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Is the Sample post something from the perspective of our character?
<Snipped quote by Lord Wraith>
I will quit the RP if that is even considered. Shit, I'd give up on Bekka as Wonder Woman and just draw up Vicki as The Question to protect her from that.

Well, I know what I'm doing for a character now. Anti-Hero Lady Arkham Vicki it is!
@Sloth are you just going to lurk or actually declare genuine interest for once?

I've been trying to talk him into it. We'll see if it works.
Just a heads up, I'm changing the backstory requirement in the app from one paragraph to four, just to give people more freedom to flesh out their characters. I wanted to curttail the more masturbatory nature that these applications lend themselves to, but given that this is a Year One game that encourages straying from the beaten path, it might be beneficial to enforce the rule but in a looser sense to help people establish differences in how their characters got to where they are.

So Minimum One, Maximum Four? Strictly Four? Or Minimum Four? Sorry to be a pain, just want to be sure I understand.
Am kinda interested, although a bit unsure given my rocky history with these sorts of games and rustiness in general.

Thinking Iron Fist (Duh and might avoid because how many times have I done it but year one might be interesting) Moon Knight, or maybe like, Shazam? I have a couple others I'm debating too...
Ba Sing Se, 8 Paths Prison: Roads

Jampa was focused primarily on keeping the two of them moving quickly. So when the enemy Earth Kingdom soldiers dropped down, he had no way of stopping everything that unfolded next. As Jai threw him out of the way he spun rightward to regain his stability and quickly started circling his arms to make a quick shield of air. When the explosive backlash from her fireball hit, she took the majority of its force but he was able to absorb some of the lesser heat impact that would have hit him regardless. Luckily for them, with all that rapidly expanding fire also came a rush of hot air, and even as he whirled it around and away from himself, he flung it backward at any soldiers who might have been pursuing them from behind, parting the concussive wave of air pressure and then sending it on its way with extra force.

Once that was done, he began his running man routine all over again once he was sure the route was clear enough, pulling Jai into his slipstream again as they continued to make a run for her boat.

H U B C I T Y , A M E R I C A:

May 13th, 2019 - 11:43 PM |Ted Kord's Penthouse Suite|Uptown

It was late, and Ted Kord was just about beat from a long day of science and occasional business meetings. He couldn't send Tracey to every one of them on his behalf and still actually run and own the company after all, even if she had a better head for business. Still, it had been an exhausting day either way, Ted was grateful he hadn't had to put any Blue Beetle duties ontop of it and was ready to just go to bed and start over in the morning.

Riiiiiight after a quick midnight snack.

Ted crept down to his kitchen and opened up the fridge, rummaging around for a bit, only to hear someone rattle something behind him in the dark. Ted grabbed up the nearest object that looked like it might serve as a weapon and whirled around to confront his attacker.

Unfortunately for Ted, the closest object at hand happened to be a full-sized smoked salami he'd grabbed from the meat drawer.

"Stay back! Whoever you are I'm warning you, I'm well armed!" Ted yelled, waving the cured meat product ominously at the darkness.

Damn. He was hoping he was being more quiet. It wasn't like his goal was to hide from Kord, but then again he would've preferred to scare the daylights out of him with his sudden appearance. Then again, that seemed to be the effect he had by accidentally bumping into that table.

Well, better to step out of the shadows.

"Well that's-*cough*-not very nice, Beetle," Question said, limping towards Ted Kord. "... I could really use your help, if the blood's not telling."

Ted's initial reaction to a bleeding, faceless man in his penthouse asking for help was to drop the sausage and offer whatever help he could. "Of course. I don't have any equipment here but there's an emergency medical bay in the- wait, Beetle?" He froze for a second, as the words sunk in, then smacked his forehead. "Oh COME ON! You get past my security systems AND you already know my secret identity?! I mean, I guess it can wait until we're sure you aren't hemorrhaging internally but how is that fair?!"

Without waiting for an answer, the frustrated Ted Kord started tapping on his wristwatch, summoning the Bug out of storage and instructing it to enter Stealth Mode and fly to meet them at Ted's balcony at maximum safe speed.

"So, did you just come here for free healthcare and crap coffee? Because I should probably warn you, technically none of my degrees are medical and my espresso machine turned sentient last week and keeps demanding a pay raise. Never bring your prototypes into the kitchen." He arched an eyebrow at the faceless detective, pulling up a chair for him and then busying himself throwing away the ruined food/improvised baton.

