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"I'll have you hung along the Appian way!" Rema snarled. The adrenaline made her neural networks go haywire. The AI consciousness that dwelled within her sung in the same tune. Fight, race, kill. Risk it all. The mantra in her head was like that of the chariot wheel bouncing against the ground. With the snap of her enhanced gladius, she'd get to work on cutting away any clinging obstacles to her steeds in the meanwhile. She was beginning to hate that Skull Rider most of all.

Rema knew then and there that this current speed was not enough. She'd stand up on her chariot, held firm with her android strength. She'd reach up into a compartment for a small capsule. Contained within was an explosive cocktail of various fuel energies all mushed together in one single pill. Rema would reach out over to Pollux, feeding the mad race machine as he stared ahead on the race track. Once the pill went down his throat, he let out a pained screech that was akin to a malfunctioning air raid siren. He burst ahead in a rapid increase of speed, quickly zooming by Rema's android competition.

"I have bigger challenges to slay. I'll be sure to save you a spot in second place, inferior model!" Rema would wave to Aurora as she zipped past her. Determined to take on her real target, the Skull Rider. She had more pila, shields to defend and a willingness to jump on Skull's ride to tear him from it if necessary.

"I'm so sorry, like really! I had no idea you were here!"

Riku would help the now soaking wet Thomas up to his feet, positively shocked at how much she had bumbled up this meeting. She's too preoccupied with this embarrassing situation to notice the building fight in the distance. Thomas brought her attention to it with his comments. His meek demeanor changed quickly with the appearance of the strange weapon the princess had never seen before. She was impressed with it's design, feeling an urge to ask all sorts of questions about it. Time was not on her side in this matter.

"Oh right! A fight going on? Huh. Already? Yeah yeah I should do something about it..." The flustered princess gathered her wits from her messy entrance. She was happy to join the stranger's side to make up for her earlier blunder.

"Right, let's figure out what's going on and kick a crab's butt!" She'd charge on ahead with brashness. Secretly she hoped if all the attention went to the battle no one would notice her embarrassing fluke earlier.

"My name is Riku, by the way. Nice to meet you! We can forget about that business earlier...alright?"


"If they can't make it this far into the Abyss then they are worthless anyways."

Nephy the Unliving growled out a rough response. She was fixated on claws of her fingers, licking them clean with careful laps of the tongue. The samurai tends to cleaning after battling the denizens of the lagoon. They'd encountered much worse than crabs in their treks together.

The samurai was hunched up on a comfy ridge of rock. Her legs dangling above the ground as her toes sway idly with restless energy. An intense boredom sat in her dormant black eyes.

Nephy was a necromancer in her world above. In her life, she had sought to right the wrongs done to her family. To remedy their unjustified deaths and restore their life to them. A path that quickly descended into unspeakable actions and violence. A scent of blood wafted from her shoulders that would never be taken away. Buried deep in the countless lives she consumed in a bid to rewrite history. Truthfully, she only regretted she got caught in the end.

"I'll wait. You can jump in if you'd like. I want to see what these new ones are capable of. The last batch were quite pathetic. Not even worthy to sacrifice."

Nephy would lean forward to her companion, burdened by time itself. She'd grasp a flickering hand and feel it phase in and out of her feeling, intrigued by it even if she had seen it before.

"You're flickering in and out more now, aren't you? It'd be a real shame to lose you."

The cold lips of the deathly specter come to claim her companion's lips. A kiss that pierced through the veil of time like an arrow.

"Try to stay in one place this time. Sweetheart."

Rema waited impatiently for the announcer to announce the start of the race. Her finger tapped idly against her side as she sat on her chariot with her legs stretched out and hanging off the edge of the seat's rim. Things could never move fast enough to match that frantic beating for action in her mechanical heart. Designed and built for bloody competition.

