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Go check out my roleplay. Fantasy China Martial Arts Houses fighting each other with three separate power systems fighting all gentlemanly with each other.
The Enlightened War

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Sapphire Pink

"Mmm, well..." Sapphire Pink glanced between her Cookies, Chen, Ruxen, and Deva. "I guess one out of three isn't bad!" She smiled, though whether she was referencing the cookies or their reception was open to interpretation. "I suppose I forgot to bring cups, so if only one person wants anything, they can just have the bottle. And it's not like someone super special guardian guy could get drunk off half a bottle of wine. So, as thanks for trying my cookies Chen!" Pink handed Chen the bottle, and waved the cookie plate for one last pass if he wanted to snag a few, before turning away.

"Just you wait! I'll make something soooooo amazing that you'll be super happy and want to be my friend! Till then, I'll keep trying. See you soon!" Pink directed this next statement at Ruxen... Or perhaps also at Deva, what with her recent efforts at enchanting. Then Sapphire Pink sparkled her way away, as she turned the corner lightly going "Hm.. Maybe if I..? No, she's probably already got one..."

@Floodtalon @TheWindel

- Lilliana, the Radiant Heart -

"But they're so cute..." Lilliana pouted but nonetheless acquiesced, pulling back her hands from seeking out Seth's ears.

When Damianos brought up multiverse theory and such, Lilliana laughed and waved it off, "That's baby stuff! Every good show these days has multiverse theories and alternate timelines and another worlds. It was even the season 2 plot twist in ★Sparkle Shine Cutie Crusaders★ where the Sparkle Bright's nemesis Dark Night actually turned out to be the alternate universe version of her that had been living with her as twin sisters this whole time! And then we learn that the reason she was in the world she was in was because a disaster had occurred in her world and all her friends had cast a spell to send her to the universe we watch so that she could gather enough Sparkle Power to save her world. But something messed up with the spell and turned her back into a kid the same age as the her in our universe, and weakened her powers, so she grew up always thinking she was just the less special version of her sister which was why she had so much repressed anger about her sister. That's why she jumped at the chance when the Comet Witch offered her the Evil Omen Sigil as a way to harvest the main character's powers and save her world, because it gave her both a way to be as special as her sister and be as strong as her sister! When the alternate reality sisters finally reunite, defeat the Comet Witch, and agree to try and find a way to save both their worlds, it's a heartwarming finish to a show that surely deserves season three to resolve the story! UUUUUGH I'M SO MAD WHY DIDN'T IT GET SEASON THREE?" Lilliana then proceeded to drone on and on about some magical girl show. Apparently even a world that had actual real life magical girls, you still had shows about the same thing. Perhaps there were even more, due to the hope that one actually could become a real magical girl.

Regardless, Lilliana also took a seat with a frown and crossed arms, throwing herself down angrily. She seemed to have worked herself into quite a huff. However, that huff had absolutely nothing on the next thing to happen that conquered her angry mood faster than the eye could follow. There was a happy little fox yipping! Lilliana couldn't help but bring her hands up to smush her cheeks while her eyes sparked. "Awwwww..... That is... I was so wrong... THAT is the cutest thing ever. Though I guess it's still the same person, so maybe I'm not wrong? Hmm.... Operation Cute Fox Friend, go!" Lilliana got a little bit quieter as she thought out loud to herself, before deciding on a course of action and affirming it loudly.

"So, what's your name? You've told us a lot about who Faunus are, but not a lot about who YOU are." Lilliana then actually started talking to Seth rather than to herself. @Rex

It's my habit to include mentions near parts of my posts that actively involve other people and perhaps need a reaction, in case people are skimming.

If that bothers you, let me know, and I won't mention you.

- Lilliana, the Radiant Heart -

"I can't breath Kupo! A poor helpless moogle was getting relentlessly snuggled within the arms of Lilliana. Though not one normally performing superhuman physical feats, the sight of something so fluffy had awoken a primal force within her. Lilliana may not have a body with herculean strength, but 110% of the power she did have was clamped around the adorable little Moogle. Said Moogle had barely managed to give out his message before being hugged.

"Of course I'll help something so cute in trouble! Lead on to the people who need help, Fluffy!" Lilliana nuzzled against the moogle as she answered its request in a way that indicated she probably hadn't 100% understood the message. Then she turned to her squad, who she had been on patrol with. "Girls, I'm going to go help with this! Ruby, can you cover for me?"

"Pfft, yeah I can handle it. I could handle the entire heartless threat if they'd stop hiding from me."
"Be safe!"
"Bring me back a souvenir!"
The squad answered back, yelling over each other as Sapphire Pink traveled to another world.


Lilliana was agape at how pretty the world she had traveled to. Everything was so pretty and bright! Nature and technology coexisted, butterflies in a city center! (She couldn't resist adding one of her own to the butterfly swarm, a pink healing one. This distraction fortunately gave the moogle time to escape.)

"So shinging.. Sparkling.. Radiant even! Like light itself is infused into the very stone! Is this what home will be like soon? Oooh, I can't wait!" Lilliana gushed as she twirled and flitted about, taking in the scenery all at once in a heady daze. She bumped into one of the special forces members trying to guide her even. While skilled in the arts of magic, the skill of proper military decorum she did NOT have.

Unfortunately, her decorum around emperors was just as bad, if not worse. If not stopped, she would be hugging everyone as they was introduced. Emperor, Bassilisa, Nobody, Sorcerer, Special Forces, Lilliana's hugs were nondiscriminatory, though fortunately not as constricting snakelike as the poor moogle had endured. All the while Lilliana would be introducing herself over and over again. "I'm Lilliana, also known as Sapphire Pink, the Radiant Heart! It's so great to meet you, let's be friends! You can count on me!"
@Letter Bee

Seth's appearance, unfortunately for him, would inspire Lilliana as she heard him speak up and turned to get a look at him for the first time. "OMIGOSH! Are those real! Do you have a tail too? Can I touch your ears! You are the cutest thing ever!" Rather than take him as cool, or scary, Seth's came across as adorable to Lilliana, despite the fact that he had practically a foot of height and a hundred and some change pounds on her. Bounding over to him with relentless energy, she bounced up to pet at his ears, not waiting for permission.

@Nuriko That doesn't seem any weirder than magical girl world, and still has a strong human and earth focus, so I'd guess so. (Disclaimer, I am not the GM. :P)
@Letter Bee I keep seeing references to "three foremost" and stuff. Are the 'invited to join the war council' slots already taken up?

@Letter Bee
Would a world that is "modern day with magical girls" count as an alternate history? The change being the introduction of magic in response to the heartless. @Letter Bee

I was seeing all these dark gritty worlds and wondering if there shouldn't be at least one relatively happy one.

I hold onto the notion that I just wasn’t born to die】【It’s just a threat. I’d never actually use it.
~"Oh? Aha.. Um, don’t mind me, I’m nobody in particular."~

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