimmed down until roaring flames in an approximate human shape replaced what was once a high school student. But he wasn’t done. Katsuro performed a series of high thrown kicks, each one propelling the constantly burning gas further away from him in a wave. A short distance but effective way of using the gas offensively. He started breakdancing to a similar end, resulting in a circle forming around him. He imagined this being useful for forcing distance between him and a surrounding group of hostiles.

When he was satisfied with his work, he stood up and visibly tensed until the fire surrounding him completely died out. His skin was steaming, his mouth sizzled every time he opened it. That residual heat would stay with him for a few minutes after his show. He stepped off of the platform and was greeted immediately by Mori-sensei.

“Well done, Katsuro-kun! Your quirk is very impressive! I bet with enough training and hard work it will be even more so! So you can extinguish yourself despite the gas being a constant? I’m going to work with you so that your emissions only happen when you want them to, and maybe you can even learn to focus where they’re released!”

This woman was clearly very excited to be here. Katsuro welcomed the praise with a cocky smile as he retrieved a water bottle from his backpack and stopped the music. He never verbally responded.

”Alright. Now let’s see what I’ll be up against this semester.”
Quirk Demonstrations, Start!

One by one, Spacenaut and the others welcomed each student into UA's fold. Spacenaut had been keeping a checklist to ensure every (and we mean every) single soul had made it safely within the walls before proceeding. Class 1-B had taken a separate entrance and would be seen by their own teachers, and the second years were already in classes. But normal classes were not what was in store for 1-A today. Once everybody had grouped up inside the walls, Spacenaut put down his list and approached the crowd that had formed just outside the gates. His presence demanding their attention on its own as the enigmatic vigilante finally piped up. His voice was slightly robotic sounding and amplified through his helmet to a volume easily heard by everybody present.


"Welcome, class 1-A, to UA High School. My name is Captain Spacenaut, and you will address me as Spacenaut-sensei from here on out. With me are McCoy-sensei, Zhao-sensei, Mitsuhide-sensei, and Shigeki-san. Each of you are here for your own reasons, but it will be the duty of myself and my colleagues to mold you properly into Heroes. Over the course of the next few years, this place will be your home. And the people around you will be your family. As such, our first order of business will be an icebreaker. Throughout your lives, society has conditioned people like yourselves to avoid embracing your Quirks. Here we will be practicing the opposite. In certain areas of this campus we have provided a safe place to develop your strengths. We will be heading to one such space now, and you will each get the opportunity to show us your Quirks.”

The man in glasses, introduced as Mitsuhide, then stepped forward. His eyes scanned the gathered group of students, before he cleared his throat.
"Greetings. I am Mitsuhide Oyoshi, Government Employee and Teacher of Quirk Ethics and Hero Law at UA," he began in formal Japanese, before repeating himself in English, then Russian, without so much as missing a gramatical beat, "Aproximately sixty-three meters from the back exit of the main building, a large, open, paved area has been designated for today's task. Under the close observation of several of my collegues, your Quirks will be evaluated and measured for our records. This will also help you get to know each other better. So, you get to relax and, as they say, 'show your stuff'." Oyoshi then turned to Captain Spacenaut, speaking in a hushed tone.
"Too much?" he quizzed beneath his breath, not sure how much enthusiasm to show, or informating to give at once.
Truth be told, Mitsuhide Oyoshi was incredibly excited by the prospects of the Hero program in general, and this year's Class 1-A in specific.


Spacenaut's hand closest to Oyoshi clicked to life and formed a thumbs up.

Oyoshi simply nodded respectfully.

When Zhao-sensei's turn came to speak, he stood up straight and approached the front calmly.

"Hello everyone, I am Zhao. Zhao Jun-Tao to be precise. Yes, I am Chinese. I served in the People's Liberation Army for several years, saw combat, and held the rank of Sergeant First Class. I teach physical education, with a primary focus on martial arts and close quarters combat. Perhaps some of you may question the merit of having a military man teach you where you intend to learn how to be a "Hero". However to that I say that such thinking is narrow minded. There is much to be learned from many sources, and my military experience is as valuable as any other." He left off by saying, "Wei Renmin Fuwu. It means "Serve the people". Remember that they are which you mean to serve as "Heroes"." After he was finished, he silently stepped back and took his place with the others.

Spacenaut raised a single hand with mechanical clicks and whirs to reclaim the attention of the class.
( ̄ー ̄)

“Now that everybody that wishes to speak has done so, if all of you would be so kind as to follow me to the Quirk use area we can get started.”

The teachers lead class 1-A to a rather large concrete area out behind the main campus building and within view of the outdoor track and field. Four pillars adorned the corners of the area, but it was otherwise a quite simple space that looked ready to be modified to individual needs upon request.

Spacenaut stood at the edge of the concrete area and faced the class.

