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5 hrs ago
Current Internet at work is almost nonexistent. Will get some posts up when I can.
3 days ago
Sorry for not posting. My sister-in-law and niece made a surprise visit and I'm spending time with them. Will post later tonight.
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8 days ago
Internet has been acting up the past few days. Gonna try to get some post up while I'm at work here in a little bit.
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10 days ago
I'll have post up in the morning. Time for some major sleep.
17 days ago
Gonna be visiting family the next two days. Will try to keep up post.


Hello, I have been RPing for a few years now, and I am always looking for someone to make a story with. I like 1x1 rps, but will also play groups. I am a male, and like for my main character to be male, but I will also play female if needed. I am also pretty good at playing a few characters at once. I will add to the bio when I think of something to add :).

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Bump, with one story replaced with the start of another one.
Your time is up, my time is now. You can't bump me, my time is now.

Made an edit to the "Just for Fun" story to add a simple plot.
Bump bump bump bumpbump, bump bump bump bumpbump, bump bump bump, bump, buuuuump! (Jurassic Park if you couldn't tell)
Samurai Bump Partol, to control all our junk is there one true goal.
We are Ninja Bump Party, making music and seducing all the hottes.
Everybody! Bump bump bump bumpbumpbump
Would I be allowed to pick my persona? Like, if this gets up and going, would I be allowed to use Hastur since he was in Persona 2?

Also, interested.
Spider bump, spider bump, does whatever a spider bump does.
Pokémon! Gotta bump them all!
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