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Getting back on track with RPing. Slowly, but surely.
3 mos ago
Been having a pretty rough RL thing going on in my life lately. Family related, long story, but it's looking a bit better now. Getting back to RPing again.
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Finally gave my bio profile an overhaul. Now it looks so much cleaner and more professional - without toning down my usual snarks.
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Over(work) 9000
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"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." --Gilgamesh, Mobius Final Fantasy



"Love is an illogical necessity that exists solely for the survival of humanity."

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「 M O I 」

Just a random Asian dude living in the (near) future well past the legal drinking age but still rotting away in college at the moment. Likes learning new languages and the culture behind each of them, though he only understands enough to get by everyday conversations that don't sound like automatic machine guns. By the way, English isn't his first language, and it's through shedding lots of blood and sweat that he's able to reach here, to this current level of crap writing you're reading now.

Still want to read on? He applauds you for your stubbornness.

A proud sarcastizen who is constantly suffering from insomniac eccentricity, and a curious soul who will try to give new things a shot whenever possible, but he's ultimately still as opinionated as you are (yes, you), with his own flair of weird taste in the kind of stories or settings he enjoys working with. Rumored to be a closet sadist who enjoys sitting back and let you despicable minions to try and humor him, entertain him with all your sex jokes and colorful insults... but few have succeeded to tickle him enough not to snort at you failures and blatantly ignore your worthless existence.

Other than having five years of roleplaying experience on/off under his belt, he's also a writing hobbyist with novel-quality writing that can put you all native English writers to shame. To rub salt further into your face, he's now getting paid for his shitty writing - yes, he is finally making money with his hobby and passion for the literal arts. Doing his dream job. And of course, to inflate his own sorry ego.

Forever busy - going through the Dark Ages of horribly limited internet access, and may disappear from time to time to wage war on retarded school projects. Mostly writes at an advanced level and highly encourages collaborative writing, even for 1x1s. Also, he's one of those shameless kind who would rather do so in threads and show the whole world his writing too epic for you people to appreciate his true worth.

He's lame, he's sarcastic, and he has been severely infected with Randomness Syndrome that he should be drowned in a pool of salt for his bad jokes... Hang on, why is being an innocent cinnamon roll a crime to humanity?

「 R O L E P L A Y S 」

Roleplay invitation is restricted to friends and peers I'm close with only, for the time being. I'm too busy to join open groups at the moment.

Baybridge Gaybitch: Halcyon Days | Group | @Surtr (Mr Allen J)
Shizuka is back to break the fifth wall kick moar asses. Butting heads with Allen's gayest, penis-loving team of cringy characters. Lovely.
(Because of my personal roleplaying policy, I'm stuck with this gay group RP - again.)

Saisei: The Crimson Dawn | Group | @Inkarnate (@Gowi)
Too deep in canon joke that now I have to hope my character won't be the first to die.
(Because I got invited by a friend to join this, I have to break my own rule - again.)

The Rejects: a Masks roleplay | Tabletop | @Grey & @Raijinslayer
The result of me mixing Dracula with Star Wars. And a bit of... sexy awesomeness.
(My first time doing a tabletop outside of my RL circle. This is gonna be a casual one so shouldn't kill my brain cells as much as my other RP projects... As if.)

Pokemon: Hoenn Fantasy | 1x1 | @Altered Tundra
"I've come up with a new recipeh!" #IgnisIsBrock
(For the sake of RPG I'm sad to say that I have to censor most of Yuffie's horribly awesome nicknames to cater for childish SJWs.)

Sekirei: Pure Sanctuary | 1x1 | @RyuHll
Still waiting for the day Hikari can bitchslap my Orinami... and another chance for Nagisa to greet a new friend with a sniper gun under their chin.
(I just have the knack of making yanderes. #SorryNotSorry)

Star Riders: Hoshizora no Riders | 1x1 | @Inkarnate (@Gowi)
Currently having a dilemma to choose between a professional pervert and idol whore.
(You know what, let's just have them all be kinky with each other to save the damn world from killer lolis. Yay.)

Unlight | 1x1 | @Dusksong
First attempt at a romance-ish RP. Wish me luck - and make be sober over how I can only have fictional girlfriends.
(While I try my best not to turn Meyer's perfect vamps into assholes because I'm really itching to do that for the lolz.)

「 L I N K S 」

Tsukune Reservoir Chronicle
The graveyard where I dump all mah character sheets (and some lore notes because why not).

Tsukune World Chronicle
Coding workshop for iChecks and OOCs, from sluggish actives to upcoming epics... and even dead failures.

The Art & Beauty of BBCoding
The most comprehensive guide to BBcoding on RPG. #NotBragging

Destiny Chronicle / d-Chronos
Before RPer, I'm first and foremost a writer.

kowaresouna hodo sutemide ai o dakishimeruyo
tatoe sore ga yumemaboroshi demo kamawanai!
終われない このままじゃ ねぇ 最後は君の
owarenai kono mama ja nee saigo wa kimi no
furueru honne o ore ni sarashitekure!

