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Toni Sparks

@pkken @Aerandir

The classroom was already getting crowded as Toni arrive and class was beginning, it was perfect. You can’t make a display of someone if there isn’t an audience. Entering the room with a flourish, Toni looked almost as if she were gliding over, in fact if someone looked closely enough they’d see it looked as if she were skating not even half an inch off the ground, as for Jett, he would feel an invisible tug on his belt buckle as Toni was soon uncomfortably close and puts an arm around Jett’s shoulders.

“How’s things? Feeling good? I never properly thanked you for the hug yesterday… I’ve been thinking long and hard on how to repay you fittingly and I have to say, there was not a single thing that felt equal to your actions. So, since there isn’t a single one, I’ll just have to work my way up to it with a myriad of little things, that seems fair right?” Toni’s 10,000 watt smile lit up her face as she looked at Jett before taking out a small purple sphere of some kind.

“Do you like grapes, Jett? They’re such delicate things, grapes.” rolls the purple grape in her finger tips “People seem love them and appear to be a simple fruit, but they’re seen as something special or luxurious. Lounging while someone feeds you grapes, is there a greater sign of opulence? Opening an aged bottle of wine, is a brilliant sign of prestige and wealth. But they’re so, so very fragile. Protected only by a thin skin and if you apply the slightest pressure they just…” squeezes and the grape burst sending the juice within scattering and a drop hitting her cheek. Licking her fingers and casually wiping the droplet off her cheek and flicking the juice drop at Jett’s nose.

“Pop. You must treat your grapes with care, protect them well. Since you never know when or from where the slight pressure will come~.” Toni eyed Jett’s belt before her eyes flicked back up “Tsk, I’ve never understood their appeal personally. Grapes just aren’t to my taste I suppose.” While staring into Jett’s eyes Toni’s free hand was busy at work down near Jett’s waist and her quirk acting as a second pair of hands.

“I like your belt, I think I’ll take it.” With that said, Jett’s loosened belt buckle reeled itself into Toni’s waiting palm “Thanks” and with a pat on Jett’s shoulders her quirk pushed on Jett’s fly and continued pushing until his pants fell around his ankles before wandering off as if the rest of the room was full of manikins and searching for an empty seat and turning her attention away from Jett and to the teacher's announcements.

Combat trials again. Sounds good to me. But costumes? Well, calling mine a costume would be quite an exaggeration, 'accessories' would be a more suitable word for it
Hi all, I'd like to give this a whirl and this is the CS I have so far. Any feedback you all have is welcome, especially with how balanced the custom stuff is :)

@Reflection Tenten was who I had in mind when I created him, I always felt she was such a missed opportunity. Is there someone I could PM the old character so I can get an opinion on how well they'd fit into Revival?
Thanks for the response, just one more question. What's the power scaling like? I have an old character that is from an RP that died before I feel it had the chance to shine. The character was initially made as a gennin for the RP which isn't a problem since I can just level him up a bit, but he was predominantly meant to be a weapons user. Weapons became incredibly useless as the series went on unless they're ninja equivalents of Excalibur.

Are weapons equally what would be considered a waste of time in this series? It's fine if they are, there's no way what I had in mind back then would effortlessly slide into Revival, it'll just give me an idea of how much reworking I'll have to do :)
So if a new character were to join for act 2, how and where will they fit into the plot? It would be silly to have a new person show up and be like "Oh, yeah. That stuff was crazy. I wasn't here for it because I was having a picnic or whatever on the other side of that mountain" :P
I noticed that Kineticist wasn't listed in Adept Magic. Is there a particular reason for the omission?
Well, I think it’s obvious I’m interested :3
Crispin Clean

As the beast dissolved into a pool of bloody darkness, Clean doubted his pinning of the foot had any significant effect on this outcome, but was pleased nonetheless. Seeing the glimmering silver of his parrying dagger stabbed into the ground, Clean leaned down to pick it up as the eldritch sheet music played the last of its notes and burned into nothingness. Looking to his abandoned jacket Clean ignored the alert nature of everyone else as he picked up the tatters he once called clothes. Gagging at the thought of putting the thing back on, Clean simply tore of a clean-ish patch of fabric and tossed the rest to the wayside. Dismissing his vessel, Clean tied the red tie around his neck while looking up at the girl who introduced herself as Diana and called the beast just defeated a banshee.

A fitting name. It's shrieks had a piercing note to them. As the leaders of the group discussed with the new arrival, Clean wiped his parrying dagger with a razor focus and the clean fabric scrap he salvaged, swearing her could see, smell and even hear the oozing darkness of the vanquished beast staining it. Absentmindedly following the group as he worked, the change of scenery to what looked like were once clergy quarters had his eyes brighten and look for silver polish or something the holy people would have used to clean their artifacts. Nothing catching his eye, Clean considered asking their new host if she had anything like that he heard Diana claim to be a dragon and Ires' subsequent skepticism.

