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Buddy! Pal! Why was I mentioned!?
<Snipped quote by Dblade26>

That sounds awesome. And you'll prob put Willow off since she'd try flirting with Booster Gold. Who probably is kinda used to female robots what with being in the future and all, but not in any serious way xD.

I mean, I've been saying all of this as a joke. Clan hasn't even finished his signup yet too.
"I mean, in all fairness buddy you signed the marriage agreement"

"I thought it was a roommate agreement!"

"Ted, it said we were partners 'in sickness and in health, 'til death do us part.'"

"A really extensive roommate agreement!"
<Snipped quote by Dblade26>

I'm already jealous of this couple.

You think your jealousy's bad now, wait until the arc where it turns out that Booster Gold ended up getting himself and Ted Common-Law Married for business purposes.
Just like to mention I also put my CS for Blue Beetle up, in case it was missed. Or at least I got up a rushjob version because I was so excited to potentially get to play him again, and even more potentially Buddy Cop him with Clanjos's Booster Gold.
Might not even need to move her, she's fast enough it's not really effort to pop over into Gotham.
Here's what I've got. I tried to keep it really compact. If it needs more detail or flair lemme know. I tried to capture the whole thing in short basics and the general feel I'm going with for Ted is in the additional notes.

Ba Sing Se, 8 Paths Prison: Northeast.

That stupid, filthy, wretched old man...did he seriously just sell him out to half of the Earth Kingdom and run away? After Jampa had gone to the trouble of issuing him a proper challenge for later?!

"I'm...going to murder that geezer."

There wasn't time for fuming over things now, though. This place was already swarming with tons of An's soldiers like fleas on a hog-monkey. He'd have to act fast to get away, and he'd never catch that nasty, ancient lousy excuse for an Airbender if he had to chase him and fight off half a garrison worth of Earthbending soldiers at the same time. At least, he'd never manage to catch the old wretch by himself...

Jampa shot a look over to the chain-wielding Firebender woman who'd mentioned a boat, the young and hotheaded Airbender quickly formulating an idea as the first boulders slammed into the wall, managing to keep his balance easy enough as they sent vibrations rattling through the stone under their feet but knowing it was just the first salvo and he'd have to talk fast if this was going to work.

"Hey uhh...chain lady! I'll help you get out of here and stop that filthy geezer from stealing your boat if you agree to give me a ride out of the city. I can probably give these guards the slip easy enough but I have no easy way of getting out of Ba Sing Se, and I guarantee you'll have an easier time with any guards chasing us with me working the escape!" While he talked, he kept his footing and started whirling his arms in wide circles at first, slowly, then shifted to faster and smaller motions, drawing in air around him into a tight, spiraling vortex until it condensed down into a little spinning ball between his arms that he kept moving with little twists of his waist and shifts of his hands. [color=bleached almond]"I'm gonna make an opening. If you want in jump down behind me a few seconds after!"[/color]

Without waiting for her reply, Jampa ran forward while still tightly controlling the little spiraling ball of air, then leaped off of the wall and tucked his legs up. As soon as he was in mid-air, he kicked down hard to hopefully hit a climbing soldier or two and dislodge them, then kept falling. Seeing one of the boulders arcing through the air at him as he fell, he thrust both palms out and let go of the tiny, whirling vortex between them to reverse its course with a condensed blast of wind, aiming to send it flying back toward the group of Earthbenders volleying them and distract them all. Once he touched down on the ground, he kept his arms in motion, whipping up a little more wind to scatter any smaller projectiles, keep non-bending attackers at bay and if he'd been convincing enough, catch a falling Firebender.

Build up power with spiraling movements then unleash it in quick, direct attacks. That was the Airbending Jampa wanted to create.
Ba Sing Se, 8 Path Prison: Northeast.

Jampa looked around for his staff as they went, considering it was the last vestige he had of his days before his exile from Air Nomad society. When he finally had to admit he couldn't find it, he leaped up to the wall after the old man and the admittedly impressive chain wielding Firebender. He glanced up at the bearded old man once he was there, obviously irritated with him already as he called out to him.

"So, you're an Airbender too? Don't think I'm about to let that go, we've probably got business to settle with each other-" He glanced down at the swiftly approaching, small army headed their way. "After we escape. I'm not leaving without my glider though. If we don't find it on the way to the ship, I have to sneak back in afterward and find it here, it's just that I'm not crazy enough to stay while an army's here on high alert. You can leave me behind then, but it's something I need to do. You might wanna take the pirate lady though. I wouldn't wanna piss her off."

It'd be easy enough to make a run for it from here, at least so he hoped. Jampa might have to help the Firebending lady along, but he doubted it.
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