The cry to 'start your engines!' is heard, and Rema jumped into position. Her hands gripped the reigns of Castor and Pollux who reared up their steel limbs and neighed out war cries that sounded like distorted roars of a bear through a subwoofer instead of a horse. They stomped the ground and left craters from the impact, just as merciless as their master. Jet blue flames shot out from the back of the chariot as the specialized engine roared to life. Black plumes of smoke shout out through the tall exhaust. A entire industry of war rolled up into one vehicle.

At the sight of green, Rema would crack the reigns of her steed and with o further orders needed those war beasts galloped into a incredible sprint. Dirt would fly into the air as the wheels of the chariot carved a path with breakneck speed, quickly pacing over 100 mph in the first 30 seconds of riding alone and nearing 300. An incredible display for such a antiquated ride.

However, not fast enough it seemed. Skull Rider emerged in the lead immediately, leaving behind a trail of spiky mines. Rema hated this time of foul play. Where was the honor in relying on gadgets to destroy your enemies!?

"Coward!" Rema barked at the leader. She'd hunker down and brace for impact. The chariot of war needed no fancy maneuvers, shields or even evasive. It was a tank built of steel and bolts. Those spike mines would shake the chariot around with their explosions, the entire chariot and horses pulling it disappearing in clouds of smoke. Debris from the explosions scattered everywhere. The infernal machines are not effected in the slightest by the shrapnel, not even staggered in their step. They merely pick up speed as Rema laughed with a shine of mania in her purple eyes.

"That's not enough to stop me! Weakling!"

She reached into a side compartment to pull a electrically powered javelin, bursting with shocking energy at the barbed tip.

"The closest one to me gets this first~!"

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Picking herself up after all the excitement earlier, Princess Riku Fuse had changed greatly over her small stay at the hostel between the worlds. She felt refreshed and rejuvenated, the wounds of her previous adventure had been scabbed over and healed. Eloping with her Serei had taught her many things about how the Tower and the strange forces inside of it behaved. It was full of indifferent, malevolent spirits that would just as soon help you as they would harm you. At least now she had gotten something from it, though not immediately useful. A bushy wolf tail now hangs up from her backside, bushy ears fit snugly in the corners of her hair. Short and small but sharp fangs now protrude from either side of her teeth. The princess wolf.

Just as she's starting to get a grip on her new surroundings, it's time again to enter a new floor. This one much more threatening than Victorie's mansion. A dark lagoon that is flooded with mysterious water that seemed dangerous to touch, let alone swim through. At any moment it seemed something would lunge out from those depths and drag you underneath to a watery grave. A terrifying thought, but Riku pressed on with her usual determination.

Though this would prove to be a mistake very quickly. Her boot expected to land on a surface, but it cut through air instead. The princess quickly shot her arms out at her sides to try and steady herself, but she had already lost her balance. With a desperate cry the girl twisted her body to try and grab the ledge as she fell but her fingers too would catch only air. She fell feet first into the pitch black pit. Instead of screaming for dear life, she's deeply frustrated she's already going to die again in a much more embarrassing way. Just when she got the cool wolf appendages too...would they carry over in her next body?

The fall isn't as long as she guessed. Her butt came into contact with something hard and fleshy, breaking her fall and making a splash in lagoon water. Surprised eyes and a yelp are the princess's response to this new information, and a quick rub to that sore bottom. She landed on something soft at least with no broken bones. Feeling around what she fell on however, she realized quick she fell on something alive.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" She'd leap off immediately, standing in knee deep lagoon water and splashing it everywhere with her quick movements. She'd search frantically for the person she fell on, pulling up their body to the surface. From the depths the form of a boy is dragged up. The same boy she had seen glimpses of throughout her adventures in the travel. The boy was Thomas, someone she had never got the chance to meet.

"Are you alright!?" She asked her companion with worry in her voice.

After having punted another camera drone far into the sky, Rema felt she had made her message very clear to being harrassed by those hovering tin cans. She then realized she could do some poses and flex her muscles, which she eagerly began to do for the survivors. She had to make sure a proper image of beauty and power is presented to her upcoming fans.

