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William Flur
Fuyuki Park, Night One

Mentions: @Crusader Lord

It was a cold night tonight, a night filled with tension and glory waiting to be claimed. But everyone was sneaking around, trying to find each other's bases. It was all dreadfully boring to William honestly, he never was one for tracking people down whenever he wanted something. No when William Flur, the Modern Magus of Flowers, wanted something he would have someone get it for him. Unfortunately he didn't have such a luxury here without his butlers and staff, so he would have to find another way to make others come to him. "Yamato, are you ready?" He asked the Servant as he picked up his staff from the ground.

Whether he was ready or not didn't really matter as William got up from his cross legged position and planted his staff into the dirt beneath his feet and the wind whipped his coat around, a steady supply of flower petals beginning to fall from the insides and dance around him in the breeze.

With this Declaration, Let All Know
This Holy Grail War Hath Begun
I, William Flur, The Modern Magus of Flowers, and The Strongest Berserker
Shall Accept All Challengers

His voice reverberated in the wind, shaking the petals around him that had grown to become a veritable storm of pinks and reds and yellows and a myriad of different shades and hues. With his last word spoken, he planted one hand on his staff and the other firmly into the air, pointing upwards as the winds suddenly exploded skyward. With this declaration, war had been declared. His message lay firmly planted in the sky above Fuyuki Park, a rainbow of flowers painting his intent clearly.
Rose Fortis


Rose sighed loudly as Iona continued to speak, each and every word drenched in self righteousness and zealotry. Basically everything Rose hated, but she had the power to back up her talk so it looked like she was gonna taking them to her dumb student council or whatever. "You know, I came to this Tower so I could get away from boring stuff like school and college. Not to go back." Rose said loudly as Iona finished speaking.

Suddenly they were back on the road as Kanbaru's bike roared wildly, doing a complete 180 turn and revving away from Iona in the middle of her speech. Rose quickly hid herself in the hood again, holding onto Kanbaru's hair as they sped away with no control. "Uhh, Kanbaru? I thought we were going with her still? Why are you driving away?" Rose asked nervously as she peered down at Kanbaru's hands, which were firmly not on the handlebars. "Ooh, that's not good at all is it."
Great King of Destruction
Railyards, Warehouse - Morning

Altera's brow furrowed as her Hun questioned her name, less from frustration and more out of confusion. "That is what I said. My name is A͘t̍̈ͩͣ͂ͤ̚҉̤ī̸̪̩̺̟̪̠ͤ-͕͉̙͖̽̊̎̓ͧ̇̐̕ Altera. And I am a woman, not a girl. I will not tolerate such disrespect, however I shall let it pass this once." What a magnanimous ruler she was, so kind to her loyal Huns. Even if they sometimes asked silly questions, she would lead her children onward to glory. Any further questions would be disregarded as Altera walked over to Cordula and picked her up, tossing her over her shoulder as they exited the warehouse.

"Now then child, I presume you have scouted the area around us. Tell me, where shall we strike first, what civilization shall we raze to the ground first?" Altera asked as she leapt to the roof of the warehouse with ease, surveying the city far and wide as she gently set Cordula on the ground. "Are there any Romans here? If so, they are a priority, a very sinful civilization that cannot be allowed to stand."
Route 2:Forest

As Lachlan ventured deeper into the forest, the sounds of birds and bugs steadily died down around him as he looked for more Pokemon to battle or capture. These noises were instead replaced with the sound of buzzing, steadily growing stronger as he unwittingly made his way closer and closer to a nest of Weedle and Combee. Soon enough he would find himself stopping as the forest sounds died out around him, leaving him in complete silence. When he looked around, he would see a myriad of bug eyes watching him from all sides, Weedle and Combee all around watching him to see what he would do next and where he would go. And then, one Beedrill ominously buzzed from the trees towards him, stinger brandished as she prepared to defend her hive.

Route 2: Plains

An important lesson learned on Alaric's part, he set off into the Plains once again after healing up his Pokemon of their wounds, wandering around to look for more interesting Pokemon. While his battle with the Patrat had scared off most of the Pokemon in the area, he would eventually notice he had a bit of a fan in a Phanphy that was following from a distance and watching him very curiously. Eventually he would lose track of the thing, only to find it a few minutes later in his path as an Ice Shard planted itself in the ground in front of him, looking determined to battle against the trainer who had so handily dispatched the Patrat which terrorized anyone who got even close to the nest.

