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You guys are so in trouble with Gorman. :P

But it's crazy late, and I gotta be awake in 5.5 hours for a 10-hour shift. :'(
@Delta44 The elven blacksmith gaped at him for a moment. Then she closed her mouth and ran past him without another word.
@Verdaux@Claw2k11 The sober patrons were already parsing every word he said. If any of them resisted, all of them would be killed. Not a promising deal, given that half the patrons were drunk and itching for a fight. So all of them took up arms and rushed the enemy. Bottles, chairs, clubs, and swords came swinging at the two orcs.
@rush99999 The rest of the family had, in fact, run out of the house entirely, and they escaped with the elven blacksmith.
@Darkwatck01 "W- With my- with my grandparents." He declined to provide a name.

Gorman, meanwhile, tore a human spearfighter away from the corpse of another orc and ripped his head off with a sickening crack. When the blood shower cleared, he noticed a couple members of his warband letting their targets run away. He overheard Erjak shout a warning to the bar patrons. Gorman clenched his fist. Spirits slay him if he let those traitorous orcs get away with that.

Starting with Alarus. He gripped her by the top of her skull and grumbled, "Just what do you think you're doing?"
Expect a post tomorrow evening. ;)
You guys are awesome. ^_^
Agreed. The main hurdle is catching up with everything that happened and remembering where I was going with it. xD
I'm here. I'll write something up this weekend. It's just a real kick in the nuts when players leave. :(
Bumpity bump bump, bumpity bump bump, look at Frosty go
Bumpity bump bump, bumpity bump bump, over the hills of snow!
Yup, I guess so. :(

Time to move us onward.

To anyone else reading...

Different characters can completely change the tone and story of the RP. As such, the starting conditions of our lead characters are negotiable; for example, if you wanted to play as a stable adult living independently, I'll definitely consider it. What's written in the OP isn't all set in stone.

What's non-negotiable, however, is the genre. This is primarily a romance. If you're looking for more action, platonic relationships, or whatever, consider looking elsewhere. That's not to say that we'll spend the whole story with the characters being all lovey-dovey (which would be difficult and gross), but the primary purpose of the story is to romantically join two people together.
@Lord Zee
If there's no response by Saturday, we'll have to move on. I'll assume you're with the main group doing whatever they're doing, or nothing, so you can pick up wherever we are.
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