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Caprice retracted her hand and flipped away the card she was twirling when Marie rose to leave on their transport, her face impassive behind her mask. She followed along to their ride.

"Oh, I do believe I've heard of this sort of steed before, was it.. Sleepnor? Slipnear? Aw... can't quite place it." Caprice didn't seem too dissuaded from the eight-legged horse, instead trying to eagerly guess its inspiration for a little while before giving up and joining Marie.

"Mmm, each sort of magic seems to have some sort of limiting factor or weakness. I wonder if mine has one that I've not discovered yet." Caprice summoned three gumballs, one bright red of swirling churning tides, one charcoal black of clouds blotting the starlit sky, one iridescent white as of brilliant flame, juggling them with impressive sleight of hand, considering that she was on a wheeled vehicle pulled over uneven streets by horse. After a little bit, she caught the three in one hand. "Which takes your fancy of the three, if you follow the rules of this place?" She offered to Marie the gumballs.

"The skies seem well patrolled, if those bats call any soul master. Would we fare better with a terrestrial entry?" Caprice noted the flying mammals showing brightly framed against the backdrop of the bright moon, her attention focused on the castle in front of her.

Black Cat

"Black Cat, rando on team Cobalt." Black Cat eagerly took the hand and shook it, a big grin plainly visible on his face. His other hand gave a wry two fingered salute.

"And yup, I'm super new! Say do you know how like, the XP/loot drops from this thing, work?" Black Cat glanced at his feed from his drone, setting it to hide in cover and just charge up the nearest person's gun. With the storm of fire coming from the drones, Black Cat didn't trust his algorithm to keep it safe. And so it happened to be charging up Royal Ranger by chance.

"Like, how do they measure contribution in a big fight like this? Damage? Presence? Do I need to be worried about your DoT getting the last proc of damage, or some Red guy running and grabbing all the loot once it drops? Do I need to still be alive when he dies to get XP? This is my first 'boss' fight." Black Cat pulled out a snack bar from somewhere that clearly didn't hold it in the AR game, slowly unwrapping it.

"Huh, did all the drones link up to form a physical wall to block shots? Wouldn't that make them really vulnerable to explosives and other AoE shit? But everybody's trying to shoot between them. I guess maybe they've got blast DR or something." Black Cat peeks at the actual fight again, brow furrowing. But ultimately he seems to come to the conclusion that everyone else must know something he doesn't and shrugs nonchalantly, before nomming down on the snack bar. As it wasn't an AR item, it wouldn't do anything, other than quench Black Cat's real world hunger.

"Wait... Shit, the Golden Guys are the roleplayers right? Sorry for breaking your immersion." A sudden realization dawns upon Black Cat and he quickly apologizes.
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Caprice's eyes flitted back to Maria for a moment as she spoke about the world and their nature as outsiders, apparently it catching her interest once again. Her eyes lowered again after as she thought during Lin and Maria's negotiations.

Sherry's impressive feat of cleaning the entire plate so quickly and subtly did bring a well-needed touch of levity to Caprice's cheeks, as a smile managed to peek out from behind her hands, and she lowered them, no longer having anything to hide and more confident in her body language. "Not a problem, Sherry. Impressive work, and not a bad outlook to have."

"I believe your proposition is amenable to our mission here. Even if you intend to betray us, I imagine it will be more entertaining than simply being hunted by dogs as we stumble along aimlessly. Partners, then? As the less acclimated outsiders, it seems you're offering us the better of the deal to me." Caprice offered one of her gloved hands for a handshake, as the other again brought forth a single card as if from nowhere. Slowly twisting, the visage of Lin, Sherry, and then Marie in turn, were revealed, though Marie was only in silhouette as of yet.

Black Cat

"Soooo.... What are you wearing?" Black Cat sat with his back against cover, his entire body veiled from the boss. He was currently staying in a bombed out postal office that was shy most of its walls. It was just at the edge of the park, literally as far you could be from the combat zone and still be allowed to use your AR gear in the fight. He kicked his feet idly as he asked a question.

"Level 2 Tactical Armor. Why is this important right now?" The sniper beside him had some sort of voice mod on making his voice growl out all serious like. He was a fellow member of the Cobalt Crusaders, and he let off another blast of energy out of his rifle, eyes still glued to his scope. If the shot's contact with the enemy resulted in damage, it was impossible to tell from how tiny a chip of it it must have done.

"Nah, not important. Just bored. Say, why is the postal office the best place for romance?" Black Cat rolled his head up to gaze at the sky for a moments, before starting a joke.

"I don't think this is the time." The sniper grimaced.

"Because of all the shipping!" Black Cat smiled widely.

"Dude maybe you should be paying attention to the fight." The sniper glanced down from his sights at Black Cat, the grimace growing ever grimmer.

"No need, my drone's got this handled." Black Cat shoved a thumb over the corner, pointing at his drone which was moving from squad to squad, at least the few that were still alive, during breaks in the fire, and charging everyone's weapons up.

"Don't you have to like guide it or something?" The sniper started looking back at the fight, picking off a drone that was straying a little too close for comfort.

