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“Like I was just telling Tesni, it was just a music room! Its just different now! IdunnoMagic!" Bonnie threw her hands up in some mixture of defensiveness and panic. The social pressure of thinking she had already failed all the people she was trying to make friends with and ... Wait, who had just asked that? Bonnie blinked for a moment as Tesni began talking and she realized Camelot was back!

“You're back! I didn't know you were back, Camelot!" Bonnie moves in, spreading her arms wide, pausing, then trying to subtly transition to offering a handshake. Bonnie tried to remember that they hadn't left off on great terms. But dang it she was a hug person!

“Yup, exploring's still on the menu, with a team this allstar, we should be unstoppable- er, yeah, I guess more people have shown up than I invited." Bonnie answered Tesni, a bit surprised.

“Oh, hey Suzuya! Didn't see ya behind the ghost. I think you're right, I don't mind some extras and let's explore. I did put a notice on my door incase anyone got lost, so, it'd make sense my roommate'd see it, eh?" Bonnie offers a smile to Suzuya and a wink to Camelot.

Bonnie seemed to lose some tension after more students showed themselves, and especially the teachers. If this was some legitimate threat, there were teachers. But it probably wasn't, cause the teachers didn't seem worried. It seemed in Bonnie's mind at least, no matter how much Charlotte protested, Bonnie considered her part of the 'staff'. And Mika couldn't get surprised by any spooky ghosts, right?

Now feeling calmer, despite the fact that she was no longer peering around warily, Bonnie's situational awareness actually improved, from not being quite so frightened. She noticed Silvia had slipped in previously as she spoke up and decided the appropriate response was a wave and nod of recognition. She wasn't quite sure Silvia enjoyed being talked to, so maybe this would be better?

“I didn't know you had a dog, Mika! That's neat." Bonnie seems to miss the point a bit, and gets caught up in Olivia's excitement and hurries over too.

Bonnie stopped dead, blinking. A moment passed. Then she turned to Tesni. “I swear, it wasn't a spooky castle yesterday. It was just a music room. I thought it was just a rumor it was haunted but now I'm worried it might actually have some stupid Halloween only Pageless that transformed the classroom?"

Nervously peeking inside, she spied Olivia and a suspiciously large bedsheet ghost... Probably Xolys? But with a spooky castle suddenly here, maybe there were giant bedsheet ghosts.

Still, nothing would seem as scary with Olivia around, she definitely had that gift. Therefore... Bonnie quickly called out, “Olivia, over here! I'm here with our first guest! Is Suzuya with you?"

“Cause, you know, I was thinking maybe we should explore together?" Bonnie smiled a smile only someone very poor at social cues would not read as a insincere. “Wouldn't want to have the latecomers not to have anything left to explore by the time they get here right?"

“Oh, and I brought snacks and a blanket to set them on, just in- is that a pool?!?" Bonnie pulled off her backpack and started to open in before being confounded by just the scale of what was going on.


Scene with Mika in the Hall at Night

Bonnie nearly jumped out of her skin at walking out of her door and immediately being confronted with Mika, especially considering she thought she was being sneaky. Not for any bad reason, of course! Just didn't want to disturb people late at night.

“Huh? Uh.." Mika quickly took charge of the situation and grabbed her letter. Bonnie wondered how Mika had known. She was called the Wise I guess? “Thank you?" Bonnie was confused and surprised but apparently everything had gone well?


Scene under the table with Silvia and Celina in the Aftermath

“Well, it's nice to meet you again Silvia!" Bonnie smiled as best she could, in the wet-rained on table-situation. “I can't say I'm great, but I think I'm okay for now."

“As far as looking bad though, I mean, you are hiding beneath a table, maybe go get yourself warmed up and dried off..?" Bonnie offers as Celina enters, her eyes going between the two.


Scene at Bonnie's Room with Tesni right before the sleepover.

Bonnie opened the door with a smile. “Oh hi, Tesni! I was just about to head to Olivia and Suzuya's so she can lead the way to the... haunted classroom we're going to be partying at." Bonnie wasn't sure why that was the case but boy howdy was it!

Pulling out a big bright piece of yellow paper, “Sleepover is at haunted classroom Olivia is leading the way to, 1-519-147-8322 is my cell if you can't find it." was written on it in sharpie, Bonnie began taping it to the outside of her door. Hopefully this would be enough for everyone to find the right spot. And hey, if an introvert didn't want to come, awful directions was a great excuse!

“Shall we?" Bonnie offers her arm for Tesni.


Lilac returned to the scene, ready to lend what aid she could, much around the same time that Merlin arrived the first time and... blinked in surprise

“Ahhh….what’s become of my school?" the Grand Minister said with a smile.