William Flur
Commerce District, The Totally-Hercules Power Hour PerformanceTM

Mentions: @ReallyDumb@SSW@Reflection@Crusader Lord@Yankee@Over Illusion

So this... this is the power of a legendary Hero. William cast his eyes down, clenching his fists as he looked away from the great Heracles. His stats were strong, stronger than they had any right to be. But that could be overcome, it was why he had summoned Yamato as a Berserker rather than Saber, to outmuscle anyone with extreme stats like these. But that Noble Phantasm.... The crowd roared at Heracles's greatest labor while William and Yamato watched from atop a nearby building, hidden from the human eye as William cloaked them in a potent illusion.

How disappointing. How completely and utterly disappointing. Heracles was strong, of this there was no doubt, but this man... he was not the Hero he wished to see. This was a joke in the shape of a man, someone absolutely worthless to William altogether. Were it not for the fact that a crowd of people had been gathered around him, he would ask Yamato to go down there and dispatch this fool posthaste. This was not the ideal of a Hero that William came to see, this was not someone who could reach Avalon. Completely worthless.

"It would seem we've wasted our time here. Let us depart-" But perhaps not a complete waste of time.

A self proclaimed villain steps into the spotlight, to declare himself as the Greatest of All The World's Evils. Whether he be a villain as he claims or merely a fool seeking attention mattered not to William. What mattered far more, was that this was most assuredly a human stepping up to the greatest of Heroes. A Master judging by the red Command Seals that lay on his hand, an ordinary man challenging the gods. Well, not quite the gods but certainly an existence equivalent to a god compared to this boy.

" moment actually." William smiled as he pulled out a handful of flower petals from his coat, tossing them into the wind and whispering an incantation under his breath as he cast an illusion across the crowd. Where once there stood a gangly young boy challenging a behemoth of a man like a fool, now there stood a true Demon Lord. Black feathers of an angel danced about him, his presence amplified a hundred fold, nay, a thousand fold! A deep black aura enshrouded him, shadows highlighting the harsh contours of his face as the King of a Thousand Evils challenged the Greatest Hero of The World.

"Show me Great King of Evils. Show me how you stand up to the mighty."
William Flur
Miyama Town, Convenience Store>>>>>Commerce District, The Totally-Hercules Power Hour PerformanceTM

Mentions: @Crusader Lord@Reflection

For some strange reason, William got the feeling Yamato didn't quite like him all that much. Oh well, that's just life! Not everyone is gonna like you, not everyone can make friends with you, you just gotta cherish the friends you do have! Which was... the Einzbern Homunculus! William should go visit her sometime this week, she's around because of this Grail War right! They could talk, have some lunch and tea, maybe discuss how she's adjusting to life in Japan. He was certainly adjusting well, some could even say he's "living his best life" here! Yamato remarked on how amazed she was that William had even survived, but he just nonchalantly shrugged with a smile.

"I have been fortunate enough to live a blessed life away from society, pampered by beautiful maids and skilled attendants throughout my life. I suppose you could call this little break from the usual, an adventure! Something that my ancestor Merlin would have done while serving the King or the Knights of that oh so famous Circular Table." He remarked, simply explaining away his uselessness as if it was something he couldn't do anything about. "But you can count on me Saber, I simply don't have the heart to betray someone as beautiful as you~" It was strange how smoothly he lied, one moment calling her by name and the next calling her Saber as he looked around. The man on the motorcycle was clearly a threat, a Servant judging by how hostile Yamato was to the giant of a man and how on edge she was. His Command Seals burned slightly, he turned on Master's Clairvoyance and looked around subtly, his eyes narrowing slightly as he smoothly muttered an incantation under his breath.

