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Current The wheel of time turned once more as bombs burst in the sky and the world rose anew.
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It's an illusion of life. All the same. One and all. All in one. One and all.
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Caught between the angels and demons. Pulled apart by heaven and hell.
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Always in the process of becoming.
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The dead have risen. The dead can dance.


Chosen Undead.

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You will have a lot of homework due when you return.

Valeria's lessons were not clicking like she wanted them to. She had hoped to be the cool teacher that let the students do the fun stuff the more conservative staff would not allow, but things were not so easy. Perhaps she wouldn't be a natural fit for this role as she had thought but she quickly cast those doubts aside.

"Oh I wanted to go easy on ze kinder. Now I am regretting my choices. They performed very well! No problems on the surface."

Valeria greeted Ozma with a wave and her trademark enthusiasm. She'd clap her metal hands together and return her attention to her protesting students. Suzuya's glare did not go unnoticed, and Valeria was tempted to respond back by sticking her tongue at her. She'd have to remind herself she's supposed to be a good role model and Ozma was counting on her. Instead, she'd take all three girls together in a tight group hug enforced by her steely metal arms, bringing them all together. Probably not much more mature, but Valeria was a hugger.

"Listen. My comments were not meant to be so harsh! You destroyed that hulking beast in a single maneuver, very impressive and your power is in no doubt! But the Ministry does not like lone wolves, I learned that the hard way." She'd pause a bit, recalling very specific memories. "It is not about who is strongest or who is weakest, Lilac and Tensi. I thought that way myself once! I am a big angry German war machine, and I can summon anything I want at my disposal! Why would I ever want to work with a team, they'd get in my way! I thought that way for a long time...and then one day my arm was nearly destroyed in the middle of a battle against a Pageless. Ozma actually saved my life there, with her grimoire. Our stories make us strong but stories are not told alone, they are shared in a group. That is what I've learned. To value what the stories of others can bring to you, and they can make the grimoires you carry even stronger."

Valeria blinked after she finished speaking, shocked to hear herself open up so much. She's left wondering if she was spouting complete bullshit or very insightful teacher commentary. She'd let everyone else be the judge of that. She'd release the students and give them a wave goodbye.

"But either way, don't hide your feelings. I appreciate the honesty from you all. Now if you'll excuse me I think I am being called away..."

Maria finally arrived, and summoned Valeria away from her students. She'd give her farewells and last minute commendations before observing the lovely new lady. Drossel had her items to offer to the class and she did not want to get in the way of her. Always had to help a fellow German.

"Don't call me Miss! Val or Valeria is fine! What do you require of me? I don't think you plan to become my student too, ja?"

No. She even said to speak with her if you had questions and she was just sitting on the hood.

Regardless I get it, everyone just wanted the upgrades anyway.
In Tower of Fable 17 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay

"Never considered being thrown as a method of attack before!"

Riku liked where Akiko was going with her thinking, deflecting strikes from incoming Nephunas all the while with her wide scythe weapon. She'd take offense to the bard's last comment.

"I don't make a habit out of dying! I promise!" Though it's clear she's quite upset over what's happened. She quickly refocused herself onto Akiko's shoulder, braced up like a ball and ready to be catapaulted.

"Okay! Are we doing this on the count of one or threeaaaaAAAH!" She'd get her answer as she finds herself soaring through the air like an arrow.

Nephuna was in sight! She'd raise her scythe high and poised to land a great cleaving strike that would've cut anyone in half. She's oblivious to the large tidal wave of whale powered water that knocked her off her course and caught her up in the wave, slinging her against a pair of rocks. She grunts as she collides with the hard surface painfully. From there she's left as a stranded witness to the ongoing fight beneath her.

The battle before her is incomprehensible with various powerful being unleashing their complex and devastating attacks. Kanbaru's great wave nearly sent her flying and she'd have to stable herself with her scythe. Thomas's attack was most concerning of all. She could barely recognize the boy from Fable she'd grown fond of. He was possessed by that strange woman and his eyes were pure gold, speaking and moving like an entirely different person. A much more violent and bloodthirsty person. When she's recovered she's left stranded on a giant hunk of rock as the battle progressed on without her.

She'd commit herself to helping Thomas, not wanting to see him have to become like that again. She felt this floor was getting to all of them and bringing out the worst in everyone. She was at a lost of actions she could do to change this, left only bearing witness to all the awfulness of this all stakes battle.

