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Current I love root beer so much I drink root beer every day mmmmmmm
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Fucking wasps man
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Isn't it crazy how we as a species haven't blown ourselves up yet? i'm impressed frankly.
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Dude FFXIV is so fun
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Rewatching RWBY. All of it.


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Ace is gonna be joining the fight soon, can I get a quick rundown on the situation and setting of the fight?

Ace followed Shatter out of the tunnels, briefly attempting to start up a conversation with him and promptly being ignored. Everything got blurry as they exited the city, probably his power, and they were out. Shatter told Ace to go straight to find his objective. Finally he disappeared, leaving behind Ace's bike in the same condition he had left it in. Nice.

"Welp, time to hit the dusty ol trail." Ace hopped onto his bike, revving it up and feeling the vibration of the engine as it purred to life. Seconds later he was off, heading straight for his next fight.

Slick laughed like psychotically as he burned Blue and Green to a crisp, refusing to stop until they were shriveling up in his glorious blaze. Unfortunately they disappeared into nothingness, leaving Slick confused on whether he should be happy his fire was so hot it disintegrated them or sad that there was nothing left of his art. His face scrunched up as he looked to the only remaining Shrimp Brigade member. Hey he wasn't that big before was he?

"I am Shotaro Saban! I ate the Waru Waru no mi to become a split man! I am the Shrimp Brigade, mighty force of Justice! Behold my majesty! Shrimp Brigade Prime! Vishnu Form!" Slick stared at him with a blank expression as he processed what was happening, his lips slowly curling into a smile and his eyes filling with childish joy. This one would be much more fun to paint then the others.

Slick's eyes lit up in excitement as he completely forgot about Blue and Green, this one would burn way better than those little wimps. "Bonesword, get some plant invasion going! Slick, stop his movement with that oil! Hell, burn that pipsqueak where he stands if you won't burn my precious fur!" Caesar called out as the battle began, Slick was perched about face level with the massive Shrimp thing as he began spraying oil all over him and the battlefield. It was time to begin painting.

"Grease the food before baking to ensure maximum flavor!" He screamed as the deck of the ship was absolutely covered in oil. He loved getting to paint, painting was so much fun. There were dry patches here and there, but it would require some hopping to get from patch to patch without slipping like an idiot. Hopping that Mr. Big Shrimp couldn't do because he was too big and stupid. Slick stopped shooting oil at Mr. Big Shrimp as he pointed his flamethrower directly at his chest, relishing the sweet click the pilot light made as it lit. The world was turning red as Slick began shooting copious amounts of fire directly at Mr. Big Shrimp, trying to burn away his flesh, muscles, hair, everything must be burnt away to reveal the skeleton that was hiding inside him. Slick was an artist who needed to paint the world red. His oil was his paint but it was clear colored and needed color added to it, so he added fire for red. Red was the only color he needed really, the other crew members added in their own colours while he painted. Right now Mr. Big Shrimp's skeleton needed needed to be red, the enemy ship needed to be red, everything had no colour so Slick needed to make it all red. The world needed more color, so he was happy to make it red.

Chen said nothing as Pink went absolutely insane, practically molesting Ruxen as she fed off her practically unlimited anger. Chen's gaze was focused on the two of them as Ruxen freaked the fuck out. She was kicking the wolf multiple times, but Chen could tell that was doing less than nothing to the strange creature that seemed to feed off of Ruxen's rage. Judging by her lack of flinching, it didn't even look like she could feel pain. What an interesting creature, she would be quite useful in battle. Chen looked at her a bit more closely and shook his head, maybe not. She looked quite weak by Nexus standards upon closer observation, she needed to toughen up if she wanted to be useful to the Imperator.

"Chen quit fucking staring and do something you piece of shit!" Ruxen screeched as Chen simply watched the whole debacle with his usual impassive gaze. He thought about it for a moment and looked up at Deva, awaiting her orders on the matter. It wouldn't surprise him if she simply said nothing, she was a bit fond of animal girls and their antics. It's why she kept Si and Ruxen around, she was probably going to "adopt" this one too if things kept up.

The High Venom smiled widly, nothing wrong with her mouth then. Hell her teeth were probably better than most normal people. #Yes... Yes I do. As you may have noticed, our City and it's inhabitants have been viciously attacked several times recently, right now there are are no less than three incidents occurring, three separate battles involving agents of a certain metal boned bastard.# Her hair rippled, Ace took keen notice of that particular detail. He filed that away for later and nodded grimly, he was quite aware of the attacks recently. #What I want to you to do first is to assist a hero who goes by Magus. He's currently holding back two Intruders on the East side of the City. Two girls. You'll know them when you see them. Assuming you survive, I'll send for you to continue your Justice.#
Ace smiled and tipped his hat, chuckling as his eyes disappeared from her view into the brim of his hat.

"I've died once already m'am. I don't plan on doing so again." He dramatically turned away from her and began walking away, speaking as he got further away. "Obviously I'll need someone to escort me out, but I'll be back soon. Justice works fast when you cut through the bullshit." And with that being said he left the building, waiting outside for someto escort him out of this underground labyrinth that protected the Freaks of Epic City. How disappointing that they needed to hide like moles, that would need to change in the near future.

@Shiny Keldeo

Vincent spun off as fast as he could, fuming at the Swords for showing up at the worst possible time. He had that dumb little fox, if it weren't for Terrakion he could've ran down the moron with ease! Not that he particularly wanted to in all honesty, no challenge in killing such a weak loser like that, but still! Nothing pissed him off more than losing and this was definitely a loss. Vincent drifted to a stop in front of Mech, a look of fury on his face as he glared at the Bisharp. "Hell no I didn't take out the Vulpix! Nobody ever said anything about the Swords of Justice being in town!" Most of all he was angry at his boss, their bad info nearly got him arrested. "How the hell am I supposed to take on all four of the Swords without any backup huh? Don't give me an impossible job! I can't even go back anymore, they're gonna be keeping an extra close eye on the kid now!"
Hi are you guys still looking for people to join your rp?

