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Basic Information
Superhero/villain Name: Formerly 'Young Dragon'
Civilian Name: Bruce Phoenix/Lim Fenghuang
Origin city/Planet: Born in San Francisco, CA
Hometown: Wanderer
Sex: Male
Race: Asian
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 141 lbs
Age: 90 Birth Date: August 8th, 1930
Costumed Appearance: None
Civilian Appearance:

Icon: (Symbol, logo, or trademark symbolizing the persona they undertake; like Flash's lightning bolt, Batman's Bat, or Superman's emblazoned S.)
Costumed Personality: No different than normal.
Civilian Personality: Bruce tries his best to remain calm and meditative and project the outward appearance of a friendly, middle aged man just trying to get along with everyone and offer advice and help when it's needed. His goal is to find worthy students among the new generation of heroes and mentor them in both combat and if necessary, a larger ethos or philosophy of heroism, and to that end he tries his best to be what he feels his students need him to be. However he still has deep and painful regrets about the end of the previous age of heroes and his failure to do anything about it, and hopes that he can help shape this new one into something better and less ultimately dark. Bruce also still has a strong drive toward heroics, and while he's normally happy to leave things to younger heroes, if he feels it's necessary he's more than happy to step in and show the world some old-fashioned heroism.
Super abilities:
Master Martial Artist-Bruce Phoenix is a master of a seemingly impossible array of martial arts including Jujitsu, Karate, every form of Shaolin Kung Fu, every form of Wudang Kung Fu, Taijiquan, Kali, Kempo, Muay Thai, Western Boxing and Savate. He has also studied the use of numerous systems for martial arts weapons and is skilled in improvising weapons of his own when necessary.

Highly Skilled Acrobat-a childhood with two stars of the Peking Opera and a lifetime of training since ensured that Bruce Phoenix is an excellent acrobat, whether for show, running across rooftops or outmaneuvering opponents in unexpected ways.

Polyglot-due to both his travels and his advanced age, Bruce has learned to speak numerous languages fluently. Specifically he can speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Fujianese dialect groups of Chinese, Central Tibetan, Japanese, French and some Spanish and Arabic.

Some Academic Knowledge of Magic-While he has no potential to actually manipulate magical forces, Bruce's studies in Nanda Parbat gave him some knowledge and insight into the practices of magic and the nature of the supernatural, though he's hardly an expert by any means.

Skilled Actor and Performer-Because of his childhood of training to rejoin the Peking Opera and a lifelong personal interest, Bruce is a fairly skilled singer, dancer and actor though his style may be a bit out of date.

Peak Physical Fitness-Thanks to a combination of rigorous training, meditation and internal chi manipulation Bruce has maintained perfect physical fitness and a fair degree of youth in spite of his technically being a nonagenarian. He can lift over 400 pounds (More more with use of his Chi), sprint for marathon distances without tiring and take a punch from a professional boxer without slowing down.

Chi Manipulation-Having been trained in the esoteric arts of true chi manipulation in Nanda Parbat, Bruce can use his body's own natural reservoir of chi to briefly boost himself to truly superhuman levels of physical ability, accomplishing feats like lifting a car, deflecting a bullet (though not stopping sustained gunfire) and leaping small buildings in a single bound or denting solid steel. He can also use chi to heal himself or others of injuries or toxins if he's able to concentrate, and can use the expanded awareness he's gained along with this control to sense emotions and certain unusual types of energy, though the fainter either is the harder such a thing becomes.
Civilian Occupation: Wanderer, Adventurer, Teacher.

Character History/Origin: Bruce Phoenix was born in San Francisco, California in 1930 when his parents, who were both involved in the attempted internationalization of Peking Opera, were on their first ever American tour. As a result they stayed behind in America to raise their son. They hoped he would someday become the first American Born Chinese man to be a major star of their beloved art form, hopes that became more fervent when the Japanese shut down nearly all Peking Opera schools in 1931. They had his name recorded as Bruce Phoenix, for its American sound and feel and the surname's auspicious nature.

Although he was raised with far more kindness by his own parents than any traditional Opera school would have allowed, Bruce's childhood was focused around cultivating the key skills of singing, dancing, acting, acrobatics and martial arts from a young age. The last was what Bruce excelled in the most, driving himself beyond his parents' expectations in his appetite for learning combat even off the stage. His parents were proud even as they had to split their time between difficult day-jobs and his training, but dreams of opera stardom weren't what motivated their son.

