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Mistletoe watched a slow-motion sequence as the warden finished speaking, inhaled deeply, and opened its glowing mouth. A glowing smog of blue emerged from the back of his throat, lighting up before engulfing the cavity of his mouth, and—


Kenza's voice interrupted the flow of the moment, causing Mistletoe to snap out of her staring and throw herself to the side, turning around as she did so. The flame grazed her injured arm, searing the outer shell of light leather away and inciting an inferno of pain that bubbled on her arm. Groaning, Mistletoe stayed sprawled on the floor, cradling her seared arm.

"Mistletoe!" Kenza called again, making a move forwards. Sudden movement from the gargoyle beside her sent her shooting back just as a glowing yellow projectile imbedded itself in the stone floor below her before dissipating into the air. "Bastards," she cursed, shooting the stone beings glares before trying to catch a glimpse of Mistletoe. From what she saw, the other hunter was now sitting up, obviously injured by the flame.

At least it's her injured arm, Kenza thought. The Warden's on Mistletoe, the two gargoyles on me, and then there's Derrick...

Glancing to her side so that Derrick's hiding spot was in her peripheral vision, Kenza vaguely made out that the boy was looking at her, waiting for a signal. She gave a single shake of her head — no. Better that one of us makes it out alive.

Mistletoe, having successfully pulled herself up into a sitting position, waited in trepidation for the Warden's next move. If the winged figure wanted to talk it out, she would listen, since the main exit of the room was behind it. If not, she would take the risk and make a sprint into the bookcases which, although a poor barrier, would work as obstacles for the flying creatures.

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In Pokemon: New World 25 May 2017 17:41 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Darkmoon Angel

I see that you're adding two TP to your trainer's TP count each time, but I don't think your character is eligible for an organization bonus yet? Your character gets one TP for every post, no additional TPs. Most other characters are getting additional TPs because they are part of some organization and are thus eligible for a TP bonus. Your character can join an organization by registering for one IC (existing organizations can be found in the CS section, and just tag the owner in your IC post or make an OC post to get your character's name added to the official list.)

So, could I ask you to recount your TP count? By my count, you've made 6 posts total and therefore should have 6 TP and 6 CP. Could you also add a CP counter to your info Box? Inside or after the box is fine.

Also, your Deino should have started at level one (all wild Pokemon start at lvl 1 in this RP) rather than five (which is what I think you set it as?) and I'd prefer if, since your Deino isn't technically caught yet, you don't level it up yet (consider tacking his levels, a single +1, onto your Flabebe instead?).

Other than that, sorry about sending all these criticisms your way. The system's confusing at first, and I get that, so I'll be here to prod you in the right direction ^_^ Also, did you perhaps forget to add the sunset bonus (for posting on the 24th of the month)? It's +3TP for your trainer, and +3 levels spread however you'd like among your Pokemon.

In Pokemon: New World 25 May 2017 6:44 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Leisy Takigawa
— Feyhollow —

The trio of girls dropped by the Pokemart, picking up the necessary supplies for their trip. Leisy, figuring that she didn’t need any more Pokeballs at the moment, picked up some boxes of berries for her Pokemon and some food for herself to munch on before regrouping with the other girls and heading to the outskirts of town.

“Greenhaven should be in… that direction,” Leisy said, pointing into the woods in the direction her Pokedex directed her. “It looks like it’s near Tefan Village, which is near a volcano, so it’ll probably be pretty hot there, huh?”

Passing out the hamburgers she’d purchased for everyone — fast food was, while unhealthy, the fastest food Leisy could grab for the road — the trio immediately started towards Greenhaven, a spring in their step. They were driven by loss and fear of continued failure, which all subscribed to in some way or the other, albeit on varying degrees. The first hour or two of the trip was silent but fast-paced, interrupted only by vague remarks on the scenery around them. Their goal was far ahead of them, and their minds were focused on something just as far.

