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4 days ago
Current Back after a long hiatus
7 mos ago
I need more inspiration
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9 mos ago
Been a while...
2 yrs ago
Starting to become increasingly twitchy......


I like drawing, painting, writing and creating.
I like animals especially dogs.
One day I would love to have a pet piggy.
I can be crazy and weird but I think thats a good thing, right?
I love movies and wish I could RP them more but I am shocking at getting other characters right.
I also love music, especially when I am painting!

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Open to more ideas
Personally I like the 1x1 threads, also pretty easy to keep up with its only 1 other person. I also use the Discord server to chat sometimes.
Welcome! Hope you find what you're looking for and have some fun!
Still open
Been away a while for my health. I am back and want to write again.
Not at all! Send me a PM of your ideas or specifics? Would love to hear from you!
If anyone is interested
Sure, I am still looking for new partners and ideas send me a PM and we can get started. :)

<Snipped quote by MissKima>

I don’t know how I haven’t found you yet; I love your story ideas! Have you any openings still?

Still interested
Been kinda craving a vampire story lately
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