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Native District

Things were not going well here, the rioters were panicked and confused, many of them refusing to pick up the guns for good reason. but the assault continued regardless with the remaining mob continuing on the fight, or at least keeping the Horse distracted, while every figure of authority fled the area, taking 75 men with them to continue the fight elsewhere. They were unseen by the Horse, busy as he was fighting off every man in that mob of thousands. They were fast, the much smaller group of 110 men quickly making their way to the next warehouse with little warning.

This warehouse was a lost cause, mere civilians like them could not take on a warehouse fortified by magecraft and protected by a Magus, however the other warehouses were not protected as such. The 35 figures picked up the guns with no fear, even when the other civilians refused to touch them. They had no fear, no emotions truly. They had been turned into mere killing machines by the one who hypnotized them, made to do his bidding and kill. So the total 110 men continued to the next warehouse near them, slaughtering everyone inside with ease while taking minimal casualties. There had been 5 Yakuza in there, prepared for a riot but unprepared for a concentrated assault like this. They poured through the door, with shooters in the back taking potshots at the Yakuza and and civilians in the front taking the brunt of the fire. 3 civilians died, 4 taking minor injuries from when they engaged with the the Yakuza up close, while the Yakuza in the warehouse all perished. The civilians were next, it was a methodical slaughter that would sicken any sane man.

These men were not sane in the slightest.

It was strange really, these killing machines were but mere men the night before, many had never fought a day in their lives. But now they were an organized squad of killers, seemingly trained by a lifetime of combat. Whoever had hypnotized these men had been thorough, practically overwriting their lives entirely to make them into cold blooded killers. The building burned afterwards, eliminating any evidence they had ever been there and beginning a much wider reaching fire that would ravage the district if given time to spread. Efficient indeed.

Jesus christ that Wisp was bright. But it certainly proved Mourningstar's suspicions, that there was in fact a Mother Wisp of some sort. She used a quick Monster Analysis on the Wisp to see what it's various stats were like, afterwards floating up to it and blinking rapidly as a show of panic. Mana Shape was used next, creating a floating arrow pointing towards the Goblins who advanced towards the cave, accompanied by a growling noise to try and highlight that they were angry. The arrow was red of course, red means danger no matter where you are.

Mourningstar calmed down and looked at the Wisp with a hint of expectation, hoping she could maybe rally the other Wisps into banding together to attack the Goblins from above. After receiving her results she would follow up by using Magic Analysis on the Wisp, hoping she could continue to level up the skill into something more.
Native District


Many fled, followed by a few figures of authority who seemed unaffected by those strange birds of light, hiding in shadows too dark to be illuminated. But many more stayed, only further enraged by this man covered in flames, the man with a horse head who killed them in droves. The devil himself, they cried, many fleeing simply at the thought of facing pure evil. But mob mentality was strong, every man who tried to flee was cut down, their body used as stepping stones by marksmen who shot at the Horse of Fuyuki with their modern weaponry. Many were quickly engulfed, their weapons flung away as they panicked and fell to the ground to try and put themselves out. But then the weapons were merely picked back up by yet another man who thought they could take potshots at the devil and they too were ignited. It was a neverending horde, no matter how many the Horse could scare or kill there would always be another to take their place with even more righteous fury.

And they were only prodded along by those hidden voices in the crowd, those men who cheered for their violence and applauded their bravery in killing these witches. For this could only be a witch, possessed by the devil to defend his men.


A rallying cry as those men continued to fire, as they broke into nearby stores to steal bottles of sake and stuff them with cloth, as they lit that cloth and let their molotovs fly at the building holding the devils of Fuyuki. The building caught fire quickly, one bottle flying past the Horse's head and lighting Odashii ablaze as he tried to recover from his wounds. More bullets flew, more bottles flew, more men struck out at the Horse, it could only be described as a sea of rage led on by those figures, hidden in shadows. The sea shrunk, but it was slow, like draining a lake with naught but a bucket. A few made it away from the mob, running to wherever they could to cower in fear, many died and fell to the floor, only for the sea to simply cover them.

