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Fucking wasps man
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Isn't it crazy how we as a species haven't blown ourselves up yet? i'm impressed frankly.
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Dude FFXIV is so fun
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Unfortunately for Lillian, Heartless was just paranoid enough to catch her minor mistake. His eyes widened beneath his helmet and he looked over at Chatterbox. "We have company on the roof." His voice was quiet enough that only the group could hear rather than their watcher up above. Not that it mattered considering one of their watchers had decided to go loud and reveal themselves via a drone.

"You are trespassing in a place you should not be. You will be given one minute before intervention. If you have questions, ask them now." Heartless sighed and rubbed the top of his helmet, considering the professional language being used and the advanced tech in use this was likely a PRT drone. He tucked the box into one of his inside jacket pockets subtly and cracked his knuckles with his thumbs, adopting a relaxed stance as he put his hands behind his head.

"Yeah I got a quick question. Can we just leave and pretend none of this ever happened? You get to keep the bad guys and we get to not spend the night in a prison cell. Seems like a sweet trade in your favor." Best case scenario it was just some low level thugs, worst case scenario was they had a high level Cape waiting outside for them. Best hope was that they could walk out of here scotch free and with their prize.
Gamble. Everyone will choose the memes this time, I can feel it.

Utada Mitsuda

After Utada realised that Lucifus was not going to be coming after her, she deactivated all of her traps and left the church. Wondering what could have possibly caught his attention, she began to swim up and towards the castle in the distance. On her way she finally realised what had caught Lucifus's attention, spotting the swarm of monsters that fell off an even more monstrous being in the distance. And some of them were heading straight towards her.

One of them was quickly put down by a bullet to the head, but the other two were already upon her and ready to sink their fangs into the android soldier. Her assault rifle was dropped and shield was activated as they descended upon her, blocking one of them with the hardened energy and deterring the other with a shot from her energy pistol. It backed off for a moment, which was just enough time for Utada to draw her sword and cleave off the head of the monster that would dare attack her. The other one fell shortly after from having its neck sliced open and bleeding out. When all was said and done she continued her journey to the castle.

Jubilee Faustus

@The 42nd Gecko

The monster had pretty much decided to ignore them, instead swimming off to look for larger prey than the mere appetizers they were. Not that she was complaining, they would've been swatted like flies by that monster. What mattered now was getting that shiny thing in the water below them, it was probably their objective. Cass darted toward it as fast as she could, Jubilee was content with letting her be the one to grab it. No telling what kind of nasty traps that thing could hold. "Just make it quick slime, we have a battle to win."

Henry Avaritia


“You reek of the Machina. If you survive this demon, then perhaps I will modify you as my own herald. A being like that is better serving me than your false queen. That obsolete model, Eos.” Well that's fucking rude. Henry showered quite regularly in the blood of his enemies, there's no way he should smell like Machina. Griffon maybe, but not Machina. Henry continued his dodging around, shifting his focus from directly attacking Archorus to just defending himself from the many missiles that were fired at him. Each missile was sliced in half by a sword from the Gates, but that only added to his problems as each time that happened he would be peppered by a spray of icy shrapnel. His armor could take it, but not for long at this rate.

"Titanica, I need an opening! Just for a second!" Whether she had actually listened to him or not didn't matter, because she provided an opening. She threw yet another atomic punch into Archorus's gut to try and tear through the monolithic mecha, throwing her off balance for just a split second. Henry capitalised by swooping towards Archorus and dodge rolling past the missiles heading his way as he focused on the missile launcher on her left side. Two portals opened up, enveloping a good amount of the space where missiles would fire out of. Several missiles entered his Gates through one portal, while the other portal spat them out just as quickly into the holes they fired out of. Hopefully it would destroy any chance of those missiles being used, the launcher would be clogged from the ice at the very least. But he wasn't done there, no chances would be taken with a Vassal whose entire gimmick was ice.

Henry swerved upwards mere feet away from Archorus as he began slicing through the mech with his blade, hoping to damage some sort of vital machinery while he was at it. After his sweep was done he would quickly back off, continuing his normal assault with the swords.
"Oilburn" Slick Drake

It wasn't enough it wasn't enough it wasn't enough why wasn't he a skeleton yet, WHY ISN'T IT ENOUGH!? The mighty giant let loose with a massive handful of shrapnel in every direction, seeking to shred everyone like beef in a slaughterhouse. "I AM NOT A COW, COWS GO MOO AND I GO BOOM!" Slick tossed his hands forward and created a large shield of hardened oil, catching most of the shrapnel while the rest gave him minor cuts at best.

