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20 days ago
Most of my RPs have died. Maybe I should join some more?
1 mo ago
Ah yes, Valentines day. the worst day to be single.
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1 mo ago
Step 1: Clear your mind. I'm still trying to figure out step 2.
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1 mo ago
2 mos ago
*lurks lurkingly*


I am Quote5.
Turn back while you still can.

RP Search Status:
I would be open to an RP in theory. School has other ideas.

Skill Level:
What skill?

1x1 Preferences:
...Who would want to do a 1x1 with me?

If you want to know anything else about me, shoot me a message.

Thanks for stopping by.

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*stumbles into this madness*



Turn back before it's too late, you can still save yourself from the spam.
Banned for not being confused.
Banned for banning someone for not having 2019 posts when you yourself do not have 2019 posts.
<Snipped quote by Ladypug>

Banned for not stealing.
Nyan Cat! :D
Banned for having miracle bean water.

This is a game to you, isn't it?
Banned because we need another subject so people don't get confused with the bans. (like me)
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