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In Star Trader 3 hrs ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
"Those are so lame. You're obviously not a ninja," the tall girl chided.
Ed guffawed. "I don't know about obviously. If she were a ninja, you'd never know. That's kind of the point, isn't it?" He winked at Sofie, remembering that only an hour ago, she'd tried to kill him with a knife. For all he knew, she was a ninja. But if so, then what was the lie? It couldn't have been the bakery - she'd confessed to him earlier that they owned one.

While he mulled over it, the instructor clapped his hands to get everyone's attention. "Okay, class! Fun game, fun game. So, normally we'd spend our time in the classroom, but for this semester, I made a strategic acquisition - we'll be studying aboard a starship! Follow me to the launchpad."

Ed took this opportunity to get closer to Sofie again. As the students filed out of the classroom behind the professor, Ed grinned at Sofie and remarked, "Best morning ever, am I right?"
In Star Trader 3 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Ooh, I just had a thought. Since Ed has had an opportunity to show off his character to Sofie, why not give Sofie a chance to show off her character to Ed? Maybe we can have Ed fall sick or something, or maybe when we get on the ship, he gets totally lost and has a lot of difficulty learning the subject matter. Then Sofie can come to his rescue and help him get back on his feet.

What do you think?
In Star Trader 3 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
You and I are thinking alike, then! Their midnight discussions will be crucial to their development, IMO.

Any other NPCs you want to introduce before we move the story along?
In Star Trader 4 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
I've been working on it on and off but can't seem to fully get into it.

You know, I was just thinking the same thing yesterday. Something about the RP isn't quite feeling fun, and I'm not looking forward to posting like I used to. I'm thinking that the problem is lack of character interaction. Ed and Sofie are mainly interacting with NPCs, not with each other. Is there a way we can put Ed and Sofie next to each other?

In Star Trader 5 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Right now, we're introducing various important characters. Ed and Sofie will need a good lawyer on their team, which Kish Warburton (pronounced Wah-buh-tun) can fill. I'm thinking the tall girl can be a competitive rival.
In Star Trader 5 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
"Hey there, my name is Taylor! I really like that sweater, by the way." Taylor rattled on and on with Sofie, and from the way Sofie shrank in her seat and closed her posture, she wanted to be left alone. Ed smiled a little. That girl could use a few friends He turned to the kid sitting beside him - none other than Somerset Bergson himself. He'd know that ugly mug anywhere. Ed glanced back at Sofie.

I stand corrected. I know how you feel now.

The chatter died down as the professor walked into the room. His gait was stiff and unrefined, as if his limbs were part robot. He stopped at the head of the classroom and folded his arms.

"Good morning, everyone! I'm Gregory Bahnsen, retired merchant from a guild called the Azure Armada. You may have heard of us; we fought in a few key battles of the Revolution. But we're still traders at heart, and for this semester, I'll be sharing the tricks of the trade with you all. Let's start off with a game."

He handed out blank cards to every student. "On your card, write your name and three facts about yourself. One of those facts will be a lie, and the first person to guess correctly gets to go next. No repeaters, please. The goal of this exercise is threefold: to begin the process of making business connections, to break the ice and get comfortable learning things in the classroom, and of course to give me an excuse to learn everyone's names. Once we've gone around the whole room, I'll take everyone to a very special place. It's gonna be a blast!"

"I shall begin. My name, as I've mentioned, is Gregory Bahnsen. I fought in the Revolution, I have a pet A.I. named Opal, and all my limbs are artificial. Which fact is the lie?""

A towering girl with dark hair raised her hand. "The lie is that your arms are artifical."


Then a boy dressed in a gray suit and tie raised his hand. "You fought in the Revolution?"

Gregory nodded and smirked. "I lost all four limbs in an unfortunate encounter and got them all replace. Frankly, I like them better than my fleshy arms anyway. The lie is that I fought in the Revolution. I worked behind the lines as a cargo hauler, moving supplies and munitions around. That's not to say I didn't get myself in trouble, though; I had numerous scrapes and close calls with enemy privateers. Fun times. And I do, in fact, have a pet A.I. named Opal, but don't tell her I called her a "pet." She's kind of sensitive about that. All the ships of the Azure Armada, barring a couple, have a sentient A.I. build into them from the ground up, and Opal's mine."

He pointed to the dressed-up kid again. "Your turn now. Tell us about yourself!"

