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Current Ever feel like an NPC in your own life?
4 days ago
Why are we hesitating in holding Trump accountable for his actions?
3 mos ago
It’s mah B-day! 🥳
4 mos ago
Urf moving is a pain.…
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Started up a new job will be slowed down by it. Will make attempts to reply as soon as possible.
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My character is known as a charitable toy company CEO, but behind closed doors he is actually the origin of all dark magic. He has been looking for a new assistant since his old one up and “disappeared” on him. There was a short lived police investigation into the matter before it was abruptly closed and abandoned. During his search he runs into your character whether they are homeless or already have a job he sees something of interest in them, and offers her the position. Being far too tantalizing to pass up she accepts and thus comes to work for his company. What does your character choose to do? Ignore what happened to the last assistant or maybe delve into the mystery of what happened and see just what really happens behind those closed doors?

Some seduction is allowed just please no smut
Yeah I am gonna withdraw myself from the RP. The posts are too long and I don’t want to be forced to read through it all. Frankly I am more suited to 1x1 anyways
Hi I can’t access the discord
Not a big fan of writing backgrounds. Prefer to slowly reveal it over to course of an rp. As bios make my character feel flat.
Bump bump anyone home?
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