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Back in the game, but not for long. Sorry for the peeps I left, too focused with Japanese License Exam, and I just finished it today. I'm now waiting for the results. As for me creating RPs, NO.
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@RaijinSlayer Rai is one of my close RP buddies, if not the equivalent of a BFF in this guild. He's a cool bro who is specialized in astonishing ideas that even myself would look deep into it and come up to him saying OMG. I also praise him for his multiface characters and love his edgy and gruesome characters. Of course, he has a cute side. He is Pikachu in disguise. Also... I have a strong bias when it comes to Rai cuz he is the only person in this Guild that I'd love as my CO-GM since Shiho.

@Grey Officially one of the first people I bond with, I can't explain our friendship but I say it's just two eccentric guys who makes wtf moments and awesome stuff.

@Hebigami Shiho My best friend of the guild. Since MF Forums, we've been through thick and thin.

@Suku There's no girl on the net. She's the Cosplay Goddess! Same like Raijin, I have a profound bias for her because I only choose my close friends as my Co-GM. We are like fire and ice.

@Feisty-Pants Sisterly and Motherly love here!

@Slime Our broship dates all the way back to MF and Slime is a GIIIIRRRLLLL!!!!

@Mira Yasaka Is it me from another dimension? One of the closer friends I have and an IRL friend too. We are rivals IRL in many ways.




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@DoomFlavoredEdits are made already and in case you ask, I elaborated the finisher move and it's basically:

With the end result being this:

What makes it classy is it's done with slapping both fans together.
And making it underdog much as possible, read everyone's sheet and they seemed to pack more punch so I'll pack less punch.
My OC will be up in a few hours.
Oh thanks for the info.

Then again, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to turn down. Something came up IRL and yes we all know priorities first.

See ya next time.

It's out.
Sheet will be coming within this week. If not a few hours later within the day.

There's always a speech but no one cares anymore and I'm not gonna be too wordy on this because we weebs have an attention span of 2 year old.

"I'll never give up because that's my Ninja Way!"
"There is only pain."
"Those who break the rules are scum.."
"Those who break the rules are scum..but those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum."
"Walking down a path without knowing where you really want to go… Having a grace period like that isn't so bad. But if that's all you end up doing, you'll come up against barriers that you won't be able to break."

-Inspirational Ninja Quotes

This is a Naruto RP! Yes this is a Naruto RP and it isn't surprising for one to rise and die, either way we move forward. As a Fanatic of the Naruto series, I, Indra never cease to make another one with the ideas I have at my disposal. So if you ask what's in it for you? It's actually simple and a daring goal of mine because I want a Naruto RP that does not die and actually has an ending. Yes it's hard to stay committed to what we declare but with enough time management we can overcome anything. All we need is patience to complete a story and I welcome you with open arms.

Like every Naruto RP we have seen a thousand times, it is centralized in Konoha because of its drawn familiarity with the fans and because it is also easier to work with, moreover the only thing I need to tell everyone is that I won't be throwing plot-heavy gems just because I want everyone to be so invested. If you're gonna ask me what's really in it? Like I said, I won't be throwing plot-heavy gems just yet as it will be a calm before the storm and because I don't want you to be overthinking too much about what direction should your character take, I for once would let you unfold your ingredients needed for your respective stories, hence, a Sandbox-style when the RP's IC is not plot-heavy therefore giving everyone a chance to interact and develop as well as question the plot bits connecting with the story. Everyone has a part and are not limited to the typical ranks like Genin, Chunin and Jonin because the setting will be focusing on the livelihood of a Shinobi.

Oh now I'm making everyone like dogs clinging to their owners by what I just said? How cute.

Jokes aside and let me repeat myself for a billionth time. I won't be throwing plot gems because that is one of the leading demise of a Naruto RP because of over-anticipation but every GM that handles a Naruto RP has their own viewpoint. To set everyone's expectations this Naruto RP will be focusing on the path of a Shinobi and its stakes when one achieves it and the growing criminality corrupting the peace of the Great Five Nations that threatens the security of the people. Does this remind you of My Hero Academia? The era we are in is steampunked theme Boruto-lite where even though there's Chakra Science, it is virtually toned down compared to Boruto and you don't even need to know Boruto, in layman's term "Konoha's equivalent of Japan early 1900s"

To get everyone fired up. Some of you by the start of the story is already Genin while others are Jonin for diversity and other interactions that equate to IRL scenarios.

To throw you a bone. The current state of the Shinobi World, while peaceful the Shinobi work has lost its meaning and it's commercialized. Coups and shady shit are happening behind the peaceful exterior of the village.

I'm only gonna say this once. Most of us already know what is banned and restricted, if you don't have common sense then don't join.

Any questions or violations? Go ahead and live a bump.

Trivia: Kaizen is the Japanese word for improvement. From me to you.

1. I'll just go with blue flames. I'll make a similar recoil to Bakugou's explosions then, if that is allowed or just go with the typical Fire User weakness which is their body can't handle prolonged usage. I understood on how things must make sense.

2. Sample post was cut short because my phone was dying so literally I wasn't finished :/

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