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Current Just got back from seeing "Dark Tower". It was good, but no credit scene. Will start posting in a little while.
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Will be on the road most of the day. Will post when I get a chance.
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Will answer post either tonight or tomorrow. Today is my first day off in awhile and I'm relaxing and not doing anything lol.
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Will start getting post up in a little while.
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Happy Treason Day!
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Hello, I have been RPing for a few years now, and I am always looking for someone to make a story with. I like 1x1 rps, but will also play groups. I am a male, and like for my main character to be male, but I will also play female if needed. I am also pretty good at playing a few characters at once. I will add to the bio when I think of something to add :).

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This is something I could be interested in doing, if you wanna shoot me a pm.
Jericho nodded as he put the pipe back in his mouth. "Yeah, quite a large crowd in there. Sadly, I'm sure many of them will die within the first few hours of being in the city." He said.

He smiled at her question, taking and shaking her hand. "I'm Jericho. I already have two traveling with me in the city, but I wouldn't mind you joining us. If they give any lip about it, they can fuck off." He chuckled, but looked towards the city when a loud screeching noise filled the air.

Those who were outside looked at the town, and could see the silhouetto of a large winged beast, flying around the city. It landed on the roof of the castle, letting out another loud screeching sound, causing some to cover their ears. Inside the bar, they could hear the beast cries, and caused many to turn and ask the others what it was.

"That thing could be an issue." Jericho said, then looked back at Raven. "So, I'm good with a whip and rifle, can read, and incredible handsome. What can you do?" He asked her, taking a puff from his pipe.
I'll get a post up later tonight.
I'm just giving him some time to post. If he doesn't soon, we'll move along.
Jericho looked up at the large man, then back down at the map. "First, my brother is half orc, and if I remember my history correctly, humans are the ones that usually cause trouble." He said. "Second, does it look like I'm in the mood to" he stopped when another man sat infront of him, talking away as if he was a hero of legend or something.

"By the Rider, you people just swarm like cockroaches, huh?" He asked, looking at the two. He looked down at his finished map, then folded it and put it away in a pouch on his belt. "You two want to travel with me? Fine, but don't cause trouble, and I will leave you behind if you slow me down." He said, standing up. "Now, I'm going outside for some air. You two," he waved a to help think, "make friends." He said, heading out.

Once outside, he pulled out a pipe and packed it, before lighting it and taking a puff. He looked over and noticed a woman out there. "Hey, needed some air too?" He asked, before taking another puff, then holding out the pipe in case she wanted some.
Since we are a small group, we won't have a post order. Go ahead and post when you can. Just make sure someone has posted before you have so we don't end up with a bunch of double posting.

Also, if you want your character to follow a god, pm me and we'll make something work.
The inn was full of would be adventurers, all ready to go into the town for the rescue, and the reward. A scholar looking elf stood by a knight, and both were infront of a map of the city.

"Now, listen up!" The knight yelled as he looked at all the people. "Balren will now give you all the information we have. Stay quiet, because he will only go over this once." He said, then moved out of the way.

"Thank you." The elf said, then looked at the crowd. "Ladies and gentleman. First, I want to thank you all for coming here and and risking your life for the princess. But, as I said, you are risking your life." He said. "This mission will incredibly dangerous, and I won't be surprised if most of you die in the town." He said. "The plague spreads in your bloodstream. So if you get a cut, you better cover it fast." He warned.

"Next, mosquitoes are a problem, but it seems like the gods have not completely forgotten us. You only have to worry about infected mosquitoes, which a three times larger than normal. Their blood sacs also glow in the dark, but only when they are awake." Balren warned them.

"Infact, all creatures that are infected have strange and dangerous mutations. It will be easy to tell what is infected, and what is not." He told them. "Looters are also an issue, but most run away when they see you. The town is lost, so let them take whatever if you want. Or fight them, it's up to you." He told them.

"We believe the princess is in the castle, as that is the place she is most familiar with. Your job is to find her, and bring her here." He told them.

"One last thing, and this isn't pretty. If you are infected, you maybe able to save yourself. It takes several hours to become sick. If you, well, lose the infected area, by cutting it off or cauterizing it." He told them. "That is all the information we have for you. Again, the city is lost, so you are allowed to take anything you wish, but we will not come in to carry you out if you get weighed down." He said. "We suggest that you leave in the morning. It will be easier to see then. Travel alone, or with a group, that is up to you." He said. "My the gods, who ever you follow, grant you success."

"You heard the man. Dismiss!" The knight yelled at them.


Jericho was sitting at the bar, cleaning his rifle as the scholar talked. He listened to him talk, but he looked around the bar, making note of any important people.

Maybe he can use his charm to get a body shield or two. There were a few half orcs that looked like they could be useful.

"Here is your drink." The bartender said, and Jericho nodded and started to drink. He then got and Idea and looked at the barkeep. "Got any paper?" He asked.

After a few moments, and getting some paper, Jericho moved to a table that gave him the best view of the map. After he sat down, he pulled out a quill and started to draw.
@Xandrya@Scarescrow@Tybalt Capulet

A fourth character has been accepted. I'll start the opening post and get it up once I get to work.
@Tybalt Capulet

Hey, I wanted people to pm me there character before posting it here. But go ahead and pm me so that we can work out the some of the hidden information. It'll be stuff that only you and I (as the GM) would know.
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