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I'm probably going to be one of the older members of this site. I've been roleplaying since Dungeons & Dragons had a Saturday morning cartoon on television. Yeah, I'm that old. I've been roleplaying online since 2001. I started in Yahoo chat rooms, and then around 2011 I was introduced to online forum roleplay. I tend to favor forum roleplay with multiple players than one-on-one games.

By this site's definition I am a Casual roleplayer as I may type anywhere from a few lines to a paragraph or two. It really depends on the game and the scene at the time. I tend to type less when my character is in a friendly conversation with another. Occasionally I may write three, four, or five paragraphs if so inspired.

I enjoy multiple settings with Modern/Slice of Life, Supernatural/Horror, Fantasy, and Superhero-themed being my faves.

Outside of roleplaying I enjoy television and movies, expanding my songs list on Spotify, and since last year, for better or worse, I've been watching a decent amount of cable news. I enjoy watching WWE, Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash, and The Daily Show. Animes I've enjoyed have been Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist, Parasyte: the Maxim, Tokyo Ghoul, and Sailor Moon (haven't seen the entire series). When it comes to music I'm mainly into Rock yet I will also listen to some Metal and Pop, and I'm a fan of 80's music.

I used to be really into comic books, but with today's prices a may just pick up the occasional graphic novel here and there. I'm more knowledgeable about Marvel characters than I am DC I believe. My favorite superhero is Spider-Man. Other characters I like are: Batman, the original New Warriors team, the original Thunderbolts team, the original Young Avengers team, and Young Justice (both the comic & the animated series).

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Not a great post, but a post nonetheless.

As her ride drove up to the vast complex that was the new Avengers west coast facility the green eyes of Sarah Stacy followed a high-tech jet come in for a landing as the Uber driver grumbled about the beat up old vehicle he had been stuck behind for the last few miles. The driver's grumbles stopped once he realized where he had driven. "The Avengers?! For reals?!" Then he turned in his seat to face Sarah in the back. "Yo! Are you an Avenger?"

"Who me?" she replied as she opened the car door. "Nah, man. I'm with the house keeping crew. New hire."

"For reals?" the driver as he got out of his car and made his way around to the trunk. "Yo, are they still hiring? A big new place like this has gotta still be hiring." Opening the trunk, the man retrieved Sarah's luggage and duffle bag.

"Just go to the Avengers website and apply there," she said with smirk as she adjusted the strap of the duffle bag on her shoulder.

"Sweet! Can I, ya know, use you as a reference?"

"Sure." Sarah discretely rolled her eyes as she extended the handle on her rolling luggage bag. With that, the girl gave a the driver a wave before turning to walk towards the entrance.

"Wow. The Avengers! No way!" The driver looking in awe at the complex.

As Sarah began to walk towards the main building she saw a young dark-skinned man, probably about her age, standing there seemingly taking it all in. Yet, as she got closer she came to recognize him as Miles Morales... the Spider-Man of Brooklyn. Sarah couldn't help but quirk her brow in curiosity. Had he also been recruited by the Avengers? As she remembered it, Miles was blamed for the death of a villain known as the Prowler, though she could not recall with he had been caught without his mask or if law enforcement had managed to unmask him. Normally, when in the vicinity of someone wanted by the law Sarah would do her hero thing. But, Sarah knew that when it came to Spidey-persons one should one the benefit of the doubt.

Sarah came to stand beside Miles. She remained quiet as she too gazed at the complex. After a moment she broke the silence with, "Come on, Kid Arachnid. Let's show 'em what we Friendly Neighborhood Spideys can do."
@Bee You realized you named your character after an STD, yeah?
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