To everyone observing the duo, it would appear as if they suddenly turned the corner into a dark alleyway, ripe for ambush as they seemingly took a shortcut back to their base. In reality, William had seamlessly cloaked the duo then created an illusionary copy into the alley to throw any pursuers off their trail as they walked towards the Commerce District. "Don't be alarmed Yamato, but I've cast an illusion over us to throw our onlookers off our trail. We'll be heading to the Commerce District to see if Herakles is actually there, he could very well be a great threat considering his legend." He didn't mention how he actually wanted to see the yoyo tricks too. Yoyo tricks are fun.

Great King of Destruction
Railyards, Warehouse - Morning

Summoning Initiated.

The food was poisoned, it was very clear. Perhaps by the hand of an enemy, perhaps by the hand of her own wife, she knew not. It mattered not, what was done was done. She would die this night, not even her perfect body could fight off a poison of this level. It was an acid, eating away at her very existence. Perhaps in her prime, but she was simply too tired. She was a worn down tool in a sense, after years and years of being used for nothing but destruction, perhaps just this once she could lay down and-

T͏̮̙h͚̕e̮̼̥͉͔̗̘ ̻͎̪͔͖G̙͝r͈̱̻e̶̹̠̲͍̳a̘͍͖̞͓̣͚t̖͉̖̤ ͓̗͉̪͕̰̤͜K̡͇͍̯̰͓̰į̠̩n̞͓̞̞̭̣̙g̸̻̯ ̮̩͇ò̞̯̭f̘̬̫̗̺͓̞ ̩͍͉͈̭͎D̵̻͓̪ͅͅe̤̙͜s͏͉̰̳tṛ̨̠̪͍̜͔u̺̼c̟̩̯̭̜t̶̖͔̰̘̤ͅi̥̲͕̹͕͎o̸n͎̗̟̱̦̘ s̮t͙̙̗̫̯̬o͖͇̙̺o̟͍̹d̩̝̲̼̥ͅ ͙̞͡i҉̗̝̙̻̮̘n̟̜̼̗̲̺ ͇̰̥͈t̞̟̱͡h̶̻e̜̟̮̥̪̺ ͙̖͚̺̬m̴̤̫i͟d̹͚̮͎̮ͅd҉̩͉̞ḽ̜͎̟̗̺͞ḙ̲͇͈̗̞̘ ̷̳̮̲̝̬͍͕o̘͖f͉͓ͅ ̶̜̬͇̗͓ṯh͕͇̯e̝͎̻͘ͅ ̶̟̼̱b̖͍͈̙̺ͅa̢̙̫̺̮̘̗̘ṭ͈͍͕̠t̯̜̜l͏̞͎̝̺̹̫ef͔i̜̪̻̭͙͎̳e͙͝l҉d͓̗̹̫̳̻ͅ,͟ ͉̦͕̮͓͜a̵͔̹͔r͢r̫̜͡o͙̪̻̺̖̣ͅw̫̘̠̮̣s͈̫ ͙p̱̘͡i̯͇̘e̮͓r͕͔c͓̗̰͔̲̠i͟n̟̺͕̹͘g̝͕̘̹͎̲ͅ ͉̮̝ͅh̹̘̠̺̫̠̜͜i̗͎̪̮̟̰͖m ͔͙̲̱̖̱̥͢f̫̪̕r҉o̤m͚͎ ́e͙̘v̰̜̗͇̮e̝̫̱r̰̜̯̫͚y̼̜̻͎͚͉͕ ̴̱̜̗̙̗̬̖s͇i̦͎͠d̜e̶,̢͙͎̙͙̬̩ ̪͖̣̹͙̦̹ý̦̝̳̠̰̪̻e̴͚̘̠̳t̶ ̫̣̦̘͙̥s̶t̺̦͕i̘̣̩̯̖͇̕l̥̘̺̪͔l͉̪͍̞̕ ̵h͍͡e̸̗̺ ̭̻̰͈͍͎̥s̛̞͖t̛̻͔̹͇͔ơ͕̯̳̬od̛̙̝. ̷̠͚͇̯̪̥ͅE͈͠v̵̟͔̼̣͈̣e̴̺̩͈̟͈̲̣n̸̪̮ ̺́w̳̥͖̳̳̗i̞͉̜̮̼̳͘ͅt͙͕̻͖h̨̘ ̡̮̰̻̬̱̹̭a̺̮͓̼n͙̥̗ ҉̝̥͈̺͚͇ȩ̤͎͇̠͍̙̲n̝̠͓̮̼͢t͝i̹̥͍̰̯͡r̛̲̬e͙͙̣̘̰ ͙̹̖̜͈̜á̘̺̖ͅr͈̬ḿ̰̘͚y͎͙ ͓͙̬͔s̳͉̺͚͎̠u͝r͉͕̮ͅr͙̼̞̳̳̟̹o̟͍̺̠̜͡ͅun͍͎̼d̦̰͎̻ḭ̢̥ng͈̥̜͕ ̢̺̱̳͈h͖̗̜i͇͎͚̙̱̣̪m҉̬,̣͜ ̪̗̤͙e̩̹̲͈̪͈̼͘v҉̦̗e̩͙̬̭̻n̙̟̯͓͘ ̜͉̣̞͢w͎i̗̝̘̯̞̰͙th ̢̠̪̖̲͓̼n̝o͙̞ ̢̭̳͚̪̖̳̞c̘͘ḥ̵͓͎̜ͅan̪̬c̶̜̫͔e̛͈̜͕̗̩͍̮ ̺̜̱͇̤̕o͎͓̙͈̙f ̥͔́v͎̥̮ic̜͕t̴̰̣̬̗o͟r̵͍͎̲y̠̯͜ ͔w͖̦h͍̱̖̺͎̀a̤̞̻͟t͔̕ś͖̪͇̗oe̝͓̯v͘e̸r̰,̺͙͓ ͇̣̳̘̪̫h̦̭̳̬ḙ͝ ̶̺w̨͚͉̘̫o̸̪̟u̸̝͚͍l͏̜͉d̝̦͍̪͡ͅ ̪͖̕f͔̱̼͜i̵̥̯̹̹g̣͖̣̲h̻̲͖t t͙̟͇͎͎i̴̳̳͇̣ll͓̗̥̕ ̥t͎̙͚̠̗̥ḥ̵͉e̬ ̫bì͔͔̻ṱ̤̲t̴e̻ŗ̰̮ ͜e͕̞n̨d̢̜͉̠̘̫,̠̹́ ͢w̼͍͙͠i̸t̻͕͙̕h͎͉̣̩̣ n̻̪̖̙o͟t̮͖͙̦h̤̯̙̲̫̥͞í̺̯͕̺̟̰̠n̦͎g̘̳̲̮̺̬ ̻̗̮b̧u̱͜t̹̪̻͎ ̷̦̱̫̘̫̮a̱̕ͅ ̝͚̩͕̞s̩̫̖̱̼̙͢ͅp̲͇̫͕e̞̪͚͚ḁ͎̩͔r̳̠̦̦͖͘ ̩̬i̢͖̟̲̤̙̣͓n̟̺ ̥̠͈͢h҉͇̮̩͚̝͚͉an̞͉̝̹̙͙͝d͕̹ ̵̳͍͖a̱͇̹̱̣̬͎n̵̮̻̱͕̺͍d͉͕̳͕͢ ̷̯̝̺̹͓̬̹t̪͠h̷͎e͖ ͚̻͜ḑe͉̜̗̱t̷͕̹e̫̰̥r̨̟͚m̤̝i̹͖̬̼̩̠͞ͅna͖̠͢t̵̟̤̠̗̘͓̼i̲̼͇̠̭̗͢o̷̤̭̞̬̝̠n͏̗͍͓̳̮ ̰̯t͇͍̗̼͖̩̼͜o̕ ̧̦̼̞͎̭̰̺e͕n̗̱͈ͅa̤̜̕c̞̻̖͍̫t̜̠͚ ҉̦p̰͕̘̭̳͝u̞̙̞͓͓̜n̳̙̳͔̲i̫s̠̻̗̖͎̗͞h͍̟̩̟̘ͅme͉̪ǹ͚̱̬̭t̼̖̖͟ͅ ̛̳̳̟̼o͉͇n͙̯̤̪ ҉̙t͔̠͕͎͔͟h̺̠͓̻̞͓o̤̥̱̮̤͕se͉̦̭̼ ̶̠̯͉͈̦͇w҉͓̠͓̞̙ho̳̤͈̥̣ͅ ̨͉̤̩̤̜͍s͔̬͖̲i͖̪͍̺͔̥n̙̝̮̳̥͙n͏̺̘̰̥̟̺͈ę̪͇̤̣̹͙̦d̦̳̞̳͎͕́.̶̹̫̦̠ ͎̰̖͓Th̵̝͉̗̖i̦̻͚͖̙s ̥͇̠̻wa͢s҉̹̪͙͉̪ ̣͖t̳͔͉̰h͈̮͍͞e̻̗ ̩̖f̲͉͖̠͡a̤̫̼͎̺ͅt͕̱͈͎̼̬͔͜e ̞̥ͅo̳̪̣̭͚̥f̖̹̙̻̞͚ ̛̝͍̜͎a͏͚l͇͚͘l̶̤̺̗̯͈͇̜ ͍͉͔̹̬͈w҉̻̜͓̫͓h͉o̮̩̣̩̦̠͇ ͎̳̞̩̳̯̪h҉̜̞͍a̪̮d͔̱͇̭̣͖ s̶̮c̣o̧ṟ̢̙̹n̶͈̳̤ͅe͍̥̥̻͓̘d̤͎ ̗͈͉͚G̶̘̳ͅo͕̫̝̖̘͍ͅd҉̪͕̳͉̭̟͈, ̞̼ͅt̵̪̼̫͚̞͖h̗̖͚̣̝̦i͓̪s̩ ̵w̢̮̖̬̘̫̮a͏̦͕s̡̞̪͔̤̤̤͎ ̪̤̼͕͟h̞̫i҉s̠̩̙ ͎̭̦r̮̱̼͚͇ol̛̙͉̹̻̳̝ͅe͓͕̩͚̠̙̗ ̺̼̩͍a̹s͚̤͍̬ ̯̳̹͉̘t̬͙̰̕h͉̯̱̠e҉̞̘͓ ̮̗̕S̙̫̠̪̳̺̫c̹̳̲o͙̹̭̩u͖ͅr̙̱̭̠̙̙g̠͔͡e̪͙͔̳ ̝͈o̦̣̖f͠-̗̞̗̝͎

