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Eryn Montero

Pureplain City || Kalmia’s Lab || Mid-Morning

“What was that about it not being able to serve me?” Eryn called back with a grin when the Skorupi reeled back in terror. The tides had turned, and she was going to take full advantage of that.

Oaken’s reaction, however, made Eryn pause. Was he threatening his Pokemon—a Pokemon he’d only recently received? And over something like a fear of fire when the Skorupi, being a bug-type, was completely right to want to avoid it? As if Eryn could ever get mad at Dei for being afraid of water! Frustrated, perhaps, after repeated efforts to introduce it to him, but he’d be in the right to want to steer clear of it.

“Hey, why don’t you go back to lecturing me instead of your Pokemon?” Eryn jeered. For all his bluster as a trainer, Oaken seemed less focused on training than on winning. He was set on proving a point, and Eryn had only herself to blame for thinking that he might be someone she could look up to.

That said, Eryn owed it to Dei and the Skorupi to see the battle to its end. Both Pokemon needed the experience, and at the very least, the Skorupi could begin to work on its fear.

“Okay Dei, let’s do that again! Aim for the head!” She couldn’t be sure if the fire on Dei’s tail was strong enough to burn the Skorupi through its natural armor, so aiming for the unprotected parts was a good bet, perhaps tapping into the Skorupi’s natural phobia in the process.


Eryn Montero

Pureplain City || Kalmia’s Lab || Mid-Morning

“Dei!” Adrielle watched, hands clenched, as the Skorupi struck Dei across his face, leaving visible scratches. Though Dei had managed to strike the Skorupi twice before it retaliated, the difference in power between their blows meant that Dei would likely lose the exchange in the long run if Eryn didn’t come up with something, and fast.

“That’s not what I was hoping for!” Eryn yelled back at Oaken when he started going on about luck again, annoyance spiking as she racked her brain for her next move. Growl? Considering the power difference, a cutback in attack was unlikely to do much. Another Scratch? It definitely wouldn’t win her the battle, but she also had no other offensive alternatives.

“Wait,” Eryn said, striking on an idea. “Dei, your tail. Use your tail!”

While he clearly heard her, Dei looked rightfully confused. The spark of understanding that flashed through his eyes a moment later, though, reassured Eryn that he too had seen the flame on his flicking tail, and he relayed this to Eryn with an affirmative “Char!”

“Alright, Dei. Growl and hit ‘em with your tail!” So what if she was inventing moves at this point? As far as she was concerned, every weapon—or not—that Dei had at his disposal was fair game. Evolution had granted him a flaming tail, and she’d see that he use it.


Eryn Montero

Pureplain City || Kalmia’s Lab || Mid-Morning

‘Agreeable’ wasn’t a word Eryn would immediately use to describe herself, but she figured it fit, even though the way Oaken said it made it sound more like an insult than a compliment.

When Oaken released his Skorupi, Eryn grinned, then dropped her grin the second after when she realized the dilemma at hand: Dei knew no fire-type moves at level five. Oaken kindly reminded her of this fact, and she resisted snarking back. She could live with not having an advantage. After consulting her Pokedex for the Skorupi’s moves, though, Eryn realized that as it stood, the poison-type actually held the advantage, which was never a good thought to have after the battle challenge had been issued.

A backwards glance from Dei, however, brought her back to the present. She hadn’t chased trainership because it was easy or immediately rewarding. No, she was in for the long haul—the ups and downs, the wins and the losses. So what if she needed to have luck on her side to win? Fighting and learning from those fights was the goal, and in order to do that, Eryn would have to give it her all every time.

In this case, though, it called for some reckless creativity with two options.

“Let’s go, Dei. Scratch twice!” In comparison to Leer, Growl would only serve to prolong the battle, and Eryn didn’t like dragging things out for longer than necessary. While it would potentially soften the Skorupi’s blow, she’d have to have Dei strike sooner or later, and she opted for sooner on the off chance that maybe a good Scratch would throw the Skorupi off-kilter enough to fit in a second.

Hearing her orders, Dei rushed forwards towards the Skorupi, his teeth bared and his mind intent on giving the Skorupi a good slashing.


Eryn Montero

Pureplain City || Kalmia’s Lab || Mid-Morning

The four trainers under Jacques’ wing had four distinct personalities, though none any less determined to go far than Eryn herself, it seemed. There was Simon, a hotshot with lines after which Eryn had to wince a little, and Rodger, the oldest of the group who hinted at a past with Jacques that seemed less than desirable. There was also Oaken, a bitter boy with glasses who seemed to want to prove himself to Kalmia above all else, and Vivia, a girl who quickly cast off her shy mask to show that she was no less ambitious than the rest of the group when it came down to it.

