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3 mos ago
Wow, I'm actually catching up on posts. Such amazing.
4 mos ago
Oh boy it's swell to say, good morning USA!! Happy Fourth everyone :D!
4 mos ago
"Lift up the receiver, I'll make you a believer." - Personal Jesus
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4 mos ago
Oh no. The crave to write as Miss Claire Farron strikes again :[!
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5 mos ago
I heard that Keanu Reeves might actually be a swell dude ...


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Indeed! Complex grammar though xD!
Salve, amicus!

Awesome to see Latin whenever and wherever! Studying it for fun :]!
Looking for a slice of life story!
The story, when I planned the role play, has a fair bit of linearity to it. However, your character can interact with the environment. Because of that, yes, the characters are skilled soldiers/part of the Vanguard. I didn't plan for a sand box story.

However, if you have an idea, I'd be happy to hear it and discuss :]!
Still looking for folks. The link to the OOC has been placed on the first post.
@vietmyke I'm excited that you're excited!

@Mercenary Lord Really? I looked up cave cities, and that was one that popped up. Not sure if underground water falls like that in the picture exists, but I'm using some creative license here.

To answer your question about the CS, I uploaded a template. That should answer your questions. If not, I'm happy to answer and questions and such.

@ihinka Hello and welcome! Give the opening posts a read through. If you're interested, then we'd be happy to have you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

@Mercenary Lord

Good to hear. Stay a while. See if this'll be something you'd be interested in joining.

There's the link to the OOC folks. If you're still interested, join me over there. The OOC is still a work in progress. More information will be updated soon.


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