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Current Duct Tape can't fix stupid... but it muffles the sound.



I'm probably going to be one of the older members of this site. I've been roleplaying since Dungeons & Dragons had a Saturday morning cartoon on television. Yeah, I'm that old. I've been roleplaying online since 2001. I started in Yahoo chat rooms, and then around 2011 I was introduced to online forum roleplay. I tend to favor forum roleplay with multiple players than one-on-one games.

By this site's definition I am a Casual roleplayer as I may type anywhere from a few lines to a paragraph or two. It really depends on the game and the scene at the time. I tend to type less when my character is in a friendly conversation with another. Occasionally I may write three, four, or five paragraphs if so inspired.

I enjoy multiple settings with Modern/Slice of Life, Supernatural/Horror, Fantasy, and Superhero-themed being my faves.

Outside of roleplaying I enjoy television and movies, expanding my songs list on Spotify, and since last year, for better or worse, I've been watching a decent amount of cable news. I enjoy watching WWE, Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash, and The Daily Show. Animes I've enjoyed have been Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist, Parasyte: the Maxim, Tokyo Ghoul, and Sailor Moon (haven't seen the entire series). When it comes to music I'm mainly into Rock yet I will also listen to some Metal and Pop, and I'm a fan of 80's music.

I used to be really into comic books, but with today's prices a may just pick up the occasional graphic novel here and there. I'm more knowledgeable about Marvel characters than I am DC I believe. My favorite superhero is Spider-Man. Other characters I like are: Batman, the original New Warriors team, the original Thunderbolts team, the original Young Avengers team, and Young Justice (both the comic & the animated series).

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@Dead Cruiser

Crime’s gonna be on the rise in Gotham as well with a broken Batman and no sidekicks in our history to protect the city.

I can't speak for the GM, but I'd take this to mean there was never a Robin so there was never a Nightwing.
@Dead Cruiser Just in case you didn't see it in the original post, there isn't a 'Bat-Family' currently in the history of this game.
Sorry for the bit of a Green Lantern dry spell. I write to music, and part of my challenge with transitioning to this new story has been that the sound I have in mind for my Green Lantern has fundamentally changed and it took me a couple of days to nail down just what that sound was.

Now that I've got a playlist going, I should have more ring-slinging in the next day or so.

I've made soundtracks for a few of my characters in the past. It was fun.

Of course, the game would end for one reason or another soon after....
Is adamantium the strongest metal in this game's universe?

EDIT - In the Arrowverse (Supergirl season 2) Nth metal is described as unbreakable.
Meanwhile, in Simple Unicycle Land...

@Master Bruce

<Snipped quote by HenryJonesJr>

If it's any consolation, I've pretty much fucked myself over with the time constraint too, given I was planning on the long con with alot of Gotham baddies. I'm not even sure if I'll have time to get to half the stuff I'd planned to get out of the way before next season dealt with a specific threat - hell, I may not even get to The Joker anytime soon, and he plays a pretty major part of Year Two.

Though after I square things away with Deadshot, I hope to refocus on the 'big' moments I'd laid out and get them written out in succession. Admittedly, this arc has been written pretty much on the fly as a purely introductory thing. Everything I do after is gonna be running off of planned events.

You'll see. You'll all see...

Didn't know Valiant was still around...
This got RTed into my timeline and it makes me slightly sad Hellboy can’t be used in this game.

Behold one of the greatest moments in all of comics

Have you not heard of the bane of Deadpool's existence?
I hope it will look more like this:
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