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3 days ago
Current I guess a true redemption is quitting than see yourself decay more.
3 days ago
It's been a wild 7 years.
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3 days ago
You know when your days are numbered. It's been a long ride since Pre-fall, I'm quitting the RP life all in all.
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6 mos ago
Kamigami no ou no jihi o shire. Zetsumetsu to wa kore, kono hitoshi. Indra yo, katsumoku shiro. Yakitsuguse, VASAVI SHAKTI! Zehi mo nashi.....
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6 mos ago
I'm sick and tired of elitists flooding the guild. Any elitist not named Inkarnate is shit. HAIL INKARNATE.


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@RaijinSlayer Rai is one of my close RP buddies, if not the equivalent of a BFF in this guild. He's a cool bro who is specialized in astonishing ideas that even myself would look deep into it and come up to him saying OMG. I also praise him for his multiface characters and love his edgy and gruesome characters. Of course, he has a cute side. He is Pikachu in disguise. Also... I have a strong bias when it comes to Rai cuz he is the only person in this Guild that I'd love as my CO-GM since Shiho.

@Grey Officially one of the first people I bond with, I can't explain our friendship but I say it's just two eccentric guys who makes wtf moments and awesome stuff.

@Hebigami Shiho My best friend of the guild. Since MF Forums, we've been through thick and thin.

@Suku There's no girl on the net. She's the Cosplay Goddess! Same like Raijin, I have a profound bias for her because I only choose my close friends as my Co-GM. We are like fire and ice.

@Feisty-Pants Sisterly and Motherly love here!

@Slime Our broship dates all the way back to MF and Slime is a GIIIIRRRLLLL!!!!

@Mira Yasaka Is it me from another dimension? One of the closer friends I have and an IRL friend too. We are rivals IRL in many ways.




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@Severance Be my pet.
@pkken I command you to be Gwen-chan's #1 follower!
We need a Shield Mage/Shield Hero
All these ice mages gunna make Rashiku want to get a flask of infinite hot tea xD

Pff... Says the guy whose nicknamed his OC, Snowy and doesn't use ice.. SMH lol
Gwen be annoying the crap out of everyone like the entitled disciple she is.
@Haruharara I will PM ya
But I will say it anyway

It's just two smart people with different expertise and the aptitude for learning.
@Haruharara I feel a disturbance from the force, our characters are studious..hmm and I feel a connection.
@OwO Let's drink together.

I like how Rai channels his ice fetish too.

@Leslie Hall Looking forward working with you once more.
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