「 Q U O T E S 」

It's the origin to the greatest ideas ever known to mankind."

"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, yet the highest form of intelligence."
Oscar Wilde

"Sarcasm is love. Sarcasm is life."
"If I don't get at least one sarcastic observation from you per day, I would think something was seriously wrong with you IRL."

"You are one known for some pretty fucked up stories."


Vivi, World of Final Fantasy

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"Where are all my cute little minions?"
Come here and let me administer the Kiss of Death on your fat, lovely lips, ohohoho..."
Moi. I need to first figure out who among y'all is the one Leia wants to kiss most...

Don't forget, it's the Kiss of Death.
A Slytherin through and through. Love me.
I do have bits of Ravenclaw and Gryffindor if I'm in the mood to be nice, sometimes.
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Two baby monks fighting for justice while sucking their thumb.
One word: fun.
I think I've seen that old CS circulating around the net back then, even when I was only active in writing forums. It's good for personal practice to help with understanding your own characters a bit better, but as a CS there's just too much unnecessary details.

For the GMs, CS is something like an application form, because technically we are applying our character to join the GM's world and universe, and it's a way for the GM to find out if the player's character (or even the player themselves) are suited for the RP. This is especially so when the players joining are people you have never worked with before, and you don't know them well enough personally.

Of course, with people you've already built a good level of trust in, leeway and more flexibility can be worked out with them because there's mutual understanding between both parties to know how to work together with each other unless that person is an insufferable douchebag, then I applaud your god-tier patience with such people.

For me, as a player, the CS is more than an app form or something for formality sake. It is an archive, a library where everything I should know about someone's characters is kept so I can always go back to refer when I need to double check for consistency while working on my posts, or even collaborating with these players to interact with their characters. I mean, I can't possibly recall every little detail of every single character in all the roleplays I'm participating in, so other than going through the IC, the CS is important to me for reference purpose.

「 Point of Return 」

Academy 61, Roseview_

Ever since the little break-in incident with Wendy and co. - together with a grumpy Kannix - few nights ago, Rein hadn't stepped out of the academy for another adventure (and getting into another close call again)... Not when he was currently under watch from returning to the dormitory way past midnight. He had to take a long detour to get Kannix back to her home in Springtown first, which was the least he could do after getting her involved in this mess if it wasn't for him. He couldn't help feeling a tad responsible, even if no one was to blame. (There were definitely better ways to do it than breaking into someone's house uninvited.)

There wasn't much he could do while he had to stay indoors, so he spent most of his free time in the library. Housing the largest book collection in Baybridge, it was the perfect place to do some research on his own. If there was somewhere he could look for Metahuman-related information, the academy's library was the best place to start off.

Rein strolled deeper into the labyrinth of bookshelves, towards the shelves where archives of Metahuman-related journals and research materials were located. He zoomed into the section marked with the letter 'R' - to look for any papers written by Sean Rosier.

It was less about his suspicion towards Wendy. Of how she got the books with that shocking revelation, of how her secretive involvement with the Founding Family that she was obviously reluctant to divulge to an outsider like him... It was more to satisfy his own curiosity about the relationship between the existence of Metahuman powers with reality bending, even with the possibility of parallel dimensions of their current world.

To any logical person, Wendy's proclamation was a tall tale - too far-fetched to believe in, too abstract to spare the time and thought to even consider the possibility of her findings. But Rein chose to give her the benefit of doubt, merely because of his own experience.

What if her crazy story might help to shed some light to 'Scape', his own powers?

As he had suspected, there wasn't any materials written by this 'Sean Rosier' he could find. He wondered if his papers were removed by the likes of the Family - or even some bigger and badder organizations out there - to prevent ordinary bookworms like him to access such dangerous information that could easily overturn this world... for the worse.

He let out an inaudible sigh as he finally straightened up, disappointed at hitting another dead end. So he'd be stuck with browsing for generic books on the theories around parallel dimensions and the Black Fall Effect...

"...Rein." The Asian boy looked up, distracted by a whisper behind him. It was the same African-American girl who had asked for his help back at the DOVE rally. He raised an eyebrow at her.

"Sorry to startle you," she spoke again in the same low voice. "But I just can't help, well, noticing you. Not in that way, if you know what I mean... but, yeah."

Now both of Rein's eyebrows were arched. Something about the girl's vagueness with her words demanded all his attention on her.

The girl shifted her eyes from Rein's face down to his hands. "I've always found it strange... that you're always glowing the brightest whenever I use my power."

She took a step closer to him. "Maybe it's because our powers are very similar... that we're both clairvoyants of sorts. I think you might be able to help me as much as I'm going to help you."

"...What do you mean?" And more importantly, "Sorry, but who are you?"