“Okay. Now, who would li--”

“WAIT! Don’t start without me!” an excited woman’s voice called shortly before its owner appeared with an animal carrier in hand. It was foisted into the grasp of Yaseishi by a pair of gloved hands. “Here, this is for you. Wait to go last and you should be able to demonstrate. I can’t wait!” she whispered to the student before bouncing back to the teacher’s positions. “Hello everybody! I’m Mori-sensei, and I’m your Quirk development specialist here at UA! I will be watching carefully and speaking with each of you after your demonstration. So relax, have fun, introduce yourselves and your quirks, but most importantly, show me your stuff!"

Katsuro woke up in his hotel room early that morning. The room was cheap, small, and filthy. Every lightbulb flickered periodically in an agonizingly subtle way. He could swear he had spotted things crawling on the walls throughout the night, but he didn’t let a few bugs bother him. All he needed was a place to rest his head while he waited for the morning to come, and his uncle had sought to that for him. From there it was only a brief walk to campus where he would be staying.

From the old bed, he sent a text message to his uncle, then his dad, then his mom, and each of his siblings. Only one reply would come back.

> First day at UA. I’ll make you proud.

I’m already proud of you, nephew. Show them what you’re made of. Those villains will be shaking in their boots by years end.<

After a quick shower and a change into his new uniform, he brushed his teeth and fixed his hair. He proudly wore his student pass around his neck on a lanyard, a bold move that would almost invite harassment on his way to campus.

1-A 01. Ryuujin Katsuro
Hero Class

Of course his ID number was 01. Always number 1.

He checked out of his hotel and took what meager belongings he brought with him in a bookbag, it was only the change of clothes and a few more firestarters that he couldn’t fit on his person. With his thumbs tucked into his pockets, he started his trek to campus. The closer he got the more apparent that there were a bunch of losers with nothing better to do protesting their arrival, it occurred to him that the side entrance that the entrance letter told him to take was specifically because they had anticipated this. He spat. What a disgrace.

Katsuro fully intended to follow instructions and avoid trouble by using the side entrance, but trouble had found him. Three male students, seniors from the general studies class, were loitering in his path. They caught eyes with him, and his hero class ID around his neck. The largest of the kids nudged the other two and pointed at him, speaking incoherently from the distance. They started speaking up as they moved to surround him and block his way.

“Hey, freak! You’re in the ‘hero’ class? You think you can just walk by us with that ID so brazenly? You villains just take take take, don’t you? You couldn’t even let us have our school?”

Katsuro had one hand in his pocket, the other was tightly held in a fist. He carefully sized up each of the three delinquents. The big one looked confident at first glance, but he was shaking. As the supposed ringleader of the trio, an unsure demeanor meant they were all weak. A bunch of frightened little girls. He smirked devilishly at them and tucked his pass into his shirt. Not to hide it, to protect it.

“Out of my way, losers. Aren’t you supposed to be in the lesser abled class?” he mocked before taking another step forward. The smaller of them moved back in reaction, but the largest stood his ground. They were practically chest to chest now.

“What did you just say to us, freak?”

“I told you to fuck off back to your class of bitter genetic failures before you get yourself hurt.”

“That’s it, kill him!”

The moment they took the slightest action against him he took off his backpack and swung it against the big guy’s head before letting go of the straps. The spark of a lighter was heard. The world darkened around them in comparison to the bright whirlwind of fire that thankfully was blown downwind and away from the attackers. Katsuro saw them running faster from his oppressive heat than he had seen some people moving in track. They were unharmed, but they might have needed a change of pants.

“HEY! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! I WASN’T DONE YET!” Katsuro yelled after him, but it was a lie. Seeing them turn heel and run away was enough satisfaction for him to extinguish. His skin was steaming in the chilly environment now, but him and his clothes were untouched by the flame. UA had taken huge measures to ensure a comfortable environment for the hero class, and a uniform befitting of each person’s individual needs was among them. For Katsuro, it was fireproof clothes.

He reached down and reclaimed his bookbag to place it back on his shoulders. The rest of the way there would be uneventful, and though he hadn’t thought about it that way he had rid that path to the side entrance of any harassers for any students following behind him.

Katsuro was first through the gate in his class, just as he had planned. The teacher that greeted him, Spacenaut, ‘smiled’ at him as he produced his pass. He didn’t recognize the man, but found it wildly odd that he was wearing a full space capable suit. Still, he didn’t give him any trouble and entered the safety of the campus. Just by the looks of the staff here, he could tell that the next semester was going to be interesting.
Day 1. Moving Day and Quirk Demonstrations

Shock and Awe

The spring sun peeked over the horizon and shed its light over the city of Musutafu. It was the dawn of the second year of UA's history, and with it came the second round of young men and women seeking to become part of the very first generation of legally operating Heroes. For our Heroes-in-training, it was the start of perhaps the most challenging experience of their life. A seemingly impossible task stood before them; to change the hearts and minds of a society that shunned them, to stop the seemingly inevitable surging crime wave, to find their own image of a Hero.

