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sure kara can just drop him from the air

Sure, after all arrows are often indirect fire weapons.
So yeah now that I've got a clearer picture and path for Connor laid out, Eddie Fyers, China White, Shado, Emiko Queen, Cupid, Ricardo Diaz and Silver Monkey plus the associated Monkey's Fist Clan are all probable NPCs for him along with Felicity/Overwatch. I don't think anyone's gonna want to use any of those like crazy except maybe Webboy's Arsenal, but I'd be happy to try and work things out. Especially with Webboy since we're kind of sharing plotlines at certain points already. I've already mentioned Brick and he's gonna be the focus of Connor's currently developing First arc.

Also if anyone wants teamups down the road I'm almost always happy to accommodate.
Sadly, it felt too OOC for raised-by-monks Connor to get most pop-culture references. He's gonna facepalm if that actually winds up being a thing in-universe though.

"You took your superhero name from a videogame?!"

"You just got lazy and used your dad's!"

"It was symbolic!"

"Yeah whatever, Arrow Lad"
New Connor post up finally. The first half was a bit weird and mostly just his internal thought process going through his morning routine and explaining some stuff so I hider'd it for people wanting just the plot relevant portion.

Connor gets a new ally so he can start going after bigger crimes than muggings and have someone around with more tech-savvy than a kid raised in a mostly-internet-free monastery. Didn't feel right grabbing Comics!Ollie's original computer experts, so I went with a version of Felicity Smoak.

This post was a little bit filler-y but I'll be ramping up through his first proper arc and conclusion soon, also probably going back to work on titles and aesthetics for my first two posts and adding them to his sheet archive.


Connor liked the Star City Public Library. It had the same sort of gentle quietness as his home monastery, broken mainly by younger schoolkids on trips and hushed or inconsiderate conversation. He wasn't always huge on books but thanks to a very generous, very plaque-adorned donation from one Oliver Queen, QCore computers were free to use and through them so were a lot of news subscriptions and archives. So he spent a lot of his free, non-masked time here. Mostly he was looking up the latest criminal activities he'd missed (a lot), binge-reading older news articles on Green Arrow cases and his father's public works and persona (amazing and a mix of inspiring and embarrassing or irritating, respectively) and trying to gauge public opinion on his new Green Arrow identity (who again?).

That last part made it ultra-weird when a black screen suddenly popped up with the words:

sup GA ur a real tough guy to get a hold of.

typed out on it.

Connor almost fell out of his chair, none of this made sense! Once he recovered though, he noticed there was a text box for him to use at the bottom.

What the hell! How do you know who I am and how are you doing this? I'm not even in a chat right now!

Well lets just say if it has QCore Tech or an internet connection, I cn make it dance. That's a lotta stuff in this city. How I know isnt the point, but I know u need info, and I cn help. If ur tired of getting tips on muggings from hobos, theres a QPhone and a linked earpiece wedged in the back left booth's cushions at the B3 on the corner. Take it and wait for my call.

Well, it was that or read another article speculating on his father's love life.

Nooooot really much of a choice.


The smell of the Big Belly Burger's interior was both curious and a little gross. Connor had to admit he liked french fries, and since Big Belly Burger's weren't done up in beef fat or anything it well, technically wasn't sacrilegious to eat them, except maybe from an over-indulgence perspective.

But no time for that right now, at least the phone was in the promised cushion crack even if he'd probably looked like he was scrounging for change digging through the first few wrong picks for 'back left'. The phone was shiny, high-tech and new-looking, done up in a dark green, maybe-waterpoof-looking phone case with the same Green Arrow logo certain tongue-in-cheek vigilante merch sites used on t-shirts and the Halloween costume he'd been mix-and-matching from at night. The earpiece had similar detailing, except tiny enough to fit in one ear. Maybe it was some sort of in-joke from his new 'friend'. Either way as he sat there staring at them the the young would-be-monk couldn't help thinking they were both nicer and probably more expensive than anything he had ever owned.

As if his thought summoned the hacker, Connor's new acquisition blared out an obnoxiously loud, bombastic ringtone.

"Sorry about the typos, I was multi-tasking. But seriously, no phone, no computer, no social media, you're almost completely off the grid. What's up with that?"

The voice on the other end was distorted to be crazy deep, but the rising and falling tone still made Connor guess at feminine. The question made him feel a little defensive, no internet access at the monastery.

