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Go check out my roleplay. Fantasy China Martial Arts Houses fighting each other with three separate power systems fighting all gentlemanly with each other.
The Enlightened War

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~The Grand Exploding Bar Collab~

“I’m a healer. If you don’t want to help through me, then help people on your own and let me focus.” Katarina snapped back, before her thoughts turned again to other things. She hadn’t really hoped she’d get everybody in her network. But, well, one was one more than none, even if he’d be spending most of his vis on himself probably, from the extent of the injuries.

“I really must’ve hit my head harder than I thought…” Nikki grumbled, debating on if it was a good idea to play along, “Fine, imaginary voice in my head, how do you intend on doing that?”

“I can share my casting with other people so they can cast healing magic, and I can remove their pain so they can think clearly. I can also coordinate those with vis to spend with those who are wounded.”

“Fine, why not.”

“Amon, Nikki, here’s how to use healing and triage magic. Help yourself or others at your discretion. I’ll help paint the wounded.” They would both feel a strange sensation. Memories that weren’t theirs. Instinct and training they had never had. Suddenly, Amon could tell whether that bump on his head was just a little tenderness, or a concussion that needed treating. The exact way to realign his twisted finger. Nikki could tell how to knit up all those cuts, if she wanted. And the pain was completely gone for both of them, like a vanishing dream. He could still tell where he should be feeling pain, but it wasn’t the sharp blaring alarm of normal pain, simply a subtle reminder, like the pressure of shifting one’s weight or the tingle of a limb fallen asleep without the inability to move it.

But even more disconcerting than that was the sensation of both a second perspective on the world, and highlighted people that were injured. Katarina feeding them intel on those she saw that looked wounded. For her part, she booked it over to a guy who had a rebar sticking through his chest. That was something that warranted immediate treatment, and that she could see. She hoped nobody had gotten slashed through the throat or something.

“Alright.. Not too bad it’s clean straight through, I should still have some vis left after this… Er.. Wait, nope, he’s brain dead..” Katarina gritted her teeth and hoped it would be true. Spoiler alert, it wasn’t. She knelt down besides Killian, placing a hand on his shoulder and sending across her vis to the wound, where, directed by her spellcraft and phone optimization, it gave her triage information that, sadly, this one wasn’t recoverable. Her first attempt wasted.

”What a neat trick.” It seemed the voice head had discerned his name as well. Well these things were to be expected when you let someone poke around like that. However, Amon was more interested in the wealth of knowledge that flooded into his head. So the reason he was feeling so detached from everything at the moment was shock. Fascinating. Amon took in and let out a deep breath, feeling a sense of relief in knowing what was wrong with him, how to fix it, and the unique sense of being aware of his pain without it hurting. He could get used to that. More importantly though… Amon’s new knowledge informed him that his head wound was nothing serious, his chest was rather bruised, and his finger on the left hand was just a liiiiitle bit broken. Amon moved his free hand over and inhaled smoothly again; then quickly moved his finger back to where it should be. His second-hand perception of pain informed him that what he had done was very painful and Amon was once again thankful the voice in his head. After that all it took was a small bit of… There! Among released his finger and was pleased to see that it looked normal again. An attempt to move the fingers around it revealed it was still very sensitive and he would likely not be able to move it properly for a while. Of course he could expend more vis to fix it, but Amon suspected that there were others more injured than himself, and to treat such a petty injury when someone could be dying would be rather selfish. Amon cautiously sat up, then made the transition to standing. Between the bout of dizziness that accompanied both actions and his strange detached sense of pain Amon wisely held onto some nearby rubble for support. The helpful voice in his head said it would ‘paint’ the wounded, whate- Oh, that was what that meant. Amon began shuffling over to the nearest person, eager to provide his assistance, but wary of overexerting himself.

Damian, like the others, heard the voice weave it’s way through his thoughts as Katarina send out her psychic message, but he could barely understand any of it. The explosion had made his vis-deficient brain even more disoriented, and focusing on anything was proving difficult. He could feel his physical form slipping away into shadowy mist, as even that was requiring too much effort for his brain to fully comprehend right now.

What . . . what happened? Damian’s half formed figure struggled to rise amidst the settling dust, the events before the explosion slowly coming back to him, and with them a single thought broke through the haze: Killian

He felt his throat tighten as his eyes stared through the haze for Killian’s vis signature, limping past many others as best he could until he found himself at their side. There was a girl next to him, muttering something as she seemed to be healing him, but he was still to disoriented to properly understand what she said. With a huff he fell to their side, eyes immediately focused on the rebar sticking out of the man’s chest as a cold dread filled his mind.