"Ah," the girl exclaimed, then looked around sheepishly when she realized she was too loud. "Abigail. Abigail Dixon." However, Rein still didn't show any sign of recognition at the name, so she added on, "We're in the same class for, you know, Physics?"

"...Oh-kay." Rein wasn't convinced. Sure, he would see her around the campus from time to time, but he didn't recall them being in the same classes. He chose to keep that to himself and nodded, waiting for the girl to go on.

Abigail grabbed his hand. "My power... I can see these psychic lines that connects different people together. I still can't control or fully understand what these lines mean, but I can't change or prevent these connections from happening, no matter how I try to stop them."

"Hmm..." Rein looked down as he considered her words. "Something like the 'threads of fate' in Asian culture?" Interesting. Another vague ability just like his, but it didn't sound as complicated as Scape.

"If you say so." Abigail shrugged. She seemed rather distracted and not paying much attention to the conversation, her focus still on his hand.

"Uh... Is there something on my hand?"

That pulled Abigail out of her own thoughts. "M'bad," she mumbled, and let go of Rein's hand in surprise. "Well... I think you'd understand better if I show you how my power works."

Rein tilted his head to the side, frowning at the girl. "How?"

"I'll lead you to the person you're supposed to meet," was the simple reply, and with that Abigail tugged at his arms to drag him out of the library.

...And she led him to a music room. Where someone was at the grandpiano playing a classical piece. The melody sounded familiar, though Rein couldn't quite recall the title of the score. He didn't recognize the stranger either, but something about this person made him feel he might have seen that face somewhere before. They seemed just as surprised when the pair barged into the room (with quite a bang, no less).

Before the pianist could open his mouth, Abigail spoke first. "We're students of the Academy." Then she turned to Rein. "I merely followed the psychic string attached to your hand... and it led us here, to this person." Her eyes shifted from Rein back to the pianist with a knowing look before she left the room.

The stranger let out a small chuckle as they stood up and moved away from the grandpiano once Abigail was out of sight. "Not the kind of first meeting I'm expecting, but it saves the trouble to get in touch and set up a meeting with each other."

Rein narrowed his eyes at the pianist. "Did you ask Abigail to bring me here?"

The stranger shook their head and returned Rein's glare with amusement. "That's my first time seeing her," they replied, leaning their back on the piano with elbows resting on the polished cover.

Something else the pianist had said before continued to nudge in Rein's mind. "So your target is... me?"

"Interesting choice of words," the pianist commented, then straightened up and walked closer to Rein. "It's true I've wanted to see you, but not like this."

The two continued to lock gaze with each other. Rein had never met this person before, but he couldn't help feeling at ease. He didn't feel any hostility or tension from the pianist, only this strange tranquility - an urge to trust this person.

Urge? To trust someone I know nothing at all? He found himself laughing on the inside at that stupid thought. Though, this unnerving mind game made him forgot about his manners.

"Oh, I'm Rein, by the way."

The pianist nodded once in acknowledgement, but their face remained impassive. "I know who you are - and that is not your real name."

Rein's eyes widened when the stranger switched to Japanese, the wild beating of his heart felt as if they were amplified in his ears.

"Pleasure to meet you, Yagami Naoki-kun. I'm Haruka," the pianist returned the greeting with equal politeness. "I believe you have some information about my mother, Asami Takashiro."

"Contact established as you've requested," Abigail spoke into her mobile once she left the building of the Music faculty.

"Good, good..." the voice of a mature woman replied from the other end of the call. She had a funny accent - clearly someone who wasn't a native English speaker. "What do you think of him so far?"

"Weak," was the immediate response. "Undependable. I don't get why he's that important to you - or anyone, at all. His power wasn't anything special."

The woman laughed. "Do you actually believe that is all he's capable of?" Abigail could feel the woman sneering at her through the tone alone. "If any government is aware of his true abilities, they would all love to kill each other for him."

Abigail's grip on the phone tighten. "Wha--?"

"That's all you need to know," the woman cut her off. "Just make sure he doesn't fall into the wrong hands."

And the call ended.

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Don't get me wrong -- I do not have a major issue with color-coding text in RP posts. I mean, I am technically doing that in the RPs I'm doing with you two, Tundra and Gowi.

It's just that I do find it kinda troublesome if I have to do that for a really big post. If I'm going to color-code stuff, I will do that thoroughly -- not just the main character's dialogue and thoughts, but also the NPCs (usually using silver so they don't stand out too much), and even coding/designing entire layout of the post. I'm not much of an aesthetic trash like Tundra, but if I'm doing it I am a hopeless perfectionist who doesn't like half-assed work.
It's merely a whining from me, that's all.

Coming back to the main topic, I'm perfectly fine with doing that for aesthetic purpose, as long as the words are readable.
...Which, sadly I've lost count the number of times I feel like we can just forget about color-coding in IC because it hurts to read all the unreadable colored text.
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