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Current I never want to meet any of you subhumans irl lmao
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back to hell
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"I hope you all get cancer. Fuck yous all."
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This was kind of like that 4chan post where the dude accidentally mustard gasses himself and posts live updates instead of seeking medical attention.
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Usually I don't let the supernatural machete wielding killer know when I'm about to skedaddle.


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Her name is Gregany and is between the age of 7 and 70.
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The auditorium door creaked open just an inch, a single eye peering inside. Despite the rockstar attitude and his willingness to make a spectacle of himself, the gravity of today was not on Kaito. Dressed top to bottom in the required school uniform, but still sporting the mouth covering mask he favored, the musically inclined hero-to-be entered the auditorium with careful hesitance.

Unlike on the bus, Kaito was not carrying an instrument. Everything he could play had already been donated to the school by his grandfather the very instant news of his grandsons acceptance had caught the doting old mans ears.
With the school unable to purchase quality instruments or anything with variety, it had fallen to Haruto Recordings to follow through.

Kaito had spent the morning unloading a van full of the charitable donations himself. One of the seldom used rooms in the school now stocked dozens of instruments. Guitars, brass horns, clarinets, a drum set, even a heavy piano had been brought in.

With that all done it was still early for the assembly when Kaito finally made his appearance. His nerves were so wound up tight you could have played them with a violin bow.
Nervously, Kaito approached the gentleman sitting in the front row and mustered the courage to make the moment happen.

"H-hey! Is, uh.. this spot? Taken?"

Since the assembly hadn’t begun yet, Kenji decided to send a quick update text to his mom back home. He figured that out here the reception would be weak up here but he was relieved to see the message go through even on his old dated brick of a phone.

Hey mom.I made it. Talk 2 u soon.

He was so focused on trying to type on the ancient numerical keypad that he almost didn’t smell someone coming until they had asked for the seat next to him. Kenji’s hair-like antennae perked up suddenly and he looked up to see another male student, who was so visibly nervous that Kenji could tell even through the mask that covered his face. But it was a much more welcoming sight to see someone like that than the so far highly confrontational students he had met today. And more amazingly he actually wanted to sit next to the heavy-set kid with the freaky antennae. Kenji half-expected the seats adjacent to him to go empty as usual.

“No, uh. No have a seat, please.” Kenji invited as he made sure he was not sitting too close to either seat, excited at the prospect of having a normal talk with a classmate and not wanting to make them feel uncomfortable. “My name is Kenji.”

"Kaito. It's nice to see another early riser here." Smiling genuinely, Kaito took a seat on the left of the antennae boy and dropped his simple black messenger bag into the seat next to himself. Settled in nicely, he extended his right hand out. "My grandpa always says a handshake is the first brick in a new friendships foundation. What say you?"

Having been tuning the instruments earlier, playing a few parts from various songs, the moment they touched hands would activate his quirk POWER CHORD. Like a small shot of adrenaline it would boost the recipients body, making them stronger, faster, their mind briefly more alert. Something he always forgot he could do after a good song.

Kenji saw the outreached hand as a monumental gesture, and people weren’t usually so quick to propose being friends with a bug. He had a big toothy smile as he reached his own hand out to complete the greeting.

“I say your grandpa sounds like a wise ma- WOAH!” Kenji blurted suddenly as his armored hand met Kaito’s. Suddenly, he felt like he could take on the world. It was as if he had never walked all that way to the academy at all and had instead parachuted in from low earth orbit and just had six cups of coffee. The sudden strength boost forced Kenji to loosen his grip and let go for fear of crushing Kaito’s hand in shock. And he could swear that he could SMELL a plant walk into the room just then. His head snapped towards the door to see that he was RIGHT, but he turned back to Kaito promptly. “What just happened?! I feel amazing!” Kenji sputtered as he tried to lower his voice during this moment of sudden enigmatic invigoration.

"O-oh! Sorry! My Quirk, Power Chord. I'm a support booster type and i must have still held a charge from earlier! Sorry! J-just.. stay calm. Your physical strengths have been temporarily amplified but it'll wear off." Of all the stupid things he could have done he just had to go and supercharge a classmate again. There wouldn't be anything to worry about since it wore off quickly but for now this boy likely had 2x his normal strengths.

"Try to be careful with yourself. Big guy like you could probably turn one of these chairs into a scrap metal ball while you're boosted. Sorry!"

“No no don’t apologize. That’s an amazing quirk! I feel so renewed now, actually, thank you.” Kenji buzzed in gratitude, even if he didn’t mean to the sudden boost was practically life-giving after the long trip. He just hoped that it didn’t work like caffeine and cause him to crash when it did wear off. “My quirk is uh-- less so.” Kenji admitted finally, not quite eager to explain that he was basically just a giant bug. “I guess, the easiest way I’d explain it, is that I have armored skin and enhanced strength. I can normally lift about one thousand pounds, but right now I feel like I could lift a lot more. Also, those hairs on the top of my head that keep moving around aren't actually hair and are more like a second nose. They’re really sensitive though...” he trailed off after catching himself in a minor rant.

