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Crispin Clean

Clean was silent for the rest of the commands given. He knew his role, kill the giant birds. He could almost hear his tendons and ligaments straining as he tensed for the killing blow. A rapier was a blade designed to be used by stabbing, so his entire posture was designed to put his entire weight behind his blade and focus it all into a single point. Tunnel vision clouded Clean's periphery, leaving Leblanc's position all he saw, sound slowly faded around him, letting him focus on the task he was given as the sound of his heart beat thumped in his ears.

Leblanc leaped up, the trap was sprung. Like a human arrow, Clean was loosed upon the Roc's at Gradon's call. Wrist twisting slightly, the rapier drilled forwards ahead of him, the loosening of muscle giving that extra half and inch, and Clean turned his head light a mountain climber straining for an outcropping just out of reach. A slight 'pop' was felt, not from Clean, but reverberating from the tip of his blade as the eyeball of a Roc splashed its viscous liquid over Clean's suit, crimson blade having pierced both eyes with a single stab...

"Daaaaaamn iiiiiit!" a primal curse and roar erupted from Clean's throat as he tore the blade out of one of the Rocs, Clean now using both hands to grip his blade and abandoned even the pretense of skill and finesse, instead using the thin blade like an axe with him chopping and hacking at the Roc's flesh. Chunks of avian flesh and splinters of hollow bone all scattered in the air around Clean like gory fireworks. If his rapier hadn't been a vessel it likely would have long since shattered under his abuse of it. Seeing another Roc struggling on the ground, Clean swung his blade like a baseball bat along it's flank. The blade only stopping when it had embedded itself in the creature's hollow bones, as the webbing of flesh connecting Clean's thumb and index finger tore apart, the last swing too much to handle as his blood soaked his grip. Ripping the blade out of the dead bird Clean looked for another target, ignoring his injury.
Blake Eights

A siren's song upon the wind graced Blake's ears and a wicked grin split her face. Her muse had arrived. And like the siren of myth, she was leading the innocents to crash upon the pragmatist of Boss. Likely hoping to cause the woman to have an outburst. Still her muse had been located and honestly, Blake knew exactly whose room she would be in. Feeling the student body parting like the red sea, Blake slipped in behind the real Student President and followed in her wake. The Student President's rage almost scorched the air around her as Blake stuck her tongue out at Dana, trying to restrain her laughter.

"C'mon Prez! Surely you can see Dana was only trying to help! You were, by your own words, indisposed, and we couldn't have everyone just be waiting here all day. That would be rude! So Dana had to improvise and in the heat of the moment... well the details slipped her mind~. All I can say is well done to my lovely muse~" giggling like... well... a school girl Blake flitted up to Dana, Blake attempted to hug the slightly shorter girl from behind, wanting to wrap her arms around her.

"A girl this cute couldn't have even imagined that her words would have such an effect! After all, not everyone here's a first year. Surely the seniors all know your face, Prez, and as cute as you are you and Dana can't really pass for each other. So that is a very good question. Why would everyone rise and swarm the poor faculty at her words?" biting her lip, Blake's gaze traveled up and down Dana, drinking in every last detail, as Blake filed away the image of Dana in the Student President's uniform in her mind for a masterpiece later.

"How on earth did you manage to squeeze into that, Dana~?"
★ Toni Sparks ★

"Damn. Oh well. I'll simply have to take care of Glitchy boy in my own time. Thankfully I have an entire year at the very least to get back at him." as the jeep rolled up, Toni followed the Angel and the naked meatball of Donny after Teach Yoshida. Surprisingly enough Toni came out of the rumble at Point C with little more than some nasty bruises and maybe a little whiplash, nothing really worth bothering a school nurse with.

"Better get out of this PE stuff..." having a quick shower and getting back into more regular attire, Toni slowly cleaned her glasses to a mirror sheen, going over her fight in her head. Could she have done better? Reacted quicker? Taken better advantage of Jett's quirk limitations? Maintaining momentum is a double edged sword for teleportation, so she wasn't wrong to do so, however she lacked the knowledge that he could teleport things other than himself.

"Sigh... I suppose I should have known that no one has a 'standard quirk'. There must have always been conditions to his quirk, like there are for mine. He maintains momentum and I didn't see Jett go anywhere that was out of his line of sight... maybe a smokescreen will be useful? Can he go through a window? Hmm..." putting her glasses on her forehead, Toni wandered back to the classroom. She honestly had little idea if her team had won or lost. It would be nice if the team had won, but the point of the exercise was partly to 'prove' themselves to the teacher and, well, all chaos aside no one seemed to fail in that regard. The shower overall left Toni rather drowsy as she slid into the classroom like she was Tom Cruise in Risky Business, her fresh bruises leaving that almost comfortable ache of having done a good job.

