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Ami Murota

Ami didn't really care about being chewed out, it was only the fact that she was too tired to be sassy that kept her from sniping back at Ms. Tamashi about her forced cheer and how stupid both Yui and Yui's speech was. Then halfway through class, what could only be described as the most intense and irritating aura of light sat down right next to her. An audible groan rumbled from her throat as she buried her head further into her arms, all hopes of sleep dashed from existence as she had to suffer even more. Finally lunch rolled around and the final straw was drawn. Ami forgot her lunch. She was in such a rush to get to class, the class she never wanted to go to, that she never packed herself a lunch this morning.

Her chair scraped across the ground as she got up from her seat, silently moving past Soma and out of the classroom to go take care of business. About five minutes later she came back in, only noticeable to the other magical girls. Why was she only noticeable to the other magical girls? Because she was fully transformed and headed straight for Soma.

No time was given to react, one second the door was opened, the next Soma was on the ground after a strong right from Ami. Her backpack contents were likely all over the ground, including whatever she may have had for lunch as Ami stepped all over it. "You Light Girls think you're hot shit dontcha? You just walk into our territory, claim you're better than us, then ya just establish yourselves like we were never here in the first place. I'm real sick of it. Sick of all your holier than thou attitudes, sick of your dumb aura constantly making me want to vomit from just being around you, and sick of you. So it's time you get the hell out of here, or I'm going to break every single bone in that pretty little face of yours."


If you want to try and block the next attack onto Lilt, you got two options:

You could try and serve as a sort of half cover for her to increase her AC by 2, as well as grant the enemy disadvantage on their attack towards her. May or may not be worth against a cyclops considering their already immense attack bonus and Lilt’s Relatively low AC.

As your readied action you could make yourself the target, however the cyclops will have advantage on the attack since you’re purposely trying to get struck by him on Lily’s behalf.

Which ever two you feel like using really.


You’re attack of opportunity is a reaction done outside of your turn, so yes you can, though your attack of opportunity occurs first before the spell casting. Cyclops moves away > Attack of Opprotunity > Ano’s Turn.

I'll edit my post to do an op attack then.

Just do you know, you can’t use a spell (even a touch spell) for attacks of opportunity unless you have the war caster feat. I presume that you’re not going to take the attack of opportunity and just use your regular action to move and attack the cyclops.


You’re up.

I forgot about attacks of opportunity tbh. Do I get to take both the opportunity attack and my cast if I want?

Why her spell didn't affect the beast puzzled her, but now was not the time to dwell such things. People were getting hurt, something that Ano absolutely could not tolerate. She rushed towards the beast with nary a thought for her own safety, reaching out for it's skin with a glowing relic in hand as she channeled her divine powers for an attack she was positive would work. "Away from them foul beast!" With a furious cry, she pressed the burnt steel into the beast's flesh, instantaneously rotting the flesh of it's leg as Ano cast Inflict Wounds. "Knock this bastard down again!" Hopefully someone would capitalize on this and knock the beast on it's ass before it could do anymore harm.

Ami Murota

The first thing Ami had done once she got into class, was she sat down and went back to sleep. She didn't want to be here, nobody else wanted to be here, but unlike everyone else she had no problem with showing her immense displeasure with the situation through active rebellion. Even once class started, Ami dreamt of much funner stuff she could be doing rather than this. She could be watching TV, or going to kill Nightmares. But no, she has to attend school because society says so. How absolutely tedious.

Ami's light snoring was quite audible throughout the class, her ignorance of the teacher and everyone a direct insult to the school which had forced her to cut her break short. Her head rested on her arms, face down onto the desk as she napped through class once again. For a brief moment the snoring stopped, right around the time when Miss Tamashi did her weird pose thing, but the snoring quickly resumed after the giggles died down. “Murota-Chan, Murata-Chan, Harasawa-Chan, why don’t you three decide who gets to go first among you?” Ami shifted in her seat slightly, awoken by someone addressing her but not bothering to raise her head and address them.

