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In Pokémon: Hoenn Fantasy 22 Apr 2017 13:20 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay

"Road to freedom - here I come!"

On the other hand, the daily life of Yuffie Kisaragi was nothing dream-like or fluffy. Well, it would be impossible with your mother nagging at your heels.

"Yuffie!" The most irritating voice in the young girl's life called again, this time right outside the door of her 'shattered paradise' (a.k.a. her bedroom, actually). "What's taking you so long? Hurry up!"

Yuffie groaned, but she didn't snap back. After all, today was the last day she would be staying in this stifling house with an overbearing mother, to start her journey as a Pokemon trainer - with newfound freedom.

Ignoring the ridiculously stuffed backpack that her mother had prepared for her the night before, she simply packed the bare minimum - only the most essential supplies out of all the excess junks - into her favorite waist pouch. Seriously, who'd want to carry so much unnecessary dead weight on a long trip? Is she trying to kill my back at this age?

Besides, the black pouch fitted her green-and-navy outfit way better than that girly, pink backpack. A quick check at the mirror on her wardrobe door confirmed her thoughts, before she fastened a headband around her forehead - to keep the annoying bangs out of her big, pretty eyes!

Behind the mirror, her bedroom was the literal definition of chaos: not only your usual 'things were all over the place' kind of mess, but there were signs of contradictions - a battle between the sexes. Bits of feminine colors and decorations poked out of hasty attempts to cover them up with various posters of Zack Fair, two-time Hoenn League Champion, bearing the quotes: "To be a Pokemon Master, you need to have dreams!" and "Salamence is my living legacy!" in thick, manly brush strokes. A training schedule was ruthlessly slapped over the shameful drawing of her family she did in preschool, on the wall just above her study desk filled with loose sheets of paper and broken pencils.

She gave her room one last glance, setting the Riolu plushie upright on top of the mess of clothes she had emptied out of the backpack, then she skipped down the stairs and raced for the front door.

...Unfortunately, she was still not fast enough.

"Yuffie?" Her mother raised her head as she set down breakfast on the dining table. "Have some eggs-- Wait, where is your bag?"

Determined not to look back, Yuffie hopped onto her bicycle and pedaled off in a mad dash, far away from the wrath of her furious mother...

And heading towards the sanctuary of Professor Cid Birch's laboratory.

After what felt like an hour (only fifteen minutes in real time) of non-stop cycling, Yuffie finally slowed down to a halt. The tension from her strong desire to get away from her mother as fast as she could have left her rather drained on such a fine morning - with heavy panting and aching legs. Letting out a loud sigh, she looked up at the sky.

"To start my own adventure, huh," she murmured, her dark eyes following the clouds that drifted by lazily. A sudden gust blew some of her hair into her face, forcing her to lower her head and shake off the bangs. She pedaled off once more, this time at a normal speed, before finally pulling up in front of the lab.

She already had her mind set on which to pick as her starter. The one that could match her speed - physically and mentally. The one that could live up to her Ninja Way. Sucking in a deep breath, she parked her bike just below the front door window, then she walked up to the entrance.

"Heeeeey! I'm Yuffie from Littleroot Town. I'm here to get my first Pokemon!"
Kyoukai no Rinne
Money is blood. Money is love. Stingy is the way of life.

Supernatural philosophy x Japanese folklore x over-the-top WafuGothic fashion have never been so sexually arousing.

The lake that gave Baybridge its name, the buildings that lined the waterfront... Nothing seemed to have changed much in the three years Haruka Takashiro and Jennifer Caspin were away from the city.

What had changed, was the hearts of the people.

Not just in America. Everywhere that the two of them had been to, they were surrounded by fear, distrust, hatred... racism towards Metahumans. Which made their goal, to look for Jennifer's ex-employer Megan and their friend Cindy Keagan, much harder than expected.

And now, they were back to square one. Following the leads that had brought them around the world, their next destination was home. Back to this place where it had begun.

All the way to the DOVE Rally.

DOVE Rally | Regal Square, Prince Ed-Field_

For ages now, where ever Jennifer went, she just felt like a visitor. Even in Baybridge after Megan left her, it just felt like she was not permanent. While it was true that nobody knows what exactly the future held for them, it was a slow process where she finally accepted Baybridge as her home. She finally left Verthaven behind. The girl with the prehensile spine sighed as she quickly arrived in Haruka's vehicle. Heh... she sure owed a lot to him. Doing all of this, for her? In his position, Jennifer couldn't say that she wouldn't have done the same.

