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In Tower of Fable 12 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay

"But of course, what clown doesn't love a straightman?" Caprice answered Kanbaru with a flourishing bow, waving Kanbaru forward as she quick dashed past.

Caprice pranced out of the way of the incoming wolf helpfully provided for her by Clair. As her cloak flitted out of the way like a matador's cape, it revealed that she had forged a candy net between herself and the wall. The wolf's momentum pulled it back and back, Caprice's boots digging into the rug she was standing on. And then the wolf was snapped back, sent flying back the way it came. Caprice's aim was to fling it in front of Clair so that her Starshot could handle the problem.

"Hmm? Another person seems to be talking to something imperceptible. Maybe crazy invisible nuns are real, and both Akiko and Kanbaru can see them?" Caprice wondered at Akiko's actions.

Caprice didn't seem to pay the butler much heed.

Caprice did not bother giving introductions to the newcomer, it seemed Akiko had set herself upon that task. Instead she simply gazed at the hallways they found themselves in. She hadn't made it quite this far on her last adventure, instead being dumped into an underground lake before making it through the garden. But it seemed they were starting past that point this time.

"Last time this place was little else but traps and monsters. Though, after the dreary doubletalk of that 'school', I almost find myself nostalgic for such straightforward simplicity." Caprice juggled small sets of cards two or three at a time as she looked around. She simply poked her nose in wherever she felt like checking. For her talk of traps, she didn't seem too worried about springing any.

Caprice couldn't help but let a hint of jealousy slip onto her face as Claire began to take pictures of Cait. It seemed she wished she had thought of the idea first. But alas, that is not how it had transpired, and Caprice could only kick up her feet on another chair and gulp down another mouthful of her drink before turning her attention to the counter. She set a hand down. A small stack of cards appeared when she lifted her palm, only fingertips still touching. She slid the cards down, spreading them out to reveal three in total, before flicking the last one, sending them all spinning to face up.

There was each of her fellow adventurers currently in the room.

Rose lay amidst a sprawling harem of indistinct girls, gold raining down upon her, a smile upon her face. Rose had a tail with a heart shaped end wrapped around one of the girls, pulling her tight.

Clair appeared just as she was right then, holding a reed stalk and bothering Cait.

Akiko was a cat.

Caprice set herself down at the counter, calmly lifting a leg out of the way and crossing it to avoid a sudden pirate ship. She leaned forward, resting her head in her hand with an elbow on the counter. "It seems our most gracious of hosts has the impressive talent of sleeping anywhere. How tempting, I'm sure someone could hook me up with that power." Caprice smiles at the sight of the napping Cait, before her eyes glanced over to Emilia.

"Well, no reason to bother her." With a wave of the hand snacks and drinks set themselves out for everyone, so that no one would need to wake Cait for one. For herself, she summoned a little coconut and mango drink, with actual fruit chunks floating about.

Caprice strolled out of the shadows cast by flickering neon and dying embers in the wake of the city's destruction to look upon the situation. She looked none the worse for wear. "Hmm, the monster has been slain and now gold rains from the heaven. My my, not very out of place in a game." Caprice smiles, creating in her hand a candy cane frame of an open umbrella, taffy stretched between its ribs. Gold coins bounced off of it, seemingly holding no allure to Caprice.

"Was that President the one who made the rules? Or was he simply another piece? The Headmistress seemed to hold no potential, simply a boss monster to be defeated for prizes. Poor thing couldn't even manage to fight the one she hated so." Her eyes scanned back and forth fruitlessly to find the Student Council President, who had already vanished.

"Well, perhaps the game's next level will hold some clues." Caprice shrugged as the glow encompassed her, and she left this floor of the tower.

Caprice's eyes watched the path of the incoming attack, but no other movement graced her body, save that to simply swallow her popcorn and clear her mouth.

The blow sent Caprice's teetering tower backwards and the bucket of popcorn skyward. Yet, as the chair and ruble toppled, somehow Caprice turned it into a backflip, each foot landing precisely on a summoned pole of candy cane of around the side of a bamboo shoot. The popcorn bucket came down first, and Caprice's hand reached skyward to catch it. She twirled once with it in hand to let the arc of flying popcorn land back home safe and sound, extra candy canes rising and falling as needed for her precise footwork.

"Mmm... Reasonable?" Caprice tossed a single popcorn into her mouth, ruminating on both the flavor and the word simultaneously. "I suppose my words must have been as harsh as violence to you." Caprice came to her conclusion with a half-hearted wave the hand.

"Very well, let us see whether you find satisfaction in defeating me. If I spend too much time on the sidelines all this might go to my thighs." Caprice's "this" seemed to be the popcorn, which she held forth now at Kanbaru as if it were some sort of weapon.

As demons and dragons made their power known, and gunships unleashed their volleys, Caprice was rather taken by a different scene, leaning forward in interest at Kanbaru, even as an enormous flaming fist passed too close for most sane folk's comfort. "Really? You're not a delinquent? When I saw you vandalizing school property, I thought you were pulling one of those 'pretend to go along with the bad guy then backstab them' things." Caprice then chewed a few popcorns herself, swallowing before continuing.

"Did you really think he'd look kindly on you destroying his property? That he'd buy into the wordplay gag that the biggest crime for crime night would be to destroy his things? Or, well, I suppose he still could, maybe he's excited to have another round with the Headmistress." Caprice looked at Kanbaru with incredulity at first, but then shrugged.

"Perhaps he calls you a delinquent because you're not fighting the final boss. Go on, I'm sure you can still be a good bad girl for him by fighting the Headmistress. Maybe if you steal her away from the big demon and put her down for her bedtime you'll get extra credit." Caprice now reclined backwards, tossing her popcorn one at a time into her mouth with a large showy arc.

"My my, this has become quite a bit more exciting than one's average act of schoolyard vandalism. Well done." Caprice tipped her mask to Kanbaru, somehow managing to maintain her upper body's poise and composure, as her lower body pranced atop Kanbaru's sphere of ice, riding it like it was some sort of circus act to amuse children. As they came clear of immediate danger, Caprice hopped off.

"Hello." Caprice had a rather terse, uninterested reply to the Student Council President, waving a hand half-heartedly while not meeting his eyes. Her gaze and interest was focused instead on the Headmistress. She had no intention of fighting the Headmistress' battle for her, if judging by Caprice's lackadaisical pose. Despite the chaos around her, she had nabbed herself an armchair from the ruined buildings, set it atop a jumbled pile of smashed timbers to get a good view, and was calmly perched upon it watching the scene.

"Well, I'd say 'I hope this show is worth all the effort', but I think Kanbaru did all the actual work. Popcorn?" Caprice offered the nearby Kanbaru Ice Sphere her jumbo sized movie popcorn, sizzling with butter. "I'm not sure it counts as therapy for whatever invisible nun-related trauma you've suffered, but I'm afraid it's all I have to offer at the moment.."
@The Goblin King@OwO Well, now that KoL has left, maybe if King could finish up their character, we could slot in their character is if it was Erika all along, a little retconning?
In case anyone is wondering Quasi's status:

Quasi Today at 6:33 AM
Heyall. just wanted to say I'm going to go dark probabbly until this virus subsides a bit. Seems like people might be sick so we'll have to see how my days will be for a bit :3
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