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Back in the game, but not for long. Sorry for the peeps I left, too focused with Japanese License Exam, and I just finished it today. I'm now waiting for the results. As for me creating RPs, NO.
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@RaijinSlayer Rai is one of my close RP buddies, if not the equivalent of a BFF in this guild. He's a cool bro who is specialized in astonishing ideas that even myself would look deep into it and come up to him saying OMG. I also praise him for his multiface characters and love his edgy and gruesome characters. Of course, he has a cute side. He is Pikachu in disguise. Also... I have a strong bias when it comes to Rai cuz he is the only person in this Guild that I'd love as my CO-GM since Shiho.

@Grey Officially one of the first people I bond with, I can't explain our friendship but I say it's just two eccentric guys who makes wtf moments and awesome stuff.

@Hebigami Shiho My best friend of the guild. Since MF Forums, we've been through thick and thin.

@Suku There's no girl on the net. She's the Cosplay Goddess! Same like Raijin, I have a profound bias for her because I only choose my close friends as my Co-GM. We are like fire and ice.

@Feisty-Pants Sisterly and Motherly love here!

@Slime Our broship dates all the way back to MF and Slime is a GIIIIRRRLLLL!!!!

@Mira Yasaka Is it me from another dimension? One of the closer friends I have and an IRL friend too. We are rivals IRL in many ways.




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I dont wanna keep everyone waiting.

To expedite our work as GMs. I require every player to send theit Workshop details via PM and discuss it via Discord messaging. There is no set date on the release of the RP yet and we are to inform you when.
@The World @ManyThings
River Seine

Before Rei could further confide herself to her servant, she sensed a change of shift in the wind, it blew vehemently and came a servant in their midst whose parameters are simply immense and Rider pushed her out of the way to protect her. This was not the time for sentimental things as much as she wanted to talk yo her servant, it is a Holy Grail War indeed.

"My~...Men are really hard and hotblooded showing off their whatever form of blades. I for one agree with Lancer over here." Rei comically seriously unintentiomally teased, she was serious on what she said despite the subtext and innuendo as any normal person would find it a double meaning and react to its perverted subtext.

"Let's settle things in a non-violent manner with your Master, Mr. Handsome Man, you jumped all the way here only to make swoon. So much, that I am melting and dying for more than just a kiss from you." Rei was taught deceptive tactics by Yukina, her aunt and she hated it but it would so be useful in a situation like this. Rei delivered it perfectly and acted accordingly, sounding serious yet sarcasrtic thus leaving mixed thoughts.

Her skin was pale like how she lusted fot heat, a skin that is as white as snow due to heat impulse.

In her mind, this is the best course of action to avoid death and an alliance is preferred, casting her pride and personal issue aside in the mean time.
Just a note guys.

An Esper nor Mage cannot learn each other's powers. Hybrids are rare and let us refrain from that.

A Mage can have multiple abilities but an Esper can only have one.

Here is the CS so everyone can start working on their characters.

@The World @CrowsAltV2 @HereComesTheSnow @1Charak2 @Krayzikk @Plank Sinatra

Inviting the people below as well considering you guys participated in Suku's RP
@Onarax @Vocab @Rex @Silvan Haven @NaraK

@RaijinSlayer Whenever you are free bro. This is a brand new To aru RP.

@Kal-El You too.
@Crusader Lord

Haha. What can I say, I am well aware who likes To aru.

Special mention to: @Grey and @Suku
Bump the bump!
@Krayzikk@Plank Sinatra Thanks guys. We need more people though.
I do not have the set date yet due to lack of personels.

Spread the word my friends!

[@Kashima] u in?
Eiffel Tower
@The World
Rei got back to her calm and collected self.

"My aplogies for my indecent behavior, Yukimura." Rei addressed her servant by his real name and wore her top back.
"I bet you have not seen a Yuki Onna before and you should know by now I am merely an apparition, a mongrel incarnation of the said monster." For a moment, Rei clenched her fists and was self loathing.

"It is good to look for allies and you have my permission. I am ready to face the danger ahead but before that let us go find a safer place which would be a decisive move, I want us to be unbreached by our enemies and I need to study the Spider's contents and based on my intuition, it is probably tied to necromancy since it do not possess heat therefore dead." Rei catched her breath for a while and continued.

