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Current The wheel of time turned once more as bombs burst in the sky and the world rose anew.
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It's an illusion of life. All the same. One and all. All in one. One and all.
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Caught between the angels and demons. Pulled apart by heaven and hell.
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Always in the process of becoming.
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The dead have risen. The dead can dance.


Chosen Undead.

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"Oh hey that's the girl we've been wanting for the last couple of days." Willow remarked nonchalantly, her walk with Rei to the dorm interrupted by the target of their ire, Homura. She had flopped in front of them with the grace of a beached whale, and appeared about to cry.

Willow was at Rei's side, not remembering much how she got here. A kitchen beset by monsters and loud noises with the relaxing evening turned into a long and complicated drama featuring many characters and storylines that she would be still cataloging and putting into timelines to this day. The sight of a distressed magical girl almost a welcome surprise, something easy and simple for her scatterbrain to focus on.

"Is this the part where we kill her? That'd be kind of boring...do we sing like disney villains and let her on onto our big schemes and promise her a life of lavish luxury in exchange for villainy? That sounds much more fun, but honestly I hadn't planned much for this."

A million ideas emerged in her mind but none of them felt satisfying. She'd instead offer a hand and help the light magical girl up to her feet, or so she would try before a sharp pain flared on the right side of her head. She stumbled back, clearly troubled by a sudden and awful migraine slipping over her.

"What are you feeling? A song or murder?" She'd keep her smile up, but keep a hand on her head and swearing she saw two Homuras standing before her now.

"So you only trust two people, one an inanimate object and the other a corpse. How do you expect to fare in a club full of scheming and twisted magical girls such as ourselves? Everyone can use a friend, if only to ensure they don't stab you in the back, Nyxia."

Willow was tempted to continue on, she loved talking and hearing herself; but Nyxia clearly didn't care to hear any further. Willow's interest in remaining also vanished when Suki returned with her abomination that was an insult to all culinary arts to call food.

"Oh dear heavens..." She clutched her nostrils shut and turned away, repulsed by the foul odor.

"I've already eaten you see...um. Oh look, Rei's calling me!" She glanced over at her phone, then realized Rei was already joining them at the table and ruining her escape attempt. All she could manage was an awkward smile while dying inside from the horrid meal. "G=Guess I'll be going to get this call from...uh... Bye~!"

The blonde rounded a corner in a mad dash while still clutching her nose, struggling to see the phone screen as she hastily typed away at the keypad.

I'd sooner eat dead animals off the road than whatever the hell that is. I'm placing the order at Alberto's. I'm getting my usual.

She loved spinach and mushroom pizza.

"Oh wow. You're a massive dork! How are you a dark magical girl, again?"
Willow spoke to Mercurial, checking both her ears to make sure no more coins hid behind them.

"I'm more than Rei's partner, I'm her devotee. She gives me such wonderful music notes, but I'm feeling some exciting vibes coming from you. Something sinister lurks under your pretty smile, you're going to have to tell me more!"

The transition to Oros's group home was complimented by Willow playing a swelling and sickeningly sweet set of notes off her instrument as the dark girls conversed and socialized. It sounded something like this.

She'd give a nod to Rei in the form of a music note, suddenly releasing her instrument afterward and letting it float up to the ceiling to play it's tunes all by itself. She'd take her gloves off her hands and set them on the side of her stage show.

Glancing around for someone to mess with, spotting Nyxia who currently debated on entering the kitchen or not. Without introducing herself, she'd sit beside the girl who rested on her table and idly poke at her foot to get her attention.

"Are you sure you can trust your lovely hostess? What is she doing in there exactly? Maybe you should go inside and confront her...see what kind of secrets she's holding in her heart."

Willow's goals and motivations in asking these odd questions was just as elusive as the strange smile she held over her face. She'd held up her head in her hands, her eyes flashed with purple coloring from the bright lights above.

