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Eryn Montero

Route 2 || Night

While Eryn didn’t see herself actively reaching for a fishing rod in the future, she didn’t mind the extra tool in her backpack even if it stuck out at an awkward angle no matter how she strapped it to her bag. Nevertheless, she had a broad grin on her face as she thanked Darryl, promising to call him when she passed through Fairsee in the far—or near—future.

The outer Infested Woods were, much to Eryn’s surprise, a beacon much brighter than Dei’s in the darkness. Gold lit the leaves and elevated them to ethereal status, reflecting off the puddles off the ground and turning them into pools of molten light that failed to lose their luster even after Eryn was close enough to identify the source of the glows.

“Volbeats, right.” Eryn snapped her Pokedex close, tucking it away to return her hand to Tulu’s flank. “There’s so many… Wonder if there’s an Illumise nearby?” Eryn paused, spotting the strange, cluster-like shapes the Volbeat streams were outlining in the sky. “Huh, weird.”

A growl from Dei prompted Eryn out of her upwards stare, and she looked ahead to spot a few figures bathed in golden light. Trainers armed with nets and… couples and families. Here to enjoy the show, it seemed, and Erin couldn't blame them.

“Well, wasn’t expecting a mob of Volbeats when I headed here,” Eryn said, waving at a net-armed trainer as she approached, Dei and Kylie in tow. “Do you know what’s up with the formations? Why the shapes?” The bug-type enthusiast seemed as good a person as any to ask about the Volbeats’ strange behavior.

“Also, are any of you planning on heading deeper into the woods? I was hoping to see whether the rumors I heard about ghosts in the woods had any merit,” Eryn explained with a grin. No harm in trying to get some more manpower when heading into the dark, she figured, and there was no better group of people to tag along with in the literal Infested Woods.

If the Bug Catchers aren’t planning on heading deeper into the forest, Eryn will head in directly. If the Bug Catchers are planning on heading in, Eryn will tag along, waiting for them if required. Should she be made to wait, Eryn will look around for some bug-types other than Volbeats to train on, having Dei Ember them and Kylie support with Growls in the back. If either of her Pokemon fall below 50% in health, she’ll heal at the hut before heading deeper into the woods.


@Balthazar007 Been a long minute there, but I'd love to join in again too! I'll be rebooting my old characters as well, though I believe I'll be editing Dana's team and Camden's personality (keeping the rest the same), and I'm open to running edits by you over OOC or PM when I get to them. That sound okay with you?

Eryn Montero

Route 2 || Night

Eryn stared at the orange fish she’d reeled up, watching as it flopped on the dock. Was she surprised she’d reeled up the most common fish in the region and perhaps even the world? Of course not, and she felt dumb even thinking that she was a bit disappointed.

“Well, would you say it’s worth catching?” Eryn asked, glancing at the fisherman. “Wait.” She paused, looking back at the beached Magikarp. “You know what, don’t answer that.” She’d pulled up her first catch, and sure it wasn’t the most fascinating specimen—alright, so maybe not even an interesting specimen—but hadn’t she been the one internally touting that she hadn’t signed up to be a trainer to coast along? She’d signed up for the long haul: the side routes, dead ends, and all, and what better personified a temporary setback for long-term gain than a Magikarp?

“Sorry about that,” Eryn said, crouching and touching the Magikarp’s scales. They were slick smooth, built more like a carapace than like individual scales and surprisingly solid to the touch. As if registering her touch, the Magikarp stilled its flopping, its round eye staring up at her with an indecipherably blank gaze.

“Of course you’re worth catching,” Eryn murmured, retrieving a Pokeball with a grin. “You’re worth catching, even if it’s just ‘cuz I’m the one who fished you up,” she said, pressing the Pokeball to the Magikarp’s flank. Immediately, the Magikarp disappeared, engulfed into the red glow and into the Pokeball that glowed in Eryn’s palm. The capsule hummed with indecisive energy, caught between shaking and stilling for an uncertain second as Eryn stared down at it, uncertain herself. Then, the glow faded, and Eryn grinned anew.

“Alright, let’s see,” Eryn said, pressing the button and pocketing the Pokeball before she caught the newly-released Magikarp in midair, huffing. “Big gal, huh, Tula. Welcome to the team.”

Lowering the Magikarp down so that her other two Pokemon could take a gander, Eryn watched their reactions carefully, scanning their faces for any sort of indication as to what their thoughts were. Dei was, unsurprisingly, unimpressed with his new teammate, which he punctuated with a smoky snort after he finished looking Tula over. Kylie, on the other hand, slowly neared the fish, pressing a black-gloved hand to Tula’s scales before snapping the hand back and glancing at it. Then, she repeated the movement, this time leaving her hand on Tula’s scales and peering into the Magikarp’s eyes with a friendly smile.