He stopped himself before he went any further with it, and he became still save for the twitching hairs scanning the room like they had a mind of their own. He managed an apologetic grin and laughed at himself.

“Sorry, I got a bit carried away there.”

"No need to be sorry, I think your quirk sounds awesome! With a heavy lifter around to boost I think you and me should get on famously. I'll even let you join my band when we get going. Might be getting ahead of myself here but, damnit, this is so exciting!" Kaito's eyes were bright and manic with his barely contained excitement. No doubt beneath his face mask there was a broad smile across his features. "Lets work hard to become pros! You with me?"

The excitement was shared equally between them with the quickly forming bond and the apparent synergy of their quirks. Kenji nodded and gripped the sides of his chair to contain himself, inadvertently causing the metal to bend in his grip to leave a perfect hand print on each side. His antennae perked up as if they too were excited for what was to come.

"Yeah. We'll be top heroes one day, I'm sure of it." Kenji promised with an ear to ear grin.

End of Collab

Then, another student approached Kenji and quickly took the seat next to him and opposite of Kaito. Kenji turned to greet her politely, though with the accidental boost from Kaito still active he became very hyper aware of her smell. His antennae flicked about and he could tell that she was freshly showered, but there was a lingering stench that he couldn't quite place. Maybe she had spilled some food on her belongings a few days ago and the residue had gone sour, and maybe no one else could tell but him, but it was certainly there. Still, he wouldn't be improper and smiled at her through his discomfort.

"H-hi, I'm Ito Kenji. Pleasure to make your acquaintance."

The interior of the school was surprisingly nice; it was decorative, welcoming, and warm. Oh sweet warmth. Just as soon as he had made it into the hall, a commanding voice asked him and the other students to leave their things by the door. Kenji looked visibly nervous about doing so and gripped the straps of his hiking back tightly. For the past three days of walking it had seldom left his back, and he wondered if taking it off now would finally let his fatigue settle in on him. It was heavy, far too heavy for any sensible student to have carried all the way up the mountain. He had practically packed his entire bedroom from home, disassembled steel framed furniture and all. Setting it down normally would make a commotion, but he didn't want to ignore a polite request. Even as the students were finally let inside the tensions had certainly not gone down between all of the highly competitive students, so he took the moment people were distracted to leave his things behind.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Kenji lifted the weight of the pack off of his shoulders by the wall. His arms shook like he was touching a live wire as his anxiety about this simple task began to overtake him, but miraculously he managed to set down the 800lb hiking bag without incident. The floor quivered and squeaked slightly under the weight of the pack as Kenji took a moment to enjoy the incredible feeling of weightlessness before returning on his way to the assembly hall. On the way, he stopped for a moment to appreciate the beautiful courtyard. The school certainly looked more impressive inside rather than what they could see from the front.

It was very plain looking, big and empty save for enough chairs for the first student body the school had yet seen. It was all expected by him though, in fact it was more than expected. The place looked beautiful for a new and less funded academy. Kenji decided to get the front-most row he could possibly achieve, he wanted to be close to the opening ceremony for the school that would change his life forever.
Kenji Ito

Quirk: Beetle!

Kenji felt absolutely exultant during his exchange with Tanifuji. At that moment he could take solace in the fact that at least the teachers were normal here. Protective, wise, guiding hands who would show him the path to his destin--


Kenji turned to see a very frightened student fleeing from the mere sight of the sweet woman he had just met, utterly confused. Then he remembered something that stirred him up a bit. During his own entrance exam, him and some other students were taught a very good lesson about picking your battles when they faced the croc teacher. If that man wasn't really a teacher it was wholly possible that none of them would have made it out alive. A horrifying thought occurred to Kenji that a fear response like that would likely be tipped off by something of the same scale, and that she could do just the same. His eyes widened almost imperceptibly, and Kenji wasted no time following the instructions of Tanifuji and continuing on inside.

These guys might not be as famous as All Might was, but they're heroes all the same. Strong ones. They could pull these bunch of misfits into something greater.

Another student bumped into him, strange as he had carefully avoided being in a cluster. Was it on purpose? He apologized, but the look on his face wasn't convincing as he walked past. Then, he overheard what he had said. Yep, it was definitely on purpose. Another competitive student trying to convince everybody that they were the best of the lot. But Kenji, all but completely used to the notion of antagonizing students by now, only wondered if that boy hurt his elbow.

Though, they have their work cut out for them.

Kenji Ito

Quirk: Beetle!

The encounter, thankfully, was over. The blast of wind in Kenji’s face came as a bit of a surprise, but if it wasn’t for the tension of the situation he might have laughed. The cold air suddenly going from slight breeze to a short gust pushing on his exoskeleton at most gave him a shiver. He understood that the fiery student hadn’t intended on hurting him, but he might have equated it to a warning shot.

“His quirk is so cool…” Kenji thought to himself as Akeno wordlessly left his side and windboy was carted off by more confrontational students. Now that he had thought about it, he had been so wrapped up by the school and the one-sided screaming match that he hadn’t at all scoped out the other students save for someone he had already met at the exam. He hoped that soon he would get to meet all sorts of interesting people.

