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4 days ago
Current Today is my1 year anniversary working at a job for the first time in my life. It’s an exciting surprise for me!
2 mos ago
I am seriously not a morning person… I forget everything I need to do even though I remind myself several times.
4 mos ago
Life has not been kind to my sleep schedule, and so my muse has taken a leave of absence. Will try to post when she returns.
5 mos ago
Working on house this weekend
5 mos ago
Trying to figure out what career path to travel down is hard, all I want is to make 40k a year.


I am a package handler at one of the many different package shipping services so the hours of 4pm to about 9pm PST I’m busy working and making that sweet sweet cheddar.

I have been a part of the role playing community for several years now, I think it’s somewhere in the teens. Not entirely sure all I do know is that I know what I like and what I don’t like, what I don’t like is ERP. I could go on a tangent about my severe distaste for ERP but I’ll save my breath. While what I do like is to play male roles and also have a couple RP’s going at the same time because then I won’t be antsy when I only have one going. It’s possible I might be an RP addict, not sure and I don’t want to go down that particular rabbit hole.

For my role play style I like to give out surprising moments that I’ve planned in advance. Along with working with my partner to converge our ideas as well to make a better story. One I wouldn’t mind going back and reading through, as I do have that habit of looking back in order to tie up any loose ends we may have left when I run out of story ideas.

Anyways if I haven’t scared you away and/or decided to read this entire thing. Thank you for your time, and here are a few RP idea’s that have bounced around my head so often that I think I’m part Pachinko machine. Oh and before I forget all of these are 18+ and would be over PM.

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I will yeet the moon into the sun if I don’t get at least one person interested in this.
@leyroyjenkins PM me what sort of character idea you have for it and we can work out the RP from there.
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Necro bump
Looking to do any sort of RP so long as it’s not sex scene oriented, I prefer fade to black. Also prefer fantasy or combat mixed with slice of life because real life is dreadfully boring, and that’s why I RP to get away from the real world.

I’m currently thinking about RP’s involving isekai’s and maybe Final fantasy 14. Sorta like overlord or log horizon? Innu I’m tired/half dead while writing this out.
I constantly scream inside my head at work due to anxiety.
I am interested in the RP a family Secret plot. It sounds like it could be a lot of fun, and I love writing comedy bits. Though I am also someone that can down into drama. I’m a romcom/dramadey type role player.
What genres do you write? That wasn’t really specified. Do you only do slice of life? Or are you willing to throw in fantasy. As I personally prefer to do fantasy if Sci-fi as I want to more or less escape reality when I RP.
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