“C-can you heal him?” the nightwalker asked the girl kneeling over Killian, his voice somewhat resonant and echoing as part of his throat was unformed, along with a good potion of the left side of his torso. ”Or at least stabilize him until the paramedics get here?”

“Sorry, there’s nothing I can do for him. His brain’s already gone. I’ve got to attend to save my vis for the living.” Katarina shook her head, before moving onto the others.

As she started to walk away, fear, panic, and no small amount of anger filled Damian, unable to believe that nothing could possibly be done. Before Katarina could get far, he’d grab at her wrist, unable to keep the desperate frustration out of his voice. [color=Thistle]”There has to be something that you can do?!?! At least to make sure he’s alright when the medics come. You can’t just leave him like that! If you need Vis, take mine. I don’t care what you have to do, just help him. Please.” He couldn’t let Killian die, not like this. Not when this was all Damain’s fault. He should’ve been tougher. He should’ve been harsher. He knew something was wrong, but he’d wasted too much time trying to play nice . . . and now it might cost Killian his life.

The terror and guilt that filled Damian’s heart with dread, and this instinctually caused his fear aura to start to take effect,and though his diminished Vis made the effect weaker than it normally would be, it would still have an effect on those around him. Especially the wounded, some of which would soon start to feel their feelings of panic and terror grow more intense, increasing heart rates, driving people closer to their end.

Nikki wasn’t a fan of this. Not in the least as she shifted through the debris, guided by who knew what, to the nearest wounded. A woman cradled her damaged arm close to her body. Gently as Nikki could, she leaned down then extended her arm to examine it. There was several hairline fractures but they were minor compared to wrist. It was completely broken and improperly set. It wouldn’t heal right.

Keeping that in mind, Nikki looked around for pieces of wood or metal to create a splint. The whole time she tried not to question the sour sensation tossing in her middle. Her mind screaming for clarity as it felt like a hive of thoughts were buzzing and stinging at her individuality. A single person lost in a crowd within her head.

After breaking a few chunks of wood, surprisingly easy, Nikki then began to work at setting the damaged arm. Not pausing to think, she moved onto the next individual. The whole time feeling uncomfortable and in slight pain.

Katarina instinctually recoiled at Damian’s touch. He was a stranger.. But also, he was licentia. As soon as her vis probed at him, to analyze his physiology and see if he was injured, something Katarina had accidentally left on, she could tell he was alien to her. And he was physically restraining her. Deep-seated fears instantly began rising within her chest.

And then the actual fear aura happened, bouncing back and amplifying on Katarina thanks to her mental network. While she could shoulder a dozen people’s pain, she could not a dozen people’s fear, especially in her current state. Nikki and Amon would feel the connection snap, the medical knowledge like it had never been known, apart from whatever they’d gotten into their short term memory. The pain would return. But otherwise, they’d be fine.

Katarina on the other hand, pulled away from Damien as much as she could, only achieving the bruising of her flesh. “Get off of me, you Monster! Let me go!” She panicked, screamed, and well, that was about as coherent as she was going to get before it just became gibbering. She just wanted out, but she was too frightened to even activate her physical boost to achieve that end.


With one word, the haze of panicked desperation and fear for his friend was wiped away from Damian’s eyes, replaced only by both confusion and a horrid realization. He wanted to try and argue with this stranger, to try and make her see that he wasn’t a monster, that he was just another person just a little . . different. But in the moment, as she tried to escape from his desperation-fulled grip, Damian felt a familiar sensation inch it’s way through his form: hunger. There was so much fear and confusion all around him and, with his own fear abated for the moment, his senses were nearly overwhelmed by just how tantalizing it all felt to him, deep down in the part of his mind he often tried to suppress. It was a part of himself that had growing stronger the longer he had lived in Ominar, a predatory urge that he often found himself struggling to fully keep at bay, and right now, it was baying for the all of the Vis that was flowing around him from the many terrified patrons that had been injured by the blast.

Even now, as he held onto the girl in an quiet daze, he felt that predator urge fill him, pushing him to attack her like the starved beast that he was.

With a shudder, he released Katarina, backing away from her with a far off look in his eyes. Inside his mind, a million and one thoughts filled his mind, yet the most prominent one out of them all was also the one that he was most ashamed off.

I need to leave.

He felt like he was letting down Nikki and and especially Killian, but as he was now, he couldn’t help but feel as more of a danger to all of them than anything else. Turning around to take a limping step away from the initial explosion area, he could feel another surge of hunger race through him as his body struggled to find the vis it needed to make the repairs to his physical body. Bits and pieces of him started to fade away into dark violet whisps as he started to involuntarily shift back to his true form, the shadow tendrils clinging to him like cobwebs in the breeze. It made him look like an ethereal harbinger of death then a boy going suffering from shellshock.

