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Natsuko Rinha

Morning || Konoha

Koharu’s attempt at reassuring Natsuko made her pause, since her teammate’s words, interpreted another way, contained a thinly-veiled insult. However, given Koharu’s temperament, Natsuko quickly realized that Koharu must have misspoken, but Koharu was already bowing and apologizing profusely.

“Oh, Haru-chan, it’s fine,” Natsuko said, attempting to pat her teammates shoulder and reassure Koharu that everything was forgiven. Koharu, though, didn’t look convinced, but then Minoru stepped in and Koharu found an opening to slip away from Natsuko.

“How about Hachi-NO?” Natsuko said, cracking a weak smile despite the fact that her attention was still on Koharu, who seemed more deeply affected than she was. Had she known it’d be like this, she would have just brushed off the young brat’s comment without another glance. Mean comments? As if she hadn’t gotten her fair share of them from adults and peers alike.

“Are you alright?” Kazuhiko asked once the group started moving again. Minoru, clearly picking up on Koharu’s change in mood, had made a beeline for the girl.

“Yep, fine,” Natsuko said, shooting Koharu one final glance and—finding the situation handled, praise Minoru—turned her attention to Kazuhiko with a devious grin. “So, Kazu-chan. What if I were to tell you that Koharu is a bit in the dumps and in need of a white knight in shining… sandals?”

Kazuhiko sighed. “Nice talking to you, Natsuko.”

Kazuhiko Taketori

Dusk || Land of Fire Border

By the time the guards finally decided to call it a night, a heavy weariness had settled into Kazuhiko’s bones, and the same went for his teammates; Natsuko looked drained, blinking blearily as she sank down onto a log, and Koharu was already stripping off her shoes. Though he’d never say he was tired, Kazuhiko had to admit that now was as good a time as any to stop. The guards were clearly more accustomed to the long distances required for the job than the team of genin to which he belonged.

“What are they doing?” Natsuko asked when she spotted a few guards leaving the caravan.

“Finding firewood and water, probably,” Kazuhiko said, glancing over at the guards. That there was a water source nearby likely factored into the guards’ decision to stop.

“A river?” Natsuko said, perking up as she came to the same conclusion he did. Springing to her feet, she grabbed both Kazuhiko and Koharu by a hand and tugged. “C’mon, let’s go soak our feet!”

“Minoru-sensei,” Kazuhiko tried, quickly looking to the jonin for help.

“Minoru-sensei, ple—ease,” Natsuko said, pouting at the jonin as she continued tugging on her teammates.

In Homer Park 20 hrs ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
The town scene was unique in the way prairie homesteads and fisherman's’ wharfs were—unique in their dilly-dallying ways, yet altogether uninteresting to Clo, who’d long grown attuned to an upbeat city lifestyle. However, Elizabeth had urged her to come visit, and Clo was never one to refuse to travel, so here she was, surrounded by a town she would have otherwise had no interest in.

“Well, she was certainly something,” Clo said once they’d passed the woman with the heels. Still, strange people were everywhere, and the woman soon left Clo’s mind.

At Elizabeth’s assertion that they’d arrived, Clo turned to the window beside her, peering out at the building they were pulling up next to. There was nothing particular to note about it—not that she’d thought there would be anyway. When Elizabeth had finished parking, Clo helped with her suitcases, following Hank and Elizabeth towards where the elevators were.

“He wouldn’t have been able to hear the music anyway,” Clo said at Hank’s remark about Beethoven, flashing the man a grin.

At 6C, Elizabeth and Hank started a discourse about a meeting—one which Clo wasn’t informed of, and she hated not being in control of her schedule.

“Well, this is a first,” Clo said once the two siblings finished their explanations and reassurances. “I don’t think I’ve ever met with city council members to discuss my social contract as a visitor.”

When it became clear that the meeting was nothing to joke about, Clo figured she may as well change the subject. “What’s good around here?” she asked, setting down her suitcase. She could unpack later. “Any recommendations? You’re the locals.”
Ardanata “Dana” Stamos

Egypt || Town Outskirts || May 18th, Night

After her Marshtomp had evolved back into her Swampert, Dana had returned back to camp and dropped off the Marowak’s Pokeball before calling out her Pokemon for a few sparring sessions as she waited until night fell. Once darkness had set upon the arid streets, Dana caught a ride to town, walking down empty lanes until her Duskull returned to her side, eyes blank as ever.

