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Utena Soriyu

An unfamiliar voice called to Utena from the other side of the room, most notably calling her "human" rather than something more generic like "lady" or "bitch." Her hopes rose a little, but it wasn't until Terrorkeat pulled back the curtain that she finally let out a sign of relief. They were safe. They being the GMGs of course, she was still very much in danger. "Actually about that..." Utena smiled sheepishly as she rattled around the handcuff holding her right arm to the bed, showing how she was very much being kept as a prisoner. But hey! On the bright side, she finally got to learn these gal's names rather than the codenames she had assigned to them! "Awesome! This means I can finally say, it's a pleasure to meet you two cuties~" Utena winked at Yeshua and Setsuna, pretty much the best she could do considering the restraints. "I'm Utena Soriyu, MFF-" She paused, her smile shrinking a bit before she shook her head. "Former, MFF Captain. All I am now is just another girl I guess!" Utena laughed as she said this, a way to cover up the hurt.

She had really joined the MFF with the best of intentions, everyone did. Everyone wanted to defend their homes, save lives, stop the giant monsters. Utena may have had the added incentive of really liking the GMGs, but she did still wanna do her best for the people too. But now she was just a prisoner of war, a war between the race she betrayed and the giant "monsters". "You don't need to thank me or anything, I was just doing the right thing... Unless you wanna thank me with a date~" Gotta take your shot when you can. A new voice entered the room, grabbing Utena's attention as she did her best to peer around Yeshua at the new GMG. Was everyone here a GMG? Oh that would be heaven~

"No need to worry about me miss. I'm probably wanted all over the city by now, don't really have anywhere to run away to even if I wasn't completely bedridden." She responded with a shrug, before asking another question. "I know it's a bit much to ask considering I'm a prisoner and all, but could I get some water? My mouth feels like it's stuffed with cotton."
Utena Soriyu

It was a slow awakening, as they tend to be. People didn't really awake with a start, not unless it was from a nightmare or they had been poked with something particularly sharp. Utena blinked the sleep out of her eyes and groaned as she tried to move her arm to block the sunlight streaming into her face. Tried being the keyword. The sound of metal on metal rattling accompanied her attempted movement as her arm jerked to a halt, cold metal pressing into her wrist tightly and restricting her. She blinked once, twice more as she tried to move her arm again. Rattle rattle.

This definitely woke her up as she looked over at her arm, firmly handcuffed to the frame of the bed she lay on. It was at this moment she noticed the dull ache of her leg, covered by blankets and definitely surrounded by something firm. She kicked her other leg, thankfully free for the moment, and removed the sheets, revealing her firmly bandaged right leg. Right. Gunshot wound.

Ok, time to get thoughts in order. She was definitely in a hospital, or at least a medical area of some sort. She was handcuffed to prevent movement, both arms too. So she was being detained. However it was unclear who by. There was a more than zero chance that the police had caught them, Terrorkeat and Schrodinger were both back in cages, and Utena was about to be charged for treason and several other fabricated crimes. However there was also the chance that maybe Schrodinger had managed to get Utena and Terrorkeat back to their mysterious GMG benefactors, who had also decided to cuff her and try her for whatever crimes they deigned to charge her with. Hopefully her punishment would be light considering she committed treason to get the GMGs out of captivity, but Utena wouldn't complain. She was fully capable of recognizing how she had been complicit with these things for a long time, so she deserved at least some kind of punishment.

"Hey! Hello!? Anyone in the room!?" Utena called out, rattling her handcuffs to try and get some kind of attention. If she strained her ears than she could hear someone calling out "Setsu" waaaaaaaay on the other side of the room, but that could be anyone.
In Tower of Fable 22 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay

A disgruntled looking Rose and Ami soon emerged from behind Kanbaru and Noire, both looking like they had been through hell and back as they grumbled and talked to each other about something unheard. Ironic how just half an hour prior they were practically at each others throats, yet now the two looked thick as thieves. Looks like they really bonded over their shared nightmare. The conversation faded as they went to their respective seats, close to Kanbaru yet making sure to keep her in between them and Noire. "Hey Kanbaru. Nice outfit change." Rose tried to make herself sound perky as usual, but it was really hard to appear friendly in conversation when you were constantly glaring at another person.

"I'm voting for Crimson Pact. I like the color red and trust the instincts of my First Mate here." Rose motioned to Kanbaru, lightening up slightly as she looked to Cait. Only slightly though. She was a catgirl too, can't trust em.

