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Driven by the desire to find food, I return to my previous route and head further inland. I keep a lookout for any possible weapons—sticks, stones, or otherwise.
@Balthazar007 Rebranding the RP sounds like a good idea, but I don’t think I’ll be joining since my plate’s a bit full right now. That said, I hope you find new faces in the Free section!
@Alamantus Alright, adding onto the part about skills and abilities, where should I specify them in the CS?

Eryn Montero

Route 2: Outer Infested Woods || Afternoon

The morning was spent heading back and forth between the woods and Pureplain as Eryn trained her Pokemon. Much to her delight, the woods seemed to offer a bounty of fodder wilds if she looked in the right places. However, Eryn quickly realized that fodder Pokemon failed to provide her Pokemon much of a challenge, and only Tula seemed to be getting anything out of her battles, which were less about wits and strategy than about simply slapping the foe down with some well-timed Struggles.

So, on she went, leading her Pokemon deeper into the woods where danger seemed to lie around every wrong corner. Around the right corners, though, Eryn was able to pit her Pokemon against foes that weren’t felled at the first blow; wilds like Spinarak, Karrablast, and Metapod provided sufficient resistance for Eryn to practice some new tactics with her Pokemon, and soon enough Dei picked up Smokescreen, giving him access to an array of interesting ambush tactics provided he didn’t run out of energy beforehand.

But, like before, Eryn soon ran into a wall when her Pokemon grew too strong for their opponents, and after a few hours of limited success trying to find the middle threats of the Deep Infested Woods, she realized that she was probably better off moving on to the Wet Caverns to try her luck.

With this in mind, out of the woods she went, Tula in her hands and Kylie and Dei at her side. As she walked, however, she was interrupted by a cry from Kylie, which immediately preceded an extremely human call that sent Eryn whirling around in alarm, prepared to face the ghosts from the previous night. Instead, though, she found herself looking at a quintet of youngsters, all bright smiles and eyes as they fanned out around her, chattering away at her.

Eryn opened her mouth to speak, then closed it, thinking it over. ‘Mute lady?’ So her doppelganger had been busy, if not today then before. Though Eryn found it hard to believe that her double had existed before she’d first stepped foot in the woods, having put her double’s origins up to ghosts or some other mysterious origin, maybe Eryn had been looking at it wrong. Perhaps her double was another person wholly her own… but how? Why? And what were the circumstances under which she became so similar to Eryn herself?

But, these were questions that Eryn knew she’d have to save for someone else. Now, she had to address the matter of the energetic kids around her.

Biting her tongue back from another attempt to reply, Eryn opted to grin and wave enthusiastically with her free hand. One youngster requested a battle, and one requested tricks. Another offered her a white, shimmery fabric, which Eryn received with a hesitant smile, patting the youngster’s shoulder as she tucked away the scarf. She’d see that it gets to her double since she had a few questions she wanted answers to.

Pointing at the boy who had issued the battle request, Eryn grinned. This is how her double had done it, right?

@AlamantusA few questions:

- If my character doesn't know magic but I want her to learn some later down the line, should I start with or without the essence ability? And if not, should I leave room for it (ie 2 optional abilities instead of 3)?

- Where are the "skills and abilities" in the CS? Is it just the "Learning Experiences" part?

- Am I allowed to count 'a box of wooden pencils' and 'lunchbox' as two carried items? Even if the lunchbox has 4 small food items in it, and the box of pencils has like 12 pencils?

@The Harbinger of Ferocity Should I be looking to change something about my post?

@The Harbinger of Ferocity I look to see whether there is anything in the body of water—algae, small creatures, or otherwise. If there is nothing else taking advantage of the oasis, there may be something wrong with it. I also take note of where the water seems to be coming from and whether I have anything on me that can carry water.
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