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16 days ago
Current well, after that necessary hiatus, I am back with a vengeance.
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greetings, i'm wistfulwords.

there is not much to me, i'm afraid. i consider myself a simple woman in her twenties who enjoys creating stories with people. besides that, i am an avid music lover with an interest in metal/rock/alternative genres just to name a few (and yes, i do tend to create playlists for each RP. all about that immersion.) i also enjoy playing video games in my spare time, but you won't hear me boasting of my gr8 gamur skillz anytime soon. when i'm not being terrible at that, i do tend to read a book or two.

i'm quite chatty when i want to be, too. so, ya know, drop a PM some time, we can kick it and discuss whatever happens to be on your mind.


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