This is what rage looked like.

Archer of Lightning





Each time a stone fell upon the army it was shot out of the sky by a lightning bolt.




A few made it through, but they were inconsequential. Tesla shot every single stone near Achilles and Darius, atomizing them as he gazed though his 'scope'. His Marksmanship was unparalleled, combined with his Eye Of The Mind there was no chance of any runestones even touching the most important of Darius's soldiers.




He could've shot every runestone down, not letting even a single one touch Darius's men. But those men were expendable, so he focused solely on those who were most important. Darius and Achilles. If he saw even a single stone get close to them, it was atomized. His finger pointed at yet another runestone falling from the sky, then it was gone. A buzzing rung through the air, but it was not the buzz of swarms of insects coming to slice him apart. It was the buzz of his latest weapon of destruction, primed for firing at something. But what was that something, what was he getting ready to fire at.

What was the scientist's aim?




It did not matter now, if his ally succeeded then it would not matter at all. All that mattered in this moment was that the king crush the hero, that the madman who always came back held down the star and extinguish it. Tesla was not as strong as Darius, he could recognize that. In a straight fight Darius would likely crush the scientist through the force of his thousands of soldiers, not even his greatest weapon would be able to fire in time before he was cut to ribbons by those thousands of skeletons.




No, Tesla's role was to support the frontline from the back. It was why he had manifested as Archer, his role was to fire upon enemies from miles away so the perfect opportunity could be created. His role was to create the weapons of war that they used, to make sure that their weapons were just as electric as he was. And he did it with gusto, for all he ever wanted was to help the world. That is why he sought the Holy Grail. That is why he fought. To support everyone he could.




Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th

Interacting With: @Raijinslayer

A flash of purple, perhaps pink, hair. Taller than him, dark skin, a foreigner possibly? Most importantly, the sensation of falling. Well this is embarrassing, he just got knocked over by a girl his own age. Chen began to move his arm backwards, hoping to catch himself with a free hand rather than hit his head on the floor, but she caught his hand. Oh good, he wasn't going to get a concussion on his first day. He was quickly righted by the girl, his eyes locking with hers for a moment as she flushed in embarrassment. A twitch of movement on the side of her head caught his eye next, what unique ears she had. Perhaps a part of her Quirk? Oh, she's apologizing now, better listen.

"...and the speech made me nervous and I'm just really, really sorry. You are not hurt or anything, right?" She released his hand quickly, brushing her fingers through her hair in a show of nervousness, his keen eyes noticing her arms turning red. Chen smiled, he knew what to say now.

"Oh there's no need to worry, it's not like you knocked me over on purpose. More importantly, are you okay? I would hate to hear that I hurt such a exotic beauty like yourself, I don't think I would be able to live with myself." A troubled look spread across his face as he looked her in the eyes, concern showing in his every feature as he looked her over. The red had spread across her arms slowly, a self modifying Quirk most likely. It's possible the ears have nothing to do with the Quirk, but Chen was inclined to believe she could modify her own body in various ways with her Quirk.

"Ah, I haven't even introduced myself to you have I? I'm Chen Adachi, it's a pleasure to meet you." His gentle smile would win her over, he was sure of it. The confidence that radiated off of him could be felt by every student nearby, a few even giving some jealous stares as he talked to this beautiful foreigner. "I do hope you can put off my lack of attention behind us, I would never want to offend such a beautiful girl."

So many mana crystals. Not as many as she had originally found at the campfire of course, those had been stockpiled for quite some time. But there were more mana crystals up here then she had ever seen in one spot near the cave floors. This was of course because you would need to be able to fly in order to get these crystals, but Mourningstar suspected there was more to it. She suspected that this was the territory of the Mother Wisp, meaning that pixies were to be held at bay.