Though, she could not waste time. The race was starting and she would not suffer being the last to the track. Following Lydia's example, she's arrived next to her with her war machine Belladonna with it's monstrous steeds. Castor and Pollux snort fire and brimstone with hot red fiery orbs in place of eyes. Their metal hooves dig up the track underneath and stomp through the material. They are hungry and thirsty for fame and blood and are not picky in what order it came in.

"Easy, easy boys. There's going to be plenty of fresh meat here. With their cute little star cruisers built for maximum comfort instead of victory." Rema would cast a smug smirk over at Warpstar, eager to make some new rivals already. She'd climb aboard the side of her chariot, checking the dashboard and making sure all of Belladona's systems were fully operational.

A small green amulet that was held over her neck held a gold medallion with an eagle imprinted on it. She'd pull the medallion from her neck and give it a kiss, whispering a battle prayer before putting it back into it's place.

"I will honor you all, as I promised. This triumph will be dedicated to you..."
Montag's lucky break continued as he dived into the workstation, finding it nearly empty. The staff were busy with the nearly ruined party and were working overtime to accompany the numerous guests that they were not prepared for. With all the shuffling around of human bodies, shouted orders over hot ovens and steaming food trays. Montag was nearly bumped into by several frantic passerby's. Montag's plan of blending in worked as he passed through the rooms. Guards would flank doors, and a pair were stationed near the staircase to prevent any entry. The second upstairs floor of Meropis is clearly off limits. Last obstacle before Montag managed to get to Marie, hopefully.

There is a poke on Montag's shoulder from behind, he's been spotted.
"Hey, you look a little lost there. Any reason you're taking a steak to the laundry room?" A woman's voice came from behind, playful but with a threatening undertone to it.

The room Montag is pointed toward is indeed the laundry room, stashed away between the second kitchen and a broom closet. The staircase on the opposite side of them, so close but so far away. The grassy yard lay behind a door, no sign of anyone in sight but coated men with large hats like they were trying to hide in plain sight. They remind Montag of the mysterious man from earlier.

Cat like green eyes observe Montag up and down, a practiced but tense smile stretched over the woman's face. Like Montag, she stuck out and didn't seem to belong despite being dressed as a waitress. Her nametag said her name is Carol. Although she appeared attractive and charming, a sense of unease filled the air. She'd be the type of woman to hold a weapon behind her back.

"Care to explain what you're doing here? You trying to sneak around, look for jewels? Perhaps the mayor would like to hear about that, huh?" Her right hand twitched at her side with dangerous anxiety. The young woman continued to leer at Montag, getting closer and demanding his full attention. On the back of her neck is a small snake tattoo, the snake is coiled around the hilt of a small dagger, letting out a hiss.

Did she know something about their mission?


"Well of course my words are true! What you think I want beaten up homeless people on the front cover of the morning paper? I can kiss my reelection goodbye!" Thomas would speak loudly even though he's right in front of Abigail, by habit. Already the police are dispersing, being replaced instead by an attachment of waiters Thomas had summoned over. One police officer lingers, his eyes boring into the back of Abigail's skull. Thomas did not acknowledge it.

Once he had Abigail accompanying him, he's quick to move back to the front of the black iron gates of the Meropis. He is always looking around, conscious of the people around him, always weary of his image. Now that the two are properly pulled aside, Thomas can pull his mask off for a moment.

"Look little lady. Did Bob send ya? Be honest here. I know he's been gunning for the mayorship for decades but this has got to be the lowest trick he's ever pulled. Or are ya with the socialists? Communists? Ah they're all the same thing." A hint of weariness wore down his normal upbeat tone. He had many enemies.

He clapped his hands together, as if to shock himself and Abigail awake. "So what, you want a donation to your parish or something? How much? I don't really appreciate being extorted but I gotta say I've seen some slimy shit in the political world but this has got to be one of the best tricks in the book! Dredging up every junkie and deadbeat out onto a man's lawn, about to start a riot! Wow! I would've done it myself if I thought I could get away with it..." His arms moved about, emphasizing his every word. His eyes are wired and full of energy, it's easy to mistake him for being on drugs if it wasn't obviously pure adrenaline.