Then, finally, the teachers intervened in the situation. As if by magic the previously aggressive student was completely pacified by the smiling man. He didn’t recognize him exactly, but something about him was oddly familiar. It was finally starting to calm down outside as people were being let into the building. Kenji shuffled in with the rest of the students, keeping his distance from denser parts of the crowd.

He was stopped by a taller woman, much taller. The very same that called the students into the building. Not to his surprise, she very kindly checked up on him after witnessing the event preceding. Very teacher-like.

“Heh. I’ll admit he gave me a jump, b-but I don’t think he’s all that bad. I think he’s just as excited as I am, and he just has a different way of showing it than I do. I’m-- I’m sure we’ll get along eventually.” Kenji smiled, his antennae re-positioned themselves in a slightly upward angle.

I hope.

“You’re a teacher, right? I’m Ito Kenji, I look forward to attending this academy.” Kenji bowed briefly before standing up straight and heaved his hiking pack higher up to adjust it once again before marching inside with the rest of the students.

I hope everyone is on the discord by now because this OOC is prob gonna be desolate because of it lmao
wut i think

Character sheets are an important medium of reference for authors writing for a personality that goes beyond just a self-insert. What you want to think is "what, based on my character's unique history and motivations, would THEY say or do here". Having a character sheet there for you to fall back on helps to follow that line of thinking and not have the character gradually become an idealized version of the writer behind them.

Also they help with consistency for all parties. Did this character have blonde or black hair? Is my character comparatively shorter or taller than them? I don't want to write that I'm gazing up at them after forgetting that my character is actually 6 inches taller! Where was that scar at? What was their siblings name again?

Writers can forget a lot of these things over the corse of dozens of posts, but we shouldn't make that mean that our character somehow "forgot" whether they met their best friend in 3rd grade or 4th grade. It just isn't realistic.

I should also mention my position on overly complicated character sheets. It is good to leave some of these things a secret to your group/partner so that there can still be a shocking reveal later in the narrative. And also we shouldn't forget that making character sheets is ultimately useless when we abandon the stories they were for and just move on to the next character.

Making a character sheet is fun, but the real fun is what comes next.
Kenji Ito

Quirk: Beetle!

"Yeah, I'm fine. I got a few bruises but that's nothing new. No worries there." Kenji assured, rather quickly. He knew more than anybody that his quirk wasn't exactly obvious. To everybody else he just looked like an unassuming overweight dorky kid. The beatdown he received while trying his best to stop the efforts of the mock villain probably looked like a lot more than he could actually handle. It didn't matter now, soon he'd have the chance to change that view.

Taking the advice of Akeno, started wordlessly following the teacher. He was relieved to see that he wasn't the last up the mountain after all. Students were still following in, some even got a ride all the way up the mountain. It wasn't really a competitive thing to him, well, not entirely anyway. It was more about his own need to show that he was up to the challenge, and a driving desire to improve upon himself. He believed that chance was here. And that feeling that further cemented by seeing the building up close for the first time.

This academy was new, underfunded, underdeveloped, and underwhelming. It was like looking into a mirror. In that moment he saw the building for the first time, he knew that coming here was the right choice. If any place could help him grow, it was this academy. Kenji felt the tingle of excitement running up his legs under his chitin, or maybe that was just the cold morning breeze. Either way, he couldn't help but smile here.

Suddenly, over the low roar of the other students, one voice called out much louder than the others. Someone was at the doors leading inside, shouting into the sky like the world needed to hear what he had to say. Kenji didn't quite catch all of his monologue as he was lost in his own thoughts about the school, but what he did hear was that the number one hero had arrived. That was a new kind of excitement all together for him. He had never seen her before except on tv, so he eagerly called back to the voice with his antennae suddenly perking up straight as if trying to sniff her out of the crowd.

"Magical Miracle Purity Light?! Where?!" Kenji buzzed, his eyes filled with starry wonder.
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Kenji Ito

Quirk: Beetle!

The sudden small playful punch to his shoulder jolted Kenji out of fighting with his breath, and he turned to find the culprit was Kudo Akeno. He was surprised yet oddly relieved to see that she made it in too. During his entrance exam he took quite the beating to defend other students rescuing the hostages, but never got any of his own. If they were going by a simple one dummy equals one point rule he would have failed spectacularly. Despite this they had both been invited here, and Kenji had the chance to shed his damaged skeleton before he even made the trip. By appearance now, one might think he had never done the exam in the first place.

"Ah Kudo-san. It's good to see a familiar face up here, haha." he laughed, though it might have just been the last efforts to catch his breath. He couldn't wait to remove the hiking pack he had brought up the mountain with him, it was almost comically huge and getting heavier the longer he had it on. "It's great to finally be here but I hope we get to where we're staying sooner rather than later." he admitted while adjusting the weight on his back.

Kenji's antennae moved about on his head and he almost wished he could turn off his sense of smell right about now, while others probably didn't notice it the stench of all these kids fresh from a mountain scaling was a bit much for him.

You guys smell...
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