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4 days ago
12 posts a day. Yeah, I spend too much time on spam.
5 days ago
I forgot my own character's name again.
7 days ago
I think I spend too much time on spam.
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8 days ago
Sometimes you just gotta accept the typo.
16 days ago
The roleplay I am GMing is dying before my eyes and I need to progress the story to try to save it, so this is a really bad time for writer's block.


Hey. I am known by many names throughout the internet. Some places I call myself Deadeye, others Disraxar, yet others Gamma. And on Discord I call myself TheGreatMetaphor, or Metaphor for short. The most common name I go by is "Quote", the main character of Cave Story. As you can see, I chose that name for this site.

I mostly just joined this site for a roleplay by a friend of mine, called "Diddly Do", where I play as the sentient spaceship "Ernest".

I spend the vast majority of my free time playing video games. Yes, I know, real mature. Sometimes I also make video games. The closest thing I have to a notable game is "Assimilate", which is still VERY early in development. It is up for download, PM me if you are interested in that sorta thing I guess.

I'm not a big roleplayer. I get involved in a good tabletop RP when I can, which isn't often. While I like the idea of play-by-post RP, I rarely bother to get involved. I want to join more, but I don't really know how. Feel free to invite me to an RP if you'd like to play with me. While I'm not too sure what I want, I'm open to basically everything except for adult RPs.

I might also goof around on the spam forums.

I guess that's it. Feel free to ask me something or give me suggestions on how to expand this. And also feel free to PM for non-RP related things, I like chatting with people.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Banned for banning me for banning you for something Shadow Dragon already did and was banned for.
banned for pointing out that Shadow Dragon is their signature and not their profile pic.
*grabs popcorn*
I don't know what you just posted but I'm pretty sure I disaprove.
Banned because that's not true. it's gotta me at least 90% of my posts.

(Besides, you are the one to talk)
My spot
Banned because shouldn't and doesn't don't always correlate.
Banned because if I were putting in effort I would attempt to respond to your spanish with spanish.
Banned because I don't speak spanish. Understanding that much took some effort.
@Shadow Dragon
*casually walks back in* That was darn rude of you.
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