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Current sorry, I thought that was a different tab. the ACTUAL truth about mahz is in my bio now. sic semper tyranus
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the secret about RPG mahz doesn't want you to know in my bio
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deadbeat for mod 2k16
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Like the cow of norse mythology feeds on the salty ice of Ginnungagap, so too do I feed off of salty rejected applicants.


join my fuckin mouse RP I need more mice I beg of you this is a serious cry for help
EDIT: if you fell for these clickbait ass statuses twice in a row and u ain't submit a mouse you a mook fr

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@ClocktowerEchos I was talking about his sheet. Of the sentences, four do not contain a direct reference to his past, which makes his sheet require more information. Also, the quote should be a belief.
I lied.
@ClocktowerEchos That would work, but because his character is very focused on his family, his sheet would need substantial beefing up.
As Selune mentioned, the Watch would not take kindly to an outward display of allegiance to a group that's not the watch. Joining the Watch is akin to formally cutting ties with your family -- your enemies can't find you, you don't inherit any lands, you nullify any former promises of marriage, and so on. If one guy breaks the uniformity of thousands of mice by wearing tokens of his family, this leads to three things

A) His peers, who are mostly lowborn, assume he thinks he's better than them. They beat him in the barracks with in the middle of the night. Aelfric removes his shield and circlet to stay safe.

B) His superiors, who notice his defiance of the rules, penalize him for disrupting the uniformity of the Redwatch. Aelfric is systematically bullied by superiors until he removes his shield and circlet.

C) The superiors of his superiors notice the Watchmice under their watch have allowed one mouse to flaunt his family's crest, which by extension makes them look bad. Aelfric is told to remove the signs of his home, or go back to it.

If you really wanna do a deposed nobleman, I think you should have Aelfric secretly keep tokens of his family around somehow. Maybe a dead sister's locket or a childhood instrument or something. I'm just spitballing here.
The issue I have with Aelfric is that his character is very bound to his ties to a family, which is something you give up when you join the Redwatch. I don't think Watch Captains and other higher-ups would appreciate a lone member of the Watch wearing a flag and a crown when he's supposed to be representing the Watch everywhere he goes.
Giving this a final bump.

• This RP is completely ripping off heavily inspired by tropes of Mouseguard, Redwall, and The Night's Watch. If you're completely unfamiliar with these sources, this means that the story (and all of our characters) will be anthropomorphic mice in a quasi-medieval setting. Not anthropomorphic mice that ride horses and are people-sized, but mice mice. The scale of the world and the things that lurk in it are comparatively Lovecraftian horrors.

• I'm looking for people to play members of the mice military order, who are braver and less mousey than the civilians. The mice will be split into as many teams of three as there are players, though I'm strongly considering having everyone play two characters to emphasize the "Your characters might die" rule GMs always have but never enforce. CS's will implement some d20 mechanics, but will ultimately be a much more simplified homebrew.

• This should all be up within a week or two. We currently have two rangers, two alchemists, a banner-bearer, a cook, and a few noob mice, so plan characters accordingly. If any of this tickles your fancy, the IC is located here.
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