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Well then, that had been exciting. Mourningstar had abstained from adding into the brawl that ensued when everyone teamed up on the massive goblin thing, instead focusing on refilling her mana and passively observing the chaos from a few yards away. After all was said and done, Rattleskull was impaled and experience had been gained. Fun times. "Good job gang. It's no raid boss, but it's definitely a promising start for our merry crew of misfits." She floated past everyone pretty nonchalantly as she began patting down the corpse, checking the vine belt for any goodies and dropping them on the ground first, then just getting to work on removing all of his stuff.

"You can all talk amidst yourselves over loot, however I'm calling dibs on the one thing I can wear." She floated over to his head and untied the headband, retying it on herself. Now to focus on physical needs. Lesser Force was activated on Rattleskull's lifeless body, Mourningstar trying to tear off a hunk of flesh from his belly. It took a little bit of effort, but once a sufficient chunk had been torn out Mourningstar got to chowing down.

"You should all probably eat." A fireball exploded in the sky, with Mourningstar doing a quick Magic Analysis on the spell to try and recreate it for herself. "Judging from the flare they just sent up, they're gonna be regrouping, probably to rest for a second assault." A morbid thought suddenly occurred to the Wisp. She floated back over to the head of Rattleskull and lightly tugged on it, testing out just how attached it was to the body. A full minute was spent Focusing on her Mana Blade, but not in just improving it's overall damage. She wanted to make it sharper than normal, then once it was formed at maximum sharpness she would lightly project it out like a sword, using Mana Shape to try and keep it in a stable form.

If all that was accomplished, Mourningstar would get to work on removing the Bugbear's head from his body. She would ignore any questions directed to her, focusing solely on her new task of removing Rattleskull's head.

The Black Knight glanced over to her partner for a moment, the smell of Light breaking through her battle rage for just long enough... to piss her off even more. "Fucking bastards." She spit in the direction of the light Magical Girls before looking at Scatha, her grin reappearing as if nothing had happened. "Looks like we'll have to wrap this up quickly if we want to get rid of the moths. Little shitstains drawn to my light." Ami let out a boisterous laugh as she said this, planting one foot into the ground behind her as she got ready for a sprint. "No more games. Let's end this in one move, all or nothing!" She gripped her sword tightly, both hands on the handle of her broadsword as all the flames of her armor began to shift towards her back.

It would take a moment for the sound to catch up to Scatha, Ami having literally propelled forward with a sonic boom as her flames propelled herself forwards for one last strike. The ground behind her wasn't just scorched, it was practically glassed. That ground would never bear life again, that much was clear just from one look at it. All of the flames of the Black Knight's armor was gone, it had all been used for one final speed boost to outpace the Stained Witch of Ink. Her blade was raised above her head, she made no attempt to defend herself as she left her body wide open. It was an incredibly obvious strike, from left shoulder to right hip, but it wasn't in her nature to be sneaky or cunning. She was the Black Knight after all, a knight doesn't resort to underhanded tactics, even a fallen one such as herself.

The two were speeding at each other, practically rocketing. Scatha's grin was large and vicious as the two were about to slam into each other. However, as they did, she made the move that would decide it all and put the resuls far more into her hands. She was arched lower, her back being in an almost feral 90 degree angle postion as she ran towards the opposing girl. The knight's flames disappeared as well, not by Scatha's hands, but by the knight's own will, which shocked the ink girl. She simply narrowed her eyes as her sword was brought to her side. As the strike came down, Scatha jet forth even faster than before, the sword gripped tightly and coming forward quickly. The slashes finally came to the point they were both anticipating.

Scatha was still in her ever familiar position, though this time she lied still after the attacks went out. Her ink sword was still in one piece. Despite it only being a few seconds, it felt like centuries as she rose up from her postiion and stood straight up, with her now only 10 or 15 feet behind Ami, a straight line between the two of them. A breathe came out, clearly visible from the cold. Her sword came over to her right shoulder and as it did, the damage became obvious. It wasn't a deep wound, but perhaps that was luck. It chipped right through Scatha's ink armor, going from the top of her shoulder to just barely between her breasts. It wasn't terribly deep but it was most certainly bleeding. She was certain...If she had been slower or the attack had been faster, she may have been able to cut her down in that simple moment. But that wasn't the reason she brought her sword to her shoulder as she already felt and knew the injury was there. It was for a different reason.

"You let your excitement take over."