Ami just grunted noncommittally, looking around on the floor for... something. A familiar voice called out from above, bringing everyone's attention to the floor above. "Yeah, it would be pretty nice to get some nice new armaments for my vessel. Maybe some furniture and decor for captain's quarters, things like that." Rose commented as she pulled out the card storing her ship from her sleeve, spinning it on the tip of her finger before flicking her hand and watching it disappear into her sleeve once more.

With boat stored and new fancy blank card in hand, it was once again time to roll the gacha. Rose laid the blank card down on the table and sat down quietly, her eyes shining as she anticipated what wondrous manner of creature could appear today. Would it be a legendary Vassal in the same vein as Titanica, a great warrior from another world like Henry? Or would it be the last thing you expect to be powerful, a small fairy with unlimited durability? The possibilities were truely endless, but it was almost guaranteed that any new addition would only add to the crew.

Ami meanwhile, was counting her coins with a sour look on her face. All these cheaters had gotten crazy amounts of these stupid Bee things, racking up 120 thousand just from something dumb like prior planning. Meanwhile she had only managed to get 300, even though she had scored the biggest hit on the boss! They should be splitting their cash with her, without her they probably all would have died! She idly glanced over to the pirate chick as she did something lame with the cards, a gimmick Ami refused to participate in. She was gonna make it through the Tower with her strength alone, no ghost pals needed.

And with a bright flash of light, Rose's Serei card appeared. And in that exact same moment, Rose's look of anticipation drained into one of sheer unadulterated fury and horror. "GOD FUCKING DAMNIT!"

Shimmering light revealed in full a black cat made flesh and real. It plopped atop the table with a low thud and thunk, the great and almighty Noire curled up in a cat nap without a care in the world, or for her summoner. Well, not quite. She raised open a single eye, noted who it was who just took time out of her day to play around, before yawning. "Oh it's you. Lame." She closed her eye and went right back to sleep like the cat she was.

Rose's eye twitched as Noire sleepily dismissed her, a vein on her head bulging as she clenched her fists on the edge of the table, immediately splintering the wood with her rage fueled strength. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN IT'S ME?! I SHOULD BE THE ONE SAYING THAT YOU STUPID GOOD FOR NOTHING FUCKING CAT!" Rose screamed, slamming her hands on the table in front of Noire to make her pay attention. Her breath was heavy with fury as she glared at the damned cat who continued to torture her, idly thinking about just selling the card right now and trying for a new one.

A choked laugh from the next table over had Rose's head snapping to the left as Ami tried to suppress her laughter, the aura of smug rolling off of her practically palpable. "What's wrong, had a bad draw?" Ami snickered, covering her mouth with her sleeve as she leaned forwards towards Rose.

"Oh fuck off you edgy goth bitch, you have no idea just how bad of a fucking drop I got. This stupid perverted cat has been torturing me for entire floors now, and I keep fucking RUNNING INTO HER!" Rose roared as she grabbed the table Noire was on and flipped it in Ami's direction, an uncharacteristically violent action from the normally relaxed and happy go lucky pirate.


Whatever wink of sleep Noire was trying to get was ruined by the extravagent and unneeded outburst by her summoner. She opene dher eyes, looking up at Rose's seething features and expression with an exasperated look of her own. BUt up and before she could do anything about it, some second party joined in on the screaming match; less of a match though when Rose was doing all the screaming. Noire blinked from one girl to the other, even as she felt the table be lifted up by Rose's rage-fueled tangent before promptly flipped forward towards the other girl. "<.<" Noire promptly dropped off from the wooden slab and onto the ground before she was carried with it. "Rude >.>" The slab didn't go much further before a blue blur dashed across both girls's sights and caught the massive chunk with a screech of boots on the floor, just before it hit Ami. Slowly, carefully, Cait popped her head out from the other side with a yawn, paused with her bout with Clair.

"Eheh, no rumbling in my bar please. If there's a problem or disgression, please either take it with the shopkeepers or in the sheets upstairs, thank you~" Despite her cheery demeanour, the barkeep flashed Rose a glinted warning. With a huff, she slowly cradled the table above her head before waddling off to the side to either replace it or fix it, whichever was cheapest. By the way she moved, it was clear lifting such a thing was an easy enough effort for her.