"Oh my GOD MILK IS THE BEST!" Suddenly Slick's fire stopped as his head swung towards Bonesword's voice. "Milk is good for your bones Vinedagger, I told you so!" It seemed as if his rage was over, his madness no longer focused on destruction as it had been. A cannon burst out of the ground and Slick already knew what was going to happen. Shrimp man was going to do something dumb and block the cannon shot like a complete dumb head, he needed to be cooked why didn't he understand that and just let himself die?

"Over here dinner, look at my art!" Slick formed a sticky ball of oil in his hands and tossed it at Saban's face, trying to blind him so everyone could attack all at once. But he wasn't content with just blocking his vision, he needed dinner to stop attacking as well. More and more balls of sticky oil were thrown at Saban, each one attempting to pin his arms to his side or keep him stuck in one spot. "I LOVE MY JOB!" Slick yelled with joy as he stopped flinging oil at Saban and let loose with his flamethrower once again.

Henry Avaritia


The two of them quickly dove through a portal that Titanica had made, emerging at the top of the mountain with Henry still clinging to her back as the voice of their assailant echoed from above. “That is you, isn’t it? Always hot-headed and charging into the throes of action…it’s this intuition that makes you so weak.” Henry looked up and pursed his lips together as he saw what the current threat was. Yup, this was going to be one of those days. A giant robot dinosaur was falling from the sky and was probably about to try to kill them. “That’s the problem with you….things. Flesh and blood can only work so much until finally, finally you slip up. You make a mistake, and your intuitions are rendered obsolete,” As she continued her extensive monologue, Henry finally put two and two together as he recalled the name of the lizard woman he was currently clinging to. Fuck. It really was one of those days, yet another Vassal was trying to kill him. This must be some sort of record, this is the third Vassal in the past month that's tried to kill him.

"Archorus." Titanica growled out as Henry slowly climbed off of Titanica, touching upon the ground lightly as he pulled out a healing potion to seal his bleeding wound. Wait did she just say Archorus?

"OH COME THE FUCK ON! WHO DID I FUCK OVER IN A PAST LIFE TO DESERVE THIS?!" Henry took a deep breath as the two Vassals had their conversation, thinking about how the fuck he was going to get out of this alive. Any other day this would be pretty cool, but right now he had an important job that did not involve being stepped on by a giant robot. Henry turned around and began walking away, he had a goat to look for and Archorus could wait for another day.

“An informant spoke of your appearance here. I intend to run some tests on this model using your combat abilities. Crushing the servant of that false queen will also be due reward….” Henry sighed once more and shook his head. Today was just not his lucky day. He turned towards Archorus and drew his sword swiftly, rapidly slicing through several bolts of ice before they could impale him. But the stream was never ending, he was already getting tired from deflecting and destroying the storm of spikes that descended upon him. This was when Titanica came to the rescue, probably by accident, turning into her own dino form and blocking the ice with her own body.

"I suppose I need to defend my new Master's honor, even if I'm not technically her apprentice yet." Henry's eyes began to glow Silver as a suit of armor formed around him, supplementing his usual defenses and enhancing its speed by feeding off the heat Titanica was producing just by existing. His wings unfurled behind him as he took off into the air with a sonic boom, the ground beneath him cracking as his feet left the ground.

Henry began zipping around Archorus, launching swords out of his Gates at her head as fast as he could, each one supplemented by Silver energy he had created and imbued them with. Basically the swords were really hot, he had put as much energy as he could into each one without melting them.

As Heartless attempted to enter the office, he found there was actually nowhere for him to fit under the door. The room was completely airtight, which was admittedly something he had never run into before. He reformed into his usual human shape, looking up when he thought he saw something weird. He was about to investigate further when Headhunter declared that he had found the box they had been looking for. A smile crossed his face as he made his way down the gang, ready to tear into their prize. [color=gray]"Good work Headhunter, let's bag our prize and get the hell out of here before the cops show up.

Thunderbird had it covered though, tossing aside boxes until he found what they were looking for. He passed it along and Heartless was the first person to receive it, hesitating to pass it on to anyone else. "I think I should hold onto it. I'm the guy you want transporting things, trust me." He was of course referring to his ability to take objects into the shadows with him, making him the best candidate for carrying the box. "Anyways, let's get out of here. Something doesn't feel quite right." Ever since they had started looking for the box the back of his neck was tingling. Whether it was the cops or more gang members, something was coming. He could feel it.