"Yeah well, I have my reasons! If I'm so hard to track how did you manage it?" Connor tried to make himself sound casual, like secret phone meetings with mysterious voices who knew his secret identity were an everyday thing.

Too bad his voice cracked under the stress.

"Ha, well that goes a long way toward my theory on your age. Anyways, you didn't make it easy for me, but I pulled security camera footage from a couple of your adventures and started cross-referencing them against footage from around the city using QCore facial and gait-pattern recognition software. the gait-pattern stuff is still being tested but I managed to get it working okay. That mask isn't doing you any favors, is it store bought? Pretty sure it's store bought. I Pulled up hits for you at a couple of places in the public parks, a homelesss shelter and the SCPL. You use that same computer you were sitting at every day and it makes the same searches, all for topics related to 'Green Arrow old cases' 'New Green Arrow' and for some reason 'Oliver Queen'? Fun connections there. To confirm it I may have remotely activated the camera on that desktop and sneaked a peek at your face. Cute in a sort of 'lost puppy' way. Wouldn't expect you to spend nights beating down criminals. Also-"

"I get it already! You're some kinda super-hacker and maybe I got sloppy!" Between the fear of being found out and embarrassment at the voice's...other comment, He said it a little louder than he'd meant. He sneaked a glance around to see if anyone'd overheard, but they were in that weird minutes-long lull between the breakfast menu and the all-day menu and nobody was paying attention to the kid in the back on his phone. He followed up half-whispering "But what do you actually want?"

"Super-hacker huh? I like it. I was gonna go with 'hacktivist' or maybe 'cyber-vigilante' but super-hacker sounds good too. Oh, right! Sorry, not great with voice-to-voice talk. Anyway! Well, we're gonna team up! See, you've got your crazy kid archer ninja skills but you're missing the big picture and I've got my whole 'super-hacker' eyes-and-ears everywhere thing but there's a lot I can't stop without feet on the ground. I mean I could drain criminals' bank accounts, publish their internal memos or send footage to the cops I guess and sometimes I do but if I do too much the FBI or the SCPD's cybercrimes unit or SHIELD's cybersec division will come down on me hard trust me and- er, well anyway I want you to be those feet, helping me kick crime in the face! That...admittedly sounded cooler in my head but-"

"No no it's fine trust me, still working on my witty quip game too..." Connor's head was spinning from all this, and not just because his new potential 'partner' apparently had super-speed rambling for a power. "But I'm in. Like you said, only so much info you can get out of crime trends and free lunches for the homeless." Not that it'd stop him from giving anyways, after lunch-meals were against his principles.

"What do I call you though? 'Mysterious voice' probably isn't gonna cut it."

"Oh, I've actually been giving this a lot of thought! Call me...Overwatch."

"Nice! So 'partner', where do we start?"
The Immortal Iron Fist. The whole run, not just the first half. I'm also a fan of some Green Arrow stuff and the aforementioned Hawkeye series, also Daredevil but I've just woken up and can't remember specific arcs or collections other than Fraction's run with Hawkeye. Basically if it has unpowered but skilled heroes or martial arts stuff I'm in.

Also for animated stuff my first love will always be the DCAU in its entirety. Was the first time I was seeing not just high quality, enjoyable storytelling with superheroes but also a fleshed out, interconnected universe for them. Weirdly enough as a kid I was also a big fan of reruns of The Green Hornet, probably because my dad had me idolizing Bruce Lee.
Right, making it official here, for future arcs Connor's gonna need to make claims on Silver Monkey and the Monkey Fist Cult, China White and Shado. Maybe the Ricardo Diaz version of Richard Dragon as well, but altered some and in no way eliminating OG Richard Dragon from continuity or anything.

If anyone else needs some or all of these figures or already has them without my knowing I'd like to talk to you about it. It'd also be nice to check in with any other martial arts superheroes or people running or claiming martial arts folks as villains or other NPCs, to grasp what the general state of the martial arts community in Absolute is.
Man, Connor's gonna have to make some East Coast trips. So much teamup potential...
Cupid with a Star Sapphire ring because of her absolutely obsessive love for Green Arrow, alternately Yandere-ing things up when she realizes new boy isn't Ollie and planning to imprison him in a Star Sapphire crystal while trying to convince him she's his biological mother once she figures out he's the original's son
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