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Current It’s mah B-day! 🥳
2 mos ago
Urf moving is a pain.…
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3 mos ago
Started up a new job will be slowed down by it. Will make attempts to reply as soon as possible.
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9 mos ago
For the sake of the United States and the world I truly hope Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders win the presidency.
9 mos ago
The machinations of the mind is something I’ll never come to fully grasp. For why would someone choose to willingly die?


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I am looking for someone that can post at least five times a week.
No Smut

Eh nvm
Ooh this seems neat
Hi I am looking to rp though I can be infrequent especially with my moving soon. Though I’m interested in the same things you are so PM me if you’re interested in doing a fantasy based RP
Pretty much as the title states I am looking for people to join me on an Isekai adventure.

The options being inspired by:
Overlord: people stuck in a video game and become steadily evil
Log Horizon: basic stuck in a videogame
SAO: trapped in a death game
Arifureta: start off as weaklings and get insanely strong after facing something impossible to survive but do. From it become stronger than everyone else.

Please PM me if interested.
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