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20 May 2017 9:43
Current Just a reminder to my partners, I will most likely not be online for a couple of days. I will be visiting friends and internet is bad where they live.
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19 May 2017 9:35
Just a heads up, I am not ignoring rps. I'm currently packing to go spend the weekend away. I will most likely not be on here while gone.
12 May 2017 6:50
Having a little writers block right now. Will try to get post up later.
30 Apr 2017 9:09
Sorry for not posting. I was accepted into the Marvel Heroes PS4 Beta and been playing that all day.
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4 Apr 2017 4:48
I'm back! Sorry for being gone so long, but I feel better. If you are interested in continuing our Rps, please let me know. I'm gonna try to catch backup and be up to date.
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Hello, I have been RPing for a few years now, and I am always looking for someone to make a story with. I like 1x1 rps, but will also play groups. I am a male, and like for my main character to be male, but I will also play female if needed. I am also pretty good at playing a few characters at once. I will add to the bio when I think of something to add :).

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In Persona RP? 8 May 2017 11:22 Forum: Casual Interest Checks
Would I be allowed to pick my persona? Like, if this gets up and going, would I be allowed to use Hastur since he was in Persona 2?

Also, interested.
Spider bump, spider bump, does whatever a spider bump does.
Pokémon! Gotta bump them all!
Okay, so after some thinking, I'm gonna close this one down. It's nothing y'all have done, I just don't enjoy running a group rp like I thought I would. I feel bad because ya'll made really cool characters, for me to just turn around and shut it down. Thanks for joining this, and if anyone wants to take the story and make it their own, please do.

Thanks again everyone, and once again I'm sorry.
Okay, sorry for lack of posting. I've been busy with work, helping my brother build a house, and getting ready for my new niece to arrive (which should be today). Will keep ya'll up to date and let you know the future of this rp soon.
Bump with two new stories added.
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