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Just a heads up, I’m taking my GF to a comic con so I won’t be posting till sometime tomorrow night.
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Yay, another night shift. Gonna work on some post in a little while.
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Okay, I lied. I need sleep I’m sorry. Will post tomorrow
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Hello, I have been RPing for a few years now, and I am always looking for someone to make a story with. I like 1x1 rps, but will also play groups. I am a male, and like for my main character to be male, but I will also play female if needed. I am also pretty good at playing a few characters at once. I will add to the bio when I think of something to add :).

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Okay, some updates:
* Justin’s powers were changed to something more, manageable.
* I have posted to move the story along. Feel free to end the conversation you were all having in one part of your post, and then your characters reaction to Mr. Knight.
* @Gilgex I am not ignoring Slade. There will be a thing in a little while dealing with the teachers and how they will teach the students.
Justin snapped out of his own little world and looked at the man next to him. “Oh! Hey nice to meet you.” He said. “Yeah, I think we’ll be working together.” He said, noticing the group heading into the room. “Come on, I think it would be bad to be late on the first day.” He chuckled, walking in with the others.


It wasn’t hard to find the room they were told to meet at. A man stood at the front of the class, looking at them as they entered, before turning on a monitor, the screen feeling up with images and videos of the students using their abilities.

“Welcome class. I am Mr. Knight.” He said, looking at them. “I’m going to cut to the chase. You were all picked because someone from the original team saw something special in you.” He told them. “Be it that are showing more control over your, for lack of a better term, powers or because you had some kind of ties with the team.” He said, shaking his head.

Mr. Knight looked at them, then back at the screen. “You are here to be trained to deal with, how should I put this, global problems.” He said. “While the other students will be dealing with small scale things, such as a legion of doom or some crap, you will be dealing with alien invasions. If the world is about to end, that will be your mission.” He told them. “And we believe the biggest threat to earth is returning.” He said, then the screen changed to show Savior.

“FUCK THAT GUY!” Justin yelled, standing up. He blinked a couple of times before sitting back down. “Um, sorry.” He said.

“Anyway,” Mr. Knight continued, “we believe that Savior is on his way back here. A few years ago, we developed a device that send Savior far out into the universe. We hoped that either he would be killed in space, or that it would give us time to find a weakness for him.” He told them. “Daniel Hunter gave his life to ensure that the device was attached on him.” He said.

“Now, we have reports from some of our allies in the stars, that Savior is very much alive, and heading this way. Some have tried to stop or slow his journey here, but to no avail. That is why you all were picked. To join the original team, and hopefully be enough power to stop Savior once he arrived here. Let me make this clear, you can leave now, and go on as a normal student. Or, you can stay here, receive the best and hardest training you can think of, and possibly be killed by a madman.” He said. “I’ll give you all a few moments.” He said, walking towards the door, letting them have the room for sometime.
Hey, I’m sorry. I’m not gonna advance the story today. Today was a bad day, and I just think right now. I’ll advance it soon.

Okay, I’m gonna wait till tomorrow for y’all to get a post up before I move the story along.

For now, try to keep it a civil free for all. If you are interacting with another player, tag them in the post. I’ll try to get my post up tonight.
Just a heads up, I’m taking my GF to a comic con so I won’t be posting till sometime tomorrow night.

Not this time. He is a member of the original team, and a teacher, but the opening post is a meeting with just Wolf, Lily, and Mr. Knight. Wolf and Lily are the only members of OG team involved in this meeting.
“I don’t like this.” Said a voice. The speaker stood from his spot at the table, looking at the other two in the room. “This is complete bullshit. We have already taken plenty from the Hunter family. There is no reason to bring in the other boy.” He said, then looking at the red hair woman next to him.

“I agree with him. Besides, it has been five years since the Savior Incident. We haven’t heard anything from him, or from our allies exploring the stars. Maybe he is gone.” She said.

“Well, Lily and Wolf, I’m sorry but I don’t live in the world of “maybes”.” Voiced the final person in the room. He stood up, looking at the two. “Should Savior return, we need to be able to stop him. To stop him, we need powerful beings.” He told them.

“But, Mr. Knight...” Lily started.

“No buts!” Knight said, looking at the two. “The ones that were picked will do. All of them.” He said, looking at Arthur Wolf. “Now, get down there and be ready to meet your students.” He said.

“Your soldiers, you mean?” Wolf asked, leaving the room.

“Permission to speak freely sir?” Lily asked, and Mr. Knight nodded. “You can go suck a fat one.” Lily said, following Wolf out of the room. Knight shook his head as he sat back in his spot, watching the monitors.

“They better not screw up.” He muttered.


Justin sat up, looking around. A voice said something, but he missed it. He took his headphones off, listening again as the voice talked. “My stop!” He got up, grabbing his bag of belongings.

Once the train stopped at the station, he left, hardly paying any attention as he read his nap, unsure of where to go next.

Justin had to admit being surprise when he received the offer from the school. It wasn’t often that the school promised to handle the price of everything, from the tuition, all the way to a room for himself. Of course, the email mentioned him being part of a team, so maybe one of them would be able to help him.

“Welp, guess it’s time to go make a friend.” He said, grabbing his bag and walking off, looking for a good spot that would make it easier on himself and other to locat him. “Location location location.” He chuckled, looking around for anyone else that might be helpful.
Sorry for the double post, just wanna make sure y’all see this. I am hoping to get this started tomorrow.
Update: The “Original Team” section has been filled out, as well as Savior being added to the “Important Enemies” section. I have not placed what their powers are, as I want to let that, as well as their stories, to be revealed during the game.

I have also put the Name/Appearance of the approved “Noobs” in the “Noobs” section.
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