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Isn't it crazy how we as a species haven't blown ourselves up yet? i'm impressed frankly.
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Dude FFXIV is so fun
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Rewatching RWBY. All of it.
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Going out for sushi #hipster life #I hate hashtags


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You can skip me for now, my post would basically consist of "And then Shade went to hang out by himself for the rest of the day."
Seraphim vs. Sunspot
Final Round

As Sophia continued her song which entailed the various ways she would kill Jin for the Holy Light of The Emperor and so on, Jin searched through the house for some sort of flammable chemicals. He eventually found some in the form of an aerosol can, otherwise known as canned air. He shook it a little to make sure it was full, it would be pretty embarrassing to throw it at Sophia and have it just melt underneath her concentrated fire. Thankfully it was full.

”Not quite gasoline, but it’ll work... probably... maybe... hopefully.” Jin muttered to himself as he grabbed the can and put it in his jacket pocket. Meanwhile Sophia was getting closer to the house Jin was in, blasting houses in short bursts of flame, lighting house after house on fire. ”Stop hiding like a coward and face me as the warrior you claim to be!”

Jin threw his hole onto the ceiling, letting in a torrent of hot air as the village around them burned to ashes. ”I never claimed to be a warrior, I’m just a guy who kills other guys for money!” He shouted as he jumped through the hole, quickly peeling it off and storing it just as he touched upon the roof. Sophia heard him yell and turned, hitting the trigger on her flamethrower. Jin saw the pilot light ignite once more and dived out of the way, hitting the ground painfully as he rolled to his feet ready to pull out his can of aerosol, throw it at her, and blow her out of the sky.

Only for nothing to happen as she had just run out of fuel and had already holstered her flamethrower. Jin frowned and put the canister back in his pocket, that was gonna be really cool too. Sophia pulled out her bolt pistol once more, flying towards Jin and firing at him twice. ”Didn’t we just go over this, you’re not gonna hit me with your dumb fucking handcannon!” He said cockily as he deflected the first two to the right, directly into a cabin and blowing its wall open. Sophia stopped in midair and let loose one more shot, this one not bothering to hitting him and instead hitting the ground next to him.

Jin’s eyes widened as he rolled away from the bullet just before it exploded, landing on his feet and swerving his head back to Sophia who was still singing. Her lyrics had now moved onto her love of battle and how Jin’s death would bring her Emperor glory. ”Do you know any other songs? I’m a huge fan of Linkin Park if that helps!” Jin yelled as he deactivated one beam katana and holstered it. This gave him a free hand to pull out his revolver and fire off a round at her torso, which he proceeded to do to test out how durable the shit was.

”Do not mock my songs of praise, heretic!” Sophia screeched as she pulled out her Inferno Pistol, rocketing towards Jin and barreling through his revolver round. She aimed the pistol at Jin and fired for a second, a blast of pure light erupting from the barrel directly towards his face. He barely leaned to the side to avoid it, he could practically feel the sun on his skin as he began sweating from the intense heat. But melting him wasn’t her goal as she swung her gross tentacle arm into his torso, sending Jin flying backwards through a tree and into the wall of a cabin. He dropped one of his katanas on the ground as he felt himself smack against the cabin, the katana rolling away from his grasp.

”Repent, for your end is near!” Sophia sang in a harmonic tone as she pointed her miniature face melter at Jin who was currently sitting himself up and coughing up some blood.

”Thanks but no thanks, I’m not a religious man.” He grinned as he pulled out his can of aerosol and threw it at her as hard as he could, hitting her helmet and stunning her for a moment. ”Later bitch!” And with that he pulled out his Hole and slapped it onto the wall behind him, falling through to the other side and immediately tearing it off.