While Eryn couldn’t immediately see who she’d want to challenge, she figured that, after a moment, she may as well challenge someone who looked like they’d be able to offer her the most feedback after the battle, if she did lose. Not that she was planning to—Eryn had every intention of stomping her opponent, but she figured that she may as well stomp someone who knew what they were doing. And of the four, Oaken struck her as someone who did, perhaps because of his cool confidence in the face of the other three’s straightforward ones. That he had a point to prove also helped, since people fighting with a goal in mind tended to fight harder to achieve it.

“I’ll go with Oaken,” Eryn said, looking at the boy in question with a grin, her Charmander at her side turning immediately to face him, teeth bared. “I’m Eryn. Nice to meet’cha, fight’cha. So, where do you wanna do this?”


Azumi Taketori

Morning || Konoha

When Ai finished her explanation, Azumi quickly glanced to her teammates. Minori had moved closer, indicating his willingness to work together, and Masumi did the same, much to her surprise. Having seen his earlier attitude, she’d expected him to be more disagreeable, but she was glad he wasn’t truly all he seemed.

“So what should we do? Have one person distract her while the other two try to grab the chest?”

“That’s pretty obvious, don’t you think? She’d be expecting that.” Masumi’s eyes flicked to Ai. “We should try something she wouldn’t expect—or something that isn’t immediately obvious, at least. Like having Azumi grab the chest.”

“”W-what? Azumi’s eyes widened. “I-I don’t think—”

“What do you think, Minori?” Masumi turned his gaze on Minori, so Azumi did the same. Sure Ai probably wouldn’t expect her to grab the chest, but neither did she! She couldn’t even see herself getting close to it, much less grabbing it. Surely one of her teammates—both clearly more skilled than herself—would fare a lot better?

Masumi Rinha

Morning || Konoha

Seeing as Minori seemed the reasonable sort, Masumi figured he’d probably agree with the plan. Ai was clearly testing the group’s teamwork, as she said herself, and as much as Masumi hated to trust Azumi to do anything skill-related, he and Minori made much better distractions than she did. In fact, done correctly, Azumi would have the easiest job: snatch and go.

“We would all charge her to distract her, but Azumi will lag a little behind—intentionally. Then, when Ai isn’t expecting it, Azumi will grab the chest.”

Asuka Kurama

Mid-morning || Konoha

Ryuu took the news well—almost better than some Anbu, which surprised Asuka. But then again, he was the head of the police. It was a problem these days, underestimating others. The riskiness of Anbu missions had led her to default to underestimating rather than overestimating those around her because, in cases that something went wrong, she had only herself to rely on. It was a precarious balance of valuing her teammates, the mission, and her own survival. Asuka had rarely had to choose between the three, but when she did, she never liked looking back.

When Ryuu addressed her, his use of the word “partner” hadn’t been lost on her, and as much as she hated dredging up the past, if her captain had approved her leave of absence, then there was no reason for her to refuse. With everything that was happening, it seemed like a decade-old set of questions might actually be answered one day, and though Asuka hated to say she hoped, she did now.

“Nothing in this room, partner.” Ryuu’s sharp gaze told not voice anything unnecessary—which, really, was unnecessary. One of the first things an Anbu learned was that words should be kept as a limited ration, and Asuka had never minded that.

Asuka flicked her eyes to the upper corner of the room where a security camera hung: were there tapes?


Natsuko Rinha

Early Morning || Land of Lightning Outskirts

Stifling her giggles with a hand so Hachiro wouldn’t get the wrong idea—which was that Natsuko loved every bit of this prank—she watched as Koharu tried to calm and help the wild animal that was Minoru. “Be brave, Sensei!” she called before covering her mouth so that the giggles wouldn’t escape.

Beside her, Hachiro, who’d picked up on the trio’s lack of disapproval, seemed to be basking in pride, probably congratulating himself on a job well done. While Natsuko knew she shouldn’t encourage this kind of behaviour since it’d be to the detriment of Minoru, she also figured that if Kazuhiko wasn’t telling Hachiro off, then there was no reason she should.

Speaking of Kazuhiko, the boy looked more amused than he’d been all morning, which was slightly insulting since Natsuko thought she was pretty funny—or, at least, funnier than Hachiro. But, she supposed she was giving Hachiro undue credit since in this case it was Minoru who was cracking both Koharu and Kazuhiko up.

