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5 mos ago
Have you met my old friends? Depression and Insomnia?
3 yrs ago
This one anti-Christian guy tried to convince me that "sex was the ultimate form of love." I then concluded that all rapists are just misunderstood affectionate people. He got triggered.
3 yrs ago
Katsucon sometimes falls on Valentines weekend. I usually like to give out candy during that time 'cuz what's better than a cute Asian cosplayer giving your weeb ass attention? You're welcome, bro.
3 yrs ago
2017 is the year of the Trap. Don't believe me? What's the animal for Chinese New Year? That's right, THE COCK. *prepares nudes for everyone*
3 yrs ago
I'd like to order your Liberal Media Meltdown. Extra salt.


Derp Bottom-Tier Crossplayer.

I've done:
-GGO Kirito
-Ruby Rose
-Chiaki Nanami
-Nagisa Shiota
Saber Alter (Arthur Lolita)
Rikka Takarada (yes, I got thicc)

2-B (Soul Calibur VI alternate color/ 2-B[razilian])
M16 (Girls Frontline)
Gray (Lord El-Melloi)

Need to work on:
-Better makeup skills
-Getting a camera
-Camera angles
-Photo Editing

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"Something something....Darkside" -Blondie Rox
I can have one of my eyes go cross-eyed, and keep the other stationary.

"Maid Night"

Yeah, I know. My makeup sucks.
My friend would look so much better in his cosplay if he shaved more, used makeup, and wore slimmer outfits. But noooo, it's 2017 and he still can't face the fact that guys using makeup for cosplay is more common now, and that wearing size-fitting clothes, I dunno...MAKE YOU LOOK FUCKING THINNER? And this guy has the fucking nerve to say "Man, I wish I could look as good."
--You're too slow--

You guys make huge posts, hot damn.

I was gonna say "wow, even Free is too high level for me. I'mma drop out."
Dawn Knowle J. Treump

"I'm dead inside and loving it."

Personality: Driven by curiosity but deterred by short attention spans, Dawn has an impulsive habit for taking an immediate interest in anything aesthetically pleasing before abandoning it completely in a matter of minutes. Dawn regularly enjoys solitude and doesn't mind social interaction, though the latter is questionable to most in that a normal conversation with Dawn includes verbal abuse. Dawn has demonstrated several instances of theft, but refuses to admit being a kleptomaniac. Most are put off by Dawn's perpetual smirk, slight monotone speech, and unpredictable behavior.


Interesting Physical Traits: Pale white complexion, black irises, *smug*

Items: Smart phone
Job searching anxiety, seasonal depression, plus the aftermath of the election. Came out and told my sister that I was bisexual, but she called me "traitor to the LGBTQ" for wanting to take a more Libertarian approach on the subject of marriage equality. To top it off, I think I've lost another friend who is just so angry and bitter that she would sooner busy herself reaffirming her regressive leftist views on Facebook than to even acknowledge me.

I want to say that I am sadly depressed, but I laugh when I watch the violence being inflicted upon on both Trump supporters and those who opposed him. I want to say I am cynical, yet I long for a more unified America where everyone can find some common ground despite their differences. I want to say I love my country, but for fuck's sake I voted for Char Aznable.

I want to weep for hours when the most honest thing I can say is "I am dead inside."

Make monsters scary again. I like it.
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