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3 mos ago
Current Sun Tzu once said: "If you or your loved ones have contracted mesothelioma, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Call the toll-free number on your screen now to see if you qualify."
1 yr ago
Beating your meat is a waste of time, when you can beat evildoers instead.
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1 yr ago
If they just have horns then no. But if they're horny, they best watch out.
1 yr ago
Horny people are not protected under the constitution, or the law.
2 yrs ago
Jojo Part 5 having Jodeci's "Freek'N You" as its ending theme gives me more life than anyone could imagine.


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Xaltwind 9 mos ago
D'awww, that's a cute avatar.
Also, I see you, spyin' on my profile.. Begone, defender of hypocrisy and nemesis of carnal desires! D<
PsyEmbrace 11 mos ago
Who is that in your avatar, if I may ask?
Ammokkx 3 yrs ago
wolf paws 4 yrs ago
can I have some meme pls
CitrusArms 4 yrs ago
I still love your shitpost gifs.
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