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24 hrs ago
Current Looking for places to shamelessly plug the my game.
2 days ago
My sentient plush cat character has been kidnapped by a 20 mile long ship. Didn't see that coming.
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4 days ago
All of the good 1x1 RPs and all the good romance RPs are all 18+. That's really annoying.
5 days ago
My phone has three volumes: Silent, absurdly loud, and even louder.
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9 days ago
So apparently I'm an idiot who doesn't know how to keep track of giant space ribbons or the story in Diddly Do.


Hey. I am known by many names throughout the internet. Some places I call myself Deadeye, others Disraxar, yet others Gamma. And on Discord I call myself The Great Metaphor (with no spaces normally), or Metaphor for short. The most common name I go by is "Quote", the main character of Cave Story. As you can see, I chose that name for this site.

I mostly just joined this site for a roleplay by a friend of mine, called "Diddly Do", where I play as the sentient spaceship "Ernest".

I spend the vast majority of my free time playing video games. Yes, I know, real mature. Sometimes I also make video games. The closest thing I have to a notable game is "Assimilate", which is still VERY early in development. It is up for download, PM me if you are interested in that sorta thing I guess.

I'm not a big roleplayer. I get involved in a good tabletop RP when I can, which isn't often. While I like the idea of play-by-post RP, I rarely bother to get involved. I want to join more, but I don't really know how. Feel free to invite me to an RP if you'd like to play with me. While I'm not too sure what I want, I'm open to basically everything except for adult RPs.

I might also goof around on the spam forums.

I guess that's it. Feel free to ask me something or give me suggestions on how to expand this.

Thanks for stopping by.

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