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I'm sorry for not responding sooner. I was mulling over what the reboot would look like. Half the problem with the RP was that I didn't adapt it for group play effectively. In the original story, the Witch raised an army to rescue the mind-controlled denizens of the land from a tyrant king. The mind control caused any citizens who opposed the king to appear as a twisted, shadowy wraith, identifying them mainly by face. If your face was covered for 12 or more hours, the magic wouldn't work, so facial coverings were illegal. The Witch noted this weakness and devised a counter-spell to induce failure immediately upon face-covering with a mask. From the citizens' point of view, being masked was horrifying - the victims would fall to the ground, thrash, and foam at the mouth like they were having a seizure, and would be unable to remove the mask while it did its work. The male protagonist thus awakens in the kingdom believing the Witch to be evil.

I ripped out the heart of the original story to try and make it work for group RP (since simulating PCs under mind-control is difficult), but that also ripped out all the justification for the surrounding details. So I'll need to rework things from the ground up.

For starters, we'll want to consider giving the RP a pronounced political angle, since that seemed to grab the interest of several players. That's not to say there won't be opportunities for combat action, but politics and negotiation added a good deal of fun to the mix. So we could do a sort of nation RP based in this setting?
@Koya You might end up getting your CS in before I do, because I'm a slowpoke. :P
Okay, so I have a couple character ideas I want to float. These character sheets (and a whole lot of their lore) are incomplete.

Your thoughts?
Man, creating a character is so hard sometimes. xD I'm considering playing as either a voidspawn (think Zerg) or a wounded dragon.
Is her appearance visually distinct, or is she more...transparent?

EDIT: Reread her CS. Looks like most of her body is a transparent white except for her face.
@Dark Cloud
Yo, long time no see! I'm interested in joining, if you'll have me. I'm working on a young reborn dragon character.
I was checking out this RP, and noticed the absence of any visual reference for your wraith girl Hecate. I happen to have a nice one in mind. Wanna use it?

Maybe we could do a dedicated nation RP, in which the PCs are all immortal Archons charged with the task of preparing the world to survive a Void invasion due in a hundred years. With humanity in a Bronze Age and all the nations fragmented, the players have a challenging task ahead of them.
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