“Lead the way,” she said, turning to follow the Duskull. The streetlights cast long shadows against the pavement, the streets themselves growing sparser as Dana made her way to the fringes of town.

“I’ll leave it to you then,” Dana said as the Meowstic came into view. Her Duskull slid into the ground as Dana walked towards the Meowstic, who finally looked over, sensing her approach. However, in looking at Dana, it failed to notice her Duskull until the ghost-type was poised to attack; her Duskull’s Confuse Ray hit square-on as the ghost-type drifted into view, readying its Shadow Sneak.

@Balthazar007 Evolved Marshtomp > Swampert
Duskull — Confuse Ray > Meowstic, level 34, male
If Dana wins, she’ll throw a Pokeball

Camden Montero

Egypt || Town Square || May 18th, Midday

“Yes! You did it, Ruby!” Camden shouted as he ran over and scooped up the Eevee’s Pokeball. Beside him, his Cherubi was already perking himself up with a final few Morning Suns.

“Oh jeez, what am I even going to evolve it into?” Camden asked, a hand going to his forehead. Ruby, arriving beside him, shrugged.

“Ah whatever,” Camden said, getting to his feet. “Let’s get back to camp first. Get some food and all that.”

Azumi Taketori

Morning || Konoha

Azumi nodded, attempting a smile at Ai when the jonin addressed her. While she couldn’t read much off Ai’s face, there wasn’t much to say about her run through the training course anyway. Her performance was, if put generously, average, lacking any hint of talent or aptitude like her teammates—especially Masumi—would likely show.

As Minori headed off, Azumi glanced at Masumi, who sniffed and turned away from her. She clearly hadn’t made much headway with his opinion of her.

Minori’s run of the course went much better than hers did. Where she nearly tripped and fell over some parts, he seemed to breeze over them. Though he was a quiet student who achieved average marks, Minori was still a fair deal better than Azumi.

“You did great, Minori!” Azumi said with a grin once the boy had returned. “Jumping on the pendulum was so cool!”

Masumi Rinha

Morning || Konoha

Masumi was surprised when Minori jumped on the pendulum, but he’d rather die than admit that. Giving his only competent teammate a nod as he set out, Masumi lined himself up at the start line then—at Ai’s signal—sprinted off, deftly tossing his first three kunai during the height of his jump. All three hit, two center.

The obstacle course itself was no trouble for Masumi, who’d had plenty of practice maneuvering over tough terrain during his academy years. He ran smoothly over poles and through obstacles, hitting the target past the pendulum dead center as he ran through. On the last stretch, Masumi was prepared for the targets to shift, and he responded accordingly, tossing out kunai as he spotted them. However, unlike when he could plan his responses like earlier, the flashing targets provided more of a challenge: running through, Masumi hit seven of them, but only one center.

“Damn it,” he cursed as he reached the finish line, glancing back for the targets that had already disappeared. Sure he hadn’t expected to hit them precisely like he’d done to the previous few, but to miss one entirely? That wasn’t how he worked.

“I’ll get them all next time,” Masumi said as he returned to Ai’s side, sulking. He’d wanted to deliver a flawless execution to knock everyone flat, but he’d fallen short, and falling short of excellent was nothing amazing. Falling short of excellent—that made him normal, and Masumi loathed being normal.

Asuka Kurama

Morning || Konoha

Ryuu’s words took Asuka by surprise, reminding her of how long it’d been since she’d had face-to-face contact with another person. Her surprise, though, didn’t translate itself onto her facial features, which remained still throughout Ryuu’s speech, even as the fellow jonin brought up Chiasa Uchiha. The mask she wore during her Anbu missions was realized in her own lack of emotions, a curious detail Asuka didn’t think much of since it didn’t affect her performance in the field. Still, when Ryuu pulled out the pictures, Asuka was struck by resemblance between them: pale, slightly bloated skin with patches of bruises and blemishes to offset the black, cavernous sockets staring out of the picture. Dead, dead, dead, the bodies seemed to indicate, as if one glance wasn’t enough to tell.

“If you know I’m Anbu, then I suppose my commander’s already approved this,” Asuka said flatly. No wonder Bear had given her such a long break this time around. “Where’s the witness being held?”

