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Current *thinks in tired*
5 days ago
Sometimes it takes a conscious effort on my part not to freak out over literally everything.
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6 days ago
"I should do X" doesn't always translate to "I will do x" and that probably causes me a lot of problems.
7 days ago
That moment when you find an interesting RP but you can't join because you can't balance it with two other RPs (soon to be up to 4) and school.
9 days ago
I've been here 3 months? It simultaneously seems both a lot shorter and a lot longer than that.


Hey. I am known by many names throughout the internet. Some places I call myself Deadeye, others Disraxar, yet others Gamma. And on Discord I call myself TheGreatMetaphor, or Metaphor for short. The most common name I go by is "Quote", the main character of Cave Story. As you can see, I chose that name for this site.

I mostly just joined this site for a roleplay by a friend of mine, called "Diddly Do", where I play as the sentient spaceship "Ernest".

I spend the vast majority of my free time playing video games. Yes, I know, real mature. Sometimes I also make video games. The closest thing I have to a notable game is "Assimilate", which is still VERY early in development. It is up for download, PM me if you are interested in that sorta thing I guess.

I'm not a big roleplayer. I get involved in a good tabletop RP when I can, which isn't often. While I like the idea of play-by-post RP, I rarely bother to get involved. I want to join more, but I don't really know how. Feel free to invite me to an RP if you'd like to play with me. While I'm not too sure what I want, I'm open to basically everything except for adult RPs.

I might also goof around on the spam forums.

I guess that's it. Feel free to ask me something or give me suggestions on how to expand this. And also feel free to PM for non-RP related things, I like chatting with people.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Bryza (since it's one letter away from the first letter from the first part of Byzantium)
Your wish is granted. You meat alternate dimension you. Alternate you is a real jerk.

I wish I wasn't an emotional, sentimental piece of crap.
I was going to ask what the turtle was for but my computer was all like "nah you don't need to send that message"
@Hokum And to an extent @CmdrAlfieq if he ever responds.
As Ernest
Ernest is a bit concerned. Even though his true body is several times larger than the Queen, he feels very small right now. He's calm demeanor is slightly less calm than normal, but not out of the ordinary for him.

"Ah, yes, that. That craft belongs to a humanoid entity that refers to herself as 'Fanny May'. Miss May is bizar, and appears to be able to defy the laws of physics. However, she is friendly, from what I can tell. You need not worry about her. I apologize for any consearn this caused you. I have been with Miss May ever since I was activated last, and I have no memory before that point in time. I grew used to her abnormalities, and didn't think of mentioning them. Is there anything else you desire to ask, Queen Avika?" The Pod explains.

As Siren and Rodia
Siren ponders the events that just took place. "You truly lead an amazing civilization, commander. I can't even imagine how you obtained all these resources or this technology. I wish we had anything to return to you, but it's clear that there will never be anything we could possibly do to benefit your society until years, possibly decades, of technological progress. And by then you probably would have advanced greatly as well..."

Siren's voice trails off. This advanced technology, I could use it to achieve what I- She cuts herself off mid-thought. Better be careful, since Aoa seems to be able to read her mind. Best be careful what she thinks about.

Siren continues. "Anyway, yes, go ahead and download the knowledge. It appears you have the situation under control at the moment. Is there anything you need me here for still? If not, I would like to visit your planet myself."


Lars and Gamma are slightly confused. Mostly Lars.

Lars: "Wh... What just happened?"

Gamma: "I think Hokum and Quote had another misunderstanding"

Lars: "Jeez, stop that 4th wall breaking! It's going to stop being funny eventually!"

Gamma: "No."

Lars then notices the numorus Sporn unites coming to great them. Being the official ambassador of Rodia, he figures it's his job to introduce them. "Greetings, Sporn units! I am sure you are all aware of Rodia, the space station that has been unintentionally brought into orbit of your home. I am R-1-28 Lars, the primary ambassador Rodia. And this is R-1-0 Gamma-" Lars was trying to introduce Gamma, but Gamma appears to have wandered off.

Lars continues: "Well, I'm pretty sure you all saw Gamma."

Gamma has wandered off, probably trying to chat with a Sporn, and making a shameless fool of himself, probably.

As Ramrod
Ramrod walks over to a workshop of one exists. Once there, he requests materials, and then gets to work making... something. It's mechanic. That's all I know. The dope is seeping further into Ramrod's metaphorical brain with every second. The higher Ramrod gets, the less controle I have over him. So whatever he makes will be a mystery even to me until he's done.

Surprisingly, as Ramrod gets more stones, his memory of that night he blacked out is getting clearer. He did in fact make a spaceship. A massive one at that, probably at least 600 Meters long, and it didn't look like anything else Ramrod had made or seen. And it was made out of incredibly alloys.... especially the center, he specifically remembers the absolute center of the spaceship he had made was nearly indestructible. But if only he remembered the metal he used to make it... But wait! Maybe this spaceship can figure it out!

"Yo, spaceship." Ramrod Mraoh'd. "You think you could recreate that mraoh'ing metal I used for the core of that mraoh'ing spaceship I don't remember much of that I made when I was mraoh'ind drunk?"
"most iconic spam duo" well gosh dang if I couldn't guess who would win that.

Anyway, seems like a neet idea though. I don't have any way to support this other than saying it's neet though.
It is
That's my spot, penguin.
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