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2 days ago
Current Oh joy, seasonal affective disorder is kicking in. Time to dig out the SAD lamp when I get home.
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4 days ago
There's a weird animal that's been coming through my yard at night. It came up onto my back porch, and I managed to get picture. pbs.twimg.com/media/F6mnz9T…
4 days ago
So are these the canon animatronics, or the ones out of deviantArt fanfictions?
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5 days ago
Been busy! I'll try to get to work on stuff this weekend. Might even work on a RP after getting some inspiration from a new trailer.
7 days ago
Will get to PMs tomorrow. I'm pretty beat.


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With Monster Hunter Now out, I'm definitely in the mood for a MonHun RP of ome sort.
Will get to work on my CS when I get access to an actual keyboard instead of using my phone.

Oh, those? Her boobies? Her massive fucking titties? Her super stuffed— *continue copypasta here*
Consider my fancy tickled. Out of curiosity, are there certain rules in terms of characters of mixed ancestry (ie- half-human, galf-dwarf)?
Oooooiiii! See something you like? Hit me up! ^^
Bumping. Added one more fandom to the list.
@VitaVitaAR Quick question while I work on my character's backstory: I take it humans haven't encountered any other sentient races in the galaxy, but what about animals? For example, have any lifeforms on planets colonized by mankind been more or less domesticated in a manner similar to cattle?
@VitaVitaAR I have my mind set on something, but I'll OM it to you to see if it's okay. If it's not, then I'll start hunting for something else. ^^
I saw that some Mobile Armors have a more insectoid design. Is it possible for AUGs to possess features of animals? For example, a mech with a tail and digitigrade legs?
Considering taking a crack at creating a character sheet. Aside from Gundam and AC, are there other inspirations? I'd like to find a mech design that fits in the universe.
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