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A lot happened that Ami didn't particularly care about, a few things happened that she did care about, honestly she just tuned out for a minute or two while that boring battle transpired behind her, more interested in her own nails than she was in any kind of fight with such uneven odds. Red landing in Katie's arms was amusing in its own way though, enough to get a giggle out of Ami as some kid ran up screaming about running and danger and blah blah blah. She was actually starting to get bored now, how did people find so much interest in their god damn nails? "Alright Katie, where are we going next? I'm following you since you seem to have the fish compass to lead you around, I go where you go, I fight what you fight, I also fight whatever I want to fight, and maybe go wherever I want to go. If I see anything interesting going on."

So far she hadn't. But here's hoping things change soon right!
"If you think a little water is gonna douse my flames, then you've got another thing coming Kanbaru!" She roars as she sweeps through the horde of crustaceans, the two former Magical Girls falling in sync almost immediately as they combo their attacks to boil the crabs from the inside out. Despite the angry tone of voice, all it takes is one look at Ami's face and the smile plastered onto it to see just how much she enjoyed fighting alongside an old friend. It was almost enough to make her forget about the deal she made with her new partner, almost anyways.

The survivors would do as any wild animal would, abandoning the adventurers in favor of the pre cooked food that just so happened to be their brethren. It was just nature taking its course, Ami couldn't feel anything particular about it. Maybe a little bit of disgust, they were quite messy eaters. Any hypocrisy on her part was lost on her as she shrugged and sheathed her sword onto her back, turning towards Kanbaru and Katie with a grin. Just Kanbaru and Katie though, the presence of Riku and the others was almost entirely ignored outside of a vague understanding that they existed in her general vicinity. "Anyways, I was wondering if you wanted to split off from these losers and hang out with my new friend I beat up last night!" Blunt and to the point, as if Ami would ever care about hurting someone's feelings. Especially someone who was weaker then her.

Speaking of people who were weaker then her, some loser just came waltzing out of the shadows like an edgelord to challenge her to a fight to the death. Well, Ami thought of her as a loser, but she wasn't necessarily "weak" per se. The two animals understood each other's strength, and while the lion understood itself to be above the wolf, the wolf thought of itself as an equal to the lion. Now this was a conundrum, as Ami didn't think anyone was equal to her. Well, anyone except Kanbaru and maybe Katie. So for the wolf to think of herself as Ami's equal, well that was something she didn't like one bit...

But one of the weaklings would step up to accept the challenge for her. And then Kanabaru would follow. And then the talker would start talking, and Ami would ignore her. One might expect the hothead to go charging in to beat up the wolf with her fellow magical girl but... "Eh, 2 on 1 is one thing. But 3 on 1 is just boring..." The Ex-Magical Girl shrugs as she turns away from the wolf and walks towards Katie, curious as to what she thought of the whole situation. "Well I'm just about bored with the losers. Hopefully Kanbaru can find us later, anyways what's up with the..." Ami trails off as she motions towards Ciel, not entirely sure how to describe her feelings on the card at a glance. She looked boring, but the guys hanging out in the cards were rarely boring. Ami didn't know how she felt about that, but she didn't like things that weren't immediately obvious.
Dire times abound for the group as they fight off a veritable horde of crustacean antagonists, many are content to sit back and watch as the Tower explorers desperately fought for their lives in the Deep. With only the blue haired Jester to be acting as their primary attacker, it almost seemed as if all was lost as the crabs drew closer and closer... until the piercing roar of the inferno dropped down onto them. Literally in this case.

"EAT SHIT LOBSTERS!" Would be the only warning the group gets to move as a falling comet crashes straight through the body of a crab approaching Akiko and into the water, kicking up a huge cloud of steam as the monster is grabbed by its leg and thrown into a crowd of its brethren. From the cloud emerges the fashionably late Ami, flaming sword thrust towards the swarm to release a massive pillar of flame to broil the bastards where they stood.

