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Current Duct Tape can't fix stupid... but it muffles the sound.



I'm probably going to be one of the older members of this site. I've been roleplaying since Dungeons & Dragons had a Saturday morning cartoon on television. Yeah, I'm that old. I've been roleplaying online since 2001. I started in Yahoo chat rooms, and then around 2011 I was introduced to online forum roleplay. I tend to favor forum roleplay with multiple players than one-on-one games.

By this site's definition I am a Casual roleplayer as I may type anywhere from a few lines to a paragraph or two. It really depends on the game and the scene at the time. I tend to type less when my character is in a friendly conversation with another. Occasionally I may write three, four, or five paragraphs if so inspired.

I enjoy multiple settings with Modern/Slice of Life, Supernatural/Horror, Fantasy, and Superhero-themed being my faves.

Outside of roleplaying I enjoy television and movies, expanding my songs list on Spotify, and since last year, for better or worse, I've been watching a decent amount of cable news. I enjoy watching WWE, Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash, and The Daily Show. Animes I've enjoyed have been Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist, Parasyte: the Maxim, Tokyo Ghoul, and Sailor Moon (haven't seen the entire series). When it comes to music I'm mainly into Rock yet I will also listen to some Metal and Pop, and I'm a fan of 80's music.

I used to be really into comic books, but with today's prices a may just pick up the occasional graphic novel here and there. I'm more knowledgeable about Marvel characters than I am DC I believe. My favorite superhero is Spider-Man. Other characters I like are: Batman, the original New Warriors team, the original Thunderbolts team, the original Young Avengers team, and Young Justice (both the comic & the animated series).

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.... But his body's the house of two souls. ...

The character I've been working for the past two days had that same origin!! I mean, everything else is completely different! Even the two souls of my character are merged and become one being as opposed to two separate souls duking it out for control as I've interpreted your character to be.

I knew I should have sent that PM to @Lord Wraith yesterday....

Back to the drawing board!
Will try to get my CS up by tomorrow night, Tuesday at the latest.

Wanna do some juggling with my power selection as it seems that right now quite a few of them will be similar to the characters posted above and the GM's character.
@Lord Wraith I had a few questions about the game's setting.

What time of year or what month will the game be starting?

Does Santa Celia have an airport?

Does Santa Celia contain at least one college?

Are the Tlaloc Falls a part of a national, state, or city park?
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@NinaDivine well that's a relief because Ellara would have tried to kill her.


Fun times avoided.
<Snipped quote by NinaDivine>
My WIP should provide a fairly solid idea of what I'm doing.

OK, thanks. :)

After comparing your WIP and with my supernatural PC I think I'll go a different route. Though it seems that you're going with a monster hunter type character while I was intending to go more brooding vigilante, ability-wise the two characters are very similar (enhanced senses with supernatural strength and durability of what may have been of equal level). Comparing origins, even though neither you nor I have written those out for our characters as of this post, they were also going to be similar if only because both characters are apart of distinct bloodlines. The only major difference (I did have a few abilities in mind that differed from your PC) is that your character could be called a human with supernatural gifts while my character was going to be a variation of a ghūl.

So now I'll have to decide between reformed villain or angsty teen hero.
I've got three ideas. Not sure which I'll go with, and may depend on seeing a few other CS's before I make a decision.

1) My first idea involves a (mostly) reformed villain with an origin somewhat similar to Captain America with antagonists that could include heroes and villains... and possibly zombie Nazis.

2) Second idea is more of a supernatural type character. Waiting to see what @Lord Wraith is doing with his at the moment.

3) Third would be a more classic type teen hero greatly inspired by Spider-Man.
For those of us whom want to use images to represent them, when it comes to costumes for our characters' hero/vigilante personas do we need to try to find original artwork or can we use comic book images? For example: Could someone use an image of the Human Torch to represent their PC who has similar abilities?

Also for my own clarification, the term antagonists in the Supporting Cast section means we can create few super villains for our PCs, yeah?
showing interest, yet not promising commitment :/
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