"Very strange how kind she is, don't you think? Especially how those two in there look at all the other girls...almost like they're hungry, and not just for the food they're making."

Willow of the Wisps

"I've nothing but the best intentions for everyone. Music is collaborative, a mixture of light high notes and dark tones."

Willow was disappointed with Kaeru's lack of an interesting response, denying her help and scurrying off to her fellow light girl.

"Oh well. Sorry Shatterscape! My emotions sometimes just get the best of me, you know."
Witnessing the carnage she may've had a part in as the dark magical girls are left in disarray, she whistled a tune and held her hands behind her back as she pretended she had no part in the chaos.

Flying on her bridge of notes, she'd sit upon a stave with a line of bars leading her down onto the floor next to Yaoyai.

"I may've just done that, but you should be thankful. How anticlimactic would it be if I ended this ordeal right then and there. Winning over their trust and earning their loyalty before sliding the dagger in would be my preferred approach. We could make such sweet noise together..."

She'd relax on Yaoyai's shoulders, nuzzling into her with a serene smile.


@KoL @Villamvihar
We due for some GM posts soon I think.

@ShadowSunRisen Well, if you wanted them to have their own songs, we could just grab some uncommon ones and pretend they came up with them on their own.

As for your song choice, I don't have a problem with it. I do hear a lot more drum then guitar though, kek! But we're probably going to drive ourselves mad if we try to find a song that has all and only the correct instruments.

I'll keep searching for good songs.
Willow of the Wisps

“Reeeeeeei. You always find a reason to give up on light magical girls. But you never gave up on me~”

Willow floats upside down, her hair reaching down past Rei’s face as she hovered right in front of the girl. She’d smirk a cat grin and kiss her forehead.

“I feel something, alright. Something humming in the air. A tense note, playing singularly throughout the night and all creation shivers in its wake…mmmhh…”

At Rei’s suggestion for help, Willow pulled herself upright, hovering with one leg twisted over the other. She’d observe the frog squaring off against several dark magical girls, her eyes dilated true to her cat nature and she’d feel a shiver down her spine. A sudden need to do something very specific and very violent to a twisted logic she could only feel and not understand.

“...Okay Rei. I’ve chosen my mark, I’ll be back in a moment~. Oros good luck to you as well..”

The girl was gone in a flash. Like the wisps she styled herself after she’d flow and fly through the air as if it were water to swim through. It’s easy enough to circumvent the giant frog as it’s distracted with it’s fight with a chess themed magical girl that Willow made a note to get to know later.

A snapping string was heard beside Sayuri. A hard bonk from a violin’s backside was donked against the girl’s head. Willow stood behind her, appearing and bonking the girl across the head in a slapstick style. Thankfully it didn’t hurt as much as it looked like it should’ve.

“I promise it’s nothing personal. I just needed to get your attention! I believe you’re in danger, and kind of surrounded. I could help you, you know and make this a fairer fight!”

She’d offer a melody, which quickly became living notes straight from the page to form a small barrier to shield the pair from Shatterscape's gauntlet attack.

“I’ll just need you to join my band!” She’d shout. Madness in her voice, her violin following into erratic melody.


@BrokenPromise @TheWendil @FroggRFlowR@LuckyBlackCat@Villamvihar
Tsubomi's suggestion for a band name would be "Itadakimasu," for obvious reasons of irony. Would they be a cover band or have their own originals, or both?
Sorry for the delay in responding to that.

That's not a bad name. And probably a cover band because I don't have a recording studio and instrumental talent to record new songs for a magical girls rp.
<Snipped quote by ShadowSunRisen>

We can do that. I'm assuming you already have a song in mind too?


@The World@TheWendil@BrokenPromise@LuckyBlackCat

I like this set up. For Broken I'm gonna suggest guitar since no one has claimed it. Let's think of a name and a song. I vote Plastic Love as the band name
Willow wants some bandmates for her magical girl band if people are interested

This offer is real and still up btw
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