When Koharu faked the toss, Natsuko burst out laughing as well, quieting when she noticed how freely, how openly Koharu had laughed. It was precisely the type of laugh Natsuko had been trying to get out of her teammate this whole time, yet Hachiro was the one who’d done so first?

Oh, it was on, little man.

Kazuhiko Taketori

Early Morning || Land of Lightning Outskirts

Kazuhiko chuckled when Minoru screamed, the jonin’s whole body flinching back as he tried to distance himself from the nonexistent beetle Koharu had thrown. Surprisingly, though, it was Natsuko who’d calmed down first this time, and Kazuhiko looked over to see her glaring at Hachiro.

“Everything okay?” he asked, glancing at Hachiro, who had doubled over with laughter, clutching his stomach as the beetle he’d been holding crawled away on the floor. It wasn’t like Natsuko to be angry about a prank, especially not one that incited laughter.

“Perfectly.” Natsuko tone didn’t leave room for argument, and neither did the too-wide grin she gave Kazuhiko.

“Okay,” Kazuhiko said hesitantly. While Natsuko wasn’t exactly vengeful, she could be petty at times, and Kazuhiko already hated to be at the receiving end of her antics. Still, it was better Hachiro than him, he figured; the kid needed to be taken down a few notches, and he didn’t want to put himself in the line of fire unless necessary.

After the guards cleaned up the campsite, the group was on their way again. The guard captain flagged the shinobi down to talk to them about a possible threat: a rogue faction in the Lightning Country that had been vying for the daimyo’s demise. Word is that they’d hired some shinobi of their own to kidnap Hachiro—or worse. The assassins from earlier were likely hired by that faction, and there would likely be more.

Kazuhiko, while not happy to hear of the bigger threat, was not completely dismayed; the long string of menial missions Minoru had led them on before this one had been drawn on for too long, and he was glad that he would finally be offered a chance to test his skills as a full-fledged genin.


Eryn Montero

Pureplain City || Kalmia’s Lab || Morning

Seeing Skylar’s Wingull settle in on his head, Eryn turned to Dei, hands outstretched. “Want a lift?”

The Charmander sniffed in response.

“Well that went well.” Eryn turned back just as yet another boy—another starting trainer, most likely—burst through the door. More introductions, explaining, and Pokemon-giving ensued, during which Eryn watched, seeing her own emotions and more reflected in the other trainers’ eyes. At one point, tired of Dei’s constant rejections, Eryn had scooped the Charmander up and carried him around, much to his displeasure. Still, he kept his tail held away, and in return Eryn eased up on the teasing.

When Jacques appeared in the doorway, Eryn did a double-take, giving Dei an uncomfortably tight squeeze as she did so. An Elite Four member was mere feet away from her—something she hadn’t expected to happen until she went to challenge the Pokemon League herself. Obsessively following the Pokemon League’s official channels and shows on social media was one way she’d dealt with her inability to get a trainer license until graduation, and the only thing keeping her quiet at this point was the fact that she wasn’t prepared to meet a League member. She’d always planned to meet them, yes, but only after she was qualified to challenge the League. Right now, though, she was barely qualified to call herself a beginning trainer, having not even set foot outside Kalmia’s lab yet.

That it was Alice who launched into a racing mess of questions surprised Eryn a bit. What happened to the stutters, the “um’s” and pauses from a moment ago? And yet, Eryn was glad; Alice’s open adorations reminded Eryn that her own nervousness was unnecessary. By the time Alice had gotten to declaring herself for future championship, though, Eryn was staring at her. What confidence—confidence Eryn hoped to match at one point in the future.

The challenge from Jacques, therefore, was a delightful surprise. “You’re on,” she said with a grin, Dei crying agreement from her arms as she set him down.

Axl’s request to see Jacques’ team was, if fulfilled, more than Eryn could hope for. The closest she’d been to a professional team was through a television screen, so the prospect of seeing the time-honed Pokemon in-person was enthralling. At this point, she wasn’t sure if the day could get better—a statement she hoped to be able to retract if and when she left Kalmia’s lab.

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Eryn Montero

Pureplain City || Kalmia’s Lab || Morning

The knock presented a mystery, but a welcome one, since it was soon revealed that behind the door lay two other new trainers. The boy struck an interesting image, with the sunglasses, cane, and a Xatu beside him. The girl, on the other hand, seemed to be slightly disheveled, hinting that she was the source of the loud sound from slightly earlier. Off the top of her head, Eryn had the most questions about the Xatu, but she figured she'd save those for later.