“Commander!” a man—jonin, by the looks of it—burst into the restaurant, rushing to Ryuu’s side when he spotted the robed man. “Commander Sakaguchi, the witness has been reported missing!”

“They want him dead,” Asuka said, rising from her seat. “Take us to where you last saw him.”

Mid-morning || Konoha

“Here—he was supposed to be in this room,” the jonin officer said, indicating a holding room. “His mother stepped out for a moment, and when she came back, he was gone.”

“There was no forced entry,” Asuka said.

The jonin officer shook his head. “No one entered the premises around that time.”

Asuka looked to Ryuu, crossing her arms. There was a mole in the police ranks—that much was clear.

Natsuko Rinha

Morning || Konoha

“Cute, but so cliche I might die from retelling their love story,” Natsuko said, stopping to pose, a back of her hand to her forehead as she looked up at the sky. “And then it was like night met day. Mariko and Kazu-chan touched hands, and they knew—just knew—they were meant to be together despite their warring families. ‘To death do us part,” they said to each other.”

Minoru’s gently chiding voice carried over, causing Natsuko to break from her scene and flash the jonin a mischievous grin. “Am doing!” she called. She hadn’t even started grilling anyone yet.

Koharu’s question made her flick her eyes to her teammate, scanning the light-haired girl’s face for clues. Although Koharu had started to let down her walls around her, many of Koharu’s thoughts remained unvoiced, more due to the girl’s personality than her lack of trust in Natsuko. As such, Natsuko had to watch closely, reading in between Koharu’s words and silences to guess what her friend really meant. Right now, it seemed like Koharu had chanced upon some unpleasant thought or memory, which meant it was up to Natsuko to brighten her mood again.

“With you and Kazu-chan watching my back, what do I have to be nervous about?” Natsuko asked, grinning. “We’re going to have so much fun!”

And such was true. At home, Natsuko was a quiet, unnoticed presence with her four older brothers dominating most of the attention. Her parents were always more concerned with this accomplishment and that successful mission, leaving her little time for Natsuko, who didn’t have much to add to the list anyway. Outside her home, though, Natsuko felt liberated—free to be herself, say her mind. So, as a general rule, the farther she got from home, the happier she was. A trip to the Lightning Country? That was an adventure that Natsuko couldn’t wait for.

Kazuhiko Taketori

Morning || Konoha

Kazuhiko didn’t even bother looking over at his teammates. On average, Natsuko liked to bring up the supposed romantic tension between Koharu and him at least three times a day—one of those times being when they first gathered together. Though he’d gotten used to shrugging it off, he was glad for Minoru’s chidings that, while clearly ineffectual, reassured him that he would have a sensible authority figure to turn to if Natsuko got out of hand.

“I’m making progress with taijutsu,” Kazuhiko said in response to Minoru’s question. During the past month or so, he’d had frequent sparring sessions with Mariko Hyuuga in order to practice his Taijutsu. The Hyuuga heiress had more than a leg up over him due to her dojutsu, which alerted her whenever he attempted to use his. However, Kazuhiko had discovered a loophole in this pattern a few sessions ago: If he distracted her—focusing her attention elsewhere with an attack to the side or something similar—he would be able to utilize the Sensaigan to his advantage and turn the tables. Hyuuga were well known for their Taijutsu prowess, but his the Taketori were a close second.

At the west gate, the team was met by the daimyo’s guards. There were six of them altogether, all armed with sheathed katanas, as well as a carriage in which their charge likely sat.

“Minoru Kawaguchi?” one guard asked, stepping forwards to discuss details with the team captain. As they did, Kazuhiko turned his attention to the carriage, which remained silent despite his team’s arrival. He’d heard few details about the figure they were to deliver other than the fact that it was someone with relation to a daimyo currently residing in the Lightning Country. The person they were escorting, therefore, was most likely a family member—the wife or, say, a brother.

“Why’s your hair white?” a voice asked. Kazuhiko snapped around to see a little boy standing next to Koharu and Natsuko, looking at Koharu with puzzlement. “Are you sick?”

“Young master!” a guard said, rushing to the boy’s side. “Please, stay in the carriage!”