As of right now no. We are currently at max.
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Chen Chideta


Chen was indeed awake, sitting up in his "bed" with a bouquet of flowers in hand. "Hey, you're awake already? I've brought food and found some friends of yours. Don't you wanna say hi to them?" A smile was on his face, cheery as ever, as he hopped out of bed to greet Diana. "Why would I greet them when I don't even know the name of the lovely hero who saved me?" He slid up to Diana and bowed deeply, pressing the flowers into her hands with a wink. His hat slid off his head as he bowed, but he caught it smoothly, all a part of the show. "But where are my manners, I haven't even introduced myself. I am Chen Chideta, I owe you a great debt of gratitude for saving my life. I would perform a magic show for you, but all my best equipment is back home unfortunately." Confetti erupted out of the top of his hat with a small pop as he said his name, none of which landed on anyone surprisingly enough. He was basically ignoring everyone in favor of this beautiful dragoness.

"Where should I begin? Mhmm~ This thing is good... Do any of you wanna some? Either way, I guess I need to begin by the most important part, right? That Dissonance isn't the thing that drove the animals away from here. It was kinda... me, I guess? B—but wait a bit, it was unintentional, an accident! I mean, how could I know that they would run away if I took a nap on my true form?" The entire time she was speaking Chen was fawning over her the whole time, spewing his usual romantic spiel like he did every time he met a beautiful lady. Anyone who had been around him for any period of time would be used to this behaviour, though it was a bit overbearing the first time around.

"True form? What do you mean by that?"

"Oh yeah, you guys don't seem like you can get that, do you? The truth is that... I'm a dragon... Funny, ehehehe?" Chen's grin grew even wider somehow, a sparkle in his eyes as he dropped to one knee in front of her, arms outstretched as he looked up at her with adoration. "How lovely! Not only was I saved by a beautiful hero, but a Dragon as well! Truly the fates smile upon me, I could not be any luckier on this beautiful day."

Jin yawned as he rolled his shoulders and stretched out his arms while following the funny little drone. Everything was nice around here sure, but he could really give less of a fuck about nature right now. He was surrounded by nature a few hours ago, it had been burning down around him. The sooner he got back to sweet civilization the better.

It was in sight too, he didn't have much further to go until he was back in the city. First thing he was gonna do was go hunt for frozen pizzas. Damn pizza sounded good right about now. He was so entrenched in his thoughts that he almost didn't notice the fact that a tree just went through all 4 seasons in the same amount of time it took his stomach to grumble. Almost. A tall dude lay waiting in the tree, first thing Jin noticed was that the guy was missing a nose.

“Jin're fast and you can take a lot of punishment. You're also an blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah lucky blah blah.” Jin was tuning this guy out, mainly staring at his face as he tried to figure out what the fuck was wrong with him. He interrupted right as he jumped down to start talking. "Dude what's wrong with your face? How the fuck do you breath, do you just constatnly breath through your mouth?" He started laughing at the end of the sentence, his words broken up by spurts of laughter. "Jeez man, I've heard the expression 'a face only a mother could love' but holy shit! You really do have that kinda face!"

The man got to his feet, the leaves that had fallen slowly rising as they whipped into a storm. His laughing slowed down as he caught his breath, whipping out his beam katana and activating it with a flourish. "I suppose you want to kill me. Bad choice on your part really, I just got-" The man interrupted as he bragged about his power, Weird Autumn. Jin started laughing again as he pointed at the man with his blade. "Holy shit, not only am I about to kill a freak but I'm gonna kill a retarded freak! Weird fucking Autumn? Are you trying to make me laugh myself to death?" Then the leaves shot forward like a tornado.

"Alright let's get this over with." Jin sobered up and looked at the leaves closely, each one appeared to be quite sharp and somewhat orange. Poison most likely, don't wanna get scratched by that. Jin immediately sprinted away from the tornado and to the left, taking cover behind a tree as he pulled out one of Sophia's bolt pistols. 61 shots, plenty to beat this freak of nature. He peeked out from behind cover to fire at the man, 1 shot at the tornado to see how it reacted to explosions and 1 at the freak to see how he would defend himself.

Henry followed Akoni through the portals, it was an easy way to get to where he was going and he was feeling kinda lazy. He had every right to after killing so many Demons, he did a lot of work. Sure Akoni did the heavy lifting, firing off a magical laser of bullshit to kill the big guy. He helped keep the little ones off his back while he did that. Every role counts. So they got to the seal and shit started to go off the rails. Henry watched everything with relative indifference, some big wig angels were descending from on high to order everyone around. Other people who worked for the Charred Council showed up and said no. Simple answer, one he could get behind. "How about you go fuck yourself with the ten foot pole you have up your ass." Henry then proceeded to flip the Angel off with a grin on his face. Ironically Wrath was probably the calmest person in the room right now, asking why the orbs were so important in the first place.

Akoni took it upon himself to enlighten the Nephilim, explaining that the ball of magical fuck you power was a key to the seal they stood near. He then echoed what everyone else had said, but he was much more reasonable about it. Kinda boring really, was hoping the old guy would get so angry he popped a blood vessel. Henry leaned on his sniper rifle, his face just screaming arrogance and condescension as he smiled toothily at Kushiel. He was really hoping he would try something, shooting an Angel in the face sounded kinda fun right now.
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