"Wow, you really are a screamer. You need to be quiet more >.>" Noire mused from her spot on the ground. Her tail was already lashed around Rose's throat in a collar of spiny needle and fur mixed with wire as she tugged Rose along towards the upper floors. "Ahhh, so much better. No screaming in my ear. Oh hey, I guess you can come along too you know, nyah." Noire casually split open the ends of her tail for wires to snap along Ami's neck as well, the black cat tugging and almost dragging the two up the stairs. "Don't worry, I'll keep them from breaking more stuff, the two girlfriends ^-^" she called out to anyone who cared to listen, bounding up the stairs-only to pause and sniff at a certain door.

"Eww, smells like dead whales and Kanbaru <.<" she mused before finding an empty room to drag her meals into.

"Hehehe, we'll see about that ^-^"
Utena Soriyu

Their ascent through the ceiling was turbulent to say the least, each jolt and swing sending red hot spikes into her injured leg as Utena held onto Schrodinger for dear life. Things were a bit blurry for her right now, probably the shock from the bullet wound settling in. The screech of a giant cat, electricity screaming through metal, a blur of green flying through the roof before shrinking and falling into Schrodinger's mouth. Did Terrorkeat get hurt somehow? She was hurt too, maybe they could bond in the hospital... NO! No hospitals, not an option! The first thing the MFF would do is send soldiers out to every hospital in the city, they wouldn't even have five minutes of freedom before they were all thrown back in cages. "No hospitals..." Utena mumbled, unsure if Schrodinger even realized she was there as she went towards... somewhere. Maybe they were going to that place Terrorkeat said they could go? Did Schrodinger even know where that place was?

All these questions tumbled about her mind with no answer as she fell into the throes of unconsciousness, blood loss, exhaustion, and shock finally taking their toll on the now fugitive MFF member. When she next awoke she would either be dead, behind bars, or in the hands of whoever was helping the GMGs. Things were not looking good for her in any of those cases, but such was the price of betrayal. Hopefully they'd be gentle... and GMGs.

Rose landed on the bow of her ship with a triumphant look planted firmly on her face, coins and wealths spilling over the deck of the vessel as it took up literally the entire bar. "I return! With great wealth and an even greater ride!" She called out as she front flipped off the boat and into the bar proper, arms outstretched as she showed off her great new boat. She was in a great mood right now, great enough that she could even ignore Emilia's cocky look as she waltzed up to the shopkeeper and slammed her hands down on the counter next to Akiko.

"Alright so! I have approximately 124,240 pieces of gold to spend, plus whatever is on that boat right now that isn't cold hard cash! Akiko has the right idea here, so I'm gonna copy what she's doing for the most part! I want two new cards and the ability to carry four Serei! The fifth card is for the boat obviously, I don't think that should count as a Serei." Rose explained as she hunched over the table to get closer to Emilia. "Also, I'm willing to sell whatever is on that boat so I can trade it in for some real firepower. I'm talking laser cannons, missiles, jet boosters, the works! I wanna turn this into a real skyfaring vessel if you know what I mean." And now she was behind the counter, elbowing Emilia in the side and throwing an arm around her shoulder. "It's your lucky day shopkeep, I've got big bucks to spend and I'm a big spender!"

Rose wasn't worried as the floating debris and buildings suddenly began to fall, nor was she particularly worried as the giant demon stopped in midair, staring into space and exploding into various treasures and riches. She knew that Akiko's Serei would pull through, or whoever the hell that Serei belonged to anyways. What she was concerned with however, was the mass riches pouring down on her vessel, hers for the taking now that the demon had been defeated! Rose crossed her arms and smiled in a rather smug manner as the treasure piled up on her ship, not needing to scurry around with bags and crates like everyone else surely was. Her entire ship was her container, so everything that landed on it was hers! She had the biggest container of them all!

Rose's chest heaved as she tilted her head back and roared with laughter, she was the biggest winner of them all on this floor! Not only did she have Suparna out all this time to rob the city blind with her army of bodies, but now she had a fine vessel, and all the riches she needed to customize it to her heart's content! A wonderful beginning for any aspiring pirate, ignoring the capture and lewd antics she had gone through her first floor! Because of course she would ignore it, who else was gonna talk about it? Definitely not Kanbaru. She was a good 2nd Mate, she would never do such a silly thing. She raised her left arm into the air triumphantly, swiftly catching a falling blade in her outstretched hand and twirling it in circles to show off her prizes. A golden sword, encrusted with a great many jewels along it's pommel, some type of scimitar maybe? Whatever it was, it was worth tons of cash, and it was a nice status symbol if she decided to keep it! Yeah, Rose was the best.

