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Bump and added another fandom to the list.
Hey there. I'm Ryu and I've been searching for some new RPs since time has finally freed up a bit for myself. I've recently been craving less original works and more in terms of fandom. So, thought I'd put out my list for those interested. First off, though, a few rules.

- Please don't ghost. I try to give the same level of respect if I drop out from an RP. I just like to know if the other party has already lost interest. I get that people have busy lives. Really, I'm not gonna hold it against you.

- Please be respectful. I'm open to criticism and I do like to chat actively with my partners. However, there's a difference between constructive criticism and just being mean.

- No god modding. I like anime. I like those over the top moments. However, I also like there to be a balance. I'm fine with story reasons and such, but no controlling each others' characters or just making it plain unfair.

And really...that's it. If there are any limitations you might have, feel free to let me know. Don't have a problem accommodating to those. But anyway, here's my list. Admittedly, I have been wanting a few "guilty pleasure" type fandoms to be a part of, such as harems and the like, but I know that's not everyone's cup of tea. So I've separated them base on that in the hiders below. The list is short, but I included a * next to those that I have plots in mind for. Other than that...I'm sure there's more to these lists than I'm putting on, but this is what I could think of. I'll be adding more as I think of them, but feel free to suggest any you might be interested in.

Shoot me a PM if you're interested. Can't wait to hear from you all. :)
The distracted look change at her story. His gaze came to her fully, regarding her for a moment as a frown began to form. "Someone was trying to steal from here?" he asked. He didn't bother asking for a description. He would be able to find out what the person looked like. Instead, he pressed with more questions, his eyes sharper as he regarded her, as though gazing past her to find the information he needed. "Did they leave with anything? What were they carrying?"
Will was quiet, not explaining himself initially. Not until she began talking. He noticed her nervousness, could pick up on the hesitance she showed. At her last words, though, he raised an eyebrow. "Have you now?" he asked. He slowed as he approached a room, the one dedicated towards their more insectoid-related experiments. "We have recent concern that some of the staff has wandered into areas they should not have. So, I will ask you directly. Does this area look familiar? Have you entered this lab during your cleaning?"
Will was waiting in the lobby as she arrived. He stood off to the side, taking note of her entrance before turning his attention back to the employee before him. He finished his instructions quickly, sending him off to continue his work. He turned his attention back to the entrance, watching her clock in for the day before he spoke. "Ms. Ailyn," he called out, stepping out from around the corner. "I will need a word with you before you begin your work." Voices quieted as he addressed her, already being recognized by the employees in the vicinity. As one of the upper management at this facility, he garnered enough respect - or fear, as things would have it. He could not always tell what it was.

Either way, it drew attention to them. He gestured for her to follow him, turning away to leave. The discussion was better off in private.
Hey. Was my post alright?
Will raised an eyebrow as he watched her leave, spotting the small piece of paper. He didn't make his move here, though. He let it sit for the time being, allowing her to make her way through town. He abandoned his attempt to follow her pretty easily. He had what he wanted out of the ordeal. He knew she would be at work. He would just have to find time to check in on her. She would be an interesting experiment to follow.

He made his way out of the alley, being sure to take a route that wouldn't intersect with the girl's. At least, not until they got closer to the headquarters. He didn't want to explain what an executive was doing in that part of town. In no time at all, taking his normal routes through the city, he found his way back to work, rubbing at his eyes as he fought off the last remnants of his lack of sleep. Perhaps he should have stopped for coffee again on the way in. He would just have to find some source of caffeine inside to help keep himself functioning throughout the day.
Oh, I'm sure I do. It's just a struggle to start. XD
Will was out of his apartment early that morning, despite his late night. The bags under his eyes never improved. He couldn't sleep through the night. His powers wouldn't allow it except in the rarest of circumstances.

His path took him a different route than usual, this time making the detour towards his new interest's apartment. He had already arranged for a later start to his day than usual. He would need to explain things to the boss fully, but he had time to figure that out. He would not need to worry about that. Not yet.

He stopped as he reached an alleyway near her home. He stuck to the shadows, watching silently. He needed an idea of who she was in the company. He needed more answers.
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