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Caprice, at Lin's urging, swiped up Maria card from the table. Lin's words seemed to give her a moment's pause as she stayed still for a moment after, until they were once again in a new world.

"There are indeed quite a number of clocks, I will agree. If we chase those sirens, we'll probably encounter whatever passes for law here, I suppose?" Caprice didn't quite have a clear grasp of where to go in this world, but nonetheless glanced around, lifting herself up on a candy cane pole with a footrest for a higher vantage before stepping back to normal ground.

Takara would find himself presented with a fresh crisp steaming breakfast burrito, filled with eggs, hash browns, bacon, and peppers.
"Breakfast is served." Caprice nodded with a smile.

Caprice produced forth the donut from her pocket, glancing at it for a moment before shrugging and taking a bite. "I'll admit, it's a tempting offer, Cait. I always knew there was suffering out there, but seeing it myself left my spirits lower than I expected." Caprice spoke between bites as she consumed her donut, though never without carefully chewing and swallowing first. "It makes me wonder whether I'm quite cut out to it."

"Well, the cards hadn't hit the table yet, but we were in a bit of a tight spot when we left." Caprice answered Akiko, bringing up a hand and flicking out a full poker hand of cards into it, before slowly squeezing it down to only one card in her hand. "Absynthe Blue, a lovely name..." A smile tugged up at the ends of Caprice's cheeks for a moment, before she tossed the card through the air, looking away to take a drink. The card lazily drifted to and fro until it came softly to rest by Lin's glass face up. "Lin, I think this card would suit your style. Help yourself to it, if you like."

When Rose sat down next to Lin and Caprice, Caprice's eyes flitted over the pirate impassively for a moment. "Caprice is my stagename, a magician of unusual tastes." Caprice smirked, but her eyes did not show particular interest in Rose, and she looked away as soon as she finished introducing herself, and Rose went on to deal with Cait.

"Best of luck, Sherry, let us know if you need anything." Caprice raised her glass to Sherry's exit before taking another drink. As Clair entered and ordered, Caprice paid more attention to the drink Clair ordered than Clair herself, and seemed to nod approvingly. Or perhaps as response to the introduction, or both.

"At this rate of introductions, perhaps I should invest in business cards." Caprice paid no heed to Maria's card, instead continuing with her drink.

Black Cat

"Holy shit.. Is that girl doing gun kata? Or is it called gun fu? Regardless, I didn't think humans could think or move that fast, nor that it would be an effective way of using that speed if you could. Huh. I wonder why that zombie is dodging everything but the ones that you're firing at aren't. Maybe it's a range based thing where they don't recognize enemies beyond a certain range, or get buffs in close combat. Or maybe she's just fighting a miniboss." Black Cat spots... some things at least, as he leans over the edge of the building peering around for anything interesting happening, kicking his feet.

"Yikes! And that guy can just summon fuck-off flame waves. Why do we have guns again if you can get that? Is it a rare drop or something to get that power?" Black Cat leaned even further in a new direction after seeing the brilliant fire. He seemed to have no clue about who Scorch Spiriah was, but was impressed by the raw power of his flame.

Suddenly, a hand slammed down on the edge of the building, right next to where Black Cat's hand was. Black Cat's eyes went wide for a moment before backing up and flipping off the upcoming zombie, "Nope, nope. I'm fucking out of here." Black Cat caught a few bullets, each making major dents in his health bar, but nothing else, before Black Cat just started heading down the stairs. Black Cat's Cat Drone, however, stayed with Royal Ranger.


Caprice found the hands grasping at her falling away, thanks to Sherry's efforts. She was able to surface, summoning a buoy of nougat, with lots of air pockets to give it as much bouyance as Caprice could summon from candy. She was left bobbing on the surface in what looked like an oil spill. "Ugh, we've got to save Mary, but first we need to figure out how to save ourselves.." Caprice looked around grimly, not certain how she was going to handle the fishmen.

Fortunately, that was not a question she would have to answer, as she was instead transported to Cait's bar. She arrived somehow immaculate, simply popping out onto a barstool like nothing had happened. She blinked once or twice, subtly taking in the situation from beneath her mask before making a move. Finding herself among strangers, she felt it appropriate to say nothing to them for the moment.

"Well, that was quite the adventure." She said to Cait, while summoning up a patron pineapple for herself. A simple drink requiring no thought.

Black Cat

"Boo!" Black Cat bounced up behind Royal Ranger. He had stayed logged out, inadvertently skipping the mines, to not trigger on the minimap or guild lists, and quietly crept up while Royal Ranger was on team chat. Then, he logged in at the last minute and made his loud declaration of Halloween spirit.

"Soooo, the Halloween Cosmetics shop has some neat new stuff. Like this skull." Black Cat had an entirely new outfit that still didn't count in any way shape or form as armor, and thus provided no bonuses. He proffered the skull up to Royal Ranger, before twirling in his black frilly dress adorned with purple butterflies to show it off.

"Anyway, count yourself on infinite ammo, bro. I'll maybe keep an eye out for anyone creeping up the other way." Black Cat aimed a sporting punch at Royal's shoulder, as he offered to be a really shitty spotter. Regardless, his drone did forge an energy connection with Royal's Rifle, providing it indeed, infinite ammo.

Having another go at it? Best of luck!

"Nnnmm?" Caprice was just beginning to wake up, but was still more or less useless, from Sherry's attempts to wake her. "What's this boy and all this doing he--aaaugh!" But then she was dumped on the ground which brought her around slightly more quickly.