“Mawile,” she said, stretching the syllables out in a sing-song manner. Dei snorted again.

“Glad that you both approve,” Eryn said, holding Dei’s gaze for an additional moment before straightening again, Tula circled in her arms. “Thanks for the tips, Mr. Fisherman. I think I’m set on fishing for a bit here, but thanks for letting me borrow the fishing rod.”

If the fisherman took the rod back, Eryn would move on without another thought since she doesn’t see herself actively reaching for it in the foreseeable future anyway. If he told her to keep it, though, she’d be pleasant surprised and accept, being the kind of person who liked to have too much over too little. A practical hoarder, if you will, though she’d keep herself within limits since she’s travelling. And she’d get the fisherman’s name and contact information through her Pokedex to keep him updated on her Magikarp because, after all, she owes her catch to him from tools and execution to reeling and completion.

Then, having properly thanked the fisherman again, she’d head along to the Infested Woods because what better time than the dead of night to see if the rumors about ghosts were really true?

“Right-o, Dei. Get that flame ready for some action.” Eryn grinned, patting Tula’s side as she watched Dei’s tail flick in front, the glow a small beacon in the darkness. “Don’cha worry, Tutu. You just watch and see how it’s done for now.” Given the darkness, she kept her ears perked instead of her eyes. She’d get some last training in before she called it a night and maybe—just maybe—get a glimpse or two of the rumored ghost-types haunting the woods.

Aedre Charbonnet

— Mesalon City Gym —

Aedre woke up to her alarm, and she stretched before sitting up, yawning. Murmuring a ‘morning’ to her Pokemon, she got ready for the day, reading through her messages and emails as she did so. Obviously, she’d gotten no word back from the police yet. It was too early for that. From her lab back home she got reassurance and encouragement, which she’d expected. Her mentors were too nice for their own good, though they admitted that they were unable to disclose more information about the package at this time. They would get back to her as soon as they could, they said.

“Right.” Aedre sighed, picking up her bag. “Breakfast?”

The cafeteria was sparsely populated when Aedre arrived, though she picked out Amber among the tables, who looked engrossed in her laptop. Herding her Pokemon towards the food, Aedre filled a tray with bowls before joining Amber at her table.

“Good morning!” Aedre said with a smile as she slid the bowls of Pokeblocks out for her Pokemon. “The food here looks great.”

Rubbing Thea’s shell with a hand, Aedre paused to watch her Pokemon dig in—or, rather, just Thea, since she was the only one enthusiastically inhaling her meal. Little ate in the carefully peckish way he did, tossing pieces into the air and swallowing them after he gave them a thorough examination with his beak, and Decus seemed more interested in cutting up his Pokeblocks than eating them, which made Aedre wonder if he even ate.

“I see Almandine’s loving her meal,” Aedre noted, seeing the Sableye crunching down her meal with a wide grin. Then, remembering her Water Stone, she retrieved it, giving it to Amber. “Here—as thanks for the Dusk Stone. Took me a minute to realize that I don’t actually need this.”


Eryn Montero

Route 2 || Night

The fisherman seemed nice enough, and his Pokemon were certainly impressive. The Vaporeon was the first to notice Eryn approaching, alerting the fisherman, who seemed rather unsurprised. So unsurprised, in fact, that he offered Eryn a fishing rod without batting an eye.

“Oh, thanks,” Eryn said, receiving the fishing rod with some surprise. Taking the fisherman up on his offer, she sat down beside him, Dei and Kylie gathering on the other side of her. “Er, like this, then…” Eryn fumbled with the hook for a bit before managing to cast the line. Though she’d fished before, she’d only done so a few times to make sure she had the basic trainer skills down. Past being able to cast and reel, she was out of her element.

“Right, waiting.” Straightening, Eryn turned back to the fisherman, who was again waking up his Swampert. “Long day?” It was getting late, but Eryn didn’t feel too tired yet. She glanced at her Pokemon. Dei stood beside her, staring impassively at the fisherman’s Pokemon, and Kylie sat next to him, dangling her legs over the edge of the dock as she peered into the water. Then, as if noticing Eryn’s gaze, Kylie looked up, grinning as she met Eryn’s eyes.

“Maw,” she said, kicking her legs back and forth.

“Glad you two aren’t that worn out yet,” Eryn said with a smile. Then, remembering the fisherman’s question, her smile turned sheepish. “I’m at Dragon Lake, so tips on finding Pokemon would be great. I’m looking to catch a water-type and, if possible, a dragon-type.” She paused. “But, other than that, do you know any good training spots? And fishing spots, I guess,” she said, glancing down at the bob floating in the water. “Or any interesting rumors you’ve heard. I’d be up for an adventure.”

