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Hey. Was my post alright?
Will raised an eyebrow as he watched her leave, spotting the small piece of paper. He didn't make his move here, though. He let it sit for the time being, allowing her to make her way through town. He abandoned his attempt to follow her pretty easily. He had what he wanted out of the ordeal. He knew she would be at work. He would just have to find time to check in on her. She would be an interesting experiment to follow.

He made his way out of the alley, being sure to take a route that wouldn't intersect with the girl's. At least, not until they got closer to the headquarters. He didn't want to explain what an executive was doing in that part of town. In no time at all, taking his normal routes through the city, he found his way back to work, rubbing at his eyes as he fought off the last remnants of his lack of sleep. Perhaps he should have stopped for coffee again on the way in. He would just have to find some source of caffeine inside to help keep himself functioning throughout the day.
Oh, I'm sure I do. It's just a struggle to start. XD
Will was out of his apartment early that morning, despite his late night. The bags under his eyes never improved. He couldn't sleep through the night. His powers wouldn't allow it except in the rarest of circumstances.

His path took him a different route than usual, this time making the detour towards his new interest's apartment. He had already arranged for a later start to his day than usual. He would need to explain things to the boss fully, but he had time to figure that out. He would not need to worry about that. Not yet.

He stopped as he reached an alleyway near her home. He stuck to the shadows, watching silently. He needed an idea of who she was in the company. He needed more answers.
Yeah, but hey, it happens. The good part is that we can build the staff from the ground up now. I'm a supervisor, so I'll at least get to train the newbies the way things need to get done. Currently, we have four supervisors and like two employees. It's rough, but we're waiting for training to go through for new hires.
So, I felt like you wanted me to add something for Abby, but I don't actually know what you have going on, so I just wrote for Mitsuki. I assumed it was a Rebel base of some kind, so nothing to make the captain show himself just yet.
Mitsuki tilted his head to the side as he gazed up at the towering figure from his seated position, feet still resting atop the Marine he had embarrassed. "I'd be better off with your leader. I don't have time for underlings," he stated bluntly. "Who's in charge of the conduct on this island? The behavior of the men? Who teaches these buffoons to act like this?" If he was intimidated by the man's size, he didn't show it. Easily twice the size of the swordsman, the lieutenant dwarfed him considerably. The white haired man kept his eyes trained on the larger man, though, an aura exuding from him as his eyes flashed yellow before fading back to the icy blue. "I'm disgusted with what I saw in the city today. I'll have you and your Captain answer to it."
Hey, no worries. I was just checking in.
Sorry for the wait. I've had a busy week. Just starting a new job and we're understaffed as all hell.
Will frowned as he continued to watch. Nothing was happening. He didn't know what to make of things, but this was a good start. With a small sigh, he stepped away from the ledge, opting to end the surveillance for the night. He would need to gauge her strength now. If she had powers, though, she would likely want to use them. Maybe for good, maybe for evil. He would have to see what she decided to do.

With that in mind, he stepped away, walking to the edge of the building. He took a leap, carrying himself over to the next rooftop. He began to make his way across the city in that manner, only slowing as he began to reach the nicer neighborhoods. Once that was done, he allowed himself to lower to the ground, ready to make his way back to his high rise apartment. He would do some research of his own. His next step would not begin until the following day, though. It couldn't until he formulated that next step in his head.
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