Jin's smirk never faded, this guy was turning out to be way more fun than anticipated. His free hand reached into his jacket and pulled out a familiar looking black circle, the Hole that he had been gifted and had put to great use. He tossed it at the encroaching wall of flames as it advanced, praying to whatever deity Sophie had worshipped that this would work. Seconds before the wall reached him and gave him a nice crispy texture, the hole applied itself to the burning wall of leaves, giving Jin a nice big opening to jump through. With the grace of a panther he leaped into the air, diving straight through the flames like a lion at a circus show. Jin rolled in midair and nimbly landed on his feet, smirking at his opponent as he trembled in fear.

That was the plan anyways. While he managed to avoid being barbequed, what actually happened was his billowing jacket touched a little too much fire and was definitely on fire now oh fuck this is why you should button up your jacket kids. Jin face planted on the ground, rolling to the left quickly in a mad attempt to put himself out because holy shit he was on fire and being in fire is not fun. On the plus side, his rolling inadvertently saved him from being sliced and diced by the leaf boomerangs and he was able to put himself out before the fire reached the highly flammable and explosive ammo he kept on him. On the downside, that is a nasty looking cut he has on his arm. In a swift manner he kicked himself up onto his feet from his back, dashing behind another tree to perform some quick first aid. He tossed his jacket off and tore off one of the sleeves of his long sleeve shirt, tying it around his arm to slow the poison that was definitely coursing through his veins now. "Alright, time to stop fucking around now. Get your shit together Jin." He muttered to himself as he quickly threw his jacket back on and took his beam katanas out, activating them both at the same time in a dual bladed stance. He emerged from his cover and cracked his neck, shifting into an interesting stance with one katana held over his shoulder vertically behind his back and the other held vertically near his waist. "All right, I'm in a bit of a hurry here. If you promise to give me the antidote to whatever weird poison you use and break both of your arms, I'll let you off with a warning." Jin called out to his disfigured opponent, if he could end this without violence than that would be dandy. If not, he had one last secret weapon to use.

Sorry, I've been absolutely swamped with final projects and preparations for going back home for the Winter, I'll try to get something up tomorrow but I've been very busy.

Heartless began searching around the warehouse, annoyed that he hadn't managed to spot the guards with shotguns and knowing that was going to cut the response time severely. He began to make his way to the office to check around there for the box when Chatterbox spoke up. "We've already got someone on our tail? Fuck, we're gonna have to work fast then." He muttered loudly, walking past Sofia and Thunderbird just as she asked what they were looking for. "You're looking for the small box with the Omega symbol on it. It's kinda like the top half of an o but it juts out at the sides a little." He added that last part just in case she didn't know what an Omega symbol was.

After that was said and done he made his way up to the office and tried to open the door. If it was locked he would just turn into a shadow on the floor and go through the crack under the door to search the room quickly, he wasn't particularly clean about it either. He tossed stuff around to look for the box and was quite loud when it came to opening and closing drawers and cabinets.
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Chen Chideta

Chen learned a lot in the past month. He learned to fine tune his control of ice in ways many would never have even thought of. He learned how to power up his ice significantly, no longer did he need direct contact in order to freeze whatever needed to be frozen. Most importantly though, he learned a lot about his fellow squad mates and Diana herself. There was always a subtle tension whenever they were in the same room together, Chen constantly suspected her while she just brushed it off. He knew that the jig was up, but nobody else did so the act was maintained.

Oh yeah, he also gained a badass Ice Spirit. As Diana left, transforming into a dragon and flying off to who knows where, Chen saw the flutter of papers held in her hand moment before they were released. He was already prepared throwing his Vessel into the air and catching it as it morphed into it's glass revolver state. "I shall take care of the Dissonance on my own, no need to waste the energy on such low class monsters." He said to seemingly nobody, but the person it was meant for got the message loud and clear.

"Your need to prove yourself is adorable. Very well then, try not to die. It would be very annoying to have to find a new partner." The voice was distinctly feminine, with a hint of amusement at Chen's need to prove himself. The voice belonged to his Spirit, Yuki of the Arctic Plane.

Chen quickly stomped on the ground, forming a block of ice in front of him within a few seconds to act as cover against the Dissonance that was currently charging him. The monster crashed into the barrier and bounced back a few feet, cracking the ice but not breaking it. Chen proceeded to kick the ice as hard as he could, sending it sliding towards the Dissonance and shattering upon contact, leaving several cuts and pieces of icy shrapnel in the beast. It roared in pain, but was silenced by a single gunshot to the head. "Be silent Dissonance, the show has begun!"
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