Sophia recovered quickly and screamed with rage as she fired the Inferno Pistol through the wall where she thought Jin was, barely missing him and singeing his jacket. This gave him a minor burn due to just how fucking hot the energy was. Jin cringed at the minor pain, but he could fight through the pain, it was barely even a first degree burn. ”Hey, watch the jacket! I like this thing a lot ya know!” Jin shouted impulsively as he dashed towards the exit. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out his revolver, kicking open the door to reveal that Sophia was flying towards the door at high speeds with both of her Bolt Pistols fully loaded and aimed directly at Jin.

He had no time to yell the profanities he wanted to as he drew his remaining Beam Katana, deflecting 3 shots as Sophia swerved upwards to take the high ground once again. Jin ran out the door and around the back, Sophia shooting 4 rounds at him while his back was turned, each one missing. As she reloaded her various weapons Jin was hiding behind the cabin he had just escaped into less than a minute ago, putting his revolver away and picking up the beam katana he had dropped. ”Sorry about that baby, had to make sure I didn’t blow up.” He muttered to his sword as he activated it once more and began to shake them vigorously. This was honestly the worst way to charge anything.

As the fire burned throughout the village, it began to creep closer and closer to the gasoline Jin had hidden under some logs. The fire burned hotter and hotter, heating up the container as reactions began to start within the gasoline. Finally everything reached its inevitable conclusion as the gasoline exploded very loudly, dragging sophia’s attention away from jin for just a fraction of a second. But that wa enough as Jin burst out of cover and aimed at Sophia’s jetpack. One, two, three shots fired consecutively from his revolver, each one hitting just the right spot to fuck up Sophia’s favorite pastime.

”Damn you heretic, I’ll make your death extra painful for this!” She yelled as she careened wildly out of control and crashed through the roof of a cabin. Jin ran towards her, determined to finish the job. He holstered his gun and went back to dual wielding his katanas, kicking down the door and cautiously entering the house. Suddenly from around a corner a tentacle came swinging, looking to knock Jin down.

He responded quickly, lopping off a good portion of the tentacle and donning a smug grin, satisfied with his achievement. Sophia hissed in pain, quickly backing off and knocking something over in her getaway. Jin continued the chase, rounding the corner and watching as Sophia backed herself against the wall. He was smiling as he prepared to finish her off, right up to the point where he noticed the chemicals he was standing in and the click of a pilot light. ”Fuck you.” Then his world went orange as he was lit on fire. Jin screamed in pain as he resisted the instinct to stop drop and roll, stumbling out the door as he dropped to the grass and rolled to put out the fire. Jin dropped his katanas in his haste, no need to accidentally stab yourself while rolling around in pain. Several 1st degree burns later he was out and Sophia was chasing after him, straddling him and getting her one good hand around his throat.

”Oh man, I’m getting choked out by two bitches in two days! Is it August already?” Jin wheezed out as Sophia’s look of rage intensified. ”DO YOU EVER SHUT UP YOU INSUFFERABLE PRICK!?” Jin smiled and spat in her face, Sophia didn’t even flinch as she pressed down on his throat even harder. He thrashed in an attempt to get her off, but her armor was just too heavy, leaving him with one viable option. He pulled out the Hole, and slapped it on her torso leaving a gaping hole in her armor and revealing her underwear, fittingly enough colored red and black.

Sophia’s face morphed from one of rage to sheer blinding fury. ”ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? YOU’RE ABOUT TO DIE AND THE LAST THING YOU DO IS LOOK AT MY TITS!?” She screamed as she got ready to snap his neck. A gunshot rang out and the color drained from her face. ”You’re a 6 out of 10 at best lady, don’t give yourself too much credit.” Jin held a smoking gun in his hand, a massive hole blown open in Sophia’s stomach, blood and guts dripping all over Jin. There was a look of annoyance on his face, it was gonna take forever to clean all this off his jacket. He pushed her off of him and let her drop to the floor, getting up and looking her in the eye.

”Any last words?” Sophia opened her mouth but was interrupted by a bullet between her eyes. ”Say them to your god.” He spun his revolver on his finger and holstered it quickly, picking up his katanas and deactivating them. As Jin began to loot Sophia’s body for her weapons, he noticed the orb that had been thrown at him earlier lying on the ground. Jin shrugged and grabbed it along with Sophia’s weapons. Who knows what kinda useful magic this weird looking bullshit could do.