Even in this 'private' moment there is a horde of people begging for the politician's attention, lingering in the background and waiting with anticipation for Tom to end his talks with the priest so they may pester him for their own pet projects. Everything was in flux here, relationships constantly adapting and moving to the needs of the crowds. It is hard to say if Thomas is taking advantage of them or being taken advantage of himself in this situation.

"I don't have a lot of time. Alright? So just, tell me where to send the donation and just who the hell sent ya alright? And we'll keep this all to ourselves and we'll never have to deal with each other again. Priests and politicians are like oil and water."

In Tower of Fable 27 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Naturally Riku made an overture of asserting herself over her Serei, and Lola responded to this with all the concern it was due; Not a wink. With a put upon sigh she planted a hand on Riku's head and ruffled it, distracting from the swelling oration so she could better force a swig of beer down the princess' lips.

"Sheesh, you're really used to people listening to you. Think I'll have to call you Puppy on account of all the barking for attention, but that's okay, I'm used to siring litters and looking after them." Setting aside the beer she pulled the princess against her chest, an implacable strength to her limbs rendering any struggle moot.

"First off, I've been napping, so this Ami person? I don't know 'em. I'm not gonna just go off and pummel someone I don't know. So settle down and relax a little or I'll put you to bed for a nappy"

“Hey! I am talking to-ghhf!” Riku’s authority came crumbling down as Lola petted her head and had her reminded of just how disadvantaged she was by this powerful new companion. The smother that could maybe resemble a hug further humiliated the princess.

“N-now enough of this! I drew the card! I can...I can throw you back in there! However this works!” Riku attempted to pull herself free of that canine’s grip, but her strength came up to little in comparison to Lola’s.

“Ami is a warrior. A bloody one. She has a sword. She seemed to be like a berserker. Blonde hair, wore a lot of black. Her weapon had strange markings on it, like it was alive and breathing somehow. Anyways, yeah! I need your assistance to defeat her!.”

Riku managed to separate herself from Lola, hopping from her stool and dusting herself off from any fur.

“It’s very important. This tower is full of dangerous people, so I need a worthy ally in this journey. So far you appear more like a dog, than any sort of ally!” The princess had expected a great warrior, not the woman who seemed more interested in teasing Riku than anything else. The princess had her feats and failings, but she could not tolerate her pride being tarnished!

Letting the puppy princess squirm free, the wolf woman watched her rant with an indulgent smirk as she gulped her beer without a care. The hostility was clear and Lola wasn't really opposed to going and seeing this Ami person, frankly she sounded rather fun to Lola, but first she needed to set her summoner straight.

"Now now, no need to go making threats you can't fulfill. We can all be friends here, and now that I'm at your side, those dangerous people won't be a bother to you. Settle down and let's go chit chat in our room."

Sliding from the stool with a wink to the bar tender she didn't hesitate to throw Riku over her shoulder and marched up the stairs, idly questioning which one was Riku or if she should just start knocking for an unused one. Ultimately finding the appropriate room, she marched inside and dropped the princess onto her bed.

"Now are you going to be reasonable or do I need to start laying down the law?"

Riku is off in her head, thoughts of revenge and thoughts of how best to use her other cards are flying through her pretty head. Her consciousness is flung around with all her thoughts scrambled around as she’s yanked by the waist and slung over a big dog’s shoulder.She's right about to speak again before Lola had made her move.

“Let go of me! This is no way to treat a princess! I’m serious! I’ve been embarrassed enough already!” Her voice went into a high pitch, almost a squeak as she desperately tried to recapture whatever little dignity she could muster. Thankfully she didn’t have to endure this for long, being pulled into a bedroom and thrown onto a bed with a pomf.

Riku eyed around the room, realizing she was now in intimate quarters with this newcomer. She’d clear her throat and pull herself up to sit on her rear, glaring at Lola.

“Just who do you think you are? Why are you acting like you have a mind of your own? I summoned you! That makes me your commander!” She insisted, running with her assumptions on how the card arrangements worked in the tower.