"Dragons are creatures of legend and to be frank I feel Lady Diana acts rather human when compared to the legends. Lady Diana lacks the arrogance stereotypical of dragons, acting rather... human for lack of a better term. She also lacks a commanding presence, as I understand it a dragon would not be easily mistaken for something else. If this is a lair it lacks traditional valuables, although by the same token I suppose a dragon wouldn't lead a troupe of mere humans to its treasure trove. Still, if Lady Diana were truly a dragon would she have allowed anyone to disturb her place of rest? I know I merely speak of legends, but certain things pass into legend for a reason. So, Lady Diana, please forgive that I share the Princess' skepticism."
Blake Eights

When Rufie got onto the subject of Dana’s punishment and the toothbrush-ing of wash spaces, Blake couldn’t resist chiming in.

“Don’t forget that Dana would probably use your toothbrush~!” when Dana mentioned the modern cut of the student president’s outfit Blake ran a finger down the seams, innocently tracing up from Dana’s waist to her chest and feeling the hidden strain of the fabric. As Rufie revealed Dana’s punishment, Blake’s eyes shone with glee.

“Oh, don’t worry! I’m such a good friend that I don’t mind sharing in the slightest. Although I feel it may be a tight squeeze, I'm sure you won't mind~” her grip gently tightened around Dana as she spoke, head still on Dana’s shoulder as they made their way into the canteen. Releasing as they entered, Blake skipped over to grap a meal.

“Now let’s see what we can get away with while having a bite to eat.” Blake looked Dana in Rufie’s uniform up and down, taking in the colour palette, and having a practiced eye look at the food on display. Pasta sauce stains so wonderfully, the colour is often darker and more muted though. Egg dishes have a good colour, but unless the yolk is still runny it won’t stain too well. Pumpkin soup? Could work, a vibrant colour, plus she could use the heat as an excuse to be more enthusiastic with Dana, and Dana loves orange.

The thickness could cake into the fabric nicely, meaning simply wiping it off would be less useful. Even better if cream is stirred in... leaving me and Dana an excuse to raid Rufie’s wardrobe! I wonder what PJs she brought along? Probably something frilly I bet. losing herself in a daydream momentarily, Blake selected her meal, precariously balanced the bowl of soup in one hand and playfully ‘lost her balance’ before catching herself and winking at Dana, not a drop spilled as she walked backwards and grabbed a small bread roll.

“So, shall we eat~?”
Crispin Clean

It was pollution. This creature was a mere source of disease, Clean could swear he saw the world around it die around it like a black heat haze. This could also all have been a visual hallucination based on the sheer disgust at the creature. Clean's attack was admittedly hasty, but given the nature of his vessel the range of attacks he had were limited. Nonetheless he still suffered the consequences. The abhorrent creature, the new bane of his existence, sent a shotgun blast of dirt and debris towards him. Scowling Clean leaped backwards, frantically waving his sword in front of him, the largest chunks of rock were swatted away. Dirt however isn't something that can be blocked with a blade.

"No, no, no, no!" Dirt getting into his mouth Clean was left coughing and hacking. Spitting out a globule dirt, Clean looked down and a look of utter despair as Clean could only call his clothes unsalvageable. Between Roc blood caked in and now the dirt and the tiny shards of stone tore open a number of small holes in his outfit. Tearing off his jacket, the former white now shredded and stained crumpling to the ground. Unbuttoning his top few buttons, Clean heard the rattling off of orders from disparate places. Gradon had called for a regroup earlier, but Leblanc called for smashing the beast at close range simply spoke to him.

"No more distractions." Drawing the parrying dagger on his hip, Clean capped his thumb on the pommel and left the dagger in and icepick grip. Leaning up onto the balls of his feet, Clean bounced a few times to make sure he was well balanced before 'following her lead' as Leblanc commanded and went for the limbs.

Having abandoned any notion of living up to his namesake for the time being, Clean dashed back towards the creature's left side from head on, low to the ground and as Leblanc pulled at the creature's throat, lifting it's head and meaning that Clean was outside it's cone of vision. With his rapier leading the way momentum threatened to have Clean over shoot the beast until he stabbed his parrying dagger through the creature's foot and into the ground, intending more to pin the appendage there an hinder movement, hopefully preventing Leblanc being crushed into a wall or the ground. Clean's grip on the blade caused him to turn in a tight and and roll to the ground behind the creature, looking up and seeing Leblanc still there, Clean saw the barrage of bullets and explosives and did his best to make sure the creature was between him and any live fire.

"Stop it with the fucking grenades you daft goddamn fuckwit! Ever heard of friendly fire?!" A stray grenade was lobbing towards Clean and he swung at it with the flat of his blade, sending the explosive projectile back along the arc whence it came.
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