Still, even if he felt that he should get as far away from here as possible, eh couldn’t just leave Killian. Forget what that girl said, he refused to believe there was no way to help him. There had to be something. Anything.

After a few more paces of aimless wandering, he felt one of his legs give way beneath him, the parts of his body that made it up having dispersed completely. He laid still, feeling his mind fading in and out of conscious and subconscious thought. However, in his current state, he sensed a familiar source of vis draw closer. Without any thought, he called out to them, his voice sounding hoarse and tired even as it resonated through the entirety of his body, his vocal chords having long turned into shadow-stuff like the rest of his body was.

”N-. . . Nikki.”
@13org Hey, take it however physically or metaphysically you want. Metaphor and symbolism is all up in the deck of many things.

I mentioned the possibility of "Hey, what would happen if the alcohol in the bar caught fire?"

Then, the subject of "Wait, doesn't Nabri have a bunch of potions here?" came up.

Then, deck of many things as a random magical effect table was used.

Long story short, here are random magical effects that can happen to your character, if you want your character to be affected by a spilled/exploded Nabri potion cocktail.


Katarina drew The Sun upright, making her slightly more charismatic.

Amon got the Two of Cups upright, making him fall in love with whoever is most attractive to him within the next 24 hours, and gaining a TON of charisma for the purposes of who he's falling in love with. This sure does sound like Nabri's potion stock.

Damian would get the Three of Swords upright, which means he will have a fight till at least one person is unconscious or dead, within the next 30 seconds. :/

Nikki would get Queen of Cups upright, gaining tempory healing magic and command/compulsion magic. Well. That's helpful.

Darius would get Six of Cups upright, meaning that a companion he hasn't seen in a long time will soon send him well wishes and a useful item.

Masha would get Seven of Cups reversed, meaning that she gains the power to see through illusions, and any illusions she casts are stronger.

Lily would get The High Priestess reversed, meaning that she looses a little bit of wisdom.
Afua gets the Knight of Pentacles reversed, meaning that she becomes invisible, but very noisy.

Rich would get The Devil upright, meaning that he gets attacked by the Devil. I'm pretty sure the Devil is just waiting until they're in private before attacking.

Corinna would get the Page of Swords reversed, meaning that her defense is slightly reduced temporarily. Alright, I think that's the least exciting one yet, unless you're creative with the interpretation of defense.

And I drew Wheel of Fortune reversed for Nao, which is awful, but she's not even there and it was a for fun draw.

If you want some more inspiration, me or the vast endless information of the internet can tell you more about what tarot cards signify.…

Collab for Katarina's mindspace, and some of her upcoming physical actions.

@Fallenreaper What's your preferred Collab format?
Calix Falborough

Calix wasn't particularly one who was always enthused for new content patches. It wasn't all that big a deal for him. He thrived in the old and forgotten. With how much player created content there was, he hadn't even finished the base game from release. Thus, if not for one small happenstance of fate, he wouldn't have logged in that day.

That happenstance being, while he was enjoying the warmth of the sun, reclining in his squishy lawn chair on the deck of the ship, he felt a bit chilly. Opening his eyes, he could see the skies suddenly overcast and cloudy. Kind of killed the point of sunbathing. "Hey, bro, I'm heading below till these clouds move away. Could you give me a call when they do?"

"Mmm." Was the inarticulate response of his brother. Well, at least of all the things to be obsessed with, being obsessed with piloting ships when you're heir to a ship building company is proper.

Down below, of course, Cali's goal was his VR rig.

~Heh... No one will ever suspect a cute little kitten of being the nefarious Sura, Artisan of Calamity!~ Kittensura thought to herself as she crept out of an alleyway, poised at the corner, ready to enter the street proper. "Hehe, this will be puuuurfect, if I do-Waa! Hey!" Kittensura suddenly could no longer reach the ground with her paws with instead her weight resting on her rear. The source of this mysterious condition was then revealed as a very close rang out.

"Aw, this game has kittens? This is the best game!"

Despite Kittensura's rather disadvantaged position, she couldn't help but struggle, "Lemme down! I'm a PC, a PC!"

"It even doesn't want to be held, just like a real kitten!" The schoolgirl looking character continued to coo and gush over the fluffy little Kittensura.

"Can't you hear a word I'm saying?" Kittensura tried to bat at the girl's hand, but, well, it was futile, she just didn't have the power to escape the practiced kitten-hold of the schoolgirl.

"And the mews, it's so realistic! Who's a good kitty?" Liz began petting the underside of Kittensura's jaw.

