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Question, if we aren't in a Holy Grail War, why do Masters have command seals?
@Lonewolf685 Dang it. You saw through my clever ruse.

Basically her purpose was to tank and morale buff, yes.
I had an ability on Yamato that more or less meant, "I will never hit an enemy with my guns." and her Agility more or less meant she would take every oncoming attack ever straight to the face unless they're as bad at aiming as her. I'm not too worried about losing.
I have a personal dislike of Holmes, I've already overused the cowboy aesthetic in my character roster, and the rest don't involve guns.
Mmm, well, I'll see if I think of something else then.
I was planning on drawing Yamato as the primary character, not Yamamoto, a bit like how Red Hare is the Rider aspect of Lu Bu instead of there being a Rider Lu Bu.
@vancexentan Ah, I thought we weren't supposed to say that stuff yet. It's the battleship Yamato conflated with Admiral Yamamoto, with a little bit of modern anime skewing perceptions of the legend thrown in.
Ok, here's a WIP, what do you think?

Wait, nevermind, saw we weren't supposed to post them yet.
@vancexentan Ah, my bad, I thought Gilgamesh types weren't going to be allowed, as per the rule 2, meaning her Tenka Fubu - Innovation would have actually brought her power level down. I'll see if I don't think of something else. Not really a fan of the Berserker class.
Is Oda Nobunaga available?
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