Question collapsed into the chair, grunting in pain as he slowly massaged his temples. "It wasn't hard, Beetle," Question replied to Ted's earlier comment, a hint of insufferable smugness creeping into his tone, "Just had to look at the financial history of Kord industries and recall the times you've gotten new gadgets."

"... But more importantly, I need help for more than just this." He gestured to his wounds and the blood soaking his clothing. "Not sure if you know, but I had a run-in over a decade ago with a maniac calling himself the Banshee... I thought he was dead, killed in a bus crash transferring him to Blackgate... Guess I was wrong."

The faceless vigilante looked into Ted's eyes. "I can't exploit any of his old weaknesses. He upgraded his suit, too, has a sonic attack fitting of his namesake. I need help for more than just the wounds, Beetle. I need your help in taking him down."

Ted almost went into a not very heroic sulk at the Question's implication that figuring out his identity was easy. He'd have to remember to obfuscate his purchases more when it came to designing his gear. So far he'd relied on the excuse that he was doing work on advanced R&D prototypes and that was...well, technically true. A lot of the tech he'd developed for use as the Beetle got further developed and redesigned for future mass production. But the fact that he'd been this careless seriously threw him for a loop.

But what the faceless vigilante said next changed everything. In spite of how serious the situation was, Ted could feel himself grinning and holding in chuckles, positively giddy and a little incredulous."You need my help? On like...a case? A case-case, catching a criminal, not just patching you up or fixing your laptop or like, building stuff for you? I don't believe it! I can't believe it! It's're The Question! You've been in the hero game since I graduated High School! Half the criminals in the Hub are afraid to admit you exist! You peer into the hearts of men and judge them, and then if you don't like what you find you beat them up or melt off their faces! I mean I don't believe you really do that but they do! One time, I sneaked up on a bank robber who just thought I might be you and he literally crapped his pants! You really need me on this one?!"

Ted paused from his hero-worshiping rant, sobering up as he considered the implications.

"Oh, crap. You really need me on this one. Right. Well, I already have some ideas for how to deal with a sonic weapon. Don't worry, we'll get this guy!" Ted tried to sound more positive than he felt, though planning out a design that could baffle the banshee at least prevented him from outright panicking or sinking into despair.

Question couldn't help but feel his self esteem inflate at Beetle's gushing. Well, he supposed he was pretty badass... But of course, he cut off that train of thought; arrogance only leads to weakness.

As Beetle calmed himself and reassured Question that they would catch the Banshee, Q felt himself relax, if only a little. Sure, he might not have been able to catch the Banshee himself what with his lack of high-tech gadgetry, but with Beetle's help and resources they could easily take down the seemingly resurrected villain. "Nice to hear your enthusiasm."

Standing up, the Question took a moment to steady himself, before rolling his shoulders to relieve the tension in them. "Before we do anything though, I'm... Definitely gonna need at least some painkillers for my injuries. The Banshee did a number on me." He looked around the penthouse, who knows for what.

"Well, every superhero has a secret base, and I'm going to assume you're smart enough to not hide an entrance to your secret base in your apartment. So, the question is... Where is that secret base?"

"I mean, one advantage of being so involved in helping to rebuild Hub City was setting up the occasional secret base. But when I can't reach them or if I need to get ready in a hurry..."

Right on cue, a giant, beetle-shaped airship descended to hover right outside the balcony on the other side of the kitchenette, dropped stealth mode and filled the dark room with blue light.

"...Then I prefer to travel in style! Bwah-hahaha!~"

As blue light filled the room, the Question turned to look at the source, and his jaw nearly dropped in awe at the airship. He had heard about it, even seen it once or twice, but up close... It was breathtaking.

And he wasn't feeling jealous. Not at all.

"... You really know how to make a guy feel inadequate, eh?"
Ba Sing Se, 8 Paths Prison: Northeast.

As the firebending pirate descended quickly to his level, Jampa struck out hard with windblast punches and kicks from his hands and feet, knocking several foot soldiers aside as she took out an approaching ostrich-horse. As they ran she and outlined what they had to do to catch the ship he gave her a little help, his arms moving in little forward circular patterns during his stride so that the wind would pick up at their backs and push both of them forward at greater speed. It might not be as fast as a single airbender running alone, but the important thing was to outpace their pursuers and hopefully catch up with and overtake the drunk old man.