"It's just programmed to bounce between the squads, and stay in cover unless there's a break in the enemy firing pattern. I'd just introduce human error."

"You've developed an algorithm that can detect the patterns in the enemy's attacks and you haven't shared it? You're a fucking asshole." The sniper's brow was fully furrowed at this point.

"Of course my asshole is for fucking. Surely you didn't think I dressed this way out of innocent naivety or a misguided attempt to distract my foes?" Black Cat nodded assertively, before cocking his head slightly and glancing meaningfully down below with exaggerated eyebrow gesturing. Then he stopped and shrugged, before admitting, "Buuuut also it works like, 40% of the time and the other 60% relies on him being a tiny target. You wouldn't want to stake your life on it. It basically boils down to 'If enemy do big parkwide attack pattern, he probably won't do it again in the next three seconds'." As he explained the algorithm, he animatedly demonstrated explosion and three second countdown with his hands, before tapping his head.

"Even if it's not that amazing you should still coopera-" *KAZORCH* The sniper's lifeless headless body tumbled to the ground, having spent just a bit too long with his head out of cover.

"Heh. Dude maybe you should have been paying attention to the fight." Black Cat couldn't help but snicker and mock the perished sniper, mimicking the earlier tone of the man.

"Jerk." Even muffled due to the AR interference, Black Cat could still sense and hear the real world sniper getting up and telling him off now that he was out of the fight.

"Don't lose your head- Ow!" One last parting gift earned the Black Cat a smack in the face before the dearly departed sniper did physically depart.

After a little bit of kicking his feet and keeping his butt planted firmly in cover, Black Cat was bored again, but luckily, he spotted someone. "Yoohoo! Fellow drone user eh? I've got a lovely piece of cover if you wanna talk while our drones do stuff." Black Cat waved at the other person who he figured was a drone user, before kicking the smoldering corpse still sharing his spot away. Black Cat didn't seem to have any reservations about the person being from a different Faction.

Bummer, was looking forward to RPing with you. Best of luck.
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"It sounds dismal to me, but perhaps the sun doesn't suit every soul. I assume some must prefer the Crimson Moon." Caprice glanced up to the sky and moon in question, a hesitant hand hovering close to her heart.

Caprice was happy to follow Maria out of the reach of the living graves and to the Tavern. Caprice might not be exactly possessed of the agility to leap from building to building, and so instead she continued her method of creating stairways from place to place, letting each temporary construct fade away after she and anyone else who wished to use it had finished walking upon them.

Caprice seemed distracted from Maria's words as the barmaid brought around food. Her eyes strayed from Maria to take in the tavern and the conditions within. The frown of her lips was quickly concealed by both of her hands rising to clasp in front of them. But even they betrayed her tension with their own creasing wrinkles as her fingers clenched too tightly together. She did not touch the food.

With her silence, it fell to Lin or Sherry to respond.
• Appearance:

• Name: Roy Caligara
• HGO Title: Black Cat
• Age: 14
• Level: 1
• Weapon: Cat Drone
• Junction Drive: Static Charge - Black Cat is capable of charging up energy weapons to reload them for nearby allies, or supercharge them so they deal even more damage to Unival. Take care not to overheat with all that extra power.
• Inventory: His outfit lacks pockets.
• Background: A rank and file member of the Cobalt Crusaders. His Junction Drive is handy against the Unival. It's rumored that he bought the "Black Cat" title off whoever scored it first with real world money. Likewise with his 'unique' cosmetics. He's proven to be just as much if not more so strange in the real world as he is in HGO. He doesn't spend as much time grinding as others in the guild due to how much time he spends perfecting his makeup and taking pictures of himself to post online.
• Other: N/A
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Saya's eyes narrowed when Nico paused. Something was wrong. Why would she stop so suddenly? Then she followed Nico's eyes and saw the Hex Symbol. Huh... Well, she'd only know what that meant if she was a magical girl too, right? Maybe this could be her strategy! Could she put it on a necklace or something? Regardless about that, there was no way she could let this girl out of her sight now!

Saya's stance straightened and she rolled her shoulders back confidently, tucking away her hex symbol and then crossing her arms while Nico shared a moment with the cat. Saya wasn't going to go down to some sneak attack, no, she had a Magical girl right in front of her to fight! Course, she wasn't going to attack on the street or while she had a cat in her arms, but they were totally gonna fight later in a great place!

"Saya Ogata!" Saya smiles fiercely as she returns her own name in answer to Nico's. "I'm-pfft-Wait... Okay, that is waaaay too perfect. Your name is Nico Kaneko, and you show up holding a mysterious acting cat? I bet your magical girl form is cat themed too, this is rich!" She suddenly cracked up as she finished parsing Nico's name. She couldn't help but titter, futilely hiding her laughter behind a raised hand.

"Eeeeh, sorry about that. It's nice to meet you too." Saya finally managed to compose herself. "So, when and where you wanna fight? I'm aching to get in my first proper battle of this Hex Night?" She offered, as if battle was the most natural solution.
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