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The Enlightened War

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I expect to finish this, sometime this week.
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My characters

Character creation info, and character list.
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Promise, Rule, and Guidelines

1. If I accept you into the roleplay, I promise not to shut you down over a decision of “I don’t like X power” or “I think X is broken”, whether it’s my opinion or between players. HOWEVER, I do reserve the right to ask for a 24 hour recess in such things between posts if I don’t feel the issue is going anywhere or I need to cool down. Let’s do whatever we need to do to be civil about things. I can’t promise we will never get in an argument, but if we do, I’d like neither of us to walk away with hard feelings. If you’re not accepted, however, and you can’t convince me to accept your character, you get no such promise.
2. If the players cannot agree who wins between them, I will decide it via weighted probability. If I think X character has a decent upper hand, but not a sure deal, I may roll a d6 and give X character the victory on a 3 or higher. It is then the player’s responsibility to end the fight with that result. The participants in a fight may also agree on some other neutral party to decide things such for themselves if they both agree to it.
3. Timelapsing is a thing, except for timelapsing flourishes. What are timelapsing and flourishes? Timelapsing is when you respond to “Alright, I start casting my mega-death-laser, charging up to full power over fifteen seconds, and then unleashing it!” with “I throw a flurry of shurikens at you.” Throwing a few shurikens is a hell of a lot faster than fifteen seconds, so if you throw a shuriken at someone charging his death laser, he has to either choose between taking a whole bunch of shurikens to the face, or cancelling his death laser to do something else, like dodge or block. What are flourishes? Things that just add style to the fight. The most common example is talking. If someone posts “You will face my justice!” Before they launch a punch, you don’t get to say “Well, during the time you were saying that before punching, I walked away.” Talking is a free action, and if everyone is afraid to give badass taunts, the fighting will be less fun.
4. I intend to start off with an introductory "Precursor Ruin" battle, but if after that, people wander around the landscape having superpower kung fu battles with each other on their own time to prove the validity of their beliefs, no real reason for me to intervene until we need something to fight over again. Therefore, when people are getting bored, let me know, and I’ll put up the next battle. Once half the players or more have raised a “I want a group event”, I’ll start a couple of days countdown to the next one, depending on my preparations, and how strong the majority is.
The Houses

Coiling Dragon betwixt Heaven and Earth

The Primary House of the Ki style of progression holds that enlightenment is achievable by living life to its fullest, healing the world and the balance of life. They believe it is not some secret surpassing mundane knowledge, or subjugation of the laws of nature and magic that provides and proves true strength, but of allowing oneself to become part of the cycle of life, that state between Heaven and Earth. Though what exactly any of that MEANS is a hotly contested subject between Coiling Dragons.

Primary Unique Income: Healing and Ki flow. If you don’t have health, you don’t have anything, it is said by some. And humanoids are not the only things that have health. Beasts, homes, and the very land itself can all be improved, when a skilled user of Ki style manages and circulates their ki properly. However, many among the Coiling Dragon feel that many of those who need this most cannot afford to pay.

Thus there are those among the Ki style who pander to rich clients, those who can afford to pay caravans of gold for perfect health and extended life, or occasionally even strong heirs. While often an undesirable position (though there are notable exceptions to this belief in the Jade River subfaction), those who take up such a duty are thanked for how they allow other Coiling Dragon users to provide their services for free to the sick and hungry or refine their ki in solemn meditation without want for earthly needs.


Jade River believes that the cycle of life is not necessarily a kind and gentle thing full of peace and asceticism. They maintain that life is found in the hustle and bustle and the great struggle of every member of the throng to rise above it. Competition brings out the best in those who participate in it. For the plant eaten by the insect, eaten by the bird, eaten by the beast, who in turn feeds again the plant, brings forth the strongest in life of all of its participants. Detractors of the Jade River maintain that all that poetry about competition is an excuse to lord their strength over commons or overindulge in wealth and luxury. But the Jade River’s rebuttal is to be the most fiscally generous of the Coiling Dragon. If they were simply greedy, why would they share their wealth with the rest of the Coiling Dragon? Jade River is generally composed of a mix of Jutsu, Wushu, and pure Ki users.

Echoing Song believes that though the great cycle of life continues ever on with different faces, the stories of heroes and villains to inspire their spiritual progeny through their tale transcends Samsara. They maintain that the most important factor of joining the cycle of life and living it to its fullest is to pass a tale down through the future that affects the hearts and lives of those that hear it for the better. Detractors of the Echoing Song maintain that all the Echoing Song do is worry about what everyone thinks about them, and that it is thus more important to the Echoing Song that their tale be dramatic than true. But the Echoing Song’s rebuttal is that they frequently spend their time spreading the tales and legends of others, of their fellow Coiling Dragons, believing that the lives of such true heroes deserve to be lived more than just once. Echoing Song is, unsurprisingly, mostly Bardic users, though there are also a decent amount of pure Arete users.

Thousandfold Golden Paths

The Primary House of the Arete style of progression holds that enlightenment is achievable by sublime skill above all else, reaching for the transcendent secret rules of the universe.

Primary Income: Training

Thousandfold Ascendant Knot believes that all the other styles of progression are simply misunderstood and categorized Arete disciplines. They maintain that the mana and ki resources are simply the limitations for those branches of Arete techniques, and that to truly master Arete, one must master ALL off what the others consider styles. Detractors of the Ascendant Knot maintain that they’re fucking idiots for thinking that Mana and Ki are part of Arete. But the Ascendant Knot’s rebuttal is that nobody else has the balls to try to learn EVERYTHING. The Ascendant Knot naturally has a lot of people who are mastering all sorts of things and still call themselves Arete users. If it turns out they’re right, there will be a LOT of stunned people.

Thousandfold Crimson Veins believes that the mind and body are inextricably linked on the path to enlightenment. They maintain that these two aspects of the individual must be in perfect harmony to achieve the true sublime skill that followers of the Thousandfold styles seek. They seek out combat not just to prove their progress towards enlightenment, but to achieve it. Detractors of the Crimson Veins maintain that they’re just obsessed with playing with their swords rather than actually seeking enlightenment. But the Crimson Vein’s rebuttal is that “Hey, aren’t all you guys fighting maniacs too? We’re just more honest about it.” The Crimson Veins has many Perfection Discipline Arete users, as well as Ki users, Wushu users, and many of those Ki or Wushu users who also use the Perfection Discipline. There’s also a decent number of Sacrifice Discipline users.

Omnimental Circle

The Primary House of the Mana style of progression holds that enlightenment is achievable by making the complex simple, bringing the secrets of the universe to plain sight for all to see.

Primary Income: Industry
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