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Yes, everyone in the city can use magic. Once the sages bring magecraft under control later on in the story, that'll change, but for now, anyone and everyone can use it.
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I should probably mention that NightKnight has left the game.

Also, a new post is up. Don't forget to subscribe to the thread, because I don't always remember to tag everyone. :P
New Items Acquired:

  • One-handed spiked steel club
  • Parrying dagger
  • Utility knife
  • Javelin with sling
  • Steel helm
  • Steel chestplate
  • Steel buckler
  • Studded leather boots
  • Leather tents
  • Waterproof fire starter kit
  • Small bag of coal
  • 50 feet of silk rope
  • 50 feet of hemp rope
  • Reinforced steel torches
  • Whetstone set
  • Steel pike
  • Sack of leather scraps
  • Shortbow
  • Quiver with 20 arrows
  • Medicine kit: painkillers, antidotes, healing salves
  • Canteens

Servants took down the requests and went shopping. By the time the sun rose to high noon, everyone received their requested items.

"Thank you, Your Majesty," Winter said, and offered a respectful curtsy.
The king folded his arms and smirked. "You can thank me when you return from your journey."

As they turned to leave, the king began to cough and clutch at his throat. Suddenly, he dropped to his knees and vomited blood onto the floor. "What's...happening to me?" he groaned.
Winter raced to his side and materialized a gauntlet on her hand. She traced it over him, and paled when she learned the truth. "What the living hell?!..."

"He's melting. Inside out."

What were once the king's legs were now bags of skin. His sickening retches and groans filled the palace. Beyond pity and disgust, Winter felt a chill through her very soul. Magic. It must be. She glanced around and spotted a guard leaving through the front gate.

"After him!" she cried.

At that, the guard broke into a sprint and ran straight into the city, where chaos reigned. The magical energies from the chasm finally reached Midhaven, and people from all walks of life explored their new powers. Fire and ice, gale-force winds and cracking earth, clones and golems, magic of all kinds erupted throughout the city. Even the guards left behind their weapons to join the chaos. Tracking the assassin would be difficult.

Winter balled up her fists as she watched the party chase him out the palace gate.

I know who you are.

The time has come to settle old scores.
I should probably explain to everyone why I've been putting off writing. The plot as I'd been previously imagining it is boring me to death. Gathering supplies and going hiking is just not my idea of fun. So I'm trying to figure out how to give this thing the kick in the pants it needs, and I may have just figured it out. I'll be posting soon once I've hammered out the scene details.
I imagine Lynn to be a proud, refined lady with a quick wit and a sharp mind. Not easily moved to outward displays of emotion. She is a social bookworm - loves reading novels and discussing what she read with her friends. Develops friendships with men more easily than with women, though the few female friends she does have are close and strong. She's the kind of person who flirts endlessly with men she likes, but turns them all down in a heartbeat as soon as they try to get serious. If there is a man whose affections she'd accept, he'd be the sort never to flirt with her unless she's serious.
@ineffableYou know, I'd had half a mind to invite you too. Sure, you can join. Want to play as Lynn Melbourne?
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Unfortunately, America is Terran, and is currently a major villainous power within the Terran Empire. However, the Crescents were inspired by the old American example and modeled their constitution after the United States constitution, in order that "government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the universe." The Crescents are, effectively, the new "Americans."
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I considered making Ed dark-skinned like the rest of his nation, but considering that his mother is a light-skinned homonculus (long story) and his father is canonically light-skinned, Ed is bound to be likewise.

I'm thinking this is what Ed would look like.
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The Crescents are descended from Hispanic/African American refugees and Chinese settlers, so the majority of Crescents have a carmel skin tone, although light skin isn't entirely uncommon. As for the Terrans, statistically speaking, the majority are light-skinned asians of Chinese origin, with the darker-skinned Indians following close behind. Europeans didn't undergo any race purges, per se; they were simply overrun with immigrants from the Middle East. The majority of Europeans are still light-skinned, albeit very different now culturally. The biggest demographic changes were in the Americas, where light-skinned people were all but eliminated.

I'll locate a more realistic image for Ed for you soon, sure.
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