Not much time was given to muse on this as two Wisps approached her flashing rapidly, their pulses of light seeming to be warding her away. Mourningstar of course did not listen, instead attempting to mimic their communication. She shook, pulsing erratically in an attempt to show she was panicked and needed help. She knew the basics of Wisp communication, but her true skills lied in her human skills, not her beast ones. She would have to decipher the language of more Monsters soon, she couldn't be a general if she couldn't communicate with her subordinates after all.

Regardless, the meaning behind her flashing was as clear as it could get, she needed help. Perhaps she should force Jason to teach her telepathy at some point, that could help get across messages easily without relying on learning foreign languages... Wait! That's not what she should be thinking about right now, unimportant! Well, just to push things just the tiniest bit further, Mourningstar would try to show them what she was "scared" of. She stopped in front of them, wildly gesturing towards the cave entrance in an attempt to show what she was running from, the sounds of angry goblins killing monsters faintly echoing all the way over here.
Native District

It was a massacre. It was absolute insanity. It was a riot, the language of the oppressed and the downtrodden when words were simply not enough. But this riot was different, these men were not merely breaking property and shouting their defiance into the sky. No these men were killing each other, brother slaying brother, father slaying son, every single rioter in the streets was absolutely blinded with rage as they attempted to strike out at the world for its treatment of them, for destroying their homes in these seemingly impossible events one after the other. These were broken men who could only speak in violence, for the world had taken everything from them. All they knew how to do was to take back.

Those few priests who survived the destruction of the Foreign District shouted from the rooftops, proclaiming how the Kami themselves wished for the cleansing of the land, city government figures ordered rioters to burn buildings so they may start anew. But it was clear who the leaders of this madness were, it was the people who citizens would look up to most, the people who held authority. But in unison, they all stopped their speeches. Their lips ceased movement, as they stared into space, as if they were all thinking the same thoughts. Then their lips began moving once more, all calling out the same message.

"Why do you fight amongst yourselves brothers!? We must focus on the true enemy! Those vicious devils who have lived amongst us! Those who profit off our misery, the open secret we have bared for too long!"

The rioters did not hear their words, so focused were they in their rage, the only thing they could hear was the splatter of blood on the ground and the beat of their own hearts.

Until the gunfire began.

Two yakuza members began firing into the crowd, shouting obscenities at those figures as they tried to quell the riot with deadly force. They were quickly torn apart, hacked into pieces by screaming civilians as they turned on those two foolish men.

"We must tear them down, we must work with the foreigners who try to tear down these monsters who have destroyed us! They were the cause of the destruction of the Foreign District, they were the ones who had the most to profit from it! They are the ones who hoard food to themselves, leaving us to starve in the wake of this tragedy! They are the ones who summon this monster who tears through our flesh, they wish to cull us and take over our fair city for themselves! The yakuza must fall!"

A thunderous roar emanated from the crowd, mob mentality taking over as they began to move towards a common destination. Inconsistencies in the argument were disregarded, the figures who led the mob led them with charisma, not solid logic and arguments. Yakuza in their path were slaughtered, weapons were taken as they went for the yakuza safehouse that the criminals fled to when faced with the law. But this law was powerful, more powerful than any they had faced. For this was the law of the lawless, any who had slighted them must perish.

"Men of the mafia! Foreigners who come to destroy the outlaws that lay in our midst! Accept our offer of help, join us in rooting out this evil! We shall no longer let outsiders do all the work, every man must band together if we are to slaughter the wolves who prey on us!"

The mafia were ignored entirely, helped even as they were led by the rioters to the first of the four mafia safehouses in the Native District. A safehouse where the innocent had come to take refuge.

Those people that the Horse of Fuyuki had worked so hard to save, those innocents who merely wished to be safe from the chaos that lurked outside those doors. They were to be torn apart, for they had sided with the criminals who destroyed the land. The doors shook, the collective crowd ramming against it with all their might. Indeed, every single rioter in the Native District was now entirely focused on this building, it was unnatural for so many to gather so quickly.