The blade swung back out to her side in one quick motion. The ooze splattered from it, dotting the ground with a few new black dots. The instant it did, a cut appeared through Ami's own armor. In the same instant, the large droppings from both the blade and the armor finally reacted. The bits of ink that were near her exploded, but not in a blast. It was concentrated. The magical power radiating from it was significant as it covered the ground the girl stood on, shooting up into the air like a beam of black. If it wasn't for the fact that one could easily tell the sheer energy radiating from it, one might not even notice it what with the night sky. And with it, Scatha's shoulders settled and relaxed.

"I know."

Ami planted her sword into the ground with a resolute smirk, the heat of her sword destroying any ink on the ground near her with relative ease. However her armor, her armor was another case entirely. As energy exploded from her chest, threatening to break her ribs and rupture her organs, she stll couldn't help but smile. She had never been so happy to lose, it made her want to win so much more when the next time approached. As the blast died down, the Black Knight stared into the starry night sky. She appreciated the darkness mixed with the light, the stars spread out across that black canvas was like bits of fire in a sea of ink. Blood dripped onto the burnt ground, the cut across her chest being a fair bit deeper than what she had managed to inflict onto Alannah.

"You can have this win. Just know that I'm gonna win round two." Nothing more was said, nothing more needed to be said. The Black Knight would rest, the Black Knight would return. The Black Knight always returned.

A minute of silence passed, Ami saying nothing as she continued to stare into the night sky with her hands on her sword. If Alannah bothered to check on her, she would quickly realize that Ami was completely passed out while standing up, her Magical Girl transformation slowly fading away as she began to fall backwards. If Alannah did nothing to catch the girl than she would simply fall onto the ground, probably sleep there for the night. She's slept in worse places honestly.

With one thought, the sword liquified back into the ink puddle that it once was as Alannah finally relaxed. Her arms went to her side as she let out a sigh. She finally turned to face the knight as she gave her words of dedication; dedication to win the next round between the two. The girl was a special kind of persistent, though really who was Alannah to judge? It took a bit for her to realize it as the battlefield went silent and neither uttered a word. But she didn't even need to observe closely to realize that the fight was won by a T.K.O. She closed her eyes and let out a small, but obviosuly proud chuckle. The pride was not for herself though. A high pitched, somewhat metallic sound rang out as she transformed back into her civilian garb, watching as Ami's slowly faded away. The girl was a bit weighty, but she managed to get her arm over her shoulder to carry her.

She had to admit one thing...She hadn't gotten a fight like this in some time. It was a true a good way. She decided to say words that no one but her would hear. "Round two huh? I'll still win but...I might have to go all out again. Congratulations on that rarity, Ami." Even knocked out, she deserved that praise. And with that, the two went into the woods, presumably to find a comfortable spot to keep the Black Knight for a bit.

To encroach upon his territory was unacceptable. To step into his kingdom with their dirty feet, to invade his land with their presence, it enraged him. He looked down upon Houyi with disdain, hefting his mighty bow up to bring death to the invader. A single arrow was drawn from his quiver, nocked into the bowstring with practiced ease. The giant of a man pulled back the string of the bow, glaring at the Servant beneath him with impunity.

The arrow was released, heralded by an explosion as the string of the massive bow snapped back into place. Not even a moment later the ground in front of Houyi exploded into a cloud of earth and debris, two more arrows following to force Houyi to retreat. The dust began to settle after a few moments, revealing the destruction brought forth by his attacks. Arrows as long as Houyi was tall stuck out of the ground, the earth where Houyi once stood now nothing more than craters. The arrows were made of some sort of golden substance, unlike any metal Houyi had ever seen. Any attempt to pull one out if the ground would be fruitless, they were simply too heavy to be lifted, especially when they were lodged this deeply into the ground.

The myriad construction workers working on the building didn't even react to the destruction brought forth by their boss, not even a flinch as the shockwaves from the Servants attack buffeted them. They just continued working on the skyscraper, working on the next floor. The closest thing to a reaction was one man hesitating for a moment before tossing another worker a wrench. Closer observation on Houyi's part revealed nothing wrong with them, no glassy eyes, no stilted movements or stiff muscles. Just a team of fifty people working in perfect unison.

The giant stood atop the unfinished skyscraper with another arrow drawn, aiming directly at Houyi with what seemed to be boredom. Yet something dwelled within his eyes, something that betrayed the bored facade he put up. Disgust. He was absolutely disgusted by the thing before him. "I have taken pity on you rabbit. This is your one and only warning. Leave now before I skewer you and hang you upon my wall like the animal you are."

Master's Clairvoyance revealed the stats of the enemy Archer. Strength: A. Endurance: B. Agility: A. Mana: A. Luck: D. There was no doubt, this was a Top Servant.