Error. The Saint Graphs of 'Atilla' and 'Altera' have been conflated. Summoning has already been initiated. Now summoning Servant Lancer.

She opened her eyes for the first time in centuries.

Conflicting memories crash together in her head, her story has been corrupted, altered by the false assumptions of mankind. It mattered not. Her lips twitch upwards as she looks around the warehouse, this would do as a temporary warcamp. She would have to conquer another's camp sometime tonight, she would expand her territory as she began her work. The world was corrupt, full of sinners who scorned the almighty and brought down His wrath. This is why she had been summoned after all, her work in this world had not been finished. Her mouth opened and brought forth words with the Authority of A King.

"The God of War descends upon the battlefield. I am A͘t̍̈ͩͣ͂ͤ̚҉̤ī̸̪̩̺̟̪̠ͤ-͕͉̙͖̽̊̎̓ͧ̇̐̕ Altera. I have been summoned forth in the Lancer class to bring punishment upon the sinners who reside in this city. From here forwards, you are now a Hun. As a Hun, you are obliged to heed my commands so we may conquer our enemies and erase the corrupt civilization. You may now thank me."
In Tower of Fable 11 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay

Takara smiled as he wiped off his hands and mouth with the napkin, tossing it aside as soon as he was done with it because he didn't see a trashcan anywhere nearby. The city was already dirty anyways, what's one more piece of trash on the floor? "Thank you Mr Robot Policeman!" He called out as the robot got sick of all their bullshit and got in it's car to drive away and do whatever policemen did in a city where crime is legal. The new girl to the group certainly knew how to get Takara's attention much better than Akiko did as he rushed past her and towards Itsuko. Candy was candy after all, and he was too old for piggie back rides anyways! "Yeah, I want candy!" He cried out as he grabbed onto Itsuko's hand, pulling her over to the closest other person so he could hold their hand as well.