The drive had been pretty smooth. Too smooth, in fact. In all of Haruka's previous experiences, this was probably the prelude to something worse that would be happening soon. How ironic - to think that he was becoming as pessimistic as his own brother. And speaking of Shizuka, he should get around greeting his younger counterpart. He would have loved to give him a surprise of sorts, but he might have to give that stupid idea up, not when his twin was even harder to get hold of ever since his promotion in RAVEN.

Haruka chose to park the car a little further away from the DOVE Rally area. It would be harder to find a spot nearer to the event parameter; besides, no one knew they were coming back to Baybridge, not yet. He then turned to Jennifer. "Is Megan really going to show up at this rally?"

"There's a chance," Jennifer said, as she leaned back in the car. "Remember what her crew said? She was heading to Baybridge..."

She looked at the window for a moment.

"...And this looks like a place she'd be."

Black Fall, Pennsylvania
A few weeks ago_

Black Fall... Jennifer heard so much about this place, and would love to be here under different circumstances. At the moment, she had a mission.

She fell from a window, and landed on her knee. Two large lumps appeared at the end of her wrists, and two bone spears broke through her skin. The lights flashed on as her blue eyes scanned the room. The first thing she focused on was the hulking Nemesis. His attire had drastically changed. From a long coat and helmet to a more casual button-up where Jenny questioned just where he got it from. He had a mask that transferred chemicals to his mouth area. The brute faced her down, but he couldn't communicate, so Jennifer's business with him was rather minimal.

"...So, you're back, Missy." A man floated down from the sky with a blue aura... and it was Ray Drager, the annoying one with the telekinetic hands. He landed on top of the shipping container above her, and he looked down at her.

"Name's Jennifer," she answered, her voice laced with venom. "I have a question to ask you."

"Shoot, Jenny," Ray said, as he sat on the edge of the shipping crate, unaware of Jennifer's rather murderous plan B if she didn't get what she wanted.

She stared Ray down. "Where is Megan?"

"Yeah," Ray scoffed, and he grinned. "And here I was thinking I was the only person asking that question."

Jennifer narrowed her eyes, as Ray raised two fingers up in the air.

"Two years ago, Megan Jervious said she was investigating the Founding Family in Baybridge on her own... and never came back. Even when we went there on our own; couldn't find her."

"I don't believe you," Jennifer hissed.

"Well, I don't know what to tell you, then," Ray shrugged. "When you take into account she has the best shape-shifting in the damn world, the only way you'll find her..."

Ray trailed off, and Jennifer had to hold her tongue.

"...Is if she wants you to." Ray shrugged. "So, we just set up shop here in Black Fall, and let her do whatever the hell she wants. Honestly, it's better this way. Now, we can actually get something done..."

Jennifer rolled her eyes. Knowing Ray, he probably told the truth. There wasn't much reason for him to lie. After all, Megan was unpredictable. So far, this entire journey was pointless, and they were probably going for Cindy more than anything. If Megan was with the Family, then she needed answers from her; but like Ray said, the only way to find her was if she wanted to be found.

And that wasn't anything reliable.

Honestly, they should probably just head back to Baybridge. They wasted far too much time chasing after ghosts. Without a word, she whipped around and walked out the door.

"...Best of luck to ya'." Ray said.


Jennifer had told him that she would meet her 'old crew' on her own, and Haruka didn't even try to argue his way with her decision. It was for the best, that he should respect her wish to do what she had to do alone.

Besides, there was another thing he could do while Jennifer was away on her own business.

Find Cindy.

...Though, the leads they could get on their friend was even scarcer than the elusive Megan. The irony.

He dug his hands deeper into his windbreaker pockets. Sure, it seemed like a long-awaited chance for the two to finally take a break from all the melodrama of the place they thought they could call home, but it was hard to pretend they could enjoy this road trip, not when they had too many questions unanswered, too much burdens to bear.

He turned around a corner and slipped into an alleyway. A shortcut to get to where the slim ray of hope that might be able to lead their wild goose chase to somewhere.

However, he wasn't expecting to come face to face with a certain someone. His ghost.

"Oh? What a surprise!" That pretentious tone in Mandarin was nowhere enough to fool Haruka, not after what he had been through these few years. He narrowed his eyes at the voice so familiar that could make his ears bleed from the cringy sweetness.

"...What do you want this time?"

"Now, now, that's not how you should talk to your elders." Xing Huo clicked her tongue with mock disapproval at Haruka's passive-aggressiveness. "It appears that I still have much to teach my precious sons, hmm?"

