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2 hrs ago
Current I never want to meet any of you subhumans irl lmao
2 days ago
back to hell
3 days ago
"I hope you all get cancer. Fuck yous all."
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7 days ago
This was kind of like that 4chan post where the dude accidentally mustard gasses himself and posts live updates instead of seeking medical attention.
7 days ago
Usually I don't let the supernatural machete wielding killer know when I'm about to skedaddle.


You can call me mean names with these contacts

Discord: Apathy#2973
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Steam: Jojo (¬ε¬)

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Lumiere 4 mos ago
I was going to say something about your bio, but then I read it and immediately understood.
Yes. Your bio is better by far. ~_~;
Quote5 4 mos ago
Sorry to bother you but it appears that you have three faces.
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