"Why didn't anyone wake me up huh!? Were you all too busy fucking to remember the strongest and most important person in your stupid party!?" Ami shouts as she hauls her sword to the left, taking the pillar of flame with it as it sweeps across three more soon to be meals, turning their shells into bowls as she boils their insides instantly.

Gods Play Dice With The Universe
It's Your Turn Now
Carnage One
Let's Samba!

How fitting for a vampire to shy away from the light, that incandescent beauty which illuminated the glaring horrors just beneath the skin.

Whatever consequences came of Maria's actions on her team was promptly discarded as she dove down on her foe and cleaved her in twain, but the response given was not the satisfying splatter of crimson that Maria desired. She did not feel the monster's bones shatter as her beloved Hunahphu drove through her body like a superheated knife through butter. All she saw were dainty flowers scattering through the air as the "real" Shika approached from behind. Maria turns to the source of the cutting comment, yet she doesn't look offended or angry in the slightest. Instead she laughs and rubs the back of her head as she blushes a little. "My my, flattery will get you everywhere with this girl~!"

She takes one hand off of Hunahphu and snaps it out to the side, a small bracelet on her wrist suddenly glowing as it unfolds into a round slab of wood decorated with images of the moon. "Grace is something you Easterners worry about way too much honestly. I live my life the way I want, and if I happen to look disgraceful while doing it then why should I care?" The blush fades as her smile widens further, revealing a set of sharp pointed teeth that changes the tone of her smile drastically. "I mean honestly, caring about what you have to say is like caring about the opinion of a mangy hound! Would you give a shit about what a walking corpse has to say?"

The petals assault Maria from every side, yet the dance continues. Her steps are reminiscent of a samba dancer as she spins and steps around the deadly blades, her hips never stop shaking as she aggressively dances her way towards Shika. What cannot be dodged is deflected, what cannot be deflected is blocked, and what cannot be blocked is simply taken head on as she burns her way through the storm. A death by a thousand cuts won't stop Maria as she pushes forwards, swinging at Shika once more to tear her apart. This time though, Hunahphu wakes up. A trail of crimson down her arm connects to the handle of the macuahuitl and it drinks deep of its user's blood, the jagged obsidian along its edge coming to life like a chainsaw revving up. And from that friction is born the flame of the sun proper, lashing out at the beast to consume it with it's arrogant incandescence.

Gods Play Dice With The Universe
It's Your Turn Now
Carnage One
Let's Samba!

"I prefer to think of myself as a kicker of ass!" Maria cried out as she skidded to a halt and crouched down, muscles tensing and flexing as raw adrenaline coursed through her veins. The world was in perfect clarity at times like these, nothing but Maria and whatever monster she was gonna kill to save the day. The shadow of blood eclipses her form and everything feels like it's in slow motion, not a single detail escapes her notice. In front was a perfect wall of red, approximately 1,000 gallons of blood if compared to the average wave of water at a beach. Behind her she could hear the cracking and breaking of bone, she could feel the slight displacement of air pushing into her back as five humanoids leapt at her. They were very likely dead, and even if they weren't dead they obviously wouldn't live for very long considering the condition they were all in. Maybe an exorcist could have saved them, but Maria had no interest in matters of the spirit or that of "God", she focused on what she could feel with her body.

Right now all she felt was the desire to maim.

Going forwards wasn't an option thanks to the wall of blood that threatened to consume her, Maria didn't particularly want to find out what would happen when she touched all that blood. Plus it would absolutely ruin her new clothes she definitely hadn't stolen. Going backwards was partially an option, but being put on the backfoot was never preferable when starting a dance, she wanted to be the one leading this samba~ Left and right were viable options to avoid the attack from the front but then one of the back zombies would catch her and she would have to waste time burning them off. That really only left one option, up and into the sky.

