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Scorpion's Flower here, Hello all!

My native language if French, but I think I defend myself pretty well in English. I am currently studying German, too.

I currently study in general History, and I have a deep passion for it. If I was forced to pick a favorite time period, it would be Antiquity in general. If I had to pick a favorite civilization, it would be the Romans. In no way, though, does this mean I am not interested in anything else from the 1st, or before, to the 20th century !

I love Fantasy-Roleplays, a lot. It is my forte, and what I most often play part in. I also love Sci-Fi, but have had a really hard time taking part in ones that lived, or truly caught my utmost interest. I love romance in my roleplays. I would not put it under obligatory, but if you Roleplay with me, you probably will end up witnessing some form of romance. Slice of life, anime, realistic, present times and many others are also things I could easily do. In fact, I think I can easily be interested in all subjects.

Hope to see you around !

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Can you still afford posts tonight? ^_^ At least for me it's tonight.

It's okay if you can't, I'm just currently really in the mood for this. xD

PS: I absolutely love how your character handled it. Exasperated, talking to what would be an object for her. Trying to fix a bug or something. I love it. xD
Coding? Energy? Parts?

She listened to the woman, who at the very least wasn't showing any sign of ill will, but did not understand a word of what she was talking about.

"What...what are you talking about? Designation code, systems? Why..." She stopped and took a deep breath - which must have been more out of habit since she did not need air, not really - before sitting on the chair. Doing so revealed a tag on her right leg: '01, ADMA Project' could be seen. Along with a symbol, probably that of the company to which this model belonged to before.

She stared at her metal legs, unable to find an explanation. The confusion and shock of waking up still hold her tightly, keeping her form thinking straight. "I don't remember anything. Nothing...not even my name. I... I'm scared, Masaki...Please help me!"

Both her legs were robotized up to her lower torso. Her pelvis area as well as lower abdomen still seemed to be human, but it was standard for more than a few Android for aesthetic reasons. For the same reason, her arms and head were also normal looking. Of course, it was all synthetic and only for the look. Her upper abdomen area as well as most of her upper torso were all robotic looking. Lots of Android were 100% human looking, all synthetic, but it often mean they offered less performance in favor of good looks.

"Could I have...amnesia?"

She took a good look around and noticed all the tools for the first time, as well as lot of wires around the table on which she woke up.

"What are all these tools used for...? And the wires? Why am I in your shop. Who are you...really?"
I'll try to fix it ! Meanwhile, I posted my first post this instant. I hope it's ok.

I really didn't want to dive in emotions detailing too much or flash back. Felt like it would be better to explain them in character's dialogues.

EDIT: Try the links I put?
The Android's eyes opened, though they were blank and emotionless. With a very neutral voice, she said;

Initiation sequence activated.
Loading Sequence Error
Bug Detected
Memory Damaged
Repair Failed
ADMA Online

Light came pouring in, overflowing her senses.

"NO!" she yelled as she stood up in a fright. Without even looking around she jumped off the table. At least she tried, but soon found that something was holding her still, causing her to fall off. Doing so caused the power cord to rip out from its socket. It also forced the android to stop a second and actually look around.

She realized she was not where she thought she was, but confusion remained in her. When her gaze fell upon the woman in her chair, she crawled away until she hit a nearby furniture, causing some tools to fall off. Her eyes were still on the woman, and she was still very much afraid. She did try to stand up, but her legs somehow refused to work. She didn't feel them, rather. They must've been numb or something.

While afraid, she seemed to have calmed down quite a bit from when she woke up moments ago.

"Who...are you? And where am I?"

Saying this, she brought her hand up to her forehead. Resting her head on her hand caused her to look down, and that is when she saw her legs. Her eyes widened as she touched ... her?...leg. Then her abdomen and then her torso. Her panicked state seemed to come back.

"What have you done to me?!"

This time she stood up properly but fell forward on her first step forward, not feeling her legs. Her legs were gone. The rushing of confusion and emotions made her feel like crying, but no tears came out.

She stood on the ground, only able to hold herself up with both arms, trembling from shock and completely out of it.

Not very AI-like, unless she was programmed with some very, very weird and precise behavior software.
Alright. I've had a hard time coming up with only one picture...but since images are worth a thousand words I decided to go like this:

I am actually still searching for the perfect picture for my Android. xD
Working on a 'sheet' right now, then I'm off to posting. :P
Still could fancy a new Partner. ;)
Another one :O Yeah I got lots of free time v_v
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