"I've got an idea! I'll could make the snake a cake to eat! It'll be-aaaaugh not again!" Caprice excitedly bounced up and set to posing her hands dramatically in various measuring-like gestures. To make a proper edible cake, and not sugar frosting flavored sponge, apparently took Caprice a little bit of time, more time than she would in fact have to spend before plummeting downwards.

Whipping a hand blindly at where she hoped was ceiling, she summoned a strand of candy vines. They quickly strained under her weight and their unstable securing, strands snapping swiftly. But they still managed to get her at least right side up as she plunged into the water. That did little to aid her against the grasping clutches of the fishmen however. With little else for it, she decided to start pumping out as much slimy oil as she could. She figured that if it didn't play well with fish, perhaps it wouldn't play well with fishmen, and at the very least it might make her slick and hard to hold as she struggled blindly.

Měihóu Niángniang

Měihóu continued running at the building.
L y r e n

"FUCK!" This exclamation shattered the silence in the library, causing most of its few inhabitants to jolt from their reading for a moment.

Any who turned their heads to look at the source of the outburst would likely find Lyren, glaring angrily, not at someone, as was her usual, but instead at a book. A book on the history of one Isao Taiyōtawa. Beside it laid a folded touchscreen laptop, or perhaps a VERY large tablet. She was hunched forward, the feet of the chair almost lifting from how far forward she was poised as well. Fingers drummed angrily on the pages of the book, while she also slowly brushed the hair out of her eyes with a motion dragging across her entire face.

"Every time I try to think off what I'm supposed to write about this asshat, I'm just so frustrated. When am I ever going to be staring down an enemy force and go 'Damn, if only I could remember when some self-important corpse stepped on Terra Nova'?" Her voice gradually lowered to a level somewhat more acceptable as 'slightly boisterous study group'. "Tch..." She tisked as she shoved the book away and leaned back in the chair. She cushioned her head in her hands as she stared at the ceiling.

She breathed in deeply, closing her eyes and holding her breath for ten seconds before letting it out in a slow exhalation. Her chest now rose and fell smoothly, as the crease in her brow slowly unfolded and the tension seeped from her body. Eventually, she rose up pulled the book closer, apparently ready to begin attempting to work on her essay, again.
Měihóu Niángniang

"Alright boss! I'm down with the plan. Fair warning, I've never actually successfully fooled anyone important, or even semi-important with my transformations, even when their tome supposedly has nothing to do with information gathering, and my transformations supposedly have no signatures or tells because I genuinely transform into and am exactly what I transform into and nothing more or less. Given my track record, I think I am as good at stealth as an elephant, and I should know I've been one." Monkey seemed to be highly enthusiastic with the plan, raising a cheerful fist pump, nodding along, despite her apparently dismal opinion of her own stealth capabilities. Unleashing her scroll staff, she twirled it about herself to veil her shift.

And so it was, that Měihóu transformed into a Ferruginous hawk, with two implanted thoughts. One was that it would be a good idea to check around that Slave House over there for any good places to build a nest. And the second idea was that it should return over here and tap this brightly colored red thing when it has finished checking or if anything was threatening. She soared over, catching the wind, before attempting to land on the slave building and poke around, hopping and flapping and pecking about, presuming nothing stopped her. If perhaps the building was warded against vermin, Měihóu would feel it just the same as any other bird, and likely return to her staff. Otherwise, she would scout around the building, and upon finishing, return to her staff and transform back into Měihóu, with the memories of what the bird saw and experienced added in, to analyze for weaknesses or entrypoints.

"Waaugh!" Caprice tripped, whatever grace she may or may not have had not helping her against this unexpected trial. Perhaps unfortunately for her, her first thoughts, whatever they were, were not to escape, and she was quickly rendered asleep. "Mmm... I think I'll do Challah in the morning..." These were her last words before fading away and softly snoozing.

"Mmm. I can't quite say I like our host's sense of aesthetics. To allow such distasteful wretches to nest in such close proximity to such carefully cared for roses, it ruins a perfectly good elegant atmosphere!" Caprice dusted off her gloves of a few stray specks of pepper that had clung to them, while careful steps with an illusory air of effortless poise carried her around the perhaps hypocritical grease trap she had laid between herself and the bloodnecks.

"One simply cannot pretend that your home's ambiance is not affected by the neighbors! Homeowners associations are a thing, you know!" Caprice lectured the iron gates for a moment, leaning forward with a waggling finger and one on her hips, as if leaning over a student at a desk. "Take Mary, for instance. The romance of a revolver is a far more civilized than slavering jaws. And even if you must use your hands, martial arts or magic can give things a little bit more elegance than rip and tear." Caprice gestured at companions in turn, stalking the length of the gate from end to end before with a swift twirl marching back to the center.

"I don't know which possibility is worse, whether you lack confidence in your appearance and need to compensate by setting our standards low, or if you simply didn't care to chase them away. Neither shyness nor sloth is a good look." Caprice burst through the gate, two giant gingerbread men opening the gates for her as she dramatically raised her arms. "But never fear, Caprice is here! Heheeee-oh my, I'm getting rather carried away. Intoxicated on my own newfound power isn't a terribly admirable persona either. Apologies." Caprice finally quieted down from her grand performance to no audience in particular. She settled for readjusting her mask as she calmed her heaving chest from the excitement.
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