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Asmar Sharir
Requisition Forms

"...yes, I will need several dozen containers of the Breath Of Ifrit. It will be required for this latest job. Money is no object, simply make sure it is sent to these coordinates post haste. It is always a pleasure to do business with you Karina." Her haggling bothered him to no end, but it was simply one of the many formalities when dealing with the Market. He waved his hand over the mirror and the glass rippled like a pond, the image of the professional looking Middle Eastern woman fading as the connection ended. Asmar toyed with the monocle in his coat pocket, a strange feeling of apprehension coming over him as he considered what this latest assignment would entail. It was highly unusual for him to work with a partner, even moreso to work with a Spirit, no matter the pedigree. Yet here he was being forced to work with not only a Servant, but 6 other Servants and 6 other Magus to claim this Holy Grail.

It must be a very important artifact for the Clocktower to personally send in a team to claim it. Normal protocol for a situation in this vein would be for the Clocktower Nobles to just perform a Grand Ritual and sweep the Grey Family from the face of the Earth. Perhaps it was also a matter of pride too. Asmar sighed quietly as he stuck both hands in pockets, the door of his room opening as he walked outside and then closing as he proceeded to Director Archibald's office. The pride of the Magus was their downfall, to be caught up in such things as how one looks and how your actions reflect on others is truly the height of foolishness. Perhaps that's why he was stuck at the rank of Fes.

He had arrived just in time it would appear, a violent Magus was screaming obscenities at the room and two others were having a friendly conversation. It appeared they were waiting for everyone to arrive before disseminating the necessary information. Pointless, a waste of everyone's time, especially his own. "Director Archibald. I trust you've prepared the dossiers ahead of time yes? It would reflect quite poorly on you if you didn't do such a basic task for such an important mission." Asmar gently pushed aside Paula, caring little for her temper tantrum as he pulled up a chair and sat down. He crossed one leg over the other and he stared intently at the man before him.

"I also trust that you've authorized the usual amount for mission expenditures, I had to withdraw from my own personal funds last mission because your people failed to do the proper paperwork." He would need to acquire a proper Mystic Code for this mission, perhaps a blade stained with the grudges of a hundred would do. No, laziness was the enemy of efficiency. No less then five hundred, only then could he properly use it as a catalyst for his other curses. Perhaps a brick from the Kaaba as well, the blessings of the holiest of sites would do well to guide his fate. Ah, all on the dime of the Clocktower of course, he may be rich but he was not frivolous either. Frivolous people tended to become poor very quickly, wasteful spending is the enemy of efficiency.

She Awoke To A New World.
It Was A World Of New Beginnings.
A World Of Adventure.

Rose paced back and forth around the room, observing every nook and cranny as she waited for the strangers around her to wake up. This was it, this was the place, this was her time to shine. She patted down her body once again, feeling the rigid and unfamiliar armor she was adorned with. Her hand brushed the rapier and dagger on her belt and she squealed with giddy excitement once more, the sound echoing through the empty room and likely waking up a few people. This had to be the place, it just had to!

This Was The Tower In The Sky.
That Same Tower That Changed Her World.
That Same Tower Upon Which Sat An Angel.

She had fallen asleep like any other day, yet this time she had fallen asleep thinking about that wonderful thing in the sky. That beautiful Tower that just screamed Adventure. She dreamed of swords, shields, and staves, each one carrying a weight behind it that spoke to her. Those words held the kind of weight that could tear the moon from the sky and make even Atlas tremble. The words were few, but they were important words nonetheless. They were words that would determine her future, nay, the future of the world itself!

What Is The Path Thou Treads?
Dost Thou Seek The Power To Smite Thine Foes?
Dost Thou Seek The Strength To Shield Your Allies?
Or Dost Thou Seek The Wisdom To Unearth Lost Arcana?
No, I Want Everything And More.

"Ok Rose, take a deep breath. You don't know how in the world you got here, but you definitely know why you're here. You have to find the Angel, this is the first step of your big adventure. Don't have a heart attack before you've even taken a step out of the first room." She breathed in deeply, holding her breath until she was practically blue in the face. Then she screamed loudly, stomping her feet on the floor as she laughed like an absolute madwoman. "Oh my god I can't believe I'm here! I gotta go, I gotta go right now!" And with that she ran up the stairs to go look around for cool new exciting stuff on her big adventure.

This Was The Beginning Of Adventure.
Let Your Heart Be True, May Your Will Blossom Forth.
Go Forth And Make This World Beautiful.

You say its not about me in specific but you've also put the most attention on me throughout my entire application process despite the fact that I've made an absolute C tier Servant. You complained about the fact that I wrote out a full bio for Arsene when you just wanted me to post a Wikipedia link to his page and now you're complaining that I'm not writing enough and then alluding to this idea that I have to write a full 6 paragraphs about a character just to be worthy of your RP?

I'm not entirely sure what you're problem is with me specifically, but my character's backstory is fine. What you're asking me to do is write three paragraphs of fluff about a character who doesn't have an important past or legendary deeds whispered about through the Clocktower. They're just an above average Enforcer who's doing their job. This is the defining moment for said character. This is the legendary deed that will be whispered about throughout the Clocktower. Forgive me if I don't have a lot to say about this character's backstory, they don't really have one. They're a guy who was born in a rich family, got bored of sitting around all day and decided to test their work in the field. That's the backstory. Honestly, this is more backstory then most actual Maguses in the Fate universe even get, they're all mostly the same. They're just a bunch of researchers who live ordinary lives, not every Magus has some extra tragic backstory or life event defining who they are.

Listen man, I'm not trying to be obtuse or frustrated, but it's getting hard to not be frustrated when at every turn of the application process you've made it abundantly clear that you don't like any of my ideas. Maybe you want me to leave and that's why you're being so passive aggressive, I genuinely have no idea, I'm not a mind reader. But I'm not writing 3 paragraphs of fluff about what my Magus eats for breakfast.
@King Cosmos

Yeah I just finished up editing.

I'd actually like to ask one last thing. Could I replace Eye For Art with Disengage?


I'd like to straighten something out quickly. Just because Bravery as a skill doesn't exist in a character doesn't mean they aren't brave. Sakara Kintoki doesn't have Bravery but nobody would argue he isn't brave. The same applies here, just because someone has Bravery stolen from them doesn't mean they suddenly become cowards or lose the ability to be brave. It just means they no longer get the bonuses to melee and resisting mental effects from the skill Bravery, instead Arsene does. And just because Arsene steals a skill that is directly connected to personality doesn't mean he suddenly gains that personality trait that was stolen. Let's just say for hypothetical purposes that Arsene is a massive coward. He isn't, but let's just say he is for the moment. If Arsene were to steal the skill Bravery, he doesn't suddenly just become brave, he just gains the benefits of the skill.

And of course like Reflection has stated, if it really is such a big deal for certain opponents, just make it so I'm not fighting said person. Have me fight someone else. You are the GM in a PVE campaign, you control the encounters ultimately.
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