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I like drawing, painting, writing and creating.
I like animals especially dogs.
One day I would love to have a pet piggy.
I can be crazy and weird but I think thats a good thing, right?
I love movies and wish I could RP them more but I am shocking at getting other characters right.
I also love music, especially when I am painting!

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That sounds fun! PM me with more!
Still open for ideas
I quite like that idea! (Sorry for the delay, I didn't get the notification for the reply!)

I am happy to think something up if you would like to PM me?
Writing Prompts and ideas:

-A young woman comes across a stranger in a coffee shop, he seems to be down on his luck and not having a great day, in a random act of kindness she buys him a coffee/cake/something and tells him she hopes his day gets better. He is left stunned as she leaves, for unknown to her, he is not human, and among his kind, giving a gift such as this is a proposal! Now he must find his new wife and teach her about his people (demons or aliens perhaps?)

- For years she lived with a monster under her bed, or in her closet... as she grew up she stopped fearing him... because he has always protected her. Finally, she manages to get him to show himself so they can talk.

- The reaper is lonely in his work, so many fear him and do not speak to him, one day he finds a life-size porcelain doll, perfectly painted, but ready to be thrown away due to a plague. He takes the doll and gives her life using his magic and various parts of souls. He has created the perfect companion, and does not have to be along anymore

- A Dragon rescues a Princess from a knight

- A demon has been trapped inside a house/apartment, and a new owner has just moved in, now they have to learn to be friends

- A dragon/human shapeshifter surviving in the modern world (basic premise, am willing to add extra plot elements to any of these ideas)
Hola my friends!

My name is Miss Kima, thank you for your time. I will do my best to make this quick!

I am after a long term RP partner, able to write in a medium to advanced manner, 18+ themes and hopefully able to play more than one character.

I like various themes including:


I like to play a female main but can play a male as well.

I am willing to play almost any scenario, so if you have something in mind, please ask, I will add any writing prompts I particularly like as I find them.

Thanks for your time!
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