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Ami chuckled a little as she heard Tsu-chan setting down, opening her eyes as she stared at her partner in crime. "But Tsu-chan, there's nothing wrong with picking up someone our age from the Red Light District. Unless..." Ami sidled up to Tsuruga quickly, wrapping her arms around her and leaning into her ear. "Are you jealous Tsu-chan? Did you want me to pick you up? I know we're partners and all, but I didn't know you had these feelings about me." A whisper brushed against Tsuruga's ear, the tickle of Ami's long hair against her neck. "You should have just told me... Tsu... chan." She let that hang in the air for as long as possible, really trying to get a good reaction out of her shy partner. Struggling not to crack up for as long as she could. It only took ten seconds for her to lose it. Ami fell to the ground with uproarious laughter, holding her stomach as she tried to catch her breath.

After all that was said and done, Ami got up to her feet and sighed, still chuckling as she brushed off her clothes. "Of course she's gonna be staying at my place! I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you have this adorable little thing all to yourself!" She grabbed Kuro into a hug, snuggling the catgirl and playing with her ears lightly. "Don't worry though, I'm great at sharing. You can come over whenever you want to play with my new cat. Isn't that right Kuro?" That was a complete lie, Ami was horrible at sharing as shown by her outburst just this morning. No need to say it out loud though. "Now then, let's find some adorable new clothes for you, no, for everyone! Oh man, we're gonna have to get sleepover clothes for the whole club huh! We gotta get Touka something green of course, to match with her beautiful hair, Ayumu is gonna want something with lots of bright colors, Apia will get something yellow and black-" And so it would go as Ami walked into the store, fully transformed and dragging Kuro with her. Tonight would be a wild one to be sure.

Elizabeth didn't have much to say, not even reacting all that much to their surprise. A simple wink was the only response given to their exclamation, we all had our secrets after all. How she was able to interact with the world of Magic was just one of hers. Regardless, it certainly took a weight off her shoulders to hear that they were all ready and willing to help her master, no strings attached too. The maid bowed in gratitude, a deep bow, as deep as she could possibly bow. "Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means to me. Master Margaret has been sulking in the hotel for the past week now, ever since that ruffian came in and... I'm getting ahead of myself. Master Margaret will be able to explain everything to you when you arrive. You'll want to go to the penthouse suite, if you decide to fly in the windows will be open. Now then, I need to go prepare for your arrival. Once again, thank you." With that, Margaret departed the group with haste, disappearing into the crowd like she was never there.
Ok I think I'm finished with Siegfried now

While Yui rushed over to her friends, obviously with important news to share regarding the information that had been unveiled, a young woman garbed in a maid's outfit watched them from from a nearby bench. She nodded to herself resolutely, indeed, these were the ones that she needed to find. While their fourth appeared to be missing, hopefully they would be able to find her rather quickly. This was a time sensitive endeavor after all. The maid rose with confidence, quickly approaching the three girls with a pleasant smile and a quite approachable aura.

"Excuse me? Young ladys? Her Japanese was impeccable, indistinguishable from someone who had been born and raised in the area. However a slight hint of an accent peeked through, betraying her British origins to the three Light Magical Girls. "I have a message for you three, well all four of you actually. I hope you can find your friend rather quickly, my master desperately needs your assistance." A letter was pulled out of her apron pocket, the wax seal on it somewhat fresh looking. It was quickly pressed into Yui's hands, a bit forcefully actually, after which the maid stepped back respectfully. Any attempt to ask the maid questions would be met with an insistent motion to open the letter, attempts to walk away would result in her simply following them. She was dedicated to her job to say the least.

Upon opening the letter, they would find the following message inside.

Hello Magical Girls! My name is Margaret White and I too am a Magical Girl! Well I was, but that's what I need to talk to you about. I need you to come to this address rather quickly, as time is of the essence! For my Emblem, that which grants me my magical powers, has been stolen! My maid Elizabeth will lead you to my home upon request, but if you want to use your powers to get here more quickly just tell her as much. She is privy to our lifestyle and won't tell a soul, so there is no need to worry about secrecy. In conclusion, I really need your help and you really need to get here right now please.

Signed, Margaret White

While for the most part the handwriting was impeccable, near the end where she is asking for help the handwriting seems to get a bit sloppier, as if Margaret was in a rush to get this written as quickly as possible. After they finished reading the letter, the maid now identified as Elizabeth would speak once more. "As you can see, we are in quite dire straits and need your assistance. I can give you some time to collect your thoughts and discuss this with your... companions, however time is off the essence." With that being said, Elizabeth simply stood there silently and waited for them to make their decision.
@Parallel Hearts

I'm gonna take some more time on Siegfried, I feel like Grani could use some work

Well, almost everything there is alright. I just have a couple questions:

1st, why is it that he has Clairvoyance when he's neither an Archer, nor a Caster, and (as far as I remember Siegfried's backstory in Fate) he's a very short-sighted individual who takes bad decisions at the drop of a hat if he thinks that he's doing good? In its place, he probably could have Disengage, or maybe something else in its place. Unless of course you have a reason behind it.

2nd, the Luck rank down on his last Noble Phantasm is too harsh. Perhaps something like "Two-Three ranks down to a minimum of E" would be a little bit more fair, I think. After all, there are some Servants that are born just so lucky that even the greatest curse of them all wouldn't be that much of an issue to them.

I honestly don't quite remember why I gave him Clairvoyance, I feel like I had a good reason but I was also super tired last night. Will figure out something to replace it with.
Edit: Yeah I remember why I did it I think, Kriemhilde had lots of visions and my sleep addled brain attributed her visions to Siegfried. I'm a dumb.

And I can change the luck down thing, does three ranks sound good to you? Rheingold is a powerful curse in the end, pretty much everyone who has interacted with it has fallen prey to its curse after all.
Been a bit busy as of late, will be getting up a Rider sheet soon hopefully
Tbh no, I've got a lot on my plate. I think I'm dropping, sorry guys
Ami Murota

It would be an understatement to say Ami was shocked. Her jaw was hanging open, she was wide open to attack, just staring at Miss Tamashi with the dumbest look possible. What the hell just happened? The teacher just showed up and did... something! She tried to go back into Magical Girl form, only to find herself powerless. The annoying teacher yammered on about lunch period being over and needing to head back to class, but Ami was more concerned with the loss of her powers. She absentmindedly followed after the teacher as she continued trying to transform, disregarding anything else she might be saying. She even ignored the light magical girls who had been similarly depowered, her intense hatred for them put to the side as she focused on more important issues.

"Just who the hell are you?"


"Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man. I knew I came to this place for a reason. It's no Vassal, but it's a step in the right direction." He tossed aside his telescope, looking out at the collection of Magical Girls from afar. Bloodshed. Violence. Entertainment. Who would have thought he would find all these things and more in a backwater realm like this? Most of the population was boring old humans, yet they have something like that living among them! And they don't even know!

"Oh Ami, you sweet dumb student of mine. I'm gonna have to teach you something real cool later for leading me to something like this. Oh man I can't wait for tonight." He picked himself up from the ledge of the building, grabbing the leashes to several dogs. "Come on guys, we have a wild night to prepare for."

And then nothing remained, not even the sound of the wind.
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