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It's true. I'm currently crafting an intro involving a princess, a letter, and an unexpected death. Bringing all players together into one intro will take time; two of you are connected so far.
Aye! Board up!

I don't feel completely done with the other RP's story, but I am burnt out from worrying about it, so here we are. :P

I'm noticing a potential area of limitation that I need to fix. The continent is too closed-up, with no room for minor player-made kingdoms. If you guys want to be nobles or whatever, let me know, and I'll adjust the lore accordingly. If new nations are popular enough, I may even redraw the map.
I need to make a minor lore edit. The functions of Spirit and Soul should be swapped. Humans are souls and have spirits. That means that the soul is your essence, the consciousness that makes you who you are, while your spirit is the binding force the keeps your soul tied to your body. Magic is the art of casting your spirit.

Accuracy is important. ^_^
I have a really casual RP on Kenichi if you're interested. Needs more Ragnarok members. It's with a couple of friends and I; a pretty good community of people who just enjoy roleplaying and having fun, yo. B)


I literally just finished that anime last night. It was amazing.
@Thinslayer Oh, I edited my original post! Sorry for not clearing that up.

Ah, okay. Please post it in the character tab. :)
Still waiting on your app. I have a number of things to take care of over the next couple weeks anyway, so I can afford to wait a bit longer for the submission.

I'll be working on everyone's introductions in the meantime, though it'll be a bit slow because of my aforementioned business. Please PM details about what kinds of things your character would be doing at the start of the RP, like whether you'd want an action, dramatic, or intriguing intro.
Sure! Got any preferences before I write?
@ineffableSure. This'll be a great time to practice my new character intro mechanics. Whenever a new character appears, I'll set up an intro scenario for them to integrate them into the RP. So let's get this started, and whoever's not done with their apps yet will be smoothly introduced.
Nothing to do with the rp, you are amazing @Thinslayer

I think its an issue on how much time I have right now. I dont want to hold anything up. Wont be as free till like next week. X.x

lol thanks, good to know. It might take until next week to get this RP started, the way things are going... :P
I am dropping. Sorry

I see. Do you mind providing a little feedback before you go? I'm keen to know whether the reason involves the RP or not.
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