It all happened so fast. The big one healed all it's wounds, it ducked her attack, it crushed Rain. The warlord screamed in the background, attempting to break the will of all around him. As Digbie charged up his punch and went for the face, Mourningstar knew what she had to do. It was a synchronized attack, all of them in unison going for vital areas on the massive goblin thing, but they had forgotten a crucial factor in this assault. The monster could still dodge, and if he did all of their attacks would hit each other most likely.

"Bask in the light of the Mourningstar!" Her job was to make sure that didn't happen.

A Mana Blade was shot directly at the leg of Rattleskull, crippling him even further to make sure he couldn't get out of the way of this assault. Mourningstar then went for Digbie's bag, grabbing a Mana Crystal to quickly restore her power for her next attack.

One Mana Crystal Consumed.
Mana Fully Restored.
System: Mourningstar

After her mana was restored, she went for her next target, Rattleskull's belt. She needed to make sure he didn't get his hands on anymore healing herbs. So long as it hit, she would dash for the belt to grab it and carry it away from Rattleskull with maximum speed, pushing her Levitation to it's limits to try and make sure he didn't heal up again.

Wow you really want me to bring Henry into this don't you?
Nero Claudius

Flying Saucer, Blue Fields Park


"-Guess I'll go up with you."

Nero jumped onto the roof of the UFO with ease, her frilly coat flapping behind her as she grabbed her Maestro once again. His outfit was absolutely adorable, which made perfect sense really. She had chosen all of it, it could be nothing less than perfect.

The hatch closed behind them as the skeleton she had dubbed Anicetus the Second took the helm, having earned his name after she learned he could pilot the ship as well as her Maestro, or almost as well anyways. Nobody could truly match up to her Maestro in the end. Regardless, the Emperor had decided to name the skeleton after a former freedman of hers, one of the finest admirals she had ever had the pleasure of riding with.

"Keep a sharp eye out, okay? If an Archer or flying-type Rider catches wind of us, you'll be our only hope." Andrei clung to her tightly, a blush spread across her cheeks as she clung to him in turn. She was pleased, very pleased by her Maestro's actions.

"Umu! Rest easy my Maestro, if anyone wants to get to you they have to go through me!" Nero's eyes were filled with enthusiasm, she remained completely steady even as the flying saucer took off with nary a sound. A wonderful chariot, she would have to make more once she rebuilt Rome alongside her Maestro.

Liliana Mortensen

Apartment 13B, Oakfield Apartment Building, Downtown


Liliana observed the Servant through the eyes of her familiar, smiling as she finished cooking the steak that had been in the fridge. "Lancer! A Servant wants to play in the forest!" She flipped the steak onto a plate quickly, moving the plate to the table as she looked at little Timothy watching tv. His parents weren't home yet, hopefully they didn't show up while Ajax and Liliana were gone, otherwise things would be really awkward when they got back. Oh wait, they probably wouldn't be able to find their own home thanks to the bounded fields. Oops.

Oh well, it's not like they would be here long. Liliana slipped her monocle on as she opened the window facing the river, her attention focused on the Servant challenging them. Something was hiding stuff about them unfortunately, probably a secondary Noble Phantasm or some sort of Personal Skill. It didn't matter too much though, her Parameters were as clear as day to the Atlas alchemist, and boy was this Servant weak! "They're a Rider, their stats aren't too impressive but I'm sure they have a trick up their sleeve!"

A breeze blew through the open window, the cold Montana winds chilling her to the bone. She didn't mind though, she was too excited to focus on something inconsequential like the cold winter. It was already factored into her predictions anyways, paying more attention to it was a waste of valuable time that could be spent on thinking about more important things. Much more important things.
Assassin of Black
Ainsworth Workshop

The Manslayer swaggered into the room by himself, a quiet smile on his face as he looked around the room. While his entrance wasn't nearly as loud in volume as Tawara's, it still screamed danger. All one would need to do is glance at the Assassin of Black to tell what class he was, no, what type of person he was. Okada Izou is a Manslayer through and through, so of course he would be summoned as an Assassin. The only other class he could possibly be viable for would be Saber, and Saber was already in the room. Speaking of, the first thing his eyes landed on was the Saber and his swords, a dangerous glint in his eyes as he leaned against a wall. "Hey you! Saber right?" His smile was lazy, yet his eyes were filled with bloodlust as he put a hand on the hilt of his sword. "You wouldn't object to a friendly spar with another manslayer right?" Everyone else in the room was ignored, the focus of Okada's attention was Lancelot alone as he practically leaked his intent to the room. If Lancelot agreed to this, it was all but guaranteed that one of them would die by the end of the fight.
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