“Aw, aren’t you just the cutest,” Natsuko said, bending down to the boy’s height and reaching out to pat the boy’s head.

The boy batted her hand away. “Don’t touch me, ugly,” he said, then glanced between her and Koharu. “Why’re you both so short? Are you really shinobi?”

“Young master, please, this way,” the guard said, guiding the boy back to the carriage as Natsuko stared gape-jawed after him.

“He—he just called me ugly!” she said, eyes wide.

“Forgive the young master. He can be quite… hasty with his words sometimes,” another guard said.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been called ugly,” Natsuko whispered, gazing blankly at the carriage into which the boy had disappeared.

“Positions!” the captain that had been speaking to Minoru shouted, evidently having finished discussing plans. The guards immediately flanked the carriage, hoisting it up.

“Natsuko?” Kazuhiko said, walking over to his teammate, who looked up with a tight smile.

“I'm fine!” Natsuko said, smile wider than usual. “But if that twerp gets within three feet of me again, I can’t guarantee the safety of his pretty little head.”

@Balthazar007 Oh and, although I already wrote it in, finding Alolan variants is fine, right?
@Balthazar007 >_> wrote Camden's Cherubi using Tackle, but Morning Sun would be his trump card, hence my listing of it in the notes. Would that not work? Because the way I see it, Morning Sun is like a potion supply, and Camden's Cherubi isn't going down anytime soon with the move active.
Ardanata “Dana” Stamos

Egypt || Town Outskirts || May 17th, Afternoon

Dana watched the Purugly prance off, turning back to her Combusken once the wild had disappeared behind a street corner. A familiar glow had enveloped her Combusken, blurring out the fire-type’s outline entirely before it faded, leaving a tall beige-plumed Pokemon in its wake.

“Blaziken,” Dana said, watching as the newly-evolved Pokemon tested out its familiar limbs. “Welcome back.”

The Blaziken swung a leg up in a mock-Blaze Kick before straightening to look at Dana, who called out her Scizor.

“Find an Aromatisse,” she said, her Duskull sliding out of sight at the words.. To her other two Pokemon she gave a nod, starting the sparring session between them. Kick met punch, the Blaziken holding back his fire and the Scizor keeping its claws sheathed. The battle continued until Dana’s Duskull appeared at her side again, prompting her to return her Blaziken.

“Scizor, follow Duskull,” she said, her Pokemon going on ahead of her.

Egypt || Town Outskirts || May 18th, Midday

“Water Gun,” Dana said. Her Marshtomp immediately fired a bolt of water at the opposing Marowak, hitting the Alolan variant square on its face and knocking it back into the wall behind it.

“Mud Bomb,” Dana said. Her Marshtomp’s imminent evolution was apparent in its newfound bulk, and Dana was looking forward to getting her Swampert back.

@Balthazar007 Evolved Combusken > Blaziken
Marshtomp — Mud Bomb > Alolan Marowak, level 36, male
If Dana wins, she’ll throw a Pokeball

Camden Montero

Egypt || Town Square || May 18th, Midday

“Alright, let’s try this again,” Camden said once he’d tracked down another Eevee. Beside him, Ruby nodded, stepping out front. As he’d discovered yesterday, Ruby’s Morning Sun was invaluable in perking the Cherubi back up after a battle, and he was keen on using that to his advantage.

“Tackle ‘em down!” Camden said, Ruby running out in front of him.

@Balthazar Cherubi — Morning Sun > Eevee, male, lvl 12
@Balthazar007 Double post due to another question: so, if you look at PP, how would Morning Sun (PP 5) compare against Tackle (PP 35) calculation-wise? Does Morning Sun do better (despite it being a healing move first and foremost)??
@Balthazar007 Oh awkward, pretty sure I'm the worst offender there with the times. I just assumed that finding one Pokemon per "time of day" would work, ie one during noon, one in the afternoon, and one at night. One Pokemon works fine for nighttime excursions, but if Dana finds one around noon/the afternoon and then just calls it a day, I feel like it's kinda awkward, especially if it's one of the common pokes.

Basically, one Pokemon per day works, but time-wise that sounds like the trainers are getting nothing done. Unless all Pokemon are super rare, which doesn't seem likely since they're pretty much all top-of-the-food-chain terrors to the local people and animals.

// edit: but will abide by the rule for sake of the RP
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