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1 yr ago
Current I'm not dead, not yet. Two more months to go in internship hell before I'm done with college and return to RParadise.
3 yrs ago
I find "reviews" with nothing but hollow vulgarities derisive. I'm flattered by the lack of finesse from these uncouth imbeciles with their painfully limited vocabulary to entertain my refined ego.
3 yrs ago
Over(work) 9000
3 yrs ago
"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." --Gilgamesh, Mobius Final Fantasy
4 yrs ago
♪ And so it came // Giving way to all the stress // Feel my world spin before me // Fever, sore throat burst again... ♪ --Parody to Adele's "Skyfall" with regards to my current state



"I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good."

|| Hemingyay | Longhand ||

「 M O I 」

Slowly -- but surely -- coming back from a long hiatus.

Better known by the name of Tsu. An "advanced" roleplayer with at least five years of experience on/off. In real life, he is a college student studying in Asia, majoring in design-related fields. Outside of this site, he's also a hopeless poet and an indie writer currently working on his first book (as and when he has the time and inspirations to write something). He is also active in the Harry Potter fandom through participating in fanfic competitions/challenges and building connections with gift fics.

INTP; a Pottermore-certified Slytherin but identifies himself as a Slytherclaw who is both witty and ambitious. Considers himself a Denpa Otaku -- a fan of animanga, visual novels and JRPGs, and he's as opinionated about what he likes and dislikes as every other fan out there.

「 R O L E P L A Y S 」

Roleplay invitation is strictly reserved for close friends and peers only, for now. I'm too busy to join big, open groups at the moment.

Pokemon: Hoenn Fantasy | 1x1 | @Altered Tundra
"I've come up with a new recipeh!" #IgnisIsBrock
(For the sake of RPG I'm sad to say that I have to censor most of Yuffie's horribly awesome nicknames to cater for childish SJWs.)

Sekirei: Pure Sanctuary | 1x1 | @RyuHll
Still waiting for the day Hikari can bitchslap my Orinami... and another chance for Nagisa to greet a new friend with a sniper gun under their chin.
(I just have the knack of making yanderes. #SorryNotSorry)

Star Riders: Hoshizora no Riders | 1x1 | @Inkarnate (@Gowi)
Currently having a dilemma to choose between a professional pervert and idol whore.
(You know what, let's just have them all be kinky with each other to save the damn world from killer lolis. Yay.)

Unlight | 1x1 | @Dusksong
First attempt at a romance-ish RP. Wish me luck -- and make be sober over how I can only have fictional girlfriends.
(While I try my best not to turn Meyer's perfect vamps into assholes because I'm really itching to do that for the lolz.)

「 L I N K S 」

Tsukune Reservoir Chronicle
The graveyard where I dump all mah character sheets (and some lore notes because why not).

Tsukune World Chronicle
Coding workshop for iChecks and OOCs, from sluggish actives to upcoming epics... and even dead failures.

The Art & Beauty of BBCoding
The most comprehensive guide to BBcoding on RPG. #NotBragging

Longhand / Hemingyay
Before RPer, I'm first and foremost a writer.

Double, double, toil and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble
Double, double, toil and trouble
Something wicked this way comes!

「 Q U O T E S 」

It's the origin to the greatest ideas ever known to mankind."

"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, yet the highest form of intelligence."
Oscar Wilde

"Sarcasm is love. Sarcasm is life."
"If I don't get at least one sarcastic observation from you per day, I would think something was seriously wrong with you IRL."

"You are one known for some pretty fucked up stories."


Vivi, World of Final Fantasy

Anonymous Meme

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Did the Gaybridge discord just went...

Banned because it's Briza and it's you.
In Alphabet Game 3 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
Almost all my characters have a portion of me in them. It can be similar beliefs and values, or personalities, interests, background...
Helps me to be able to get in touch with my characters and allow me to slip into their shoes through that connection.

Suggestions by others above me are useful in their own ways, too. Like Lady A sometimes theme song does aid me to get into the mood of the character, or like Poohead, making characters that I do enjoy playing as.
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