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Yeah, I was wondering about that too. I'm waiting on the others' character sheets.
@Blizz My discord is Thinslayer#6669
@Blizz Hmm, it might actually be possible to include both. He needs to survive long enough to make dragon scale armor from Yddrog's corpse, but that doesn't have to mean he succeeded in his quest. Perhaps Yddrog killed countless millions, including his hometown and everyone he cared about, before they finally slew the beast, and your character turned down Regret's offer of immortality because he didn't want to live on in a world without his family and friends.
@Blizz I've been pretty busy IRL too, so I feel that. You didn't miss anything important. There was a bit of discussion about whether to implement a numerical game system (I decided a compromise was in order for testing purposes; no specific game rules were implemented yet), and offered some suggestions to people who couldn't decide what character to play. That's about everything you may have missed.

Speaking of character suggestions, I think that's doable. Here's the conditions we have to work with:
  • He must have served under Regret the first time around.
  • He must have had a powerful lingering regret of his own when he died to become a ghost.
  • Something must tie him to Yddrog.

So here's what I'm thinking. Let's say Yddrog captured or killed someone important to him, ideally someone in the current party (to connect him to them), and he regretted being unable to save/avenge them when he died. He thus became a ghost. If his suit of armor was made from Yddrog's dragon scales (so he gets dragon-scale armor! Yass! Gotta find some sick fanart for that), then when Yddrog resurrected, he would be bound to Yddrog's will.

Your thoughts?
@Blizz What's giving you pause?
@Dark Cloud Absolutely! Let me know what you need my input on.

@Vertigo Not late at all! You're just in time. I'll put your name in the main thread.
The main thread is up! Submit your character sheets whenever you're ready, please.
Character Sheet

  • Identity: In the Kingdom of Aetherion, where most of this story takes place, standard medieval fantasy names are common, but you may use any naming convention you wish. Provide a picture if possible.
  • Demographics: Your homonculus bodies are grown from the idealized versions of your self-image. As such, you will closely resemble how you imagine yourself to look. What do you look like? Eye color, hair color, height, gender, and unique features belong in this section.
  • Story: Who are you? Where are you from? Where are you headed? Perhaps you were once a NEET from Japan who got isekai'd into this fantasy world, or a Crown Prince hoping to earn his father's approval? Your memories of your lives in this world after meeting Regret have yet to return, but your pre-heroic memories are still yours.
  • Strengths: This can include skills, magic powers, special equipment, and such like. For an idea of how powerful you should be, your bodies are ageless and at the peak of human physical capabilities. Your Dragon Blood is spent like mana to cast magic spells, granting at most the power to do something flashy and overpowering once per encounter (or something efficient and tactically smart on the regular). This power will grow over time.
  • Preferred Patron: This is primarily for my benefit as GM. Let me know whether you wish to grow closer to Regret, Yddrog, or neither over the course of the story.
  • Stake: This is arguably the most important part of the CS. A thousand years ago, you rose to your feet and swore allegiance to the Archon of Regret. Why? What drove you to kneel before your Lady and risk life and limb for her cause? What drives you now? There must have been something you dearly wished for more than anything, something that even death itself could not deter you from pursuing. What was it?
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