" this working?"

Riku would flop the card around in her hands, staring it down. The princess is completely oblivious to the giant dog that appeared behind her.

"Gah~!" Riku yelped as she's yanked away into the stranger's lap with powerful strength. Lola announced herself loudly and proudly. The princess appeared to shrivel up and grow meeker as this girl's presence dominated over Riku's own. She'd tried to get a word in but Lola would talk over her anyway, her hand coming to rub across the princess's now blushing cheeks.

Finally her pride and backbone spurred her on to make a move, she wouldn't just sit here like some pitiful doll.

"Now wait just a moment! I've no idea what I've just done, but I know I must be in charge of you, correct? I have a certain girl I want to go and beat up. Her name is Ami, and I must restore my honor against her." The princess cut through the friendly banter, right now she only had one thing on her mind. Revenge!

"So we can drink and be merry after we properly punish her, how does that sound?" The princess would cross her arms, and her voice took on an bossy tone as she commanded what she perceived as her new servant around.

Rema Tiberius is preoccupied with some very last minute adjustments on Belladonna. She is hunched over with a sonic wrench to adjust some bolts and screws that constantly fell out of tightness if not constantly updated. It caused endless irritation to the easily riled gladiator as she resorted to kicking the hulking metal chariot when a screw refused to cooperate. The gladiator hadn't bothered to sign herself in yet, deciding that was the work of pencil pushers and born losers.

"Curse that manufacturer. All his kin too! How dare this infernal thing fail in the moment of my impending triumph!?" The gladiator cursed, right as a flying drone came from above to get a shot of the frustrated Rema. All that rage immediately latched onto that annoying buzzing machine. In the moment the drone appeared to mock Rema during her troubles. It's high speaking pitch and shrill cheerfulness immediately made it a target.

"Oh you hope to make a fool of me!?" The woman lunged out a hand to snatch that drone right from the air. Her hands would squeeze onto it with extreme pressure, causing the pitiful robot to be crushed into dozens of tiny bits and pieces. Rema would clean her hands of the oil residue left from the machine, suddenly feeling much better.

"This race is mine to win and mine alone! I will tolerate no competition, and deliver a swift and quick death to any that oppose me! Rema Invicta!" Rema would shout into the dying light of the drone's smashed camera, uncaring if it still recorded her rant or not. She'd then kick it far and wide across the stage and into the sky.

"A good sacrifice to Jupiter." With a smirk, Rema would hop up onto the seat of her war chariot. Her mechanical horses would rise up and kick their front hooves up in a excited manner, their nostrils flared and bodies itching to move. Flames shoot up from the sides of the chariot as the super powered engine revved up to life.

"Carpe diem, et permitte divis cetera." She'd whisper to herself, in a quick prayer.

With the return the inn, Riku had a moment to breathe after her near-death or well, death experience. She'd stand herself up and observe over her body like she had just regained control over it, Technically it was all still her, throughout her journey between life and death and back again, but the sensation of being alien in one's own body never quite left. Her eyes are distant and her movements are sluggish as she slumped up against a wall, holding her head in her hands to recollect herself.

She was shy of the gathered crowd before her in the inn, dying after all is so embarrassing. Moreso with the context of a battle being lost. She felt so foolish and frustrated, her decision to fight Ami seemed very foolish in hindsight. What had she been trying to prove, she was worthy? To herself she thought she proved the exact opposite.

Something glimmered in her pockets, a strange force calling her and pulling her away from her mental anguish. She'd parse through her satchel, and recover a card she'd been given when her journey in the Tower started. The Serei had a passionate glow, calling out to her non verbally through light ad a small ringing noise. Something lived inside that card, and wanted to seek the princess out.

Once the serei is pulled out and held in the princess's hands, energy began to leak out from it. It would connect to Riku's soul, intertangling itself into her divinity and using it to unleash it's true power. The card's name made itself known to her, Lola. It'd activate the magic inside.

After all of this, Princess Riku was really going to need a drink.
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