Soon enough, the sun was setting and the woods were darkening. “We’re probably halfway there around now,” Leisy said, voice a bit winded. Their pace had drained her of much of the energy she’d recovered from her pseudo-sleep, but she knew she would need to push on.


Cillian Weiss
— Tefan Village —

“See you there,” Cillian said, breaking off from the group as well. Figuring he’d take the long way around, Cillian headed for the perimeter of the village, wanting to see what laid beyond the small village huts. As the tarps and fencing started thinning, Cillian popped a Pokeball off his belt and released the Pokemon inside.

“Hey there, Haz,” Cillian said to the Charmeleon, dodging out of the way when the large orange Pokemon tried to hug him. “Whoa there, careful! You’re a lot bigger now, so don’t crush me just yet!”

The fire-type paused, looking down at its claws and flexing them quizzically. A swish of its tail later, the Charmeleon was back on Cillian’s tail, so the boy relented with a smile.

“Missed you too, you big lug. Now c’mon, off to the Pokemon Center we go.”

The village’s Pokemart was apparently a makeshift stall that resided near the volcano, and from Cillian heard from locals he asked, it sold nothing he needed at the moment — disappointing, since he’d wanted to snag a Great Ball for his journeys. So, with nothing in particular to buy, he beelined for the Pokemon Center, his travels on the outskirts of the village met with nothing but hot air and billowing sand.

“Hey Juana! Tora not here yet?” Cillian asked, waving at the girl once he’d arrived. Figuring he his Pokemon were fine for the moment — just dehydrated, no injuries — he was raring to go. But, it was getting late, and he figured dinner was probably in order first, and he didn’t want to be the first to try the local delicacies.

@silver fox@toadropes

In Pokemon: New World 25 May 2017 3:47 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@LuckyBlackCat Seems fine to me! Your interpretation fits well, so I don't see any reason to change it. Love the creativity with Jason though and hope to see more :)
In Pokemon: New World 24 May 2017 0:18 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Toadropes Just looked over your post and noticed that you forgot the +3TP sunset bonus. (And eeks I'll get my post up for Cillian soon ^_^)
In Pokemon: New World 24 May 2017 0:14 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Dark Light I'm going to assume that you were tagging me? But yes, he should be a skilled trainer now, congrats :D
@hekazu Going to wait for a post from you, unless the gargoyles are going to stand still?
Ooo and @luckyblackcat Am going to wait for you to post for Amber here before making another post for Aedre. There's not much going on between her, Aedre, and Rachel right now though :/
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Leisy Takigawa
— Feyhollow —

Ella’s voice roused Leisy from her rest — it seemed the pink-haired girl had set her alarm a few minutes earlier than Leisy had — causing Leisy to sit up with a start, glancing around the room in alarm. Vivian, in trouble? A lead?

“Coming!” she called to the door, not knowing if Ella had heard her. She dressed quickly, piling the towel on the bathroom counter before collecting her things, making sure her shirt wasn’t on backwards, and heading out of the room and towards the lobby.

Stopping by Florence’s room, Leisy knocked and — upon hearing no response — figured that the other girl had already headed down to the lobby. There, Leisy spotted Ella worrying over a brunette who appeared to have just tripped.

“Florence!” she said, eyes widening as she recognized the girl. Rushing to her friends’ side, Leisy pored over the previously injured trainer, studying her redder complexion and sweat-tinged face. “Are you alright?” she asked, then quieted. Of course Florence would say she was alright — her Pokemon was missing!

Leisy paused, trying to figure out what was best for her friend, but figured that hearing all the facts first would do everyone best. “Ella, you said something about Vivian finding a ‘lead?’” she asked, looking over at the pink-haired girl. “What happened? What kind of trouble is she in?”


In Pokemon: New World 23 May 2017 4:35 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Dark Light Right, cool then! Good to see that you're on top of things, and sorry for poking where I'm not needed ^_^
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