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Short but I'm limited. Good luck to you with Irma if this is it. Looks like it's moving up the West coast. Hope all is well.
Baku's frown deepened at the intruder. No one challenged him like that. And no one survived his assaults. He wouldn't stand for that. "Who do you think you are?" he demanded.

"No one of consequence," Mitsuki replied, stepping forward slowly. His sword flipped lazily in his hand as he did. "I just don't care for bullies. Thought I'd even the odds." A small sigh escaped him as he looked at the trio boredly. "I would ask who's first, but that would be unfair. It'll take all three of you t take me down."

Bank's eyes narrowed in anger. "You arrogant..." He spat to the side, lowering his cannon slightly. He wouldn't dirty himself with the upstart. "Hibiki. Will. Kill him."

Back to you. I'll reply as I can with everything going on. Remind me what we're doing? Mitsuki vs the Commanders and Ryu vs the Captain?
"Both of you shut the hell up and stop your bickering!" a loud voice broke out, sending chills down the two Commanders' backs. A large form stepped up beside Hibiki. He was larger than the two by far. His hair was short, blond and well kept. Steely gray eyes were narrowed on their intruder, a scowl etched into his rough face, the scar stretching from the corner of his lip to the corner of his right eye only increasing his intimidating appearance. He wore a black tank top, one that did nothing to hide the bulging muscles beneath. This was tucked into white pants, ending in combat boots. A white jacket was worn over this, reaching down to his knees. They could not see the large kanji on the back, but the identical one on his chest was clear. It read simply 'Captain.' Hibiki and Will would both straighten instinctively at the sight of Captain Baku.

He held his arm out and a nondescript Marine immediately rushed to his side. The Marine had a large black canister wrapped by his arms. He could barely hold it, but Baku grasped it in one hand and lifted it up to his shoulder. As he did, it became clear what it was. A large cannon that would typically be fitted onto a Marine ship. He held it on one shoulder, aiming it down at the lone fighter.

"Marines don't hold back again miscreants like this. Marines uphold the law and put down wrong-doers. You will not be shown mercy," the Captain stated in his harsh tone. Without missing a beat, the cannon was fired, a cannon ball shooting towards Ryu, aiming to push him down with overwhelming might.

Ryu's shoulder was grasped as the cannon was fired, pulled back as Mitsuki shot forward. His sword was drawn in an instant, meeting the cannon ball head on. The orb split in two, crashing to either side of the two upstarts. Mitsuki flicked his sword down with a flourish, standing at the ready in front of Ryu. "This hardly seems fair," he stated. "Uphold the law...such crap. You okay?" He glanced back towards Ryu.

Hey. Sorry for the delay. I've had some personal issues come up recently that have kept me from getting online. I'm gonna have to be on hiatus for a bit from RPing until I can get my personal issues sorted out. If you wanna keep the RP going, I don't mind keeping this open and contacting you once I do come back, but I'd understand if you'd rather find someone else for the RP.

Yes, yes. Sorry for the delay. I feel bad. ^^; I don't really have full access to my computer. Staying at a friend's place while I'm looking for my own place to live since I moved recently. Given that, I don't have that much space. I can only really hop on when I'm not in anyone else's way. When they go to work or go to bed. And that's usually when I'm not doing other things at night (working as an Uber driver for extra money currently). Hence my sporadic messages. Sorry about that. Just wanted to explain so I don't continuously disappear on you or you know why I'm taking a little longer to respond. ^^;
He knew the effect he'd have, of course. It wasn't too hard to guess. He knew how his words sounded, but it was something he thought she'd need to hear. He had every chance to make a new life, to put down his sword and do whatever he wanted with his skills. He didn't want to, though. Zelda was his princess, regardless of the situation. Without the order that their kingdom once had, she needed her knight more than ever. He'd ensure that she was safe.

The boy smiled a bit as he watched her redden, turning away in embarrassment. She was adorable when she was flustered. She should have known by now that the two of them didn't need to be coy about their feelings. He wasn't blind to her feelings for him and he was rather open with his feelings for her.

Amidst his thoughts, he heard her stomach rumble. He could have sworn her face darkened a bit, if that was possible with her already present blush. "Can I have some breakfast?"

Link let out a small laugh as he got up from his seat, placing a hand gently on her shoulder as he passed. "Of course, of course. Just give me a minute, I'll cook something up. What do you feel like having?" he asked, already moving to get the ingredients out.
Ah, I see. I was under the impression from what I read that she learned of him and focused on keeping him sealed. I guess his statement still made sense at least. ^^;

Again, stretching the limits of my knowledge on this game. If I remember correctly, Zelda is somewhat of a scholar. She researched artifacts and stumbled upon Calamity Ganon. She dedicated 100 years of her life to gathering artifacts and staying within the castle to keep him sealed away. Hence Link's comment. Correct me if I'm wrong, of course. Trying to keep up with the lore of the story, given that I've not played it yet. XD
Link's glance showed that he didn't truly believe that. "Knight to the princess. Captain of the princess' guard. That is my life," he replied simply, taking another bite from his food. He saw the hesitation she had. It was hard to admit that he could start a life here while she pieced the land back together. Slowly, he placed his fork and knife down, reaching out to take her hand lightly in his, drawing her eyes to him.

Smiling slightly, he reassured her, "You've spent a century trying to hold this country together. I've only been able to support you a few weeks. I'm coming." Giving her hand a light squeeze, he released it, returning to his utensils. "I'll be your knight for as long as you'll have me, Zelda." He didn't use her name often, and when he did only when the two were in private. It wouldn't do to have a knight speaking disrespectfully to the princess, but after everything they had been through together, it felt like they were beyond simply a princess and her knight.
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