"Can you do that whole 'fire-blast' thing on any new guys who pop up? It'll free me up to keep us going fast while that useless bum hopefully has to stop and fight his way through."

H U B C I T Y, I L L I N O I S

Ah, the private workspace of Theodore Stephen Kord! A place where miracles of science were born every day, the cradle of innovation that drove forward one of the world's foremost technology companies with cutting edge inventions that brought the future to the common man! Here Ted Kord, one of the brightest minds of his generation, worked tirelessly to solve the many problems facing mankind while building fantastic, wondrous and reliable gadgetry for the masses-

When he wasn't using it as a space to eat junk food while he worked without being judged. But then, was it really his fault that Big Belly Burger was both addicting and a perfectly portable food for science-on-the-go? This way, he could eat his lunch, brain-storm with a full stomach and occasionally break out into spontaneous dance if he needed to work off the extra calories all without Tracey or the boys in Applied Sciences staring at him.

That was what he was doing now in fact, his feet tapping to some music to keep a rhythm going as he alternated between bites of a Big BBQ Burger and minor adjustments to the internal circuitry of his multi-setting sidearm, The B.B. Gun. Between his legitimate scientific and business work for the company, his secondary career as the Blue Beetle and his life outside of that, he needed to multitask just to keep up with everything. Besides, his natural ambidexterity meant he was more than capable of operating a multi-tool with one hand and scarfing down fries with the other. Even if he did need something done that would need two hands and no burger grease, he had plenty of help for that. Speaking of which-

Hey Ted, would you hand me that miniaturized multi-setting spectrometer?"

As he asked, a shimmering hologram manifested across the room from him in the form of his own grinning self and picked up the tool off of a wall filled with many others before walking back over and handing it to the inventor. The entirety of KORD Inc's headquarters was equipped with hard-light hologram projectors of his own design with an extremely humanlike AI that aided in everything from giving tours to building defense to helping with lab work. The fact that they were programmed with a fairly accurate summation of his own genius mind was just an added bonus.

"Sure thing Ted, and may I just say you're looking particularly handsome today?"

"Right back at ya Ted-ster!"

As Ted checked the flash intensity of his B.B. gun, the doorway slid open behind the tinkerer and his slightly translucent duplicate to reveal a third Ted- Or would it be considered a second Holo-Ted?- running into the lab from the experimental vehicle hangar, his arms waving excitedly.

"Hey Teds! Progress alert! Ted, Ted and Ted just got the new version of our KORD-Electric Solar Cells up and running! We're at 90% power efficiency and we- I mean you oh great Bossman Ted Prime- were right that the prototype should work great in the new version of The Bug!"

Ted grinned and wiped his hands down on a paper napkin, then gave his shimmering simulcra a big thumbs up!

"Great work guys! Let's give ourselves a pat on the back for our in-TED-ible work today!"

In unison, each of the Teds reached over and patted one another on the back, literally.


Ah, sometimes, he made himself laugh. But the joking around and junk food and casual super-science was interrupted by an alarm blaring out and cutting through Ted's music. The Holo-Teds snapped to attention as they reported the cause.

"We're detecting a massive influx of tachyons signatures and a growing chronoton field right here in this very laboratory room! You've got an incoming time-traveler, bossman! Should we prepare to go mano-a-machine-o with Chronos the Time Thief again!?"

Ted held up a hand, noticing a familiar shimmering golden figure coalescing in the center of the room.

"Nah guys, it's fine. It's just our buddy Booster."
"Booster? I love that guy!" "He still owes me twenty bucks!"

Ted reached over and tapped a device on his wrist with a finger, dismissing the holograms in the room with him since keeping them active would be distracting. He glanced forlornly over at the Big Belly Burger bag on his work table. Well, if it was for Booster's sake, he could hand over the second burger within if it came down to it. For now, best to see what this was all about and hope he hadn't just dropped by for lunch-

-Or maybe that he had. With Booster it was hard to tell whether the emergencies or the social calls were more fun.

Ted spoke up to the glowing outline of Booster as it finished manifesting.

"Booster! Whatsup buddy? Normally present you could just walk in, you have a key after all."
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