Any hopes of the first day turning out peacefully were extinguished by the shouting at the front gates. The protest this year was smaller than the last, but it was steadily increasing in volume and intensity. They threw things, screamed things, horrible things, but they were mostly impotent thanks to the diligent assistance of the riot police and a few ex-vigilantes turned teachers. The entire Quirkless student body of the school's former incarnation was able to enter via the front gates, completely unharassed- an angry mob in their own right. Although they exuded more of an air of malcontent than the frothing hatred of the vocal majority outside. The entrance of the former students through the front gate was a small ruse- a distraction to the new Hero students making their ingress via the side entrance. UA security and a few teachers had their hands full dealing with the crowd control, but thanks to the planning of their principal and teachers the students would be able to move safely onto campus where they would stay for the majority of the next three years.

The acceptance letters they had all received gave them specific instructions to send their belongings ahead of them to be left in their future dormitories, and to report to the side entrance with a student pass where they would be greeted by staff members and carted off to their orientation as a group. All the students had to do was make it there alive.

A chill filled the air that morning. As they made their way to campus the sounds of the protest became more and more clear. Men and women from all walks of life, angry at the percieved preferential treatment of the Quirked and the in-progress takeover of the school. But while their words were filled with hatred, there was certainly an underlying tone of fear in their voices. Quirks, to them, were associated with violent crime, destroyed dreams, lost loved ones, villains. The image of a hero was not yet present in their hearts and minds, it was only a pipe dream perpetuated by old comic books.

“Freaks go home! Freaks go home!”
“Quirks don’t belong here!”
“Leave policing to the humans!”

The strange sight of a man in a space suit waited to greet his class at the agreed entrance. Clicks and whirring could be heard with every slight movement he made. While his helmet hid away his face an led display on the visor expressed emotion through various simple images. While quite an underground vigilante with no real following, students that followed the news about such characters may have recognized his iconic suit, out of which he had never been seen. This was Spacenaut, known by no other name.


Spacenaut was joined by a uniquely dressed man, a pair of glasses reflecting the sunlight and hiding his eyes. His hand was at his ear, and he seemed to be directing those who were holding the barricade. This man was a vigilante in his own right, though far less underground; he was old school to say the slightest. Death Glare was his alias, and he was the type of vigilante that the cops really hated. Leaving criminals with broken bones, taking lethal force if necessary, even evading arrest. As a result, it took a lot of convincing to get him pardoned. Death Glare, also known as Shigeki Higashi, had proven too useful for the new hero school scheme to just be tossed in prison, and now he was seemingly taking charge of this operation.

A man in a black suit with a red undershirt and white-trimmed black tie approached the other two men, polishing his glasses and placing them on his face once again. An identification tag hung from his breast pocket. Though obscure in its detailing, it indicated that he was an employee of a rather potent government agency.
"Well gentlemen, I'm not going to lie. It's quite an ugly scene out front," spake the man with neatly cut hair, "I called the boys-in-blue as soon as I could, but they took some time to get here. Have either of you seen Sensei recently?"

Death Glare tilted up his chin with a snicker, apparently finding the man's understatement amusing. Ugly was a word for it, but so was "uncomfortable" and that just didn't have the impact necessary.
"Nope, I've been busy handling this the best I can. Hopefully, the cops give me a hand, but I've had a bad history when it comes to the police."
Spacenaut didn't audibly respond, instead he seemed to be ignoring the topic entirely and focusing on watching the path for students. He didn't want to think about the protest.
The man in glasses took the silence from the armored figure as a response all its own, "Right. Sorry. I should have known better. So let's, oh, what was the phrase, mold some minds? Yes?"
Death Glare adjusted his glasses with a gloved hand. "Molding young minds huh? Not in my job description but I'll help us get to that point."
"A bit of rhetoric, Shigeki," the suited man replied, his tone a bit more rigid and cold, where once it had at least a touch of excitement.
Coming up from the grounds proper, dressed in clean and respectable dress clothing and looking irate at that fact, the mustached face of McCoy expressed in full what he did not or could not say. The protesters were an eyesore and McCoy wanted to take care of them personally, but he had been told not to cause a scene. Arms across his chest, he spat into the dirt.
"All I's sayun wus dat a phew brokun bones'd clear em out."
"Yes, Mister McCoy," the suited man replied, but in flat-toned English this time, "But we can't afford the law-suits and criminal charges to be brought against you or the school. These resources are far too valuable, as my colleague keeps reminding me," the man added rather uncomfortably as he adjusted his tie and neckline.
"Ah but das a load a piss. Wuts we teechin dese kids by nots dealin wiff our own problums." McCoy grumbled, scowling further but thankfully heeding the words. If it weren't for his promise to behave this would have been a different scene.
Stoically silent, Spacenaut remained vigilant in his watch for the encroaching class of students. 1-A, for the next year, would be his responsibility. A careful eye might have spotted one of his armored hands forming into a fist during their chat, but it had passed. His duty was here, the protest was being handled.

There the odd trio would await them. A supposedly content astronaut with a friendly outward demeanor, a government suit, and possibly the largest and most brutish foreigner anyone had ever laid their eyes upon.

"Welcome to UA, young Heroes."
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