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@Xiro Zean Yay!

"Oh, she's sorta in. I think she's looking after whatever that crashing direction was thataway! Her treatments are pretty good, just the other day I had a bunch of bullet wounds and now I'm right as rain." Mushi pointed in the direction of Amanita and Marshall, but didn't rise from her bed, simply scooting her pillow a little so it bunched up and propped her head a little higher so she could get a good eye on the newcomer.

~Aw man, when will I get one of those super awesome power auras. I've trained my whole life and I still don't give off an aura unless I frivolously spend my time and effort to do it.~ Mushi's reaction to the stranger's obvious martial and magical prowess.. was to pout a little. There was a complete lack of fear, simply disappointment that she wasn't as obviously powerful. She had spent her whole childhood constantly around stronger than her duelists, so if her reaction to a stranger with extreme power was fear, she would have been quite traumatized. As it was, she was acclimated to the idea of people stronger than her, even if she didn't particularly like it.

~I mean, I guess it's fine that I don't show off my power level.. Element of surprise and all that. But darn it, it looks cool.~ Mushi continued internally sulking and turned her head to the side, making her disappointment a little less obvious. She considered introducing herself, but, probably because of the sulking, didn't.

@The Irish Tree@Ammokkx
Mmm, I just figured we had finished the Cyll/Mushi thing, and now there was theoretically time for someone else to join in.
@Enkryption Mmm, your call how hard you want to push the introvert angle.
@Enkryption Well, there you go, you've got a topic and an icebreaker.
@Enkryption I dunno. Your character seems like quite a talker if you count talking with yourself. Do he have any topics he likes talking about?
@Enkryption If you want to join in, now's not an awful time, as our conversation is mostly finished. But if not, we can always wait for the next scene.
My post has been removed.
@Xiro Zean Did you die to the traps? :P
@Ammokkx I'm down. Do you have a collaborative Document host you particularly like? I'm fond of etherpad for one off things like this.
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