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When everyone's back was turned, the Grim Reaper dispelled its armorsuit in a mist of golden dust, which disappeared into a pendant. Then it threw back the hood and stepped outside. The market was busy as usual that day. Four women fought over who would buy the last watermelon from a fruit vendor, and several men lined up behind a blacksmith's stall for his high-quality steel weapons. Children played in the streets, under people's legs, over display stands, and generally ran roughshod over everything they encountered.

The Reaper took a moment to take inventory. Five arrows are hardly enough for a good hunt. I should pay a visit to Yar for a new batch. Not for his lazuli powder, though - I can get it cheaper a few blocks down. Having decided upon a strategy, the Reaper approached Yar's stall and examined the produce.

"Top of the mornin' to ya!" the thick-bearded man called out. "What can I do ya fer?"
The Reaper offered a salute and a smile. "Greetings, Yar. I have come for more of your excellent arrows."
Yar paled. "Er, yes, um, have a look."

The Reaper did look.

And picked up one arrow and held it up for Yar to see. "Pardon me, but this is not an arrow. This is a splinter dressed up as an arrow. The wood is rotten, the feathers are old, and the arrowhead is brittle. I could make an all-wooden arrow better than this one. Product quality has dropped precipitously since the last time I visited." Reaper planted both hands on the stall and leaned forward, expression softened into pity. "What happened, Yar?"

Yar shrank back and started to shake. "I knew nothin' would get past you."
"What happened?" The Reaper repeated. "I know your father makes the arrows. Did something happen to Fargen?"
The man nodded. "He took seer'sly ill last fortnight, and he ain't gettin' no better. The local healers think he's been poisoned, but they can't make no heads nor tails of it. I think he's gonna bite the dust soon."
The Reaper clutched its chest. "By all that is holy, that does sound serious indeed. Shall I stop by your place on my way out?"
Tears of joy formed in Yar's eyes. "Oh please if you could please, I'd be eternally grateful to ya! I'll...I'll give ya a discount! Free arrows!"
The Reaper shook its head. "In truth, I am a little short on coin at the moment, so my standard rate of two crowns should suffice for payment. In fact, I will cut you a discount. I will charge only one crown, but you must promise to use the other to buy better arrows. I know a hunter in Blackthorn by the name of...Morrin, I think it was, who makes exceptional iron-clad arrows at a reasonable rate."
Yar shook his head. "You are too kind, far too kind for the likes of me. Shouldn't you be chargin' me for this info?"
The Reaper cracked a half-smile. "Certainly not! The journey is frightfully taxing, and I would much rather someone else took the trouble. You will be doing me a favor."
"Thank you. Thank you so much!"

They exchanged currency, shook hands, and the Reaper left for its next stop - the alchemist's stall, where lazuli powder was sold. On the way there, however, it spotted a news parchment hanging by a nail on a house wall. The Reaper ripped it off.

Princess Isabella Visits Midhaven
King Enraged

Crud crud crud

The Reaper raced back to the pub and summoned its invisible armor back on as it ran. That blithering idiot! The king is going to kill her! I have to warn the princess!
@ineffable Or, if all else fails, pass on this turn and let the GM create you a hook. PM me if you'd like to work something out. I recognize that I didn't exactly give the story an inspiring start, which can easily put a lid on creativity, so I'm working frantically to spice it up. Don't hesitate to let me know if you're still stuck.
Consider how Isabella would react in this situation. Her father the King has made motions to arrest her. Her half-sister is Void-possessed and probably dead. The King was just summoning something, the Reaper supposedly. He allegedly tried to help her sister. If she really loved her sister, she might either explode in anger at someone or break down crying. I could see her reminiscing about their time together. Or, she might put her magic skills to work, whether to finish the summoning, cure her sister, or maybe throw someone around the room. How Isabella reacts depends on how she interprets the information received.

Or you could take a break from the palace and play with some NPCs for a bit to set up a linking event, like a servant dodging guards to deliver an urgent message. I'd toyed with that idea for a while.

You've got some possibilities. ^_^
@Samdragonx Wait, what character sheet?
Reaper thinks Ravadon is hot. Think they could be friends? xD
@ineffable All but Kiera are about to do so, actually. ETA is about 2-3 more posting rounds.
Upon closer inspection, Evelyn's ailment appeared more disturbing. The gray hue of her skin came from blackened blood flowing through her veins. Dark traces had formed around her eyes. Any mage worth her salt would recognize the symptoms:

Void possession.

And she would know what it meant: that her stepsister was either gone, or nearly so. The possessing Voidspawn could dominate any lifeless but functional human body, and if the host were on the verge of death, they could expedite the process by shoving out the victim's soul. Dual possession was rare, so if a person became corrupted, it almost always meant the original soul inside it was gone. Whatever the king's faults, killing Evelyn and destroying the Voidspawn with a spell of some sort was probably the best course of action- if he could pull it off. Only the Grim Reaper could do it reliably.

Yet, Sir Byron had recently observed Evelyn crying in her bedroom. Either 1) he was lying, 2) the Voidspawn was crying, or 3) the possession was recent.
A glowing circle traced around the three travelers, and soon filled with all the runes and calculations of a teleportation matrix. There was a flash. Just like that, they stepped out onto a busy street in downtown Midhaven, right smack in the central highway to the palace. Horse-drawn carts rattled down the cobblestone streets, and thousands of pack-laden couriers, merchants, and soldiers clogged the road. The Reaper yanked Ravadon and Edward into a nearby pub, where muddy miners and soggy contractors forgot their caked-on sweat and blood with a few gallons of alcohol.

If the stench didn't turn off the visitors to the establishment, then surely the raucous partying would. Men and women alike would jump onto tables and try to turn the place upside down with their wretched songs and sloppy dancing, only to find that they couldn't first determine which way was right side up. Ironically, half the establishment did, in fact, get turned upside down that way, though less by intention and more by drunken balancing contests gone awry.

The Reaper placed a hand on Ravadon's and Edward's shoulders. "I am going out for a bit. You may order food here, but do not drink any alcohol, as we will soon be traveling into the dangerous world of nobility. Use my name when you order; the staff know me, and will put everything on my tab. I shall return shortly. Stay out of trouble."

With that, the Reaper vanished, leaving the two men drowned in a sea of idiots for the near future. And the last command to stay out of trouble?

The group of men staring at them were going to make that very difficult...

Ravadon sheathed Gladius. "Ah, well. Yes, you may accompany wherever I've inspired you to go," he bragged. "Just don't keep my glory waiting when you meddle in your inferior affairs."

The Reaper turned to him. "Now, look here, you little-" It began, and suddenly cut itself off. The Reaper looked him over from head to toe and let out a low whistle. "Goodness gracious. You certainly did not speak in jest, I will give you that. 'Tis a pity you put on any clothes earlier."

A snort of laughter broke away from under the hood. "So long as you do not distract me from my mission, I shall not mar your glorious figure. And Edward, you are absolutely right about lunch. Warriors cannot fight on an empty stomach. We will stop by the market before reaching our final destination. Is everyone ready?"
Your turn. ;)
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