"That is Plan A. Plan B is let us approach them, I do not want any unnecessary fight and try not to get killed. I expect things to go off of the rails too. As much as possible, I do not have to issue a command seal. By platonic, do you mean friends or colleagues? I never have a friend before though..." Rei in deep thought afterward, she seemed to be getting chatty thanks to Rider.

"Sheesh. I kinda am talking too much but it is of neccessity. I do not plan on dying and neither do you. Since I owe you one, the driver's steering wheel is yours, how about you lead the way and if things go wrong...I got a plan by then. I trust your wisdom, Milord."
Aftermath Of Spider
Rei @The World
Eiffel Tower

The surrounding area that Rider and Rei are standing at is frozen due to Rei's fear of the Spider, she quickly got it off of her skin on impulse and had it frozen. Rei tried calming herself but she couldn't for such touch made her feel violated and worst it was from an animal. "Pffff!! I'm not a joke to you!! Stop laughing." Rider managed to tick the inner walls of Rei considering she lost her composure and had a brief moment of difficulty regaining it.

Rei was horrified and surprised by the Spider, Rider refused to help her according to her point of view because he was having fun poking at her. Unamused by the crap she was in, Rei used her Yuki Onna ice powers and let out a huge roar after saying the aria for her Daifubukihoko spell.

"I, who embodies the snow of the Great Yuki Onna, Oyuki and fanner of the snow, beseech thee. Howl of the vehement wind of my forbidden kiss, Ice Maiden of the snowy mist, grant me the kiss that smites the soul, that I may vanquish the Parade of One Hundred Demons! BEHOLD. DAIFUBUKIHOKO!"

And that was how Rei froze the Spider and their respective area that they stand. The floor was covered in ice as well.

"Rider. I do not speak as your Master right now but I speak as Rei Tsurara, a broken girl and the rightful heir of the Tsurara, I am but a child, my Crimson Demon of War. " As each time Rei gets closer to her servant, it seemed that a sexual tension is present because Rei is blushing and stuttering due to her heat impulses which is eating her sanity up rather quick.

"Ehhh...treat me as a woman Rider!! I want to make babies with I dont wanna!!" She slapped herself trying to get herself to calm down but Rei started taking her top off revealing her voloptuousness(is wearing a bra). Then ahe finally hugged Rider.

"For crying outloud....I hate this part of me. Just kiss me already so I may not feel cold anymore, and dont laugh at me this time..idiot."
Level 0-4 for Espers is now open.
If you want a Level 5, PM me but beware of the heavy plotting and we have to be intimate.

Magic Side characters are open too, but I will be limiting it to three slots.

Under the new management of Board of Directors appointed by the great Aleister Crowley, it seemed like Academy City would become a peaceful place for the learned, and that peace is what must be kept. Better than not, the new management seemed to have vastly improved the biased curriculum power development system, the Level 0s outgrowing their oldskin as an Esper that has ascended into the uppermark of Level 1-4, and only a few are blessed to be Level 5s. Truly it looks like Academy City is changing for good! As even Magicians and Espers are getting along and Faction Wars are gradually mitigated.

Least that was what most fools thought.

Aleister Crowley is the last person to be expected to be someone involved in the latest chaos. Conspiracy theories are plunging just about everywhere and fingers are pointed to Principle Foundation, an organization that seemed to have a good publicity and somehow are rumored to be involved in the sudden increase of abducted citizens and to make things worst, ORDER, a Supremecist Organization that ought to make Academy City as a place for those with power only. As a citizen of Academy City, your curiousity arouses you to search for the truth, are ORDER and Principle Foundation working together to bring about such chaos, and how are you going to puzzle it all?

To further put the cherry on the cake, curfew hours are strictly reinforced as there have been reports of a Vampire roaming Academy City at night.

Given the fact that you are an indiviual and a citizen of Academy City, it is only natural to feel the New Management's changes but it is also authentic to feel unseen corruption and unjustice for missing loved ones and high taxes. What will you do?

This Roleplay gives a Durarara! Vibe as you can see, this is a To aru RP that is equally divided into roles that do not outshine others. Your roles will build up interactions bringing forth factions. To give a hint, there would be students and non students but to make things easier, the easiest role is being the HS Student you are which therefore the name of the school is Daiseki Academy. This new school is an offshoot of the best schools collaborated by the best minds, such as Nagatenjouki and Tokiwadai etc. Its owner is the head of the Principle Foundation, Dr. Himura Todo.

Therefore the story is not going to be stuck in its school form only. Tell me ylur roles and we shall collaborate to bring this work to life!

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