The kid adjusted his suit and coughed. "Mah name is Kish. Kish Warburton. Don'tchu ever kid around 'bout that neither, or I'mma 'kish' yo ass goodbye. I grew up in the suburbs. Nice place, always teemin' wit pretty ladies and ripped dudes. Got myself certified in law when I was fifteen an' never look back. Funny thing is, I also had some run-ins with the law, and got booked with the local police cuz I's lookin' all swag at a birthday party. Guess which one's the lie, folks?"

Ed raised his hand. "I bet the lie is that you had any run-ins with the law."

Kish chuckled. "Hey, you good, man! That's a true lie right there, yo. I never had any run-ins with the law, see. My parents said they were profiled as criminals back on Earth, so when they came here, they wanted me to be real good so's not to cause trouble, so they raised me good. My neighborhood was great 'cause all the vets live there. It was awesome. It's also true I gotta law certificate. Don't wanna brag or anything, but I gotta thing for rules. Ain't failed me yet."

Since it was Ed's turn now, he stood up, making sure to commit Kish to memory. "I'm Edward Valentine. You may call me Ed. First fact: I'm fluent in sign language. Second fact: I'm going to become Emperor of the Galaxy someday. Third fact: I'm filthy rich. Which is the lie?"

The tall girl raised her hand before anyone else. "Emperor? Seriously?"

Ed grinned. "Guess it's your turn now! Yes, I'm fluent in sign language. As for the wealth I've amassed, I'll tell you exactly what I'm worth in sign language."

He pinched his index and thumb and stretched them out.

"What's that the sign for? A million?"

Ed continued grinning. "Not telling."

The game proceeded around the room until it was Sofie's turn.
In Star Trader 6 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Memes would be fun! :D
In Star Trader 6 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
I think I'll go with the starship idea.

I estimate the next post to be big (or at least meaty), so I'll need another day or so to craft it. Had a rotten day at work, so no progress was made on it today. :(
In Star Trader 7 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
I think for this class, the characters will engage in a team-building exercise - literally. They'll be picking crewmates. Trouble is, I'm having difficulty thinking up a scenario, and I could use some help.

A few of my ideas:

* Teacher has them doing team sports. The sales pitch is: "What do sports have to do with trading? They have a few things in common: a challenge to overcome, and working with others to overcome it. Today, we'll be playing [volleyball? basketball?]. Whoever wins gets a cash prize."

* We stick the kids on a [simulated?] starship and let them pick their roles. The teachers observe which kids pick which roles, and note that for future reference. Their goal is to [land? dock?] the ship. Whether they succeed or fail, they'll learn a lot about how starships work and how crews operate.

* Teacher assigns student pairs to come up with a menu for the cafeteria. By the way, this is canonically how the cafeteria is run - by students learning business. The food is very hit-or-miss. xD Anyway, Ed and Sofie get paired up. The students are given a small investment of capital to play with (taken from the tuition they paid into the school) and instructed to submit a report about their experiences at the end of the week.

Your thoughts?
In Star Trader 9 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
"It is a pleasure to meet you too, Mr. Valentine. My name is Sofie Heichenback. I look forward to meeting you in Martial Arts!" Sofie shook his hand and smiled. The smile did not reach her eyes. She shrank back and adjusted her sweater.

"Same here! I shall strive to earn your...what's the word...looking-forward-ness? High regard! That's the term I was looking for. I shall strive to earn your high regard. Just getting here was interesting! Traffic was backed up a little ways along the I-9, so I took a shortcut, only to find traffic packed there too. Mostly college students, I later found. I understand you took a taxi, Ed?"

"Yeah. The driver was pretty quiet. Thankfully."

"Ha ha! I know what you mean. They're a chatty bunch around these parts. They just. Don't. Shut. Up! 'Where ya goin?' 'What's in the bag?' 'Like some music?' Seriously, just drive, man. If I want to talk, I'll talk. I know, they're trying to give good customer service, and I don't fault them for it. They just have to be more aware, you know? Don't be like those taxi drivers, Ed!"

"Yessir!" Ed saluted, grinning from ear to ear.

Fenix slapped him on the back. "That's the spirit. Where you guys headed, kiddo?"

Ed scratched his head. "Well, we initially came down here to greet you, but while we're out here, I'm thinking we should join the orientation and meet our classmates."

"Great idea. Is that it?" Fenix pointed to the gathering crowd by the main entrance.

"Probably! Come on, Sofie!"
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