Ami nodded in a sagelike manner, it really was like that sometimes. One sec you're in bed, exhausted after a long day of training and killing, the next you're in a mysterious video game tower with guys in black cloaks spouting meaningless bullshit at you as they threw blank cards arounds. It really was like that sometimes. Ami had of course thrown away that card immediately, she didn't need some lame cards to get strong in the Tower. She operated off of pure muscles! And fire magic.

Ah, Kanbaru always understood just what Ami was thinking. She patted Kanbaru on the back as she disengaged the hug, pulling off her jacket to use as a makeshift bag. "Alright then, you have fun with all that lame counting stuff! I'm just gonna dump it at the counter to make them count it all. It's in the name after all." Ami said cheerfully as she jumped into the air and took off like a jet to collect coins and jewels with her jacket, using it like a basket to catch whatever fell out of the sky.
Utena Soriyu

Well the cage was broken in the end, even if Utena's help hadn't been strictly necessary by any means. The cage was smashed open in one fell cleave of Schrodinger's claws, sending shrapnel and frost flying into the crowd and nearly maiming Utena's beautiful face if she hadn't thought to curl her wings around herself as a shield. A few pieces of metal did manage to slip through her hasty guard, but they were dulled by the thick padding around her limbs. No the main concern was the rampage Schrodinger was going on, swiping and clawing at the crowd around Utena. "Hey come on, there's no time to start wrecking the place! Reinforcements are on the way, we need to get going now!" The turncoat officer yelled as she rushed closer to Schrodinger's body, a common tactic she employed to make sure a GMG couldn't smack her out of the air.

Thankfully it looked like the twin GMGs were just about done with their revenge as Terrorkeat chirped something to her sister and took off into the air, crashing through the bridge above as she headed straight for the ceiling above. Ah, so that was the plan then! Utena grinned as she unfurled her wings once more, aiming the tips at the ceiling Terrorkeat was heading for and unloading a volley of missiles to open a path for the great bird. Sure it wasn't strictly necessary, she could probably bust up the ceiling no problem herself, but Utena liked helping.

Her musings were interrupted by the sound of a gunshot ringing through the air, followed by a lance of pain shooting up her leg as it buckled out from under her. They were using live rounds already! Utena panicked as she rolled onto her back, looking in the direction where she had been shot and seeing a group of very angry soldiers aiming straight at her. She looked back over her shoulder and up at Schrodinger, before activating her wings with a rush of energy. She took off from the ground at a low angle, colliding with the cold GMGs stomach and clinging to the thin string of clothing that covered her. "Time to go time to go time to go!" She yelled, much more urgently now as the soldiers aimed for another round of bullets.

Rose didn't even bother to turn towards CC as she began swearing and fighting with Lorelai, though she did present a good idea. Killing the summoner would be way easier than killing the actual demon itself, if there even was a summoner in the first place. Though the fact that CC had brought up the idea did line up nicely with that weird speck Rose had noticed falling from the demon's hand during their initial skirmish. Not the several other gray specks that kept falling from the Demon, those were just buildings. The weirdly colored one that actually looked kind of important.

"Random stranger, you bring up an amazing point! Go find the summoner and kill them and you'll be allowed to join the crew!" Rose shouted as she dragged Clair and Akiko off. And soon enough CC was off to do just that, though it definitely wasn't by choice as Lorelai forced her to walk the plank and threw her headfirst into the skies below. "And nonsense Clair! You just haven't gotten your sky legs yet! They're like sea legs, but for incredibly radical maneuvers through the wide blue sky!" Rose patted Clair on the back as she ran off to go do... something. Probably trying to find someway to contribute to killing this demon permanently, but Rose wasn't gonna bother with that nonsense. She knew what she was good for, so she wasn't gonna try and punch outside of her weight class.

And now Akiko was stepping away to "go find a way to kill the demon". Jeez, these guys weren't fit to be pirates at all! Fighting giant monsters and defying the odds was all well and good, but only if you actually had the strength to do so! Otherwise you were just needlessly martyring yourself so you could be the coolest corpse on the block! "Fine. Guess I'll get first pick of the haul. Gonna go find Kanbaru and we're all gonna be cool pirates without you." Rose mumbled as she ventured below deck to check out the stash of treasure this merchant vessel was surely carrying.

