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Current The wheel of time turned once more as bombs burst in the sky and the world rose anew.
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It's an illusion of life. All the same. One and all. All in one. One and all.
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Caught between the angels and demons. Pulled apart by heaven and hell.
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Always in the process of becoming.
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The dead have risen. The dead can dance.


Chosen Undead.

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We due for some GM posts soon I think.

@ShadowSunRisen Well, if you wanted them to have their own songs, we could just grab some uncommon ones and pretend they came up with them on their own.

As for your song choice, I don't have a problem with it. I do hear a lot more drum then guitar though, kek! But we're probably going to drive ourselves mad if we try to find a song that has all and only the correct instruments.

I'll keep searching for good songs.
Willow of the Wisps

“Reeeeeeei. You always find a reason to give up on light magical girls. But you never gave up on me~”

Willow floats upside down, her hair reaching down past Rei’s face as she hovered right in front of the girl. She’d smirk a cat grin and kiss her forehead.

“I feel something, alright. Something humming in the air. A tense note, playing singularly throughout the night and all creation shivers in its wake…mmmhh…”

At Rei’s suggestion for help, Willow pulled herself upright, hovering with one leg twisted over the other. She’d observe the frog squaring off against several dark magical girls, her eyes dilated true to her cat nature and she’d feel a shiver down her spine. A sudden need to do something very specific and very violent to a twisted logic she could only feel and not understand.

“...Okay Rei. I’ve chosen my mark, I’ll be back in a moment~. Oros good luck to you as well..”

The girl was gone in a flash. Like the wisps she styled herself after she’d flow and fly through the air as if it were water to swim through. It’s easy enough to circumvent the giant frog as it’s distracted with it’s fight with a chess themed magical girl that Willow made a note to get to know later.

A snapping string was heard beside Sayuri. A hard bonk from a violin’s backside was donked against the girl’s head. Willow stood behind her, appearing and bonking the girl across the head in a slapstick style. Thankfully it didn’t hurt as much as it looked like it should’ve.

“I promise it’s nothing personal. I just needed to get your attention! I believe you’re in danger, and kind of surrounded. I could help you, you know and make this a fairer fight!”

She’d offer a melody, which quickly became living notes straight from the page to form a small barrier to shield the pair from Shatterscape's gauntlet attack.

“I’ll just need you to join my band!” She’d shout. Madness in her voice, her violin following into erratic melody.


@BrokenPromise @TheWendil @FroggRFlowR@LuckyBlackCat@Villamvihar
Tsubomi's suggestion for a band name would be "Itadakimasu," for obvious reasons of irony. Would they be a cover band or have their own originals, or both?
Sorry for the delay in responding to that.

That's not a bad name. And probably a cover band because I don't have a recording studio and instrumental talent to record new songs for a magical girls rp.
<Snipped quote by ShadowSunRisen>

We can do that. I'm assuming you already have a song in mind too?


@The World@TheWendil@BrokenPromise@LuckyBlackCat

I like this set up. For Broken I'm gonna suggest guitar since no one has claimed it. Let's think of a name and a song. I vote Plastic Love as the band name
Willow wants some bandmates for her magical girl band if people are interested

This offer is real and still up btw
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Willow wants some bandmates for her magical girl band if people are interested
Surprise post
Willow of the Wisps

Willow wasn't sure to kill Oros then and there or return the kiss back to her. Her scattered mind leaving her dazed under the assault of the girl's kissing. Her cat ears flick up in surprise and interest. The girl wasn't a terrible kisser, and this fact more than anything spared the girl from any retaliation. Willow licked her lips.

"Hmm. What a daring sort you are. You'll be a perfect little acolyte. Dumb, eager, and powerful. Tastes of sour apples. My favorite."

She'd make an exaggerated show of licking her lips, and promptly shove Oros's mouth with a suddenly summoned green apple.

"Don't do it again in front of my death angel, tart." She'd hiss, flipping from flirting to hostile on a dime. "Or I'll give you more than just an apple."

Rei's challenge would distract her from any further reprisal, tilting her head as she quickly reappeared at Rei's side with her violin immediately nearby. Her string was at the ready, playing a familiar and popular tune.

"Rei, you're already pushing all the rats into the maze. I detect some lovely light girls too, they're coming along in this gathering of witches and crones. Should we capture them? Maybe coerce them to join our club? I know a couple already are chomping at the bit to get started. If you don't give them something, they're liable to pounce on you~"

"So many lost souls all in one place. So much noise and sight and sound. I feel with all of this life, it'll only be natural that death will come soon for one."
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