So I kind of wanted to save this for when Helena says it in her next post, but I see I have to say it now. Helena's portal is a one-way deal. There's no going back into the Nexus.

I see... So if a lot of people had decided to leave the Nexus, you would have essentially been splitting the RP into two separate RPs? Like I enjoy SoL RP stuff, but I didn't think it would be an actual permanent thing.
<Snipped quote by floodtalon>

It's not questioning whether or not Eyes exist outside the Nexus, but how reasonable you expect them to be.

For Example; Artillery.

Artillery is an instrument solely for waging war. It has little to no merit in peace keeping, policing, or any such activity beyond killing enemies at extreme distance. So, you can reasonably expect to find such a tool in; Warzones.

Now that does not negate the possibility of it being outside a warzone, but damn are the odds a helluva a lot lower.

Now if you look at Silver Eyes, Henry knows two things. One, they are employed by senior soldiers deployed on all sides of the Nexus. Two, they are granted by faction leaders on their whim.

Therefore, Henry could reasonably conclude that if he had an interest in learning about Eyes, he should have asked one of Hell's leaders who had been granted eyes and seek them out.

Though I don't really see why he should do this in the first place when he's leaving the Nexus. What more does he need to know when he's on the way out?

Henry is leaving the Nexus but he plans on coming back once he feels he's gotten stronger. As for being granted by Faction Leaders, Henry actually awakened his Silver Eyes in the middle of battle during Ruthria.
Slick-A Bright New Day!

As Bonesword hung up his sign and shut the door tightly, a head of green hair peered around the corner. Slick let a few seconds pass before he quietly walked up to Bonesword's domain and gently lifted the sign off the door. He put it in one of his inside jacket pockets and calmly walked away as though nothing had happened. This was how his days usually went aboard the ship, he would start the morning simple by swiping some stuff from the crew, make breakfast, do whatever Cedric told him to do to keep busy, make lunch if there were enough provisions to do so, swipe some more stuff from the crew until Cedric tracked him down, more work from Cedric, hide from Cedric for an hour or so so he could work on new oil formulas, make dinner, then go to his room to find that most of the stuff he swiped earlier had been taken back and he needed to grab it again in the morning.

Of course not every day was the same, his normal schedule was interrupted by other crew members a lot, but that didn't really matter to him. What mattered right now was slipping into Lilliana's room and stealing some sweet sweet flammable chemicals. He passed by his own room and pried up one of the floorboards, dropping the sign into a little compartment he had made for himself, then replacing the floorboard as neatly as he could using a hammer and nails he had taken from Isuza. The work was a little sloppy but it would do. Slick then left his room, shutting the door behind him, and wandered over to Lilliana's room. He knocked on her door to check if she was still in, hiding around a corner to see if she answered the door or not.
<Snipped quote by Lucius Cypher>

Again, Henry can do that in the Nexus. I know of one certain Valkyrie who is known for doing creative things with Silver Eyes.

Henry sure as hell doesn't know that. He isn't even aware that Silver Eyes are a Nexus exclusive thing, he figures there are probably Silver Eye users all over the multiverse who are way more creative than him.
Are Miyu and Henry the only ones leaving the Nexus?

I guess so. Doesn't matter too much for me though, I'm planning on having Henry search for someone to train him in Silver Eye usage.
Aren't you guys glad that Rufus is back? Good old fashioned killing your own subjects for funsies.
I thought Miyu was a Harlequin to Henry's Joker.

More like he finds Miyu to be relatively entertaining, it's not every day you see an Angel obsessed with human technology, much less one willing to betray their own kind. Although it's most accurate to say Henry likes her because he views her as his property. Why would he own something he hates?
Henry hates everyone though.

Henry doesn't hate Miyu. Or Helena, though that's a precarious one. Henry loves his dogs if that counts.
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