The former Fire Spirit of Polaris didn't seem to have changed one bit in the three-year span. It was a mystery to Haruka as much as to anyone else how this woman was able to retain her youth. The young man could swear that she was definitely much older than she looked.

Even stranger that this time, Xing Huo wasn't showy about her fashion sense as usual. If she hadn't called out to him, he wouldn't have given a second glance at the dull trenchcoat she wore today. Obviously not some branded nonsense, just an ordinary piece of clothing that you could easily buy from any department store at a discounted price.

He narrowed his eyes at her.

Which only made the lady sigh, not without some dramatic effect. "After I've done so much to help you and your pitiful girlfriend, it's still not enough to earn your trust? No love?"

"Do I have to repeat myself and take those words out of your mouth every damn time we meet like this?"

"Uh, uh." Xing Huo wagged a finger before his face. "Patience is a virtue, especially at such a crucial time." Her blood-red lips curled into a smile. "I'm not as cruel as your birth mother, and I'm actually here to give you good news!"

She suddenly leaned forward, and Haruka felt her hand in his pocket, clasping around his fingers... and something hard. A micro SD card?

"When you have the free time, have a look at it - alone," she chuckled, winking at him. "It's not something for that rag doll you've been dragging around to see. You won't want her to see it if you want to keep that walking corpse to yourself forever." With another melodic laugh, she straightened up and strode off; soon she was gone in a blink of an eye.

Hands still in his pockets, Haruka clenched his fists, the small chip pressed into one of his palms.

Back to present time, DOVE Rally_

If what Jennifer had said about Megan was right, it'd be pointless for them to try searching for someone who didn't want to be found in a huge mob of people in this event. Haruka got out of the car, his eyes narrowed, a reflexive reaction due to brightness from the sun above his head. He waited for Jennifer to get off too, before he walked up to her. "We haven't really enjoyed ourselves throughout this road trip. I think this time we should try relaxing a bit, and have some fun."

That was all Jennifer really wanted at this time... just to have fun. Stop worrying about where Cindy, or Megan was, and finally live by her own terms.

He scratched the back of his head. "Well, just killing time together until Megan finally shows herself before us. What do you say?"

She smiled.

"...I'd love to."
Pokemon Sun & Moon (2017)
Where Ash takes a de-aging pill and finally goes to school - in a faux Hawaiian region.
Take yo time. It's the same for me too. (Spring flu. The joy.)

I should fucking finish up Haru's post now that my fever is more or less gone.

Gaying at the cake area, DOVE Rally
Regal Square, Prince Ed-Field_

Now it was Shizuka's turn to raise an eyebrow. Not only Quentin, but Maximilian too? He was as equally curious about this tall guy - who had just introduced himself as 'Daniel Forsythe' (weird surname that sounded like a swear word in some Asian dialect) - as the counterpart was towards him.

"No, I don't think we've met," Shizuka replied, agreeing. "I'm Shizuka. A pleasure to meet you." Giving up on the funnel cake because it looked more disgusting on closer look, he continued to focus his attention on Daniel. "Oh? So how are you acquainted to both Quentin and Maximilian, even having Max as your mentor?"

Shizuka, now I remember him.

Shizuka was someone both Max and Quentin spoke of, but never really met him. From the few times he went to headquarters, he never quite saw him as anymore than another agent. Strange how that works. Daniel shrugged, as he put his hand in his pocket.

"It's great to meet you, too."

He responded, but, his other question made him a bit worried. His eyes shot open a bit, before he awkwardly scratched the back of his neck. He knew both Maximilian and Quentin were close to him, and he knew that Shizuka probably wasn't an idiot... so he wondered how he would react if he told him that he was the apprentice for a monster...

The silence had gone on far too long, and it became obvious that Daniel was uncomfortable, and was just looking for a way out... before the perfect response hit him, and he felt stupid for not coming up with it soon.

"There's a reason why I'm so close to RAVEN..." He scratched the back of his neck nervously, "...I just don't feel comfortable talking about it out here, with so many people."

Daniel's nervous body language didn't escape Shizuka's sharp eyes. He could tell that Daniel was hiding something, but he didn't call out to this boy just to intimidate him (even if he was shorter). Besides, he was supposed to be discreet about his duty today.

"Right," he said, glancing around to look for a more private spot... and bingo, there was a (conveniently) empty area around the corner just a short walk ahead from where they were. It was well hidden enough that barely anyone would go out of their way to purposely pass by there. "Are you in a rush? You can tell me more about it over there." He tilted his head in the direction of the deserted area.