Instead, Bruce dreamed of belonging to an entirely different profession of flashy, costumed fighters: The Actor Activists. They were heroes who fought war and corruption in battles more exciting and dramatic than he could find in any opera and the best part was they were real, here and now! He idolized the Impossibles for their role in the war effort, especially Jade Mantis, a Chinese immigrant like his parents who stood and fought with the Impossibles as an equal.

That was why in 1945 with the war having just drawn to a close, 15-year-old Bruce Phoenix ran away from home to try and convince Jade Mantis, then a returning war hero, to take him on as an apprentice. It took rescuing his hero and earning a name for himself in the papers as the teenage vigilante 'Young Dragon' before he convinced the veteran Actor Activist to take him on as a sidekick, but they adventured together throughout the late 40's and 50s, with Bruce expected to take up Jade Mantis's role if the latter eventually retired. Bruce wanted more for himself, at least as far as the martial arts that had originally drawn him to heroism were concerned. inspired by his predecessor's tales of a mythical city in the Himalayas that the Axis tried to infiltrate during the war, Bruce left America in search of the lost city of Nanda Parbat in 1957, agreeing to take up the identity of Jade Mantis upon his return.

Even with directions from his mentor it still took Bruce two years of wandering through Asia to find the city, but the training it offered him was extraordinary. Nanda Parbat had been graced by a number of masters of the martial arts and their knowledge throughout the centuries. It took him seven more years until he felt he had learned enough from the monks to leave the hidden city in 1967, but the world Bruce found outside was far different from what he remembered. His old mentor and nearly all of the Impossibles were dead, Actor Activists were outlaws and the world's trust in America had been irreversibly shattered.

For decades after, Bruce wandered the world in disillusioned retirement, questioning the relevance of heroes to the modern age and the wisdom of Nanda Parbat, taking odd jobs and feeling joy only in practicing martial arts and adding to his repertoire of skills, always moving from one place to another before the decreased aging he gained from his experiences in the Himalayas became apparent.

Bruce didn't return to Nanda Parbat until the early 2000s, when the growing presence of terrorists in India and Pakistan motivated by religious extremism and later U.S. intervention made him concerned for the city's safety. There, he finally found out what had drawn so many great martial artists to the holy place, as Rama-Kushna and the monks offered him the spiritual guidance he needed to heal his broken soul while he guarded the sanctuary. Bruce's second stay there also helped inspire him to find new purpose in his life, and now he's set out into the world to find worthies among the new generation of heroes, so that they can both benefit from his experience and avoid his mistakes.

Optional information
Nemesis: None Yet
Allies: Formerly Jade Mantis
Team: Formerly a junior affiliate to the Impossibles.
March 10th, 2020
Hub City Secondary Learning Academy

Man, today had started out so ordinary. Get up, put on the uniform the maid pressed and laid out the day before, rush through breakfast alone as usual for Tuesdays while the driver reminded him what time his parents would be home at (His father was working late, as usual, his mother would be back sooner) and whether there was any change in plans that'd throw off his pickup time for school or anything (No, but would Tim at least try to be out front early so the school didn't make him circle the car around while he waited?) then spent the remaining time reading (Mostly switching between Dune and a history Ebook on ancient Egypt) and toying with his phone (random animal videos, obviously.) until it was time to go.

The first class of the day had been typical too, and Tim had gone through all of it almost on autopilot, or at least it seemed like it, because now-

"What are ya gonna do about it, pleb?"

Now Lloyd Johnson had just knocked the new scholarship kid onto his back over a stupid water fountain, and Tim felt way too angry to not give the situation one-hundred percent of his attention.

Teachers at the SLA didn't have their own rooms to teach out of and kids usually stayed in an assigned homeroom, so between class rotations you got breaks where you were allowed to hang out in the hallway, go talk with your friends, have a drink or a snack or whatever. There were even little nooks with couches or something at the corners of the halls for it. Tim had been sitting at one with his tablet when the scholarship kid...Tim thought his name was Ellian? Elios? Anyway, when he'd got stiff-armed onto the ground in the middle of using a drinking fountain by Bargain Bin Malfoy.