The light girl went up and did a big speech, probably staring at Ami as she did so. It made her want to vomit, that innocence on display. Which would shatter first Ami wondered, her purity or her skull? For her sake, Ami hoped it was the former instead of the latter. Finally she went to sit back down, meaning Ami had to go up next. Did she though?

Everyone in the class was staring at her now, someone was probably on the verge of trying to wake her up too. How annoying. Fine, time to get it over with. She raised her head just enough so that she was facing the front of the class, made the most annoyed expression she could, and spoke.

"For my winter break, I killed a bunch of goo monsters and ate candy. Just like I do every single week." With that blunt statement out of the way, Ami put her head back down and went back to sleep. What a waste of time this all was.

It didn't take long for Mourningstar to realize it was time to get the hell out of dodge. She followed the group quickly, leaving Orchid to whatever fate may await her. It was pretty clear she didn't really like them anyways, so Mourningstar had no problem with just ditching the female goblin. Maybe they would meet up again one day, provided she actually managed to survive against Crispy. She had written off the little bugger a while ago, but something in his eyes made her think twice. Those were the eyes of a killer, a real killer.

So they made their way through the forest, Mourningstar taking point as both sentry. She was also taking the time to try and use Blood Drain on basically anything living in their path. The Kele Shoots sticking out of the ground, any trees, the Agerp Berries, just anything alive and in their path. She had a feeling Blood Drain would be useful, she just needed to level it up enough for it to be useful. She also made careful note of her surroundings during their expedition, hoping to gain some kind of early alert system skill like Oberon had.

Then Digbie said something that stopped her in her tracks. "I-I'm not like those dirty goblins, right guys? I-I'm better than them... right?" Mourningstar turned to the young goblin and looked him in the eyes, doing her best to give off the impression of seriousness. She understood how he was feeling about now, she felt it often enough to know the signs. That feeling that you're pathetic, worthless, that since the moment you were born you were lesser. And while she might not ever be able to shake off that feeling herself, that feeling of worthlessness, she could make sure that nobody else settled into that defeatist attitude.

"Digbie, you are literally from another world. You died and were chosen by an all powerful Demon King to be reincarnated as a literal monster with untold potential. If that doesn't make you better than a goblin than we are all pathetic dirty monsters." An invisible weight settled on his shoulders, Mourningstar using Lesser Force to emulate her putting her hands on him. "Whenever you start thinking about how you might be pathetic or something, remember this. You saved Torrent's life. You helped kill a dungeon boss. You have unique magic that nobody else has."

A moment passed before Mourningstar turned away, mainly to hide her blush as her words finally caught up to her. "And most importantly, you have the great and powerful Mourningstar leading you! And I don't take dirty goblins into my crew, only the strong and mighty have the privelege of working with me!" A haughty laugh escaped her mouth as she pushed forwards past the Topapo plant.

Something dashed by them a little later, Mourningstar barely had a chance to even try and look at what it was before it was gone, but it wasn't attacking so obviously it wasn't that important. It left behind a handful of fur, which Mourningstar tried to attach to her headband by slipping it between the headband and her own body. Regardless of whether or not that worked, she would toss it aside and try to Blood Drain the tree that the deer had been scratching on. Need that life, need that food.

Soon they made their way to a creek, complete with babbling brooks and frolicking... frogs? Alliteration is hard. Options were presented now, Mourningstar had a few ideas, but nothing too complex at the moment. "So I'm thinking we should gank those frogs for food. Also the burrow looks like a good place to live, provided we can kill whatever the hell is in there. I feel good about our odds since it's 4 on 1, but I don't know what's in there so I'm not gonna say we can take it for sure." She paused for a moment to gather the rest of her thoughts, before continuing.

"It's worth noting that we are a little hurt still. So that's something to take into account before we get into a fight with an unknown enemy. As she said this, Mourningstar hovered up a bit, trying to get an aerial view of their surroundings before quickly returning to the ground.

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