As he began to lead the way towards the place, he felt a slight, invisible wave of sorts trying to prod his mind. He frowned, selectively turning his head intangible for a brief moment. Strange... why would a cerebral Metahuman be using their power to look for him, or even try to peek into his brain at this time?

"Not really," Daniel said as he followed Shizuka over. It felt strange telling someone outside of his little circle his past. He didn't know Shizuka that well, but if Max and Quentin trusted him, so did Daniel. He leaned up against the wall, and pulled a cigarette out of his pocket, and gently placed it in his mouth. "...Don't tell Max or Quentin, please." He requested, as he put a thumb up, igniting it with a flame from his right hand.

He sighed.

"The reason why I'm so close to Max and Quentin is simple..." He started off. "I used to be apart of the Founding Family... their inner group of cultivators."

He paused for a moment, as he tried to gauge Shizuka's reaction.

"And... I became the apprentice of Blake Schmidt. Yes... I had a hand in some of their most inhuman actions, but I turned my back on that - and when I did, they turned their back on me. Reed saved me, but... now Maximilian wants to help me be a better person. To distance myself from that lifestyle, and become a RAVEN."

Shizuka crinkled his nose at the cigarette, but made no comment other than putting a little more distance between himself and Daniel, turning his head away so that he didn't have to breathe in the smoke that came puffing right into his face. Hearing Daniel's little story - the revelation that he was once a member of the Founding Fags, and even having Blake as his mentor before Maximilian came along - didn't garner any negative reaction the boy might be expecting from the Japanese agent. Instead, Shizuka only felt a pang of sympathy for him.

"It's not like you didn't have any remorse or humanity like those Blessed Bitches anyway," he said, shrugging. "Nobody's perfect - people do make mistakes in their life. Being able to realize and face those wrongdoings, and making an effort to become a better person is what's most important."

Daniel crossed his arms as he took in Shizuka's words. He basically said the same things that Max and Quentin told him. Daniel made mistakes, yeah. Long as he wasn't continuing to make those mistakes, then he could move on. He nodded his head.

Shizuka paused for a moment, considering the last line that Daniel had told him. "Even if Max might've seen some kind of potential in you or something, It's ultimately up to your own choice whether you want to become a RAVEN, or contribute to the society in other ways."

He let out a short laugh as he had to look up at Daniel to maintain any form of eye contact. "I mean, you ain't a kid, or anyone's underling anymore. I think you're old enough to decide what you really want to do from hereon. The people around you are merely your guides to show you the right path, but whether you want to walk down that path or not, is entirely up to you."

It felt weird, that he, of all people, would be giving any sort of advice to another person, to a mere stranger. Maybe age was finally catching up with him on the inside, even though he didn't aged much appearance wise.

"You can't go back to change history. Rather than running away from your past and trying to distance yourself from something that's already a part of you, learn to embrace it, and turn it into your strength to help you stay strong, become stronger. Otherwise you'd drown yourself in endless regret, and eventually lose your mind." Just like someone I used to know, he thought sarcastically, but not without a hint of affection.

Everything that Shizuka said made an impact on Daniel. He should embrace his past.

"The past is the past, yeah," Daniel answered. "I can't forget about the past... I used to be the shining example of everything the Family wanted me to be, but now... I'm my own person."

He flicked the cigarette to the ground, and crushed it underneath his boot before he faced Shizuka. "I get to choose who I want to be, and right now..."

He hopped off the wall, before he said, "...I want to be Daniel Forsythe, even if people will judge me for my past, that is who I am at my core.

"Thank you for the talk," Daniel said. "It helped."

Shizuka was a little taken aback when Daniel thanked him. He half expected to get shot down for being a nag - at least that was what he would usually get when he tried to be nice to people like Meifeng, or even his own twin.

"Uh, sure, I guess," he replied, rubbing the back of his neck. A habitual gesture when he felt either annoyed or awkward. Though, he had to mention this before they parted ways.

"And... be careful. I've a feeling someone might be watching, or even targeting both of us. I dunno who or why, just a bad hunch."

「 Lazy Day 」

Wandering aimlessly around DOVE Rally site
Regal Square, Prince Ed-Field_

Reinald Young had been at the rally site early in the morning with the other "volunteers" - or rather, free labor in the form of his peers from Academy 61 - to put up the banners and decorations, preparing for the event. Including the main (and biggest) banner, which was hung at the entrance to welcome the crowd. It took Rein less than a day to complete that boring banner - he didn't need to put in too much work and effort when all he had to do was to make sure it looked professional... And thus, your usual, overused font types that valued readability over aesthetic appeal.