When Professor Kalmia introduced Eryn, she flashed her brightest grin. “Hey! I got here just a bit earlier, so now you get to meet Dei, my Charmander!”

Flicking his tail, Dei sniffed.

“And, apparently he’s not a talker. Go figure.” The look Eryn shot Dei, though, betrayed her amusement; the sight of Dei putting on airs already was simply adorable. Besides, a proud Pokemon was much easier to deal with than a shy or nervous one, in her opinion, and getting annoyed at someone would be near impossible at the moment anyway, since she was still riding the high of officially starting her trainership.

The next few minutes went as it did for Eryn earlier, and she waited patiently as the professor finished her explanations. First the Pokemon—the Slowpoke still carrying on in its way—then the Pokedex, and finally the Pokeballs. When the trainers called out their Pokemon, Eryn watched with interest, the Pokedex in her hands pulling up their entries when they appeared.

“Dei, wanna say hi?” she asked, laughing when he looked away pointedly. “Well, I’m going to even if you aren’t.” After giving the trainers a moment to get acquainted with their Pokemon, she approached, bending down to wave at the new Pokemon. “Hey there! Nice to meet you two. Sorry about Dei. He’s probably just stingy about out-typed.” She straightened up. “Well, I’m not going to say your Pokemon are cooler than mine, but they’re cool. Except for your Xatu—he's definitely cooler.”

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Natsuko Rinha

Early Morning || Land of Lightning Outskirts

“Kidding!” Natsuko said, grinning and raising her hands in surrender when Koharu grabbed her collar. She’d seen enough reactions to her teammate’s ice control to know that she’d do well to heed Koharu’s threat.

“Free-for-all,” Kazuhiko said when Koharu asked. Natsuko nodded, figuring two against one was overkill for a practice session. Besides, that Koharu was rearing to have a go at Kazuhiko was plain. If the two focused their attacks on each other, Natsuko could hope to pick them off slowly and possibly bring down the weakened victor.

“So, should we just… start?” As soon as the words left Natsuko’s mouth, her teammates were at it, ice, lighting, and kunai flying through the air. Leaping back to give them some room and decide her first course of action. She found, however, that her teammates were matching each other blow for blow, so the only course of action open was to attack both at the same time.

Wind Release: Gale Palm—compressing the air between her palms, Natsuko charged forwards, placing herself between her clashing teammates in time to knock both of them off their feet. Before she could congratulate herself on a job well done, however, she realized the flaw of her plans: attacking both her teammates would cause them both to attack her, thus teaming up against her.

“Wait, whoa, wait!” she said, barely dodging a kunai, “Can we talk about it?”

Her pleas, of course, went unanswered, and she was quickly forced to surrender or face a barrage of ice and lightning. A pout hung on her face as she watched her teammates from the sidelines of defeat, muttering under her breath about how neither was making any progress towards victory. At the rate they were going, she reckoned, they’d both collapse of exhaustion before they admitted defeat, so it was just a matter of endurance.

A pitchy yelp, then a prolonged scream, emanated from the direction of their campsite, causing Natsuko to freeze and snap in the direction of the sound. Then, after a sharp, shared glance with her teammates, she took off in the camp’s direction, her teammates at her side.

Kazuhiko Taketori

Early Morning || Land of Lightning Outskirts

When Kazuhiko entered the campsite, he fully expected to find the camp overrun with masked assassins or bladed bandits. Instead, though, he found a smattering of exasperated-looking guards and a very shaken-looking Minoru.

“Sensei?” Kazuhiko asked, approaching the jonin, who was standing outside his tent rather than snuggled inside it.

“He doesn’t like beetles.”

Looking to his right, Kazuhiko found Hachiro, an amused look on his face as he shifted a largish beetle from one hand to the other.

“They don’t even bite.” His eyes had dropped to the beetle on the back of his hand, which was making a valiant effort to reach the boy’s elbow before it was shifted back to the other hand.

“Oh my.” Natsuko barely smothered a laugh, likely connecting the dots as Kazuhiko had done.

“I even took the time to find three,” Hachiro said, mock-sadness oozing from his voice. He paused. “Actually, I found four. I wonder where’s the fourth?”

Kazuhiko’s eyes flicked warily to the black bump on Minoru’s shoulder.

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