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Current I think I'm cursed. Seriously, it seems like when I join an RP I really wanna get into and enjoy, 9 times out of 10, said RP grinds to a near halt and what not.
1 yr ago
Just came back from watching Moana. Man, what an amazing movie. Seriously, if any of you get the chance to see it, do so. You won't regret it XD
1 yr ago
Finally got to see The Book Of Life last night. Gotta say, it was really flipping good XD


Gamer here. Nobody special, just someone making his way through life one day at a time, working towards
a brighter future. I'm looking for roleplays that have more of a Supernatural vibe to them, or Urban Fantasy,
something involving Super Powers, or even something Anime-Inspired. Any of these will do.

My Skype name is the same as on here. As for other interesting things? Well...Cracker Chips are actually quite
delicious XD

I'm something of an Otaku so I'm a fan of shows like Kamen Rider, GARO, Pretty Cure (or Magical Girl Shows in general),
Ultraman, and what not.

Will probably update this when I got more to talk about.

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So, I take it this thread is either dead or on hiatus right now?

Sheena blinked in surprise and turned to see that other angels had gathered, possibly to listen. "Oh...I guess I do," She glanced back at Diana, "You be correct. My name is Sheena, something of a recent arrival around these parts," The witch figured it be alright to at least share some info about herself since it was likely she and this "Diana" person would be working together in the near-future. "As you can tell by my attire, I'm a Witch, got recruited by Ciel to help in the conflict against the demons and the Machina. Also, this here is my familiar, Shade,"

She nodded to her shadow friend whom bowed its head respectfully before gesturing to the violin again, earning an sigh from the former human, "Again? Really?" It nodded before gesturing to her audience, and Sheena decided to go along with her partner's request, "Alright, alright. I suppose I can't let my audience down, right?" Sheena readied her violin again and played yet another soft and sweet melody that drifted through the air and the surrounding area.

Shade took the bag of cookies and went over beside Diana to offer her some.
Bumping once again.

After leaving her new wolf friend, Sheena had proceeded to occupy herself by just wandering around the area, feeling she might as well enjoy this moment of peace while she had the chance. At one point though, her hat started to squirm and she took it off only for it to form into her familiar, Shade, "What's wrong, partner?" Her friend pointed to a balcony overlooking the kingdom and she got the message, "Ah, gotcha,"

She placed her friend on the railing of said balcony so they could look out over at everything. Sheena had to admit that while some of the Angels around here tended to be full of themselves, they certainly had some really gorgeous architecture, from the marble palaces and roads to the waterfalls flowing down the small floating islands. As she was watching though, her familiar tapped her on the side, "Hmm?" Shade opened up her bag and pulled out her violin, causing the witch to blush, "Really? Now of all places?"

Her familiar pushed the violin towards her insistently, making Sheena roll her eyes, "I don't know...I don't want us to get in trouble for causing a commotion, and you knows I'm not the best at this..."

"If that is the case, you will not improve unless you practice..." came a voice that only Sheena could hear. She glanced down at her familiar but their mouth did not move, "Besides, when have you and I/Us cared about rules?" They seemed to wear the barest hint of a smirk at this.

Sheena let out a long sigh before picking up said violin, "Fine, but only for you...and if we get in trouble, you're taking the fall." Shade's only response was to grab Sheena's Void Pouch and start pulling out cookies to munch on. The witch took a seat as she readied herself and started to play the violin, and although the tunes started off with a bit of an awkward and even harsh tone, Sheena pressed onwards and soon found herself playing a more sweet and elegant tune which flowed through the air around them.

Anyone passing through would almost certainly being able to pick up on it....

Bumping this.
Hmm, trying to decide what to do. Whether to go with the typical Magical Girl setup or try the Corruption/Dark Magical Girl thing. Any input?
So, how many folks you accepting? Also, is there a strict guideline to sheets aside from the one on the Characters page?
So yeah, felt this was as good a place to ask this as any. Like the title says, looking for people to write Yuri RPs with. Those of you interested can contact me in the PM system and we can work out the details from there. If it helps, I'm familiar with:

Magical Girl Anime like Symphogear, Madoka, and others

If you're willing to list any, I'll let you know if I'm familiar or not.

Or I'm good with more Urban Fantasy material, if that helps too.

Sample Post:

@The 42nd Gecko, @GamerXZ

Both of your characters are accepted. Place them into the Character Tab.

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