I guess I really need to stop fooling around and take this more seriously. For Kiara and Thomas's sake...I'm supposed to be a leader and this is the best I can do?

And so the attacks to the raging metal hornet are delivered. Lilac’s last minute save of Nessie to turn her fumble around into a successful strike. The combined powers of the gathered girls work in conjunction to create a powerful arrow like projectile that pierces directly into the black heart of the created machine. The hornet beast hadn’t had the time to even make a successful retaliatory strike before crumbling into pieces bit by bit. Bolts and screws would litter the floor as the machine crumpled apart and disintegrated into a heap. A giant drill rested above the scrap metal as the last reminder of its previous state. Lilac’s

“Very well done! Well done! Bravo!” Valeria would clap her metal hands together, which sounded like metal pipes clanging against one another.

“A little sloppy here and there but you grasped the concept immediately and nicely! Even some creativity with Lilac there. Vehr gut!”

Then Valeria’s expression changed into a serious scowl. “But did you not notice some of the members of your team are without ranged attacks? You may have harmed them with your spells as they were coming into battle. And your positioning was hmm…questionable. You ought to organize yourselves with melee focused casters in ze front and the ranged in the back to provide support. Coordination between you and your teammates is key. Those ranged arrow attacks from Suzuya could’ve easily hit Lilac and Tensi. Not to put you on the spot or anything..ohoho~”

She’d come to the pile of rubble with her arms raised out from her sides. Small glowing vortex discs of magic would begin to pull the remains of the hornet piece by piece. Gears, screws, bolts, and bits of metal all began to float around in a line circling around the center of the pile. Valeria waved her arms in a rhythmic fashion, composing a silent song to herself as she repaired the former hornet into a nice long Volkswagen limo, complete with the insignia pin hanging up from the hood.

Valeria hopped on the hood and kicked her legs up.

“I suggest to you all to find yourself a team leader. Someone you trust to coordinate yourselves and make attacks that make the most out of each of your abilities. You all show great promise, but you need organization.”

“So that is why you are being placed into teams of two! And you will have to come up with a team name, and an attack from both of you that utilizes both of your skills properly! You will have to chose the leader of the team, and who you will be partnered with yourselves. I will judge it and see how well you performed. Then you will be given one more examination to see if you are truly combat capable, fighting against myself!” She'd place her hand over her chest and brandish a very big smile, excited by the prospect of waging war on her own students. Truly the only reasons he ever took up this job offer in the first place.

She’d honk the car horn, blasting it loudly to signify a class bell.

“Class dismissed! Auf Wiedersehen! Oh and ja if you have any questions you can speak me with me any time!”

"Ughh...w-what happened..."

Riku awakes, clutching tightly to Akiko and barely cognoscente of what was going on. She held on tightly to her back like a monkey. Memories of Sheol hung in her mind, but they are quickly cast away by the wild reality that was around her.

"Oh my god, Akiko! There's Nephy! And Runa! They're together!? How'd they come together like that!?"

Riku missed just about everything.

Everyone had arrived to a junkyard instead of a traditional classroom. Scrap metal, old cars, airplane parts. The various machines that kept London going had to go somewhere when they ceased to function, and this their graveyard. Giant floodlights hung over the corners to give sports stadium lighting across the entire area for best visibility during the night. Valeria would take in that lovely air of oil and rust, breathing it in like a fine perfume.

"This is where the real magic happens!" She'd throw out her arm and introduce the majestic heap of trash and scrap. With a quick jump she's landed on top of a heap, using it as a podium to better speak to the gathered students below.

"So from what I've read of you all. You have an assortment of dazzling powers, some of the most impressive I've seen in generations! You should know, all the power in you won't matter unless you can work as a team."

As Valeria is speaking, her arms are moving akin to a composer to create a composition of junk into forms and bodies. They'd take the shape of a large metal Pageless. The scrap formed together into armored plate, brandishing a heart of metal gears churning inside and powering the great beast to life. A giant drill hung below it, attached by tubing to complete the design. A mechanical battle hornet, complete with bear like claws on its fists.

"And that is the goal of this exercise. Zusammenarbeit! Or...what's the word for it in english...Interplay! Playing together!"

Valeria had a little machine hover over to her shoulder carrying an english dictionary. She'd quickly scan over it.