The doors held for a minute, but no level of enchantment by Magus could possibly hold back the wrath of thousands at once. Violent men poured in from every opening to slaughter every single person in the building. Men, women, children, but the yakuza most of all. They were shot down by others wielding their rifles, more picked up the fallen's weapons. Civilians fell to the gunfire of the cornered yakuza, but for every man who fell three men of the yakuza were slaughtered and there simply weren't that many yakuza. The civilians were next, their cries for mercy unheard. They were allies of the devil, they consorted with demons in human flesh, there was no mercy for them. It was an absolute massacre, it was the worst of humanity condensed into the span of a singular moment. And after every soul in that building was extinguished, it was looted of all weapons and burnt to the ground.

The process would repeat for the next safehouse. The yakuza would fall today, they would die for their sins. And in unison, a small smirk emerged on the face of every leader of the riot. Delightful.
Western Farms

The tense standoff between the thief and paladin continued, the ball was in Jack's court as to whether or not he would return Durandal, whether he would try to run or stand his ground against two Servants at once, regardless of decision he would need to make it quickly if he was going to survive this tense encounter.

But the small bird that landed on the rubble of the destroyed mansion cared not for these all too human conflicts. It had a purpose today and that purpose had nothing to do with the humans that shouted and beat their chests in an attempt to show off their superiority. Indeed, its purpose today was to sift through this rubble and search for something, what it searched for it did not know. But it searched, picking through the rubble in an attempt to find what its Master wanted.

Another bird circled the ruins above, looking down on the environment and trying to pick out anything unusual from above. Teamwork at its finest, but somewhat unusual behavior for a bird. Ah well, its not like anyone had the time to muse on strange birds and their strange behaviors, not when it looked like a fight was brewing. What an unusual day.
Archer of Lightning

Tesla stared into the sky with what could only be described as a mixture of confusion and dread. He had begun to aim at the thing that fell from the sky a few seconds ago, but the moment he did something within him screamed, it wailed for him to desist if he valued his life even remotely. Upon closer inspection the thing could only be described as a comical penguin of sorts, falling to ground directly in front of the Church. All defenses were disabled immediately, he was not going to incur whatever penalty may lie from attacking this thing if he could help it. He also wasn't going to go anywhere near it, so he dashed inside the Church the moment the thing touched the ground as the penguin began to look around for whoever it was supposed to deliver its message too.

A few minutes passed before the front door opened suddenly, a strange black thing being thrown out as the door was immediately shut once again.

Clockwork Familiar- Designation D4R1U5


The strange little thing got up onto its feet, roaring at the door in a squeaky yet loud tone as it banged on the wood with as much ferocity as it's 4 foot frame could manage. After about a minute of this it began to pant as it fell onto its butt, hands on knees as it glared at the door. What a rude creator Tesla was, he could have at least let it walk out on its own. It set out to do its task regardless as it got back up and walked over to the confused penguin, grunting out a greeting as it waited for the small bird to give its message.


-Benita Garibaldi

The clockwork familiar grunted in response, turning to see if its creator had opened the door yet to let it back inside. Still nothing. It turned back to the penguin and stared, wondering what it was supposed to do now. Well, it could follow the penguin it supposed. Perhaps it could carry it around? That could be fun. With that being decided, it turned around and vaguely motioned for the delivery penguin to get up on it's shoulder as it crouched down. Time for an adventure.
Western Farms, Dawn of Day 4

It was a relatively quiet morning for the people on the west side of Fuyuki. Mainly because there were very few people left alive around those parts, but the quiet was refreshing for the few residents left nonetheless. Of course, no peace can last during a war. A loud explosion rocked the district, waking up everyone in Miyama without exception. It was even loud enough to hear in the Native District to a degree, but of course the sounds of rioting drowned out even this mighty boom. Anyone who bothered looking towards the source of the noise would see nothing but rubble, what was once a large mansion in the Western Farms was now nothing but a pile of dust and debris. Only closer inspection could possibly yield results as to what caused this sudden destruction, but what else did people have to do so early in the morning after all?
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