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Isn't it crazy how we as a species haven't blown ourselves up yet? i'm impressed frankly.


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That's a good idea. Perhaps Chen starts the RP believing all he does is make things sharper and give them edges, but as things progress he figures out that the Quirk can actually create physical objects. It could make for good character development, like he forms a barrier at the last second to protect a civilian or something.

Ink and I came up with this description, a psionic barrier is formed around the object which is what gives it edges and makes it sharper. For example, around a sphere would be a dodecahedron with lots of sharp edges. This also explains why larger objects progressively become less sharp. The barrier has more to cover. Does that make sense?

Quirk named, I chose Whetstone. Because he makes things sharper. Badum tsh.
Mind if I join in?

Mourningstar growled as the newly named Digbie also spoke out against her, she was quickly beginning to wonder if these people were even worth continued conversation if they were going to be this obstinate. "I'm not talking you down, I'm being honest! In a situation where my life is on the line, I refuse to mince my words just so everyone can feel good! And secondly, yes! There are others like us, but guess what? They're not us! If we run into someone who seems like they're from Earth, then we'll talk to them. But I'm not going to try and make peace with every monster we see, because then they're going to kill us!" She was getting pretty angry now, so she started taking some deep breaths to try and calm down.

As she did so she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. Shit. She immediately began calculating trajectories as the Wisp fired on them from above, doing her best to try and figure out which one the enemy was targeting. Her best guess was the Pixie who still hadn't given his name, so she did something crazy. Her Shield was still intact, so she tackled the Pixie aside to take the blow for him. "And finally. I'm not going to forgive someone who tries to kill my underlings. Earthling or not." With that she began to hover as high as she could in an attempt to reach the same height as the other Wisp, moving in evasive patterns to try and make herself less hittable.
"Oilburn" Slick Drake

Slick had followed along without saying much, mostly marveling at the cannons and guns all over the island as they made their way to their arena. When they finally made it they introduced to their opponents, Slick scanning all of them to see how worthy they were of being art. The one in the gas mask intrigued him the most, Slick wore a gas mask while making his art. Maybe he was an artist too? He would have to be looked into further. Doggy went off to grab some popcorn, Slick didn't bother following. He was going to get whatever Doggy left behind, he would be the first to fight just so he could get it out of the way as soon as possible.

Food Pyramid lady tried to rope him into exercise, but Slick just ignored her this time. The game of dodgeball that was about to happen was much more interesting. Sure enough, a few seconds later Doggy had tossed his popcorn to Slick and was the first up to bat against the dodgeball lady. Slick spread a bit of butter across the popcorn and began chowing down as the match started. Wrench man tried to nudge him towards Feya, but he smoothly sidestepped it without even taking his feet off the ground. On an unrelated note, the ground where he had been was suddenly much more slippery then it had been.

And so the match began, once the orchestra of explosions sounded off Slick suddenly knew that Doggy was about to lose. It didn't help how lazy Doggy was being about it, only beginning to try halfway through the match. If he had gone full force from the beginning he might have had a chance, but the motion of the ocean was just too strong once he had let it get going. As the match continued, if anyone bothered looking at Slick they would have noticed something very concerning. He looked serious. For the first time since he had joined the crew, he looked like a sane person who was taking a situation seriously. As Mag crawled around etching arrows into the ground, he threw the bag of popcorn behind him and sighed. "Lilliana. Caesar is going to need medical attention in a minute. Get ready."

Sure enough, Caesar wasn't able to account for the powers of the beku beku woman and was destroyed by the erratic pattern of the cannonball. As Caesar slumped forwards Slick shook his head quietly and looked at Mag neutrally. "Not bad, but you're a one trick pony." Slick walked towards the hole that had been left when the ball was lost at the beginning of the match, returning after half a minute with a cannonball in hand. The cannonball still had an arrow etched into it. "In a real fight you would have been demolished. You need to be able to leave a mark on the cannonballs you want to affect with your Devil Fruit." If anyone bothered looking at Slick in shock and awe, he would just smirk. "What? I'm not completely insane. Just enough so that I can make my works of art."

Slick walked towards Mag with a grin on his face as he dropped the ball at her feet, looking her in the eye as he cracked his neck. "You're going to be my next work of art. And I'll even paint in your style. Dodgeball."

I think we're all just waiting on a post from you now. Just a heads up.

Mourningstar sighed and did the closest thing she could to a headshake as she could, why did he have to be so right and so wrong at the same time? "You're wrong on two accounts. One, these are just monsters from a video game. Monsters who want to kill and eat us. Two, these notifications are complete proof that this world works like games and you know it." Yeah it's a shitty thing to say, but she isn't going to waste her second chance at life just because someone was a little squeamish. "Listen, I know this sounds horrible. But this is just how life is now. Survival of the fittest, we need to get stronger if we want to live. Same with every other monster here, except we're smarter than they are. And in case you've forgotten, these monsters have no problem with ending my second chance at life!" She sounded a little peeved as she said that last bit, visibly shaking. Whether it was fear or anger, not even she really knew.

Then Jacob started trying to open up menus. Mourningstar did her best eyeroll impression that she could, which was really hard honestly. She wanted a body, she was definitely going to have to try and evolve towards getting a body. "You know what's up right Goblin? It's kill or be killed around here and I don't want to die again. The first time sucked."
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