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Ah, that answers one of my questions about the revenant profile. May I make a suggestion about it? Given that the gem appears to be a magical item of some sort, I expected it to offer supernatural abilities to its holder. As such, I propose the following systems:

Everything looks good. You can transfer Edelgard over to the character tab whenever you’re ready.

You mean Casca? :P

I mean, I know she takes some inspiration from Edelgard, but still... xD
You wanna start with just the two of us?
I would need one more.

The planet we live on, Aion, has 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, and 12 months a year, giving it a slightly shorter year than Earth's. The calendar is neatly organized by season, with January 1st marking the first day of Spring, April 1st marking the first day of Summer, and so on. The new moon is celebrated on the first day of every month. Religious folks worship their various gods at the local temple on the last day of every week. Below is a list of important holidays, sans the recurring events listed above. New holidays may be added at player suggestion.

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a quaint little village called Bacon. Few go there by choice, and most stay by necessity. All kinds of people live there - stranded Travelers from Another World, mages booted out of the guild, criminals fleeing a checkered past, and even a displaced noble or two. Whatever your reasons, you're here, smack in the middle of a high medieval fantasy world with a small plot of land to call your own.

Our village is in the nation of Draygan, which occupies most of the southern half of the continent. Just west of the village is Diamont, a border town frequented every six months by raids, riots, and royalty, usually in that order. Said border lies to the north, where the vicious orcs of Fellmore prowl. Off in the distance to the south stands Midhaven Tower, a mysterious, monolithic, sky-scraping monstrosity of a structure built by the Ancients to protect the land from "evil." Whatever it's doing, it's not helping you survive the brutal Fellmoran winters, summer orc raids, or spring tax collections.

Technology is fairly basic in this region of the country. Most of your water comes from a well, and bowel relief goes in an outhouse. Some tools are enchanted, though most of those come from the occasional traveling merchant. Diamont is a little better, with underground plumbing, a sewer system, and a functional police force, though that newfangled electricity is still just a Capital City thing. If you want your village to have those nice things, you'll have to build them yourself.

To create a villager, you will need:
1. Name - who this person is. Surnames are derived from ancestral place of origin or job description.
2. Description - must be human for lore reasons, but you're otherwise free to be whatever. While you have the potential to live for 1000 years (with signs of age kicking in at around 800-900), accidents of life tend to keep the average lifespan to around 100 or so. The legal age of adulthood is 20 in this country.
3. Weakness - an active and apparent struggle for this character
4. Need - an essential quality or problem to be solved
5. Desire - what this character desperately wants but doesn't really need, their ultimate goal in this story
6. Enemy - a person, idea, or group that opposes the character, an external motivator
7. Passion - what sets them off or excites them, an internal motivator
8. Links - what PCs or NPCs you have some sort of relationship with (e.g. friend, rival, lover, relative, employer, etc.)

There's a whole packload of lore and side content to explore, so whether you want to live a quiet life in the village or save the whole world, I've got story material waiting for you. Though, the world's adventure lore is currently more fleshed out than its slice-of-life lore, so I'll be continually working on stuff as we go to give you a better slice-of-life experience.

For RP guidelines, I expect at least 1 post once a week. While there are no paragraph limits per se, I do expect each post to be well thought-out (hence the Advanced placement). Even a one-liner is fine so long as it's an epic one-liner. The usual behavioral rules apply: no god-moding, metagaming, explicit sexual content, etc. Feel free to take control of the setting (within reason) for content creation. My working policy for this RP is that it's better to ask forgiveness than permission, so create to your heart's content. If I need to change this policy for any reason, I'll let you know.

Now, who wants some fantasy slice of life?
Elixir of Immortality

"I thirst."
"Allow me to fetch you a glass of water, Your Majesty."
"Tis not water of which I speak."
"Ah, wine then."

Empress Casca hopped off her throne, folded her hands behind her back, and approached the butler. She lifted her chin as the corner of her mouth turned up slightly. "I had something a bit more intoxicating in mind. Fetch me the knights."
"Yes, Your Majesty."

The butler returned with all the knights in tow. Sir Charles Ramsey, a young blond fellow who looked perpetually about to crack up a joke, bowed low, then splayed out his hands and complained, "We're told you summoned us all here, with all haste and from many leagues away, for a cup of spirits?"

The Empress dipped back her head and laughed. "Right you are, Charles! I am indeed fond of a good drink. Perhaps a little too fond, as some of you discovered last week. I trust you've all forgotten as instructed."

Sir Elbert Welkin, a man whose very face threatened murder and long poems, spoke in his usual quiet tone, "I cannot recall Her Majesty ever calling the king of Vermach a 'lily-livered pansy and a hamster.' My memory of that night is rather foggy."

The Empress's face pinked. "Ahem. As it should be. This time, I had a much more...pleasant drink in mind."
Charles facepalmed. "I bet it's vodka. Don't tell me it's vodka. Is it vodka?"
"It is not vodka."
"Don't keep us in suspense, then! What is it?"

"The Elixir of Immortality."

Silence fell over the throne room.

At length, all the knights went "Huh?" all at once.

Casca smirked and withdrew a book from behind her back. "You've heard the tale of the Black Tower, yes? As the myth goes, when the three gods alighted on this world, they created elixirs of immortality and with them ascended three other men, that they might join the other gods in ruling the universe. Now, you know me; I am no pagan worshipper of any pantheon. But this..." She shook the book. "This myth, there is a grain of truth to it, I believe. To discover the truth, we must travel to the far north, where the water is hard as stone and the sun sheds not her light upon the earth. We will pass through many nations, friendly and hostile, and encounter monsters beyond imagining. But waiting for us at the end is such a feat as will be sung for generations to come."

The Empress grinned and stretched out her hand.

"So, good knights, will you join me for a drink?"
I don't at all mind changing the setting. I've been having second thoughts about it anyway, and for much the reasons you've articulated. I'll whip up something better in a day or two.
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