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Scorpion's Flower here, Hello all!

My native language if French, but I think I defend myself pretty well in English. I am currently studying German, too.

I currently study in general History, and I have a deep passion for it. If I was forced to pick a favorite time period, it would be Antiquity in general. If I had to pick a favorite civilization, it would be the Romans. In no way, though, does this mean I am not interested in anything else from the 1st, or before, to the 20th century !

I love Fantasy-Roleplays, a lot. It is my forte, and what I most often play part in. I also love Sci-Fi, but have had a really hard time taking part in ones that lived, or truly caught my utmost interest. I love romance in my roleplays. I would not put it under obligatory, but if you Roleplay with me, you probably will end up witnessing some form of romance. Slice of life, anime, realistic, present times and many others are also things I could easily do. In fact, I think I can easily be interested in all subjects.

Hope to see you around !

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