About 0.05 seconds have passed since Maria initially halted now, the ground cracks beneath her feet as all the stored force in her legs explodes into the ground and pushes her into the blue above. Her snake pendant burns red hot against her skin as flames rip out from her back, like a phoenix being born she propels herself above the wave of blood and lets it crash into the flailing zombies as she looks down on Shika from above. "Don't leave me frustrated okay~?" And then she dives down to cut some weeds.
Eww was a pretty apt metaphor for what was going down with Rose about now. A disgusting insectile orgy of blood and weird snake energy dissolving until nothing was left but a vaguely Rose shaped pile of insects squirming about looking for what remained of their meal. Perhaps a weaker willed folk would have remained that way forever, lost to the horde's instincts to consume and propagate. But Rose was most certainly not that weaker willed folk. Slowly but surely her form coalesced back into what she was prior, a girl with a shield who looked very tired but that entire ordeal. "That was so fucking gross. I don't ever want to do that again." She groaned as she pushed herself to her feet and stumbled over to Claire. "Alright girl, up and at em. Good ol slice of za never hurt anyone, that's slang for pizza if you didn't know." Rose was already guiding Claire to the "za" as she said this, efforts more focused on getting everyone healthy then worrying about those snakes. For a brief moment she looks at Thomas with a hint of intrigue, but her focus quickly shifts to the elf in the room.

She hums in appraisal as her eyes scan the girl up and down, then she looks back to Claire. "Yeah I can flirt with you later I guess, first things first is making sure this crewmmate doesn't die to horrible snake venom."

Whatever cool comeback Riku had was completely lost on the berserking Ami as she charged into battle once again, a straight shot right to the jaw to rattle Riku's brains about a little. Just a little, not enough to kill her. At least not enough to kill her if she didn't suck. And lo and behold, she didn't suck! Ami's smile only grew wider as Riku shakily got back to her feet, ready to keep the fight going until she was either dead or Ami got bored of beating on her. Or maybe that was just Ami's perception of this. Either way, she did a thing! Two waves of water sweep across the room, one a byproduct of Kanbaru's own battle with someone Ami didn't care about, and the other a direct attack from Riku as she rode the wave to attack the berserker directly. But it wouldn't be an easy hit for Riku, Ami would make sure that she extracted every ounce of pain she could from Little Red if she wanted to make this a real fight.

She raises her right foot into the air and thrusts it into the stone floor, cracking the ground as a roaring pillar of flame erupts from beneath her and engulfs her own body in black flames. The moment Riku got even close to such an inferno she would feel her skin singing, even as the combined might of Kanbaru and Riku's water crashed into the blaze to smother it completely. A super heated blast of fog would swallow the pair, boiling in midair and covering Riku from head to toe. It was like being dumped into a boiling pot of water, but the pot was the entire room and the water was literally the air itself. "I'm glad! If you gave up after one measly little punch I would have just cut your damn head off then and there!" Ami roars gleefully as her own sword swings out to crash into Riku's scythe.

Gods Play Dice With The Universe
It's Your Turn Now
Carnage One
Let's Samba!

Buzzkills, buzzkills all of them! The night was barely even starting and they expected her to go to sleep? They hadn't had any celebratory drinks, they hadn't gotten to know each other, hell, none of them had even fucked! These Japanese were so damn prudish, it brought a tear to her eye, it really did! But alas it would seem as though she would have to be left to her own devices on this night, as her two teammembers made a fatal mistake in leaving her by herself with no supervision. They left her by herself with no supervision. She did not go to her room, nor did she go anywhere within the Demon Hunter HQ. No, she in fact left the building and instead decided to go bar hopping for the night, brushing up on her Nihongo by listening to people spill out their guts to bartenders and getting absolutely wasted all night long.

Maria was of course the last to arrive to the cantina when messaged by Hoshio, and she really was a sight to behold. She was wearing clothes that definitely didn't belong to her first of all, but more importantly was what kind of clothes they were. A t shirt of some indie band that nobody had ever heard of, way too small for her given how stretched out the logo on the front was and cut off just at the midriff, skin tight jeans that accentuated her curves in all the right areas, a pair of dark shades covering her almost certainly dilated eyes, and what appeared to be a guitar case... "Hey hey everyone, sorry I'm late! Had to find a good disguise for our super secret stealth mission today, also I brushed up on my Japanese! You guys have such weird slang, like what even is a Christmas Cake?"