Alright, whoop, long delay there but Aedre is free to time skip too!
Aedre Charbonnet

— Mesalon City Gym —

Aedre listened to Amber silently and with more resignation than she’d like to admit. Again, the other researcher pointed out her weakness, encouraging her to be less hard on herself, but how could she? If she failed even when she pushed herself, how could she succeed when she didn’t?

When Amber brought up the other attacks, though, Aedre held her breath. So this wasn’t irreparable—she still had a chance to make it right, however small that chance might seem. She had a chance to find the package, a chance to right her mistake, a chance to set herself back on the right course and not arrive home and break her mentors’ trust.

“Yeah, thanks so much Lacey, Dee.” The sash reaching towards her caught her eye only when she had Decus’ Pokeball in hand, and she stopped, watching as Decus coiled it around her leg. The nondescript texture of texture of the cloth distracted her for a moment, but then she registered a slight tugging sensation—a tightness—but not from Decus’ grasp, which was featherlight. Rather, the feeling seemed to come from under the skin, and the closest sensation she could relate it to was that of a mental nudge from a psychic-type.

“Dee?” Aedre stared at Decus, trying to read him. All information about Honedge said that their sashes drained life energy, yet Aedre felt perfectly fine, so what was he doing? Was he just… comforting her?

“Oh,” Aedre breathed, her hand dropping. “Thanks, Dee.”
Aedre touched the Honedge’s hilt, then turned to Amber. “Yeah, let’s go.”

The police showed up, which was to be expected after Amber had contacted them. Aedre was made to answer questions, as well as her friends, who fared significantly less questioning due to their not being there. Yes, a woman. Dark hair, late twenties or early thirties. A Sneasel, normal-sized and -colored. Around a third of the way from the gym to the Pokemart, where—yes—where she got the package. And yes, she was fairly sure it contained a Pokeball, because Occam’s Razor: When you hear hoofbeats, think horses not zebras. Okay, so she wasn’t completely sure, because no she didn’t open the box, but she wasn’t about to be the person calling a zebra in this situation.

And so the questioning went, needling facts from a fuzzy narrative that got clearer as Aedre recounted more—dangerous, since the mind tended to fill in gaps and believe itself, but everything made sense with the gaps filled. The police would get back to her with more information like if this female thief and Sneasel duo had been seen before, and soon after relaying some messages that were clearly rehearsed to be reassuring, they were off.

“Well, hope they find something,” Aedre said with a forced smile as she returned to her friends. She’d just filed one of thousands, maybe millions, of stolen item cases, and she didn’t even know what she’d lost.

Aedre Charbonnet

— Mesalon City Gym —

Aedre slapped her forehead. “Of course! Arceus, it completely slipped my mind!” Her journey from Pokemart to gym had been completely normal except for one, glaring thing: she’d smacked into someone on the way. The encounter had completely slipped her mind since she’d been focused on getting to the gym, but now that the facts and proofs were laid out in front of her, it was as plain as day—or as dark as the Sneasel’s fur.

“On my way to the gym, I ended up bumping into someone—physically—and falling. Right at, um, that corner.” Aedre pointed at the spot where it happened, which was a mere five meters or so from the footprint. “The woman I smacked into helped me up, and when she was leaving I saw a Sneasel run to her side. Smirking, I think.” Aedre paused. Was that evidence though? Or was it just her reading too much into the situation? “But the Sneasel… if it used Thief…”

Aedre trailed off, mind whirling. If the Sneasel was the culprit like what the clues seemed to suggest, and if she wasn’t reading too much into everything that was happening, then that meant—

“Someone stole the package,” Aedre whispered, eyes wide. The possibility hadn’t even crossed her mind, considering that she’d just received the parcel herself, but it was a definite possibility. A likely possibility, even, considering that the package had been important enough for her research lab back home to refuse to tell her anything about it. Pick it up, they’d said, and bring it back to Hoenn with her. No other instructions.

But why would anyone want to steal the package? What did it contain for it to be so valuable, so desirable that someone had tracked her down? This question, Aedre supposed, could be answered quite simply: the package was exactly what it appeared to be—a box containing a Pokeball—and it held exactly what it was supposed to—a Pokemon.

“I think,” Aedre said, inhaling to calm her frayed nerves, “I think the package was a Pokeball with a Pokemon inside, and whoever it was that stole the package wanted that Pokemon.”

Aedre swallowed, her mouth dry. If she was right—and she was fairly sure she was—then her lack of caution had put a Pokemon in danger. And, unfortunately, the weight of that mistake was even heavier than the responsibility of losing a package because unlike objects, Pokemon were living creatures, and living creatures weren’t so easily replaced.

A flutter at her ear had her glance up at her Fletchling, again perched on her shoulder, and she tried for a small smile. “I really messed up this time, huh, Little?”

@Skai Oof was in the middle of living up my winter break, didn't think anyone would notice / be waiting on me considering how often posts come in but noted! I'll try and make a post happen in the next few days.
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