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Oh boy it's swell to say, good morning USA!! Happy Fourth everyone :D!
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"Lift up the receiver, I'll make you a believer." - Personal Jesus
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Oh no. The crave to write as Miss Claire Farron strikes again :[!
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Your post was great! Also, the images are fixed :]!

I hear you. I think revealing that stuff via dialogue is more fun to read. Just my opinion!
From zero to a hundred.

Masaki took a step back. Her finger hovered above the emergency shut down protocol on her terminal. She'd seen a lot in her days, but nothing was remotely similar to how the android reacted. Was it a defect? Perhaps something installed in its brain before its previous owner - or owners - abandoned it in the junk yard she found it in?

That was a question for another time.

She sighed as the android finally stopped destroying her workshop. Before she could answer the android, it started to speak again. And again, Masaki wasn't expecting its response. Androids knew that they were machines. Did this one not?

She raised her hands, a gesture of meaning no ill will. "You need to calm down. Someone must've screwed your coding," she said. "I gave you energy and fixed some broken parts here and there. I'm Masaki, and you're destroying my shop."

Retrieving her chair, she moved it until it was a few feet from the android. She sat down and leaned against the back rest of the chair. She pointed towards the chair behind the android. "Sit. I need to run another systems check." Masaki held up a terminal. "What's your designation code? Do you remember anything? Anything prior to waking up?"
I can't see the images :[!
No problem at all! Take your time :]!


Character sheet and intro post is up!
Sometimes she missed the life.

Tossing a precision screwdriver onto a nearby workbench, Masaki inhaled the sweet smell of oil, hot electronics, and whatever other chemicals that completed her dimly lit workshop. Spare parts for computers and android limbs were organized in a way that made sense to her. What other people thought was their own business. She knew where everything was, and that's really all that mattered.

It was a slow day in her part of the woods. While this wasn't exactly Shibuya or Shinjuku, she saw a decent enough flow of customers. Her workshop was attached to an electronics store that bought and sold new and old stuff. The owner was ex-military like her. Infantry though. Foot stompers and cybernetic ghosts never really mixed. Infantry was all muscles and bravado while cybernetics were pushover, egg heads. The finer details, for both sides, told a different story.

"That's the last one," she said to herself as she reached for a power connector. Finding the power conduit on the android, Masaki plugged in a matching plug as she began to the power transfer. Brushing her hands on her oil stained pants, she walked away from the work table.

Electricity bills were expensive these days. With the majority of the world integrating technology into everyday tasks, particularly androids, the demand for power allowed energy companies to raise their prices. Masaki took care in how she used her energy; however, she found the android she was currently fixing abandoned when she was heading to her warehouse apartment. She figured it wouldn't break the bank to quell her piqued interest.

Finding her rolling chair, she grabbed a tech manual and sat down. Propping her legs up on what precious real estate was left on her desk, she continued from the page she left off. She needed a way to kill time, and she'd been neglecting her side project due to a busy week.

As time passed, a beep sounded from her computer as she looked up from the manual. Tossing it on the table after dog earring the page she was on, Masaki got up and dismissed the notification from the screen.

Stretching her arms, she made her way back to the table. Pulling up a small work terminal, she started to run diagnostics on the android. "Power's adequate. Circuitry towards peripheral limbs look fine. Alright," she said, looking at the still dormant machine. "Let's see what goodies you got for me."

Tapping at several options on her terminal, she initiated the start up protocol.

All she could do now was wait.

Will post a character sheet and starting post soon!
Giving this a good ole' bump.
Indeed! Complex grammar though xD!
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