Moving on from that, Hoshio's plan was pretty cut and dry so Maria had no real objections. Despite the impression she gave off, she knew how to be quiet when she needed to be, she just hated doing so. The sooner this boring ass job was over the better, she wanted to get back to blowing some real demons up, not this lame small fry! As soon as they arrived Maria quirked an eyebrow at Hoshio and tilted her sunglasses down to look him in the eye directly. "Do you really not have a way to hide your weapon during day missions? Come on, I thought I was supposed to be the amateur here!" She cried as she unzipped the weird guitar case she was carrying around to reveal her own weapon stashed away, this was really just Hunter stuff 101!

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for Maria) the need to hide their weapons rather quickly disappeared as their enemy up and announced their presence, the bell Mai had given her beginning to ring rapidly as demons appeared from every angle, screams of agony and terror ringing throughout the temple grounds as Maria sighed and tossed away the guitar case. "Jeez, and I had put together such a cool disguise for this..." She whined childishly as she lit her weapon ablaze and charged at the nearest infected "civilian" she saw. And if Shika was expecting some kind of hesitation from the Demon Hunter than she would be sorely disappointed as the rampant woman smashed the monster aside like a meteor and charged right towards where the bell was leading her. Find the head honcho, kill the head honcho, smash the rocks. This plan was much easier honestly.
Rose's thoughts refocused as two new combatants entered the fray, though calling one of them a combatant might have been a slight overstatement considering all she was doing was blinding and annoying the monstrous snake repeatedly. The deflected orb of what could now be identified as condensed gravity slammed right back into it's origin and sent the serpent flying backwards like a limp noodle, with Thomas rushing in to deliver the finishing blow. It had almost seemed anticlimactic in a way Rose thought, or at least it would have been if that were the climax of this battle. A blast of shadow erupts forth from the snake's corpse as it divides and conquers amongst the four Serei users, a horde of snakes wrapping around Rose without warning and threatening to crush her within her heavy armor as they tighten and begin biting at her without mercy. With a roar of pain she flexes her muscles to try and force them away, but there's just too many, not enough room to move, not enough-

And then Rose explodes.

Explodes into a swarm of various insects that is, dissolving into legion and turning the tide on the snakes as the multitude of carnivorous bugs eats away at the snakes which were just a moment ago in control. Her mind is in every single one, it feels weird to look at herself a hundred times over but it's even weirder to be so damn hungry! Why were bugs so fucking hungry!? Why was she so hungry!? Lost in a rush of primal instinct she bites and consumes the insects in a writhing mass of bloody hunger, only stopping once the snakes are reduced to naught but bleached bone.

Back to the adventures of Ami and Kanbaru beating on a poor innocent girl, the beating continues! The bard predictably keeps her pristine hands clean of the filth of combat, in the back of her mind Ami can't help but sneer at the prissy girl who watches the fight as though it were entertainment for her to enjoy. Reminds her of a Light Magical Girl in a similar way that Red Riding Hood does, both of them think of themselves as above the violence. Maybe she'd find an excuse to beat on the bard later too, wipe that superiority off her face and remind her just who's who around here. Maybe if she wasn't distracted by these kinds of thoughts she would have noticed the obvious sniper in the rafters, maybe she would have been fast enough to deflect that bullet and stop the fight from restarting. Ah well, Ami wouldn't complain if Red Riding Hood wanted a round 2 with her new partner.

"Ugh, I know right? They could at least try and prove my expectations wrong, fucking lame as hell." She complains, yet that vicious grin falters not for even a moment. Her eyes dart towards Red Riding Hood as she pulls out some unholy combination of sniper rifle and scythe, before snorting and shaking her head as she aims at Kanbaru. "Come on Red, I thought you had learned by now!" Flames spring to life at the soles of her boots as she aims her body right at Riku. "It's fine though, I'll teach you this lesson as many times as I need to!" Or want to. She shoots forwards like a rocket, mach 1 is reached within a fraction of a second as she cocks her fist back and throws a straight punch right at Riku's jaw, no finesse or thinking involved.
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