Why was she smiling? Everything felt okay now... but was this a happy occasion? Maybe she was just putting on a brave face. With the calming aura descending on everything, Lilac pushed it out of her mind. Maybe someone would still need help.

The Grand Minister continued for awhile, saying things were ok now, and things started to make sense... Thoughts potentially asking why the Grand Minister hadn't helped and showed up only after were brushed away by the lyrical tones. Celebration? Oh yeah, she was planning a sleepover too, something to forget all this...

"...Are you kidding me? No, no. You've got to be kidding me." Lupin growled. "That bitch led us to an attempted reverse-ambush, tried to trap us as she trashed your school, hurt your students, and BOTH of you still want to be sunshine and rainbows to her?!" Her gaze snapped between Merlin and Rose, then remained at the former. "Do you even have a way to fix everyone's grimores she's tainted?! How do we even know she won't try and pull something like this again?!"

And then Lupin's words shocked Lilac out of her comfortable daze and filled her heads with all sorts of uncomfortable thoughts. She started thinking back on what Merlin had said with a more skeptical eye and... "What?" Everything suddenly stopped making sense.

Lilac was too slow to process what was going on to step in between the fight between Lupin and Burning Heart. Surely.. Surely the teachers and the Grand Minister herself wouldn't let them fight right in the middle of them? Even if Tesni and the... Nessie! Nessie was the name, wasn't it? Were kinda for it.

Oh, good, soggy post it notes, Mika had resolved the situation. Lilac breathed a sigh of relief. Perhaps the rapid stress shifts up and down was impairing Lilac's judgement because she seemed content to call it there.

There was sweet. And then there was sickly sweet. If Merlin wanted to still extend an olive branch to Roma like Olivia had, sure, that'd make sense. That was a thing a Magical Girl would do. But to not recognize anything was wrong? To act like none of the damage meant anything? To spare not a thought for how everyone who was hurt or who watched others get hurt... Lilac looked between Dynasty Queen and Merlin.

Lilac still thought Dynasty Queen was wrong for endangering fellow magical girls. That was ironclad. But Lilac hadn't raised a public fuss for one reason. No one had helped Dynasty Queen. If you can't offer a solution, don't complain about someone else trying. If Lilac had been strong enough to help her side by side, but Dynasty Queen still did what she did, maybe it would have been time for harsh words. But she hadn't. And everyone else hadn't either. Camelot would have been strong enough to help. If she was just strong like Camelot...

Lilac shook her head, and her train of thought returned back to the station. What Dynasty Queen had done was wrong... But somehow with just words Merlin had made herself look even worse. Dynasty Queen... No, Tesni, felt like a normal person that just had the powers of a magical girl. There was no appeal to be something greater, to hold herself to a higher moral standard. But still a person, a human trying to take a logical path in a black and gray world. But Merlin? What the fuck world was she from that she thought walking into this situation and acting like that was appropriate? She didn't act like a human with basic empathy. She was acting like the storybook villainous being from another dimension that didn't understand human emotions!

Lilac realized she had been staying stuck in her head for too long, and sought out some action

Lilac did recognize a little unfinished business, and approached Silvia, kneeling down under the table, likewise wet, though, somehow the magic of a Magical Girl managed to keep her white clothes from being see through. "Um, hello. I'm sorry for worrying you earlier! I really am alright, thank you for asking, I just needed a little time to collect myself. Um, I'm afraid I don't know your name? I apologize that I only know your magical girl name. Stripes is, ah, an easy to remember one." Lilac looked a little bashful. "But I'm trying to get to know everyone better, I'm planning a sleepover? If you'd like to come."

-- Back to letter writing --

Bonnie was practically skipping with glee as she pranced around her room in her pajamas, reading Olivia's letter, it was a yes! So much so that she could almost ignore that it was going to be held in a haunted room! Why did it have to be there... Oh well, that's just how it'd have to be.

Dear Olivia,

That sounds wonderful! I'm planning to write some more invitations, but if you'd like to take care of the location, that'd be fine! I plan to invite Suzuya, Silvia, Nessie,

Bonnie paused. Took a deep breath, and continued. Yeah, she was still going to invite Tesni. Things couldn't end like that.

Tesni, Celina, and Mika as a chaperone. If you have anyone else you'd like to invite, go right ahead!

Bonnie paused again, this time a fear of the unknown rather than her own failings. A quick flip of the pen, and she continued once more.

P.S. If Wilhemina is still around please invite her too! I don't know where she is, did she go on a mission?

Oops! She had put the P.S. too soon. Bonnie bit her lip.

Looking forward to get to know you better,

With that out of the way there were so many other letters to write.. Maybe she should do the hardest one first?

