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So is anyone using Lady Shiva?

Edit: apparently so, back to the drawing board.
Thinking of trying my hand at Katana, actually. She was always recommended as someone I could pull off, maybe it's about time.
Yo, no idea what's open or available but guess who else is back after an (actually) long absence?
Hayashi Mamoru-Arena

Mamoru got a big grin on his face, not only at the idea of Berserker facing off against some really strong Servants, but definitely at the idea of ice cream afterwards!

"Yeah, let's do it! It'll be a celebration of your victory in the Arena!"

He paused and reflected for a second. It was definitely possible for Guan Yu to lose. After all, they were a newbie pairing and he hadn't really tested her in battle too much before this. Oh well. If they lost, the ice cream would be a consolation prize still.

"Go out there and kick butt, for ice cream!"

The Witch's Assassin

The boy hopped up from his tangle of limbs and fancy clothes on the floor and grinned at the girl, who looked to be only a few years older than him.

"Too small to be a knight?! I have no idea what you're talking about. I'll have you know that I routinely beat enemies ten, no, one hundred times my own size without even breaking a sweat!" He seemed to blink out of existence and reappear next to the fruit bowl, grabbing an apple and munching down on it with gusto.

"Mmn! You jush dunno wha' ya deali' wiff, luchi o' wi...nom! lucking out with a super strong and noble knight like me! Whatever the ambitions are that drove you to summon a Servant, I'm the one who'll make 'em come true easy-peasy, ya got it?"

The boy did his best to pose heroically again, and even succeeded in not falling over for once.
Hayashi Mamoru-Arena

Mamoru's eyes seemed to practically sparkle at both Berserker's agreement that she might be able to try and teach him swordplay and the fact that she clearly wanted to fight in the Arena. He had no reservations at all as he gave her a big thumbs up and practically vibrated with excitement.

"Do it do it do it doitdoitdoitdoit DO IT!~ Go forth and be awesome and show the others how cool you are!~ You should probably put on your disguise though, it'll be way more dramatic and cool! I'll try my best to remember it's you there though! Show the Arena your power, Guan-Jiejie!~"

Inside Lyubov's Summoning Circle-Assassin

As Lyubov completed the summoning, a sudden fanfare of brassy trumpets rang out from the center of the circle and a figure materialized drawing forth a shining silver sword as he announced himself!

"You have chosen well, O My Master! For none other stands before thee than the Greatest and Most Noble Knight in all of Britain, nay, all the world! Slayer of Giants, Savior of Princesses and Prodigy of the Round Table! No foe is Too large nor fortress too formidable for me to conquer! I am at thy service!

All of this probably would have been much more impressive if the figure introducing himself wasn't a boy even younger and shorter than Lyubov herself who looked like he was having trouble holding his rather ornate sword in the air like that in the 'heroic' pose he had adopted.

In fact, two seconds later he toppled over in a heap and grinned up at her from the floor instead.

"Alright me bird? Now I've done a proper job of introductions, got any good snacks?~ I'm 'ungry as a wolf I am!"
Hayashi Mamoru

"Ohmygoshyes it was AMAZING! They were all '*shing shing* and *CLANG!* and fighting like crazy!" The Master Berserker was addressing so happened to be a small boy in a wheelchair, enthusiastically miming the sword-fighting movements from where he was sitting with such energy that a few times it seemed he might topple himself out of his chair and fall onto the ground, though he was so busy discussing the fight that he hardly seemed to notice.

"Do you think you could teach me to fight like that, Jiejie?" The informal mode of address hardly seemed notable to the boy, though it might be to anyone who could tell that his companion was a Servant and certainly not actually his older sister. Mamoru Hayashi, youngest child of the Hayashi Family of Mages, was too busy fighting imaginary enemies with his Blade of Great Justice(!) to care. He had several actual siblings, none of whom thought very highly of him or bothered being associated with him in public, so even though he'd only recently summoned Berserker, he had already been quite insistent on speaking to her this way when they weren't involved in anything serious.

"More importantly, do you wanna fight in the Arena? I mean, you're a Servant right? I'm...not actually sure what we're supposed to do other than keep me from being kidnapped, eheh!~"

So before I cave and ask for an NPC Master for him, does anyone want Giantslayer for their Servant/Master pairing?
hnn……still none of my Servants have Masters.

Did I do a bad job with them?
Neither of my Servants have Masters as of now...

though my Master has a Servant or will.

Made the edits as suggested, I hope.
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