"OK.. Apparently not." Kittensura tried checking her status bar, even while distracted by the surprisingly enjoyable petting. ~Kitten Form... Mmm... Kitten speech! Aha! So that's what's making me unintelligible! Man this is nice. Now.. If only I knew how to turn it off.. Maybe I should have read the readme before putting this cosmetic on.~

"Mmm.. I don't see a collar, so it must be a stray! This game is the best. I hope my starter money is enough to buy a cute collar with a bell."

"How did a new player who can't even tell a PC from an NPC get this far in the game..." Kittensura whined, as she finally gave up the struggle, for now at least.

"Aw, I bet you're excited, a collar with a bell would be so cute on you. What do you think about the name Oreo? Too unoriginal?"

"Very much so. How about something dignified. Like Helicopter Maximus." Kittensura rolled her eyes. But it was hard to act dignified when you were being carried around.

"Mmm.. You're right, I'd want something that stands out for my first pet. I'm Liz, by the way. Oooh, that place has ribbons and bells! I could make a collar from those for cheap!" The girl obliviously continued, before spotting a vendor for tailoring materials.

Kittensura's face as the impending bell collar approached was one of feline-doom, but she was saved from the bell as a nearby vendor's stall exploded and the chaos began. Still, in Kitten form, Kittensura was both uniquely prepared to spy out the enemies and then do absolutely nothing about them. At least she had Liz to act as ablative bait.

I hold onto the notion that I just wasn’t born to die
~Just outside that Club that just Exploded~

"Today just isn't this city's day, is it?" Katarina frowned. When the explosion rocked the club, many an ear was ringing. So was Katarina's, to be sure, even though she had just been walking by the door. But it was not the noise and chaos and infectious panic that halted her step, but empathetic concern. She quickly swiveled and took a spot against a wall close to the door as people fled. Even though her vision should have been tunneling as base fear took hold, such things simply couldn't find purchase on her jaded mind. What could find purchase was the quiet despair over the fact that this was the second explosion to hit her city just today. It seemed practically beyond saving. What was the point in saving a few if the city'd probably blow up in a month? Still, even though she wanted to leave town, she couldn't let this happen right in front of her.

She calmly waited by the door as the masses flooded out. Pulling up her phone, she activated melded her mind with it, storing away the memories of her little thought experiment about creating a Vis Targeting Virus to attack the Prae. Wouldn't want anyone getting fussy. That could be inconvenient. Then, she melded with the cameras inside the building, seeing the number of wounded. She might, might be able to stabilize everyone but... Eh, might as well just go all the way and get it done properly.

As the tide of those fleeing the building finally began to show gaps, Katarina slipped in. When your mind was running at quadruple speed, it was relatively easy to weave in and out of the crowd easily, especially when the frame you were using was just a tad faster than most. Every little bit helped.

Finally arriving on the scene, as quick as she was reasonably certain as she could have without shoving people down, she made her statement, in as loud and clear a voice as she could muster. "I'm a healer! But I don't have enough Vis to heal everybody. Anybody with some Vis to spare, or who is wounded, would you mind accepting my psychic invitation?" She didn't have big hopes that her one voice would be able to quell the chaos, but even if one or two heard her, that'd give her a lot more to work with. So she activated her Omni-Informational Interface with everyone nearby. It'd start with just a simple ping of sorts 'Are you willing or wounded?'. And for those who let their mental defenses down and said 'yes', well, then the fun would begin.

Presuming anyone was willing to let a stranger poke around in their minds, they'd get added to Katarina's mental network. The wounded would have their senses analyzed to determine where they were and how badly they were injured and where. Normally pain made that a difficult task, but this pain was practically mundane to Katarina, and she had no trouble at all sorting through despite it, and then compartmentalizing that pain away from the mind network. If those injured happened to have sufficient vis themselves to heal themselves, just not the know how or presence of mind, Katarina would allow them access to her Medical interface as she calmed their minds, to allow them to remove any shrapnel and begin healing. Similarly, any volunteers would have the eerie, strange access to a set of memories and knowledge that definitely wasn't their own, the medical know how of how to cast healing spells. Katarina was really hoping that the odds were in her favor and the 20-50% of people that learned at least a little magic was in her favor. She figured she'd only need a couple alright magicians to turn this from a tragedy into a tragedy averted. Even just organizing the random help so they weren't working at cross purposes would be wonderful.

Of course, if no one was down for that, she'd just have to triage and stabilize as best she could using the intel from the cameras.

@Ashen One I look forward to how many situations get solved with:

"Kneel before my mighty magics foolish morta-*bang*-blarg I am dead."

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