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@KoL I'm aware of why you asked, and I'm thankful. I actually meant it a bit more along the lines of "A bit more time would be nice, but it's ok with me if you have to eventually break into the scene if it doesn't look like we're gonna go anywhere."

So, I hope we finish this up quickly, but if we don't and the entire plot is waiting on us, go ahead and bust down the door.


"Tssk.. I'm getting unfocused.. CRAP MY SANDWICH!" Miyu said, as one of the Ramiel's managed to snag her, and then she lost her sandwich because she tried talking while it was in her mouth.

Red energy coming into existence, glimmering between Miyu and the Ramiel, and the Ramiel found it literally impossible to hold onto Miyu. The power of "forcing things to separate" made her a tricky catch. As she dropped down, one flap of her wings landed her on coast she had nearly reached before.

"THAT." Miyu slammed her oar into the ground, and a green wave of energy spread out across the field of fire, invisible once it passed, but the circle it made was visible. "WAS." It wasn't like the Ramiels were going to give up that easily, and they swarmed closer, Miyu's oar glowing red, as the fire across the ocean seemed to dim perhaps slightly.

"AREALLYGOODSANDWICH!" Miyu screamed as she swung her oar early. The Ramiels slowed their advance so as not to run into the clumsy strike, the blade of the oar clearly missing, some of them by entire meters. Yet one after another was rent asunder by the superheated blade that clearly missed them, until the momentum of the strike died, it's power exhausted after a handful of Ramiel clones. Still, each one was valuable, and Miyu had struck them down with a strike that should have missed.

@floodtalon@Lmpkio@Lucius Cypher

She's on a boat with Aqua.

Quick, someone write a pastie for that. :P
@KoL If you want to interrupt the Zeruel/Miyu/Henry/Fran fight early, I'd be a little disappointed, as it's my last opportunity for enjoying the Miyu power fantasy. But if you need to keep things moving, you need to keep things moving.
@Lmpkio Miyu doesn't have the silver eyes, she just used a bunch of spears that Henry created in an earlier fight. But no big.

"In regards to the traitor, she appears to be keeping the vicious Gaghiels away from her boat for a good period of time, all while chomping on a sandwich. Of course, the ravaged and chaotic Laguna clones, try desperately to capture her in their own way. Perhaps a trick had given her an upper hand in her struggle as the boards came down on a good portion of the Gaghiel fleet. They screech loudly as they attempt to flee, but some unfortunately died by the hand of wood. Of course, they wouldn't be letting her getaway so easily. As Miyu tries to paddle back to shore, one of the Ramiels attempt to grab her by the shoulders. If successful, it would issue a firm grasp as it attempts to bring her back to Zeruel as it flies over the ocean of sorrow and sickness."

So.. Things to note.
1. The ocean is topped with a layer of oil, that Miyu used the lightning to set on fire. The ocean is on fire and black smoke is going everywhere.
2. Miyu was on a pier, not a boat.
3. In my post the pier is destroyed by the end, and.. It's really a fishing pier of which it really shouldn't be able to damage your Gaghiel's, if we're taking them seriously. I mean, these guys are tougher than normal humans right?
4. On the note of that, Miyu threw a rain of silver eye created spears at them, missing their vitals but still hitting them. Some dying anyway from that might make sense, but chunks of wood?
5. Miyu can fly. These guys can totally grab her, but she was wing assisted jumping back to shore.
@TheWindel Mhmm. Do tell what tweaks would be necessary.

Somehow I'm betting at the end of them I'll have: Anti-Friction, Mantle, and Telepathy. Whoo. Yes. I'll definitely be able to... Fight Lillian. When she's not in her mech suit.
@TheWindel The experience of.. what? Exactly? Fighting Henry and Zeruel? Good fights, but only because she had powers she does not and will never have. It's not like Helena actually told them anything that Miyu didn't already assume was true.

I was using it as an opportunity to take off all her old baggage. Throw it all back on it's rather pointless. In her post wrestling with her demons, she was the one who lost, not won.
@Lucius Cypher Does Fran have any kids?
@KoL Well, right, in that case I can just have this Miyu poof into nothing because it was just a Henry memory, and then continue moping around Heaven. I'm sure the Miyu that does nothing but complain is much preferable to everyone.
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