Dear Tesni,

I want to apologize. I thought I'd just be holding you back. I thought it'd be better if I just helped others. But those were just excuses I told myself. I didn't realize how it'd make you feel when I left you to fight alone. I told myself someone else stronger would step up to help you, but no one did, and I was there. I should have done something, or tried harder, or thought about how leaving without a word would make you feel. Please, forgive me.

I know it's a shabby peace offering, especially since it comes with an admission of eavesdropping, but, I'm planning a sleepover and I think I heard you talking with Mika you wanted to make more friends? I can't guarantee it'll go well, but if you'd like to come, I'd like to have you there. Maybe if we have a chance to interact without a big fight against the Pageless, it'll help.

I'm Sorry,

Bonnie breathed out slowly. That one was a bit exhausting. At least bedtime was just around the corner.

Dear Suzuya,

Hello, I know we haven't spoken much since Camelot got sent on that mission and our team kinda fella apart. I still remember you fondly, and I was hoping the end of that team won't be the end of our relationship.

I'm planning a sleepover with a bunch of the other new students here, and was wondering if you wanted to come? I know things have been tense with us, a lot of us fighting with each other, but I'm hoping we can come to a common ground.

Hoping to get to know you better,

Even one she thought was going to be easy had more difficulty than she thought. It seemed like everyone had been fighting these days, and she didn't know what to think about Burning Heart and Lupin's fight.

Dear Mika,

Hello, I'm planning a sleepover with some of the other students, and was hoping maybe you could spare a clone to play chaperone? Some of the girls I'm inviting have been at, shall we say, odds with each other lately? And I was thinking it wouldn't be bad to have a teacher on hand.

Thank you for your time,

Ok, halfway there!

Dear Nessie,

Hello, I'm Bonnie/Lilac Shimmer, I was there when you found your Grimoire, and I've seen you at Val's class. I'm throwing a Sleepover for some of the newer students and magical girls, and was wondering if you'd like to come. I've been wanting to make your acquittance a little more than in passing as we battle Pageless or meet at classes.

Hoping to get to know you.

Bonnie wasn't sure if she was getting tired and couldn't put as much energy into Nessie's or if she just didn't know her well enough to say yet.

Dear Celina,

Hello, I'm Bonnie/Lilac Shimmer, I saw you at Val's class. I'm throwing a sleepover and I was wondering if you'd like to come. I'm hoping we can all make some friends and maybe loose some enemies. I know tensions have been high lately and I'm hoping we can ease a little stress.

Hoping to get to know you.

Silvia letter - On hold cause I think it's likely for Bonnie to get new things to say after their current meeting.

Bonnie then crept out into the hallway to deliver her letters quietly before heading to bed.


Lilac herself cringed when her declaration made under Roma's influence was answered to, but she couldn't help but frown too. Silly superhero names? That was what Tesni thought of magical girl names? Names were important.. She got decked in the face by some tentacled pageless- Ok, but not important right now, as she threw the pageless over her shoulder.

Ethereal Rose's words stirred more than a few hearts, Lilac's not the least among them. They gave her hope. Maybe Rose would be the one to shine today like Nessie had before. Lilac steeled herself, readying to call Joyouse. She'd have to do her part to set the stage for the Magical Girl's triumph!

And then she saw Tesni and Moonlight Tsubasa's last clash. Tesni had just forced the bad guy to save innocents? Was she just careless? Or was this...

Camelot had been right. There was something wrong about Tesni. She didn't need to be an Alter or have an Altered Grimoire. Surpassed by her roommate even still, Camelot had been able to see what lurked in Tesni in minutes while Lilac had closed her eyes for a whole week.

"I suppose that's it then.." Lilac took a breather, leaning over, as finally the situation calmed down in the cafeteria. Grimoires were altered, people were hurt, but those things were now static rather than a disaster in progress. Teachers seemed to be attending those affected by Roma's attack, Drossel could surely do something. There was still more to be done but... Maybe... Maybe she could be forgiven for letting herself be overcome now. Lilac felt so desperately spent. Moonlight Tsubasa was an evil monster, yes. But the school harbored plenty who didn't need any help from the Pageless.

It took Lilac a minute to realize Stripes was talking to her, the sound not quite doing the trick and only once Stripes came closer did Lilac recognize. Someone was even asking if she was ok. "I'm... Ok. I just need a minute. Thanks." Lilac ran a hand through her hair, just to make sure everything was alright. Yeah. If someone was asking how she felt, as someone who was still standing, then things had to be ok now. Just for a bit.

And so Lilac left the scene, in slow, broken steps, exhausted more from the heart than the battle with the Pageless.