As he grabbed onto Caprice's gloved hand, he suddenly realized he had forgotten to thank her for the burrito she had so kindly given him. He blushed as he looked up at her, looking a little ashamed and embarrassed as he spoke. "S-sorry mask lady. Thank you for the food."

Rose Fortis


Elijah seemed to vanish somewhere or another, but Rose was sure the muscle lady would be fine. She had been getting along on her own before, she'd probably end up back at the bar later after they had gotten their loot. In the meantime, she was talking with Kanbaru about the three most important things. Money, cute girls, and adventure! "That's what I like to hear Kanbaru! Oh man, what if we find a hot redhead on an airship! That's like, the ultimate jackpot! We should have asked that girl if the city had airships before we bailed, would have been-" It was funny that she mention the weird schoolgirl angel, who had just come screeching down the intersection to block their path with a truck of all things.

"You know, while I still don't like being told what to do, I will admit that I respect her slightly more for doing something so crazy with literally no warning. Definitely got our attention." She remarked to the group as she peeked out Kanbaru's hood at Iona. Kanbaru proceeded to drive up an ice ramp to get on a more even level with the crazy Student Council member, shouting at her for being generally crazy and breaking a bunch of rules that Rose didn't care about.

"Anyone ever tell you you're hot when you're angry?" Rose remarked nonchalantly as she relaxed in Kanbaru's hood, before turning back to Iona with a lazy smile. "Well, I guess we've got no choice. I mean we do, we could just keep running from you all day, but I get the feeling you're gonna escalate even more if we run away again. And I don't really wanna see what comes after truck." Rose remarked as she lay on her stomach and rested her head on her palms. "Lead the way weirdo!"
Route 2:Forest

As Mica made her way onto Route 2, she eventually found her way to the forest after observing the various stalls around the beginning of the route. As it so happens, she had entered from a different path than another certain young man who had come to the forest looking for a new friend, so she found a whole new variety of Pokemon wandering the forests and going about their lives. Burmy hung from the trees lazily as they photosynthesized and gathered leaves to make themselves a pretty coat, a group of Yungoose dashed by aggressively chasing after a Rattata, a Snubbul arguing with a Smeargle about the painting(?) it was making on a nearby rock. It was all so beautiful, that it was almost easy to miss the shrill cry piercing through the air and that a Starly was flying DIRECTLY AT MICA'S FACE!

William Flur
Miyama Town, ???

Mentions: @Crusader Lord

"So tell me Berserker of the Winds, She Who Was Blessed By The Sun. Answer mine questions true, for this will determine your fate and the fate of this city in this coming war. Your choice will be the difference between victory and defeat, honor for your country or shame upon your line for generations, life... or death."

William held up two packs of microwaveable ramen to Yamato, one beef flavored and the other chicken flavored. "Which flavor should we get? I quite enjoy the texture of beef, but you really can't go wrong with the classics right? You would know of these things best, this is your homeland after all right?" He motioned theatrically at the beautiful land of Japan all around... or the convenience store they were in anyhow. The teenager at the cash register sighed loudly in hopes of getting the weirdly dressed man to go away, however William ignored it just as easily as he had the other six sighs the teenager had released over the past... two hours. Two hours and William had collected a box of peanut butter cereal, a carton of skim milk, three bananas, and all the chocolate bars in the store. The chocolate had actually been the easiest decision, the first thing William did when he walked in was grab a shopping basket and then begin collecting every chocolate bar in the store.

Regardless of what Yamato chose, he would finally end his grocery shopping for the week and bring everything up to the register, ringing up to some ridiculous total that meant absolutely nothing to the eccentric Magus that was William Flur. As they exited the convenience store, with Yamato carrying the grocery bags of course, William unwrapped his first chocolate bar and started talking to Yamato as they walked in a random direction. "So basically Yama, I'm completely relying on you until the war is over. Not to brag or anything, but I've lived my entire life under the care of a butler and a staff of maids, so outside of matters of Magecraft I'm completely useless! I would probably burn cereal if given the chance, so I need you to make sure I don't do something silly like walk down a dark alleyway in the middle of the night and get shanked by some ruffian hopped up on opioids." He turned to Yamato with a graceful smile, as if he hadn't just admitted that he was completely useless as a person. "I can count on you right?"

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