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Scorpion's Flower here, Hello all!

My native language if French, but I think I defend myself pretty well in English. I am currently studying German, too.

I currently study in general History, and I have a deep passion for it. If I was forced to pick a favorite time period, it would be Antiquity in general. If I had to pick a favorite civilization, it would be the Romans. In no way, though, does this mean I am not interested in anything else from the 1st, or before, to the 20th century !

I love Fantasy-Roleplays, a lot. It is my forte, and what I most often play part in. I also love Sci-Fi, but have had a really hard time taking part in ones that lived, or truly caught my utmost interest. I love romance in my roleplays. I would not put it under obligatory, but if you Roleplay with me, you probably will end up witnessing some form of romance. Slice of life, anime, realistic, present times and many others are also things I could easily do. In fact, I think I can easily be interested in all subjects.

Hope to see you around !

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I have a question regarding the current situation of Rothenburg.

Maybe this one's for the GMs, but the answer could be found in previous info in the IC or OOC that I did not read yet.

Question: What's the current level of danger within the walls since the Hunters were established? Is it still plausible to be attacked by a monster that manages to hide within the walls without being found?
@Lucius Cypher

Speaking frankly Donnel just wants to use Juniper for sex (at least until I reread her CS and realized she’s 14 while Donnel is 22

My thoughts exactly since about the very first interaction. I Lol'ed. Good of you to notice. :D
If he was indeed wounded because of her - or that shr thought it was because of her - it would work wonders. That's plenty a reason for her, personality wise, to bear the company of hunters for a while longer.


Please do save the big man. Juniper certainly won't, and it won't be because she refuses to. She just can't. I was not there in the previous IC posts, so I do not know their relations exactly. Although while I'm sure Donnel can save himself, I bet it's funny to watch him owe one to anyone else.
No. I don't.

But get her angry enough and you might eventually have a massive angry Ball of fur problem yourself.

Jokes aside, she'll want to repay you, but if Donnel is a complete ass in general and to her, she won't be a slave for fun or take abuse. she'll disappear back into the streets.

She can be manipulated though. Just find a good reason she won't just run away from a band of obvious bloodthirsty monsters killers. :)
Haha. Alright, thank you.

Since I can do nothing in a fight, let me stand by and do just that: nothing. ^_^
Juniper clutched harder at her stomach. Not only was her phantom pain acting up, but she was hungry as all hells. Just as a growl escaped from her small body did some bread and cooked meat fell down from the skies onto her lap. For a moment she remained in silent, staring at the food in disbelief. For half a second, she really did think it fell from the sky. A quick look up revealed that it was not divine providence that assured her next meal, but a fully armoured man staring down at her very menacingly. At least he seemed menacing, but it might have been due to his helmet and generally tough looking apparel.

The multiple weapons on his person, among which a very vile looking hook, did not help his appearance.

Him speaking up destroyed the remaining hopes that a kind hearted man hid under such garments. His voice was deep, and his ordering tone did not exude any friendly warmth. A hunter, to be sure. Perhaps a killer, too? Juniper had heard nasty rumours from the folks about what kind of people had joined the King's newly appointed Hunters.

As he stopped, his group did not really wait for him. Nor did he wait for her answer: after dropping the food, he ordered her to follow and basically just took off with his group. Left on the spot, Juniper quickly took the food and jumped up, looked around as if there would be some sort of answer to her predicament in her immediate surroundings, and dashed off to keep up with the armoured figure.

Now, she did not do so to follow orders, but she was put on the spot and did not have time to think her decision. The man had given her food - she owed him. In the late weeks, she managed to stay clear of being in anyone's debts, as she hated not being to repay them. How the hell was she supposed to repay someone who was among the richer group of folks in the city?

Strangely enough, no one seemed to matter that she tagged alone even once outside city gates. She remained in the man's shadow, silent as a lamb. It happened to her often enough - that none even acknowledged her presence. They either did not even see her, or did not care the slightest.

Cavern Entrance

It wasn't until they reach a wooded area that she truly began wondering why she actually followed them, and how the hell she got from her usual wandering of the city to prowling in the woods with a group of hunters.