Lloyd Johnson was apparently the kind of tool who earnestly used terms like 'pleb' out loud along with being richer and more spoiled than a fourteen-year-old jar of mayo. He was one of those guys who grew a lot and early too, so he was built like a blond gorilla. Tim figured Lloyd probably had a brain to match, but King Kong Senior had the school board and the principal in his pocket, and everybody knew it.

Elijah- no, no that probably wasn't it- anyway he'd only been here since the end of Christmas break, for winning a raffle or a scholarship award and then passing some kind of test. Tim had heard he was from Hell's Corner or maybe the Wedge, but he didn't think anybody really knew. He kept to himself too much for anyone to know. They just knew he was poor- well no, just poorer than everyone else-and that he was smart. So now Lloyd Everybody-Knows-That-Name-Means-Penis was making a big show of pushing him around and hogging the fountain. Tim could hear Lloyd spewing crap since the eighth grader was making it easy on purpose.

"Can't imagine what you'd want with the water anyways. I'm sure you wouldn't understand, but it takes a more refined palate to appreciate the quality and unique taste of excellent water like this!"

"You mean the kind that tastes like shit?"

Tim hadn't even realized he'd moved from where he was and said it until Lloyd turned around and glared at him while the crowd paused to ooh and ahh. Stupid, stupid mouth. He didn't regret doing it, but why couldn't he have come up with a better line? Tim could see the rusty, thrown-poop-crusted wheels turning in Lloyd's Big Ape Brain, he probably wasn't used to being mocked.

"Who are you? I wanna know your name before I feed you your teeth!"

At least they were both guilty of cliche one-liners. Tim wasn't on Lloyd's radar, that was good. Outside of school he'd won some fights with rich middle school D-bags, but this was probably the Dark Overlord Final Boss of rich middle school D-bags. Tim was going to need every advantage he could get.

"That's Tim McClellan! He knows kung fu and he's gonna kick your ass!"

Well, so much for that. He'd have to try and figure out who was being 'helpful' later. Right now he had Screw-The-Rules-I-Have-Money stalking toward him all slow and angry and menacing. Tim shifted his one leg into a better stance and waved his hands around like a guy in an old chop-socky movie and Lloyd put his own up and stepped back, hesitant and probably expecting some kind of knife hand chop or palm thrust or secret pressure point strike.

So Tim kicked him as hard as he could in the balls. When Lloyd started to doubl over, Tim grabbed him by his uniform, pulled him in and twisted to throw him to the floor.

Then went over and grabbed Elliot's hand- Elliot! That was his name!- and ran back toward the classrooms with him before Lloyd came to his senses enough to beat the tar out of both of them. Just in case. He was going to be in crazy amounts of trouble later.

But it was worth it to stop someone like that.
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H i r o h i k o
• Ishin Academy, Sapporo (Japan) •

Hirohiko was hardly the first to arrive at the classroom, but that wasn't his fault. Just thinking about the terrifying intensity of the principle's words had caused him to freeze in fear and dread. Not in any clever metaphorical way, instead it had made him quite literally freeze up in place as accidental activation of his Quirk made him too heavy to move. This in turn gave him plenty of time to stand stuck in the hallway contemplating how doomed he felt and how poorly the first day of school was going so far, making him freeze up for even longer.

No! No I can do it! I don't care what that terrifying old man had to say, I am gonna be a hero! Someday I'll be the greatest hero in Hokkaido at least, even with this stupid quirk!

Hirohiko kept repeating that to himself, building up his own confidence enough that his fears and doubts melted away enough for him to regain control over his quirk and move toward the classroom again. As a result he was incredibly hyped up when he entered the classroom. So hyped up that he burst into the classroom raring to go and conquer the world, if only as a mental trick to make sure he kept moving. Not only that, Hirohiko was so hyped up that he actually started saying his little mantra out loud.

"Yeah listen up! I'm not just gonna be a Pro Hero, I'm gonna be the greatest Pro Hero to ever come out of Hokkaido, got it!?"

Hirohiko paused after realizing what he'd just said and the way he'd made his entrance, but didn't have much time after that before freezing up again in a panic and tilting over mid-step, crashing more than just heavily into the floor with a resounding *BANG* that shook nearby desks, the small student stuck in place staring at the flooring and contemplating just how far he'd fallen both literally and figuratively in so short a time.

It filled both his body and soul with immeasurable heaviness.
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