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7 mos ago
Current I think I'm cursed. Seriously, it seems like when I join an RP I really wanna get into and enjoy, 9 times out of 10, said RP grinds to a near halt and what not.
1 yr ago
Just came back from watching Moana. Man, what an amazing movie. Seriously, if any of you get the chance to see it, do so. You won't regret it XD
1 yr ago
Finally got to see The Book Of Life last night. Gotta say, it was really flipping good XD


Gamer here. Nobody special, just someone making his way through life one day at a time, working towards
a brighter future. I'm looking for roleplays that have more of a Supernatural vibe to them, or Urban Fantasy,
something involving Super Powers, or even something Anime-Inspired. Any of these will do.

My Skype name is the same as on here. As for other interesting things? Well...Cracker Chips are actually quite
delicious XD

I'm something of an Otaku so I'm a fan of shows like Kamen Rider, GARO, Pretty Cure (or Magical Girl Shows in general),
Ultraman, and what not.

Will probably update this when I got more to talk about.

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I'd also like to ask if you're still accepting.
So, who's next to post?
So, is SIN the only one we're waiting on now?

Hope you do realize that a Metal Monster (@Inner Demon) is going to try and stop you from entering the bar.

Probably with violence.

A lot of it.

Huh...well, that ought to be fun XD
Also, do you guys think we could use a Discord chat room for this RP?

You couldve been a citizen of The Broken Dream that Omor picked to come along. She sees her citizens like children

That could work, though I had the idea Alan/Aurora are explorers and tend not to stay in one place for very long.


As the people on the streets below went about their business, just over their heads, seated on top of a roof providing a good vantage point, sat Alan, or if you wanted to get technical Aurora 2.0. The two looked identical in almost every way, in fact, if it weren't for the faint shade of blue in the clone's hair, and the fact their head piece was on the opposite side, you could swear they were twins.

Alan had never been one to enjoy crowded areas and this place was no exception. Still, his crew had to make a pit stop and take care of a few errands so he and Aurora took the opportunity to get some fresh air. As his partner went off to find some good deals, he was just resting here and letting his mind wander as he once more reflected on what his father was up to...and what he would think of his son in this situation.

Of course, his thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice,"You know. I'm not one to judge when it comes to picking spots to take a nap, but the top of a building in a busy district may attract the wrong kind of attention."

Alan opened an eye and leered over at where his friend, Aurora stood, smiling brightly, "Well, well, this is a surprise. Didn't feel like spending another three hours looking for the right kind of sprinkles to go on cupcakes?" Despite his words, he/she smirked at their friend.

"Very funny," Aurora stuck out her tongue playfully before taking a seat next to them, "So, thinking about your dad again?" The former human tilted his head at this while the siren rolled her eyes, "Oh come on. I don't need psychic powers to know when you're in one of your moods," She sighed, "Look, I get that you wanna make things right with him...but if you focus on that one thing you're gonna lose out on the good things you got right me, for instance," She winked at him, causing the lad to chuckle.

"But seriously, think about it..." She floated away from him and spun in a circle with her arms out as if trying to hold the world in her hands, "You and me...we got the ability to go anywhere, do anything we want, and nothing can stop us. There's so many beautiful places I wanna show you and things I need to teach you too! So please..." She floated back and took his hand, "Let's...just enjoy this moment...ok?"

Alan looked down for a moment....before nodding, "Yeah, you maybe right...let's go do something fun."

Aurora squealed and yanked him off the roof causing the two to fall towards the floor, passing by several rafters...only for a single figure, their fused self, to gently float to the ground and take a look around before turning to enter the bar.

@Lovisa Coldeyes
@GamerXZSounds good to me.

@KiwiwiwiNo problem. Haha thanks! that's 80% the crew of the Empirion gone in one person. = ^D

Also, I know you said I'm part of Omorfia's crew but at the start of the RP am I Already part of her crew? Sorry if I'm being redundant XD
@GamerXZYes. You are part of Omorfia's@Lovisa Coldeyes crew.

Thanks XD

I'll have a post up sometime tomorrow. Gotta sleep now XD
Everything on the sheets were fine and accepted. She can do w/e with inanimate objects or plants. Just keep in mind when using telepathy on sentient organics, she can throw someone across the room a couple times but that should be about the limit. I would think the stronger the mind of the person she's trying to move, the harder it is to move them. So someone with a weak mind can be flung. But someone with a strong mind or mild telepathy would be like trying to push a stove with sticky wheels.

Alright, thanks XD

So, do I start on Luna 2 since I'm Freelander?
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