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Current Duct Tape can't fix stupid... but it muffles the sound.



I'm probably going to be one of the older members of this site. I've been roleplaying since Dungeons & Dragons had a Saturday morning cartoon on television. Yeah, I'm that old. I've been roleplaying online since 2001. I started in Yahoo chat rooms, and then around 2011 I was introduced to online forum roleplay. I tend to favor forum roleplay with multiple players than one-on-one games.

By this site's definition I am a Casual roleplayer as I may type anywhere from a few lines to a paragraph or two. It really depends on the game and the scene at the time. I tend to type less when my character is in a friendly conversation with another. Occasionally I may write three, four, or five paragraphs if so inspired.

I enjoy multiple settings with Modern/Slice of Life, Supernatural/Horror, Fantasy, and Superhero-themed being my faves.

Outside of roleplaying I enjoy television and movies, expanding my songs list on Spotify, and since last year, for better or worse, I've been watching a decent amount of cable news. I enjoy watching WWE, Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash, and The Daily Show. Animes I've enjoyed have been Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist, Parasyte: the Maxim, Tokyo Ghoul, and Sailor Moon (haven't seen the entire series). When it comes to music I'm mainly into Rock yet I will also listen to some Metal and Pop, and I'm a fan of 80's music.

I used to be really into comic books, but with today's prices a may just pick up the occasional graphic novel here and there. I'm more knowledgeable about Marvel characters than I am DC I believe. My favorite superhero is Spider-Man. Other characters I like are: Batman, the original New Warriors team, the original Thunderbolts team, the original Young Avengers team, and Young Justice (both the comic & the animated series).

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@Chev What's the age range you're looking for? I know there Teen Titans, but are you going 13 - 19 or are you wanting something more specific?
Green Arrow CS minus sample coming shortly...
Thought about Green Lantern and decided against mainly because of space stuff. Not a big fan of all the space stuff.

So, I'm typing up a Green Arrow CS that will draw inspiration from the two sources I'm most familiar with at this time. The plan I have for the character has him being a sorta vigilante/superhero/social commentator.

There will be no mention of Roy Harper or any version of Black Canary in my CS.

I know I have a habit of showing interest in these RPs and then not joining, but I'm feeling good about this one. I hope to have my application up by tomorrow night.
I saw the list in the Interest Check but wanna see if anything has changed yet. Has anyone stated interest in Green Lantern yet?

24 female Pack Fighter
Location: Wolf village / Tag: Jude Vanderbilt @Metronome

Like I'd drop your precious saw, Cosmina thought to herself as she followed her Alpha. She walked a few steps behind Jude as was expected from one of her position within the pack. As they walked Cosmina's dark eyes fell to Jude's backside. They lingered there for more than a moment appreciating the shape and plumpness of the male's posterior. It was a nice rear to say the very least. Cosmina was sure she could bounce an acorn off the thing with ease.

After arriving at the tool shed, Jude carefully and neatly replaced all of the tools within it. He thanked Cosmina but in such a way as for her to believe she was being dismissed as if she was some lowly dog like she was just as Omega. Her eyes followed Jude once more this time without a look of admiration, but instead with annoyance.

Cosmina turned to face Jude as walked away in the direction of his cabin and folded her arms in front of her. The right corner of her mouth curled and she raised an eyebrow. "Can you handle that by yourself?" she asked flirtatiously, referring to his statement about getting cleaned up. "Or do you need a hand with that as well?"
Ooo gurl Mina thirsty 🥤🥤🥤

Mina has a (physical) type, and her Alpha definitely fits that mold.

24 female Pack Fighter
Location: Wolf village / Tag: Jude Vanderbilt @Metronome

She took in the sweet scent of the Alpha's musk as he stood and began moving around, Jude's sweat, along with Cosmina's enhanced sense of smell, making it easy to pick up. Jude was big, powerful, and buff like a leader of a pack should be. Though she would never admit it out loud, Cosmina was quite curious as to why he hadn't taken a mate yet. Genetics proved that his offspring would most likely be just as big and strong as their father and his father before him. Certainly, Jude wanted to keep his family's bloodline going.

The sound of Jude's growling stomach made Cosmina quirk a brow. She had let the time of day slip away from her in her boredom. It was already dinner time, and with a sudden realization, she discovered how hungry she was. Cosmina gave a slight frown at Jude's question. Just because he was fond of what she dubbed menial work didn't mean she was as well. "No," she replied rather flatly. Cosmina would have casually walked away with that had she been in a more negative mood. But she wasn't. Instead, Cosmina stood there extending her arms and waited to be loaded up by her Alpha.
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