"Bah. Stupid language anyways." She'd shoo the machine away.

"This machine is unique, understand? It requires an attack together from you all as a team! You must cooperate and use your powers in conjunction with one another. I've calibrated its armor to each of your Grimoires will coordinate to the seal inside of its chest. It's all a lot of complicated pseudo science and magic techno babble blah blah...hit the big glowie thing in the center all at once? Ja? Ja. You are all smart little kinder."

The walls of the scrapyard come to a close, creating a protective barrier so the magical girls can use their full power without risk of causing collateral damage to the city or academy. Valeria would reposition herself on top of the iron gate, where she could best observe from behind the students and also make sure no one isn't sneaking off from the challenge ahead of them.

"Oh and by the way! I might be shooting some explosive rounds every now and then to really spice things up! I wouldn't worry much about it. Now...onward! Attacke! Do not be afraid! I will not let it go too far!"

She'd fire off a around from her hand cannon which sent a flare into the sky, exploding into a dazzling array of sparks. At this, the machine would let out a loud mechanical yell and pump into high gear. It'd move fast and immediately charge for the gathered group of girls with it's drill revved up at full spin. It'd drag across the ground, belching dirt up into the air as it aimed to tear apart every girl involved.

Off to the side, a robotic voice was reading off the rights and legal immunities the Grand Ministry had for whatever may happen to its students and were not legally responsible for loss of life and limb.
There we go. All summoned students report to your night class. Senior girls may watch and give pointers.

It's my school now.

Valeria always forgot her own strength, only remembering not to crush someone when Ozma brought it up and setting the girl down. Eagerly she'd turn her attention to the approaching girls and draw them into a organized line with her extended robotic arms putting every magical girl before her like soldiers before their commander.

"I just thought the little kinder could handle more but...ah well! Anyways, from my observations here as the OFFICIAL substitute teacher your student body is completely hopeless in the event of a Pageless attack! So, I got brought on board, can ya believe it? They must be getting desperate."

The guncaster would notice she's getting a crowd, and would need a proper introduction as Ozma's companions filed in.

"Hallo, hallo. I'm Valeria Weizenbaum. I'm the substitute teacher for your magical self defense class. The last one was exploded, do not ask."

Her metal arms would transform rapidly into large gun turrets, aimed at the onlookers. They'd fire out fireworks instead of explosives, thankfully for the crowd.

"And I must say. You're all lacking in ruthless action and strategic planning! Inakzeptabel! It's time for a German to show you how to fight!"

She'd march forward and inspect every gathered girl, eyeing them down from head to toe and taking note of their equipment and gear. She'd take particular attention to Nessie. She'd stare her over before returning to Ozma and whispered in her ear.

"Ja, mark this one off she will not make it."

"Ahem! We've got to get you in shape as Pageless attacks continue. That is why you're all being subjected to my training course! I will teach you the best of self defense, Prussian style discipline, and independence of thought. Auftragstaktik!"

Valeria would march up and down the row of gathered girls. She'd clear her throat and glance over at Ozma.

"We can start the trials now, ja?"

As Ozma walked the halls of Marrywell Academy, something exciting was unfolding.

With the sound of thunder, a large explosion bursts up from the right wing of the school. An entire classroom went up into smoke as students poured out through the halls in fear and panic, thinking they were under attack. A fire alarm would ring and sprinklers would spray cold water across the halls. All of this certainly got the attention of Ozma and any other students who had arrived at the academy.

The culprit would step out from the smoke and dust, coughing and blowing the smoke from her face with a wave of her hand. Her metal arms would crackle with electrifying power to summon a large vaccum nozzle, sucking up the dark clouds and removing them from view. Any flames nearby are promptly put out with a water nozzle hose, summoned just as fast on her transforming arms.

"Ozma! You're late! You missed my defense training class, dumkopf! It was a real banger!"

The perpetrator would rush up to the redhead and suddenly tackle her in a gripping hug, squeezing her waist and covering the poor magical girl in soot and ash. It's none other than Valeria Weisenbaum, Charlotte's old partner from her past.

"Bit of a minor miscalculation there with a student's spell, but nothing to fear! I've got it under control!"

Behind her, the roof of the blasted out classroom finally collapsed in onto itself and was reduced to a heap of rubble and metal with gray smoke bellowing up from its destruction.

"I can fix this! I promise!"

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