Moments later, they were before a cavern entrance. Everything happened ridiculously fast:

Armoured man kicked down the door. Same man threw a torch in and charged inside like a mad man. Some shadowy hooded man also charged in, albeit with less murderous intent, or not as clear. Quickly enough, she was alone outside. Afeared, she took refuge by the cavern's entrance until the noise of fighting got deeper and deeper into the cavern.

It was only then that she dared to step - very slowly - toward the entrance. As soon as she turned the corner she came face to face with a kid about her age. A very pale boy faced her, looking just as surprised as her to see a child there. It took her a moment to realize she blocked his way. Surely he had managed to hide and sneak his way past the moving onslaught.

he took a step toward her, glaring his fangs at her, but stopped dead in his track, confusion in his eyes. He looked at her from top to bottom. It was as if he smelled something.

Juniper simply stepped aside, motioning him to leave. "Go...quick!" she whispered.

After one last glance at her, he was gone.

A quick glance at the massacre inside quickly brought back bad memories and made her decide to remain outside and wait for the hunters to reappear. After which she will follow them back to the city and do her very best to never get in such a situation ever again.

She clutched at her stomach stronger than before. The phantom pain was back in full.

Quick question: Do you guys... have horses?
It's not written everywhere, but I kind of imagined they'd leave on horseback. Maybe not, though. I need to know before I can post. x)
Well, turn out I just posted. I also took for granted that she was near when you left town, with whoever decided to accompany you.
If you want to interact, it's indeed a good time. ;)

It has been years since I did a group RP, so excuse me if I am rusty and maybe a bit clumsy with my posts and all. I normally try to stay vague and open, but if I make too much assumptions or take too much liberty (not with others characters, but events, environments and the such) and it doesn't add up, just tell me and I'll edit.
Rothenburg's Streets

Falling down from the sidewalk's border she had been busy balancing on, Juniper held her stomach with both hands. The strange feeling of uneasiness was still very present in her, and it showed no sign of receding. It was far form the only thing upsetting her stomach, though. Hunger, she was used to.

She looked up at the plaza she had just arrived in. In the middle of the day, it was so full of life. People of different social classes were just walking around, minding their own business. The richer were shopping for quality fabric, others for food. It was as if everything was normal, probably as it used to be before.

By this time, everyone knew of the city's 'scourge'. Early in the evening, streets were emptied almost completely. Only a few souls walked the streets at night, and those were mostly her own people - those with nowhere to call home but the street - guards, a few souls braver than most and drunkards. Also, Hunters. As far as Juniper understood, they had been appointed by the King to see to the problem they had. No one knew exactly what was going on, but the small people were not blind. Rumours circulated. Vile things stalked the nights, killing loved ones, abducting children and all manner of evil deeds. Such were the rumours, anyway.

As the day went by, she kept wandering the streets of the city seeking anyone willing to let her give them a hand in exchange for food, clothing or anything of the sort. Since heavy manual labours were too much for her, she usually received most of her stuff from people pitying her and gifting the child with what few they could dispossess themselves. It did not sit well with Juniper, but it was better than stealing - which she refused to do.

At some point in the late afternoon, as she was sitting down at the entrance of an alley close to the street, she witnessed a group of uncommon looking persons walking towards one of the gate of the city. By the look of the populace who witnessed the same thing, she guessed as to who it might have been - especially since they left as the sun was setting. Hunters, most likely.

Her eyes fell upon their attire and weapons, and the feeling within her suddenly doubled. It felt as a needle in her body, but it couldn't be described as painful. A sort of Phantom Feeling, something she could not describe. The macabre scenery of a few days ago resurfaced in her mind, and she brought her knees up upon her chest in an subconscious effort to hide from it.

Just what had happened that night?
@Lucius Cypher I am going to write a very casual first post to be honest. ^_^' My character live on the street right now, so it's very, very easy to just 'stumble' upon her one way or another.
Hello !
Glad to join up.

I'll try to post as frequently as possible - and since I have ample free time lately, that shouldn't be too much of a hassle. ^_^'
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