"Relax, everyone. No need to worry, no need to fear... I'm here now. Hold the applause, please." Stretching out as if she had just woken up Toni let all the tension vanish from her as she collapsed into her chair, draping herself over it. Looking around the room she spied some students she thought she didn't recognise... leaning backwards and seeing the classroom with an inverted perspective she scanned the room, glasses defying gravity and sticking to her head.

"Something... is different. Something... new. You're new. I better step it up then! New people tend to steal the spotlight after all~" pointing to Elvira sat up straight and considered moving over to investigate further, but had that odd feeling that as soon as she got out of her chair the teacher would come in and demand everyone to take their seats...
<Snipped quote by KoL>

No one cares KoL.

No one caring would mean there would be no discussion regarding it... right? :3
You know how there is the Rule of Cool? Imagine that but for Yuri ;)

Then again it is merely the wild imaginings of an artist >.>

EDIT: that said, I can edit if it would be preferable. Since I can do that. Like I edited this post~
Blake Eights

"Spring and summer. The best seasons for aesthetics by far!" Warm days were the best. It's the one type of weather that you can get away with wearing less than intended! Also by noon almost everyone looked like they had just woken up from a wild night before which can only be described as... inspiring. All the more so due to the mono-gender of the student population. Following her own beliefs for spring to sprung, Blake's shirt had far less buttons than intended done up and her skirt was worn noticeably shorter than general population.

Licking her lips as she entered the hall, Blake couldn't help but let out a little cackle as she saw Ms Reinhardt fix the pervy prankster Tillia's uniform before swaggering the teacher all but swaggered off and putting on a show that would put Tillia's to shame. Blake loved this school. Taking out her sketch book, Blake roughly drew up a passable likeness of Tillia posed far more provocatively than the girl had been with Ms Reinhardt tidying her up. Tearing the page out, Blake folded the picture in half twice and wandered up behind Tillia.

"So lucky, Ms Reinhardt treating you so well on the first day~" reaching around Tillia from behind, Blake attempted to push the folded caricature down Tillia's shirt.

"Such a tight fit... it would be awful if a button burst~" pausing to imagine it briefly Blake giggled at the image of the button flying through the air and into a drink... and shoved the piece of paper in a vain hope to make dreams reality

"Well, enjoy my gift to you. Be sure to peruse it on those cold lonely nights! I'm off to find my loooovely muse~" blowing a kiss as she walked backwards, Blake turned around scanned the room and searching for her blonde bombshell, her femme fatale, her muse.

Well, if the apply still stands :)

★ Toni Sparks ★

It was a strange feeling. Almost like being stretched out like a rubber band and being snapped to a new location. Toni like Jett before her kept her momentum, but the lack of support beneath her sent Toni plummeting to the ground. Scrambling around with her senses, Toni latched onto a distant structure and reeled herself him at a rapid pace to prevent her untimely pancaking to the ground. Her chest almost crushed itself against the metal scaffolding. Looking around she saw that she was now well and truly out of Point C and in the no-man’s-land between points. Panting while holding onto the scaffolding, Toni grinned wider and monologued to herself.

“I’ll get you next time Glitch…next time~!” laughing to herself and cartoonishly shaking her fist in the direction of Point C Toni climbed to her feet and took a deep breath. It was a trying feeling and she was admittedly uneasy on her feet with the sudden change of spatial awareness. Taking a deep breath, Toni gripped the structure and lowered herself as if rappelling by using an invisible rope. Feet firmly on the ground she walked towards Point C once more, no longer the villain to be thwarted but the hero to save the day Making a rough “V” shape of heavy metal objects when looked down on from above, Toni nestled herself in the crook of the letter and gripped what looked like a generator like an Olympic swimmer about to do the backstroke. With an explosive burst of strength and Quirk, Toni pushed off the generator and pulled on the objects ahead of her, launching herself like an arrow from a bow. As the “arch” of her shot lost out to gravity, Toni would drop a shard of metal and push on it, soon looking as if she were skimming above the ground like a stone on skipping on a lake. With one last push, Toni flew into the air, before coming down on the other side of a dirt hill and rolling to her feet. Brushing herself off, Toni looked around and saw the angel boy.

“Yo! Angel! Where’s the teleporter? He needs a good punching for what he did! I was once the villain, but now I, the great hero of justice, will have to put him in his place! Plus I'll embarrass the heck out of him.” picking up pieces of wreckage, Toni dragged the heavier ones to strategic locations in case Jett jumped her, acting under the assumption he was nearby.

<Snipped quote by Hammerman>

Basically that. While the others cover her and, hopefully, Regina. That's the easiest thing that come up on my mind when I typed that post, even if it's a bit dull, it's likely to be efficient.

Simple plans are good plans. Complex plans have so many more things that can go wrong.
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