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Isn't it crazy how we as a species haven't blown ourselves up yet? i'm impressed frankly.
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Dude FFXIV is so fun
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I'll be quite frank here. Your quality of writing is not up to par with what we expect around here, this character is a carbon copy of Ghost Rider, your grammar is terrible, you apparently think separating paragraphs is bad, and you did not make a good impression when you decided to submit a OC from Invader Zim. Furthermore, not only is your character a carbon copy of Ghost Rider, it's a bad one at it. You are being rejected.

A heavy metal boot stepped out of the portal and onto the sands of Exilia, it's owner following shortly afterwards. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. A loud growl was heard throughout the arena in which everyone started, eyes turned towards what appeared to be a young girl in very heavy armor. She looked like a feral animal almost, brow scrunched, teeth bared, muscles tense as she prepared for any sort of attack. What appeared to be liquid darkness dripped from her mouth, falling upon the sands and staining them black. Suddenly wings flared out from her back, adorned with rubies and gold as she looked to the sky and roared. A cloud of darkness erupted forth from her maw, shooting into the sky like a geyser erupting after thousands of years of dormancy. And of course, what goes up must come down. Many combatants would find themselves under attack from black raindrops, any that touched them would burn like acid rain. The Holy combatants would find themselves less affected, but it still stung to be sure.

Out of nowhere the ground began to shake, Nina stopped and looked at the sands beneath her with minor confusion as the shakes slowly began to intensify. Then she took off into the air, just as something erupted from beneath her.

Rose dropped onto the ground with a cocky smirk on her face, landing next to Bonesword and Muramasa with a loud thud as a large cloud of sand was kicked up by her landing. This was followed by the light sound of her coughing as she tried to wave the sand out of her face with eyes closed and her other hand covering her mouth and nose. "Jeez, I really need to work on my landing." As the sand finally settled, Rose blinked a few times and smiled brightly, looking at Muramasa and Bonesword with excitement in her eyes and victory in her future. "So! You guys ready to win this for..." She was interrupted by a roar in the distance from one very angry Demon. Rose's hands flew through the air, arms above head as several energy shields appeared above the group to protect them from the rain of darkness that sought to melt them down. Just as suddenly as it started it stopped as Rose's attention was drawn to several readings being sent to her HUD.

A popup would display in both her and Muramasa's gaze, displaying considerable seismic activity and something barreling up at them from underneath the ground, Bonesword would be able to feel it as well for entirely different reasons. "Oh shit, JUMP!" Rose's thrusters activated at max power immediately as something rushed up from the sands to try and kill her.

Yet the quietest entrance of all the combatants would be from someone who might just be the strongest of them. Chen quietly stepped onto the sands of Exilia and sighed, he had hoped he would never have to come back to this broken and Shattered world. It felt as if the world was mocking him as he looked around, observing the combatants who sought to sully his past. A roar pierced his melancholy as a Demon rained upon the sands with darkness made solid to try and kill everyone before the battle even begun. He scoffed as an ornate rapier appeared in his hand, tapping the ground and drawing a circle in the air with no urgency at all. A large barrier of wood raised above the Angels, the darkness rained upon it ferociously to try and destroy them. But it was to no avail, this wood had the strength of the strongest Machina metals and was supplemented by holy energy to go with it.

But they weren't going anywhere if they were to be trapped under this downpour of shadows, so Chen tapped the ground with his rapier once more. The earth began to shake violently as something began to form under the sands, yet the angels were completely unaffected. Suddenly a burst of thorns and sharp wood shot out from underneath almost every Demon and Machina, seeking to impale them and end the battle now. "Come now. I don't wish to spend anymore time here then necessary." Chen spoke aloud to the Angels that flanked him, tapping upon the wood that surrounded them and watching it fall apart into branches and flowers. And then he began walking.

Right. I always forget about that.

Trey wanted to feel good that a teacher was agreeing with him, but he couldn't when it was such a grim topic. The vampire was grim and tough, not uncaring but not coddling the students either. Trey could understand, this wasn't a situation in which they should be soft. This was as serious as it gets without a full blown evil plot brewing. Then again... no. Now wasn't the time to be thinking of worst case scenarios, that wouldn't help anyone. Several other students agreed with Trey as well, but he could tell that the one who started this still felt otherwise. Trey might not be able to stop the murderer, but he could at least make sure this kid stays safe. 'Huh. I guess having shared rooms has a silver lining in this one case.' He thought to himself as he followed the group to the communal rooms.

A message from someone named Ms. Tholl came from over the loudspeakers, calling for Headmistress Aria and Ms. Lotte to come to Aria's office, also apparently their would need to be cleaning supplies brought? Trey almost felt tempted to sneak off and see what happened, but after what happened less than an hour ago he decided against it. He didn't need to see another dead body so soon, especially if they were looking at what he thought they were looking at. Trey shook his head and focused back on Roland, who was now engaged in conversation with the centaur from earlier. He had agreed with Trey when he spoke out against Roland, so this conversation might be a little rocky. 'Jeez, I'm acting like this guy's mom. Why do I have to be so damn moral?' He bemoaned to himself in his head as he unconsciously fell in line right next to Yurius Diencrade. A quiet kid stepped next to Roland and wished him luck, not saying anything more before breaking off once again. Trey noted that for the future, he could be in danger too if he sympathized with someone like Roland.

'It's gonna be a long year...'

Would you be okay with Trey finding Circe's note since bed number 15 and 13 are relatively close? Still haven't decided what Trey would do with said note if he does find it.

I'm gonna go with 13 because I like that number.

I genuinely just don't understand what you're describing. Sorry, I have no experience with communal rooms and everything I looked up pointed towards a living room rather than bedrooms and sleeping arrangements.

No. Is that unusual?

Tbh I just didn't know what a communal room was. I just assumed it was like a dorm room, my bad.
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