Lilac made it back to her dorm, though so close to the cafeteria, it felt so distant. Nothing was amiss here, and she felt safe to end her transformation, no matter how foolish it might have been. Bonnie plopped down on her bed, and turned to face Camelot's. So many things she had done wrong. So many things she wished she could say. Had said. Her fingers gripped tight on the sheets.

Why was the story playing out like this? There had to be some way to turn this around.

"Olivia..." Lilac's mind latched onto to that one bright moment of hope. After a while, she pulled herself out of bed and began to write a letter.

Dear Olivia

I wanted to thank you for your words during the battle with Moonlight Tsubasa. It's been a dark day for all of us today, but, your shining heart as you spoke those words provided something to believe in. You spoke like a Magical Girl when I felt like an exhausted girl who just happened to have magical powers. Thank you. And Xolys too!

We've never been on the same team together, so I don't know you very well. But I'd like to know you better! You and lots of the other girls. I know it sounds weird to invite people to a party after everything that's happened but, I just can't let it end like this, in darkness and despair. Would you be open to a sleepover after we've got this all straightened out?

Putting her thoughts into ink somehow lifted a weight from Bonnie's shoulders, and she rose to slip her letter into Olivia's room, before returning to the scene of the disaster to continue lending what aid she could.
I don't particularly want to do PvP, so I'd personally be quite happy if someone else took the glory of helping Tesni fight Roma. By all means, arrive as soon as you can. :P
Oh wow, yeah, there was a week there canonically. I forgot about that entirely.


"Gyah!" Lilac recoiled like she was about to execute some ill-advised panic karate when she encountered the Mika-Bison clone and had it stared into her soul. Given the scenario of Pageless wanting to suck up and like merge with Magical Girls or something at Roma's behest, practically a dozen of them fused onto a single beast was a body horror story gone wrong. After a moment, she regained her calm, mostly upon realizing she was not facing a amalgman monster with a dozen magical girls including a teacher fused into a single death golem.

At the request to join Tesni's fight against Roma however... Lilac's eyes went wide. She glanced over to the battle of epic proportions that could be straight out of the Monkey King's greatest feats, back to the Mika clone, and meaningfully down to herself, and finally back to the Mika clone with a tilt of the head. -Are you fucking kidding me? What the hell do you think I'm gonna do in that?- Was written on her face. But she didn't say it.

She turned again towards the fray, and steeled herself to charge towards that battle that she felt woefully inadequate for.

Now was the first time Lilac found herself in the full force of Roma's smoke. Before she had managed to avoid it with various shenanigans, but this time there was no escape as she headed into the heart of the battle. Coughing and choking, her steps slowed quickly, only halfway the journey between Roma and Mika, before Lilac was practically stopped.

Desires swirled in her head.

Tesni had called for her, wanted her to be her friend, why hadn't she answered? Friends where what she wanted.

Why couldn't she just give up and support somewhere else. If she didn't try to make friends with Tesni, she couldn't be hurt when it all collapsed again?

She didn't want to fight another magical girl. How could she fight Moonlight Tsubasa with a sword and not hurt her?

She didn't want to fight someone that strong. How could she possibly fight Moonlight Tsubasa with just a sword? Tesni and her great staff would be held back just by Lilac being close.

Why couldn't a teacher do it? Mika was here, Lilac could keep rescuing people.

There were so many good reasons to do something else.

Her heart so clouded, there was no way Lilac could even stand face to face with Moonlight Tsubasa, and Lilac stumbled to her knees. Pageless circled close. Their mission was to create Altered Grimoires, not face off with Magical Girls at the peak of their power. Thus, to prey on the weak was the most effective strategy.

"I... I just want..." Lilac cried into the floor, balling her right hand into a fist, as the Pageless prepared to strike.

"I WANT TO BE A COOL MAGICAL GIRL! WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP CALLING ME BON-BON?" A true longing of her heart, supercharged by Roma's smoke, burned through the fog of her twisted desires, perhaps because it was such a simple desire that it had no desires in opposition, and Lilac rose to her feet in a single leap, fist high to the sky to declare her passion to the sun and stars and... why was chalk falling on her head?

"EH?" Lilac jumped back as a ceiling tile dropped to the floor. Looking up, she noticed the Pageless she had just Rising Uppercut through the ceiling.

Her moment to herself was quickly cut short as other Pageless attacked. This was a serious battle, after all.

"O-on my way, Tesni!" Lilac began to fight her way though closer, though it would take her sometime to clear a path through.
It's certainly the discord to me.
And, just in case anyone was feeling left out because they're not in the discord, don't worry, 90% of the content is just this:

"Greedily pinches bottom cheeks in my hands, filling them up. Gives a few love bites and nibbles on each thigh, leaving little lipstick kisses."

If that interests you, see Windel. :P
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