Well, the academy program students weren't here just to do unpaid work for this event. They were here for another reason: to show the public that not all Metahumans were dangerous like the Devil of Verthaven, or the Beast of Prague... even the maniacal Founding Family. Using superpowers did help to ease some of the preparation work: telekinetics could assist in putting up decorations in high places that would normally require ladders to reach, fire and ice manipulators were helping out at the food stalls with their handy abilities...

To show that as long as superpowers were used responsibly, it could benefit the people and society, and it didn't deserve the fear and hate the majority had been throwing at them all these years.

He was a little surprised - amused - at the turnout rate for this pro-Metahuman gathering, and one organized by DOVE at that. Metahuman regulation agencies such as DOVE and RAVEN had been under huge pressure ever since the Founding Family incident, blamed for various things that weren't even within their control, or even their fault in the first place. The fearful people had to put the blame somewhere, and DOVE/RAVEN was the most convenient source in Baybridge - or even the whole of North America - to make them feel a tad better, a false sense of control.

Of course, even if their way of treating the Metahuman community was a form of disgusting prejudice, Rein was aware that their fear was justifiable to some extent. There were abilities that had to be regulated, or even locked away for their potential impact on the world.

His power was one of such example. Although it didn't have obvious lethalness as physical or elemental abilities, it could upset the power balance of nations if he was used as a political tool. For now, his power wouldn't help much with the rally at the moment, so he was free to roam around the site, trying his best to enjoy himself. (Big crowds like this would make him nervous, to be honest.)

"Hey, Rein! Rein!" The Asian teen stopped in his tracks at the second time his name was called. It had been three years, and he should be used to this name. Not like the person who had raised their voice could notice the awkward delay - it was possible Rein didn't heard them the first time with all the noise around him.

Turning around, Rein came face to face with a panting girl. An African-American, with her long dark hair tied in a nice braided ponytail on the left side of her head. Both of them were wearing the same black T-shirt with the DOVE rally slogan printed on their back, to identify them as helpers at the event. He had seen her around the academy campus a few times, but he didn't make much effort to memorize names.

Rein gave the girl some time to catch her breath, then he asked, "Um... do you need me for something?"

"Yeah," she replied, still a little breathless. She swallowed, and went on, "Your power is clairvoyance, right? I need you to help me find someone. It's damn hard to search for him in a crowd like this."

Rein shrugged. "Uh, sure, I guess." He led the girl to the side, away from the throngs of people.

The girl then showed him her mobile screen. A picture of a dark-haired green-eyed boy about his age, his face a gay mix of strong European features with a girly look. She explained, "His name is Daniel Forsythe. He's also an academy student like us."

Rein raised an eyebrow. He hadn't seen this guy before in Academy 61. Maybe he was from a different campus? Though he was curious why she would be looking for this person, the Chinese boy said nothing and simply nodded, agreeing to help her.

He pulled his conscious away from the din around him, and the sound of chattering deadened, becoming more faraway. His mind slipped into his inner world - "Scape" - and the people around them were transformed into an endless corridor of colorful windows, the entrance to each and everyone of their subconscious. Their dormant dreams.

Daniel Forsythe, he thought to himself as he walked down the gallery, scrolling through the windows for the boy. He repeated the name a few times until he felt a feedback coming from his right. Turning his head, his narrowed his eyes and skimmed the windows until he found the source. On closer look, the target seemed to be talking to someone - an Asian man, but it was possible for the appearance of the person to be distorted by this Daniel guy's own perception. The pair seemed to me moving away from the crowd to a quieter area, just a few steps away from their current position.

However, when Rein switched his attention to the Asian man that Daniel had chatted with, he was surprised that he couldn't find this man's presence. Was Daniel talking to a ghost? That makes no sense. The only explanation he could come up with was that whoever the other person was, maybe they had the ability that allowed them to resist cerebral powers. If the ability wasn't passive, it was possible they might have felt his mental probing.

Returning back from his trance state, Rein's eyes refocused, and his vision was filled with the scene of the rally before him once more. Only to be suddenly blocked by the face of the girl, giving him a hard stare with those huge, dark eyes.

"How's it?"

"He's moving towards the empty stall near the dessert station," Rein spoke finally, but not without addressing the burning question on his mind. "Why are you looking for him?"

The girl didn't answer; she simply gave him a wink and brisked off, leaving a confused Rein to watch her disappearing into the crowd.
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