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Inuzuka Kegawa
Inuzuka Clan Compound, Konohagakure -- Present Day, Dawn

Hige's voice rang out through the compound, and every ninken in the surrounding area started barking rapidly. “Motherfucker!

This was not an uncommon occurrence in the Inuzuka clan, as Hige would go on tangents if without sake, or even if he had sake, because he was the epitome of an angry drunk. His alcohol dependency had become nothing more than an annoyance to some, but downright disrespectful to others just trying to get their beauty sleep.

Kegawa awoke hesitantly and wondered if it was worth getting up or if she should just hide out in bed. Momomaru, cuddled up next to her, gave her a reassuring lick.

Suddenly wide awake, she realized that today was the day she'd be promoted to Genin.
She was so excited to finally be a real shinobi with her peers, and she knew that they'd all be great shinobi. She hoped desperately that she would be put on a team with Shunpei and Tensai, as they were easily her two best friends second to Momomaru. Kegawa debated with herself for a moment, then decided that they were all on an equal level.

Finally awake and standing, she was unsure of how to head downstairs without her father figuratively throwing a fit, or literally throwing a sake barrel at her. Kegawa beckoned Momomaru, and she followed Kegawa down the stairs.

There her father stood, in all his drunken glory, he finished downing the rest of the last of his sake. Barrels stacked across the room, it was practically a store room if the barrels hadn't been emptied.

Hige's back was turned to Kegawa as she creaked down the loose wooden steps with Momomaru close behind her, but the noise of the steps alerted him to her presence.

Hige really considered Kegawa as more of a burden, and less of a daughter. "Piss off." he spat, words laced with scorn.

"I-I'm sorry, otōsan" Kegawa spoke, in fear. She slipped out the front door and lightly jogged across the compound towards her uncle's home.

Kegawa rapped the door lightly before she entered, and was greeted by her Aunt Akita. "Oh, Kega-chan! Good morning." Akita welcomed her in politely, and Kegawa took a seat in a barely standing wooden chair.

"Good morning, oba." Kegawa was visibly upset at the events that had just transpired, because even though her father was always that way, she wished that he would give her the light of day just one time.

Shippo entered the room from his bedroom and greeted the young Inuzuka. "Are you alright, Kegawa?" Shippo was concerned for the child, as he considered her to be one of his own, because of his brother's awful treatment of her.

"Father was just, uh... In one of his moods again."

This was not news to Shippo, Hige practically awoke the entire compound with his yelling and swearing.

"Well, let's clean you up and get ready for your graduation."

After a short bath and stroll through Akita's bedroom, looking for a pair of her usual clothes to wear, Kegawa was finally ready to head to Konohagakure's one and only academy.

Today was really her last day as an academy student, it was pretty surreal to her.

"Bye Oba! Bye Oji!"

Academy Grounds, Konohagakure -- Present Day, Daybreak

Upon arrival into her classroom, Kegawa noticed Tensai was already there. Momomaru yipped at the excitement of seeing one of her most trusted of humans, and leapt at the boy.

"Get him Momomaru!" Kegawa called out playfully, all with a grin on her face.

I'll drop a CS soon.

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