Ami raised an eyebrow at Kanbaru as three wide slashes appeared in the earth just before she took a step forwards, silently beckoning her to explain why some unknown force had just tried to tear her apart for approaching her childhood friend. The silence was rather deafening, only the distant sound of fires burning and buildings crumbling left to fill the aural void as Ami stared down Kanbaru. Ami was dumb to be sure, but she wasn't an idiot either. The empty look in Kanbaru's eye, the tinge of iron in the air, the way her fists absently clenched. It was a feeling Ami was all too familiar with after a major meltdown, that unsatisfied hunger after your prey slips through your grasp. Yet she showed no sign of defensiveness, managing to pretend she hadn't even noticed as Kanbaru relaxed and bounced up to her friend.

She hated when people looked at her like a monster, especially when they were people who were supposed to be her friends.

"Kan~ ba~ ru~ chan~!" Ami sung as she hugged Kanbaru back, squeezing her arms around her lower back and smiling as if nothing had just tried to kill her a moment prior. But... "It is soooo great to see you! But..." Ami's eyes opened with a red gleam as she separated faces with Kanbaru, her smile sickly sweet as her grip on Kanbaru tightened suddenly. "You ever pull that shit again and I'll pull out your spine." She giggled as she said this, her threat hovering between them for a moment that felt like it lasted much longer than it really did. But a blink later and her eyes were back to normal, perhaps a mere trick of the light? "So like, what have you been up to lately? You just wake up and get pulled into the weird floaty sky Tower too, or did you like, break in? I could totally see you doing something crazy like that."
Utena Soriyu

Yep, this was not a great plan. Actually calling it a plan was really an insult to plans in general, this was more of a snap decision with little to no thought put into it, maybe a bit of daydreaming while eating lunch if she was being generous. But it was what was happening now, so all that was left to do was to go through with it and hope she didn't end up in a cell somewhere. Maybe if she was lucky they would throw her in the cell with Terrorkeat. That wouldn't be so bad really. But that wasn't going to happen! Because they were all going to escape, every single one of them!

The entire base was surely on high alert now, dozens of soldiers already surrounding her with more surely on the way, but these guys were grunt soldiers, bottom rung fodder that was only good for putting bullets into GMGs while the trained professionals kept them occupied. And that was also important to note, they were trained to take on GMGs, not humans. The hesitant expressions on many of their faces, the fact that most of them hadn't even put their fingers on the triggers. This was one of their commanding officers going turncoat, it was enough to make everyone think twice before firing. And those few seconds of hesitation would cost them as Terrorkeat screamed.

It was enough to rattle her skull as Utena's knees nearly buckled, her eardrums shaking and her vision swimming under the force of Terrorkeat's audio assault. She distantly heard monitors shattering one after another, all electronics in the area shutting down as their delicate internals shook themselves apart and were torn apart by broken shards of glass. Many soldiers dropped their guns just so they could cover their ears, some began firing with reckless abandon, shakily pointing in the general direction of Terrorkeat to try and silence her. There was a lot to focus on in the room, Utena honestly being the least of their worries as they turned on the escaping GMGs.

Utena capitalized on this as she grabbed a gun off the floor, firing off several rounds into the crowd as she fought her way to Terrorkeat and Schrodinger, and I do mean fight. Punches were thrown into the crowd to move people out of her way, she body checked several grunts onto the ground as she swung the butt of the rifle into the heads of those less willing to move. The world wasn't wobbling nearly as much as it had been before, looks like her training as an Aerial Diver was coming in handy in regards to recovering from Terrorkeat's sonic scream. Sonic scream, would have to remember that one.

Terrorkeat was doing a fine enough job at freeing herself from her cage, but Utena had two GMGs to worry about busting out after all. Her sword was pulled from her belt as she stood in front of the captured Schrodinger, its frost blue edge glowing as she began to carve through the metal slowly. "COME ON WE DON'T HAVE TIME TO WASTE!" She shouted just a bit too loudly, hacking away at the metal of the cage to give the catgirl somewhere to start. She most certainly didn't need the help, but Utena didn't like feeling helpless, and it really felt like she was making a difference now!
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