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6 yrs ago
Current I'm not back or anything..... >.> Baka
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8 yrs ago
Apologies, I know I haven't been the best partner in recent months; but I just found too much trouble to continue with personal road blocks. Sadly this marks my farewell: I bid adieu, GG ^-^ <3


Good to have fun with my fellow Rpers. I wish best of luck and most of fun. Mayhaps I'll see yall again some day, but for now I take my leave. Thanks for all the fish.

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Yuno: *Walks to the harbor*
*Slides into ooc after a kick from a raging tiger*
T.T Gomenasai~

But like, my internet box keeps denying me access and kicking me off. I don't have a reasonable fix for the time being.
Well, the lesser of two evils (drugs in this case) is a form of good vs evil.
@KoL Put in char tab and forget my login info?


I'll be joining in IC when I can ^-^
*did an update*

@floodtalon If windel-sama wills it, then sure. xD

Glad to fill a slot.
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