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1 yr ago
Current my indefinite hiatus might be shorter than anticipated. Not making any promises.
2 yrs ago
The few people who care I exist deserve an explanation for my absence. There is one in my bio.
2 yrs ago
I want to sleep for 38 hours.
2 yrs ago
Most of my RPs have died. Maybe I should join some more?
2 yrs ago
Ah yes, Valentines day. the worst day to be single.
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I think I own an explanation to the few people who care I exist.
As of making this version of my bio, I have recently graduated high school. Right after it broke me.
Stress has killed a lot of my interest in.... everything, really. Including messing around on the spam forums and most forms of Roleplay.
I've gone on hiatus from roleplay that will be, for as far as I can see, indefinite.
Hopefully I'm wrong about that.

If you still want to contact me for any reason, there's always my discord.

Thanks for stopping by.

Discord: TheGreatMetaphor#4224

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